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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  April 18, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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statistics prove it. bad cops out, the vast majority of the cops are good. leave them the hell alone but i will see you next time on "life, liberty and levin". ♪♪ steve: good evening everyone and welcome to the next revolution for dynasty felton and this is the home of positive populism, pro- community, profamily, pro- american. [inaudible] [speaking in native tongue] steve: that desperate boy is nine years old and the same age as my youngest son. we've all seen a lot of terrible stories and images from the southern border in recent times and some of us reacted strongly to the cages we saw in 2014 under obama and biden to hold
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unaccompanied kids. [speaking in native tongue] steve: many were deeply upset by the tape recorded in 18 of children and similar facilities in the last few months we seen an acceleration of these heart-wrenching videos. the six and three -year-old children don't jumped over the border wall by smugglers like a sack of potatoes. the nine -year-old girl who drowned trying to cross the rio grande into texas in the 13 people who died in the suv crash near the border and just this week we saw mother told reporters she felt like she was dying when she sent her son across the border alone. it was that nine -year-old boy abandoned in the desert that did it for me. what are we doing and what are
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the what are you doing resident biden, i can't imagine the pain you have gone through as a father so why can't you imagine the pain that the parents of these children are going through. i would not wish on anyone the personal suffering that biden has had to endure in his life so why is he inflicting it on so many others? there is no other way to describe what's happening in this isn't a natural disaster and unexpected crisis. it is the totally protectable and predicted consequence of biden's policy decisions and this human catastrophe is on you, joe biden. you may as well have crashed that suv and you may as well have dumped those kids over the border yourself and you may as well of push that nine -year-old boy alone into the desert with your own wizened hands. you told people to come. >> i would in fact make sure that there is or that we immediately surged to the border
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and all those people seeking asylum. steve: you said you would give them healthcare and they would never get back home. >> i think that anyone who is in a situation where they are in need of healthcare, regardless of whether they are documented or undocumented we have an obligation to give them care. steve: the minute you got in he pressed the button to make more people, and he stopped construction of the border wall, you scrapped remain in mexico, you told ice to limit deportations and you try to impose a moratorium on deportations and i was blocked by the courts in reverse trumps public charge role on immigration and welfare benefits and promised illegal immigrants over $4 billion in stimulus checks the consequence is clear, we can now put numbers on the human suffering that you, biden, are causing. he sets a seasonal increase but that's a lie. illegal immigration is up 71% from february until march and 172,000 migrant encounters nearly 70000 more than
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march 2019 and 120,000 more than march 2018 and were not comparing the numbers to last year when the pandemic was rating but we are being fair. biden has caused a massive increase over the exact same months in pre- pandemic years. the highest number of children stopped of the border in u.s. history nearly 19000 and that is up from 9000 in 2019 and 5000 in 2018. biden has quadrupled the numbers of children separated from their families and behind the numbers, the inhumanity that nine -year-old boy lost and desperate in the desert. we knew biden was a corrupt machine politician who would bend to political pressure and does the bidding of his donors and the power centers in his party, the government unions and woke (-left-parenthesis we knew biden was an embarrassment who can barely string a coherent sentence together even if he somehow manages to stay awake long enough to get through it. but now we can see he's worse
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than all of that. biden knows his policies are causing all the suffering, death and pain, inflict it on children, children for goodness sake on a scale we've never seen before and yet he is still doing it and they called trump evil for his border policies but trumps policies release designed to have less of the human suffering and to deter people from coming in to stop the cruel smugglers and people traffickers and to have fewer children lost and alone like that nine -year-old boy. biden's policies are designed to have more of it, more pain, more suffering, more misery and they say that trying to help solve the problem at its source by improving conditions in central american countries but that's a deflection and first of all, we have seen high numbers from all over the world and not just central america but incentivized by biden's policies and in any case the way to improve conditions in countries like guatemala and honduras is to the institutions of a market economy and free society. property rights, rule of law,
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independent judiciary and free press, what is biden's plan? send them cash. it's pathetic. they're not interested in actually solving central american problems but they only care about looking like they do with vapid, vice presidential photo on slick you saw this week. i've always been pro- immigration so how could i not be? i'm an immigrant twice over put my family lean communist hungary to the uk and now here i am in america. americans are pro- immigration if it is done the right way in public consents for immigration depends on government control of immigration and the government we have today does not even pretend to control immigration and the result is the chaos and cruelty that we see at the border. biden kamala harris, they created a moral stain on america getting bigger by the day. all those who support this are conflicted and the head of domestic policy and the hapless secretary in the media to
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cheering this for this appalling biden regime and cnn, msnbc and all of you enablers of this moral calamity are your worst enablers, worst because at the same time you pretend your compassionate and what cynics and monsters you are made a prize of that desperate little boy will haunt you for the rest of your days. so let us know what to think that steve will do next and it read and share this message when we posted an fox news conservator and former acting director of ice, tom homan. and fox news contributor sara carter. tom, when you were there the way they spoke to you about your morality they were vile and vicious to you and when you were trying to stop this as i just noted. what does it make you feel now when you see these scenes at the southern border from those caused by the very same people who attacked you? >> first of all, let me tell you
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that monologue was the most accurate monologue i have heard in a year. you you are spot on. you said everything i've been saying and spot on so hats off to you and that was so accurate but look, i got angry and i get angry sometimes and i do fox news and i get angry and a testify. why? because i've seen so much tragedy in 34 years and i've been in the back of a tractor-trailer with 19 dead immigrants and my feet with a five -year-old little boy that suffocated to death. i have found the children on the trails. i've interviewed women who were raped 20 times making that journey and 31% of women get raped. children are dying, cartels and i get angry and congress wants to attack me personally that emma white's premises but no, you have failed to secure this border and you have failed to close the loopholes little because this crisis. i said in july lester joe biden became president because all the promises he made that you just listed very well that we would lose the border.
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we have lost the border appeared why? because joe biden has shown up in this country to win the progressive left vote and he was more important to him to win election become president than to secure our nation and because of that 31% of women are being raped, children are dying, children are being abandoned, cartels are making millions in the border patrol is the lowest ever seen in my career. steve: sarah, weigh in on that too but to start the conversation with you i wanted to just put up something we saw just tonight from a news letter where there noting accurately coverage of the southern border crisis and in their word subsides and the media has moved on and according to the data of what's been covered elsewhere so you are there actually reporting on this and giving us that information. it seems to me the media just wants to cover for biden and they don't want to talk about this because at such an embarrassment to them because they support biden. >> wright, steve. it's the hypocrisy of the
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majority of the media. for the last six weeks i have been back and forth along the u.s. southern border and i was in yuma, arizona and in the dell real section where that tragic, tragic death of that nine -year-old girl, her mother and a three -year-old were found on the shoreline and it happens all the time. i spoke with the migrants as they come across the border and i just returned from california where i went into mexico and was in tijuana and also spent time with border patrol agents along the border and it is a crisis and its astounding. the only people benefiting from this are the drug cartels and the human traffickers and the politicians who are using people as political ponds. especially, the children. i can't tell you how many children i spoke to, young children, as young as seven, from 13, some nine, they were in tears and devastated and some would been separated purposefully from the parents and others who possibly were
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being used two traffic other people into the united states and based on loopholes we have in our system and i can't stress enough that this is just the beginning of a crisis that will overwhelm our system this year. if it does not stop in the tragedy here is that the media is refusing, absolutely refusing to cover this crisis the way they did under president trump. steve: exactly. tom, to sarah's point right there that it will get worse unbelievably has a natural consequent of the policies but do you see any indication that they will listen to the people in the system and reverse course? >> no. no. look, this is not mismanagement but incompetence and it's by design. this is what open borders look like. bottom line is president trump gave us the most secure border i've seen in my career. illegal immigration was down 70% and he knew the dead appeared here is the data they do not want you to know. 86%, 86-89% of central americans claim asylum never get in the
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u.s. courts but release into the united states for less than 3% of the hundred of thousands ordered to remove to have left so president trump said look at 90% are coming committing fraud and they get removed and only 3% leave, let's do this remain in mexico program where they are not being released. people attack that like it's a terrible program but let me tell you something, people are still getting asylum hearings but waiting but how many women get raped if present from secure that border? for many children didn't die because president trump secure that border? how many men of the cartel did not make it because of president trump? how many drugs come across that or how much funds and all in opioids did not come across the border because border patrol was not 50% tied up with families? president trump did the right thing. join biden destroy that within two weeks. steve: exactly. >> time is right. tom is right, steve. tom is absolutely right.
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the only incentive here is it is incentivizing the drug cartels and the human smuggling operations. with president trump he did not see that but the drug cartels and the human smugglers were not able to advertise the way they do and what we are seeing now is a huge push and they are using a president biden and this administration to say look, the biden administration wants you in america and they are publicizing that on social media and putting that on the news and putting that in ads and in central america and their people from all over the world and i saw families from romania, families from cuba, a gentleman from india. i can't begin to tell you how many people i saw that weren't just from central america. steve: exactly. last word to you, tom. it's never going to happen but just in theory if president biden, vice president tariffs and any of them, if they called you up and said look, you were there, you know how it works, can you help us exist problem what would you say?
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>> yeah, i will. reinstate the remain in mexico program and you reinstate the four agreements that you destroyed, el salvador, guatemala, hundreds and mexico. reinstate those agreements that were working and remain in mexico program and 80% of this problem goes away tomorrow. steve: amazing. exactly. i don't know, we live in hope that maybe they will see sense but i don't have much confidence in that but tom, great to have your insight, kucera great to see you as always. >> you, to. >> thank you for having me. steve: a few moments ago i mentioned how personally i was affected by that nine -year-old boy at the border at the same age as my youngest son. adam was the same age as my oldest son and i don't want to weigh in tonight on the gun debate or the police and debate but i want to talk about the debate we are not having but should be. about family and parenting and what kind of monstrous society we have created where a 13 -year-old boy is out on the streets of chicago carrying a gun at 240 a.m. and i'm not
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saying for a moment he deserved to die but when i saw that unbearable police video all he could think of was my 13 -year-old sleep in our house still thankfully retaining some of his childhood innocence. we worked hard at that in our family. you have to work hard at that these days peered raising a family is hard and the hardest thing anyone does in the most important but we barely talk about it as a matter of public policy, even though it's foundational to pretty much every other issue that we do talk about. adam's mother said according to "the new york times" that she had no idea that he was out the night of the shooting and thought he was safely in his room at the time. adam had been missing for several days she said but had come home and gone into the room he shared with his brother. i'm sorry, but there is no conceivable excuse for a parent to allow a 13 -year-old to be wandering the streets in the middle of the night with a gun. it's her job as a parent to not let that happen. but it is happening in america today and less extreme but much
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more widespread we seen all around us and erosion of the boundaries children need and none of us is a perfect parent in a position to lecture anyone else but we can and must take this more seriously as a society. we can do much more to help parents, coach parents, set expectations to parents if we really want to improve our society. that is the next revolution we need. coming up, why did the establishment media push the russia lie so hard. gabbard, next. really? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote. not again!
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♪♪ steve: welcome back. last june we had an entire week of unhinged and i trump ranting from democrats and the media sycophants over a new york times report claiming trump ignored u.s. intelligence of the robbers offered bounties to taliban and ministers for killing troops in afghanistan. once again he chooses in x kgb chief over u.s. professionals in the intelligence agency. >> it is worth asking what did mr. trump do on a day instead of
6:22 pm
paying attention to this information about russians allegedly offering a bounty to kill u.s. service members. >> sure, blood pay bounties for the death of americans but on the president, i don't mind, that's cool. anything else you might want or need for me? steve: what we need from you, rachel, and you jake and joe and wolf and all the democrat operatives pretending to be journalists is the truth because this week we learned that was all based on intel reports of a low to moderate level of confidence which should leave americans with a low 20 level of confidence in the establishment media. former national security robert o'brien treated he credited the intelligence community for leasing the new analysis and confirming that what the trump administration said at the time was 100% accurate. the question is, why did the establishment push the russia bounty story so hard? just like they push every conceivable anti- russia story while sucking up to a regime that is about 1000 times more evil and dangerous than russia
6:23 pm
and that is china. next, let's discuss it with former hawaii and congress men tusli gabbard. >> hello, steve. you too. steve: what do you make of the story? first of all, let's look at what happened here. we are talking about the leak and reliefs of classified information from our intelligent agency. i can tell you as someone who served for eight years on the armed services and foreign affairs committees as well as a soldier i signed a document and i took an oath promising that i would not release any classified information that i received. if i had gone home and talk to my husband, abraham, about a briefing i had or if i tweeted information out i would be subject to federal prosecution for a crime up to punishable within up to ten years in prison. and so, the incident that you are talking about here is one where cricket entity within an intelligent agency worked with the media to release information which, by the way, was not
6:24 pm
accurate or credible with the intent to influence our foreign policy. this is what is at stake here. this is why it is so dangerous. we're not talking about a whistleblower who is releasing information about corruption or illegal activity and our government to serve the public interest but we are talking about activists within our intelligence agencies working with the media to release classified information in order to serve a specific politician, political party or special interests and worse, they are getting away with it. it's not an isolated incident. steve: so glad you put that so clearly because the stakes on this story are much higher than i thought until you said what you just said. what is the direction the they want to put on our foreign policy? >> well, when you look at, it depends on whose interests they are trying to serve. in this example you say they are
6:25 pm
trying to push president trump or a politician toward quote unquote punishing russia for the thing or the information they put out or trying to make an argument for why the united states should keep troops in afghanistan but the reason or the interest of the politician may shift or change depending on these activists within our own intelligence community but what is at risk here is that it threatens our democracy when you have unelected people in positions of power trying to usurp the power and response ability that our elected leaders have and yet they are completely unaccountable and this is why it is so critical that we tighten our laws and prosecute those who do this to the fullest extent of the law in order to ensure institutions like our intelligent agency are neutral, our objective and are serving the best interests of the american people and our country. steve: it is interesting because as you talk i'm thinking of other examples that we've sought
6:26 pm
during the trump administration and i know you're the last person to support everything that president trump did but you saw it and all sorts of policy areas where the establishment views and they did not like the fact that you had a president coming in to challenge the establishment view. an economic policy, trade policy, you name it. here in foreign policy of course what he wanted to do was have a more reasonable relationship with russia and focus on what he saw as the real threat which is china and they did not like that. steve: >> which, by the way focusing on an democratic, reasonable relationship with russia and the major nuclear armed country, one where we and russia have thousands of nuclear missiles pointed at each other that can be launched any minute and i can reach our shores, any town in america in 30 minutes leaving to a nuclear holocaust i would say trying to work in a more operative fashion to de-escalate tensions and walk us back from the brink of a cold war is the most responsible thing that our leaders should do, including
6:27 pm
president biden. steve: well, we will see. we will see if that is the way it transpires but you are such a strong voice on this and we really appreciate and really illuminate the stakes of the story tonight. tulsi, thank you and see you soon. coming up, new details in our pandemic origin investigation and the doctor anthony fauci connection. ♪♪ losing a tooth didn't stop you but your partial can act like a bacteria magnet,
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♪ ♪. steve: as we have been telling you from as its look and increasing like the pandemic virus did not just emerge naturally but was instead the result of a lab leak. when we first reported on this
6:33 pm
the media dismissed it as a conspiracy theory but not more and more public officials are coming forward in support. most recently the former cdc director. >> i am of the point of view that i still think the most likely etiology of this pathogen in wuhan was from a laboratory and it escaped. steve: after that cnn chief medical correspondent doctor guba who saw their broke with his network to agree and so at the very least you think our own national institute of health would want to look into the possibility but astonishingly, the director of the nih, tried to shut it down as early as march last year writing in a blog post some folks are even make outrageous claims that the new coronavirus causing the pandemic was engineered in a lab and deliberately released to make people sick. a new study he boasts by providing scientific evidence that the novel coronavirus erodes nationally and it is beyond disturbing that doctor francis collins, one of our
6:34 pm
country's most senior public officials, would put out such cynical and dishonest misinformation and his statement conflated to totally different theories to cause doubt on the credible one and we've never said that the pandemic virus was quote, deliberately released to make people sick but we, doctor redfield and many others are saying it did likely leak from a lab accidentally. what study is francis talking about to support his claims of a natural origin? the reassuring findings he says are the result of genomic analyses conducted by international research team partly supported by nih. and now, we get to the central structural barrier to efforts to establish the true origins of this pandemic. nih is using a study that it helped pay for to deny that the pandemic virus was engineered and a lab despite that the virus is massively more contagious and more perfectly suited for infecting the human respiratory system than any previously observed virus and despite the
6:35 pm
fact that its first outbreak was in the one place in the world where function virus research was being carried out to make virus more contagious and more perfectly suited for and think the human respiratory system and who commission that funded the research? our own nih run by francis collen and na id run by proxy. they paid for the research that we now know could've started the pandemic and then they paid for a study that proves it wasn't them. how can we trust these people? in july 2014 a group of scientists from around the world came together and set up the cambridge working group to voice their concerns about gain or function research and later that year the obama ministration placed a complete moratorium on it quote, following recent biosafety incidents the moratorium was lifted in 2017. but, function research always had two high-profile supporters, doctor anthony fauci and doctor collins.
6:36 pm
in 2011 they wrote an article literally saying that generating a potentially dangerous virus in a laboratory is a risk worth taking. this week, one of the very few journalists who has tried to investigate all of this, josh rogan, who earlier reported on safety risk at the wuhan lab had this to say on megan kelly's podcast. >> the head of the entire field really is anthony fauci and the godfather of gaynor function research as we know it. steve: reached out to close to 100 people who are part of the cambridge working group to get their thoughts on the mounting pile of evidence about the pandemic true origin and they raise the alarm about the dangers of getting the function research in 2014 and they would be even more anxious to tell the world about it now when the very thing they weren't about looks like it might have happened but hardly any would go on the record with the spirit one of them was rutgers university doctor richard evite who told us that the 2019 renewal of a research project commissioned by doctor fauci and subcontracted
6:37 pm
to the wuhan institute of barela g unequivocally included gaynor function research of concern and his words. it should have been flagged for review. why verse many people others afraid to talk? his josh rogan again. >> i often took a scientist to say the same thing and they say listen, we want to speak out about this but we can do it. why? we get all our funding from nih or an iad which is run by doctor anthony fauci and so we can't say anything like the research may be dangerous or come from the left because we will lose our careers. steve: exactly. when ouchi and collins hold up studies or statements on their payroll as evidence for a natural origin theory it's a joke. it's the same reason we can't take the who invest station seriously. the man who subcontracted his research to the wuhan lab in the first place was the only u.s. or preventative on the investigative team. we have to get to the bottom of this, not to point fingers but to help prevent the next
6:38 pm
pandemic and as josh rogan made clear this week, one of the most disturbing aspects of this whole story is the media cover-up. >> doctor anthony fauci, hero of the pandemic, might also have had a role in the research that may have caused the pandemic. people can't get it to their heads but that's the reality but we don't have a media environment where we can have that discussion. steve: today, fauci was on all the sunday shows and guess how many times he was asked about this? zero. todd, margaret brennan, martha, none of them did their job and none of them dared go against the cult of fauci. this will not stand and we will keep going with our investigation we will keep pushing for a full independent investigation in this pandemic is killed over 2 million people and turned the world upside down. if there's even a remote possibility that it started with risky experiments commissioned by our own government, experiments which could still be going on, we need to know.
6:39 pm
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♪♪ steve: welcome that. i'm noticing incredible cynical and bad faith argument making the rounds on the left. they say conservatives fighting back against the racist destructive evil of woke -ism are using tactics that make them hypocrites after all the ranting about cancel culture, conservatives now want to cancel coca-cola et cetera et cetera. it's a bad faith argument because it deliberately models up two separate things. cancel culture is about free speech and d+ forming and no conservative is saying coca-cola's lamentable and divisive ceo james quincy should
6:45 pm
be silenced or have his corporate twitter account band but why should tactics like boycott social media campaigns and shareholder activism be reserved for the left? that's why this is a cynical argument and the woke left don't want conservatives fighting back and they don't want anyone else using the tools that have given them almost total control of the most powerful institutions in america. they want conservatives to continue doing what they've done for too long, slender. unilateral, cultural disarmament but no, we have to fight back. as we have laid out on the show, woke -ism is a product of a hundred year effort to destroy faith, family and culture which woke -ism's founding ideologues view as tools of oppression. yes, we must boycott woke corporations and hound their ceos and organized social media campaigns and most importantly we must hit them where it hurts. through shareholder activism. there are new ways to do that that we want to share with you. please follow us right now at steve hilton x and steve hilton
6:46 pm
fnc to see how you can fight back. joining me now author of always a soldier and host of the rob smith is problematic god cast, rob smith was a fighter. rob, you've been onto this right from the beginning and you can't just lay down and accept this but you have to fight back using the tools that are effective and the ones they've used to put us in this position. >> we do have to fight back, steve. what i think people don't realize is low, the left has control of academia, the left controls journalism and media and the left has control of the entertainment industry because conservatives laid it down 30, 40 years ago and allowed this to happen. and so now, what they are trying to do is create a kind of shadow government where far left twitter has so much control over our large corporations that they are using that to influence policy and they are using that to engage in economic blackmail, to get people to get
6:47 pm
corporations to fall out of state like georgia and how the mlb pulled their all-star game out of georgia and moved to colorado and there is a big movie coming out on apple with will smith and antoine called emancipation and that was scheduled to film in georgia and they have pulled that out of there and all of that money will go somewhere else. this is the fight that the left is waiting right now and i say the conservatives need to start fighting back. we need to start boycotting things and we need to start making our voices heard in this way because if we do not start fighting fire with fire we are going to be in the same place with this corporation, with this fight, that we are with entertainment, with media and journalism and with academia. that place is on the losing side. steve: exactly. so well put. i think one of the things that the corporate, the ceo, these woke ceos that are counting on is a continuation of that same republican strategy so they will
6:48 pm
attack republicans but then still expect republican politicians to fight for lower corporate taxes and less regulation and all of that stuff. i think these republican policymakers need to change their attitude as well. steve: >> yet, they do. there is a little bit a policy that happened throughout georgia where, you know, they hit some of these people like delta made some sort of statement about the woke that hit them with provoking of some of their tax credits and i think that some of these politicians really need to start doing this more often. i think the corporations and the woke left and everybody are used to weak republicans and use two-week conservatives that lose with quote unquote dignity and used to people not fighting and until we stand up and start fighting and start standing up to this they are not going to see that we are fighters and that we will push back. if we do not push back and we lose the control of, you know, the corporations and all that stuff like we lost control of
6:49 pm
media and of academia and of entertainment and if we don't stand up right now this is just another battle that will be lost, steve. steve: so what do you say to the argument that these corporations have to go to the woke left direction because they are employees are demanding it and from their own kind of management sanity they have to go along with what the employees want? >> they do not have to. look at coin base for example. when base just did their ipo and incredibly successful and have resisted the woke stuff at every where they advertised and they are showing that you can actually stand up to the mob and you can resist this stuff and still be successful. with these corporations they need to realize that if they grow a spine and if they stand up against the stuff and the woke twitter mob thrives on outrage and what they are outraged about today will not be what they're outraged about tomorrow's what we need to see is the corporations standing up
6:50 pm
and being stronger and weathering the storm because i'm telling you steve, you and i both know that these people live on outrage and they will just find something else to be outraged about tomorrow. steve: you are the best, such as strength and clarity, really appreciate it. thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you, steve. steve: coming up, what is the best way to fight the democrats plan to pack the court and undermine our democracy? jason jabez is here to tell us. ♪♪ ar ago, i was drowning in credit card debt. sofi helped me pay off twenty-three thousand dollars of credit card debt. they helped me consolidate all of that into one low monthly payment. they make you feel like it's an honor for them to help you out. i went from sleepless nights to getting my money right. so thank you. ♪ ♪
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steve: we can see all our reelection warnings are right biden is the weak puppet of the woke left, we saw it this week with the bill to rig the supreme court in their favor, last months with plans to rig senate rules and revived push to prestuckure the senate. and hr1 to rig our election rules in their favor. they never stop lecturing everyone about undermining our democracy, that is what that are are trying to do themselves, joining us now, author. jason chaffetz. i don't know whether to start.
6:56 pm
all adds up to this brazen power grab. what are we to do about it? >> all about the power, baby. they want more power so they win more elections and they can shove through the platforms they want. this whole idea, premise they never let a crisis go to waste to so true, they know, in a crisis, they can get things done they would never be able to do otherwise, when government figures out that, hey, we could do things when there is a crisis, that we would never otherwise be able to do. then there is a infinite number of crises on the hospitalization, you are right -- on the horizon, you are right, hr 1, called for the people act. there is nothing about this, that is about for the people. it is about for nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, stay in power, just be there forever.
6:57 pm
>> break it down, see what the steps we could take. republicans could take to resist this. is it true. would you say, that there you are confident every republican in congress can see dangers in hr1? >> no. that is what is so scary about this. steve: my gosh. >> the root of this, it goes back to the filibuster, if you have the filibuster, you have to get through a 60 vote threshold. but democrat want to bypass that, and harry reid, former senator majority leader, said you will never lose an election based on process, they counting on people not knowing what a filibuster is, how it works, they will get lost in the weeds, let's do this, if we could make washington d.c. a state, get puerto rico to be a state we'll get two more senors, and change
6:58 pm
the way -- senators, change the way that elections are run, you are right about ballot harvesting, then we could win more elections and republicans will not be able to keep up and we can can run the table for decade, and by the way let's change the supreme court to fix it, and make sure they pass laws that activist judges can rule will be constitutional. steve: could they do all what we've been talking about, hr 1, state hood for dc and puerto rico, and changing filibuster rules? and the supreme court. >> do they all require a vote, a vote in congress. can any be done unilaterallily biden. >> i don't think so.
6:59 pm
the filibuster is the line in the sand, there is a process, reconciliation, a budget matter and taxes, once a year they can go through with a simple majority, all other things require a regular order, you have to get past making sure the filibuster does not fall, our republic falls if they don't hole the line on filibuster. steve: apart of saying which should have won georgia, does it mean, we're relying on joe manchin to save us? >> they have been strong ones that have shown a backbone. i am not 100% sure all republicans will be there. how many times have we read stories about them jumping ship, doing something not core to some of the republican principles and
7:00 pm
platformso i don't know. steve: thank you for clarify, sorry we're out of time. join us next sunday. ♪ ♪ >> cartels at fto's foreign terrorist organizations. >> your first act on coming to american shores is to bake the law -- break the law there is a real problem. >> what we need to do is go back to measures diverse. legal immigration. >> seems to me the most dangerous influx to white house will be unvaccinated illegal immigration. >> no effort from u.s. government to prevent people from crossing illegally to united states a


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