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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  April 18, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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trial. >> i'm going over there to see pictures, i'm not going to lie the dog is adorable. >> he goes down to the nitty-gritty. >> we need facts this week. glad to have you back and have you with us is morning. happy sunday and go to church. maria: good sunday morning everyone thank you so much for joining me welcome to sunday morning futures, i maria bartiromo, freedom and prosperity in florida, ron desantis on the economic engines firing up the sunshine state in his latest lawsuit against joe biden rational agenda. plus america on the world stage, the president vp to the welcome japan's prime minister as china lays down its law and hong kong encircles the wagon in taiwan and russia and ukraine the house
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until committee on how adversary widens america with the administration announcing in detail its plan to withdraw from afghanistan. plus the numbers are staggering more than 19000 migrant children apprehended at the southern border in the month of march the most ever in a month as they build more facilities but does nothing to stop the flow coming in, the facilities are surpassing 1000% capacity, former senior white house advisor stephen miller to process the migrants quickly so they can catch a flight to big-city destinations of their choosing. candace owens and charlie kirk on media censorship and cortical race theory a seven theater out of school from race theory propaganda. all of that and more as we look right here right now on sunday morning futures. ♪ first up this morning the
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fight against biden's radical agenda with florida taken a lead on a multistate lawsuit against the administration over the mass release of criminal aliens by ice this is one of several actions ron desantis has taken on immigration. on april 1 the governor directed florida state agencies who identify criminal migrants in prison and transfer them to ice custody when their prison term is complete. in 2019 he signed one of the strictest bands against sinks free cities in the country, ron desantis joins me right now. it is great to have you this money, good morning to you. >> good morning maria. maria: woke enter walk us through the lawsuit against the administration of ice. >> this is a reckless policy that we are opposing. when we have a middle alien at convicted of a felony they served in the 40 state prison and prior to joe biden
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administration, ice would take control of them when they finish their sentence and remove the criminal aliens and send them back to the home country. that should be like clockwork, that is the biggest no-brainer there is. instead under bidens in administration there no longer honoring the ice containers that would drawling the ice detainers and the u of a criminal alien that is convicted and spent five years in state prison for a serious felony ice is releasing them back into our communities. we know that some of those people will reoffend and we know any additional offense by definition is something that could have been prevented had they just follow the law, the lawsuit seeks to have them follow the law, follow the constitution, you will hear excuses for why they don't enforce immigration laws in certain instances, discretion, focus on the most threats. these are the most threatening folks. there criminal convicted aliens
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and they are not even doing that. you cannot totally default on your responsibility to enforce the law under the constitution. maria: part is dismantling of immigration infrastructure, right? ice has effectively been shut down. tell me about that because i don't think there is more funding coming toward these agencies even though the flows of people are just getting longer and longer and higher and higher. >> you are right and starts within dismantling president trump's policies to stop the flow of the illegal migrants across the southern border. what donald trump did work. it was working, joe biden dismantled that and now you have a huge catastrophe at the southern border and that is going to have reverberation all across the country so i think from top to bottom they failed, biden has failed on dealing with illegal immigration and rule of law. unfortunately, when you talk
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about the issues of releasing convicted criminal aliens into american communities, there is unfortunately going to be additional victims, that is totally unacceptable. maria: were gonna talk about stephen miller coming up about this, the biden the administration is flying migrants across the country to whatever city they would like to go to, the city of their destination choice. your thoughts on this into a cities and flying these people without ids, we really don't know who they are. >> just think about it some of these folks the same type of people that want the rest of us to show a vaccine passport just to be able to go to a movie theater or a ballgame, yet they are totally fine with people with no identification, no coping testing, getting on airplanes which you and i wouldn't be able to do without an id and be able to fly around,
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it is really curious that that would be the decision that they would make but this century jurisdictions are likely where they would end up going to a florida we ban the same tri-cities, it was the right thing to do, when folks come here illegally they tend to gravitate towards a left-wing sanctuary jurisdictions because they know that they will get off free if there any century city. maria: i want to ask you about the voting all moving to florida, before we leave the subject, when will we know more about the timing of the lawsuit, when will the judge hear this case, who hears this case so we understand how this will be resolved. >> florida's cases in federal district court in florida so when we will get an actual decision is hard to know because of the way that these things work. my hope would be that we would get an injunction enjoining the new policy basically saying that
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they have to accept and remove the criminal alien. i'm sure the government will appeal that but we can at least get us started. i think you could save potentially some pretty serious criminal offenses in the future as long as they're not released in society in the meantime. maria: senator ted cruz told us recently the integration story is directly related to the voting story, the democrats want more people to vote democrat. let's talk about the election reform bill moving to the floor to senate when you expect to sign that into law. >> probably within the next few weeks we haven't cleared all the hurdles yet. we ran the most transparent ways. we counted 11 million votes by midnight that was 99% of the precincts and the results were crisp, clear, unambiguous and everyone was really happy with it. we had signature verification for mailing ballots and we had
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voter id for a long time, be bob easley continue that. the key things with our new bill, were eliminating any loopholes for ballot harvesting, we will basically have a ban on ballot harvesting in florida and if you look at california some of the states that go to ballot harvesting it's a total disaster and were banning the well-funded groups like mark zuckerberg's group they were spending hundreds of millions of dollars to administer elections in certain parts of the country and we think that is totally unacceptable. we will prohibit that in florida. we did the best in 2020 and this bill will let us stay ahead of the curve so we run free, and transparent elections. maria: obviously georgia did not see it that way and they needed to come up with new roles and that sparked real controversy. what are your thoughts on major league baseball and these companies have done in terms of attacking georgia yet there perfectly fine with business in communist china.
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>> that's why it's so frustrating. they have the right to do what they want and you're gonna stick your beak into issues that don't directly continue and elected officials will stick their issues that may not concern them. if you are major league baseball and say you have to move out of atlanta because they're having voter id, what about the other jurisdictions that you're in that have more restrictive laws. what about the fact that you're doing business for the communist party in china and you've done business with the castro regime in cuba. it doesn't make sense, i think corporate america by trying to genuflect to the woken is, i think they've gone down a bad road, they will tie themselves in knots trying to please the extreme left, what i've told people if the left is after you, the minute you buckle, you're just painting a bull's-eye on your back there gonna keep coming back and back and back. if you just and your ground, they will complain for a couple of days and then i'll move on to
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the next outrage. i think some of the corporate ceos need to grow some backbone and they need to be willing to stand up and not get pushed in to taking these positions. as you indicated, it is not based on facts. they are basically accepting very partisan left-wing narratives in fashioning policy based on that without actually siding the key provisions of the law that there's so offended by. maria: the democrats would like to see mailing voting, you worked so well for them in 2020. >> here's the thing in florida when a long tradition of absentee voting or you personally request the ballot, they send it to you and then you return it, with some of the understates, they just mailed out ballot under ballots indiscriminate leap. if you don't have clean voter loss you sending out a whole bunch of ballots to people who may not live in the apartment the registered in, their homes and some of the ballots are being sent to businesses, that is not the way to conduct
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election. in florida, we have absentee by a request and we make clear noem mass mailing of unsolicited ballots even anna emergency situation. maria: what are you going to do in terms of the vaccine passport beyond, you mentioned a moment ago, major cruise lines in florida sports teams announcing that they will require proof of the vaccination. miami said they will seat vaccinated fans in their own section at the game. >> i did in executive order prohibiting that in florida from government and from private industry and we have a bill going to the florida legislature that will make that permanent. here is the deal, we don't want to go down this road, it is not a business, they have no right to know what shots you have had or not had, that's not ever how we've ordered american society.
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if you want to go to a ballgame you should be able to buy a ticket and go to a ballgame without having to show you you personal health information. we've believe it's important to draw a line in the sand on this when dividing a administration talked about doing it i said it will not happen in florida and a lot of states have followed my lead and i think that is the direction of the country needs to go and we have encouraged people to get vaccines, i think it's been affected for seniors and if we look at for the hospitalization rates have plummeted among senior citizens because we vaccinated seniors first. at the same time it should not be a requirement to participate in the broader society. we have drawn a hard line on that. i'm very supportive of getting our cruise line back up and running. at that is another area were suing the biden administration because they close the cruise line for a year and we think they should be able to sail but we also don't think they should be able to require your personal health information in that
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regard. maria: media is enabling all of this, you had a roundtable discussion with renowned doctors and epidemiologists in section 230 means big tech its federal government protection and then of course real quick before you go you can assign your new anti-right bill this upcoming week, word on those two items. >> big tech censorship is a huge battle for our time, private companies by controlling the discourse of our country and that is a huge amount of power and we have to fight back, were gonna have a massive overall a big tech in florida that i'm going to sign. law enforcement imposing stiff penalties on mob violence and make it to the local government tells police to stand down and you suffer damage to yourself or your property, you can soothe the local government and they should make a whole.
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maria: there is a reason so many businesses and individuals are moving to florida a list of hedge funds leaving new york because of the high taxes and setting up shop in florida. thank you very much, congrats to you. governor ron desantis, stephen miller is here reacting to president biden's decision to lift the refugee after criticism from the radical left. stay with us. [sizzling] i may not be able to tell time, but i know what time it is. [whispering] it's grilled cheese o'clock. up to one million dollars. that's how much butuniversity of phoenixis. is committing to create 400 scholarships
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better hearing in no time. get started today at the sky is the limit now, on what i can go do. fact i'm going to go riding this weekend. ♪ ♪ >> dr. fauci does this look like social distancing to you when you require when you talk about 6 feet. >> no. >> in the cells as you just said they are violating the very guidance that you tell americans to follow at restaurants in the united states would be shut down today if they were being run like this the federal government dividing a administration is running this facility.
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maria: that was steve scalise grilling doctor anthony fauci earlier this week on the cdc double standard at the southern border the facility in the folders is 1005% capacity with more than 4000 people crammed into that space that you just saw and is built for 250 people during covid it could've been 1000 people but the capacity of 250 people is now as i said 4000 people, border patrol agents say they're too busy caring for children to patrol create an opportunity for dangerous criminals to enter the country unnoticed. senior white house senior advisor stephen miller the founder of america first legal on nonprofit organization helping state attorney general's fight back against the biden radical agenda. good morning to you, thank you for joining us you heard what governor desantis is doing in their similar lawsuits in texas and in arizona. your reaction. >> the lawsuit being filed by florida along with texas and
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arizona is the most important lawsuit that is happening in the country right now, my organization america first legal is helping several of the states involved in this litigation. i want to be very clear with your audience of what's happening and why it's so dangerous. under normal administration whether it was the obama administration, the trump administration, the bush a administration, the clinton administration is a model alien was arrested by a local sheriff's department, a police department, state trooper, state police or highway patrol they were flagged by ice, detainer was issued whether whether they were put on put on trial or completed the prison sentence, this prevented them from sounding and once her committal
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procedure was over they would be sent home, the biden a administration has stopped doing that in the vast majority of cases. so all of the criminal offenders are now being released back into the u.s. population back into your communities, back into your schools, back into the places where you live. the result is good to be massive amounts, innocent people are going to get hurt, innocent people are going to get killed, innocent people will suffer irreparable damage as a result of that decision and if there's anything in the world that a judge shouldn't join and say this is a legal, incised director. maria: unbelievable, at the same time violence is breaking out across the country and i'm saying is not this but has to do with policy like cashless mail lists, kamala harris that she wants to take drop the country look at the number of shootings and murders, double and triple
7:21 am
digit. >> what you see is an attempt on the part of the left to change the conversation about violent crime. let's be very clear, as the war on cops, it's the war on ice and law enforcement that is causing the debate surging violent crime in america's major cities. look at a case like philadelphia, we have a far left prosecutor, homicides are surging, violent criminals are being released, if you want to save thousands of lives in this country every single year, take the strategy and tactics that new york's mayor rudy giuliani deployed in the '90s and apply those nationwide support our cost, long prison sentences, take violent offenders off the streets in the case of criminal illegal immigrants, send them home. maria: instead received the refugee be lifted. >> this is a national security issue, one thing that we did in the trump administration we said
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maria: i'm back with senior advisor stephen miller. we went to the break talking about the cap on refugee in the
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trump administration put that cap in place read initially i thought the biden a administration was going to keep it there and then suddenly they change course entirely. >> in a matter of a few hours this is one of the most remarkable things that is happened since joe biden was coming to office. so joe biden press secretary announced they were going to keep the trump refugee ceiling and placed for the remainder of the fiscal year. when some of the radical left supporters came out and said no, you cannot do this, you cannot do anything, no matter how basic or common sense that trump did within the span of maybe an hour or two they immediately faulted, joe biden president of the united states caved in the space of minutes too far left invoices like representative alexandria ocasio-cortez and said they would raise the refugee ceiling. this also in the middle of the worst border crisis in u.s.
7:27 am
history refugee resettlement is expensive. communities are already paying the cost of resettling record numbers of unaccompanied minors coming illegally with already paying the cost of illegal families now they will pay the resettlement cost for refugees from 10000 miles away from in u.s. communities. maria: it's unbelievable and it's more expensive with refugees because they're getting all of the things that the u.s. did like food stamps, free housing. >> people to understand this and federal law, all federal restrictions enacted to welfare are waived so you get medicaid, food stamps, you get public housing and you get cash benefits. people do not know this when you raise the refugee ceiling you are taking cash directly out of the pockets of hard-working americans during a pandemic once the middle class has been hit hard by the closures.
7:28 am
maria: i want to switch gears and ask you about the cancel culture and what we heard from justice of the supreme court clearance comments and technology companies, the social media companies have become more dominant and powerful than anyone expected and you think the answer is clear at this point, once republicans get back in charge. >> we've been looking as conservatives for what is the point of agreement, what is the common path we can all take to rain and the assessor power a big tech especially with respect to censorship, justice thomas in his opinion has laid out the path for all of us, what we should be talking about and campaigning on. that is to regulate big tech as a commentary are known as a public utility just like a telephone company, cannot discriminate because of your viewpoints, neither should dominant social media companies
7:29 am
that have taken the place of telephone companies, regulation s to catch up with the 21st century, were regulating telephone companies as a hard-line telephone with the way most americans keep in touch. look at the pandemic people are communicating on twitter and facebook, and instagram, we need to modernize regulation to say the social media entities are public utilities for general use and they cannot discriminate against americans based on their religion and political views and based on what they believe. that is a fundamental reform that we should campaign on in the moment that we have the chance pass it into law. maria: will republicans have the chance, that the whole point of h.r.1 nancy pelosi wanting to put the bill through so democrats are in charge forever or certainly decades, your thoughts on election integrity and democrat h.r.1 bill. >> it is a real sign of a threat to the health of our democracy, and a healthy democracy when a
7:30 am
party comes into power as the democrats have now, they want to focus on issues, they want to focus on doing things to make life better for people and have a debate about it. when democracy faces risk and democracy imperiled, what you see happening in said the party in power tries to change the rules of the game structurally to stay in power that is a very dangerous path to go down that is what h.r.1 is all about, now that were in power that's fundamentally change the rules to stay in power, using the rules to their own criminal structural advantage. that's a very scary thing, if you care about democracy, you should also with one voice, no, it's the right of every state in the union to set their own election rules as desired by their own citizens to protect the security and integrity of their own election.
7:31 am
that is fundamental and basic constitutional order. >> it's all quite extraordinary it's great to get your insight. thank you so much. stephen miller, laying it all out, we will take a break devin nunes is here on criminals and terrorist are taken advantage of president biden's open border, americans greatest adversary watch and prepare for a major power grab, china, iran, russia, afghanistan all on the move next. ♪ ip whoo! yeah! oh, hi i invested in invesco qqq a fund that invests in the innovators of the nasdaq 100 like you you don't have to be circuit design engineer to help push progress forward can i hold the chip? become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq
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maria: welcome back human heartbreak on full display at our southern border. watches disturbing video by border patrol agent of a smuggler dropping a 2-year-old migrant child over the border wall. virtually that child was not injured and it is playing out every day as a result of president biden's failed immigration policy and is open border. i next guest says this is not just a border crisis, it is a catastrophe. devin nunes joined me the ranking republican on the house intelligence committee. good morning to you can you tell us what you witnessed firsthand in mcallen texas. >> clearly these children that are very young by themselves unaccompanied minors is quite troubling, that is a catastrophe where you got dozens and dozens,
7:36 am
not practicing any covid protocol whatsoever with no parents, no adult, what is really happening is that you have the biden a administration and instead of having people claim asylum in their home country like the trump administration was doing, on day one they turned that off and now the cartels are flooding mcallen texas with 3500 people came came across the border were looking at 100,000 people a month coming into this country. maria: unbelievable. all of this as the rest of the world is watching, i want to get your take on what is going on in china, you have the chinese police doing the goose walk on the streets of hong kong where we saw the pictures, clear piece of evidence that things are completely changed on the ground in hong kong, jimmy is a freedom fighter, he is sitting at a
7:37 am
chinese goo law, he has been sentenced and arrested for the fight for democracy and freedom in hong kong, yet the epic times seen the printing press destroyed by masked men with hammers, what do you think china is saying the ccp as it looks to circle the wagon in taiwan and lay it down and hong kong, your thoughts on adversaries around the world looking at biden's america. >> the biden a administration seems to be going under the policy like ronald reagan said peace through strength, their policy is speak loudly and carry a twig you asked whether the chinese really want, the most interested, right now the united states is the world's reserve currency, the chinese would like to have that although their manipulators but what they want to do if they can get it so they
7:38 am
trust the u.s. currency, they will benefit tremendously. the biden administration is doing is not just globally but it's how much money they're borrowing in washington where were printing money. the chinese do not take biden seriously because they understand propaganda and they understand the white house the social democrats get up everyday and they plant stories, 95% of the content in this country is left-wing. and they built the narratives and of course through social media so the chinese really do understand how this process works, what are they doing with the biden a administration, they are laughing because they don't care what the narratives are in the united states of america. what they're looking at how do you devalue the american belt under dollars. they're working on everything in the social democrats are helping them everyday. maria: i am not seeing any movement in terms of the digital
7:39 am
dollar, you mentioned their efforts. this is something peter navarro said on "mornings with maria" last week this is going to enable china to do the block chain and control so much in the world. >> it's why you start to see a lot of movement into the so-called crypto currency and i really do doubt that china will be able to ever be the world's reserve currency because they are so corrupt but i think conventional wisdom when you look at china, russia, iran what is happening in afghanistan, the conventional wisdom in this town, the russians are just bluffing, the chinese will never take over taiwan. winner adversary say things like xi jinping has set in multiple occasions like taiwan is part of china, we ought to believe him. what happens in alaska, are people being dressdown is quite simply quite believable, the
7:40 am
strategy is speak loudly and carry a twig. maria: you were making news on the program back in september when you told viewers it was pretty much president obama had picked kamala harris to run, she felt flat so they propped up joe biden. joe biden says, here is to welcome the prime minister of japan, was that a snub. >> the question is we don't see a lot of biden every day, of course nobody is calling amount on what is the schedule and what is he doing, i think a lot of us wondering we did not see him in the campaign, something is behind the scene controlling and building the narratives out and they put their people out in their mouthpieces. >> let me move on to domestic surveillance, earlier this week
7:41 am
it open intelligence committee hearing you blasted christopher wray for weaponize in the department of justice and the fbi against republicans. is this still happening, what can you tell us about surveillance of a regular american right now. >> the big concern with fbi they were very critical of our investigation accusing us of material omission. because the first time director ray was in front of the committee i have to make sure that he understood the material omission that the fbi was failing to give to congress, that was the purpose of that. what should be troubling all of this, the national intelligence agencies put out a report on domestic surveillance but at a time we walked through the russia problem, iran, we have lots of problems out there, what in the hell are they doing spying on american citizens. i have warned all of the leaders this is a very slippery slope to begin to turn the surveillance activities, weird he know the
7:42 am
fbi and d.o.j. did in 2015 and 16 and they were investigating president trump for the entire four years he was in office. now we have the nsa part of our military were there targeting naval officers, republican naval officers, they're putting them under investigations in order to kick republicans out of the military, that is effectively what happens. i asked the general this and his answers are pretty muddy, i think a lot of the american people already know that the surveillance powers of the united states of america have been out of control and now you have politicized nation where you're targeting republicans and moving them from being able to work at the national security agency. i forget reasons will question if they are able to stop republicans from working what are they able to do that we don't know about where we've caught them in the past willing to reverse target american
7:43 am
citizens. you have this report that comes on domestic extremism, what on earth, were supposed to look at foreign threats, we are not supposed to use our intelligence services against their own people specifically republicans and conservatives. what happens in their world countries, we have to exposes for the american people to know. maria: that is because there is no accountability, we know what took place in 2016 on trump and his associates. there was never accountability. first it was the fbi and the cia and the irs was politicized under obama and now we have the politicized nation going into our military. this is outrageous. >> this is why we will have to submit a lot of questions for the record to build the case and build evidence and this is why so critical that we don't have subpoena power. but if they don't respond to our question, we will be putting subpoenas together that we can
7:44 am
issue in 2023 assuming the american people reward us in the election cycle. maria: good to see you. they get so much, candace owens and charlie kirk. stay with us. ♪
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maria: welcome back cancel culture in america's classroom teenagers being chastised for their conservative beliefs, unbelievable meet avery he was so inspired by charlie kirk that she decided to start a turning point usa chapter at her minnesota high school, she described the follow-up she received on "fox & friends". >> these rumors started going around accusing me of sending racist terrible hateful messages to a black student at my school with no evidence pointing to me. maria: in virginia teenager had
7:48 am
to leave school after being shamed over her black history month project on candace owens she shared her story with tucker carlson. >> i received an e-mail that morning that was disrespectful of me to highlight her as a black trailblazer and she stated how she believed candace was racist. maria: unbelievable how did america get here, why are innocent teens being cross-country caught in the crosshair. charlie kirk the founder of turning point usa and candace owens is the host of candace on the daily wire, good morning to you both, thank you for being here, kick this off, your reaction to what you just saw. >> this is a cultural fire alarm, we have young people that want to start groups or write an essay about candace in support of their country and their being accused of things, things that
7:49 am
they don't believe, where are the adults in the situation the incident in minnesota is so telling, avery was accused by the entire school with walkouts and demonstration a protest with no evidence whatsoever in the fbi got involved, the police got involved in it turned out to be a hoax, completely fake and they won't say who made up the messages interestingly enough, where are the teachers and the administrators and where are the adults that will stand up and realize that the next generation is standing up for freedom in our country is worthy of protection in the situation, it takes courage as a young conservative is time for adults to protect young people's rights to organize and speak their mind. maria: the mainstream media and big tech is fanning the flames. facebook blocked users from sharing a you new york post and the daily mail story on black lives matter enter 3.2 million dollars real estate holding.
7:50 am
>> exactly they always use this idea they say were protecting the privacy, that is furthest from the truth they did the exact same thing most notably with the hunter biden the e-mails and the laptops they sent that information because are trying to make sure the truth does not get out the train to protect the democratic party and not only the democratic party but the left wing institutions in general it's the thought process that we keep seeing that conservatives are not allowed to exist it's backward and wrong, especially when it comes to the education system taking part in this smearing their own students, the students having to transfer out of schools, this is systematic bullying happening but worse than that of propaganda what were seen happening is the acceptable way that human beings must think, this young girl julia takes me a black person for black history month and she was accused of being a racist. that is so twisted and perverted and wrong and it wouldn't be
7:51 am
funny if it wasn't so cruel that led to her transferring out of the school. this is a problem in your correct parents have to start speaking out not just speaking out was suing, you have to start suing these schools because the ruining the lives of young children. >> that is right, let's talk about suing and how families are pushing back, a quick break and then i want to share story one father yanking his daughter out of the seventh grade. we'll be right back.
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maria: welcome back and back with charlie kirk the founder of turning point usa in candace owens the host on the daily wire, i want to talk about this letter that is circulating the internet and this is a letter from andrew gottman the father of a girl in seventh grade she's
7:55 am
been there since kindergarten. she said the administration would not insist on the indoctrination of his students and their families to a single mindset most reminiscent of the chinese cultural revolution, he goes on to say i object to the view that i should be judged by the color of my skin i cannot tolerate a school that not only dodge it into judges my daughter but encourages and instructs her to prejudge others by theirs. >> this man is a hero, periods, pay attention he is an absolute hero so many parents can find and meet and say what should i do, yank your children out of school, the time is now it is not tomorrow you cannot have your children sent to school what is taking place throughout the universities and colleges and schools is a form of social engineering they are taking your children, undermining parents at every single point in the purpose because they want to turn the children into government activist they want to grow government and depend on government they don't want them to turn to mom and dad for
7:56 am
answers they want them to think mom and dad are wrong and backwards and racist in these children are so smart and so woke there handing out meaningless degrees, degrees in lot next studies and gender studies in all of these things because they want these kids to think that they know more than us, they are renting the education system of reading and writing and producing failures, this man is an absolute hero. maria: the man is now racist, the california education department considering implementing a statewide initiative to make math less racist. >> this father is a hero, candace is right, he had on something the word diversity the left loves talking about diversity, everyone that looks different but thinks the same, no ideological diversity no philosophical diversity, complete conformity that is what made america a vibrant and exciting country and the most
7:57 am
successful country to exist in the history of the world, this all starts on the college campus of the incorporation for the rest of the country. maria: you would think corporate america would not get involved but instead they are piling on, candace and charlie, thank youk so much, have a great i will see you next sunday. nd n. but i still have bad days flare-ups (coughs), which can permanently damage my lungs. my lungs need protection against flare-ups. so it's time to get real. because in the real world our lungs deserves the real protection of breztri. breztri gives you better breathing symptom improvement, and flare-up protection. it's the first and only copd medicine proven to reduce flare-ups by 52% breztri won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. it is not for asthma. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. don't take breztri more than prescribed.
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breztri may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. for real protection ask your doctor about breztri.
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howie: whatever happened todona. a piece that he largely faded from view. i guess to tackle the term is wrong. he doesn't command the attention as he did as president of the united states and twitter and facebook are still shunning him as outlaw but has there been a former president that wielded so much influence over his party. >> he still has a lot of popularity, if he runs in 2024, will you run? >> yes. >> would you vote for trump if he were the nominee in 2024? >> there's another hypothetical question. hopefully i don't have the


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