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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  April 19, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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they call jim crow voting laws. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this show, fair, balanced and still unafraid. fox news prime hosted this week by ben domenech starts right now. are you ready in the big seat there. >> as ready ascii be, bret. thank you. good evening and welcome to fox news prime time. you >> ben: what does it mean to be a nation? it's a question we have to ask ourselves in a moment when some people seem open to the possibility of a national divorce a nation isn't just a random group of people who happen to be in the same place at the same time. it has laws and borders and values. and it isn't born. it is made. the people who made america in the first place were a group of a little more than 2,000 patriots who crossed an icy delaware river on christmas night in 1776. they were down to the end. ravaged by a hard winter, deserted by friends.
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looking lie just one more pathetic colonial rebellion put down by the mightiest empire in the world. and then thomas payne published the american crisis. you will recognize the opening words. these are the times that try men's souls. the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will in this crisis shrink from the service of his country but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered. that we have this consolation with us that the heart of the conflict the more glorious the triumph. within a day, george washington had the message read allowed to his troops. within a week they embarked in one of the most daring raids in military history. what they did changed the world. i come to you now in the midst of another american crisis. one where we cannot afford to tolerate summer soldiers and sunshine patriots. they like it call themselves happy warriors, so often the only wars they want to fight is
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for lower capital gains tax taxes, tech deregulation and praying for all those pricy ones overseas. as for the wars here at home, the ones that matter, over the very culture of the nation, when it comes to those they fade away. they will leave those to you, the people. the crisis we face today goes to the heart of what kind of nation we will be. as in 1776, it is a question of who rules? is it the globalists tech oligarchs? hollywood executives beholden to china? the race radicals who dominate our universities. a fundamentally anti-american media? the frail feeble politicians and a marxist children of the left or is it us the americans, a great people, a free people who, above all, care not for mope or power but for the nation we lo. in 1842, an aged veteran of the american revolution named levi preston was asked why he fought. was it the stamp act in the tax
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on tea in the philosophical principles? he replied young man, what we meant in going for those red coats was this. we always had governed ourselves and we always meant. to say we didn't mean we should. the same challenge faces us today. the forces against the survival of the united states of america foreign and domestic do not believe you have the capacity, the ability or the right to govern yourselves. they work every day to scare you into silence indoctrinate your children, gaslight you with falsehoods, direct your future and stamp out your freedom. understand it is the totalitarian left that wants a national divorce. they want racial strife that burns down your cities. they want envy and segregation and division that pace for their million dollars homes in to pang go canyon. they want to demolish mount rushmore and make you pay for abortions and make your daughters compete in sports against men. they want you to hate cops, the
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anthem, the flag and everything you were raised to love and respect. they want to destroy our great american experiment. a thriving, capitalist, multiethnic republic of god-fearing people for all time but we are on to them. we are not going to let them. and together we are going to show them what free people do. i'm ben domenech and, this my friends, is the american crisis. in the past year the totalitarian left has used nothing to divide america more than the death of george floyd. in their framing of the narrative, floyd's death is a representation of everything america is and has been with every white american turned into dawrk chauvin their knee on the neck of floyd as a symbol of all black americans always and forever. this is a lie. it's propaganda. but it's powerful for a reason. both the prosecution and the defense in the chauvin trial have delivered their closing statements. the jury continues deliberations
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tomorrow. now, we wait for justice. joining me now brandon tatum, former tucson police officer and host of the brandon tatum show podcast. brandon, it's great to have you here today. thank you so much for taking the time to join me. >> my pleasure. >> ben: in viewing this trial today and seeing what was going on within it, what were some of your take aways from the closing arguments that were given by both the prosecution and the defense? >> well, i think the primary difference between the prosecution and defense is that the video that people visibly saw the emotions that people felt when they saw chauvin appearing to be on the neck of george floyd and i think that the prosecution is using that to compel the jury to make their decision based on that and apply that to the law. defense has a different approach because they are -- they don't have the burden to prove they just need the jury to understand that they have to prove whatever the prosecution is stating yard. so, there is reasonable doubt,
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according to the defense, that george floyd did not die from officer chauvin's knee on his neck. there was other correcting contg circumstances and i think they in my personal opinion they did a reasonable job of proving it it's a battle between emotion and reasonable, you know, reasonable doubt. i think that's what it comes down. .>> ben. it was interesting to see myself there was a strong case to be made here about the fact that you had multiple reasons for his death and that you couldn't necessarily assign just one. do you think that that burden is something that the prosecution is going to be able to essentially use this video to cover up, that you don't have to think about the complexity involved here, you can just take the simple answer? >> yeah, 100 percent. i think the emotionalism is what is going to get them. the prosecution showed the video in its entirety in the court proceeding for the jury to watch. and i'm going to tell you like i watched the video myself.
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it's very compelling and very hard to watch that man die that way; however, the law is not based on your emotions and i think that there was multiple ways that george floyd could have possibly died. you had witness testimony even the prosecution brought in people who testified that there was other ways that george floyd could have passed away other than the knee on the neck. also, was officer chauvin acted within the color of his authority. was he acting based on use of force policy and there's a compel argument that he was acting on training and experience that he had and that did not cause the death of george floyd. so i hate to say, this but there's a possibility that chauvin will not be convicted in this case and that's going to cause chaos. >> ben: yes. i want to talk to you about that. it seems to me this has been a situation so played up by the media turning against law enforcement in so many different ways as we have seen in other stories over the past several years, that it seems impossible to have a real fair trial.
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do you believe that it's possible to have trials like this in a media moment in which they so frequently depict law enforcement as always being in the wrong and as representative of america's racial strife? >> i think it's impossible to have a fair trial. i mean, have you got think about it like this. every day you turn on the television, the media, politicians, activists, leaders in the community, church leaders are all telling that you police are bad and racist white people. that's going to a person's image before any of these things that, before they finish picking a jury, they paid out george floyd's family 20-something million dollars. it is impossible for you to look at that as a juror and say how are they paying all this money out to a guy if he is not -- if he didn't do something wrong? and then you cannot tell me that these people who were on the jury are not looking at social media are not watching the television or not seeing the
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attorneys for the floyd family, you know, coming out in full force telling that you this was unjust and watching george floyd get gold caskets and having multiple funerals this. is almost impossible for someone to be impartial. >> ben: given the comments from maxine waters most recently. before i let you go, brandon, it seems to me this is one more aspect where the elite media seeks to pit people against each other. law enforcement is often beloved within communities where they are ever present force against chaos and against violence. you know, it's often minority community business owners who want more cops around in order to keep them safe. what can we do to break that dynamic, given that it's something that seems so ever present? >> we just got speak out. you know, people like myself coming on television, speaking on behalf of defending law enforcement when they're doing the right thing and for people in the public to continue to thank law enforcement and continue to show up and support of the men and women who wear
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the badge and wear it honorably. it's sad that they are just pushing a narrative. george floyd would have never made the news if he was white. and i could tell you and i could prove that because tony penpa was killed that very similar way like george floyd it never made the news and nobody cared. i hate that they're pushing this as an agenda for race and division. i think we can overcome this if we do it right as citizens of this country. >> ben: thank you so much for taking the time to join me tonight. >> god bless you. thank you: ben: also here tonight wilfred reilly author of "rate time hoax." it's great to talk to you again. i really appreciate you taking the time to talk about thin credibly divisive issue in this time. what was your reaction to what you saw today within the derek chauvin trial? >> i mean, i think it's a tough case as officer tatum said it's very hard to separate your personal emotional feeling as a human being as a black man, in
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my case, and in his, from the reality of kind of applying the law. some of those counts, i mean, if you are looking at murder third which as i understand if someone dies during a situation where you intended to commit any felony, abuse of your power as a law officer, ag assault. there is a possibility of conviction on those grounds, also the involvement of drugs. the drug dealer in the car with mr. floyd. i mean, that has raised issues that in many cases could provide that element of reasonable doubt. i mean, obviously, think we hope for peace in either case. it's an interesting matter that's going to come down to the line very likely. >> ben: what we have heard from the media throughout this entire process has been just incredibly irresponsible. chris cuomo, for instance, on cnn just the other night was saying something that kind of speaks to this. let's listen to that. >> shootings? gun laws, access to weapons? oh i know when they will change, your kids start getting killed, white people's kids start
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getting killed, that kind of mania, that kind of madness, that will be you. that will be the majority. because it's your people. >> ben. what do you say in response to that? that's something i hear from a lot of people on the left. if only white folks were getting this kind of experience then we would see them up in arms. >> this is a major problem with any serious honest discussion of this. this idea that police violence in the u.s.a. is directed exclusively against black people, not poor whites, not la teen knows, that's simply not accurate. officer tatum mentioned the tony tenpa you could bring up schaffer, dylann noble. 70% of the people shot by law enforcement officers are caucasian or hispanic, the issue is that nobody, quote, unquote, says their names because nobody knows their name because the media chooses not to publicize those names. that's is a deeply not only immoral but irresponsible pattern of behavior. i actually think if you look at
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things like senator scott's bill, there is considerable ground for potential bipartisan compromise around police reform, but it doesn't seem like that's what the mainstream media and the u.s.a. to some extent wants. >> ben: that's the thing that really bothers me about this entire situation. there is clearly broad bipartisan agreement on a number of different reforms and steps that could be taken in order to help alleviate these situations and, yet, whenever those proposals get put forward it, seems like this type of race politics is played up over and over again. do you see that as something that is done intentionally? >> i think that this is done intentionally by activists to some extent and i think it is reported very laysly by the media. never assume evil or even collusion when you can assume quote, unquote, kids, general good rule in business and politics. but the simple reality is that a great deal of this narrative as i say every time i get an opportunity simply is not accurate. the total number of unarmed
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african-american citizens in the u.s.a. killed by police last year was 18. i recently read a great report from as i recall the manhattan institute which found that the average very liberal person thinks it's about 1,000. 14.6% think it's 10,000. >> ben: that's absolutely stunning. wilfred reilly, thank you so much for taking the time to join me tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> ben: a stunning development in the death of capitol police officer brian sick nit. according to the d.c. coroner the narrative being pedaled by the media and "new york times" is totally wrong. kevin mccarthy reacts to that and nancy pelosi defending maxine waters saying she has nothing to apologize for. >> you have got to not only stay in the streets but we have got to fight for justice. ♪ [ race light countdown ]
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ben ben a fox news alert. stunning admission today from the medical examiner in washington. officer brian sit nic who died after the events on january 6th was not beat ton death with a fire extinguisher. he did not suffer allergic reaction to bear spray. he died of natural causes after suffering two sprox. that's the opposite of two months the "new york times," the u.s. attorney and countless democrats in the house. here to respond house minority leader kevin mccarthy. mr. mccarthy, thank you so much for taking the time to join me tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> so i want to get your response to the maxine waters issue. obviously. but first let's start with this news about officer sit nic. what's your reaction to just given the way that this story was depicted in the media for months in terms of the knowledge that we had about the way that he passed? >> well, first of all, i'm thinking of brian sicknick's family. he was a good man and served
4:21 pm
honorably. his death was that jingeght what's even more tragic is the way that the democrats tried to politicize it. it takes away everything of what he served for. that is a real problem when they try to make so much politics out of this in the process of what they are going through. brian served honorably, defended us in every aspect and as we know from the medical examiner now had two strokes that caused his death. pen ben it's very sad and tragic but the politicization has to be something that just completely, you know is, out of bounds you have called other things out of bound in the context of said here you brought up the issue of ken suring maxine waters in the house. tell us about that process and why her comments in this case rose to that level. >> i believe it rises to that level because maxine waters believes there is value in violence.
4:22 pm
this isn't the first time she has done something like this. remember what she said in the past administration for people to get in their faces to challenge everyone. and now what she has said has even put doubt into a jury. you had a judge announce that it was wrong. i think this takes action especially when she has a pattern of this behavior. to say have censure simply takes the majority of the house. what could happen if this was to pass, because of the democrats will' rules, she would lose her chairmanship of the financial services. so maybe then she would learn once and for all there is no value in violence. >> ben: do you believe that there are three or four democrats who might cross over and join new censuring her. >> i know there is probably 10 to 15 who would lo to vote that way. it will all come down to the pressure of what democrats will put on them to just try to vote to table it. not even to have the discussion. and if they hold together, then they are going to own whatnot only maxine waters has been saying but what tlaib and the
4:23 pm
others about removing police officers and others. this has gone on too far and for too long. it's time to say what is right and what is wrong and everybody knows her action was wrong then and her action was wrong before when she called for violence. >> ben: speaker pelosi was 1k-d about this and gave a response today says maxine talked about confrontation in the matter of civil rights. we should take our lead from the george floyd family they handled this with dignity and no ambiguity or lack of interpretation from the other side. i don't think she should apologize she said no, absolutely not when answering a question from a reporter. speaker pelosi defending, you know, these kind of radical statements is not a new thing. she has done it before with other members of the squad. is there any line that these members can't cross when it comes to demonizing law enforcement or calling for confrontational violence that speaker pelosi will actually
4:24 pm
stand up and condemn? >> i don't know because speaker pelosi is actually wrong because the judge called out maxine waters what she said was wrong, intimidation that could actually go to an appeal based upon which way the jury comes back. that, right there, shows that nancy pelosi is wrong. you raise a very good point, for all the things that omar has said before against israel. for the questions that have arisen that tlaib now not only defunding the police but removing police officers, the questioning of whether our constitution is wrong or our founders are wrong based upon this new administration. the socialist democrat have taken over this leadership and nancy pelosi is actually helped along with it and supports it. >> ben: quickly before i let you go you obviously are someone in the position of being potentially the speaker of the house in two years this is a situation that a lot of
4:25 pm
republicans think will head to some really good midterms for you all. yet, there is that complacency that sets in with republicans that sets in time and again where they just kind of wait to have the victories come to them instead of taking strong stands against things like lockdowns. against things like vaccine passports. what can you could it at this moment to demonstrate to the american people that you are not just going to sit and wait for what might be some good midterms? >> well, majorities are never given. majorities are earned. one thing you will learn i hope you learned it in the last election as well where they said we would lose 15 seats. first time since 1994 not one incumbent lost. there were 5 losses on the democratic side. you see we don't sit back. we are the first to go to the border. we are the first to call it a crisis and ask for a meeting request a meeting with the president who has ignored it we were the individuals that stood up and fought just as you find thought for those who think violence there is value in it, you will find that we move to the floor when nancy pelosi will not and that we will have a censure of maxine waters.
4:26 pm
>> ben: leader mccarthy, thank you so much for taking the time to join me tonight. >> thank you as always. weapon ben dr. fauci says lockdowns and vaccine passports have nothing to do with restricting civil liberties. is that the case nor for the nonelites like you? we take a look at the rules rules for thee but it not for me with naomi wolf next. ♪
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♪ >> ben: one of the chief elms of the american crisis is the degree to which our elite have walled themselves off from relate. in many ways they live in an entirely different country than the one most of us experience. for them this pandemic was a nuisance, an irritation. not a life-altering event. they mostly had to avoid the appearance of not taking it seriously. see gavin newsom at the french laundry that infamous dinner reportedly cost $15,000. for some people that's not a lot of money. for most of us it's a life changing amount of money. i try to think about it in terms that i can understand there are
4:32 pm
two bedroom houses for sale today in the neighborhood where i was born in mississippi that cost less than gavin newsom's dinner. when i and my colleagues at the federalist and fox news started arguing against lockdowns, we were derided as not cargs about human life imply would he go callously wanted people to die. far from it. we criticized lockdowns not just because we believe in freedom but because we live closer to people experiencing dire consequences in their lives. the rides in overdoses, the failure of family businesses, the devastation suffered by an entire generation of poor kids is only beginning to be measured. a huge proportion of minority-owned small businesses closed for good. and it's their kids who suffered the most from the insane unscientific closure of schools which dr. fauci, god king of science, hopes you forget he championed. meanwhile the elites look down on the rest of the country. for them working from home was seemless. the stock market boomed. their private schools stayed open. they saved money on air travel
4:33 pm
because aspen and dab bows vent virtual and when the summer turned to racial rage it wasn't their small businesses getting torched and they have the gull to call us heartless. my focus during the pandemic was the same of a lot of husbands to keep my pregnant wife from getting sick. person for a means different proposition from those who lack them. we know families, among the children 10 children important in the past year face terrifying birth challenges while navigating the most ridiculous restrictions on who could be in the hospital and. when trust me, as in so much of life, if you are in america's totalitarian elite just in the old soviet union or communist china today can you always call in favor to make the rules not apply to you. it's a vile thing that in 2021 the difference between whether a grandmother in america can hold a newborn or not is a dollar sign. the gooded news for us is that it worked out. our daughter is a healthy and rambunctious six month old. last week she got her first tooth. maybe some day she will get to
4:34 pm
eat at the french laundry, personally i hope she doesn't make a habit of it. ♪ dr. anthony fauci was a popular guy this weekend appearing on four sunday talk shows on cnn the good doctor recounted his dust up with jim jordan over covid restrictions. take a look. >> oh, no, i don't enjoy those kind of confrontations but, i mean, it was very, very clear that he was talking about liberties that were being restricted. this has nothing to do with liberties, dana. we are talking about the fact that 560,000 people in our people have died. we're talking about 70,000, 60,000 to 70,000 new infections per day. that's the issue. this is the public health issue. it's not a civil liberties issue. >> ben: once again dr. fauci proves that he has no regard for your liberty and is perfectly happy to restrict your freedom in the name of public health. how did we ever end up with
4:35 pm
bureaucrats with such blind faith in their infallibility? joining me now naomi wolf, senior fellow at the american institute of economic research and author of "end of america." naomi, thank you so much for joining me. >> thanks so much for having me. >> ben ben i want to talk about different aspects first off what should we do in responding to these bureaucrats who seem to want a permanent pandemic reaction? wearing masks forever. having the kind of lockdowns and distancing that they seem to just enjoy or get some kind of rise out. >> i think what we have to do is snap out of the hypnosis. what dr. fauci is advocating is not based in science. the science is in. he keeps saying mask even if you are vaccinated. don't spend time with other people. don't go into other crowds. don't touch other people. don't resume a normal life.
4:36 pm
the data are in. you kindly mentioned 33 studies showing that open states did exactly the same as states that crushed businesses, restricted children to their rooms for aer i don't. didn't let anyone see their loved ones and destroyed liberties. sweden, which was open, did about the same as britain where people have been under house arrest. you know, north and south dakota did about the same though their restrictions were completely different. so he is advocating for things without science. and i have been a political consultant at the highest level. and i understand that he is leaving out the data, right? you notice that when he tells antidotes or who he would have dinner with or what he recommends, he stunt say according to the study by stanford or according to the study by oxford. he just makes it up as he goes along. and i think that we have to -- seriously. i think that we have to recognize but it's really important that he does not work for us.
4:37 pm
he is conflicted. the cdc foundation gets $12 million a year from the bill and melinda gaetz foundation. bill and melinda gates are heavily invested in vaccines and microsoft. the tech companies are up double digital billions since the start of the pandemic. >> ben: naomi you bring up a really important point here which is that we are told over and over again listen to the science. listen to the scientists. and, yet, when he is going out and saying things like well, i don't know when you can get married or when you can have a wedding or get together or something like that, and he is always talking about well, i kind of said it this way because i thought people would listen, but it wasn't necessarily what the truth was. that deyadz trust in science. it degrades trust in our scientific institutions to have that kind of fly by night approach. and i just don't understand why he doesn't understand that or do you think that he does and he just thinks he can get away with
4:38 pm
it? >> ben, i'm going to tell you something very upsetting. he doesn't work for us. i mean, he is so conflicted that i don't think that you can say is he a bureaucrat whose job is to serve public health for the american people. he is so conflicted. he has patents according to rfk jr. he got a million dollars from the state of israel for humanitarian gift. he is the highest paid bureaucrat in washington. why is that? i mean, just the fact that pharma, you know, gives $17 billion -- i'm sorry, 17 million a year to the cdc foundation, you know, indicates that this is not a conflict-free situation. he doesn't work for us. and that's why i think that it's healthy that -- i mean it is my judgment that he doesn't work for us, because he is not giving us fact-based, science-based guidance so i do think that the calls to investigate are timely. >> ben: but, before i let you go, naomi, i just want to say to me this lockdown debate is going to be something that we are going to do. a lot of research in the future
4:39 pm
and i think you will be vindicated in showing that going down this path was always a mistake. thank you so much for taking the time to join me tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> ben: up next, wait, i thought biden was supposed to be tough on russia? why is he only making big threats against the kremlin while putin's biggest critic is near death in prison? lindsey graham is here to discuss what's really going on. ♪ ♪ ♪ (ac/dc: back in black) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ back in black ♪ ♪ i hit the sack ♪ ♪ i've been too long... ♪ applebee's irresist-a-bowls are back. dig in for just $8.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story.
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♪ >> ben: russian discan't lexy is moments away from dying in prison. outspoken he opponent of vladimir putin was moved to a prison hospital three weeks into a hunger strike over his lack of access to a reliable doctor. if he dies, it will be a victory for the kremlin who unsuccessfully tried to kill him last year. joe biden proclaimed frequently throughout his campaign that donald trump was soft on russia and in putin's pocket. he seems to be pulling punches now. my wife meghan made the case for the white house to step in now on "the view" today. >> he is a man ha that was poisoned by vladimir putin and he decided to go back to russia
4:45 pm
knowing very well that he could die if the biden administration doesn't do anything about this, they are no better than the trump administration and the obama administration and the bush administration and every reset and every democrat that claimed to care about putin interfering with our election. is he killing a freedom fighter in realtime and we are doing nothing about it. >> ben: joining me now is senator lindsey graham of south carolina. senator, thank you so much for coming on. >> that's our girl. that was well said. >> ben: tell me a little bit about this. because from, my perspective, i have spent the past four years listening to how republicans were all in the service of vladimir putin. moscow mitch, everything related to entrepreneurship. what does it take to have the biden administration stand up in this moment? >> the problem is putin is looking at biden through a bigger lens. we are withdrawing from afghanistan against sound military advice. we are trying to get back into the iranian nuclear agreement and the iranians are threatening
4:46 pm
to enrich at 60%. you need 90% to get a bomb. the chinese are pushing us around out in asia. the border is completely the of control what so what putin is looking at is in his mind a weak adversary what did putin say when biden called him the a killer the next time we talk i want it to be on live tv meet me there because i don't think you can stand up to me. so this overall weakness is probably going to be a distance for this man because nobody in russia is afraid of joe biden. nobody in the world is afraid of joe biden. that's dangerous for us at home. >> ben: it is dangerous, obviously, to have a foreign policy that really runs down the united states of america and that agrees with the criticisms the chinese joe biden's u.n. ambassador actually said some things along these lines this weekend. let's listen to this. >> i'm realistic about what we
4:47 pm
have to do moving forward. i think if we are going to be a voice around the globe for raising issues of human rights, we cannot white wash our own issues in our own country. >> ben: senator graham, i know that you remember senator dabble patrick moynahan back when he was u.n. ambassador. he famously said, you know, am i ashamed to speak for a less than perfect democracy? no, find me its equal? whatever happened to that democratic party? >> all i can say is that statement is a pretty offensive because, yeah, we have come a long way as a nation. we have a long way to go. but, i would say this, ben. you and your wife are very near and dear to me. love liberty, can't wait to meet her. liberty is lucky to be born in the united states and her parents realize that i'm tired of running our country down. we are not perfect but we are the best hope for man kind and i would like the u.n. ambassador to let the world know that it is america that stands for freedom not china that it's america that
4:48 pm
stands for the rule of law, not russia. it's america that spent trillions of dollars and thousands of lives to fight terrorism so stop apologizing for the greatest country on the history of the planet. period. >> ben: i'm really concerned as i know you know about the rising impact that china has had over the past several years and particularly in inconsistent approach in the early going, i think, from the biden administration. they obviously had that confrontation in alaska that goes to this point. what do you think we need to be doing in terms of sending china a clear message given their increased military activity and all the different ways that they are challenging us on the world stage? >> >> stand up for the uyghurs your father-in-law is rolling over in his gravy now the america that john mccain fought for and willing to die for is changing in front of us. i like what trump did. he stood up to the chinese.
4:49 pm
you steal our stuff you are going to pay a price. human rights still matters. let the chinese know if you try to take tijuana we will have a war and you will use it at the end of the day, every bully on the planet feels emboldened. all of our allies are very worried about the united states. the abraham accords in the middle east great break through the israelis and worked together against a common enemy called iran. i have never seen so much deterioration of our national security in a short period of time as i do right now on multiple fronts, ben, america is weaker and the world is more dangerous and i blame joe biden and tony blinken for this so far. >> ben: senator graham, thank you so much for coming on tonight. >> thank you. >> ben: joe biden has had his handful of gafs tonight's shift in comedy has given him a pass. why is that? adam carolla on cancel culture and the it ache comic in woke
4:50 pm
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♪ >> ben: many self-styled comedians are holding back at poking fun at joe biden. seems like they are not interested in making any jokes that might alienate the woke audience they built during the trump presidency. of course they wouldn't dare undermine any of biden's radical policies. >> okay we could be making jokes about -- we could be making jokes about the infrastructure plan but in general i'm like this is great. why would i purposefully undermine something that is -- seems to be a great idea pretty much across the board like i don't -- i don't need to make jokes just to make jokes like i like to make really targeted jokes there are more worthy targets right now, i think. >> ben: more worthy targets than the president of the united states. here now is adam carolla, "new york times" best-selling author and host of the adam carolla show.
4:56 pm
adam, thanks so much for coming on with me tonight. >> thank you. >> ben: is there anything funny about joe biden? >> yeah. there's funny things about joe biden. there is funny things about trump. there were funny things about obama. you know, comedians have to kind of challenge themselves so trump was a big bombastic over the top cartoon character who almost every comedian disagreed with politically. so that was a layup comedically. now there is biden much more assault and battery do youd and they agree with him politically now it's time to prove yourself as a comedian and figure out oa way to lambaste joe biden. trump is a lay-up comedically. trump is like getting heckled by a fat guy in a comedy club who has two plates of nachos in front of him. that's an easy one. so, they are not up to this
4:57 pm
challenge. they are not up to the challenge because they don't want to be up to the challenge. but that's what comedian's jobs are and i would argue stop doing comedy if you are going to pick and choose your challenges. >> ben: one of the things we saw so much over the past four years was this degradation of particularly late night comedy where you had writing teams putting out jokes that seemed to be more about getting claps than getting laughter. and i wondered if, you know, with the absence of trump if we would actually go back to having some funny in late night. unfortunately it doesn't really seem ton there yet because, you know, what's to dispute about the infrastructure plan that samantha bee and everybody else seems to support? >> well, it's interesting, you know, if you want to find the highest per capita group of ivy league degrees go to the writing room of a late night talk show host. i mean, it's kind of interesting. i never thought about it.
4:58 pm
i have been in those rooms before. it's yale, harvard, and brown and stanford. there are no junior college alums in that room. so, if you -- i'm just sort of thinking about this in realtime. as a group of people who went through the sort of elite system of the ivy league system and then found their way into a writer's room. so, of course you are going to get those jokes the same way if you had a whole bunch of guys in that room that did tractor repair. you would have a bunch of tractor repair jokes on late night monologues. >> ben: you know, it really is frustrating to me to see this element take fold comedy. i'm curious whether you think there's a new generation of people coming up, lots of young comics who are doing great work. do you think that they will be able to escape this woke moment and that we will look back on this as being something that was an aberration? >> i mean, comedy traditionally
4:59 pm
pushes against the norms. and donald trump was easy because he was the man and it's easy to push against a man you disagree with and who is sort of a caricature of the man, so to speak. but what i try to say to everyone in california and in los angeles, donald trump is not the man. gavin newsom is the man. so if you are going to push back against the man, then push bark against gavin newsom and because most of them are cowards, they go oh, not that man. well, you don't get to pick and choose the man. right now joe biden is the man, comics, do your job, push against the man. >> ben: thank you so much, adam. i think you are completely correct and thank you for joining me. >> thank you, ben. >> ben: you can listen to more of my conversation with adam carolla on the ben domenech podcast which you can find at fox news thank you for watching "fox news
5:00 pm
primetime." i'm ben domenech. we will be back tomorrow night at 7:00 with more. until then, the lovers of freedom and anxious for the fray. tucker carlson is up next. most? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." closing arguments in officer derek chauvin's murder trial just concluded in the state of minnesota. now, americans have heard quite a bit about george floyd over the last year and formed their own opinion. but, most still cannot say with any specificity just how he died and that's, of course, the essence of the whole story how he died. so the closing arguments are a chance to assess actual evidence in the case and you would think that would be good news. more facts which we could always use. but, no, said the media. facts no longer matter not when blm's founding myth is at stake.
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