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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 19, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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wasn't the case. you talk about the spring of todd. it wasn't the case. it's a neat little op-ed hope you get a chance to take a look. jillian: glad you are back. bittersweet for you. todd: great to be back with my buddies. jillian: "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ [chanting] >> anti-police demonstrations turn destructive this as the national guard is on stand by in minnesota. >> maxine waters injected herself into the if protest. >> we have got to get more confrontational and know we are resisting. >> when you do that you are increasing the risk of more harm happening. >> why does a vaccinated person have to wear a mask. >> you might get infected and get absolutely no symptoms and then inadvertently go into a situation with vulnerable people. >> emotional plea from a parent to reopen schools in los angeles seemingly ignored by the board of education. >> i'm here to tell you that i have been silenced and hundreds
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of others being held hostage by this organization. >> entertainer of the year goes to luke bryan. ♪ >> congratulations, luke. ♪ brian: all right. straight to a fox news alert. police are making multiple arrests after protests took a violent turn believe it or not in raleigh, north carolina. demonstrators burning american flags on streets. is that nice? vandalizing stores? that makes sense. throwing eggs and blocking traffic in the city. >> meanwhile, cities across the united states are bracing for even more unrest as a verdict in the derek chauvin murder trial could come this week. pete: more than 3,000 national guard troops have been ache i activatedagainst minnesota. two hurt in a drive by shooting yesterday in minneapolis. despite the violence, the city council is pushing for a team of unarmed traffic enforcers. welcome to this monday edition of "fox & friends."
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i'm glad to be here with the two main stays. brian: right. and had you your weekend off. pete: right. ainsley: flat to you have you will be here it. pete: through thursday. brian: we know actions in your hometown. pete: while i'm here national guardsman being shot at on stand by because the derek chauvin trial is almost over. unarmed traffic enforcement. when you see the traffic stops that have happened recently where law enforcement are under siege. ainsley: national guard was there. and two of the officers in a drive by shooting were injured. pete: they were shot. two of the shoulders were shot at. ainsley: they are okay, right? pete: listen, it's going to shake anybody. they are on stand by not just what happened in brooklyn center and what continues to go on. they are awaiting the jury in the derek chauvin trial. ainsley: how about maxine waters she went to minnesota she was there people say she stayed out after the curfew. she was at anti-police brutality protest. and she was interviewed about the chauvin trial.
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and she said if he is not found guilty, then there needs to be more confrontation. listen to this. >> i would like to see the bill in congress passed of police reform. but i know that the right wing, the racists opposed to it, and i don't know what's going to happen to it. oh, no, not what's going to happen to it as far as i'm concerned it's first degree murder. got to stay on the streets and got to get more murder. we have got to get more confrontational. have you got to make sure that they know that we mean business. brian: more confrontational. got to know that we mean business. ainsley: she says stay on the streets get more active and more confrontational. brian: she decides to go 500 miles to go to minneapolis to make things better. do you think she is calming things counsel? do you think she is bringing her 82 years of reason and experience to the floor? no, she is inciting the crowd
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even more. and if you watched the last 8 days. they don't need any incitement between that and the daunte wright situation where he was killed when the police officer mistook her stun gun for her real gun. you see that taking place. yesterday, it was a carjacking that took place. there was a shootout again about 30 miles from this all happened. so then she was asked a little bit later, you know, are you inciting violence? when you went down, what were you saying? because that's the accusation. listen. >> minneapolis is a great example of what is wrong with the criminal justice system. what's wrong with policing. i wanted to be there kind of as aunte maxine to show them that not only i do support them and love them but they can count on me to be with them at this terrible time in all of our lives. pete: just there to be auntie maxine. not only did she say do you want
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to get more confrontational. she also accused anyone against police reform as a racist. automatically if you are on the right wing you are a racist. then she creates salute it unreasonable expectations as what would happen in the derek chauvin trial. first degree murder. is he not each charged -- not even being charged. as a result you create expectations which lead to inevitably more violence which is the definition of inciting violence. and that's why representative kevin mccarthy took to twitter and said just that. he said maxine waters is inciting violence in minneapolis. just as as she has incited it in the past. if speaker pelosi doesn't act against this dangerous rhetoric, i will bring action this week. guys, the refusal of anti-cop racists like maxine twiewrts acknowledge the dangers that decent, good, honest police officers who are the vast majority of them face only
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endangers more and more police officers and more and more people and we are seeing it every single day. ainsley: this is exactly what she was accusing president trump of doing during the insurrection and 2018 she told supporters to harass trump officials. dhiewrm? if you see someone in his cabinet in a restaurant or department store, gasoline station, get out and create a crowd, push back on them and tell them they aren't welcome anymore anywhere. brian: by the way, looking at another channel have you congresswoman karen bass democrat says i have been working with republicans. we are trying to move northward law enforcement reform. modernizing certain things and senate side tim scott and cory booker working together on putting something together. making progress everybody including police officers want to work with moving us forward any way possible to keep the streets safe and our police officers safe as well as men and women safe. so there's a calm, cool, and collected way in which they are moving in a bipartisan direction. and maxine waters showing up on the streets just puts molotov
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cocktail in the middle of something ready to explode. it did not get by the "new york post" whose op-ed focused on this. impeach and remove maxine waters. they go on to say that pouring fuel on the fire in minnesota she encouraged everyone to keep protesting though she herself would not be. maxine is trying to create civil war and irresponsible rhetoric is inciting violence. house speaker nancy pelosi should strip her of committee assignments and move for a vote to remove waters from office. ainsley: the first amendment allows you to say whatever you want. what happened to peaceful protesting? she is asking for more confrontations to get more active to stay out on the street. pete: that's right. look at a headline inside the "new york post" they dub her antifa maxine. she went on to encourage rejecting the curfew. asked about it she said i don't even know what a curfew means says maxine waters a curfew means i want you all to stop talking. i don't agree with it last time i checked i don't think it was too much talking that was happening in brooklyn center
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after 11:00 p.m. or too much talking that was happening outside the police precinct in minneapolis after george floyd there were riots going on. ainsley: she doesn't know what curfew means? she needs to learn what a curfew means in high school. pete: , she did. she is using it as an excuse to say ramp it up. get more violence, more rioting. they want you to shut you up. so in order to shut you up they put a curfew on that you should ignore. it is the height of irresponsible rhetoric from a member of congress. brian: now it's back to the anthony fauci when he is not fighting against this pandemic, he is on television and never has a request that he turns down. he did another four shows this weekend. on top of that, after his embarrassing display with jim jordan and actually maxine waters played a role in that, too. congressional floor last week. dr. fauci, who has no answers except for mask up, get a vaccine and go about your day while sheltering in place continues to say the same thing over and over again. the worst thing you could say to
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the american people is get a vaccine. you are reluctant? get it anyway. let me tell you it, will change nothing, walking on planes, going to school without a mask, working out without a mask, nothing happens, nothing changes. this guy shows up on capitol hill with two mavericks after showing up for like a year without any mask or at least taking to have after pretending to wear one. two mavericks after getting two vaccines. why is he still out there and why is he never asked the tough questions? ainsley: he flip-flops. he has flip flopped on the seriousness of covid-19 and the maverick. if you don't believe us, watch. >> right now, at this moment, there is no need to change anything that you are doing on a day-by-day basis. >> it became clear that we were in real trouble that was probably toward the middle to end of january. >> right now in the united states, people should not be walking around with masks. >> putting a mask on yourself, if everybody does that, we're each protecting each other.
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pete: it's unbelievable. brian, you mentioned this weekend and the shows and all the interviews that dr. fauci likes to do. here is his latest iteration of his explanation as to why you need to wear mask even though you are vaccinated. listen to this. >> why does a vaccinated person have to wear a mask? >> when you get vaccinated, you are clearly diminishing dramatically your risk of getting infected; however, what happens is that you might get infected and get absolutely no symptoms and not know you are infected and inadvert tently go into a situation with vulnerable people. and if you don't have a mask you might inadvertently infect them. brian: here is the problem, the director of the cdc walked it back two days later when she realized she was telling the truth in a political environment. she says data suggests vaccinated people can transmit. our data suggest people don't carry the virus, don't get sick not just in clinical trials but
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in real world data. she says that three days later, she somehow walked it back. but that's what they are finding in real world data globally and domestically. pete: which they should be shouting from the rooftops as a celebration. brian: if you want me to get a vaccine. pete: you want me to get a vaccine? it's going to change your life. if enough to of you get it it's going to change our society back to the way it was. you are not single masking or double masking, you are no masking because science has shown us the way. instead, it feels like they want to continue the fear, the confusion, the control that comes with the mask. ainsley: people are so sick of these masks starting today 16 and older can get vaccinated. dr. fauci is trying to target the younger demographic by going on snapchat and the white house is partnering with twitter and facebook. also sending out 6,000 community like churches and doctors, community partners, they are sending the media tool kits by email so they can all help spread the word. brian here is my main problem.
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he should not be the spokesperson. one area of expertise. like for example if you want to find out why the yankees have lost four in a row send out a pitching coach. accepted out the manager. he is in charge of everything. taking in fauci, taking in the cdc, digesting it all and come out with a policy. ainsley: and the restaurant. brian: all is hen epidemiologist. is he not an economist. he is not a leader. he doesn't take the whole thing in perspective and finding out, for example, why was he not asked over and over again why texas' numbers are going down, why florida ignored what you said and florida continues to thrive? why california shut down and the numbers are still down and they are not opening up to june 1st. so he should be doing stuff but he is not capable. he is the wrong guy to have out front. because he looks like phil rizudo everybody's grandfather. unlook at the text of what he answers. he never answers the question. ainsley: you mentioned california. the schools are still not open in the l.a. area.
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and this mom she goes on and she is pleading with the school board. brian: unbelievable. ainsley: asking them to please open these schools. and guess what some of the school board members were doing? they were eating and they were checking their phones. she furious. watch this. >> i'm here to tell you that i have silenced by ucla over and over and over again. because my narrative goes against what they're trying to push. children and thousands of others are being held hostage by this organization. we see the menace of instruction and the quality of the zoom instruction and does not equal a good education. i'm doing the majority of work at home. i'm sickened by the fact that you have allowed your doors to stay closed to long. the disservice have you done to every single child under your care is beyond me. there needs to be a sense of urgency to do something here. pete: the mother is on audio. you can't see her in that clip and the rest of them are school board members. going about their day. just a parent. complaining about the fact that
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teachers for over a year have been unwilling to go into the classroom and teach their kids, you wouldn't notice from them that they care one bit. it's -- it's the same level of detachment, brian, to the passion that you showed about dr. fauci. these are our rules, don't you understand we care more about health, we are the ones that are protecting you whether you want to be protected or not, and, therefore, you cannot criticize us because we are holier than thou, we are following the science, we are double masking and staying at home and shame on you for shaming us to want to get your kid back in the classroom and it's probably white privilege anyway and that's why you want back in the classroom so i'm going to eat my nuts and check my email while you a passionate parent go on. brian: indifference for jim jordan. jim jordan showing passion i'm sorry you feel that way i'm sorry you are angry. i'm sorry you want your kids back in school it doesn't really matter. if president biden was a true leader he would go listen i know the teachers union support my
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candidacy, i may not be president without you, i cannot support what you are doing to the kids today. that's a 78-year-old leader to do the best he can for the country. instead he sits back and he condemns his cdc for calling out and saying that people -- kids should be back in the classroom. ainsley: do you think those kids are going to go back this year they only have a month and a half. pete: buy enough time summer break and back in september. ainsley: more a whole school year. pete: they may not go back in september either. if the cdc says you can transmit even though you have the vaccines and better double mask then these filthy children can get you infected and get let them back in you have excuse after excuse after excuse. ainsley: that's why a lot of people are moving and leaving and going to florida and texas. many can't leave they have kids in different schools and have jobs to go to. pete: if you care so much about disparity and educational outcomes which the left says they care about all the time then you would be more committed in the vulnerable community to
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getting teachers back so the kids don't fall behind. instead the parent who can send their kids to parochial schools they are doing that everyone else is stuck left behind. inequalities grow. brian: that's happening. the numbers are lowest in any state california is actually the lowest and still doing what they're doing. 16 minutes after the hour. ainsley: i was going to say that you stole my line. brian: can you take it from here. ainsley: hey, jillian how was your weekend. jillian: it was good. let's begin with a fox news alert. at this moment an urgent manhunt underway in texas for shooting suspect. stephen broaddrick will armed and dangerous. accused of shooting and killing three people at austin apartment complex. police believe it was a domestic dispute and broaddrick moo knew the victims. is he a former detective at the travis county sheriff's office. police are urging the public to remain vigilant as he remains on the run. we will keep you updated with
3:17 am
any new developments. meantime the man charged with trying to push an asian undercover cop on to a new york city subway track back on the streets. ricardo hernandez was released without bail as he faces three hate crime charges. the deranged suspect is accused of yelling, quote, that's why you people are getting beat up. i have got nothing to lose. the judge claimed his hands are tied due to bail reform measures. kroger shuts down two grocery stores in southern california over hero pay. the ordnance was passed in long beach earlier this year and requires workers to pay an extra $4 an hour during the pandemic. workers who have a higher risk of getting covid-19 deserved higher wages. kroger says the two stores were underperforming and that the ordinance made impossible to keep open. up, up and away. nasa controlled the flight on the red planet with the ingenuity helicopter. the first flight was a 30 second
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spin up. mars perseverance rover. the small aircraft equipped with computers, navigation, censors and cameras. that is a look at your headlines. send it back to you. brian: that is nothing short of amazing. fantastic. '. ainsley: thank you so much, jillian. don't blame her for doing a bad job. chicago's mayor lori lightfoot says rumors that she is resigning are racist. plus the city of nashville lighting up as country music stars taking center stage at the academy of country music awards. here is thomas rhett performing last night ♪ everybody got a small town anthem ♪ everybody got a story to tell ♪ everybody got
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♪ brian: all right. we're back about a fox news alert. a 7-year-old girl with was killed in chicago after she was shot in the head at a mcdonald's drive. there. ainsley: she is so adorable. her name is jazlynd adams and she was sitting in the car with her father who was hurt in the shooting. pete: ashley strohmier joins us live with more on the investigation. >> this happened after 4:00 p.m. yesterday as mcdonald's. video from the scene showing a car riddled with bullet holes. police have made no arrest and say the shooting might have been gang-related. jazmine was hit multiple times and pronounced dead at the hospital. her father is in serious condition after being hit in the torso. jazlynd's aunt says she was a beautiful and sweet little girl. >> please put the guns down. our kids want to play. my kid can't even go out the door. >> mary lori lightfoot said i'm heart-broken and angered that a 7-year-old child was killed this
3:24 am
afternoon on chicago's west side. this unthinkable act of violence has no place here. the epidemic of gun violence cutting our children's lives short cannot go on. hours later just two miles away two people shot at popeye's drive-thru. one victim is in critical condition. the other is in serious condition. police are investigating whether the shootings are connected. the other death was an 18-year-old was killed after someone went into his business and opened fire. shootings on the rise in chicago with 22 people shot this past weekend alone and then more than 860 people killed this year. back to you guys. brian: that's unbelievable and the year is just getting started. evidently on social media there was a big push that mayor lightfoot was going to resign. ainsley: saturday and sunday. brian: then word is she came back pretty strong on that. ainsley: people are starting this rumors that she was going to resign after that 13-year-old
3:25 am
was shot in the alley. she is saying it's not true at all. and last summer, she -- there were rumors that she bought this huge mansion in this posh north side neighborhood called sag ann arbor in chicago. so she tweeted this out good morning from my mansion. seriously though our city doesn't have time for homophobic, racist, or misogynistic rumors today or any day. she says it's shocking she said it's false she is not resigning. pete: ashley mentioned 22 shot otherth weekend. a quick check of the "chicago sun times." 25 shot. three dead last weekend. two weekends ago, one killed, 23 hurt. three weekends, 4 killed, 32 hurt. and a month ago 4 killed, 1 wounded. so on a weekend basis you have carnage and violence out of control. you have businesses in chicago that have struggled because of
3:26 am
long-term shutdowns there that the mayor has imposed and, yet, if you criticize lori lightfoot, she points back at you and says you must be homophobic, racist or misogynist. it's about her gender, sexual orientation and her race, that's why you don't like her, not the fact that on her watch the city is becoming more unlivable place and not to mention kids who have not been in the classroom or able to go back to the classroom as quickly as other places, you add it up all not good leadership. ainsley: that city needs to be cleaned up. so sad. we report on these stories all the time that little girl is at mcdonald's. how many times did you go there as a child and she is killed at the mcdonald's. brian: and the dad hit. if you haven't noticed we have major challenges in chicago we need to address together. the nonsense apparently have the luxury of indulging in not feel -- and not feel one person stop the pandemic or house anyone living on the street. in other words, if you are not going to help, don't criticize
3:27 am
her. what's amazing to me in the big picture whether you have a number of 860 killed this year, 22 shot over the weekend, people focus on controversial incidents in other cities and they protest nonstop. there doesn't seem to be any protest with these other lives as if they don't matter. those incidents don't matter. it's the police's fault in those other incidents that are being debated right now in courtrooms. pete: how much of that 100 million that's been donated to black lives matter has been utilized in chicago neighborhoods to try to ensure. brian: did you see the story over the weekend that breonna taylor said louisville intlearts a total fraud. they raise money on my daughter's name. they couldn't recognize me in a line i have been to events not one person walked up to me. when she tweets that out and puts that out. they take it -- facebook takes it down. breonna taylor's mother's facebook post is taken down because she criticizes people assume black lives matter. think about that. pete: wow. ainsley: last week they took down the black lives matter
3:28 am
story last week. brian: yeah that was outrageous. ainsley: the head of it bought all these houses. steve: you can't speak ill of the marxist if you do they shut you down. brian: amazing. pete: the academy of country music awards spotlighting the best in the business. we have got the most memorable moments and miranda lambert on stage surprise here she is performing maggie's song with chris stapleton. ♪ run, maggie, run ♪ with the heart of a rebel child ♪ oh, run, maggie run ♪
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jillian: good morning, we are back with headlines now. overnight a vigil is head for the victims of the fedex facility shooting in indianapolis. the community mourning the 8 lives lost and showing support for those left critically injured in the shooting. police say the shooter 19-year-old bran will legally purchased julys and used both in last week's shooting. ' the fbi interviewed the teen and seized the shotgun after his mother called police saying her son might commit, quote, suicide by cop. two men killed in fiery tesla crash in houston. look at this video. police say both men were in the car but neither were driving it when it crashed into a tree. investigators say their they're
3:33 am
quote, very confident that no one was in the driver's seat based on where the bodies were found inside the car. witnesses say the men were talking about the car's auto pilot feature before they took it for a drive. and it looks like matthew mcconaughey may have a good shot at becoming the texas governor. the actor has only hinted at entering the 2022 race. if he did throw his hat into the ring a new poll shows he has a 12-point lead over republican incumbent greg abbott. 45% of registered voter would pick mcconaughey as governor while 33 percent said they would vote for abbott. a rod seems to be taking breakup with jlo well. joins tiktok for a boys night. >> final step the face mask. >> come on. >> no. >> a rod is heard in the video
3:34 am
quick skin care routine. the former yankees player announced their split last week after dating four years and being engaged. i don't know. ainsley: i feel sorry for her now. she is like moving on and having fun. jillian: two sides to every story. brian: whole world. ainsley: i loved them together. if. jillian: they were a cute couple. ainsley: thank you so much, jillian. let's continue with entertainment. country music's biggest night of the year making triumphant return to normalcy with in person nominees and masked audience in nashville. carley shimkus joins us with the highlights. carley: good morning, ainsley. so much negative stuff happening but this was a fun, positive event that took place last night hosted by keith urban and nikki the 56th annual acm took place in nashville second straight year there was a pretty small
3:35 am
but live, in-person studio audience filled with fully vaccinated healthcare workers. so many incredible performances. very short. nonpolitical acceptance speeches and for the biggest winner of the night that was luke bryan. he took home entertainer of the year. and he actually gave his acceptance speech remotely after recently recovering from covid-19. take a listen. >> what a challenging year but to all the fans and everybody, we will be back out on the road doing what we love and what an amazing honor. i love you guys. carley: ainsley, our friend of the show lee brice and carly pearce have a reason to be happy as well they won for single of the year for their song i hope you're happy now. so congratulations to them as well. carley pears looks very shocked. they shouldn'table that song is
3:36 am
great. ainsley: a blessing to have voice like that. carley: such an incredible moment. i had a feel you would like this moment. two people like them have no business to be as powerfully talented and beautiful. we got tyke a listen to their performance of several gospel songs last night. take a listen. ♪ the old rugged cross ♪ till my trophies at last i lay down carley: that was definitely unforgettable moment. you know, ainsley, fewer people than ever before are going to church right now. so, carrie underwood has a new gospel album called my savior. maybe people will listen to that album and be inspired to go to church. ainsley: i will download it as soon as we have the next commercial break. we all need that right now we are craving it.
3:37 am
carley: couldn't agree with it more. ainsley: chris stapleton was supposed to sing with his wife. >> morgan stapleton helps people have babies. she got a call from her sister last minute who is pregnant. she said something is happening. morgan stapleton left the awards show and miranda lambert stepped in at the very last second. take a listen. ♪ run, maggie run ♪ with the heart of a rebel child ♪ oh, run, maggie run ♪ be just as free as you are. ♪ carley: thank god miranda lambert had an outfit on hand. that worked. ainsley: and knew the lyrics. carley: chris stapleton says i think my sister-in-law is in labor right now. she may be on the way to the hospital. i'm not sure. so my wife was kind of on baby watch. if she did have the baby,
3:38 am
congratulations to them. buff she is clearly a very dedicated d. la. ainsley: acm or my sister? carley: family comes first. it was a fun night. ainsley: i was so glad to have music back and glad it is in person. thanks for coming on this morning. carley: thank you. ainsley: congresswoman maxine waters inciting violence while protesting in minnesota as shootings spike in her own home district. the man who challenged the democrat for her seat is going to join us next. plus, a fight for florida's 21st congressional district. >> since when did it become cool to hate your country in the united states of america? big tech, big government, and big business are uniting to teach our kids to hate our country. ainsley: how this son of immigrants is putting america first in his bid to serve congress. ♪ ♪
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get a 1 series tractor starting at $99 per month. ♪ >> we are looking for a guilty verdict. if nothing does not happen then we know that we have got to fight for justice. we have got get more active. we have got to get more confrontational. we have got make sure that they know that we mean business. brian: there she is helping the people of los angeles and minnesota. congressman maxine waters inciting and joining protesters in brooklyn center, minnesota. that happened saturday. breaking the overnight curfew she doesn't seem to care. in her own district shootings have helped triple district. 100 percent in the southeast. 150%. u.s. navy veteran maxine collins ran against maxine swawrts as a
3:44 am
republican for california's 43rd district last year joins us now. joe, you always wanted this job. you wouldn't have been there, i imagine, if you got the job. but what's your message as you try take her out politically again? after that? >> the message is this: maxine waters is a complete disgrace to the united states and to south l.a. i will tell you this. i took my team to minneapolis after mr. floyd was killed and we led one of the most peaceful demonstrations that the city i have ever seen and left the city in peace. the united states constitution is absolutely clear on issues for elected officials getting involved in rallies like this considered insurrection: couple with usc 2383 as well as 2384, it is specific. now we have to call on congress to do their job. it's time to remove maxine waters from office.
3:45 am
she is very dangerous in her actions and rhetoric is absolutely irresponsible. brian: she doesn't even live in the district you pointed that out in one of your walking ads when you were running against her in 2020. here she is trying to explain her actions on msnbc because people obviously had a huge problem with her calling for more violence. we have to give support to our young people who are struggling and trying to make the justice system work for everybody. they see their piers being killed. minneapolis in s. a great example of what is wrong with the criminal justice system. what's wrong with policing. i wanted to be there, kind of as auntie maxine, to show them that not only do i love them and i support them but they can count on me to be with them at this terrible time in all of our lives. brian: so she was there as auntie maxy. do you feel better, joe?
3:46 am
>> not a bit. i don't know whose auntie she is. she certainly isn't mine. i remember grows up when no justice, no peace, maxine waters incited a violence that destroyed south l.a. and we are still recovering from it meanwhile she gets to escape to her mansion you know over on the other side of los angeles. and this is not the type of leadership that the united states needs right now which is why we are restarting our campaign to run against her in 20022. brian: he all right. we will see. not easy for republicans to make inroads there joe, you have the type of background that can do it. joe collins, thanks so much. >> thank you for having me. brian: 14 minutes before the top of the hour. janice dean is poised to give us the weather as we get closer and closer to what some people are calling spring. >> brian, unfortunately, we have got a lot of winter happening across the country this week. it's going to feel below average for many. so take a look at the current temperatures. in some cases we could see record lows are feel record lows
3:47 am
tuesday and wednesday. we have freeze advisories in effect for close to a dozen states. and that is setting the stage for measurable snow from the rockies through the central plains through the ohio valley the midwest, even the northeast later this week. so that's going to be a big deal. more temperatures and weather conditions reminiscent of march than april. so there's your forecast wind chill as we go through the next tuesday and wednesday. and then as we get into thursday and friday we have the potential for measurable snow across portions of the ohio valley including kentucky in toward the northeast. so that's something we will have to watch over the next couple of days. left of center want to make mention that florida is not experiencing the snow but we are going to see the potential for heavy rainfall and flash flooding. upwards of five ingetion plus this week for central florida. so we will be keeping an eye on the sunshine state. there is your forecast today. so the bottom line is below average temperatures, we are going to see snow in a lot of these states this week and,
3:48 am
well, it's warm across phoenix so, there is the silver lining across the southwest. pete, ainsley, and brian, back to you. brian: thank you very much, janice. if. pete: while she was giving the weather brian discovered cold brew coffee did i not know it existed until the last couple weeks. ainsley: brian, there is this thing called iphone they're awesome. brian: trying to stay up with the kids. made a coffee you never wanted to be hot. ainsley: iced coffee. it's delicious. pete: thinking about doing making the switch. brian: more than 10 years cold brew? [laughter] pete: we will find out. coming up, a son of haitian immigrants is vying for a seat on capitol hill. his america first platform when we come back. ♪ ♪
3:49 am
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3:52 am
to you. >> as the son of haitian immigrants he understands the meaning of american dream as a nea veteran he knows the value of service. now my jennings guest want to bring his experience to
3:53 am
washington, d.c. representing florida's 21st congressional district. >> sips when did it become cool to hate your country and the united states of america? big tech, big government and big business are europe nighing to teach our kids to hate our country. pete: that congressional candidate rod joins me now. congratulations for jumping in and thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. pete: absolutely. let me ask that question that you just asked since when did it become cool to hate your country and what can we do about it? >> well, yeah, that's the question we all must ask ourselves and that's why i'm running for congress, really it's to stop joe biden, the radical left from destroying our country. you know, we have far left democrats in congress actively taking away the american dream from the next generation. as you already know my parents are haitian immigrants they came here from a country that provides little to know economic opportunity for their people. it's here that they were able to achieve their own american dream and able to start up their own
3:54 am
small business and raise four children all while doing it i believe the american dream is worth fighting for. to another point you have fleerdz washington jeopardizing our national and economic security and putting americans last. and so, standing up for america is nothing new to me. i served in the trump administration to fight and hold accountable china for their actions. i have fought overseas in three tours with the united states navy to ensure that america is protected and to defend our allies. you know so i know that our national security is something worth fighting for most importantly we have big tech and big government and big business working to censor political thought, political opinion and to take away cill liberty and so working in the civil right division of the department of justice we saw this battle unfolding i understand what it means to uphold the first amendment. i believe free speech is worth fighting for.
3:55 am
our last hope to save our country is to take back the house in 2022 and to hold the radical democrat in congress accountable for their actions. >> absolutely. >> i'm a veteran. i have served my country. i know how to fight. i'm not afraid -- i'm not afraid to say i'm a republican. so i'm ready to fight tore america and florida and the next generation. pete: better get inside those classrooms, too. they are teaching our kidder single day actively that america is appear evil place. i want to get to immigration because as you mentioned you are the son of haitian immigrants, when it comes to the border joe biden accidentally that it's a crisis. what should be done there? >> well, the immigration issue right now is definitely in dire need of help, you know, we see it as a crisis, you know, mainly a humanitarian crisis. i believe that the administration need to address that. they need the leaders to step forward and as a candidate
3:56 am
that's what i'm going to do. you know what it means to be a leader and stand up and defend our country and protect america's interest. that's what we need to see from the next administration or this administration. pete: rod dorilas thank you. >> ask you to go to rod pete: absolutely. we reached out to representative franco's office who is going to be his opponent for comment but did not hear back. coming up, republicans are calling to strip congresswoman maxine waters of her committee assignments after telling black lives matter protesters to be more confrontational. newt gingrich joins us live at the top of the hour. plus, mission to mars update coming in after nasa flies a helicopter on the red planet ♪ ♪ that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way
3:57 am
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the personal loan let us renovate our single family house into a multi-unit home. ♪ and i get to live in this beautiful house, with this beautiful kitchen, and it's all thanks to sofi. ♪ [chanting] ainsley: cities across the u.s. are bracing for more unrest. pete: national guard activated in minnesota. >> maxine waters appears to incite protesters. >> you have to get more confrontational. >> time to remove maxine waters from congress she is very dangerous in her rhetoric absolutely irresponse cybil. >> trying to genuine flect wokeness. trying to tie themselves in not trying to apiece the extreme left. >> alex steals one in richmond.
4:01 am
>> wow. i can't believe we just did that oh my god. >> acm single of the year goes to "i hope you are happy now" carley pearce and luke bryan >> stright a fox news alert. cities across the united states are bracing for violence as we await the verdict in derek chauvin's murder trial. pete: the decision could come as soon as this week. brian: no one has to deltha to steve harrigan he is live in minneapolis where things have already taken a violent turn day after day, steve, right? >> brian, it got a lot worse on sunday. the violence really ratcheted up significantly that's because national guard. fired windshield of humvee two. members of the national guard slightly injured that drive by shooting. there is 300 members of the national guard here in minneapolis trying to keep the
4:02 am
police in anticipation of violence after a verdict. they have also fenced off police stations, keep in mind last year after the death of george floyd one police station was burned down, $130 million worth of damage in the rioting that followed. we're going to see closing arguments this morning. the prosecution will try and prove that derek chauvin deliberately killed george floyd placing his knee on his back for more than nine minutes cutting off his breathing. the defense will try to make the case that floyd resisted arrest and he had fentanyl in his system and that he had a weak heart. the jury will herein destructions from the judge and then the question we are seeing a range of charges, anything from second degree murder, third degree murder or second degree manslaughter. the penalty could be four years to 40 years, 12 jurors, six white, six black or multiracial. they will be sequestered immediately after the judge's instructions. brian, pete, ainsley, back to you. brian: oh my goodness, when is this going to end? steve, thank you so much.
4:03 am
you have to whop der does anything change on the verdict because now the jury gets the case and the jury gets the case it's going to deliberate. i don't know one or two days and when it comes out is there any verdict that's going to be good enough? pete: the amount of pressure including one of the witnesses who testified for the defense had a pig head thrown on his property. the level of scrutiny and intimidation, a mob threat on those jurors you hope they can block it out and make the best possible. ainsley: maxine waters went to minnesota. she left california and went out there to protest she was interviewed let's talk about that. good morning to you, mr. speaker. >> good morning. >> good morning, yeah. she was in the crowd and she was interviewed. it was after curfew. she violated curfew. and she was interviewed about the chauvin trial. listen to what she said. >> i would like to see the bill in congress passed of police reform but i know that the right
4:04 am
wing, the racists opposed to it. and i don't know what's going to happen to it. oh, no, not manslaughter. guilty for verdict. job whether it's first degree. as far as i'm concerned it's first degree murder. we have got stay on the streets and we have got get more active and we are have got to get more confrontational. you have got make sure that they know that we mean business. ainsley: she said stay on the streets. get more active. get more confrontational. what are your thoughts? >> well, first of all, i don't think it's racist for a black small business owner to not want their small business burned down. i think this whole add suffered at this that as a civilization, you either provide safety or you dissolve and we have had both with rashida tlaib who called accomplishing the police and eliminating prisons which is a position of utter insanity and now, of course, you have waters
4:05 am
who has always been on the left but what's happened with every passing -- the more patient we are the more radical they're. so you have over a year of violence in portland, oregon. you have an expectation of violence. why should we expect violence if the criminal justice system works? why should we tolerate violence? why should we tolerate national guardsmen being shot at. we have to rethink our whole approach to make sure we stop people from being violent if necessary by doing the opposite of what rashida tlaib wanted and actually increasing. you cannot have a country which cowers in fear and has radicals wandering around openly encouraging violence. pete: how do you do that when you got mayors take jacob frey in minneapolis who is absentee mayor who wanted to reimagine green spaces when he became mayor and real things happened and he is utter live incapable.
4:06 am
when democrat leadership has shown not only a unwillingness to stand up to the mob but beholden to them black business owner doesn't have his business burned down when the verdict doesn't come the way they want it. >> well, look, i think it's going to require a nationwide movement that says we are going to protect our people. we are going to protect our property. we are not going to tolerate criminals in the street. you know, when somebody is out looting, that's not a protest, that's a criminal. they should be treated as criminals. and the fact that you have a congresswoman who is actively encouraging criminals, and also you have a congresswoman in rasheda tlaib who literally wants to abolish the police and close all the prisons, now, if you think about that for a second, in michigan alone you put several hundred thousand people charged with assault back on the street. i mean, this is a kind -- this is not a radical ideology. this is madness.
4:07 am
it's impossible in the real world. we just have to stand up and say that and we have to run candidates, including place like portland and over time i think we will win, people get tired of being frightened. they get tired of having their building burned down. get tired of being lectured by people who are, frankly, mostly hypocritical politicians. and, you know, you have got to understand if we're not prepared to stand up to the radicals, they will dominate the country. brian: absolutely, mr. speaker. it's toxic not to boil this down to politics but saying defund the police is toxic for democrats. and people like james clyburn do not say that and came out and said no we have got work on the academy. we have got work on recruiting. if they continue down this road, the american people, democrats, republicans, independents, are turned off by that prospect. let's fast forward and talk about another thing that's not going away. although many in the media want it to. that's the chaos at the border. the absolute criminal enterprise
4:08 am
that's taking place with these cartels bringing apart kids and families for money that they used to buy more drugs. so the american people are asked is imation a very big problem, a crisis or what? illegal immigration in june of 2020, 28% of the american people said it's a problem. now here in april, 48%. i don't know where the other 52% are. ainsley: more than covid. brian: look at the pandemic. 58 percent in june it's a problem. at in april 47% it's a problem. guess what, mr. speaker, most of the media have moved on. except for fox, everyone else decided the other issues overall refugees should be coming in here and what the limit should be. they have moved on from the overcrowded facility and the 9-year-olds left alone or the 3-year-olds dropped over the wall it doesn't seem to resonate anymore. >> no. look it resonates with the american people. that's what your poll just told you. you have to assume that almost all the elite media is the active ally of joe biden.
4:09 am
and so, if it's going to hurt biden, they are not going to cover it in fact, if it's going to hurt biden, you are going to have people like twitter and facebook actively censoring and stopping people from communicating. so, this is a perfect example where the fix is in. kamala harris, when she was a candidate said that she was for open borders. then she kind of backed up a little bit. the truth is, nobody in the biden administration is worried about the border. they want them to be as open as possible. they want as many illegal immigrants as possible. you know, when the new york democrats pass a bill that pays $15,000. brian: nuts. >> to illegal immigrants. brian: crazy. >> they're sending a signal to el salvador, guatemala, honduras. how would you like to come up to new york and get 15 grand? gee, i wonder wife they are showing up at the border. brian: prove you don't belong. show up at the desk. i just want to tell you i'm here illegally. i have no i.d. on me and i don't
4:10 am
belong here. thank you, sir for your honesty, here is $15,000. it's insane. >> right. and by the way new york law when you apply for the 15 grand. you are automatically registered as a voter. pete: mr. speaker, if you don't believe in police -- if you don't want as rasheda tlaib pointed out you are exactly right. you don't believe in incarceration. you are don't believe in borders. what does in your view at this moment things are so toll bar rised, what does the left believe in? >> first of all as i said a minute ago, we confuse insanity with a political position. her position in any real world, let's release all the murderers, all the racists and the armed robbers and that's why i have thought frankly that she also ought to lose her committee. because you can't imagine anything more dangerous than to suggest we abolish the police and we close all the prisons? that's what she called for.
4:11 am
ainsley: he ho is going to protect her kids if she needs them. can you finish your thought. >> i was going to say, most folks like that live in secure communities and are protected and they don't experience anything like what they are doing to normal people. ainsley: let's discuss what's happening with these new york city schools. and the woke mentality. so paul is this math teacher at grace church school. you probably heard of this school downtown. he blasted the school for indoctrinating students with the anti-racism ideology. then on april 13th, arrest tuesday, andrew gutman who is a dad, his daughter went to brotherly, which is the number one all girls school in the country very hard to get to over anti-racism obsession. paul rossi the math teacher weighed in on this dad pulling his daughter out. he said it is not easy for parents to up end lives and pull their child out of a school.
4:12 am
administrators and faculty at many schools exploit the high switching cost to leverage and explicitly discriminatory and ideological agenda that is harmful to the chirp in their care. parents have a moral duty to protect their children from psychological abuse and i commend any who choose the harder road and do what is best for their children. what's your reaction to all of this? >> well, that's right. first of all, it's not anti-racism. the most racist things going on in america today are woke instruction teaching white people they should feel it's, dividing up the world basically by race, let's be clear, it's the left which represents the new segregation, the new racism, the new desire to imprint across the whole society a race-based model. and i think it's perfectly legitimate for parents to decide that no matter how expensive it is it isn't worth it if it's going to ruin your child. i think if more people took that position, these schools would
4:13 am
collapse pretty rapidly, what they are teach something pure racist propaganda. brian: right. that parent andrew gutman says i can't tolerate a school that only judges my daughter by the color of her skin and encourages and instructs her to prejudice others by theirs by viewing every aspect of history,er facet of society through the lens of color, race, we are utterly violating the movement for such civil rights leaders believed, fought and died. this father is an investment banker, obviously can afford this school. is pulling his 12-year-old out. hoping his 12-year-old can at least finish this year in june but they are not sure that's going to happen because they might act. paul rossi, the teacher has been suspended. so he doesn't know what his future is going to be like. ainsley: they asked him not to come back. did you hear at dalton school which is a very well known school on the upper east side a co-ed school. the head of that school had to resign because the parents have just said they are fed up with all of this. >> and i think you will see more
4:14 am
and more of that. as parents come to realize how really destructive this cancel culture and this wokism is. it's astonishing that we have moved in 10 or 15 years from trying to eliminate race as a major factor to maximizing race as a major factor. and i think it's very unhealthy for the country. and i think we are going to have to fight back and demand that we move back towards dr. king's vision of a genuinely race-free society where you are measured by the content of your character and knot the color of your skin. those were his words. brian: democrats have worked on the schools for years. republicans have been ignoring it school boards on down, colleges obviously. and now they get the kid from kindergarten up and they are wondering why things are happening like they are happening right now. republicans have got work their way -- start their influencing again on school boards. that might be the most impactful thing they can do. >> look, i think there should be
4:15 am
an effort on a bipartisan basis to get common sense candidates for school boards all over the country. because i think literally having lost control of the schools we lose control of the future of the society. and it's a very grave crisis in terms of whether or not america can survive as the a country individual opportunity not group think racist opportunity. brian: being then down from the inside. pete: school boards, school choice and then the curriculum that even if you are on the dual board and rammed down from the federal level which has happened, too. mr. speaker, across the board democrats are running democrat camps from k through 12. crazy. brian: all right. mr. speaker. thank you. pete: thank you, mr. speaker. >> good to be with you. ainsley: all right. jillian has more head lanes for us. jillian: that's right. three people killed in a wisconsin bar shooting are identified. their friends say they all knew each other, loved ones are mourning their loss. >> they loved everybody. they loved everyone. even if they didn't know you,
4:16 am
they didn't hate anybody. it's sad because our city is falling apart. ainsley: the shooting suspect has been arrested. police have not released his name. he is charged with intentional homicide. the los angeles county sheriff says he has no working relationship with county district attorney george gascon. sheriff alex villanueva tell our that he has had only had one telephone call since he took office. he added the new approach might actually embolden some of the antifa anarchist crowd end quote. nascar driver bowman putting on a show richmond raceway in virginia. check it out. >> final corner of 400 laps alex bowman steals one in richmond. >> wow. >> i can't believe we just did that at richmond. oh my god. >> believe it, buddy. jillian: i was going to say believe it bowman taking the
4:17 am
checkered flag at the toyota owners 400. he too long the lead from denny dennyhamlin 10 laps left. third win of bowman's career and first since last march. back to you. pete: jillian, thank you very much. as happened last hour it has continued during head lines still talking about iced brood cold brewed coffee. brian: cold brewed, never meant to be hot. pete: brian kilmeade just learned about this very recently. brian: couple weeks ago. i might make the switch. i was amazed who came up with this? ainsley: we googled it. pete said brian, it's been around for a long time. have you never heard of cold brew. we googled it. when was cold brew invented? look what google says, 1600s. brian: why didn't people tell me this? meanwhile 1600s means that columbus had to come here no coffee, flight 1 2. pete: that's true. only hot coffee.
4:18 am
brian: stephanie used to work here up until friday she moved over to larry kudlow. she wrote. >> larry, do you remember larry? lawrence jones and larry kudlow. steve: ner heard him called lawrence kudlow. ainsley: is he larry. go on, finish up. brian: turns out millennials love cold brew. so the newest people, the newest young people, newest adults, millennials. have chosen cold brew so it's new to them, too. pete: it's hip. it's new to them, too. brian: the way it's presented i am -- i resentful of the advertising. advertising make it seem like they just invented this. this just in like the mars probe can we now have a probe on mars? we can now fly on mars and we invented cold brew. so it was meant it duped me into thinking it was brand new. ainsley: do you like it.
4:19 am
brian: i kind of like it. i might make the switch. it might happen. pete: when i told you it might be 10 years old it blew your mind. [laughter] brian: let me tell you what's coming up straight ahead a nonprofit that gave millions of dollars to the wuhan lab is getting taxpayer bailouts. a group is exposing the money trail. that's next. first here is gabby barrett performing the good one at last night's academy of country music awards. let's listen. ♪ good one ♪ but he's good all the time ♪ he's one of the good ones ♪ pick something we all like. ok. hold on. what's your buick's wi-fi password? buickenvision2021. oh, you should pick something stronger. that's really predictable. that's a really tight spot. don't worry. i used to hate parallel parking.
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for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. pete: welcome pack, a nonprofit that gave millions of dollars of
4:24 am
grants to the wuhan institute of virology have received two covid bailouts in the last year. ecohealth alliance collecting more than $1.4 million in your money, taxpayer money from payments from may of 2020 and february of this year. watchdog group white coat waste is now urging congress to defund ecohealth and open investigation into covid-19's origins. here to react author of unreported truths about covid-19 and lockdowns alex berenson. alex, thank you so much for being here. how does a group tied to the wuhan lab get taxpayer dollars? >> well, i mean, apparently anybody can get taxpayer dollars from a covid bailout. you know, the rules are incredibly loose as we know and set up almost to encourage, you know, waste and fraud. but, you know, this -- the good thing about this is it's another good excuse or reason to talk about what really happened in
4:25 am
wuhan in 2019. what really happened in that lab at the wuhan institute of virology. and the fact that the w.h.o., you know, investigation was such a white wash that even the biden administration really couldn't tolerate it they said it was more likely that this had come from frozen food, you know, contamination of frozen food packaging somehow than that it had come out of china or chinese lab. and even the biden administration couldn't accept that i will remind everybody we are well over a year out from the initial, you know, emergent of sars cov 2 and nobody has come up with a way that this could have been gone from bat to humans. it hasn't been found in the wild in bat. it hasn't been found in the wild in any other animals, you know, that would be aplausible reservoir: that means every day that goes by the odds that it
4:26 am
was lab accident. i don't say it was intentionally manufactured by the chinese there is no evidence of that. the odds that it's a lab accident increased. would he should be investigating this. we should not let the chinese off the hook on this. not pause of this, who know what is could happen next year or the year after or five years after that. the next sars cov 2, sars cov 3 might be really dangerous or might really destroy the world. pete: not to mention the fact that ecohealth alliance the head of it only american member of that china led w.h.o. team. so, from beginning to end. they have been willing to obfuscate and assist the chinese in the process. i have got to get your take on this as well. dr. anthony fauci was on msnbc yesterday talking about mask-wearing and vaccinations, listen to this. >> does a vaccinated person have to wear a mask? >> when you get vaccinated you are clearly anybody issue inning dramatically your risk of
4:27 am
getting infected. however, what happens, it that you might get infected and get absolutely no symptoms, not know you are infected and then inadvertently go into a situation with vulnerable people and if you don't have a mask, you might inadvertently infect them. pete: he has been on every side of every issue at this time get a vaccine but still wear the mask. >> mask something ludicrous. it's been ludicrous from the beginning unless you are wearing a properly fitted n 95 respirator not clear how much protection they are. wearing one cloth mask, two cloth mask and bandanna and blindfold for fun it doesn't make any difference. okay, that's in very clear -- it was very clear to tony fauci before march of 2020. all the epidemiological evidence from, you know, counties that ha v. mask mandates or countries that have mask mandates suggests that masking by civilians,
4:28 am
ordinary masks make very little difference. we should all be going around with no masks unless we are actually sick and that case the mask is sort of a useful signal, stay away from me, i'm sick that should have been the messaging about this for a year. i don't know what he is talking about with double masking. as for a vaccination, is he actually correct. vaccines will protect, you know, at least partially, you know, somewhere between we don't know what the real numbers are, but, you know, 80%, 90% of healthy people, relatively young people are likely to be -- it's likely to reduce your risk of infection by somewhere between 85 and 90% if you are relatively. he is right about that. he is also right that the vaccines don't provide complete protection and there is this risk of leaky transmission essentially. that is aside from the mask. we shouldn't be wearing masks whether we're vaccinated or not. why he just can't admit that i don't know. pete: i agree with you.
4:29 am
alex berenson, thank you so much. the book is "unreported truths." we appreciate. >> it thank you. pete: officers walking off the job. nearly two dozen officers in one new mexico police department quit following protests. the lack of support leading to the mass exodus next. the mass exodus next. ♪ together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
4:30 am
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♪ jillian: good morning, back now with your headlines, starting with this. a man is facing federal charges for throwing chemicals and molotov cocktail at nypd officers. police pulled the man over for running a red light in brooklyn after throwing the chemicals he drove off but stopped to throw the molotov cocktail. he tried speeding off again but crashed. one officer went to the hospital with blurred vision. western states are preparing for a possible water shortage. man made lakes water that millions of people are expected to shrink to historic lows potentially prompting arizona and nevada to issue mandatory reductions. but water agency officials say they are confident controversy and alternative sources will allow them to withstand cuts if the drought lingers, the academy of country music awards returns to nashville. keith urban hosted the star-studded night but luke
4:34 am
bryan intarch the year. >> we have missed touring and being on the road with everybody that makes me an entertainer. what a challenging year but to all the fans and everybody, we will be back. jillian: after the show brian thanked got for his health after recovering from covid-19 last week. carley pearce single of the year for the hit i hope you are happy now. marion morris and thomas rhett walked away with female and male artist of the year. miranda lambert filled in for crist stapleton's wife for the performance of maggie's song. carley shimkus will join us later with the reason why. quite an interesting reason. brian: i would think so, thanks, jillian. officers under siege. got 17 maybe even 19. one lieutenant and two sergeants from one new mexico police department albuquerque that is all resigning from the millimeter response team in recent days. exodus follows the response to
4:35 am
counter protest earlier this month. did not feel supported. the man who leads that team the head of the albuquerque police organization joins us now. thank you for joining us. i appreciate it do you understand why the 19 have resigned from this unit? >> oh, yes. 100 percent. these officers, this is an extracurricular activity for them. who wants to sign up to be at the sphere of the biggest most volatile political football in the country. they there is a lack of trust with our administration, they were not supported. just a year ago we were on "fox & friends" describing the chaos that happened with our unit stood down as criminals violently took down a statue where one person was shot. so we were chastised for not getting involved then. and now we have an individual that is being removed from this counter protest for doing absolutely nothing wrong. he didn't violate any laws. he was exercising his
4:36 am
constitutional right within the city of albuquerque and we have an sergeant take officer's job gun and badge removed. who wants to live under that type of scrutiny. morale is gone in the albuquerque police department. they don't trust their leaders. they don't trust the city and they are tired being being managed by politics. brian: you know what's amazing as i look around nypd cocktail was thrown in a police officer's face. california capture as homicide suspect firing at motor cycle officer. undercover officer asian in a subway in new york was attacked, was almost pushed on the tracks and subway and he says they feel like their hands are tied. so that's -- what's happening in albuquerque is happening everywhere. don't you get that sense, officer. >> yes, it is. i will tell you what is even more frustrating. we are in a consent decree here in alba quirky. everything in albuquerque is about constitutional policing unless the constitutional
4:37 am
policing doesn't prescribe to the political ideology of whoever is in charge. that's not how officers operate. we are not rubik's cubes. we want to follow the law act it good faith and protect our community. when these communities all over the country to include ours make a target out of their police officers, our community better make really warm and fuzzy fellows with our criminals. because that's what's happening in this country as violent crimes spike out of control. brian: just real quick, is the 19 going to be replaced? >> you know what? i believe what will happen is not going to break down to provide service for our community. this is an extracurricular job. i doubt that they will get anybody to replace these jobs. we're going to have to use field services and traditional dispatch with civil unrest from now on. buff i don't blame these officers at all. who wants to take on that professional liability called, you know, being involved in
4:38 am
these protests that just are never ending. brian: you do it to serve your community. you don't do it to get rich. shaun willoughby, thank you. >> thank you, sir. brian: tad thing is anarchists win. we reached out for comment but did not hear back. coming up, go woke or broke. the new warning from governor ron desantis to companies that bow to the woke mob. ♪ going to tell everyone to lighten up ♪ i'm going to tell them that i ♪ got no one to blame ♪ fewer asthma attacks. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor.
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4:42 am
>> i think corporate america trying to general flex wokeness i think they have gone down a really bad road. they are going to tie themselves in knots trying to please the
4:43 am
extreme left. these businesses, i guess they have the right to do what they want. if you are going to stick your beak into issues that don't directly concern you, then i think elected officials are going to stick their beak into the issues that may not concern them. pete: that was florida governor ron desantis warning companies about consequence these may not like if they continue caving to wokeness. ainsley: rear to react to fox news contributor by ron george. good morning, byron. >> good morning. >> good morning. do you agree with him? to be expected. the interesting thing that ron desantis said that don't directly concern you. corporations in america for many, many years have spent billions of dollars to lobby congress about issues that concern them on energy company, lobbying about energy policy. transportation company lobbying about transportation policy, but what we have now when w. this
4:44 am
whole woke thing corporations completely apart from whatever their area of business in. coca-cola talking about voting rights. all of these companies talking about a particular voting bill that's been passed in georgia. even though there have been voting bills in every state for decades and decades and decades. and somehow they didn't get involved in those. so i think it's very understandable that republicans would say wait a minute, why don't you stick to what you do. do you know what is so encouraging bye bye ron, i want to switch after this. record money raised mcconnell and no corporate support. small dollar dorntion. corporations you are playing a hand. republicans get some power they will remember where you were at the time when they needed you and going to be free to act maybe in america's best interest. meanwhile on another note when it comes to the crisis at the border, it is one that joe biden created and he is not actually being held accountable,
4:45 am
listen to what ari fleischer said last night. >> if you want to become an american, if you want to come to our great country as our mother did, i'm a first generation american. the first thing you have to do is come here legally. if your very first act coming to america's shores is to break the law, there is a real problem. and this is where joe biden has really let everybody down and created this crisis for himself. and it was out of moral repug nancy to the things that donald trump did because of the pressure as byron pointed out from the liberal base they had to undo whatever trump did. now we are all suffering the consequences of it. brian: he has gone catatonic. what's he doing about it? building more tents for more kids. >> that's what's going on. i returned not too long ago from a trip to the border with a number of republican congressman. and the big take away from it is, one, the flow of illegal crossers is increasing and
4:46 am
increasing, and increasing. and the big, big lesson is the united states government's response to that is totally improvised. they are scrambling, it's a juriy rigged system to try to accommodate these thousands and thousands of illegal border crossers, and the reach they are improviding is because joe biden, the president in his first days in office, threw out the system for dealing with them with to replace it. so now i really saw nobody trying to stop the flow or even slow the flow of illegal border crossers they are scram biblical to accommodating them and to house them and keep them healthy. no one seems to be trying to solve the problem. >> it's the no strategy strategy and exactly what they are doing now. watch the wise guys crisis at the border available right now on fox nation. you can sign up, of course, for fox nation to get this plus
4:47 am
exclusive access to other events and content and your favorite personalities like folks like byron york. thank you so much. appreciate it. ainsley: thank you. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. it is :46 on the east coast. coming up a dear friend janice dean has been on a crusade to hold governor cuomo accountable in the death of her in-laws in the new york nursing homes. calling out embattled governor in new op-ed. she is joining us to talk about it coming up next.
4:48 am
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♪ ♪ ainsley: more than a year ago our very own janice dean lost both of her up laws after they developed covid-19 in long-term care facilities in new york. she discusses the tragedy in her new op-ed cuomo, covid, and the appear anniversary of my mother-in-law's death. why this week was so hard. new york lawmakers who were investigating cuomo's nursing home policies and sexual harassment allegations now say they received more than 100 tips on the hotline for their impeachment probe. janice joins us now. good morning, janice. >> hi, ainsley, thanks for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. i read your op-ed you said this week feels like the toughest i have had in a year on the appear anniversary of your mother-in-law's death. you said i fell apart and cried all day. you say it really hit you.
4:52 am
tell us more about it. >> well, thousands of families are going to be remembering their loved ones in the next few weeks as we have had over 5,000 deaths in elder care facilities and i believe it's partly because of the governor's mandates to put covid positive patients in nursing homes for 46 days, reversing that order in may. and our families had no idea there was a march 25th order at all. my mother-in-law, we lost her over a year ago. and i just felt i had to write this, ainsley, because he is getting away with it. he still continues to have closed door press events without reporters on scene ask him the questions we still want answers to. of there are many investigations into this governor. and he continues to lead and it's like seeing your abuser on tv every day and realizing nothing is going to happen. ainsley: yeah. you are right about that. you said i felt like giving up.
4:53 am
he is not going to be punished. you said for those of us who still have to hear him speak it's a constant reminder that our abuser still goes unpunished. you don't think there will be any consequences? >> i'm losing hope. you know, it's been a year now, and many of us have been screaming for accountability and instead our media continues to be complicit. "60 minutes" does a hit piece on ron desantis who tries to save seniors and nothing is ever covered when it comes to this governor's malfeasance. there is going to be a meeting this week in albany about the impeachment process. but i don't believe it. i believe our lawmakers in albany are spineless and they will continue to let him get away with this. it is -- it's excruciating. it's demeaning. it's awful. we have so many of us that want apes and still haven't gotten them yet. there are three questions i want answers. to say why did you put covid-positive patients in the nursing homes?
4:54 am
why didn't you use the facilities that were provided by the government, the comfort ship and all of the makeshift hospitals? and why did you cover it up? and, ainsley, we still don't have the answers to his friends and family covid tests that he was giving to his brother and at least 100 people around them when they weren't allowed to test people coming into nursing homes. there are so many things that this governor deserves to be punished for and we're not seeing any of it. ainsley: he was joking and laughing around with reporters during his last press conference on friday. listen to this, janice. >> how remarkable. [giggles] was this product? maybe i didn't invent google. [giggles] >> but i did invent new york state clean hand sanitizer. janice, what do you think? janice: it's awful. he is only allowing select reporters ask him questions. and all they are doing is asking softball questions when there are many of these on the table that lead, i think, to the
4:55 am
deaths of over 15,000 of our loved ones, when will we get those questions being answered? ainsley: janice, what do you all miss most about them? i know when my grandparents died she missed so much to be able to pick up the phone and just hear her voice? >> my husband, every single day when he drives home from work thinks of his mom because he used to call her on his way home from work. easter was very sad this year because the last thing my mother-in-law asked us to do was put her names on some difficulties for the kids for easter. it's terrible. and we are mourning and we never had funerals or wakes for them. so we continue to grieve and our grief turns to anger when we see this governor continue to get away with this. ainsley: yeah. it's such a double standard, isn't it? janice: it truly is. ainsley: well, please give our love to sean watching -- or seeing him in those pictures
4:56 am
it's so sad. how are your boys dealing with this? >> the best that we can ainsley. this is going to be a tough, you know, few weeks for so many families remembering the year anniversary of their deaths in nursing homes. ainsley: i know. you have been such an advocate and we hear from so many people how great they're because you are a voice for them because their parents are gone and they don't have a voice. so thank you for speaking out. janice: thank you, ainsley, i will continue to do the best i can. ainsley: we can't wait to have you back in the studio janice as you know has been vocal about it. has m.s. and fox has advised her to stay home until she feels healthy enough or safe enough to come back to the city. we love you, janice. thank you so much. more "fox & friends" coming up.
4:57 am
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♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa ♪ ainsley:ties across the united states are bracing for violence as we await the verdict in derek chauvin's murder trial. >> 300 members of the national guard here in anticipation of violence after a verdict. >> outrage pouring in after congresswoman maxine waters appeared to incite protesters. >> you have to be more confrontational. >> radicals who wander around openly are encouraging violence. >> why does a vaccinated person have to wear a mask? >> you might get infected and inadvertent9ly go into a situation with vulnerable people. >> we should all be going around
5:01 am
with no masks unless we're sick. stay away from me, i'm sick. >> race-based indoctrination. >> putting their money where their mouth is, and hopefully this starts to take an effect. >> entertainer of the year goes to luke bryan! [cheers and applause] >> congratulations, luke! brian: all right. here we go, straight to a fox news alert. cities across the u.s. bracing for violence as we await the verdict on the derek chauvin murder trial. ainsley: the decision could come as soon as this week. pete: our own steve harrigan is live in minneapolis where things have already taken, unfortunately, a violet turn. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. shots were fired on members of the national guard, going right through the front wind she would of a national guard hum -- windshield of a national guard humvee. more than 3,000 members here now to try to keep the peace after a
5:02 am
verdict. police stations too are being fenced off. remember last year after the death of george floyd, one police station was burned down. $350 million worth of damage. we expect in the coming hours closing arguments in the trial of former police officer derek chauvin. the prosecution will try to prove that he deliberately killed george floyd by placing his knee on floyd's back for more than nine minutes, all that captured on videotape. the defense will try to say that george floyd was on fentanyl, that he resisted arrest, that he had a weak heart. the penalties range from 4-40 years in jail. the jury made up of 12 has 6 white jurors, 6 black, multiracial jurors. they will be e e sequester immediately, and their verdict has to be unanimous. guys, back to you. brian: of course it's got to be unanimous. reasonable do you want would
5:03 am
change the verdict, it's murder two or murder three they're looking at. keeping it there right in brooklyn center, this is where maxine waters decided to show up. i know what you're saying, isn't she supposed to be in california or in washington? no. she decided she belongs on the streets after the curfew doing something inspirational, and i say that sarcastically. how about confrontational? that's more accurate. listen. >> -- police reform, but i know that the right wing, the racists are opposed to it, and i don't know what's going to happen to us.
5:04 am
brian: so is that responsible, tellinga angry crowd to be more confrontational past curfew? pete: nope. and the way -- how she characterizes her opponents, of course, if you're against the police reform bill she likes, which is defunding the police, you're race. and number two -- racist. and number two, she's talking about the case in brooklyn center where there was a tragedy thetic loss of life based on the officer using a handgun instead of a taser, manslaughtersome no way, it needs to be first-degree murder. in either that case or the derek chauvin case, because neither case is the prosecution -- brian: premeditated murder. pete: east way, you're inciting a group whose expectations will not be met. but, ainsley, she was just there to make everyone -- ainsley: yeah. she was on the shows over the weekend s and she defended herself saying i'm just talking maxine. listen. >> it's a great example of what's wrong with the criminal justice system, what's wrong with policing.
5:05 am
i wanted to be there kind of as auntie maxine to show them that not only do i love them and i support them, but they can count on me to be with them in this terrible time in all of our lives. ainsley: new york post said impeach and remove maxine waters. they said she's pouring fuel on the fire in minnesota and trying to create a civil war. kevin mccarthy is calling on nancy pelosi to act on this dangerous rhetoric. back in 2018 she said when you see someone in trump's cabinet in a restaurant, a county store, a gasoline station, get out and create a crowd, push back on them -- brian: they did. ainsley: -- tell them they aren't welcome. pete: in this particular case, antifa max says the same thing -- maxine says the same thing, is she responsible? ainsley: they're going to get confrontational. newt gingrich weighed in on it. >> as a civilization you either
5:06 am
provide safety, or you dissolve. and we've had both with rashida anesthetic who called for -- talib who called for a abolishing the police and prisons, which is a question of insanity, and maxine waters who has always been on the left are. but what's happened is the more patient we are, the more radical they are. when somebody's out looting, that's not a protest. that's a criminal, and they should be treated as criminals. and the fact you have a congresswoman who's actively encouraging criminals, you cannot have a country which cowers in fear and which has radicals who wander around openly encouraging violence. brian: there are calls for her to be taken off committee assignments, and kevin mccarthy is going to propose a resolution to that. congresswoman taylor green has also put that up, so we'll see. not helping. meanwhile, six minutes after the hour. more problems with police and a judge and criminal justice
5:07 am
reform gone awry. you have a situation where an undercover asian-american police officer was almost pushed on the subway tracks by a multiple offender. this 32-year-old, this guy's name is richard hernandez. and when he gets in front of the judge, you know what the judge says? i ap am sorry, my hands are tied. ainsley: because you don't have to pay bail here. you can just get out of jail, basically, until your trial or until you go in front of a judgment and this judge said i can't do anything about it. he said my hands are tied because under these new bail rules, i have absolutely no authority or power to settle bail on this defendant for this allege old fence. and, brian, your point, 12 prior arrests. he's outside the courtroom smoke a cigarette and saying he didn't want to talk to the reporters -- pete: and boasting. this hernandez boasting, saying that's why you people are getting beat up. i've got nothing to lose. i will, if you up. this is my -- if you -- f you
5:08 am
up. he's back on the streets. i thought we were supposed to stop asian hate. he targets an undercover asian police officer, he can't be held, and the judge is saying i have no choice. apparently, you have to be ininjured. if you're physically injured, then they can set bail. but in this particular case because, thankfully, it didn't lead to injury -- brian: people are going to be shocked when they come back to work in new york. it is the wild west. pete: really is. brian: you're going to realize it's a different city. also a man accused over the weekend of throwing a molotov cocktail and chemicals at the nypd in separate stops. this person's going to be facing federal charges. why not? meanwhile, some other news. the president's going to be interviewed by sean hannity tonight. ainsley: yeah. so sean interviewed him over the weekend. this is his first interview since he left the white house,
5:09 am
and we have a few clips. take a look. >> my question is this, imagine -- well, first of all, your overall take on how dangerous this is. and number two, imagine if you're president and you have, these are trump's cages overflowing with kids in the middle of a pandemic that the, with a high positivity of covid, what do you think the media -- because there's been virtual silence on a lot of the aspects. i would argue if it was a daycare center, you'd be shut down and charged with child abuse. >> they would not stand for it. and they're playing it down as much as they can play it down. it's a horrible situation. could destroy our country. people are pouring in, but you'll see something as the months go by like you've never seen before. already it's like you've never seen before. there's never been anything like what's happened at our border. and people are coming in by the tens of thousands. they're walking in, they -- we had, all he had to do was leave it alone. pete: isn't that the truth.
5:10 am
this is the former president's first on-camera interview since leaving office, wide-ranging sit-down with sean hannity. and one of the big questions on everybody's mind is what is the future of the republican party. well, sean asked about it. here's a quick preview. >> for 2022 we have the house, but then you have -- look at these states -- florida, north carolina, georgia, new hampshire, wisconsin, ohio, arizona. these are the biggest bellwethers for what, and i would argue probably a precursor or preview of coming attractions for 2024. my question is this: is this, should this now be the republican party agenda? should anybody that wants to run for the house or the senate, should they take this make america great agenda and fight for those things that you fought for the four years you were president in. >> if they want to win, yes. we've expanded the republican
5:11 am
party. you've seen it. i mean, the texas border, we have the biggest his panic vote -- hispanic vote since, as the governor said to me, he called me up, great governor, he said since reconstruction. i said you're talking about civil war, right? he said since civil war. if you want to win and win big, you have to do that. you have to do it. ainsley: the full interview will air tonight on "hannity" at 9 p.m. brian: right. and as i mentioned the last hour, not only win big, you have to do it without corporate support, without media support, obviously, or even a balanced report, and they are still raising a ton of money. small donors are actually beating what the corporate donors were doing at a similar point last time for republicans. pete: so usually the republican party gets hundreds of thousands of dollars of political action committee money from businesses. in this indicator the businesses stopped. -- quarter the businesses stopped. they've raised even more money
5:12 am
from small individual donors, from americans who see what the biden administration is doing to our country and believe the republican party is the only place to stand up against it. not to mention, we just talked about immigration, but how about police? no bigger supporter of our law enforcement than donald trump. but what's his take on what's happening there as well, certainly what's happening in minneapolis. ainsley: well, if they continue to push defunding, getting rid of copsal together, if they keep raising taxes, if this illegal immigration situation is not fixed, it's going to be -- republicans are going to come back in full force in a year and a half. brian: yep. they have more seats open to win than democrats. senate's going to be harder, but the house is right there for the taking. five as well as all the statement houses they took with the redistricting that's going to take place and with the issues and history on their side, they could be retiring nancy pelosi in less two years. -- less than two years.
5:13 am
pete: the president potentially being reinstated on facebook, and is he looking to create his own platform which have been rumors about. check out "ing hannity" tonight. ainsley: do you think he'll run again? pete: who knows? it's his nomination to have. nikki haley's even said, if he runs, i'm not running. does he want to? maybe sean will ask that tonight. ainsley: all right, jillian has some headlines for us. jillian: good morning. a 7-year-old girl was shot in the head at a mcdonald's thrive-thru -- drive-thru in chicago. >> please put the guns down. kids want to play. jillian: jocelyn adams was sitting in a car with her father when the shooting happen. he was shot multiple times -- she was not multiple times. hours later, two people were shot at a popeye's drive-thru.
5:14 am
a veteran prosecutor who said adam toledo had a gun in his hand when he was shot by a chicago police officer is put on administrative leave. cook county state's attorney kim fox's office saying the prosecutor, go quote, failed to fully present the facts surrounding the death of a 13-year-old boy. the attorney's account failed to specifically mention toledo had dropped his weapon less than a second before he was shot. this just in, josh hawley plans to introduce a bill to bust out big tech. it will target mass companies like amazon and google. the measure includes banning companies from simultaneously running an online marketplace ad and selling items on the same marketplace. for example, ban amazon from selling amazon-branded products on amazon marketplace. hawley says he is open to working with democrats. mission complete. just this morning nasa making
5:15 am
history with its first controlled flight on another plant. the ingenuity helicopter successfully flying on mars. the helicopter rode to the red planet attached to the perseverance rover. the aircraft is equipped with computers, navigation sensors and cameras. back to you. brian: i'm, i cannot believe this. that we're going to be flying a probe over mars. pete: how did we get a camera watching -- that's an artist rendering. i know -- [laughter] can you imagine the camera on the drone? that's a recreation. brian: it's a recreation. but i think the camera will be on the drone. pete: correct. ainsley: thank you, jillian. brian: meanwhile, coming up, elite new york city schools facing backlash are after shifting to a woke curriculum. the latest battle in the war against ideology in the
5:16 am
classroom. plus, on the heels of the 56th acm awards, i've chosen john rich to come and tell us finish. ainsley: good job, brian. brian: thank you. you owe me a favor. pete, you can interview him. ♪ ♪
5:17 am
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
5:20 am
♪♪ brian: all right. elite new york city schools facing backlash over a political agenda as a fed-up dad wrote a scathing letter to the school which is now public: i cannot tolerate a school that not only judges my daughter by the color of her skin, but encourages her and instructs her to prejudice others by theirs, by viewing every element of education, efforts aspect of history, every
5:21 am
facet of society through the lens are of skin color and race. we are utterly violating the movement for which civil rights leaders believed, fought and died. and now the private school faces fury over the headmaster. here now, carol markowitz. this letter really resonated with the american people, i thought. it was just boomeranging around the country. why? >> right. i think it's finally somebody has spoken up, put their name to the argument that racist education in our schools should not be tolerated. the thing is that these parents in private schools actually have the situation to speak up. they have their money there that they can pull from the school if the schools don't do what they want. so we have this situation where these private school parents really have a great opportunity to speak up for everybody. i'd like to see this move to
5:22 am
public schools where our tax dollars are spent on this particular space in education. brian: you've got to go to school in your area if you can't afford private school. so this guy, andrew gutman, he's a very successful investment banker, he's going to pull his 12-year-old out. he hopes she can finish the rest of the year. our students noted that -- okay, this is the school's response to gutman. our students noted that as this letter which denies the presence of systematic racism, the evidence of ongoing racism systematic or otherwise is daily present in our head headlines x. they basically go on, if i can characterize it this way, i'm sorry about this crazy parent. i know it upset you. we're going to handle that. >> so i would like to see other parents stick up for mr. gutman, say us too. we also think that what you're doing is crazy, what you're doing is as racist, and what you're doing is harming our kids. again, i think these parents really have a great opportunity.
5:23 am
these schools need that. they can absolutely speak up on behalf of their kids. and i think they should absolutely back him up and, you know, grow a spine, speak up. brian: yeah. if you have $54,000 to send your kid to high school, you probably -- or junior high school in this case -- you probably have some power to do something to put them in a different school or certainly get them out of new york. meanwhile, there's another story out about teachers, and it's in "insider" magazine, and they claimed this group of teachers in a tweet, teachers who have borne the brunt of the pandemic describe the toll distance learning has taken on them. five teachers shared their experiences, some of whom have left or are considering leaving the profession. now, i think teachers in some cases have done an extraordinary job. some who attend, some try to teach their class while till out. would you say they're the tip of the spear? >> no, i wouldn't. my best friend is a teacher, i have had amazing teachers for my
5:24 am
kids, i really respect the profession, but, look, a lot of us have had a difficult year. doctors, nurses, all the small business owners. it's been a widespread year of pain. and teachers wouldn't be at the top of my list. plus, i think you can blame the teachers' unions for setting up this ridiculous remote learning. they should have had kids go back to school, and that's it. i'm sure the teachers are stretched thin by the absurd remote learning regulations by their unions. blame the unions. brian: carol, also i saw one person tweeted in response, as someone who had to work in the icu in march when we didn't even know the mortality rate, staying home most of the year is pretty inventive. obviously, there's a counterpoint. carol, you always write about it. appreciate it, as a mom and columnist in new york city. >> thank you so much. brian: you got it. meanwhile, straight ahead, heartbreaking footage shows a migrant child abandoned at the border.
5:25 am
the patrol agent act who shared the video joins us next with the crisis that he's seen firsthand. pets are family and we know it. so rely on the experts at 1800petmeds for the exact same medications as the vet,
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here's exciting news for veteran homeowners who need cash. and our 100% guarantee. refiplus from newday usa. with mortgage rates low and home values high refiplus can help you lower your rate plus turn your home equity into an average of $50,000. money for security today. money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus from newday usa. ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. right now an urgent manhunt is underway in texas for a deadly shooting suspect.
5:29 am
steven broderick is suspected to be armed and dangerous, he's accused of shooting and killing three people at an austin apartment complex. police believe it was a domestic dispute and that broderick knew the victims. he is a former detective at the travis county sheriff's office. police are urging the public to remain vigilant as he remains on the run. 17 officers, 1 lieutenant and 2 sergeants from the albuquerque police department all resigning from the emergency response team in recent days. the man who leads that team joined us saying the officers don't feel supported, and this mass exodus follows the team's response to a counterprotest earlier this month. australia and new zealand reopened their borders but only to each other. the two countries starting a travel bubble that allows quarantine-free travel for the first time in over a year. people are already taking advantage of the new rules with air new zealand quadrupling its flights for today. visitors from other countries must still quarantine in a hotel
5:30 am
for two weeks on their own expense. fans rally in support of britney spears as the singer addresses the public concern for her among the free britney movement. >> i'm extremely happy. i have a beautiful home, beautiful children. i'm taking a break right now because i'm enjoying myself. jillian: spears speaking out after her conservatorship gained national attention. her father and her attorney control the 39-year-old's finances. those are your headlines. ainsley: thank you, jillian. a heart-wrenching new video captures the moment border patrol agents discover a terrified migrant child abandoned and alone. [speaking spanish]
5:31 am
ainsley: chief patrol agent for the rio grande valley sector, brian hastings, shared that video, and he joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. tell us what was happening there. >> so, unfortunately, the event that you saw has become all too often, happening all too often here on our border. we encountered this young child, his name is christian, 10 years old, with no one. he had been left behind by callous smugglers who left him there because he simply could not keep up with the rest of the group that he was traveling with. he wasn't traveling fast enough, so he was left behind. ainsley: my gosh. we saw the video a few weeks ago of the two little girls, the sisters, who were dropped over the border wall. we saw that other little boy, i guess it was last week, who was crying saying he had been left behind, and he was lost. we also saw the little girl or the little child that was drop down to her dad at the border. we keep seeing these, and as you said, you keep seeing it too.
5:32 am
how do we fix this problem? >> well, i mean, first and foremost, as you see in these videos, smugglers do not care about people. they certainly don't care about the kids. they're treating kids and people as a commodity, and it's sad because they're making promises to families that they'll care for these children when time and time again see this oz a daily basis down here. we're seeing kids that are very young left on the border with home numbers written on their clothes or with a card that has contact information for their parents left to fend for themselves in certain areas. we've even seen kids kicked out of rafts on the rio grande river so the smeller could get away -- smuggler could get away. so very sad, very tragic. the smugglers simply do not care about human life. ainsley: more than 22,000 my grant children in custody.
5:33 am
47,642 this past march, that's up 163% over march of the year before. this morning i was reading an article about a mom, she's a housekeeper here in america. her daughter, she had to pay $8,000 to get her tower to come over throughing -- her daughter to come over through smuggling, and then she had to get a lawyer. she lost track of her child. she wasn't getting phone calls from her daughter anymore, and she was scared to death and didn't know what had happened to her daughter. she gets a call, her daughter had covid and was put in the hospital. what happens in your experience, what happens when these children go to these facilities? >> well, certainly, i mean, these children should not be in our facilities for more than 72 hours by law. we have seen over 26,000 kids cross through illegally through, between the ports of entry here in the rio grande sector alone so far this fiscal year. and in a border patrol facility, although we provide all amenities and take the best care of these kids that we can, in a
5:34 am
border patrol facility it's certainly not the place to be. we try to turn these kids over to health and homeland services as quick as we can, hhs helps refugee resettlement as quickly as possible so they can provide all the amenities that the kids need to be cared for. so our goal is to process them as quickly as possible, care for them, make sure that they're medically fit and do everything we can, but certainly border patrol facilities are not facilities that were designed to house kids for a long period of time. ainsley: i know. heartbreaking when you see these images. thank you so much for your hard work, agent hastings. we appreciate you coming on. >> thank you very much. ainsley: a suspect accused of attacking a new york cop set free. the judge says his hands were tied. dan bongino 's going to react to that coming up next. fewer asthms with nucala. a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma.
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♪♪ >> for 2022 we have the house, but then you have -- look at these states -- florida, north carolina, georgia, new hampshire, wisconsin, ohio, arizona. these are the biggest bellwethers for what, and i would argue probably a precursor or preview of coming attractions for 2024. my question is this is this: is, should this now be the republican party agenda? should anybody that wants to run for the house or the senate, should they take this make america great agenda and fight for those things that you fought for the four years you were presidentsome. >> if they want to win, yes. we've expanded the republican party. you've seen it. i mean, the texas border, we have the biggest hispanic vote since, as the governor said to me, he called me up, great governor, he said since reconstruction. i said you're talking about civil warring right?
5:40 am
he said since civil war. if you want to win and win big, you have to do that. you have to do it. relationship brian well, that's the interview you're going to see more of tonight and, guess what? dan bongino will be watching and probably on that show tonight with sean hannity. dan, what's your take on what you just heard from the president of the united states? >> well, donald trump had this, you know, unbelievably complex idea. no one in the million dollar political consultant class could come up with it. get ready, guys, this is big. he said if you want to win as a republican, you should probably do republican-y type things. bold, bold. i know that the political consultant class was stunned by this. things like cutting taxes, fighting against planned parenthood and unfetteredded abortion in the country, things like fighting for second amendment rights, getting rid of government are red tape. guys, i know i'm being a little bit sarcastic, but i'm not
5:41 am
kidding i've been involve inside activism and running for office for a long time. i will never forget sitting in a group of prominent republican folks after of the mitt romney disastrous loss where people were saying, people don't care about immigration anymore, it's a total loser. and i sat there, is this really happening? donald trump just figured it out, these things actually matter. ainsley: what are some other issues that will help the gop during midterms? is it illegal immigrant and everything weaver seeing on the border? is it the r cancel culture, high taxes? what are the issues that'll help the gop? >> well, listen, there's the wonky stuff and then there's the big 64,000 feet in the air stuff. and i think the big 64,000 feet in the air stuff, number one, is the big tech, big business symbiosis. it's like that venom character.
5:42 am
crushing civil liberties. listen, we're all free market capitalists, but, guys, it's not free market capitalism if you are working in concept with democrat lawmakers to get free speech crushed. you're just becoming a de facto government yourself. obviously, i was involved in parler, still an investor there. what happened with parler, you had aoc tweeting, hey, it'd be a real shame if they stayed online. and what happened? they bumped people offline. but then you have the wonky stuff. we've got to get ahad of government spending. when did the gop become the party of big spending? the answer is over the past two decades. government debt isn't a good thing if republicans spend money too we don't have. we've got to get our mitts around that, or we're going to be in real trouble. pete: absolutely. the remainedder of that interview you can watch tonight
5:43 am
at 9 p.m. on sean hannity's show, fox news, don't miss it. the first on-camera interview since leaving the white house. we've got to get your take on another topic, dan. here in new york city there was an undercover asian-american cop who was pushed onto the subway tracks by a multiple offender criminal named ricardo hernandez. ultimately, the judge in that case, the queens judge, said my hands are tie because under the new bail rules i have absolutely no power or authority to set bail on this defendant or his alleged offense. so this guy walked straight out, he's back on the streets, and he said that's why you people are getting beat up. i've got nothing to lose, i will f you up, this is my house. the criminals feel like in new york city this is their house, and the judge says i can't do anything about it. >> well, it is their house. it is. if you had to put together a little dandy pamphlet and the cover said how to destroy
5:44 am
civil society in 2 bill de blasio and these liberal mayors and governors around the country are at, like, step 19. maybe there's one more left we considered like the infinity stone from thanos or something like that. think about this, right? if you wanted the make the streets unsafe, if that was your goal to do it, what would you do? you'd make life really easy for the criminals and really hard for the cops. i know there's a lot of that. is any of this hard? let's engage in bail reform which lets people out for relatively no bail at all rather than keeping them in jail so they can commit more crimes. and then lets simultaneously attack the cops and jump to the conclusion that every use of force incident that the cop was a racist, homicidal maniac before any of the facts come out x. then you wonder why crime explodes in your city. it must be amazing to be a liberal to wake up every morning so obtuse to the real world.
5:45 am
that's what happened in new york when i lived there. david dinkins, we had, what, 3,000 homicides in a couple years in new york? it was absurd. and then finally people had enough of it. brian: yep, that's the deal. and listen, dan, it was great for you to join us today. no one argued, got mad at each other. dan in the morning, you're so much calmer. [laughter] >> i can't promise that during prime time. [laughter] brian: thank you very much. good luck on the radio today. ainsley: thanks, dan. okay, janice has our forecast for us. hey, janice. janice: hi, good morning. let's start off with florida where i think dan is at. we have the potential for heavy rainfall, this stalled frontal bound, and along that that -- boundary. we could see upwards of 5 inches over the next couple of days and even the potential for severe storms including large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes.
5:46 am
north of that, let's talk about snow, my friend. it's happening over the rockies, in towards the plains states, across the ohio river valley later this week. we have winter storm watches and warnings in effect. several inches of snow especially across the mountains, and this is going to travel across portions of kansas and missouri, in towards illinois and kentucky this week. that's going to be a huge deal. and then eventually thursday and friday interior sections of the northeast, you're going to get snow too. so colder than average for much of the country with the exception to our friends in florida and the southwest. and, again, we're going to see the potential for that snow over areas from the plains states, back through the rockies, the midwest, ohio valley, eventually the northeast as well. so winter not done yet. don't put away the shovels if you live across any of those areas i just mentioned. all right. pete, ainsley, brian -- brian: i'm going to zip my liner in this afternoon. ainsley: his wife is the one who shovels. brian: right. i'm always at work!
5:47 am
[laughter] pete: i put my shovels away a couple weeks ago. brian: in minnesota you never put it away. pete: that's true. up next, john rich will join us live with his message on the border, but first let's check in with bill hemmer -- [laughter] bill: what are you shoveling? ainsley: the snow. dana: it starts with an s. [laughter] bill: right, right. you're up to speed now. dana, how you doing? dana: i'm great. bill's back after a week. reentry is never easy, but we'll see how it goes. bill: yes, we shall. marc thiessen's coming up, a lot of things going up as we start anew. i'm going to tell you, dana, it's good to be back. dana: yeah? bill: but, i tell you, it's great to be away. the state of florida is alive. florida is america. people are living their lives, and i come back last night, and everyone's walking around new york like they're mummies. nonetheless, we are back, and we shall begin anew.
5:48 am
dana: today he will not talk down new york, everyone. this is turning over a new leaf. we'll see you at 9:00. — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently. hey, i'll take one, please! wait, this isn't a hot-dog stand? no, can't you see the sign? wet. teddy. bears. get ya' wet teddy bears! one-hundred percent wet, guaranteed! or the next one is on me! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum.
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5:52 am
music singer john rich is sounding off on the border. he tweeted this: i just declined a show in cabo. why? if i or anyone in my crew tests positive for covid, it's mandatory quarantine in mexico for ten days. that's the rule for usa citizens. a noncitizen can breach our border, test covid positive and get a bus ride to a new town. welcome to hashtag biden's america. john rich, as you have the ability to do, you break it down. you really did have is a trip planned, potential gig, and you said, nobody, this is a double standard, and it's obvious. >> yeah. it is obvious. and i said, you know, i'm not going to do that. it's not that i have a problem being quarantined if you test covid positive, but the inconsistencies and the contradictions of the way these rules are being applied is undermining the confidence of the american people and the science that it's supposedly behind these decisions. you know, how would fauci square
5:53 am
the science that it's okay for illegal immigrants to come across the border covid positive but not an american citizen? why has he not shut the border down due to covid-positive cases coming across the border, but he'll shut our restaurants and businesses down? beyond that, i was just on a flight yesterday, three and a half hour flight elbow to elbow. the thing was completely sold out, you've got your mask on, the flight attendant saying you can pull it down to take a bite of food, but you've got to pull it back up to chew it. that's however r how far they were going. and when the pilot lands, just a reminder, it's a federal mandate that you practice social distancing when you exit9 the aircraft. now, how are american people showed to be okay with this and go, oh, that makes sense. it makes sense to nobody. i don't know how they expect us to just stay in line as they consistently make inconsistent rules like this. pete: along those lines, and we
5:54 am
can return back to the hashtag biden's america as well, but i think nashville is a good example. you talked about the arbitrary way in which that city has been closed and measures have gone back and fort. there are -- and forth. there are new measures, loosening of restrictions on bars and restaurants in nashville. apparently, the hours were extended to three a.m. closing time, you can seated socially distanced, tables can have up to 5 people indoors, 25 -- 15 people indoors, 25 outdoors. i guess that's an improvement, but ill still feels -- it still feels arbitrary. i mean, are you satisfied? >> i mean, you know, we're glad we can put more people -- pete, you need to come in and hang out. pete: deal. >> have a little redneck whiskey. but that is the point. it's like does covid have an alarm clock, you know? does it turn off at a certain time? the nobody's saying it's not a
5:55 am
dangerous situation, but when they inconsistently apply these rules across the board, it's enough to drive you mad at some point. and truly believe it is. you know, i just heard, you know, them saying, hey, new york they still look like zombies, but down in florida everybody's, you know, back to life. why that? does science back that up? you know, when i saw jim jordan asking fauci how low does it have to go before we get our freedoms back, and he wouldn't answer the question. we're all watching and paying attention. those people on the plane when that pilot said make sure you social distance because it's a federal mandate when you exit the aircraft after we're being told take a bite of food and pull your mask back up, that's pretty silly at this point. pete: yeah. or you watch a 5-year-old be corrected on their mask while they're trying to eat peanuts. none of it makes sense. john rich, we appreciate you joining us. >> yes, sir. thank you. pete: you got it.
5:56 am
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app. the qr code there at the bottom. now it's time for pete to say goodbye. >> goodbye, everybody. wonderful spending three hours with you. >> you're back tomorrow. have a great day, everyone. >> see you on the radio. >> american cities on edge after violent protests erupted over the weekend as the nation braces for a verdict in the derek chauvin murder trial. i'm bill hemmer in new york. >> dana: i'm dana perino. >> bill: go easy on me today. >> dana: you'll do just fine. protests turned violent in several major cities. crowds took to the police over the killing of the 13-year-old and george floyd in minnesota. a former minneapolis police officer


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