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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  April 20, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> download the fox news app. scan the qr code. point to it. >> you still can't get it figured out. >> bill: thank you, good morning, everybody. almost grounds on appeal as we await a verdict in the trial of the former minneapolis cop chauvin the judge ripped maxine waters. >> maxine waters may have given you something on appeal that may result in this whole trial being overturned. a congresswoman's opinion really doesn't matter a whole lot. i wish elected officials would stop talking about this case. especially in a manner that is disrespectful to the rule of law. >> bill: never know what happens in a courtroom. it happened late yesterday. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to our coverage today.
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>> dana: i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." chauvin's attorney is moving for a mistrial right away after the congresswoman's comments over the weekend. the judge denied that request but said waters may have handed them grounds for an appeal. >> bill: republicans in the house in d.c. are moving to officially condemn congresswoman waters for those comments calling them reckless. we'll hear from them at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. stand by and may get a comment live on the hill. >> dana: we were live on the five last night when the judge made the comments. as soon as we heard them we thought wow, the judge had been so measured. he raised his voice a little bit in that case and made a lot of news. we'll have team fox coverage. let's begin with matt finn live outside the courthouse in minneapolis where the jury is set to start its full day of deliberations. >> they're scheduled resume deliberations an hour from now. they got a few hours in yesterday and the judge has
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said he is going to allow this jury to make their own schedule. they can deliberate as long as they want each day or indicate if they need a break. derek chauvin charged with second degree and third degree murder. and the defense repeatedly asked the judge for an acquittal arguing there was too much publicity and media saturation to impact the jury. yesterday the defense again asked tore a mistrial arguing the george the floyd case is so saturated that even fictional television shows have portrayed the george floyd story and defense pointing out the california democratic congresswoman maxine waters visited brooklyn center, minnesota over the weekend where wright was shot. she told protestors to stay on the street and get more confrontational if they don't like the verdict. the judge denied yesterday's request for a mistrial but said
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congresswoman water's comments may give them a reason for appeal and he severely scolder her for weighing in on this ongoing case. >> i think if they want to give their opinions they should do so in a respectful and manner that is consistent with their oath to the constitution. to respect the co-equal branch of government. their failure to do so is abhorrent but i don't think it has prejudiced us with additional material that would prejudice this jury. >> the judge also previously scolded city officials and mayor here for commenting on this case during jury selection and judge cahill said he denied yesterday's motion because the congresswoman's opinion doesn't really matter a whole lot. but then he said the congresswoman may have provided the material for an appeal. congresswoman waters brushed off the scrutiny explaining the judge said her words don't matter. >> bill: want to bring in fox
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nation host lawrence jones and "outnumbered" co-host emily compagno. he gave the concession to defense attorneys. the jury was not in the courtroom at the time. how did you hear it yourself, emily? >> i thought it was an interesting explanation by the judge expressing his frustration about what's going on. everybody weighing in. he said those comments by a congresswoman could be interpreted as intimidation against the process and witness intimidation. i think there will be an appeal? do i think it will be successful? no. it's a message and statement to the national larger conversation. people weighing in on what the verdict should be short of a defendant afforded the due process we all should have is sending the message it interferes or potentially interferes with that process. >> bill: second degree murder, third degree murder, second degree manslaughter. we'll see how long jurors go.
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these are very difficult things to predict. as you look at the facts of the case, the way they were presented by prosecutors and defense attorneys, what is your sense here as america holds its breath, emily? >> first of all i think the prosecution did a masterful job in their closing yesterday of summing up the situation. i think the most important point they called out was that despite again that national conversation which seems to make this an either/or situation about the cause of death, there the prosecution has laid out it is a but for analysis. what it means is that they argue that if there were other contributions found to the cause of death for mr. floyd it doesn't necessarily absolve the defendant of his criminal liability meaning if that major cause of death, if the substantial cause of death was asphyxiation, lack of oxygen and there wasn't a superseding factor. something that came in and switched around the natural course of events then he is criminally liable.
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defense said if use of force was justified there was no crime whatsoever. i think another masterful aspect was laying out the elements in a very easy to understand way for the jury. i think the most difficult thing will be for the prosecution to get around that reasonable doubt bar with the imminently dangerous act, right? because that goes into all of the law enforcement analysis about that. that hold in general which is difficult to see as the public but still is technically lawful in certain situations. so that might be the one hook that i see that there might be some hesitation placed on. to me i see a guilty verdict returned here. >> bill: i want to bring in lawrence as well. >> dana: i wanted to have you listen to something from tucker carlson in regards to the maxine water comments. take a listen. >> she demanded government bodyguards on her way to minneapolis. police escort in and out reads her request. it is almost hard to process facts like these. calling for violence as you
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demand taxpayers protect you from the violence you're calling for. whipping a dangerous mob into a frenzy at the same moment you try to eliminate the police and then disarm the population through gun control. what is that? it's totalitarian. >> dana: she went there to rally the crowd and the judge said it could be a basis for appeal for the defense. she said my comments don't really matter at all. >> it's problematic and i think this is why the judge was so furious. i want to add a little context to why the judge was frustrated. back in july actually right before july he issued a gag order not only to the officers involved in the case but all the elected officials in the case. after pushback from the media as well as the defense saying it was prejudicial because elected officials had already said their piece and reports in the media. it was not fair to them.
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the judge decided to lift the gag order. he even said that the gag order almost hurt the entire -- almost didn't do anything at all because it exasperated the situation. the judge is frustrated because he had already tried to make peace on this matter and the elected officials in the town listened. this is why you haven't seen any of them agreeing to interviews. i tried several times and they always cite the judge does not want them getting involved in it because he has not sequestered the jury. now you have someone that was from the outside coming in stirring up trouble in the town when the judge had already said he didn't want anybody speaking. now he lifted the gag order but he did it by saying look, i still don't want elected officials as well as defense talking about this case. >> dana: look ahead for us today then. we have the jury is now deliberating. i guess they'll begin in about an hour. what are you looking for in
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terms of today? any sort of notes or questions the jury might send back? >> i think my colleague emily compagno said anything can go. it's interesting that the judge decided to have the jury have their own schedule. he is signaling you don't need to rush this. if you need a break i'll give you a break. part of the reason there was a back and forth on sequestration which i think they should have did they would have gotten them away from media and reports and all that good stuff. when that happens they the end to rush when it gets down because they want to see their family. a lot of back and forth. we don't know what will happen today though, dana. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: so as the judge said that the jury goes in to begin their deliberations, and then you have the governor of minnesota and the two mayors of minneapolis and st. paul go to
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the microphone. in the moments after the judge said don't talk to the public officials. keep your mouth shut, stay away from the microphone. the governor talked about systemic and fundamental changes that need to be made. he talked about demanding changes be made. communities need to be heard. what is the community hearing when the governor of your state comes out in a moment where we're all hanging on this. keep your mouth shut and it didn't happen. let's see what the jury decide. >> dana: the governor talked and he talked and he talked. it was like a state of the union. >> bill: 4 1/2 page print-out. >> dana: we'll keep on top of it. new information about the death of capitol police officer brian sicknick who died after responding to the january 6 riot. the medical examiner said he suffered two strokes and died of natural causes. david spunt is live with more.
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>> bill: these autopsy results were highly anticipated. many people on edge for months. it took months to get the results. he died of a stroke and the manner of death was natural causes. there was an original narrative out there immediately following the capitol riot on january 6th that officer sicknick in office since 2008 at the capitol died immediately from some of that chaos. that narrative also said that he died as a result of being struck in the head with a fire extinguisher. after a few weeks of investigative work it wasn't true. then there was a thought that officer sicknick died after inhaling what's known as bear spray. according to the d.c. medical examiner that's also not the case. he died from acute brainstem and cerebral infraction, he died from a stroke. the united states capitol police where he worked with a
6:12 am
statement saying they accept the finding from the medical examiner and officer brian sicknick died of natural causes. it doesn't change the fact that he died in the line of duty courageously defending congress and the capitol. while no one may be charged with his death from a homicide standpoint two are still on the hook for assaulting him. two men are charged with multiple counts of assault. the mean are seen on video participating in the attack against sicknick. no matter the official cause of death capitol police are saying officer sicknick died protecting the capitol. his family asking privacy. a difficult story. these are the results from the office of the medical examiner. >> bill: a difficult story but we need to know what happened. we were at the super bowl and the family gave a suite to watch the game and standing ovation at the game.
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these facts are still -- >> dana: it is so interesting too that long to get the autopsy results after all of that. still may be a lot more to learn. >> bill: best to the family. our thoughts are with you. green new deal just got super sized, folks. senator ted cruz will react on that in a moment. >> dana: what crisis? the white house making an about face after president biden acknowledges the dire situation at our southern border. why is the administration back pedaling now? karl rove is here. and this. >> bill: now we're hearing from governors and lawmakers trying toy address the arrests with big time punishments if rooting and rioting happens in their state. the government officials are saying stand down. >> we have prosecutors saying we won't prosecutors. what do they think is going the happen when you give the rioter permission to riot? that's not happening in florida.
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>> bill: quick note on the jury. they have begun deliberations now in minneapolis. the judge told them, instructed them to set their own schedule. they have -- they'll start early at 8:00 local time in minneapolis. they began 19 minutes ago. more on that when it is available. >> maxine waters believes there is value in violence. this is the first time she has done something -- this is not the first time she has done something like this. i think this takes action especially when she has a pattern of this behavior. >> dana: he plans to introduce a resolution to censure maxine waters. accusing her of inciting violence after calling for
6:20 am
protestors to get more confrontational if derek chauvin is acquitted in george floyd's death. nancy pelosi was asked about this and put it on the screen for everyone. she said no, i don't think that she, maxine waters, should apologize. the question posed do you think her comments incite violence? no, absolutely not. we'll hear from the republican house members at 10:00. what do you expect them to do and what -- what would you advise the democrats to do in this situation? >> well listen, i think the house, of course they should censure maxine waters. she does this over and over again. she was on the streets encouraging protestors in minneapolis to engage in violence and riots. listen, in minneapolis and all across the country, shop owners, cities are preparing for violent riots and there are democrats like maxine waters who are encouraging they want to see more stores looted. they want to see more police
6:21 am
cars firebombed. they want to see the violence because they think it serves their political ends. the dirty little secret is as bad as maxine waters comments were, they're not an outlier in the democratic party. you have democrats encouraging this violence. for example, the last time we had riots all across the country kamala harris raised money for the bail to bail out the violent protestors who were committing these acts of violence and today's democratic party has decided that violence can benefit their politically. i think it's wrong and we should condemn violence from any political perspective, right wing, left wing, no wings at all violence is never acceptable and we ought to be keeping people safe. sadly that's not where the democrats are. >> bill: you need two or three votes to vote for censure. several democrats are upset. no names given but democrats
6:22 am
are besides themselves about waters. that was his headline especially after the judge called her out from the bench. we'll see where it goes. the green new deal is going super sized, senator. here is the proposal now. biden administration wants $40 billion. aoc and bernie sanders are talking about $172 billion. i guess it's not in the trillions. yet. >> well, and look, that is just the public housing piece. that's one piece of the green new deal. you look at the biden infrastructure plan and it is in the trillions. 2.6 trillion. aoc on the screen. her green new deal. the full green new deal is $93 trillion. it's $600,000 for every household in america. a suggestion for the democrats. see if they can find 10 households willing to contribute $600,000.
6:23 am
the only caveat is their names can't be zuckerberg or gates. i challenge them to find 10 households willing to do that. they can't. what they want to do instead is have the federal government put that debt burden and taxes on everybody. i think this is a serious mistake. i think it is bad for the economy. i think it destroys jobs. and we are going to see a lot more of it from biden and schumer and pelosi. >> dana: i was curious how it affects people in your state that work in the oil industry. these are people in many oil companies are also trying at the same time to figure out a way to be innovative. exxon announced yesterday a big carbon capture innovation they're trying to work on. some oil companies are willing to do a climate tax, a carbon tax. in the meantime you have workers actually trying to put food on the table with the jobs that we have today, not the jobs 50 years from now. >> you're right. if the objective is to clean
6:24 am
the environment everyone wants a cleaner environment. we all want cleaner air and water. the best way to do that is innovation. last year the country that led the world in reducing carbon emissions was the united states of america by far. and what the biden administration is doing is they have this deep, deep antipathy to u.s. energy production. the united states is energy independent today. we're the leading producer of oil and natural gas. the biden administration wants to stop that. on day one he signed an order shutting down the keystone pip line killing 11,000 jobs with the stroke of a pen. 8,000 union jobs, people of texas, you ask how they're feeling? they're feeling under assault. texans want jobs and provide for our families. this biden administration, they've made a decision, they had a choice between do they listen to california environmentalist billionaires
6:25 am
or do they care about the jobs of union workers? both have been democratic constituents and what biden and schumer and pelosi have decided is the money from the california billionaires is lot more important to them than the jobs of the steelworkers and truck drivers and working men and women. i think that's a serious mistake and also caused the most important political shift in the last decade which is the republican party becoming the party of working men and women. i think that's who we are and who we should be. >> bill: democrats are going at it alone on this. when you had that meeting in the oval office yesterday and the north dakota senator said there is broad support for infrastructure. i believe a bipartisan bill is possible. we've got to do it in a targeted way that doesn't raise taxes. i don't know how you get republicans four years after they cut taxes to go back on that vote from four years earlier. we'll see. please come back. senator ted cruz, thank you for coming in today. detroit's top cop with choice words for rashida tlaib.
6:26 am
his own congresswoman after she called for no more policing. >> i would be the first person to call for her resignation and throw her a going away party. all this rhetoric is not helping the situation. it is putting our police officers in danger. >> bill: chief james craig live with us next. disrupt the status quo. which is why t-mobile for business uses unconventional thinking to help your business realize new possibilities. only one 5g partner offers unmatched network, support, and value-without any trade offs.
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germ proof your car with armor all disinfectant. kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. >> dana: after the violent demonstrations we've seen across the country lawmakers are trying to expand punishment for rioters. desantis signed and anti-riot bill into law. >> if you riot, if you loot, if you harm others particularly if you harm a law enforcement officer during one of these violent assembles you are going to jail. >> dana: alex hogan is live in new york city with more.
6:32 am
>> supporters are applauding this as a measure and message that crime will not go unnoticed at protests and in those protests at the bill's signing there was a distinction between peacefully protest. >> we want people to peacefully protest when they feel the need. this is a riot. this will get you locked up before quick in the state of florida. >> the florida bill expands the meaning of the word riot defining it now as a group of three people or more intending to engage in disorderly conduct. the aclu saying it is an attempt to silence voices. it is no coincidence these bills were introduced by politicians who harshly criticize the calls for racial justice and police accountability. 96 bills have been proposed in 34 states. iowa's bill would make rioting
6:33 am
a felony. tennessee's calls for 45 days of jail time in someone travels from out of state to commit a crime. proposal in minnesota would withhold state loans of public assistance or food stamps from anyone convicted at crimes at a protest. legal experts say most of these bills will probably not gain enough traction to ever be passed. here in new york yesterday the nypd settled to no longer use sound cannons after more than 750,000 dollar settlement. >> meanwhile michigan congresswoman tlaib not backing down from her push to end all policing in america even after the police chief in detroit said he would love for her to step down, resign. detroit chief of police james craig is with me now. chief, good morning to you. just so our viewers know here is the tweet from eight days ago. part of it was a policing in
6:34 am
our country is racist. she went on to say no more policing, incarceration, militarization, it can't be reformed. the 12th of april. the response to you reads this way, chief. i've never shied away from speaking truth to power. that's why i've repeatedly spoken truth to power and repeatedly spoken out against detroit police. this year the chief ran to fox to call for my resignation and throw me a goodbye party. i'm not going anywhere. you're back an fox and what do you say to her? >> i didn't go running to fox. secondly, it's unfortunate she holds a congressional seat, a powerful seat not as a leader, though, bill, more as an influencer. you can't attach leadership to someone so disrespectful and what she is losing sight of, who do you work for? who do you serve? the people of the city of detroit. they want effective and
6:35 am
constitutional policing. and that's it. they love us, they support us and then she comes out because she is a person who wants attention. so she comes out with this broad brush approach, knee jerk reaction and this is what you have. so yes, i said i would throw her a party. i would be glad to. in fact i ran into a citizen a short while ago and said let me help you throw that party. so she is pedaling back now because she recognizes her comments didn't get her a lot of traction. >> bill: you said those comments are a back pedal? it doesn't sound like it. >> she back pedaled off dismantling or abolishing police and incarceration. then she talks about money should go into social service programs, assisting the mentally ill. that was her way of backing off. but she said it.
6:36 am
and so she is not taking responsible for her initial comments, not now. >> bill: here is what happened in major american cities that took money away from police or that pushed for the policy anyway and what happened with crime. look at new york city. shooting victims up 47%. incidents up almost 50%. portland, oregon, homicide offenses up 270%, minneapolis 51% on homicides, 22% on violent crime. you have ron desantis in florida signing the anti-riot bill saying if you protest or perform crimes in our streets, we'll put you behind bars. what's the effect of that? >> outstanding. outstanding. and you know let me just say this. here in detroit, by and large most of the daily protests were peaceful. there were seven days where there was violence. our city never burned. there was no looting. that was for a reason. no one tried to set up a no-cop
6:37 am
zone. we didn't put up or tolerate that. we didn't back off. but that said, tlaib and the people that she speaks for will tell you that we attacked peaceful protestors. that didn't happen. i have an officer right now who is still recovering from an injury he sustained on one of those nights where he was -- he has been out. he may not come back. but they continue to claim peaceful protests. you know what else is so troubling? you know, she talks about in her comments she wants more safety. she doesn't believe policing the way it's constructed can provide that. but she never denounced violence directed at police officers. just the other night, officers were at a crime scene and someone intent on taking a police officer's life drove through the crime scene and began shooting at our officers. there was an exchange of
6:38 am
gunfire after a high-speed pursuit. three separate times he tried to kill police officers. now, one thing from her about we need to stop this violence against police officers. not one statement. >> bill: we hope for the best in minneapolis and across the country and we know you are too as well. thank you, chief. >> thank you. >> dana: we've heard about spending for green jobs, housing and climate change. is the -- fox news pressing the biden administration after a sudden about face on limiting refugees but the white house is refusing to acknowledge the change. karl rove reacts next. >> are you saying this had nothing to do with the pushback from some democrats on capitol hill?
6:39 am
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>> bill: leaders in border communities waiting for the biden administration to take action at the migrant overflow at the southern border. what are the conditions on the ground in texas where you are? good morning. >> good morning. the sun has only been up in texas for about two hours and already we're seeing the border crossings begin. take a look behind me and you see border patrol agent standing there in the tree line
6:44 am
about an hour ago we saw 30 to 40 migrants cut through the tree line, walk across the road into this field and plop themselves down right next to that softball field fence to hand themselves over to border patrol. we saw mothers, young children, processed and bused away. the numbers keep rising. we're averaging now 479 unaccompanied children taken in a day. take a look at this video here last week. border patrol rescued two honduran kids found abandoned in the rio. remember, there are two groups of people coming in. families and children that are handing themselves over and the migrants being smuggled in. former president trump on hannity last night with this stark warning. >> they're sending us people in many cases, not in all cases, are murderers, drug dealers, human traffickers. really rapists, really bad people. they're sending us people from their prisons. those people are coming into
6:45 am
our country. >> in rare remarks to reporters yesterday vice president kamala harris explained how she sees her role in all of this. she says she is going to be focusing on bringing together cabinet secretaries to get at the root of all of this mass migration. meanwhile representative chip roy and yvette harrell are pushing a vote to try to bring back the trump-era covid restrictions on migrants. in the meantime we're also expecting a news conference from that texas delegation that made their way to see the border firsthand. that should be happening sometime this afternoon. >> bill: thank you, nice to see you in texas. >> dana: let's bring in fox news contributor karl rove. separate from the asylum seekers and people coming across illegally and being picked up by the border patrol there is a refugee office of resettlement at the state department. a big back and forth last week with confusion about what the biden policy is, what he said in the campaign, then when he
6:46 am
was going to do. they back tracked. here is kristin fisher and jen psaki yesterday. >> bill: are you saying this had nothing to do with the pushback from some democrats on capitol hill from durbin and ocasio-cortez. >> what was our change in policy from the morning to the afternoon? >> executive order from friday morning said the add m mission of up to 15,000 refugees remains justified. can you understand how some people would interpret that? >> we have the responsibility to provide all the context. >> dana: karl, there was a change. >> let's make it simple. in the morning there is a memo bearing the name of the president of the united states who says the admission of up to 15,000 refugees is justified. all heck breaks loose. aoc immediately says that's flat out wrong. senator durbin of illinois, senior democrat in the senate says this is unacceptable.
6:47 am
the twitterverse lights up by immigration advocates saying it's unacceptable. the president promised a higher level. that afternoon psaki comes out and says the initial goal is 62,500. it's unlikely but a final increased cap will be announced by the 15th of may. so yeah, there was a change. why not admit it? the fact that they sort of say well, we really didn't change between the 15,000 number the president announced in the morning and the 62,500 number that psaki says he can't get to but give you a bigger number by may 15th they were trying to get right with their allies on the left. >> bill: significant way. it seems like they're doing that every day, karl. they are bending over backwards to keep the progressives happy, are they not? >> absolutely. we're seeing it in the infrastructure bill where they are being criticized by the left and making the right noises to appease the left. we're seeing it in their budget
6:48 am
proposals. i've been shocked. here we are in a time when even the administration's latest exercises by the military indicate that we have a deficit in fighting power against the chinese if something were to break out and they are keeping the defense budget it looks like flat. in reality they're putting a bunch of climate change costs into the defense budget so we're actually going to have a smaller defense budget if you measure it by the ability to fight. it looks flat on the surface but you then look inside and see all these things have that to do with climate, not war fighting, and the budget is actually smaller. >> bill: do you think that's who joe biden has become? do you think that's who joe biden has been throughout his political career? >> no. >> bill: do you think joe biden has moved to the progressive left to place himself in the middle of where the democratic party seems to be today? >> well, i think there are
6:49 am
three explanations. one explanation is he has always been left and simply where he is. i don't buy that. has he moved left? yes. i think he is also being moved left by the people around him. president alone is not the only person who has influence inside the west wing. he has staffed up the west wing with a group of people who seem more concerned for political and policy reasons with placating the left of the democratic party than they are in playing to the centrist, traditional democratic instincts that got president biden into office in the first place. and i got to tell you, i was really amazed. we had an episode where the president obviously in a moment where he wasn't thinking through everything, he was playing golf and he met with reporters and he referred to what we're seeing on the border as what it is, a crisis. and then he gets corrected by his press secretary who says basically it wasn't a crisis and he shouldn't have said that
6:50 am
and it was like you know, next time the president will be responding more properly to me, the press secretary. she has now sent the word to the oval office you better not make another mistake like that or there will be serious consequences for you, mr. president. >> dana: in his personal capacity in the oval office. >> right. >> dana: thank you. the border has been an issue for decades. i had the opportunity to sit down with george w. bush and we asked him about it. border issue seems to be the toughest nut to crack, people are worried about national security, pictures are not good and you have moms and dads sending their children and saying goodbye to them wishing them the best as they head to america. >> it shows how dire the straits are the countries where they come. no question border security is the touch tone issue. until we get that right people will be screaming and hollering about all kinds of things that scare the american people and we can get it right. we're going to need to work
6:51 am
together to get it right. >> dana: that's a small part of my interview with him about his new books. you can catch the first cable news interview on the book tour here on fox news and a one-hour special. 43 portraits, george w. bush that will air this sunday at 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> bill: looking forward to that. >> dana: i don't know if you stay up until 10:00 p.m. >> bill: you said his painting has gotten better every time he has done this. the stories he tells are remarkable. >> dana: incredibly memorable and i'm excited for everybody to get a chance to see it. >> bill: when you worked for him it was the president talking in his own personal capacity? >> dana: no. in fact what i would have done if biden said it is a crisis great, now i don't have to ever answer that again. i would have been moving on. >> bill: true point. sunday night at 10:00 eastern on the fox news channel. congratulations, cool stuff. mainstream media facing new criticism for ignoring what some are calling the ideological takeover of schools. we'll dig into that claim in a moment coming up after this.
6:52 am
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>> dana: former "new york times" opinion wrietder is tearing into the paper after the so-called woke programs in many schools. in a sane world you would have read such pieces will not appear in the op-ed pages of the "new york times" and "washington post". those papers have mostly ignored the story of ideological takeover of schools. chris rufo is the director of discovery institute and joins us now. i feel like this pandemic has given parents even more of a look into what's going on in our schools. now instead of thinking about it they are actually doing something about it and pulling some kids out of school. >> that's what we're seeing. we've seen a rapid spread of woke ideology in america's k-12 schools including some of the mostly let private schools in
6:58 am
the countries and they seem to run roughshod over parents and students the last through months. there have been teachers who have stood up and parents stood up and students who have stood up saying we want to learn the principles of america and want to have an education that prepares us for the world. not an education that indoctrinates us into a graceless ideology. >> dana: unless people think it's only happening in manhattan. biden set to push critical race theory on u.s. schools. this is a proposed rule change for history and civic grants from the department of education, the department proposes two priorities to support the development of cultural responsive teaching and learning. incorporate racially and culturally diverse perspectives. critical race theory is getting a lot of attention for a good reason.
6:59 am
>> that's right. they use all the euphemisms that sound good in the abstracts. what biden is trying to do is nationalize critical race theory by creating incentives for public schools across the country. think of it simply they are trying to take the curriculum and principles in california and berkeley and los angeles and now incentivize schools everywhere to adopt them. this really puts to rest any argument that joe biden was a moderate or slow down this woke revolution. the opposite is true. that's what we knew during the campaign but now it is verifyably false that he was going to slow this down. in fact, he is doing nothing but speed it up. >> dana: parents paying attention. chris rufo, thank you. fox news alert the first full day of jury deliberations in derek chauvin's murder trial is underway now. jurors are considering three weeks of testimony from 45 witnesses along with hours of video evidence. the 12 jurors got the case
7:00 am
yesterday following more than four hours of closing arguments. prosecutors say chauvin used excessive and therefore illegal force causing george floyd's death last may. defense argues the now fired officer acted reasonably to carry out his duties. he is charged with second degree murder, third degree murder and second degree manslaughter. the most serious charge carries a sentence of up to 40 years in prison. minneapolis is preparing for widespread protests as we await the verdict. hundreds of protestors marched outside the courthouse after the jury got the case yesterday and today thousands of national guard troops are stationed across the twin cities. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: good morning. minneapolis and the country bracing for a verdict. cities across america fearing unrest after the jurors' decision as the judge warned the verdict could be overturned on appeal because of inflammatory comments that were made in minneapolis by maxine waters.
7:01 am
team fox coverage now pete hegseth with more on the remarks in a moment. chad pergram on the hill where lawmakers are moving to possibly censure waters. we begin with steve harrigan live outside the courthouse in minneapolis. good morning. >> good morning, bill. a tense situation here on the ground. everything is boarded up. plywood everywhere. you hear the drills going. people are afraid what could happen after this verdict. will it be a repeat of one year ago when we saw buildings burned, police stations overtaken, more than 300 million dollars in damage? no one knows when the verdict will come out or what it will be. the range is wide. anything from acquittal to four years years and 40 years in jail depending on the charge from manslaughter to murder. the prosecution in closing arguments tried to make the case yesterday that the police are not on trial. >> that force for 9 minutes and 29 seconds killed george floyd. that he betrayed the badge and everything it stood for.
7:02 am
it is not how they are trained. it is not following the rules. this is not an anti-police prosecution. this is a pro-police prosecution. >> bill: acted reasonably, he said george floyd resisted successfully against three police officers. he also asked the judge for a mistrial after remarks by maxine waters encouraging the protestors to stay in the streets until they get a murder conviction. here is the judge. >> i give you congresswoman waters may have given you something on appeal that may result in this whole trial being overturned. >> the governor has called this a peacetime emergency. that gives him the right to call in police from other states if necessary. bill and dana, back to you. >> bill: steve harrigan outside the courthouse there in hennepin county. thank you. >> in minneapolis and all
7:03 am
across the country, shop owners, cities are preparing for violent riots and there are democrats like maxine waters who are encouraging. they want to see more stores looted. they want to see more police cars firebombed. they want to see the violence because they think it serves their political end. >> dana: senator ted cruz addressing the controversy over congresswoman maxine waters. republicans are not the only once upset with her comments. even some democrats privately say they're furious as well. chad pergram is live from the hill with more. good morning. >> some congressional democrats were already irritated at chairwoman maxine waters, moderate democrats were seething over her remarks over the weekend urging demonstrators to be confrontational. and then when she came in the courtroom yesterday. the house minority leader kevin mccarthy will attempt to get the house to censure waters this week. it's one of three official modes of house discipline.
7:04 am
it is between reprimand and expulsion. censure is a harsh rebuke and they stand in the well of the house and chastised by the speaker. the house has only censured 23 members in history. the last was in 2010. house speaker nancy pelosi raised the ier of some democrats yesterday saying she didn't think waters should apologize. she doubted waters' comments would spark violence. >> bill: want to bring in pete hegseth with analysis and host of "fox & friends" weekend. before we get into this whole media stuff going back and forth what do you think right now? >> you said it. in your setup for this, bill. minneapolis is bracing for this. minnesota native someone who visits minneapolis frequently and has a lot of friends in law enforcement and the national guard and citizens that live in and around minneapolis and brooklyn center it is a tinderbox. for the height of irresponsibility is for maxine waters to show up on the scene and set an entirely
7:05 am
unreasonable, unreachable standard. she said anybody standing with the cops is racist number one. anyone who supports law enforcement is racist. the second one is it must be murder. then she said first degree murder, which if you're following the case is not something derek chauvin is charged with. how do you meet that expectation if you want more confrontation? and the leadership in minneapolis and minnesota have not -- there is not a lot of faith among citizens that they'll handle this correctly considering how things happened a year ago and what has happened in brooklyn center. this is -- censure is not enough frankly. what will moderate democrats say running for reelection in 2020. are they for these comments? they should want to separate themselves from it. >> dana: when she was there over the weekend she actually requested police protection for her trip there to brooklyn center. i want to play for you some sound from other media outlets
7:06 am
about waters' comments and get your thoughts. >> do you think she is calling for violence? >> most people know that's not true. the people who are speaking out against her are yuntion it politically. >> the judge is owe pining whether it was right for talking about a trial sounded like inappropriate. a free country. >> the judge lashing out at a u.s. congresswoman mentioning the possibility a verdict could be overturned in the future. >> i don't think maxine meant anything by that except to say you have to stick with it, you have to be there. >> one little thing like this and they jump all over here. she is one congresswoman. >> dana: when you and i were on the five together and the breaking news haped where the judge said her comments could give the defense grounds for appeal. that became the big news story. >> bill: we had already cut away from the trial. the jury left and we went back to coverage thinking maybe just a couple of administrative
7:07 am
details. chauvin's attorneyer i can nelson raised the appeal saying we want to entire case dismissed. the jury is not sequestered and could be seeing these comments over the weekend. could react to the idea of more confrontation and could see the case differently. and it wasn't chauvin's attorney that brought up the name of maxine waters. it was the judge. the judge who formerly worked for senator amy klobuchar when he was on the prosecutorial side. it is not as if he is in the tank for one side or the other. he is over seeing the case. i would say those media comments, don lemon. when he said mostly peaceful protests. ignore the burning building behind you, these are mostly peaceful protests. mostly peaceful comments. there may be other things to come. >> bill: i think what the judge was saying is watch your words and stay out of it and let the jurors do their work. that's what his message was for congresswoman waters. you guys were on the air and
7:08 am
cut to the press conference of the governor of minnesota and he went on and on. then the mayors followed him. stay away from the microphones and let the jurors do their job and let's see what happens as a result of their deliberations. >> that's the one piece of this process that gives me faith. it is not the media, it is not the mob, not the lawyers, not the governor, it is not the attorney general that makes this decision. it is 12 jurors of his peers, six minority, six white in a room hopefully ignoring media coverage and the mob ultimately looking at the case, the state made the case that he went too far. the defense said he acted as a reasonable officer. they made their best case. inside the jury room is the genius of america and you can't let the mob try to influence that. >> bill: jen psaki talked about president biden believing protests must be peaceful. we can all agree on that. count one second degree murder
7:09 am
maximum sentence 40 years. count two third degree murder maximum sentence 20 years. count three second degree manslaughter maximum sentence 10 years behind bars. >> dana: they've been deliberating for a little more than an hour and a half and we'll continue to watch it throughout the day. >> bill: the judge said i want you the start at such and such time. you go ahead and set your own schedule. they did and today they came in early. >> dana: let's get this done. >> bill: a school in seattle with reading, writing and rats. >> i don't feel comfortable walking through at all. there have been people chased with rats, dead rats. >> parents upset by a homeless camp outside the school and why the city is refusing to remove the danger. >> dana: piers morgan is blasting a crusade against a frozen yogurt shop. >> being a celebrity is
7:10 am
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7:16 am
school was locked and the reason is a large homeless encampment that sits on school district property. 40 to 50 tents next to the school playground. land owned by the seattle school district. neighbors say it has been here close to a year and grown recently after two school board members seemed to endorse it even when kids were about to return. two people wrote on facebook we demand sweeps never be performed an school grounds adjacent or elsewhere in this city. a neighbor was stunned. >> their fundamental mission is to represent the schools and the kids and the grounds. so they seem to have deviated from that mission and advocating for illegal campers. >> another seattle school that had a homeless encampment next to it was cleared on friday. the city said most of the tents were on park property so there was no conflict with the school
7:17 am
district. mayoral candidate says there is no leadership. >> this is the problem. our priorities are all misplaced. our priorities should be our neighbors and our children being safe and secure and each and every household in this city. but our elected officials the end to forget that. >> a lot of parents said they weren't going to have their kids go back to school even sitting at home online for the last year. we noticed yesterday there were a pretty small number of kids on the playground. there was security out here. again this gate remained locked the entire day. >> bill: they don't make it easy. thank you, dan springer in seattle. >> dana: celebrity commotion over frozen yogurt. you heard that right.
7:18 am
morgan said i'm offended by -- by playing the victim in such a pathetic manner. got to bring in tyrus fox nation host. she finds it extremely hard to order yogurt when you have to walk past other diet foods before you get to the counter. do better, please. she says this is not a -- tyrus. come on now. >> oh, you know, i used to when i was a child wonder when my grandmother would go like this i thought it was like a hot flash or whatever. it is just what are we doing? if you are on a diet or having diet issues or you are a food addict. i struggled with weight my entire life because of my choices. i wouldn't walk into a candy shop and walk by some diet candy and then blame the candy shop for making me hungry. that's on me. accountability. let's buy a box of
7:19 am
accountability. if you are struggling with a diet don't go to the ice cream shop or frozen yogurt shop. order from home if you can't walk in the room and hold back from chocolates. the store -- the part that drives me crazy they have those sugar free things with people with diabetes. people wanting to watch what they eat. it is unbelievable to me that the fact that we're even talking about this, shame on you. are the record sales down, not getting enough attention? >> a hundred million instagram policies. >> no, the beatles actually had 100 million. all i know is her character based off this, you are better than this. >> dana: if i could clarify so the small business put out this statement saying we're not diet
7:20 am
vultures. we cater to all our customers' needs for the past 36 years. we're sorry you found it offensive. we carry items for many people. she tried to walk it back. i agree with piers morgan. the family run business are just trying to make it. >> to attack them is ridiculous. go after mcdonalds or the happy meals or something that shows that maybe the processed food or stuff that leads to obesity. a shop specifically says we're about sweets and desserts, you can't go in there and complain because they are about sweets and desserts. and why i'm going like this, -- just stop. >> bill: here she is. >> by the time i got to the counter after seeing so much diet stuff and health food stuff like it wasn't clear to me that it was for specific health nieds and so i didn't
7:21 am
know that. i just took it as okay, i'm going into a frozen yogurt shop and seeing sugar free. if there was a sign that said vegan and i would have understood. because it wasn't clear, i'm definitely jumped to conclusions. >> it made it worse. you didn't read, ask. it is still a frozen yogurt shop with toppings. it wasn't like they were putting razor blades and pistols in the thing. that was confusing. why do they have grenades next to the chocolate candy? it's a candy or ice cream shop. this is when you should just say my bad. i was trying to get attention, i apologize, i'll do better. #growing up. >> bill: the big chill. their business is going through the roof. >> i'm going there and get a little bit of everything. >> dana: a franchise across
7:22 am
america. >> bill: tyrus smashes, big chill coming soon to you. >> my t-shirt is kansas city negro league. >> bill: president biden's new bill including record spending not national defense. in a moment congressman mike garcia on the lack of defense spendsing. how it impacts security. senator rick scott has a big message for woke corporate america. he is next with a warning.
7:23 am
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these are the inseparable purposes of hillsdale college. >> dana: quick look at top stories we're following this hour. house republicans are asking speaker pelosi to reschedule biden's address to congress next week. they want it to take place with congress is in session. >> bill: the cdc is investigating severe side effects linked to j&j vaccine. use is suspended over issues with blood clots for the moment. >> dana: andrew cuomo is under investigation again for having staff members help with his book. download the fox news app or scan the qr code. >> 10:28 in new york. senator rick scott with a
7:29 am
warning for woke companies. he published a letter. beware of the backlash coming. it turns out that power does corrupt and you have become corrupt. senator scott is with me now. good day for you, senator. make your case and i'll bring up a few other points. >> these companies are trying to one up manship how woke they can be. they are lying. what they did in georgia was not reality. they are just playing to the leftist mob. the american public is not dumb. i'm the chair of the national republican senatorial committee. we do polls. americans want voter i.d. they only want american citizens to vote. they don't believe you should be able to register and vote the same day or ballot harvest. the american public is pretty smart. these woke companies, ceos are lecturing the rest of us and it won't work. >> bill: here is how you
7:30 am
conclude. so cancel as many people as you can right now, you write. make as much money off slave labor and communist china as you can now. keep telling your customers how racist and sexist and unsophisticated they are. the backlash is coming. when is that? >> people aren't going to put up with it. look at a company like coke. they go out and lecture us about election laws and they sell coke in communist china where they don't have elections and delta flies into communist china. they never complained about their election laws. major league baseball. they play a baseball game in a stolen stadium at gun point by the castro regime and play baseball and that's okay. they don't have elections down there. here in america you ask for an i.d. you are a race it. no you aren't. you're trying to make sure there is no fraud in election. if you're a racist asking for i.d. every airline is a racist and bank is a racist. we're not racist.
7:31 am
we want to have an election there is no fraud. that's what we want. we want a free and fair election. >> bill: you say they're lying. >> they lied about -- they lied about what is going on in georgia. georgia wasn't about suppressing vote. what georgia did wasn't racist. it was a completely. >> bill: what do you think was the truth with what's happened with delta airlines? it appeared they were on board and they were aware of what had passed and three days passed and they came out with a strong statement against it. what happened during that period? >> the radical left. they call the ceo and say we want you to go out against it. so he caves into the left. caves into this woke crowd, whoever they are. and so he gives in and starts attacking a bill that made all the sense in the world. it didn't suppress votes. it wasn't racist. it says we all believe.
7:32 am
we want a free and fair election. we don't want people to commit fraud. they are getting played by the left. they are so inconsistent with what they are saying. they'll go to china, go to cuba and count how to make some money but gosh, in america, no, they're better than all the rest of us. they're not better than us. >> bill: a story about faith leaders. 1,000 churches in the state of georgia are getting ready to boycott home depot because they didn't go public against the new georgia voting law. what comes of that? >> think about this. who are they hurting? they're hurting the people that have jobs. major league baseball moved the game and senator warnock supports that, what did he do to his own community? we don't want those jobs here. take those jobs to denver. we don't want those jobs in our sfait. you are hurting the same people you act like you care about. that's what is so -- i grew up in a poor family and i know jobs are important. let's help people get their
7:33 am
jobs and let's live in reality. quit lying. this is not suppression when we ask somebody for an i.d. it is not racist when you say your signature has to match or prove who you were. they get to vote by absentee in georgia, which is great. we want people to vote. republicans say we want 100% representation and zero fraud. >> bill: you say the backlash is coming. how and when? >> i think the public is going to show up and say i'm going to support companies that believe what i believe number one. number two is republicans will take back the house, the senate in 22 and take back the white house in 24. companies that come up here i watch when i'm governor of florida and say help us, help us and there is all this corporate welfare. it is going away. republicans are fed up with the companies that come up here and beg us to help them with their corporate welfare. think about these airlines. how much money did we give the
7:34 am
airline industry just last year in the cares act? we gave them billions and billions of dollars and they want to come and lecture us how we should do elections and come up here and beg for more money? >> bill: you say the day is november 8, 2022. rick scott from florida on the hill. thanks. >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. [laughter] >> dana: you couldn't forget that monument. tributes are pouring in mormon -- mondale this morning. he is credited with reimagining the role while serving under president jimmy carter. he became the first major
7:35 am
nominee foik a woman as his running mate. she became a fox news contributor. former president carter called mondale an invaluable partner. mondale was 93 years old and somebody we know, good friend bob barnet told they m morning that mondale gave him his first job and one of the finest public servants he has ever known. >> bill: a lot of people think the election was turned on that point. >> dana: it might have been. >> mondale could not keep from smiling after that. >> dana: they talk about in the campaign leading up to it they did a poll and asked people in america do you want even election in 1984. no, we're good. he knew then it wouldn't be good that night. >> bill: minnesota and washington, d.c. and reagan took everything else in that election. a turning point in the pandemic, number of americans who have received one vaccination yesterday. major milestone. tell you what it is. president biden's massive
7:36 am
spending bill tightening the pentagon and other companies might get a big pay-out. is that smart? >> president biden believes the united states should be approaching the challenges of the second quarter of the 21st century from a position of strength. that means investing here at home so that we have a strong foundation. it's a new day for veteran homeowners. with home values high and mortgage rates at near record lows. great news for veterans who need money for their family. that's me. refiplus from newday usa lets you refinance at near record lows plus get an average of $50,000. that's me. that's money for security today or retirement tomorrow. that's me. refiplus.
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and deliver future-ready protection, keeping you sharp for tomorrow. join us, the defenders, in our mission. cybereason. end cyber attacks. from endpoints to everywhere. >> dana: despite the strong vaccine roll-out in the united states the state department is increasing the number of countries on its do not travel list. it will now include about 80% of all countries worldwide in an effort to quote better reflect cdc guidelines. the move comes as covid infections surge worldwide with over 5 million cases reported by johns hopkins in the past week. >> bill: my feeling is on this, right? this is the summer when america rediscovers the lower 48. you won't be able to go overseas. you can probably make it happen but you will be jumping through a lot of hoops. >> dana: reservations at all national parks are getting very tight. >> bill: it is tuesday so we're going to the board.
7:42 am
if you do want to go overseas at some point over the next year you will have to prove you've been vaccinated and you'll have to have a negative test as well. you want some numbers? numbers for you, kid. i just want to show you one thing here on the board that i think is most impressive. left side. this is pretty much our rundown we look at every tuesday. dana, i think this is the most impressive thing here. the number of shots administered to america is more than 211 million. what's that equate to? 3.2 million a day and 85 million fully vaccinated americans today. it's pretty good. in a country of 331 million. back over here now. the point is you went last -- two weeks ago. >> dana: last friday on april 16 got any second jab. my arm was a little sore and i had very mild side effects. great excuse the take a nap on
7:43 am
saturday. >> bill: i'm going friday for my second jab. >> dana: what's my advice? mind over matter. mind over matter you will be fine and glad because you love to travel and you want new york to get back to normal. get vaccinated. >> bill: all right. i'll let you know how it comes out on monday. >> dana: you'll be fine. president biden's infrastructure bill includes spending in many areas of if government but falling short on national defense. he is keeping the pentagon's purse strings tight. biden's defense budget squeeze. joining us now is mike garcia of california and former u.s. navy pilot. this was quite alarming. let me read to you. what mr. biden proposing a separate 2.3 trillion for infrastructure you would think the pentagon would be included. mr. biden is making a conscious
7:44 am
statement about his party's political priorities. butter and more butter, less for guns and marked contrast. >> thanks for having me, dana. this is ominous stuff on the heels of the pandemic, we still have these two very large bears outside of our tent called russia and china. as a former operator and combat operations i've seen what sequestration and the budget control did to readiness and modernization programs. this president's budget is flat in a time where inflation is about to pick up and also removed about a $70 billion bucket of money used to fund the overseas contingency operation where the war fighters get the technology and close the gaps we have relative to nations like russia and china. the budget request with what's going on around the globe, this is really frightening stuff we're looking at here. on the southern border we have
7:45 am
a humanitarian crisis the commander-in-chief has downloaded to number two. number two has flushed this problem from her docket and looking at other things. when you go to the middle east we have a president now looking to rejoin the iran nuclear deal. the joint comprehensive plan of action. they are on their way to getting a nuclear weapon. we see what's happening in russia and in afghanistan, north korea, taiwan, these are all real problems. now is not the time to scale back our investments in our military. >> dana: let's look at the spending increase in the proposed budget the president put out. you can see big plus in education and commerce and defense is 1.6%. karl rove said something very interesting on with us last hour and that is that in the budget as well there is a lot of climate change that the defense department is going to have to do. while it's a 1.6% increase it
7:46 am
is probably a decrease for the things traditionally that you need in the military. you think about china, an adversary that plays the long game and we seem to be cutting off our nose to spite our face. >> this president has no plan and no policy for national defense. it is akin to an ad lib magazine on a day-to-day basis how he is dealing with these. a 1.5% increase to the base budget. he is actually removing the overseas contingency line items. when you carve out the climate initiatives it is a huge impact to the war firefighter and hurt us on the readiness and certainly hurt us on the mod rnization front when we have china who hasn't slowed down and continue to outpace us and we're extremely vulnerable in several domains. >> dana: the budget is just a proposal. it hasn't passed. do the republicans have a way to try to do something bet are on defense? >> we have to keep telling the story.
7:47 am
as it comes through appropriations committee and house armed services committee we need the military chiefs to come in and testify as to what this -- how this will impact the services not only the readiness but future readiness and capability side of things. we need to advocate for the services and make sure we get our troops whole. hard to believe but 20 years since 9/11 t global war on terror has taken its toll. troops taken multiple deployments and equipment running into the ground. we started the get better under the previous administration. this is a 10-year problem and we can't stop at this point investing in the military. >> dana: you would think they want to put more money into cybersecurity. >> bill: we aren't leading in the cyber domain either offensively and defensively. lots of investment in space. we have a new space force that can desperately need funds to do their job and mission correctly. the u.s. navy alone there is a
7:48 am
50 aircraft shortfall which equates to an entire one aircraft carrier that will be missing aircraft if we don't get the funding that has been requested in the previous administration transferred over to this one. so a lot of weaknesses. the biggest takeaway is that a nation has never been vulnerable or attacked because we were too strong. this is the opposite of reagan's peace through strength and right now we need to be paying attention to our military readiness and modernization and not forget the two giant bears still outside of our tent. >> dana: thank you for joining us today. more to come. thank you. >> bill: 12 minutes before the hour. after taking a year off due to covid the grueling best ranger competition pits the mostly let soldiers against each other. the competition is back and this year's winners will join us in a moment. a quick preview of the "the faulkner focus" here is airis. good morning to you. >> harris: a lot going on in the next hour.
7:49 am
the backlash is growing against congresswoman maxine waters over her call for people to get confrontational if the jury finds derek chauvin not guilty. the speaker of the house going after a republican lawmaker and calling her that woman as she demanded that maxine waters apologize. that woman, congresswoman lisa mcclain, is in "the faulkner focus". we'll get her take on all of it at the top of the hour. it demands your heart stays connected to your doctor, so you know it's beating as it should. and a rapid test to help evaluate concussion, in case something were to happen. at abbott, we fight for these moments, developing life-changing technologies. because dignity demands it. ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug ♪
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7:54 am
when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to >> dana: a harrowing rescue in india. a child fall into a railway track just as the train rounds the corner to pull into the station. the railroad worker jumps into action hoisting the child back onto the platform with seconds to spare. seconds the spare. india's ministry of railways praised the employee calling him a good samaritan indeed. >> look at this.
7:55 am
amazing. >> dana: right there. thank goodness. >> bill: we want to show you something now that is probably going to raise the challenge level here. the best ranger competition is a three-day challenge pushes elite soldiers to their limits and they're already great. more than 50 teams vie for the title. first lieutenants vince pie kowski and alastair keys came out on top and they're with us now. >> dana: congratulations. >> we're doing pretty good. >> bill: three-day challenge. what is the most difficult part of those three days? >> i think it has to be the durability on the second and third day. night two and keep your body moving and going to keep each other motivated. >> a lot of little tests you are expected to know and execute. as you get fatigued and tired out without sleep it becomes a challenge to remember what you have to do and when and how. >> bill: give us one of those
7:56 am
tasks. >> so day two a lot of tasks, placing a mortar system. knowing about elevation, medical tasks, lifesaving interventions. just making sure you do everything to standard and as accurate as possible. >> dana: when you think about the competition, how much does it weigh on you? are you aware of what the other teams are doing? >> throughout the weekend the points are not told. you don't know how much an event is worth. it is really just about testing yourself the entire time and keeping yourself as a team accountable and trying to give every single event you can your best. >> bill: lieutenant keys, what about the push-ups and running and no sleep? >> you have to fight through those things. push is a small part of it but one of those things that adds in.
7:57 am
just add a little extra stress. >> bill: you've been there and done all that, right? >> yes, sir. >> dana: did you always want to be in the military? >> yes for the most part to some extent. i originally wanted to be an army doctor. i got more involved i realized rangers was the place for me. >> my father served in the army. watching him as i grew up and the man he was inspired me to serve my country and to do something greater than just myself. >> bill: lieutenant, with the other men and women who are competitors there has to be a lot of pride in being able to say that you finished first. >> you know, we are incredibly humbled to have the opportunity to compete on behalf of the 75th ranger regiment. we're excited to hold the title of the best ranger competition winners, we truly believe the best rangers are currently deployed overseas fighting for this country and we get to work with the best officers every
7:58 am
single day at work and we're humbled that our organization the 75 rangers gave us the operate to compete and represent the men and women of our unit. >> dana: i love to ask this question. for parents watching right now and impressed by you as i am and bill is, was there something that your parents did with you when you were young boys that made you into the men that you are today? that you could point to and they could try to do with their children? >> they raised us well. my parents raised us pretty strictly but kindly and let us do our own thing, put us in lots of different sports situations like i grew up orienteering as well as wrestling and playing football. raising independent young men. >> my mother and father never let me have excuses. my dad has a family saying make it happen and when the cards are down go figure it out. make it happen.
7:59 am
get after it and make something for yourself. >> dana: sure did. >> bill: great stuff. >> dana: congratulations. >> bill: thank you, gentlemen. you got a lot to brag about. strictly but kind le. >> dana: they are so humble. >> bill: we talked earlier about you being with 43. more of that coming up, right? >> dana: his book comes out today "out of one, many." he has 43 portraits and i said how did you come up with that number, sir? he thought it was funny. immigration is a very serious issue and we talk about border security and the needs there. his disappointment not getting immigration reform done but also him as a painter, a former president and civilian and wanted to paint these portraits and he has some talent. the stories told in the book about this individuals will grab your heart and memorable. >> sunday night at 10:00
8:00 am
eastern. i read where he started picking up painting looking for something to do in retirement. come up with three hobbies. >> the winston churchill memo. three hobbies and take lessons. >> bill: he learned well sunday night at 10:00. >> dana: "the faulkner focus" up next. >> harris: minnesota and big cities across the country on edge as the jury has resumed deliberations in the murder trial of derek chauvin. on capitol hill republicans say one top democrat needs to be punished. congresswoman maxine waters told protestors in minnesota to get more confrontational if the verdict is not guilty. after major backlash against her, waters is now denying what she said could have any impact on the trial. but house minority leader kevin mccarthy is making the gop response official. he plans to bring a censure


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