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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 19, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> dana: awaiting the press conference, when it starts we will go to that and in the meantime, thank you so much. that is going to do it for us tonight on "the five." we will be back here tomorrow, "special report" is up next. ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington, i am bret baier. law-enforcement bracing for a reaction to a verdict in the trial of the minneapolis police officer accused in the death of george floyd. you are looking live in st. paul. the governor of minnesota in the twin cities mayors, both of them are about to speak. we will bring you their lives for the plans of the verdict and what the security looks like on the ground. closing arguments in the case given today. but also comes as one democratic lawmaker traveled to minnesota, called for more confrontation in the streets, her critics charge that she was inciting violence
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and to the judge in the chauvin case says congresswoman maxine waters may have given the defense something for an appeal that could even overturn the case. we have fox team coverage tonight, chad pergram on the hill, with the joe biden administration and other capital leaders are saying about to the comments, but we start with matt finn in minneapolis, the jury has the case and attends minneapolis awaits. good evening, matt. >> hi, bret, the jury is expected to deliberate until 7:00 p.m. tonight and it was a very long day in court, hours and hours of closing arguments. right now this area is relatively calm, there is a growing presence of demonstrators outside, but in general this area has been calm for days and weeks now. we have been saying that downtown minneapolis area feels like a ghost town. the early days of the lockdown last year, businesses in this area are boarded up. around the corner we can see more businesses and corporate offices putting up boards in the
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final hours, bret. the prosecution and the defense in the derek's open murder trial pitching their case to the jury one last time in today's closing arguments. >> all that was required was a little compassion. and none was shown on that day. the minneapolis police department has a specific written policy on the use of restraining and it was permitted. speak with estate planning the policing say he made an ego driven decision and abuse the power is a badge by not responding to buy standards please to help floyd. >> he was trapped with the unyielding pavement underneath him as unyielding as the men who held them down. speak of the prosecution urging the jury to believe the viral videos do show him murdering floyd. >> use your common sense, believe your eyes. what you saw coming you saw. >> the defense insisting the
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former officer was reasonable on the use of force and could've used more when he arrived to a scene where three other officers could not contain floyd. >> reasonable police officer understands the intensity of the struggle. >> the defense arguing one more time that the drug use in physical exertion from resisting police played a role in his death. >> there is absolutely no evidence that officer chauvin intentionally, purposefully applied unlawful force. speak of the judge instructed the jury that the state must prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt and that no crime was committed if they feel a police officer's use of force is justified. the twin cities bracing for the verdict, even more buildings boarding up in the final moments today. as a major american cities from new york, chicago, los angeles are also preparing for potential unrest and even more riots. the judge said moving forward if the jury comes down with the verdict during the evening hours, the judge is going to
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wait to announce that verdict until the following morning because of all of the potential unrest here, bret. >> bret: we will head back for any breaking news, thank you. as we mentioned maxine waters under intense criticism tonight for what her critics say was a call to violence on the streets. chad pergram on capitol hill with the latest. good evening. because the remarks by maxine waters came up just before the jury began deliberations. defense attorney eric nelson told the judge the remarks threaten the sanctity of the jury. and peter cahill even said that she may have given the defense something to appeal. [crowd chanting] >> tensions were already soaring in minnesota suburb where police shooting killed daunte wright last week. and then maxine waters showed up.
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>> critics say that waters stoke the embers of what was already a tinderbox. saying she is "nonviolent and was talking about confronting the justice system. >> we have to let people know that -- >> bret: will interrupt this to bring you back live to st. paul where the press conference is just starting. that's the governor of minnesota, let's listen in. >> we are here this week because of that act, plain and simple at the end point where we watched a man's humanity be taken and then his life be taken. last may and june, we watch the pain, anger, heartbreak pour out into her streets here, across the country and throughout the world. the civil unrest to that a minnesota left 1,000 businesses in ruin and the live stream many with them. many of those were businesses of people of color.
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the very people that are traumatized by what we saw in george floyd. our state was shattered, the urgency for change was upon us and we came together by part assembly and passed a small package of reforms. a beginning. but we stalled. we were not able to pass the package to rebuild those businesses to make sure that we provided those opportunities and those very communities that were traumatized. we all know what you are seeing right now is reactive, not proactive. communities have been demanding change, they demanded that it was not enough, and they very clearly stated if the systemic changes that need to be made aren't made, that things will repeat themselves. and when i say things, i mean the horrific deaths of young black men over and over and a systemic feeling that not everyone gets the same opportunities.
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and we had the worldwatch again as he tends humanity was taken away from him and then his life. now we are here with our justice system just putting the decision for derek chopin will be decided by that jury. his fate decided by the jury who will just serve our fate in this state. we must acknowledge two truths. we cannot allow civil unrest to descend into chaos and must protect life and property. we also must understand that if we don't listen, those communities and in pain those people on the streets, many of whom were arrested for speaking a fundamental truth that we must change or we will be right back here again. and so in this moment it is our goal together, the mayor's, the community organizers, people across the state from law-enforcement to ministerial associations is to try to make sure that we strike that proper
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balance of making sure that the peace and stability is upheld, but equally important is that rage that will be on the streets regardless of what happens is challenged into a positive way that means change. we have to have that change, we cannot live like this. we cannot continue to live like this. systemic and fundamental changes need to be made and starts with systemic public safety reforms. to some very simple truths i think we can all agree long and let's work from there. no one should die from a simple traffic violation. there are enough smart people and agreement around that we should be able to find some answers. because to be very clear if we don't find that answer, we are going to be right back in the situation. and i'm going to continue to say it, we cannot continue. we cannot live this way. communities need to be heard. they are frustrated, not just down on the streets that say why are you doing that, because they are not being heard. they are demanding that these changes be made. they told us last year.
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change cash bail, change how you do traffic stops, it did not happen and look what we got. i was speaking to a woman today, a black mother and it was explaining how frustrating it is in our political system to try to find consensus to get stuff done and she said, wait a minute, she said you're frustrated, she said you're the governor of the damn state, what power do i have to change to this? listen and make the changes, don't find a reason you need to go home with two and don't say it's hard. hard is katie right in front of the press and the shame that we should field hearing her talk about why her son died. she does not need our pity or sympathy or stalking her, she needs us to do actions. and i say us, me and everyone else are part of it. let's be very clear, george and daunte and for lando, anja mall, we can go through anything in
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minnesota, say their names. i hear that in front of my house as i should. at say their names. they need to know that i better go to bed thinking about say their names of who died. what's unfortunate is, it was not on 38th of chicago or out in brooklyn center where their destinies and fate were put into play, their destiny is in fate were put into play before they were even born. health disparities are apparent prenatal. almost catastrophically the number of women who die and cheryl childbirth or from it is simply unacceptable. their fate was set when they get expelled from schools for disciplinary actions at a rate much higher than their white classmates. educational attainment levels, homeownership disparities, economic disparities. it simply a miracle that more don't end up there, because of a cyst in the bed is set that way and we expect our police department to fix all of that. we expect when it gets to there they will go back to prebirth.
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we need to make systemic changes to take away the immediate game lament danger. but if we can figure out how to fund for this so that we don't bill down our buildings, we can fund summer school and meals for these kids and do the things that are necessary. we can't keep making this a false choice. and we can't keep expecting through more training and things like that that we are going to fix it all. we can remove a lot of the threats, but these will continue to manifest unless we tackle that piece of it. the things that we need to do on systemic racism, we are a proud state and a state that needs to come to grips with her own history. we are a state that needs to have that conversation in a nation that needs to have that conversation. i pledge to do all i can, i think about that with, i am hearing people say how stressed they are this week, again, i had a mother say, that's how i feel
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every time i son gets in the car to drive to soccer practice. every single day. in the rest of us are waiting, what's going to happen? where will this come back? that's how people live their lives. we can't live that way and allow her neighbors to live that way. where young black youth, apparently they all know about it, there is a theory that many are pulled over, they notify where your parents are at and notify them right away. my kids don't have to do that, what a diminishment of life if that's the first thing on your mind. maybe 5 miles over the speed limit, that's not the end of the world, we have to enforce our laws and we have to have a sense of reasonableness. and those are the things that are out there, so i pledge to do what we can do, and i want to say that i hear those concerns and people who fear for their businesses and homes. we need to provide the security and are prepared to do it so, but at the same hand i want to hear and hear those that cry their inability to protest and what they believe is heavy and too much is out there. we need a strike that balance.
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i will be the first to tell you this is not the way to live. we need to fix those other things so we don't have to end up with national guard on our streets, but i cannot allow those businesses to burn. i cannot allow people's livelihood or their safety put in play, but i will recognize what they are saying. you will continue to have to do that if you don't listen to what is being said and the changes that need to be made. and i would like to take a moment and express this concern around her press, i just want to say this -- >> bret: the governor of minnesota preparing to provide security on the ground as the verdict will eventually be reached by the jury one way or another, and they are preparing for what comes after that. bring back chad pergram on top of capitol hill. we were talking about maxine waters, democratic congresswoman and the house minority leader kevin mccarthy tweeted out this weekend they minnesota maxine waters broke the law by
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violating curfew and then incited violence. speaker pelosi ignoring her behavior, that's why i'm introducing a resolution to censure representative waters for these dangerous comments. and about getting more confrontational on the ground, speaker nancy pelosi was asked about this today. >> kevin mccarthy said that he wants democrats to introduce some resolution, a censure resolution for what he called dangerous comments. center is a middle ground of discipline, there are three forms of discipline in the house of representatives. you have a reprimand, censure, and then you have expulsion, there been 23 centers in the house of representatives, the last one when charlie rangel in 2010, so this is getting close to expulsion, how speaker nancy pelosi this afternoon was asked about maxine waters comments and said "she did not think that maxine waters should apologize and does not believe her remarks would incite violence." she did not go any further than that, but this is a question on
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capitol hill that lawmakers certainly in the democratic caucus are being asked about. nancy pelosi was caught up with some reporters in the whole and might have asked her office, other offices about what their remarks about maxine waters' remarks and got no response. this is something that democratic leaders don't want to touch and what happens with kevin mccarthy's resolution is if you have a resolution that is centered it is privilege, meaning it has to come to the floor. we are thinking about wednesday or thursday and democrats will be under some stress as to whether or not they have a straight up or down vote on censure or whether they moved to table and take it off the floor. >> bret: fascinating no matter what happens with the democrats, the judge says it may have given the defense enough of an appealable item to overturn the case from the judge in the case. chad pergram live on capitol hill. more news out of capitol hill, brain sick nick who died after he competitive protesters during
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the riot died of natural causes according to the d.c. medical examiner. saying he suffered a stroke, it means it was not brought on by an injury. two men were charged with assaulting the officer with chemical spray during that riot. bringing you news from around the world and breaking tonight, foreign policy challenges for the new president, the biden administration facing pressure on a number of fronts. russia's continued build up near the border with ukraine, china's increasing intimidation of taiwan and negotiations over the iran nuclear deal amid iran's increasing enrichment of nuclear material thumbing its nose at the u.s. jennifer griffin has details of all of that at the pentagon, good evening, jennifer. >> from russia to china, iran, north korea, the biden administration is facing a potential tsunami of simultaneous external national security thoughts proving to be the ultimate stress test for
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president biden and his national security team. >> the uss theodore roosevelt is on station in the south china sea. 25 chinese warplanes entered taiwan's air defense zone. now they want long-range air launch cruise missiles from the united states to make the fighter jets more lethal to deter an increasingly belligerent beijing. u.s. officials see signs north korea could resume its nuclear and ballistic missile test an explosion last week at iran's main centrifuge while defense secretary lloyd austin met with israel's prime minister was largely thought to be the work of israel which does not believe talks will work. iran announced it started enriching its uranium to 60% purity, its highest level ever. and russia announced it will forbid access to any foreign warships to part through the black sea until october.
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a russian interception of u.s. and nato patrol aircraft over the parent see today as the number of russian forces maxing on the border with ukraine is now higher than any time since 2014. up to 150,000 troops according to a senior european union official. >> the highest military deployment across a russian army and ukrainian borders ever. >> we remain seriously concerned about the build up and we call on russia to be more transparent about their intentions and in addition to that to cease the provocations. >> you ukraine and european allies want the u.s. to respond. >> when we respond, we have to respect our people and the orders and i think that we have to be clear and tough. >> national security advisor jake sullivan spoke to the russian counterpart about a possible summit this summer.
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>> president biden has put values front and center in his foreign policy and believes that this is the moment where democracy needs to prove that they can deliver for their citizens and that ours is the system of government that will ultimately win out in the long run, not autocracy. speak of the u.s. also sent a stern message to vladimir putin that russia will be held accountable by the united states if jailed opposition leader alexi nepali on a hunger strike dies in russian custody. it's not clear if he is listening. he has agreed to speak on thursday at the virtual climate summit being hosted by president biden. >> bret: hot spots around the world, thank you. up next we will be joined live by arkansas republican senator tom cotton to discuss all of these issues and more, keep it here. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bret: as promised we will bring in tom cotton, serving on the intelligence and armed services committees. good evening, senator, thank you for being here. you heard jennifer griffin's piece about these challenges around the world that seem to be growing facing president biden, russia on ukraine's border, china buzzing taiwan and iran
3:24 pm
enriching uranium, of those, what is most pressing in your mind and how is the biden administration dealing with them? >> joe biden is showing weakness around the globe and the adversaries are probing and pressing. china is the biggest threat we face right now, bret, not just a security, but an economic threat as well. what they have done in terms of probing taiwan airspace is in my opinion trying to set the stage one day for a potential invasion and annexation of taiwan which could be a take catastrophe for american interests. you see that joe biden -- sorry. >> bret: just on taiwan what is our policy as a country? they have this right up in south china morning post where it says while it does not want to provoke to beijing or encourage taiwan of independence a move that could lead to military conflict, u.s. has not stated whether it would send troops to defend taiwan in an attack on
3:25 pm
china creating extra uncertainty for beijing when weighing the risks of an invasion. there has been a debate whether washington should end the ambiguity to send a clear warning to beijing, what is our policy and what should it be? >> we should end the ambiguity and be clear to the chinese communist that we will defend taiwan if they tried to invade and annex it. it is true for many decades we have had a policy what is known as strategic ambiguity, not showing her hand either to beijing or to taiwan's leaders, but things have changed, the people's liberation to army is capable of executing in taiwan, so the only thing restraining xi jinping, chinese leader is what the united states will do. likewise completing the transition from military government to being a vibrant democracy, we should stand by the only democracy on chinese soil and make it clear that we will come to taiwan's aid. that's not going to provoke a conflict, that is specifically designed to deter a conflict.
3:26 pm
>> bret: on china you are one of the first to send up a flare about the lab in wuhan being possibly the source of covid-19, josh rogan wrote a book about china, he was on the brian kilmeade radio show, take a listen. >> i don't know why the media is on interested in solving the pandemic. i can't figure that out, it boggles my mind, okay? my working theory is that they don't want to admit that they were wrong. >> bret: is that your theory and do you know more than what you talked about at the beginning? >> our friends in the blue media don't like to admit error, but even the biden administration is citing the possibility of an accidental leak from the lab as one of the two possible theories of origin, all the evidence points to that, but we may never know because the chinese communist party probably destroy the evidence, may be a defector or whistle-blower will tell us the truth, but we do know that china's refusal to cooperate in the early days of the pandemic
3:27 pm
to share information and allow an international team of scientists into wuhan made it down much worse, that's why china must be made to pay for what they have done to the world in so many ways, for what they have done to our economy and our factories and our workers over the last 30 years. >> bret: we will have you back to talk about russia and iran, those are not going away and seemed pretty urgent now. i want to ask you about a domestic issue as this goes to the jury in minnesota, you have a democratic congress woman on the ground they are, maxine waters, what about the fallout from that? >> i don't want to prejudge the case now that it is with the jury, but it is appalling to see a senior democrat in congress going out of her way to minnesota to fan the flames in the streets. and it is incumbent upon the local leaders in minnesota, the governor, and if necessary joe biden to ensure that there is no rioting or mob violence whatever the jury decides in this case, because there is no
3:28 pm
grievance, there is no perceived injustice that is a fit object for mob violence. >> bret: tom cotton live on capitol hill, thank you for commenting. up next, republicans call on the president to step up and reinstate trump air immigration policies they say could end of the border crisis. ♪ ♪ with armor all, a little bit of this... ...protects you...
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♪ ♪ >> bret: there is growing confusion tonight over whether president biden feels the problem on the southern border is actually a crisis. he used that word saturday for the first time in public is talking about the border, but his top spokeswoman seem to contradict that today. kristin fisher shows us tonight. >> after weeks of administration officials describing the situation at the border as nothing more than challenging. >> challenges. >> we are challenged at the border. >> over the weekend the president himself described it as a crisis when explaining why it is taking so long to raise the refugee tax. >> all along the refugees are working on the crisis on the border >> is that now the official weight house position that it is a crisis? >> the president does not feel that children at the border seeking refuge from economic
3:33 pm
hardships and other dire circumstances is a crisis, he feels that the crisis in central america, the dire circumstances that many are fleeing from, that is -- is a situation we need to spend our time and effort on. >> is a white house downplays the word of the use crisis, his predecessor is calling it a horrible situation. it's because there's never been anything like what has happened at her border and people are coming in by the tens of thousands. they are walking in, all he had to do was leave it alone. >> on friday it appears that the white house was leaving alone the refugees that was put in place by the trump administration only to walk it back a few hours later after enormous pushback from democrats on capitol hill from senator dick durbin to congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> anything to do with the pushback from democrats on capitol hill? >> i don't think you articulated with the change in policy is. >> it is if you are asking the question. >> i'm asking about the pushback on capitol hill. >> you can see the press
3:34 pm
secretary never really answer the question, jen psaki insists that this was all a misunderstanding noting that the initial order included a caveat to raise the cap passed 15,000 refugees once that limit has been reached. so jen psaki also conceded that the president initial promise of raising the refugee cap to more than 62,000 now seems unlikely. >> bret: kristin fisher on the north lawn, thanks. accounts were down today, the dow lost 183, the s&p dropped 22, the nasdaq 10038 today. everyone in the u.s. age 16 and over is now eligible to get a coronavirus vaccine. president biden urging people to book appointments immediately and encourage family and friends to do the same. sunday at the country reached a milestone by having 50% of adults at least partially vaccinated. there have been almost 31.5 million cases of covid-19 in the u.s. with more than 564,000 deaths.
3:35 pm
up next -- >> primitive data, confirmed! performing his first -- >> bret: wright brothers moment on mars, nasa's helicopter takes flight. we will bring you there, but first here are some of the fox affiliates around the country covering tonight, fox 35 in orlando the world war ii era plane is in good health after making an emergency ocean landing during the cocoa beach airshow saturday. dozens of spectators in the water, but witnesses said that the pilot appeared to pull up the plane at the last minute to avoid hitting anyone. this is a live look at charlotte from the affiliate fox 46, one of the big stories the oldest known living american has died. fester ford was either 115 or 116 depending on which the census report was accurate and had 12 children, 68 grandchildren, 125
3:36 pm
great-grandchildren and at least 120 great, great grandchildren. wow. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report," we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ (ac/dc: back in black) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ back in black ♪ ♪ i hit the sack ♪ ♪ i've been too long... ♪ applebee's irresist-a-bowls are back. dig in for just $8.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. our retirement plan with voya, keeps us moving forward.
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♪ ♪ >> bret: another giant leap for mankind, but this time not on earth or the moon, nasa's ingenuity helicopter hovered 10 feet above the martian surface for 39 seconds and what was the first powered flight by an aircraft on another planet. national correspondent william la jeunesse shows us tonight from los angeles.
3:41 pm
[cheers and applause] >> data confirmed, performing the first leg. >> history on the red planet, a helicopter flies on mars. >> we have done it, this is the first time i've been able to say we have done it. >> it comes 50 years after this. >> this is really a rock 'n' roll ride, isn't it. >> 1971, apollo 15 astronauts traveled the moon on wheels, now a breakthrough in flight. >> this is a wright brothers moment, a start of a whole new planetary exploration. >> it comes from the drone itself, the shadow cost on the surface of mars, but video from ingenuity's mothership, the rover perseverance which carried released and controlled the flight autonomously. the biggest challenge the density of mars atmosphere is 99% lighter than earth, to overcome that, ingenuity blades spun five times faster than they do here. nasa claims at least four more longer flights ultimately drones
3:42 pm
will act as scouts exploring canyons, craters, and ice caps before humans ever arrive. >> they freed us from the surface forever and i think this is exactly the way that we build the future. >> none of this would've happened without the wright brothers, says nasa. in honor of them including a piece of fabric from the wing of their original plane at kitty hawk naming the spot on mars wright brothers field. nasa says over the next month it will push ingenuity further and faster in places where the rover can't go. as it story and what it may discover is still being written. >> bret: we will follow this one, william, thank you. new york's comptroller is asking the state attorney general's office to launch a potential criminal investigation into whether andrew cuomo used state resources to write and promote his book on leadership in the covid-19 pandemic. tom dinapoli, attorney general of letitia james and all
3:43 pm
democrats, authorizing james to investigate whether the process of writing and promoting the evoked violated state laws. they say that the criminality being involved is absurd on its face and adds both that have spoken to people about running for governor. obviously either investigation continues as well. up next, the panel on major foreign policy challenges for president biden plus the latest in minnesota. ♪ ♪ so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ is someone trying to steal your butterfinger? call the bfi. whoa... i'm going in. [alarm beeping] ♪♪ no one lays a finger on your butterfinger. ♪♪
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♪ ♪ >> we have got to stay on the streets. and we have got to get more active. we have to get more confrontational. we have to make sure that they know that we mean business. >> is harder to imagine anything more inappropriate than a member of congress flying in from california to inform local leaders not so, so hopefully that this better be found guilty of otherwise there will be big trouble in the streets. it's beyond the pale for sitting member of the united states congress to look at what happened last summer and imply that there should be some kind of a sequel? >> bret: well, the headlines were basically about maxine waters saturday in minnesota,
3:48 pm
familiar republicans pounced on her, however it was not just republican critics, here's the judge in the case today. >> i will give you that congresswoman waters may have given you something on appeal and may result in this whole trial being overturned, i wish elected officials would stop talking about this case! especially in a manner that is disrespectful to the rule of law and the judicial branch in our function. i think if they want to give their opinions, they should do so in a respectful and in a manner that is complicit with their oath to the constitution to respect the coequal branch of government. >> bret: again, the judge in the derricks open case, the jury now has that case. let's bring in the panel, bill mcgurn, mara eliasson of national public radio, and steve hayes, editor of the dispatch. your thoughts on all of this? >> i think what maxine waters said was deeply responsible and
3:49 pm
agree with the judges rebuke. i mean, the national leaders in all areas of life, whether elected officials, republican, democrat, parts of the judicial branch, people with the platform should do everything they can to urge folks to follow, to respect the process that is playing out in minneapolis, and do everything they can to calm these passions that we have seen. for maxine waters to step into the fray and suggests that the protesters increase their confrontations, particularly after what we saw on the streets, whether in kenosha or elsewhere around the country last summer is deeply irresponsible. >> bret: speaker pelosi said today that she should not have to apologize and should not apologize, but that was before the judge said, you may have just handed the defense something on appeal. >> yeah, it depends what is happening with the jury verdict and what reaction there is, and
3:50 pm
the political layer like to focus on the most extreme member of the opposition party, and they might've just handed the defendant that you want to see declared guilty a big weapon to maybe overturn a verdict might be a cell phone, that was a whole nother layer of this. >> bret: i want to turn to foreign policy, one of the things that we talked about was taiwan and china, but did not touch on russia and what is happening there, and no longer building up the military along the border with ukraine, but also alexi novelli who made this. >> we have an increase in the forces along the border with ukraine and in occupied crimea as it was before, and what we call on russia to obviously make their intentions more clear, what happened is the custody of
3:51 pm
the russian government is the responsibility of the russian government and that they will be held accountable by the russian community. >> what about this, obviously a critic of the hunger strike. >> right, well, he is not the first critic of vladimir putin to find his life in peril later on. we should hold the harold responsible if he dies. but the problem is we are issuing the statements as we will not tolerate, we will hold accountable, what will we actually do? that is a challenge. and i think that president biden is being challenged on many, many fronts all of these bad actors look at how he is responding to other challenges and i think that he needs to find at least one and make a strong show, or else i think his presidency is going to be hammered by these very bad actors.
3:52 pm
>> bret: the last of administration he was a part of did not do so well with redlines. >> no, and particularly with respect to russian and crimea, the biden administration can say, look, he threw a brush back pitch to use a baseball analogy with the strikes earlier on the militia and there was a big statement. but i think that bill is right. you are having these strong rhetoric from the biden administration and it is sometimes compromised by mixed rhetoric. you had president biden and the administration issuing sanctions last month, and talk on vladimir putin and talk on president biden calling him a quick killer and then a statement from the white house suggesting that president biden and president putin will meet for an aside in the coming months. you don't meet with a summit for someone the way that he is behaving these days. and giving him that kind of stature lift inside russia, so much of what vladimir putin
3:53 pm
today is doing because he is trying to shore up his position inside russia, the domestic political concerns and domestic support giving him that kind of stature boost precisely the time when he is struggling is a real mistake. >> bret: is in at the same thing with iran? we are desperately it seems trying to sit down to the negotiations to restart the nuclear deal as the iranians are saying we are going to enrich uranium to 60%? >> i think that each of these foreign problems is different? iran, russia, china has been more aggressive about taiwan's, but all of them are pressuring the biden administration to do something that proves it is credible. to say they're going to be a consequence, you don't have to broadcast in advance, but if russia continues to have military encouraging into ukraine, then he has to absolutely do something. >> bret: a lot of things to focus on in the u.s., but these are three big issues overseas that we are following very closely, or it, panel, when we
3:54 pm
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prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> bret: tomorrow's headlines with the panel in just a second. but, tonight, former president trump will be sean hannity's exclusive guest. the former president talking about what to expect from democrats in the run-up to next year's congressional elections. here's a preview? they are going to rip apart your second amendment. they are doing things to this country that bernie sanders would have said impossible. and i don't know if joe knows what's going on with it because i think you have a cabal. you have a group of people sitting around the table just saying do, this do this, do this. they are giving him these things to sign. it's hard to believe. now, we're going to take back the house in 22. we have a real chance. >> bret: former president exclusively sits down with sean, hannity can be seen tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern time. finally tonight, a look at tomorrow's headlines. mara, first to you.
3:59 pm
>> i played it pretty straight here the headline minneapolis tense as chauvin jury dlishts other cities brace for protests. i think that's where we are at with this. >> bret: it is. bill? >> bill: apple says that parler, the conservative alternative to facebook and twitter will be restored to its iphone app. store very soon. it was banned after the january 6th riots, a lot of conservatives complained. but it's going to be back up and running. >> bret: yep. all right. steve? >> steve: yeah, did i not play it straight. my headline is my pillow founder interviews joe biden. you might have seen mike lyndelle thought he was interviewing president trump. he was duped. sean hannity actually has an interview with president trump. mike lyndelle did not. but he quickly moved off and it was one conspiracy that he actually said he didn't believe. >> bret: all right. thank you, panel. that's it for "special report."
4:00 pm
tomorrow watch the democratic lawmakers doubling down on what they call jim crow voting laws. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this show, fair, balanced and still unafraid. fox news prime hosted this week by ben domenech starts right now. are you ready in the big seat there. >> as ready ascii be, bret. thank you. good evening and welcome to fox news prime time. you >> ben: what does it mean to be a nation? it's a question we have to ask ourselves in a moment when some people seem open to the possibility of a national divorce a nation isn't just a random group of people who happen to be in the same place at the same time. it has laws and borders and values. and it isn't born. it is made. the people who made america in the first place were a group of a little more than 2,000 patriots who crossed an icy delaware river on christmas night in 1776. they were down to the end. ravaged by a hard winter, dese


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