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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 20, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> because there's an interesting fact in case you didn't know. hard hats are actual unisex was everybody is laughing. >> they are not laughing with you. set your dvr to getfelt. >> people coming in by tens of thousands, walking in, we had it so tight we were doing so well. >> are you running in 2024? >> there's more popularity than there was the day before the election because they see how
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bad things are at the border. >> tuesday april 20th, donald trump speaks exclusively to fox news in his first on camera interview since leaving office. his thoughts on the border crisis, vaccine and possible run for president in 2024. >> the country awaits a verdict in the derek chauvin trial the judge warned the outcome could be overturned thanks to congresswoman maxine waters. we are live with the follow-up. apple giving parlor the green light to get back on its platform after banning it. "fox and friends first" starts now. ♪♪ todd: new york city skyline. grand central yesterday i noticed a lot more people than 6 weeks prior. i'm wondering could we be turning a corner, more people coming back to the city? jillian: when work is over i leave manhattan and don't see it for the rest of the day. todd: i don't want to see us, makes sense. jillian: traffic has picked up a but i wonder how long it will take. that is the question. todd: other answers to your
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questions on tuesday morning. jillian: a fox news exclusive, donald trump ripping the biden administration over its failing border policy. todd: the white house attempts to walk back the president calling it a crisis over the weekend. mark meredith live in washington breaks it all down. good morning. >> reporter: welcome back. the biden administration said it inherited broken administration system from donald trump. he is firing back telling fox news president biden's border problems are self-made. >> we were doing so well although he had to do estate alone, stay in mexico is a big deal, getting the models, contracts there, it was going to be done very quickly. >> over the weekend the president used the word crisis when speaking to reporters about immigration on monday, the white house tried to walk those comments back. kristin fisher asking jen psaki all about it. >> is that the official white
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house, that there is a crisis at the border? >> the president does not feel children coming to our border seeking refuge is a crisis. >> congressional republicans say the border is a crisis and one that cannot be ignored, they are requesting a meeting with vice president kamala harris to handle migration issues, gop lawmakers sent a letter in which they wrote, quote, we respectfully request a meeting to discuss how the biden harris administration plans to end this unprecedented border catastrophe. the government is making one of immigration change, immigration enforcement agencies will no longer use words like alien or illegal alien. and study will use terms like noncitizen, border officials say, quote, as the nation's premier law enforcement agency we set a tone and example for our country is the words we use matter and will serve to give
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dignity to those in our custody. one republican senator calls this week and the latest sign of washington's political correctness out of control. i'm sure a lot of people on this. jillian: thank you. todd: the border was just one topic in the exclusive interview with the former president though he suggested things are headed in the wrong direction under president biden and took an optimistic tone as he looks at 2022 and beyond. >> should this now be the republican party agenda? anybody who wants to run for the house or the senate, should they take this make america great again agenda >> if they want to win yes. we expanded the republican party, you have seen, the texas border, we have the biggest hispanic vote since as the governor said to me since reconstruction. i said you are talking civil war? he said since the civil war. if you want to win and win big you have to do that.
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>> if every republican running ran on that agenda and made a promise to fight hard to implement that agenda it seems to me based on the number of votes you got in 2020 that would be a winning formula. my question is will you help them formulate that narrative? >> common sense, it should be the party of common sense. you need people that have a vision, have personality. otherwise the clock, the clock is ticking. we have great people running. we have some great people that are going to be announcing. >> as for potential 2024 bit for the white house he says he's, quote, beyond seriously considering a run. 5 minutes after the hour congresswoman maxine waters under fire for comments at a minnesota protest. >> get more active, more
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confrontational and make sure they know that we resist. >> critic accusing the democrat of inciting a riot as minneapolis officer derek chauvin is not convicted. >> jackie ibanez has the backlash. >> reporter: one of her biggest critics was the judge in chauvin's case, he sent a clear message to waters and all elected officials. >> congresswoman waters may have given you something on appeal that may result in this trial being overturned. i wish elected officials would stop talking about this case especially in a manner that is disrespectful to the rule of law. >> waters's comments for fury among prominent republicans who called for her to be censored or even impeached. >> maxine waters believes there is value in violence. this is the first time she's done something like this and now what she has said even put doubt
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into injury. >> appalling to see a senior democrat in congress going to minnesota, fanning the flames in the streets. >> adding to this outrage is in the report saying waters requested police protection for her trip to that minnesota protest. she's not phased by the republican back lash saying in an interview, quote, i'm not worried they will continue to distort what i say. this is who they are and how they act and i'm not going to be bullied by them. nancy pelosi can't waters's defense a maxine talks about confrontation in the manner of the civil rights movement. i think we should take our lead from the george floyd family. they handle this with great dignity, no lack of misinterpretation by the other side.
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i don't think she should apologize. is the jury deliberates, twin cities are preparing for the worst with boarded-up buildings and armed troops, military vehicles controlling the streets. things are already bad in portland with police arresting two protesters after they smashed windows, vandalize buildings. the biden administration says it is privately discussing how to handle the upcoming verdict. >> we are in touch with local authorities, states, governors, mayors and we will continue to encourage people to protest but we are not going to get ahead of the verdict in the trial. >> there is talk president biden may address the nation at some point although specifics will depend on the timing of the verdict. >> former vice president walter mondale has died. the right-hander jimmy carter passed away monday at his minneapolis home. the former president saying, quote, i mourn the passing of my dear friend walter mondale. the best vice president in our country of history. president joe biden saying when i arrived in the united states
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senate in 1973 walter mondale was one of the first people to greet me. walter mondale was 93 years old. >> mourners holding a vigil for 7-year-old girl killed at the chicago drugstore. jacqueline adams was shot in the head and mcdonald's with her father sunday. her family calling for the shooter to turn himself in and for end to gun violence. >> oh 7-year-old baby lost her life in a mcdonald's drive-through. 6 women have some idea, it is about time we take a stand. they have to put down their guns. >> her father was hit in the chest, remains in serious condition. police have not made an arrest. >> the state department announcing plans to update its travel advisory to better reflect health notices from the cdc. the update will significantly increase the number of countries
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under the strictest levels for do not travel advisories. 80% of countries worldwide. the department saying it, quote, recommends us citizens reconsider all travel abroad. >> a dream come true for 7-year-old boy in illinois. he has a life-threatening heart condition, chicago police department partnered with make a wish to help them become a swat officer. he spent the day going through training, then his training was put to the test. video posted to facebook shows them chasing down a stolen lamborghini, chicago police he bravely saved the life of the victim and took two car thieves into custody. >> good for him. i love that. >> 10 minutes after the hour. donald trump sounding the alarm on the massive migrant surge at the southern border. >> sending us people that in many cases, not all cases are murderers, drug dealers, human
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traffickers, rapists, really bad people. >> our next guest is a sheriff who says his small border town has turned into a war zone because of cartels and smugglers, he joined us next. >> gretchen witmer defends her newly revealed trip to florida, our explanation still to come. ♪♪
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no more paying full price for postage and great rates from usps and ups mail letters ship packages anytime anywhere for less a lot less get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again ashley: a sexist town turns into awards in, the unprecedented searching cartel and smuggling activity in his community. >> thanks for getting up with us. describe what you have to deal with to keep your community safe. >> thank you for inviting me on this morning. the failed policies, failed
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leadership from this administration continues to create problems all along the state of texas period so as we move further into this administration and policies affecting what we do here every day in texas, texas counties, sheriffs across the nation here as we experience unprecedented levels of people walking through our property as we see the cartel expanding. we understand at some point the american people will solve this issue of failed policies and leadership at what cost is the real question in the american people have to ask of this administration, what cost, how many dead bodies do we have in brooks county?
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where does this all lead as far as perception of the public on the leadership or in my opinion failed leadership when we can't even have anyone from the biden administration even come and visit the texas border. >> a lot of people are disappointed they haven't been out there yet. a 2-part question, first of all what is the biggest threat to the members of your community? is it drugs that might be smuggled in? i know you are say you are in a resupply area. explain what that means for those of us who don't live in those towns. >> i'm not that far from the border but the geography puts me in the middle of the national corridor in houston, number one human trafficking court or hub.
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what that means, the most valid point i can make is free townhall, i was at one yesterday or yesterday evening where the public expressed extreme fear these policies promoted. i don't think the biden administration understands perception from people, numerous times have been laden with illegal aliens being smuggled into the country, arriving in the country. a little different than the ones you are seen walking in and going, transported into the country. these are the things that probably mean the most to myself and law enforcement in texas, the overall abject fear people are having of this, the
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narcotics, the constant flow of illegal aliens but that's bonds and attitude here within our communities of lawlessness. it is not something anyone is happy about at all. >> 15 seconds remaining, leslie the president told sean hannity, quote, this could destroy our country, do you agree with that statement? 15 seconds? >> these policies will -- devastating the country. they never worked, never will work. failed leadership, one of the finest examples i have ever seen from an administration, the people that they hire, the folks there proposing to lead to further nullify federal law like this.
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it is terrible. >> you said you've never seen anything like this in 20 years heading law enforcement in texas which is quite a statement, thank you for your time, appreciate it. keep us updated on how everything is going in your community. >> a man charged with attacking undercover asian nypd officer released without bail and the judge says his hands are tied because of new bail reform laws. job releases this is what democrats asked for. is next. >> a pilot hail the hero for this emergency landing. how he was able to safely bring down world war ii aircraft. only $11., the fair and honest bidding site. we sold an ipad worth $505 for less than $24. a stand mixer for less than $20. a 4k television for under $2. a macbook pro for under $16. as well as a playstation 4 for under $16. and brand new cars
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and that ending was so intense. i know, i didn't even see it coming. are you gonna watch? eventually! you know the drill. (humming) never fear, girl-who-has-yet-to-watch-her- friends-favorite-shows -and-films-of-the-year, it's time to celebrate the biggest week in television. now you can see these shows. and their unforgettable moments, for free. so you can finally talk about them with your friends. get ready for watchathon week, free starting april 27th. download the xfinity stream app to get ready to watch. >> suspect ricardo hernandez accused of trying to shove
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undercover asian nypd officer and subway tracks facing 3 charges and has 12 prior arrests under his belt but thanks to new york's progressive policies he was released without bail the next day. interactive music city councilman joe borelli, good to see you. let's pull what the judge said on the new york bail reform that has obviously with their hands time. he says my hands are tied because under the new bail rules i have no authority or power to set bail on this defendant for this alleged offense. your reaction? >> the judge is applying the law correctly. this officer was not injured probably because he was a younger and in shape officer at not an elderly asian man or some other victim in new york city but remember this isn't a bug of the system we have in new york city, this is a feature.
1:24 am
democrats performed how we apply bail in 2019. they had the option of including this type of violent hate crime in the categories of crimes that would be eligible for bail. they chose not to. this was done by design and when democrats control every level of government from your local city council to the state legislature and beyond this is the result, the result is crimes go unpunished. >> are you surprised this hasn't changed? we talked about the bail reform law 1 million times over the past few months. why is this still a thing? >> it is incredible. there isn't any desire for the work, blue checkmark left to get into regular everyday new yorkers, we will see this play out in this year's mayoral election because people who were once considered front runners, really far left and progressive
1:25 am
people who would do something like bail reform seem to be not doing well in the polls. regular new yorkers are getting sick of this woke progressivism that puts all of their needs and concerns on the back burner. >> there are ways to reform the kremlin justice system and do it properly while still keeping the street saving people who have all those prior offenses as we mentioned are not on the streets. >> in this case all the judge was hoping for was discretion. you have a violent crime just the fact that this officer wasn't injured, the only criteria which wasn't met. this is a better case where a judge should be able to have some discretion, this person thought they were abusing a perhaps defense was victim in new york city. they pushed him on railroad tracks, the intent here is certainly to do damage, to hurt another human and possibly to
1:26 am
kill them, this should be in the discretion of the judge not some silly rulebook in albany. jillian: let's talk about this and want to get your opinion. new york governor andrew cuomo could face an inquiry over his use of state resources for his pandemic book, this is being alleged at this point, several staff are solely albany times union working on the book was considered part of their job and, quote, opting out was never really an option. here's what he had to say. take a listen. >> you will see everything you want to see in personal income taxes. of some people volunteered to review the book, i want to make sure it represented what they did and the facts correctly. >> a line from his office responding, the idea that this was criminally involved, there was commonality involved is absurd on its face and another further political pile on.
1:27 am
>> this is like andrew call's defense of sexual harassment, but he didn't mean to make anyone feel that way, like it was the women his office's fall but he didn't find his jokes or his enticements sexy or appealing. this is the same thing, trying to place blame on his own employees for him having asked them to come visit him on the weekends, come work late in his personal study and do some of this work on his book. this is the news closing around andrew cuomo at every turn. these are people who in many cases, his staff, who are young people making 50,$000 a year starting other career in government, once the ag's office and feds begin questioning them these are the type of people who will take an indictment for andrew cuomo, these are people who are going to spill the beans and tell the truth about how they were basically made to work on this book which he profited
1:28 am
almost $4 million, initial reports are that he made on it so this will come out, he's not going to look good. cuomo's biggest problem is he's probably guilty of everything he is accused of. jillian: we will see. thank you for joining us, appreciate your time. >> still had parlor is back, the new agreement with apple ending its ban and trump 2024, the former president suggesting another white house run could be in his future, that story ahead. >> i miss the most helping people because i can directly help people. i say this. i'm looking at it very seriously. trying this. doing that. spending countless days right here. still came the belly pain, discomfort, and bloating. awful feelings she kept sugar-coating. finally, with the help of her doctor, it came to be. that her symptoms were all signs of ibs-c. and that's why she said yes to adding linzess. linzess is not a laxative. it helps you have more frequent and complete bowel movements.
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>> congresswoman waters may have given you something on appeal that may result in this trial being overturned. i wish elected officials would stop talking about this case especially in a manner that is disrespectful to the rule of
1:32 am
law. >> reporter: the judge blasting congresswoman maxine waters for comments at a minnesota protest, the democrat urging demonstrators to be, quote, more confrontational of the x officer is not convicted for murder. republicans called for her to be censured or even impeached. todd: steve scalise tweeting i was shocked by this dangerous rhetoric referring to the shooting at a congressional baseball practice in 2017. >> reporter: waters insisted she was not calling for violence and she said she would not be, quote, bullied by the gop. >> steve hilton says congresswoman waters is pushing with her trips and comments. >> maybe think of the phrase, disaster tourism, people travel around, she is right tourism. she wants to go there to literally cause trouble
1:33 am
addresses it up, i am coming, how many do you know who go places to try to get people to do this? >> we are learning congresswoman waters reportedly requested police protection for that trip to minnesota. todd: parlor is back, apple giving them the green light this week after pooling parlor from its story in january. jillian: joining us to discuss is a new american security. what does this mean, the fact the parlor is back? they were able to work on a couple things, make our apps better, where does this go? what is the big picture? >> this is a good small step but the larger questions remain. look at the chain of eventss that precipitated parlor getting kicked off of every major digital platform in existence those questions are still troubling, the fact that michelle obama comes out and says all these companies have to
1:34 am
do something about this one company, we know operational planning didn't occur on parlor as much as record on bigger platforms. that collusion by big tech companies, no longer on amazon, it is a problem. those still remain in the apps store but underlying questions are still there. >> to republican lawmakers on the senate and house antitrust panel, as a result of those conversations, parlor has updates to its apps, they have informed parlor as of april 14th, 2021, a proposed update apps will be proposed for reinstatement to the apps store. here's what the interim ceo says on plans to relaunch, parlor has worked to put in place systems that will better detect unlawful >> allow users to filter content undesirable to them while
1:35 am
maintaining prohibition against contact moderation based on viewpoint, what you think of parlor's side of this? >> parlor is a small company and difficult for them to make these moderation calls at scale, like it is for others, they have the largest. i'm glad they are addressing the so-called concerns the big corporations had going after little corporations but a lot of americans know it wasn't just about mounted -- contact moderation policies. if they were the case it would be consistent across all digital platforms. the problem is the viewpoints of the people on parlor, we pretty much know that after january 6th. todd: along those lines looking at the big picture senator josh halley introducing a bill to bust a big tech targeting the
1:36 am
big guys. here's a statement rally, quote, woke big tech companies like google, like amazon have been cobbled by washington politicians for years. this allow them to amass colossal amounts of power they used to censor political opinions they don't agree with and shut out competitors who offer consumers an alternative to the status quo. time to bust a big tech companies, restore competition and give power back to the american consumers. what i find fascinating about this, if a republican introduce a bill. it is all republicans, this could have some weird bedfellows, the name of others before and pops up as somebody who could be on josh halley's side. at the end of the day does this go anywhere? >> i wish it would. we've seen there is sincere bipartisan overlap. amy klobuchar appears to be a serious antitrust warrior, telling axial she wanted to make antitrust cool again. if she actually does this, if
1:37 am
the person biden nominated as ftc chair, and antitrust advocate, if they put their money where their mouth are on the other side of the aisle then maybe we could get something done. i'm not particularly heartened by the fact this bipartisan overlap would be reflected in direct response to senator halley's bill but i hope it will be. the regulatory landscape, this is right. i really think we have a chance to gain some energy behind the antitrust movement, i think there's opportunity to do so. >> this could be a tremendous game changer, seachange throughout everything we have known for the last 20 years. thank you for your time, we appreciate it. jillian: a police officer recovering after being shot in
1:38 am
the leg at a traffic stop. alabama police say the officer stopped the car from not having a license plate and noticed a gun when talking with the driver. the suspect starting a short chase before getting out and opening fire. he was then shot dead. the officer underwent surgery and is doing well. the case has been turned over to the state's bureau of investigation. >> former secretary of deputy facing a capital murder charge after they say he shot and killed his ex-wife, stepdaughter and one of her friends. stephen broderick arrested monday following a long manhunt. amanda roderick filed a protective order against him last june after he was arrested for sexually assaulting a child. he will remain in jail without bond. >> suspending a search for eight missing crewmembers in the gulf of mexico. officials say they do not expect to find the sailors. their boat capsizing during the storm last week. a separate search by the boat's owner will continue. 6 crewmembers have been rescue. the remains of 5 other people have been recovered.
1:39 am
>> a pilot of a restored world war ii era plane that crashed into the atlantic is going to be okay. the plane was part of an air show in cocoa beach, florida. mechanical issues caused it to fall from the sky. the pilot pulled up at the very last minute to avoid hitting anyone in the water. that is pretty close to the beach. people were swimming right there. still ahead donald trump blasting the fda decision to halt johnson & johnson vaccines in his first interview since leaving office. >> they parsed it. that's the worst thing you could do from a public relations standpoint. >>. the vaccine rollout and the puzzling prediction he received from doctor anthony fauci. >> two iv begin versus growing the list of schools requiring students to get a vaccine. that is next. and thousands of jewish survivors are still suffering in poverty today. god calls on people who believe in him to act on his word.
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>> i was told by doctor fauci
1:43 am
and many people the quickest you have a vaccine is three years. we are saving tens of millions of people with the vaccine. i pushed them. they had all the statutory periods they had to go a certain speed. we got it done in less than nine month. >> donald trump reflecting on the success of operation warp speed in his first interview since leaving office. >> carley shimkus is here with the story. >> donald trump encouraged everyone to get vaccinated during his sitdown interview with sean hannity and also touted the success of operation warp speed which produced not one but three covid 19 vaccines in record time. he also had a lot to say about the fda positing the johnson & johnson vaccine over very rare blood clotting. >> 6 people out of 8 million people, it is terrible, they paused it.
1:44 am
that is the worst thing you could have done from a public relations standpoint. carley: the president also said the fda has a good relationship with pfizer and suggested the fda might have been playing favorites by pausing the j and j vaccine because of the work in pfizer and moderna's favor. the fda has not responded to that allegation that previously said covid 19 vaccine safety is a top priority. jillian: i'm beyond serious about wanting to know what he said. carley: if you're a trump support he will be pleased to learn donald trump is beyond serious about running for office in 2024. >> there's more popularity now than there was the day before the election because they see how bad things are at the border, they see their guns are going to be gone, their second amendment, their taxes going up, regulations going through the
1:45 am
roof, i say this i'm looking at it very seriously, beyond seriously. >> in order for him to run again he wants conservatives to take back the house and senate that he will be helping a lot of people out during the midterm elections, he says he misses helping people out the most, his proudest accomplishment is passing tax reform. >> i'm not a fan of punch. never been a fan. >> alliteration. "fox and friends first". todd: harsh words from the detroit police chief against rashida tlaib. >> the trump police chief james craig sounding off over michigan congressman rashida tlaib's number policing so last week she raised eyebrows by posting policing in our country is inherently and intentionally racist, daunte wright was met with aggression and violence. i'm done with those who condone government-funded murder, no
1:46 am
more policing, incarceration and militarization. it can't be reformed. she responded she is reckless. i would love to see her resign. i would throw her a goodbye party. when you talk about abolishing police, incarceration, state cities, what do you think residents in detroit want? i know? i speak with them. rashida tlaib's spokesman responded at a time where report after report cites the city of detroit's harmful treatment of plaque lives matter protesters, people don't feel safe, spending $300 billion a year in policing is disappointing, running to the cameras to call for her resignation, he will be running 2 cameras again, he will be on this very show, "fox and friends first" next hour. stay tuned for that. >> i wonder at the goodbye party will they serve punch? that will be my first question? >> that is one of the money wants to know.
1:47 am
still ahead this progressive dream team reintroducing the green new deal but our next guest says a top-down bureaucratic plan is not the answer. >> publisher of climate sounds off next. ♪♪ irregular get on my own ♪♪ the only road i have ever known ♪♪ term policy, for an immediate cash payment. call coventry direct to learn more. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized that we needed a way to supplement our income. our friends sold their policy to help pay for their medical bills and that got me thinking. maybe selling our policy could help with our retirement. i'm skeptical, so i did some research and called coventry direct. they explained life insurance is a valuable asset that can be sold. we learned that we can sell all of our policy or keep part of it with no future payments, who knew? we sold our policy. now we can relax and enjoy our retirement as we had planned. if you have
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>> welcome back. michigan republicans accusing governor gretchen witmer of being have occurred after she made a trip to florida a month ago to see her sick father. the governor warned against travel. a spokesman says, quote, all
1:51 am
trips are very brief and remade when michigan's positivity rate was in the low single digits. the list of universities mandating covid 19 vaccinations for students is growing. eland columbia university announcing the shots will be required of students want to be on campus this fall, both schools the exceptions will be made for religious and medical reasons. the ivy league schools will require vaccinations for students this fall. >> it is back, progressives will reintroduce the green new deal. now democrats are in control do these massive green spending projects get done? here with his take, climate depot's publisher, great to see you on these green new deal topics. here is the key features of the public housing act. review implementation, construction of public housing, grant programs to modernize public housing and reduce carbon emissions, repeal the faircloth
1:52 am
amendment, find vouchers for displaced residents, create apprenticeship programs for residents. i always ask the same question and i will ask it again. do any of these improve our air or water or the environment at all? >> it used to be when you saw green or climate you would think that had something to do with the earth or pollution or air quality or something to do with the global temperature but now it is all about environmental justice, identity politics, government redistribution of wealth. this is what the green new deal is. they are introducing this now and essentially all it is going to do is add massive regulations to any kind of construction, they are talking about 0 carbon footprint construction, in reality all it means is every level of construction, at every level of housing process you're
1:53 am
going to have government bureaucrats form arbitrary rules and guidelines adding to the process making it more expensive and making the government a bigger and bigger landlord because private industry won't be able to build these homes and housing for people. >> also civilian climate core, senator marky will be talking about, his what he said yesterday about the interlocking crises at the moment, climate change, racial injustice and global pandemic, income inequality. the government has an opportunity to modernize a great idea from the past and tailor it to meet the present and the future. cut through all the political speak for us. what does this act really do? >> this is another excuse to try to say they are solving climate change by doing another government works program, $10 billion to employ 1.5 million people in this is the idea to solve climate change, by people picking up the
1:54 am
government paycheck. this doesn't grow the economy, this doesn't increase america's prosperity or wealth. all this is doing is giving progressive democrats in power a giant federal largest to spread out among anyone they see fit and to buy votes, that is what this is about, increasing power but extensively they will be solving climate when handing out these government jobs. >> any chance this becomes law? >> there is every chance. aoc and marky reintroducing the green new deal after all these years, it was a disaster the first time that they've learned a lot so what they are doing is the biden administration doing executive orders to do behind-the-scenes implementing the green new deal proposals like this, they don't need any broad legislation anymore. they are doing it behind-the-scenes, undercover legislation, they learned and a lot of this will become law.
1:55 am
it is a learning curve and they are going to be implementing this across all bureaucracies, all the cabinets and this is something the american people need to wake up and realize this is being imposed upon them without a vote of congress in many places. >> in the background of your shot, pick up the book green fraud. thank you. appreciate your time. >> a minnesota lawmaker sick and tired of taking action. 's plan to prevent violent protesters from giving state aid. >> chicago alderman anthony napolitano and tomi lahren live coming up next hour. do not go anywhere.
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