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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  April 18, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> good point. family is so important. thanks, guys. you are my family and thank you for being with us. that doesn't for us for this weekend, the fox report with jon scott start right now. ♪♪ jon: president biden acknowledging the severity of the migrant surge at our southern border and calling the situation a crisis for the first time. he gets called out by members of his own party over the number of refugees allowed into the u.s. this year. good evening, i'm jon scott and this is the fox report. ♪♪ jon: until now the biden administration has refused to call what is happening at the southern border a crisis, even his record number of unaccompanied minors flooded the government facilities. meanwhile, democrats have forced president biden to revamp his
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plan to keep refugee admissions at trump era levels. we have fox team coverage. rich edson is stated by in la jolla, texas but we begin with david to spud reporting live wilmington, delaware. david. reporter: . jon: alright, david is alive but his signal isn't frozen. we are going to check in with our rich edson who is at the southern border where customs and border objections says it caught more than 170,000 migrants trying to cross the border in the month of march alone and we are learning one city is losing events because of bad publicity surrounding the crisis but rich edson, as i said, is near the border in la jolla, texas and has more for us, rich. reporter: good evening, jon. this road here has very busy, steady activity from border patrol with vehicles coming throughout for about a mile away from the rio grande river where
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migrants will cross and an appear in many will walk right up to border patrol and won't even try to evade but they will meet with them and get water and then they move on to processing. that is the scene and the site we've seen here for as long as we have been here and for longer than a week now. border patrol intercepted a few dozen migrants at the spot and agents say they mostly encountered migrants from central america but will also run into those from south america or eastern europe. this is la jolla, texas, 15 miles from the city of mcallen texas and the mayor says the migrant surge has had little effect on his city since migrants are processed and then either go back home or across the use night it saves but he says the news of the surge is giving his city a bad rap in out-of-town groups have canceled events in mcallen. >> they were hesitant to come down because of what they are seen in the news and that hurts hotel businesses in our
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restaurant business and all those things. i think the recovery will be hampered by what is happening the asylum publicity, absolutely. it's measuring what is covid caused an other thing that's causing it. reporter: another dimension down here at the border traveling those are those traveling without family and those are children were traveling alone and customs and border protection's says agents are apprehending nearly 500 unaccompanied children a day with more than 20000 in u.s. government custody and most are handled by the department of health and human services. hhs then moves them to longer-term shelters, military bases, convention centers or with family members who have two living united states britt as a surge continues to divide republicans and democrats. >> you have the biden administration instead of having people plant claim asylum in their home country like a trump administration was doing on day
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one they turned that off and now the cartels are flooding. >> there is no question that trump left us with a mess on immigration. you have been reporting on that, we been fighting it for four years. he has destroyed every legal avenue for immigration. reporter: republicans, even the governor of the state, or pressing the president or the vice president to come here to the border though we have heard the vice president kamala harris will be visiting mexico and on to guatemala to address the issues here. jon, back to. jon: rich edson on the border, thank you. now let's go to david a spot in, delaware. david. reporter: hello, jon. president biden will head back to the white house this weekend after spending the weekend with family in wilmington, as you mentioned at the top of the show. members of the administration are not calling what is happening at the southern border a crisis but instead they are calling it a challenge, refusing to call it a crisis but the president himself this weekend in delaware did just that on
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camera. listen. president biden: the problem was that the refugees are creating a crisis and now [inaudible]. reporter: president biden was asked about extending the refugee cap for it this year and late last week he signed an emergency determination which would put a cap at the trump era level of 15000 refugees but there was immediate pushback in his original goal north of 62000. >> based on what we have now seen in terms of the inheritance and looking at what was in place and what we could put in place and are quickly we can put into place, it will be hard to meet the 62000 this fiscal year. reporter: after intense pushback, jon, even from democrats those close to the
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president, members of the end ministration said wait a minute, relax, 15000 is not the final number and we will increase that number and here is national security adviser jay sullivan on fox news with chris wallace this morning. >> not only do we get people on planes immediately by changing those allocations which were rooted in xenophobia and racism but also that we raise the cap ear he is committed to that and he will follow through on that. reporter: and went refugees come to this country it's a different system than what we see at the southern border where rich just reported. refugees are vetted from overseas in their home country and then cleared to come to the united states at the southern border though, folks are just showing up asking for asylum. the similarity between the two jon, is called the office of refugee resettlement or or are and that is the deals coming with the southern border and refugees that want to come from all over the world and that is why the biden administration
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says there were some confusion about those numbers but administration officials leading with the president of the united states is promising to increase the cap from 15000 just not giving the final number as of yet. jon. jon: david in wilmington, delaware. thank you. it's not just that refugee camp or cap in washington but republicans are slamming democrats overt legislation they have proposed that would add four new seats to the supreme court. it's not the first time critics have accused democrats of court packing. griff jenkins has a closer look. >> since 1869 there have been nine justices on the bench and for that it fluctuated from as few as five to as many as ten and in this term court packing stems from 1937 when president fdr tried to change it to add justices for favorable rulings for the new deal for the senate shot it down. president biden who as a senator
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oppose the idea has ordered a 36 person's six-month study of expanding the court. a group of progressive democrats introduced a bill changing the number from nine to 13 to shake up the current six-three conservative majority. one of the bill cosponsors explained what he believes the change is necessary. >> we are here because the united states supreme court is broken and the court is out of balance and to many americans view it as a partisan, political institution, not our impartial, judicial branch of government. reporter: republicans are outraged introducing their own legislation to maintain the bench at nine justices. they slam democrats motives behind the move. >> this is a power grab by the left. many of us are concerned that they will destroy the foundation of our very government could rumor our founding fathers, they knew that government had to be restrained and had to be contained to protect the freedoms and the rights of the american people.
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reporter: justin stephen breyer, one of most liberal members on the bench since 1994 said earlier this month that making changes that might be perceived as political in nature would lead to an erosion in trust in the high court heard this is another cosponsor of the bill to change freshman congressman jones of new york is calling on prior at 82 to step down. jon. jon: griff jenkins, thank you. let's bring in louisiana congressman mike johnson, a member of the house judiciary committee. some republicans are publicly and i even guess privately rejoicing that the democrats are pushing the court packing idea and they think it will backfire badly so what is your take? >> i think it will backfire. i think the american people are widely opposed to this idea because they recognize what it would do. it would politicize permanently the third branch of government and we need an independent judiciary and the founding fathers said and set it up that way and said why it was so
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important that you can a politics governing this. imagine the chaos that would ensue if these profound constitutional questions are changed with every election cycle. that is what would happen to each success is president would then add justices according to their own party and it would go on end. we cannot do this pretty i love what the packaging included that 1937 with fdr, people forget it was the democrats who had super majorities in both houses of congress in that era and roundly rejected it because they knew it would be so dangerous. jon: it is interesting to me that right now you've got an almost a divided house of representatives and the democrats lead his razor thin there in the number of seats. yet, rather than working together with republicans to try to pass legislation that the emerging people would probably like, they seem to have gone entirely the other direction with congressman jones and others proposing this idea of packing the supreme court. >> i think what is behind it, jon, they recognize that that razor thin majority is their
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days are numbered. we will have another election cycle in 2022 and the republican party is going to retake the majority and everyone seems to recognize that, including the radical left and the progressives in congress so they are going for broke and going to push everything upon the emergent people that they can in this narrow window that they have and see what will stick but i'm so grateful that some reasonable people in congress recognize that is a step too far and i think they are looking at the public opinion polls and recognize it will be a backlash and make them lose even more seats in their's then they stand to lose already. jon: is that why you think speaker close he is saying, you know, she's not a big fan of court packing wants to wait for this presidential commission the president biden has appointed to make his move before she weighs in? >> nancy pelosi knows how to count and she can do math and that's her greatest strength and she understands there would be a backlash in their party. there's a radical agenda afoot and everyone sees it and it will [inaudible] to the republic and
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party because the left is pushing too far, too fast. we are delighted about this because it shows their true colors and i think we will have a really good election cycle in two years. jon: let's talk about the situation at the border. karl rove knows a thing or two about it and he's obviously from texas, texas resident and he says that the big danger comes from the cartels who are so heavily involved in the human trafficking here so listen to what karl rove has to say. >> we are dealing with the highly efficient and very smart criminal enterprise and the traffickers and many are tied to drug cartels, trying to overwhelm the system and that is why we are seeing a large number of unassisted children being tossed into or across the border and being forced across the border and brought across the border because they know that will overwhelm the system. you got to do with that. it calls for extraordinary measures. jon: and yet it was not until this weekend the president biden
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referred to it as a crisis. why so slow on that? >> i wish we had an answer to that question. we are delighted he's acknowledged the crisis and the next step is for him to acknowledge that it's his policies that have created this. and needs to be unwound immediately. as carl said, this is a humanitarian crisis. the cartels are abusing young children and we know about that pit to my colleagues from texas interviewed 14-17 -year-olds down of the border just last week and they asked them how much they paid the cartels to get over the border and they said we did not pay them anything because we don't have money so we said what was the exchange and we agreed to serve them when we get to the u.s., to serve the cartels within our borders in the u.s., indentured servitude. these are the things going on. sexual abuse and all the other horrible travesties and we know this and we need the biden and ministration to step up. this is not rocket science. we need to reinstitute the trump era policies became a such great steps.
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reinstate the remain in mexico policy and let's make sure dangerous people are not allowed in or at least require a negative covid test before we send these people throughout the u.s. we need to send a strong message to the world that we recognize and appreciate legal immigration but this is not open season and it is not an open border and we cannot afford to feed and clothe everybody in the world. the even as the benevolent country we are. jon: we had once democrats, even one on the program earlier, said this as a result of the trump administration breaking the immigration system. >> that's a joke. everyone can look and talk to the custom and border patrol agents and people that do these jobs and they will tell you that it's a biden demonstration's policies and they have told us that that it created this crisis. we need to finish the wall and double down on the things the president trump was pursuing that helped us get a hold of this problem. this surge began in january, everyone knows and they are wearing biden t-shirts for crying out loud and everyone can look at this with their own eyes
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and the american people can see the video and see the crisis and understand its created by the current ministration and we need this administration to lead on this and fix it. jon: the number of americans who now think that the refugee crisis at the southern border is worse than the covid crisis. that has gone up substantially. louisiana, rissman, mike johnson. thank you. >> thank you, jon. jon: more on the crisis at the southern border with former acting dhs secretary chad wolf who joins us live later this hour. now this, fox news alert, manhunt in austin, texas. police identifying the suspect accused of shooting and killing three people at an apartment complex. here is what the suspect, stephen broderick, looks like. multiple reports say he is a former travis county sheriff's detective who was accused last year of sexually assaulting a child officials consider him armed and dangerous and warned he might take hostages while he is on the loose.
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the advise area residents to try to shelter in place and we will bring you updates on this situation as we get them. this fox news alert we're getting reports of a possible officer involved shooting in burnsville minnesota just south of minneapolis and details are scarce but apparently it took place along interstate 35 and a man was seen leaping out of a moving vehicle and running on foot. we're waiting to learn more and protesters are reportedly on their way to the scene as well and you know that the minneapolis area is on tinder hooks right now. we will bring you more on this as we get it. protests over the police killing of daunte wright entering their second week in minnesota. joining demonstrators last night caliph ornette congresswoman maxine waters and the democrat lawmaker is drawing some criticism for urging protesters to become more confrontational.
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mike tobin's reporting live from brooklyn center, minnesota. mike. reporter: jon, the devon traders continue to gather here in brooklyn center nightly to gathering up for another demonstration again tonight. demonstration last night was peaceful and no clashes with police, no vandalism, no mass arrests but as you mentioned representative maxine waters injected herself into the situation until the demonstrators at the political right is racist and encourage people to continue coming to the street. >> this is hypocrisy and the dangerous rhetoric that she is spewing is not helpful and does not help the country and not helping us heal and i'm just ready to see the rest of the mainstream media call this out for the hypocrisy that it is. >> are you trying to incite more violence. >> no, i don't believe in violence. >> one protester was arrested in minneapolis. also in minneapolis three national guardsmen were injured when someone opened fire on
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their guard post and was standing in the neighborhood and someone took pot shots at them but the government were injured, not by bullets by shattered glass, their injuries were not to be considered serious bird curfew is at 11:00 o'clock tonight. jon, back to you. jon: mike tobin in brooklyn center, new york. thank you. backslash at three of new york city's most elite schools each pushing classes and programs based on race and politics. details on that ahead. wealth is shutting down the office for mike's retirement party. worth is giving the employee who spent half his life with you, the party of a lifetime. wealth is watching your business grow. worth is watching your employees grow with it. principal. for all it's worth.
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jon: parents and teachers are among those calling out some elite and expensive private schools in new york city over controversial curriculum changes based on politics and race. alex hogan is tracking this for us. alex. reporter: hello, jon. these are separate stories from three separate schools but some of them weaving together with some central figures standing up for one another. the first story is from great church school here in manhattan and institution costing about $57000 a year. now, that school report elite telling a math teacher to stay home after an essay that he wrote in that letter, paul said, he faced backlash for
3:23 pm
questioning the schools new antiracism policies quote, my and ministration says these constraints are necessary to heal students from harm but it is clear to me that these constraints are primarily to heal their ideology from harm at the cost of students psychological and intellectual development. the math teacher now saying he supports the action of a father at a different school, one dad andrew said that after seven years he's pulling his daughter out of another prestigious school and says a 1700 word letter to the schools roughly 600 families writing quote, if the administration was genuinely serious about diversity it would insist on the indoctrination of students and their families to a single mindset, not the reminiscent of the chinese cultural revolution but instead the school would foster an environment that intellectual openness and freedom of thought. an adult in another new york private school upwards of $54000
3:24 pm
per year the headmaster is stepping down. last year the school made headlines after some staff members wrote an eight page letter suggesting that more diversity measures were needed in the school, at the time, said this was not the mindset of the institution but rather of specific individuals and something that we are continuing to see with some of these new letters and essays coming out just this past week. jon. jon: alex hogan here in new york city. thank you. some new yorkers apparently are ditching the democrat party and voting republican after a tough year. asia husky spoke about the political trends that have thousands of them shifting to blue to red. >> lockdowns and a shuttered businesses and it was all too much for new york city residents built in blaine after voting for hillary clinton in 2016 he says he supported donald trump in 2020 after losing faith in democrats over how they handled
3:25 pm
the pandemic and how they stayed silent as socialists gained influence across the city. >> they been getting stronger and stronger for the past for years and i don't like moderates are standing up to them like they need to. >> another longtime democrat who switched to trump would only speak anonymously afraid of being a victim of canceled culture. he says watching violent protests over the summer and a rising crime rate was the final straw. >> i remember seeing these self-righteous politicians going on tv and talking about they want to defund the cops and like i can't even take the train. i cannot let my girl friend take a train and they never asked me. >> these voters are not alone, while president biden won new york state in 2020 former president trump gained nearly 200,000 votes in new york city compared to 2016 while biden got 3% fewer voters than clinton four years earlier. the biggest changes came from the bronx, queens and brooklyn areas hit the hardest by covid.
3:26 pm
>> everything old is new again ischemic political consultant says republicans in new york city tend to do better when there is a crisis but the party has to fix its branding first and distance itself from trump if it wants long-term commitments from progressives. if that happens, he thinks, voting patterns will continue to change. >> we have a crisis in new york city right now but crime is up, violence is up and there is a sense of disorder, small businesses are dying and the government frankly, city government, is not respect by very many people so something will happen but the question is what and how long before it happens. >> on the other hand, tens of thousands of republicans left the gop after the capital attack. in pennsylvania, for exhibit, philadelphia inquirer reports that many of those voters did not necessarily change their ideologies but they registered as third-party. in new york, aisha hasnie hosni, fox news. jon: straight ahead, we hear
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jon: i'm doug scott and this is the fox report. the bottom of the hour. if you are registering as here's a look at the top stories. justin, please arrest the suspected gunman accused of hitting three people at a lakeside tavern in kenosha, wisconsin. the suspect reportedly will be charged with at least one count of first-degree intentional homicide. the suspect is accused or i'm sorry, a suspect is accused in a series of police assaults in new york city. police say he threw a chemical at an officer in the lit molotov cocktail at other officers into separate incidences per he was arrested shortly after. investigators say the gunman who killed eight people at a fedex facility in indianapolis
3:32 pm
thursday bought the two assault rifles he used at the attack legally but he purchased some months after the fbi seized the shotgun from his home when his worried mother warned officials her son might try to commit suicide by cop in other words, attempting a crime that would bring a deadly response from police. fedex is donating half a million dollars to a gofundme account to aid victims of the shooting. for more on these and other stories download the fox news app and you can scan the qr code on your screen or go to foxnews .com / apps. now back to the crisis on the southern border as foxnews it takes a look at one location where illegal immigrants trying to evade law enforcement are crossing into the u.s. a hotspot is along the rugged arizona border. william lodge and this reports a place not often seen on television. >> its number one in the country for getaways. >> border patrol focuses on apprehensions. they keep getaways, migrants who
3:33 pm
cross the border and don't get caught. tucson last month apprehended 80000, 12000 got away. unlike texas the majority here are mexican adult males, according to cbp 30% were previously deported. typically a large group will cross and disburse an agent because some but not others and hear a group is loaded into a horse trailer providing an opportunity for other groups to cross elsewhere. >> it's almost like these agents are handcuffed and doing their jobs. >> why here? the indian reservation almost the size of connecticut in the landscape remote, rugged and smugglers exploit operational restrictions. >> there are certain things you cannot do on the reservation. >> the tribe maintains this a sacred land the federal government's continued destruction of our religious and cultural resources and nothing less are the bulldozing of our church grounds and are cemeteries. >> this is a popular crossing with migrants and this is a warning they have as they enter
3:34 pm
the sonora desert. be careful, don't expose your life to the elements, it's not worth it. >> does no indian village within 12 miles. >> breezy night, blistering days, rescues here are common but thousands and enter illegally every day and some die trying but last year the county recovered the remains of 220 undocumented migrants in the tucson sector. in arizona, william, fox news. jon: on arizona's southern border. for more of the migrant to search and president biden finally referring to it as a crisis let's bring in chad will former acting homeland security secretary under president trump and heritage foundation visiting fellow. we have seen the numbers skyrocket since the biden administration took hold in washington. is that reversible? >> i think at the end of the day it is, there are measures that can be taken at the department of homeland security to bring
3:35 pm
this crisis under control but unfortunately what we have seen with the biden and meditation turn on the policies that we enacted in 2019 and in 18 that cap the border fairly say, fairly secure and under control until they start taking enforcement procedures seriously and putting measures back in place unfortunately you will see the numbers that we saw in march over 172,000 illegal apprehensions and you will see those armors continue to rise. jon: what is the perception among trump and menstruation officials, former trump administration officials, such as yourself, as to why the biden administration is allowing this to occur? >> well, i think a lot of it has to do with politics unfortunately. it's very, very frustrating because we put in a lot of time and effort, not only with the most policies but obviously we negotiated a number of international agreements with the northern triangle in mexico and they proved to be successful. we saw that because of the numbers were going down and we
3:36 pm
were able to return to individuals back to their home countries very rapidly. all of that has been turned on its head as we seen over the last several months. things have been unwound to the point that the biden administration is currently breaking the system so back to your question, i don't believe that the current administration takes immigration laws in person seriously and that is leading to a lot of the procedures that we see right now going on at the border. jon: some governors, some state governors, are trying to fight the national government on this and florida governor ron desantis told maria bartiromo this morning that he is filing suit because of the criminal element that is being allowed in the country. listen. >> my hope would be that we would get an injunction enjoining this new policy basically saying that they have to accept and remove the criminal alien.
3:37 pm
i thank you could save potentially some pretty serious committal offenses in the future as long as they're not released into society in the meantime. jon: there are certainly folks were coming across the border just trying to build a better life for themselves but there are other people who are clear dangers from their home countries and this one, right? >> absolutely. i will say that a lot of these lawsuits that we have from states are very critical and important here because what we often don't talk about is the other measures that the biden demonstration put in place that they have handcuffed the ability of isa law-enforcement officials to move dangerous individuals from the country but individuals that have no legal right to be here, don't call for asylum and they are not allowing ice to remove these individuals and so states like florida and texas and arizona and others are very concerned about that because it's their constituents, those individuals that live in the states that will be most impacted by these dangerous decisions that they are making. i'm hopeful that those lawsuits will go forward and that we will see a change in policy at the
3:38 pm
end of the day. >> let's talk about this refugee cap controversy for a moment. under the trump administration the number of refugees allowed into the country is on different terminology from immigrants and that refugees was capped at 15000 per year in the biden administration was going to hold to that number and then decided to boosted almost quadruple it up to 60200500 and listen to stephen miller former trump advisor on that. >> when some of the radical left supporters came out and said no, you can't do this and you can do anything, no matter how basic, no hotter commonsensical that trump did within the span may be one hour or to the immediately folded and joe biden, the president of the united states caved in the space of minutes too far left voices like representative cortez and said
3:39 pm
they were going to raise the refugee ceiling. jon: is that why it went from 15000 under the biden administration to now 60200500? >> yeah, i believe it is. look, what i can tell you is is very confusing who is in charge of immigration policy and what they are doing, whether it's at the department or the white house. with the different opinions being given, different statements being given on the same issue whether refugee cap or whether it's other immigration policies. i would say the biden administration overall is really having a disastrous run over the last two or three months on their immigration and border security policies at large. specifically on this issue when we talk about refugee policies yes, 15000 but what most people don't understand is obvious he we are taking in a lot of folks claiming asylum and in any other country those are considered refugees. here in the u.s. we have two different terminologies, refugees and asylum. this whole idea that we weren't taking in or the jump administration was not allowing any individuals into the country that were seeking refugee status
3:40 pm
or persecution is simply not true because we know that we were doing that on the southern border as well. but why biden reversed himself in a matter of hours, it just reeks of politics at the end of the day and that is what is concerning i think to a lot of americans. jon: put on your or take a look at your crystal ball for a moment and looked on the road, i don't know, ten or 15 years and what is the end result of the actions that we are seeing right now? >> sure, i think the most immediate result is he will have a number of illegal immigrants remaining here in the u.s. for a large time so there is been debate over the last three-four years of the dac a publisher, individuals who came over illegally as children and there's been public debates on to give them amnesty or do not give them amnesty and so unfortunately we will see a population that is entered the country in 2020 and three or five years from now that we will
3:41 pm
be talking about democrats will likely going to be proposing some type of amnesty for these individuals and that is just a wrong way to do business. it's the wrong way to enforce your immigration law. you cannot address illegal populations here in the u.s. without putting strong border security and control measures in place. you have to is all that first and then you can talk about other ways to recognize these and the visuals and give them more permits but until you talk about border security and enforced security along the border and secure the border, at the end of the day, that is what needs to come first. jon: i've spoken to immigrants who did illegally and the right way and they are very resentful of folks who basically jump the fence and cut in line. former acting dhs secretary, ted wolf, thank you. >> thank you. jon: a massive train crash in egypt and a major fire in south africa. we go around the globe, next. ♪♪ ah, a package!
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jon: here are other headlines from around the globe. in egypt, during the willing north of cairo leading at least 11 dead and dozens more hurt. and south africa crews are battling an out-of-control wildfire in the university of cape town. officials say hundreds of students had to evacuate. at the vatican pope francis giving an in person blessing to hundreds of the faithful gathered in st. peter's square and this after lockdown measures forced him to deliver remarks from inside the palace. in israel, prime minister benjamin that on you celebrating the reopening of schools there. the country ending a year-long public mass mandate. in the czech republic protesters gathering outside the russian
3:47 pm
embassy after the government accused moscow of being behind a 2014 explosion at a check ammunition depot that killed two people. the country also expelling more than a dozen russian embassy staffers. in russia activists are calling for massive protests in moscow and st. petersburg over the imprisonment of vladimir putin, doctors say his health is rapidly deteriorating in prison after he began a hunger strike nearly three weeks ago over his treatment there. trey has more. reporter: jon, good evening for u.s. nationals screwed advisor jake sullivan said today there will be consequences for russia if opposition leader dies in prison. >> doctors who visited last week said he had elevated potassium and creatinine levels that could lead to cardiac arrest and is been on a hunger strike since march 31 and in a message delivered by his lawyers and posted to instagram he said he was threatened with
3:48 pm
force-feeding as his health continues to deteriorate. he was arrested after traveling to russia in mid january and has remained in jail ever since. his return followed a month long recovery process in germany after being poisoned last year. protests in support of the jail russian critic are scheduled to take place nationwide on wednesday and over the weekend president button called his arrest totally unfair and inappropriate. the international pressure russia faces over the detention of him comes amid new sanctions levied by the united states on thursday that targeted 16 entities, 16 individuals and lead to the expulsion of ten russian diplomats. those actions were in response to russian interference in the 2020 election. moscow linked to cyber attack and russian annexation of crimea. >> this all comes as thousands of russian troops have amassed on the border with ukraine and endless worry amid broader tension with the west and the russians could launch an invasion into ukraine ultimately dragging in other world powers.
3:49 pm
jon. jon: trait angst in jerusalem, thank you. that's a look at stories from around the globe. next, a test of the best as a military competition comes to an end in georgia. ♪♪ >> day three of the competition and we got more of the action pack forces as these guys compete to figure out who is the best of the best. that is coming up. >> vaccination, i am back at the border in a special two-part episode of no interruption. i'm taking you to the front lines. >> i don't want to play politics but this is a crisis. >> get a firsthand look at how unsecure our borders truly are. >> i've been here my entire life and i've never seen it this bad. >> we just want this to be a safe place for us. >> with exclusive footage you can only get on fox nation. during me as a take a trip back to the border, streaming now on fox nation.
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jon: now update on story we told you at top of the hour, officials confirm a officer involved shoots in burnsville, mississippi, south of minneapolis, officers shot and killed a carjacking suspect. the suspect believed to be a white male in his 20s, details
3:54 pm
are coming in. but a chase took place on interstate 35. the suspect shot at officers they returned fire. the suspect in burnsville, minnesota carjacking that suspect is dead. jon: we have a winner, u.s. army's best ranger competition ended today. after a long weekend of grueling challenges. before we announce the team that came on top, check out what its members endured. charles watson with the story. reporter: this is one of last events of the weekend. these ranger teams have big targets to hit here, i am talking about massive things you can see in distance. looking at this massive .50 caliber machine gun, the team is firing, one of the army's
3:55 pm
largest. the rain teams have green -- ranger teams have grenades and rocket launchers. there ising in about this weekend that has opinion considered easy, they have been going almost nonstop since about 6:00 in the morning friday, when they started the competition with a 9-mile buddy run, followed up by tough obstacle courses, this morning we have seen the remains teams jump out of black hawk helicopters and rush over to obstacle courses and balance their way without falling into the water. and competition wraps up sunday with winning team receiving custom-made 6 hour pistols, at a ceremony on friday, a tough weekend for these guys, but the title of best ranger is earned not given, jon. jon: that looks like fun. charles watson thank you. >> first place goes to team
3:56 pm
dollars. from 75 ranger regiment. congratulations. they are the winners of the toughest ranger competition. we'll be right back. hey, hey, no, no limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ [sfx: psst psst] allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good feeling sluggish or weighed down? it could be a sign that your digestive system isn't working at it's best taking metamucil everyday can help. metamucil psyllium fiber, gels to trap
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jon: catch former president trump in his first on cram camea
4:00 pm
television interview since leaves the white house tomorrow with hannity. here on fox news channel. that is our fox news report, i am jon scott, thanks for watching. judge jeanine: welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. the most dangerous profession in the united states is law enforcement. members of congress are promoting that we simply get rid of cops. take, for example rashida tlaib. she wants no police.


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