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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 19, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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platformso i don't know. steve: thank you for clarify, sorry we're out of time. sorry we're out of time. todd: it is monday, april 19th. this is a fox news alert. armed and dangerous, a manhunt underway for a man accused of killing three people in texas. the desperate search as authorities warn he could the take hostages. jillian: overnight, nearly a dozen protesters arrested in north carolina after anti-police demonstrations turn destructive, this as the national guard is on standby in minnesota as the country prepares for a verdict in the george floyd case. >> welcome to the 56th academy of country music awards, nashville is back. todd: a triumphant return in music city, the big winners for the best in country music and
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speaking of big returns, you ready, mele. jillian: i've been ready for six weeks. todd: "fox & friends first" starts right now. let's go. ♪ guess who's back. ♪ back again. ♪ shady's back. ♪ tell a friend. ♪ guess who's back. jillian: the floor is yours, todd. todd: i've been planning this song, i told the pro duders -- producers, but they've got to cut it off soon because soon the cursing starts. jillian: oh, yeah, cut it. todd: it's awesome to be back with my buddies, you, shimkus, matt, everyone at the show. it was an awesome time. i have an op-ed that will be dropping, it dropped one minute and 33 seconds ago on fox, about my paternity experience. over the six weeks, the child has gotten significantly louder
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because she hangs out with me. jillian: why am i not surprised. todd: not angry, just louder. jillian: welcome back. todd: great to be here. jillian: good morning, let's begin here. you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday, i'm jillian mele. that is todd piro. todd: i am todd piro. we start with this fox news you alert. a manhunt underway for a deadly shooting suspect in texas, steven roderick shot and killed three people in austin. it happened at an apartment complex at what police are calling a domestic dispute. officials would not confirm the suspect knows the victims. police are urging the public to remain voyage lint, -- vigilant, saying he is considered armed and dangerous and police are concerned he could take hostages while he's in hiding. jillian: we're following this story, another top story, a 7-year-old girl is killed after he was shot in the head an a
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mcdonald's drive-through in chicago. >> please put the guns down. our kids want to play. my kids can't even go out the door. jillian: she was sitting in a car with her father when the shots began. she was shot multiple times and declared dead at the hospital. her father was hit in the chest and is in serious condition. two people were shot at a popeye's drive-through. one victim is in serious condition. multiple arrests were made during violent protests in north carolina. todd: ashley strohmier here with the unrest. >> reporter: good morning. raleigh demonstrations were peaceful friday and saturday, things turned violent last night. police declared an unlawful assembly after protesters threw eggs, damaged windows at a clothing store and blocked traffic. in south carolina, an unlawful assembly was declared in
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charleston as protesters faced off against riot police. u.s. cities are prepared for things to get worse as the verdict in the former minneapolis officer derek chauvin's murder trial is expected this week and things are on edge of after vandals tossed what appears to be blood on the former home of a defense witness. a statue at a near by mall was vandalized with blood and a sign reading oink, oink. maxine waters faced backlash for saying protesters should get more you aggressive if chauvin is acquitted. take a listen. >> we've got to march, we've got to fight for justice. we've got to get more active, we have to get more confrontational, we've got to make sure that they know that we mean business. >> reporter: republicans accuse waters of stirring up a riot with house minority leader kevin mccarthy tweeting maxine waters is inciting violence in minneapolis as she has incited
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it in the past. if speaker pelosi doesn't act against this dangerous rhetoric i will bring action this week. marjorie taylor green introduced a resolution to expel waters from congress after shots were fired at national guard troops in minneapolis. waters defended her comments. >> are you trying to incite more violence? >> i'm a nonviolent person. i don't believe in violence. >> reporter: up the road from minneapolis, protests continued for an eighth night in brooklyn center with a noticeably smaller crowd. back to you guys. todd: president biden finally admits the migrant surge at the border is a crisis as the administration gives mixed messages over a refugee admissions cap. jillian: doug luzader joins us with more, as newly released video shows a 10-year-old child lost at the border. >> reporter: we've seen so many videos like this, that really speak to the larger crisis at
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the border, this time as you mentioned a 10-year-old found abandoned. [. [speaking in native language] >> reporter: that came as president biden finally used a word that his administration has been trying to avoid at just about every turn. crisis. >> the problem was the -- [ indiscernible ]. >> reporter: the number he's referring to there is the cap on refugees, allowed into the u.s. and we just saw an abrupt 180 on this from the white house. in february, the president wanted to increase the cap to
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62,500. then friday the administration announced it would maintain the current 15,000 limit. that led to a furious backlash from progressives and the next day the white house quickly changed course, promising to go beyond the 15,000. critics say the administration has been all over the map on this. >> it's very confusing. who is in charge of immigration policy? we see different opinions being given. the biden administration is having a disastrous run. >> reporter: there are questions about the role of vice president kamala harris who was tasked with dealing with the root causes of this crisis at the border. there's no indication at this point when or if she's going to see firsthand what's happening down there. gillian and todd, back to you guys. welcome back from paternity leave and just know this, this is the easy part. todd: from what i'm told, that's 100% correct. thank you for those kind words.
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thank you. jillian: byron york recently went to the border with some republican congressmen and he says it seems like the biden administration doesn't really have a plan for handling the migrant surge. take a listen. >> the take-away that i got from the visit was the biden administration's handling of this influx, this surge of illegal border crossers is completely i'm providessed. it is -- i'm providessed. they are -- i'm providessed. in the first days of his administration president biden blew up the system to deal with migrants without having anything ready to replace it. jillian: in the next hour, arizona's attorney general and tom homan join us live as the border crisis unralphs. todd: -- unravels. todd: eight people were killed,
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many more critically wounded. the shooter, 19-year-old bran doll hold, purchased two rifles back in july and september of the last year. the fbi interviewed the teen in march and sized a shotgun after her mother called and said he might quit, quote, suicide by cop. jillian: search crews discovered a fifth body after a boat capsized in the gulf of mexico. the remains were found last night. if true, it would mean eight crew members are still missing after six days. one sailor's fiance has not given up hope, telling a local reporter, quote, we aren't defeated. we will keep fighting. six people were rescued after the boat began taking on water during a storm last week. todd: more than half of all u.s. adults have received at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine. more than 30% of adults are fully vaccinated. this comes despite a halt
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discontributing the johnson & johnson vaccine. dr. fauci expects the single dose vaccine to resume soon. >> i don't know if there have been further cases but we will know that by friday and i would be very surprised if we don't have a resumption in some form. todd: health officials stopped giving the johnson & johnson vaccine after six women reported blood clots. jillian: the academy of country music awards returns to nashville. luke bryant shined brightest, winning entertainer of the year. >> we miss touring. we've missed being on the road with everybody that makes me an entertainer. what a challenging year. to you all the fans and everybody, we'll be back. jillian: after the show, he thanked god for his health after recovering from covid-19. erin morris and thomas rhett
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walked away with female and male entertainers of the year. carley shimkus wins an award here every day. she will join us later this hour. todd: it's a curious reason why, but carley deserves to win a country music award sooner rather than later. jillian: i a agree, she's very talent it. congresswoman maxine waters urging protesters to be more aggressive as we await a verdict this week in the george floyd case. >> we have to make sure that they know we mean business. todd: our next guess is a former nypd officer who says violent protests hurts a community's morale. she explains next.
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>> we're looking for a guilty
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verdict, if nothing dust not happen then we know we've got to not only stay in the streets but we've got to fight for justice. we've got to get more confrontational. we've got to make sure that they know that we mean business. jillian: outrage pouring in after congresswoman maxine waters appeared to incite pro t testers in brooklyn -- protesters in brooklyn center, minnesota, the congresswoman breaking the curfew far from her home district. todd: this as tensions remain high as the verdict from the derek chauvin expected this week. thank you for being here. how dangerous that a sitting member of congress is encouraging fighting and confrontation, but also seeming to attack and almost threaten the court system that, look, if we don't get the verdict that we want, there could be consequences? >> i think when you have a person of influence like that speaking to the public, you have to think about how is the public going to take that message and
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everybody is going to take it very differently. some people may think it means to stand up, speak up louder. other people will interpret that information to express more violence, to commit more violence. she is also -- when you do that, you are increasing the risk of more harm happening. physical harm. so physical harm between one group, protesting with another group or towards another group and also towards law enforcement and by proxy law enforcement is going to have to deal with a person who is being physically confrontational. have you to really think about the consequences that come with that which is more people getting hurt, possibly killed, and then on top of that property damage. in tend, the message of what is trying to be said fighting for justice, making sure that people's voices are heard, that gets lost amongst the violence. now it's not about the message, it's about what happened, who got hurt, how much property damage do we have. jillian: and she was asked whether or not she was trying to
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entice more violence. sheep said i'm a nonviolent person, i don't believe in violence. that being said, even if she could try and make the argument, no, i'm not trying to incite violence by saying this, isn't it all about how the message is received by the people on the streets who are out there doing this harm in their communities? >> yes, it is. it's absolutely -- that's why you have to be very thoughtful with your words, very careful with your words when you're someone like that, when you're someone in that type of position. because you also -- you're thinking about the average person. what about young people? young people are going to interpret that information very differently. what about people with mental health issues? when i worked in the secret service we had so many people that would show up at the white house with mental health issues that would misinterpret information. you're not thinking long-term in regard to that. law enforcement is taking a big morale hit, they're dealing with incidents recently. in new york city, someone threw
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chemicals on police, a molotov cocktail on police. this is heightening their concerns, their safety on the street and we're seeing the cycle of one trump over the other trumping, trumping something else. we have to be careful. it actually is adding fuel the fire. so we need -- let people voice their message, let people protest but we need the people who lead who are in these positions to be mindful of what they say and how they say it and she may mean it one way. you have to think how is the listener interpreting this information. jillian: you would think she would know that too. todd: a lot of republicans slamming maxine waters. i want to focus on the first one, representative lauren bobert, why is maxine waters traveling to a different state trying to incite a riot? her point goes to what is happening in maxine waters' district in los angeles. southern la shooting victims up
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100% in southeast la, up 150%. isn't it the addage when you're on a plane and it's going down, put your own mask on first before you quote, unquote, help others? >> thinking about the crime that's going up, we are seeing some numbers of escalating incidents and again, it really goes back to the boldness that people are having. when you have someone of influence, of status, saying go ahead, be confrontational, if you're giving them the okay to go ahead and do that, you're saying it's all right to use force, it's all right to retaliate towards police, it's all right to do this. at the same time, even just hearing from former peers and people speaking, law enforcement now is less likely to want to get involved, to deal with incidents because now you're worried what if i do the wrong thing, what if it's interpreted as the wrong thing and so -- todd: it's a concern. >> you're going to see this hands-off approach. well, i'm afraid to do my job because i'm going to be criticized when doing my job,
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what could end up happening. todd: we're seeing that all over right now. we appreciate your time as always. thank you very much. time now, 19 minutes after the hour. the school board looking bored as a mother pleads for kids to get back to class. this all happening in la, the mounting frustrations for parents. jillian: nasa flies a helicopter, founder of the mars society explains how significant this is for the future of space. he's next. ♪ rocket man, burning out his fuse up there alone.
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jillian: the next step in the mission to mars is a go. today, nasa is attempting its first controlled flight on the red planet with the new ingenuity helicopter.
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the founder and president of the mars society, robert dudin joins us with what to expect. good morning, good to see you. >> good morning. thanks for inviting me. jillian: of course. tell us how significant a moment this is and what we can expect to see happen. >> well, this is kitty hawk day on mars. this is the first time anybody's ever trying to fly an aircraft on mars. and this is just a little helicopter, it weighs about 5 pounds. but if it works, then pretty soon we're going to be sending big helicopters to mars, 100-pound helicopters that can do real science. and you know, the rovers travel a couple hundred yards in a day. a helicopter could travel 100 miles. jillian: if this does work and if we see bigger helicopters, to your point, that could go to mars, when do you think that could happen? >> oh, i imagine probably in the middle of this decade, it
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will take them a little bit to get ready, maybe around 2026 or so. jillian: what type of data could the helicopter get? >> well, this helicopter has a camera. so if it works we should see some flight video. it's not going to fly very far, maybe 100 feet in the air, short distance of travel. but that will be exciting. but once we have a real helicopter on mars, not only will it have high resolution cameras, it could have ground penetrating radar to look for underground water, underground caverns. helicopters would not be stopped by rough terrain. it could fly over a canyon, land in a canyon, and take off again and leave. it can go all over the place. jillian: with everything that we've done as far as space exploration, how historic do you think this is on that scale? >> well, you know, in 1976 we
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landed a lander that could stand still on mars. in 1996 we landed our first little rover on mars. now we have rovers the size of real cars. now we're landing a toy helicopter on mars and in five years or 10 at the most we'll be flying real helicopters on mars, maybe when people go to mars which i think we can do by the end of the decade, we could have them travel around mars, not in cars, but in helicopters. jillian: would you want to go to mars, robert? >> oh, yeah. jillian: me too. i'm fascinated by it. robert, as always, thank you for joining us on this exciting day. we'll be watching. have a good day. >> my pleasure. jillian: todd, you coming to mars? todd: no. if you go to mars, you realize you'll be on assignment for 10 years. it will be jillian on assignment, still. ahead, michigan's governor extending the mask mandate for children as young as 2. a mother is slamming the move. she sounds off next.
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plus, it's country music's biggest night, the most memorable moments and miranda lambert's onstage surprise, carley shimkus with the highlights coming up. ♪
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jillian: the white house warning russia there will be consequence as a cream limb krec dies in prison. todd: we have more. >> reporter: there have been developments overnight in what is threatening to be a major flash point between the united states and russia and it's all over this kremlin dissident, his doctor is saying he is in danger of dying. another ally says there is no hope. we will get good news today.
1:31 am
he's been in prison after returning to russia following recovering from an alleged kremlin backed poisoning and he's also been on a hunger strike. over the weekend, president biden said the treatment was unfair and inappropriate and russia would be held responsible. here is what president biden's national security advisor jake sullivan had to say. >> we have communicated to the russian government that what happens to mr. navalni in their custody is their responsibility and they will be held accountable by the international community. there will be consequences if he dies. >> reporter: kremlin authorities are not allowing his private doctors to see him as is being requested. furthermore, the government of president putin in the last couple days seems set to brand the human rights organization an extremist group. that could add pressure on him and his allies.
1:32 am
in the last couple minutes we're seeing the european union foreign ministry also saying this is a problem for them, issuing a statement, demanding that navalni must have proper treatment. back to you. todd: it is a horrible situation. greg, thank you. jillian: heart breaking video shows a 10-year-old migrant abandoned and lost at the border. watch. [speaking in native language] jillian: the unaaccompanied minor was found una farm tractor near the same area another child was rescued two weeks ago. border patrol says the boy was left behind by smugglers. fox news contributor sarah carter has spent a lot of time at the border in weeks and she says kids are suffering and the media is ignoring it. >> i can't tell you how many
1:33 am
children i spoke to, young children as young as 7, some 13, some 9, who were in tears, who were devastated, some who had been separated purposefully from their parents, others who possibly were being used to traffic other people into the united states based on loopholes we have in our system. i can't stress enough that this is just the beginning of a crisis that is going to overwhelm our system this year if it doesn't stop and the tragedy here is that the media is refusing, absolutely refusing to cover this crisis the way that they did under president trump. jillian: next hour, arizona's attorney general and tom homan join us live as the border crisis unravels. todd: today, michigan expands its mask mandate to include children as young as 2 years old. the state seeing a surge in new covid-19 cases but is this really a logical next step? michigan mother of four joins us
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with her take. has anyone in the whitmer administration actually met a 2-year-old? >> i ask myself that question all the time. thank you for having he me, by the way. i have a 2-year-old. and i have trouble keeping a pony tail in his hair. we went through a stage when he wouldn't keep his diaper on. i can't imagine that most 2-year-olds would do okay with a mask over their face for a whole day while at day-care or even out and about. todd: focusing on the face, kids are pretty sensitive in what that area. i tried to get nasal spray up my kid's nose. not a fan when you're around that area. that's a serious thing. you know the kids will be taking them on and off and on and off. here's what the michigan health department has to say. quote, expanding the mask rule to children ages 2 to 4 he 4 res a good faith effort to make sure the children wear masks while in gatherings, child care facilities or camps. this addresses the increase in cases and follows recommendations from the
1:35 am
american academy of pediatrics and centers for disease control and prevention guidance. but in reality, aren't child care workers going to be spending the entireity of their day trying to get masks on and keep them on and basically not able to do anything else? >> exactly. the burden that is going to be imposed on these day-care workers to -- spending the whole day not just making sure their mask is on, but think about this, they're touching their masks. are they watching their hands in between touching the masks? there's a lot of things that don't make sense. not to mention it changes die ma nay mick between -- dynamic between the teacher and the student and the parent and the child because, i mean, would i have to lie to my 2-year-old to get him to wear a mask? that's something that i wouldn't want to do. so yeah, there's -- i think there's a lot of issues that this order does not i guess anticipate or think through and i'm concerned that it does
1:36 am
ignore real risk, not just health risk because like you said, the get the mask dirty, throw it on the floor, pick it back up, but also the developmental delays it may cause by having faces covered and not being able to see facial expressions. it's my understanding that teachers are speaking out about this having the potential to affect their speech. that's a real concern as well. todd: such an important point. you say this is important, this is necessary, take a look at these numbers. children zero to 4 years old make up 2% of covid-19 cases here in the u.s. also keep in mind, it's established that kids don't get as sick as adults by and large when they get the this. to your point, 100% of kids need the interaction, need to see the facial expressions to learn. 2% are getting sick. isn't this a slippery slope we don't want to go down?
1:37 am
>> absolutely. children especially those under 6 are not significant spreaders of covid and, yeah, if we start here, what's next? i mean, if we think back to where we were a year ago, the messaging was this is very temporary, please comply and now here we are over a year later, asking that our babies put masks on their face for 8 to 10 hours a day. there are children who are at day-care for the whole day. and some parents don't have the option to say, you know, i'm just going to stay home with my kid or i'm going to pull him out of day-care. they don't have that option because they need to work. another thing, is a day-care going to kick a child out if a child doesn't comply with the mandate? i mean, there's so many things going on. and it's just so sad and troubling that we're even talking about this right now. i just never thought i'd see the day where they would tell me i have to put a mask on my
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2-year-old. todd: yvonne, we appreciate it. i know you share thoughts that a lot of people are sharing right now. we appreciate you coming on and sharing them with us. jillian: five people are in the hospital after a drive-by shooting at a louisiana liquor store. a manhunt is underway for the gunman. all five victims have life threatening injuries. we will continue to update the story throughout the morning. overnight, a video was released showing a fiery crash that left one person dead in minneapolis. footage shows the car speeding into a guard rail and crashing into a tunnel wall, the cargoing up in flames, filling the tunnel with smokes as it skids to a stop. the crash is under investigation as crews clean up the area. todd: that's wild video. and emotional plea from a parent to reopen schools in los angeles, seemingly ignored by the board of education. watch this. >> i'm here to tell you that i've been silenced over and over and over again because my
1:39 am
narrative goes against what they're trying to push, my children and thousands of others are being held hostage by this organization. todd: that's not the way to make people feel like their listened to. in the video, a mother is heard begging for schools to reopen. as she speaks, board members are seen looking away from computers, reading papers and talking to people off-screen. parents remain frustrated by hybrid schedules. so many people want to be heard. that is not the way to do it. jillian: absolutely. it is 39 minutes after the hour all right, all right, all right. a new poll shows actor matthew mcconaughey could give texas governor greg abbott a run for his money if he decides to challenge him. todd: have you been working on impressions? plus, a star studded night in nashville, the big winners from country music's biggest night and miranda lambert's on stage surprise, carley shimkus with the highlights, next.
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>> welcome, everybody, to the 56th academy of country music awards. nashville is back. todd: country music making a triumphant return to music city overnight for the 56th annual academy of country music awards, featuring jaw dropping performances. we put our jaws back in place. jillian: did jaws really drop? carley shimkus with fox news headlines 24/7, sirius xm115 here with more. carley: the awards kicked off last night, hosted by keith urban. it the did take place in nashville, tennessee. performances were spread across three venues, a lot of really great performances and very short acceptance speeching.
1:44 am
luke bryant snagged entertainer of the year award, that was the biggest award of the night. he accepted that award remotely after recently recovering from covid-19. >> what a challenging year, but to all the fans and everybody, we'll be back on the road doing what we love and what an amazing honor. i love you guys. carley: while things felt more normal than anything that took place last year, covid-19 of course ever present, sidelined several from performing. todd: there were other winners, including one person i have been asking you to watch for years, it's marin morris. carley: let's start out with new male and female artist of the year winners, those are exciting moments for young talent. jimmy allen snagged the new male artist of the year. take a listen to his performance. ♪ i miss those days when our
1:45 am
dreams were ever-changing. ♪ time was better wasted. ♪ we were young and -- carley: female artist of the year, that went to gabby barrett. thomas rhett won male artist of the year and marin morris won female artist of the year. she also won song of the year for "the bone." she had a big night as she performed with her husband, ryan herd. a cute moment for the happy couple. jillian: i don't know if i'm going to sleep tonight if i don't find out why miranda lambert -- carley: i will tell you why. chris stapleton was supposed to perform with his wife. morgan stapleton. morgan is a doula which means she helps people deliver babies. and you know, something happened, she had to leave very quickly. her sister gave her a call and said this baby might be coming so miranda lambert stepped in last minute. take a listen.
1:46 am
♪ run, maggie, run. carley: not a bad replacement there with miranda lambert. but mrs. stapleton apparently a dedicated doula. we're not sure if her sister had the baby yet but if she did, congratulations to the family. todd: somebody took six weeks to get really sarcastic. carley: it was a great award show overall, a lot of fun moments. jillian: i don't get into the shows anymore. carley: you and many other people. this one, very short acceptance speeches and it was packed with a lot of performances. jillian: carley, thank you. todd: next year artist of the year, carley shimkus. carley: i heard you gave me an award. todd: the daily mail reported
1:47 am
prince harry could stay in the u.k. until after the queen's birthday on wednesday, after reportedly going on a walk with his father, prince charles. first time i've actually ever reported someone going on a walk with their dad. it was the first face-to-face meeting between them since harry left the u.k. with his wife, meghan markle. prince harry and his brother were seen talking after the funeral on saturday. jillian: looks like matthew mcconaughey may have a shot as at becoming the next texas governor. he has not entered the race, only hinted as a possible bid. if he did throw his hat in the ring, a poll shows he has a 12 point lead over republican incumbent, greg abbott. 45% of registered texas voters said they would pick mcconaughey as their governor, while 33% said they would vote for abbott. todd: still ahead, while many states look to lift he covid
1:48 am
restrictions, oregon going the other way as it considers requiring masks in all businesses indefinitely. jillian: one business owner says this creates a big problem for staff. she explains the headache for that, next. ♪ i knew you were trouble when you walked in. ♪
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jillian: good morning. welcome back. as some states lift mask mandates or re-gone could be heading in the opposite direction, they're considering extending the mask mandate indefinitely. more than 60,000 residents have signed a petition against the proposal. stacy gibson owns a subway franchise in portland and joins us now. stacy, thanks for being here. appreciate it. >> thanks. jillian: i'm going to read a portion of this mask mandate. this reads, quote the provision takes effect may 4th 2021 and
1:52 am
remain in effect until revised or repealed. although the rule must be adopted as a permanent rule its purpose is to address the covid-19 pandemic. stacy, i'm curious your reaction to this and how this impacts what you do at your business on a daily basis. >> i'm a little horrified at it to be honest with you. as far as impacting our business, we have enough troubles as far as covid and the restrictions we have. and to try to keep the masks going and for us trying to monitor that and police that for customers coming into the store is just a huge challenge. we've got young children working for us, 17, 18 years old, they're not going to confront somebody that is not wearing a mask when they come in. it's nerve-racking for other people, things like that. they're just not going to -- there's really not a lot we can do in our business. it's keeping masks permanent, people aren't going to be happy about it obviously as you can see right here. jillian: i think people are frustrated because for a while we've heard once you get vaccinated you'll have for
1:53 am
freedoms, so-to-speak. people want the freedom back, right? i think a lot of people are now like okay, we're getting vaccinated, when are the restrictions going to lift. instead, your state is doubling down on this. >> they are doubling down. it's very challenging, people that come and visit here don't understand why our restrictions are so different. you travel outside of our state and things are a lot more open up. it's confusing for so many people and we are getting vaccinated which is great. but you don't know if somebody's been vaccinated when they walk in the store. we can't -- there's more privacy issues. jillian: i want to show people at home this, and then get your opinion on it. this is the highest and the lowest new case counts in the last seven days. and we looked at the states across the country and you can see the highest there, the number one with the highest amount of case counts last seven days is michigan, with more than 53,000, the lowest is wyoming with 394. and then oregon has 628. so one could perhaps infer, okay, well, you know, you look
1:54 am
and some of these states have had -- they've been really restricted. they've been locked down. they have fewer cases, that's great. that's not the case, michigan has been one of the states with the highest restrictions this entire time and they're up there at the top with the highest seven-day case count. what does that science say to you? >> i think we need to relax a little bit. i think we of course care and we want to do everything that we can to minimize any kind of transmission whatsoever. but to make something like this and restrict everybody, you know, you have to wear a mask, it's not going to happen. i mean, that's really what it is. nobody is going to be happy about doing that. we need to relax a little bit and of course be cautious without a doubt but this isn't going to -- it's not going to go over well at all. jillian: some people i know want a little bit of trust, for the government to trust them to be able to do what's right. stacy gibson, thank you and keep us updated. >> thank you, have a good day. jillian: you too. todd: coming up in the next
1:55 am
hour of "fox & friends first," parents fighting backing fallout over two new york city schools controversial race based curriculum plus arizona attorney general and tom homan join us live on the crisis on the border. do not go anywhere. ♪ i said you ain't seen nothing yet. ♪ baby, you just ain't seen nothing yet. ♪ here's something that --
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jillian: it is monday, april 19th. a fox news alert, armed and dangerous, a manhunt underway for a man accused of killing three people in texas, the desperate search as authorities warn he could take hostages. todd: overnight, nearly a dozen protesters arrested in north carolina after anti-police demonstrations turn destructive, this as the national guard is on standby in minnesota as the country prepares for a verdict in the george floyd case. >> welcome, everybody to the
2:00 am
56th academy of country music awards, nashville is back. jillian: a triumphant return to the music city, the big winners for the best in country music. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ rock your body right. ♪ back street's. jillian: todd is back, all right. todd: i'm guessing the producers typed "back" into the music directory and went through all the songs, fortunately they skipped the one from sir mix a lot. jillian: i can't believe you didn't thank me for putting your name in that song and singing it for you. todd: thank you. you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i'm todd piro. jillian: i'm jillian mele. let's begin with this fox news alert. a manhunt is underway in texas for a deadly shooting suspect, police say 41-year-old steven br


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