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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  April 17, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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that's great. and that's how fox reports this saturday, april 17th, 2021 i'm jon scott, thanks for watching, see you again tomorrow. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ mark: hello america i'm mark levin and this is "life, liberty & levin." let's talk some turkey. about the man in the oval office joe biden. joe biden has been saying many, many hateful things about many people simply because they disagree with him. joe biden has been saying things that are frankly flat out lies. he's been very dishonest about way he's approached his policy. this is par for the course for joe biden. joe biden served in the senate
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almost half a century. and everybody who served with him who is octave and honest knows that joe biden doesn't have a principle in his body. not a principle bone in his body. he's a chameleon. on top of that if you look at the early part of his life he was a cheat and plagiarist when he wanted to be president of the united states the first and second time around, he stole word for word from a speech of neil party he labor party had, he stole language from the late robert kennedy, he's absolutely shameless about the things he says and does. it's not because he's a smart man he's actually -- quite a dumb man. it is all about power and joe biden. for joe biden -- it is all about promoting joe biden. other week he met with a bunch of historians, and he wanted too know how could he be bigger than franklin roosevelt and lbj and
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learned before left and before it was not hard left and do whatever he has to do beat his chest pat himself on the back, make claims about inventing vaccine and distributing them whatever it takes, to promote joe biden and his legacy. but joe biden now is hooked on this phrase jim crow, and i got to thinking about this. there's really nobody better that's alive in washington, d.c. to talk about jim crow than joe biden why? because joe biden was part of jim crow. i want you to listen to sh short audio from npr national public radio back in 1975 but i'm going to make the point to you that joe biden is the most racist president in the oval office since woodrow wilson. >> there are those social planners who think somehow if we just sub man's individual characterize and traits by making sure that presently heterogeneous society becomes a
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homo seen use society that we'll solve and quite to the contrary i think the concept of buffing which in that concept is the question you just asked. or that the statement was in the question you just asked that we're gong to integrate people so that they all have aim access and learn to grow up with one another and all of the rest is a rejection of the whole movement of black pride is a rejection of the entire black awareness concept where black is beautiful. black culture should be studied and a cultural awareness of the importance of their own identity their own individuality. and i think that's a healthy solid proposal. >> there are a lot of people who oppose back then who weren't racists including certain supreme court justices, and others democrattings and republicans and black people and white people. gibb a long distances, buses had to travel and so forth. but the argument that joe biden
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made there was a typical argument of the racist and segregationist at the time and not smart enough to come up with his own and embracing black separatist movement the black nationalist movement, as an excuse as an excuse but this in and of itself isn't enough. 1975, he's praising george wallace i think that democratic party could stand a liberal of george wallace someones not afraid to stand up and someone who wouldn't pander but say what american people know in their gut what is right october 12, 1975 philadelphia inquire that is a strange, strange statement to be talking about george wallace and like that praising george wallace 1977 -- a congressional record during a hearing. absolutely stunning -- and he says, unless we do
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something about this and he's talking about buffing racial issues, my children are going to grow up in a jungle jungle being racial jungle with tensions biment so high that it is going to explode at some point. we've got to make some move on this. that's in the congressional record. from 1977, joe biden but there's more. in a old letter found that he wrote to james, he was a mississippi plantation owner who fought blacks for his entire career in life he was a segregationist and he worked closely with him from the sail state and they became friends. it became friends are you friends with the segregationist ever been friends with somebody like that? an in the letter to east land he never thought would be made public it says i want you to know that i very much appreciate your help during this week's committee meeting and attempting to bring my antibusing legislation to street.
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that's june 30, 1977. what else do we know about biden? during a campaign trip to alabama, during a campaign trip to alabama, 1987 he bragged about getting an award from george wallace first of all because he's such a liar nobody can remember him get an qeard from george wallace but that said, he bragged about it and now what's interesting about 1987 if i recall george wallace was repenting. he was repenting he was meeting with black leaders in alabama making statements that -- all of these things he did during his career all of these horrible things he did -- to black people the things he did and so forth he began repengting yet in alabama campaigning joe biden's basically preferring to pre1987 george wallace brag about getting award from him but there's a not all in a 1998 speech, joe biden called 100,000
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juveniles who have been been arrested for violent crimes in the united states creditors. he was talking about black predators who, quote, weren't exceptionally exceptionally tough treatment that's what he said at the attorney general conference in march. 1998 -- there's more. the democrat party has been the party of slavery, has been the party of segregation and has been the party of jim crow. the democrat party has used minorities and particularly black people from its very inception in many horrific ways. joe biden during his career has been one of the leading demagogues and prom began da when it comes to race. he praises robert byrd who is robert byrd some of you young folks may not know the minority and then majority leader of the senate by the democrats.
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rocket byrd was from west virginia, west virginia broke away from virginia during our around the civil war because most of the west virginia but west virginia now were supporting the union. robert byrd was a legal he was founding a movement within west virginia for the clan. he was a klansmen and saw fit to make them their leader. republicans don't do this. and joe biden was one of his biggest supporters. and he took a liking to joe biden. in fact, joe biden said during his memorial service that is when byrd had died, in louisville kentucky he recalled that byrd acted as mentor when biden joined senate and stood by him through times of personal tragedy among other things biden said we lost dean of the united states senate but also the state of west virginia lost its most fierce advocate and as i said i
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lost a dear friend. a dear friend now joe biden is president of the united states. is using race again. republican legislatures are trying to take back the electoral systems that democrat lawmakers, democrat judges democrat goarches and democratic secretaries of state ceased during the course of the last election. they do not want measures in place that were in place they said due to the virus. so they're trying to reassert authority under clause 2 of the federal constitution. it is nothing to do with jim crow. it is everything to do with a voting system that has integrity for all voters regardless of race. the democrats are pushing hr1 now s1 nationalize election system, which would eliminate all voter id which 80% of the american people nxding black people support. they would eliminate signature
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verification requirements for absentee ballots. they would allow people to vote in other precincts not their own precincts they would require the registration of 16 and 17-year-olds and they would require same day registration means that it is impossible to determine if people who were voting actually have a right to vote. they talk about in their law, about individuals voting not citizens voting which is clearly a huge gap intended to allow illegal alien to vote they will not allow states to go over their voting list to correct them to remove the sees people to remove people who might be registered multiple counties or multiple states they are forbidden literally forbidden from doing it and other things that democrats are trying to push as they have to start in the past the cease control for themselves. and that's another thing you need to understand what's going on with joe biden. in my view joe biden doesn't give a damn about this country. joe biden cares about joe biden.
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he's trying to empower the democrat party because his face is to the democrat party swam schumer and pelosi they never talk about what's great for the country or talk about the consequences of their policies for the country a perfect example look what's going on on southern border. if you had an ounce of human compassion and ounce of human compassion, you wouldn't pretend what's going on at the southern border isn't a crisis. you would ignore it and little girls are being raped people are being housed like sardines and diseases are being passed from child to child. where people are being released into the country we don't know who they are and we don't have their backgrounds we don't know their records. you wouldn't be doing this in encouraging this and creating this chaos and anarchy and all of this suffering among the people you claim to care about. south of the border -- if you cared about your country -- it is all about party because they know that latinos have been
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voting two-thirds the three fourth for democrats and they know that once people come into this country eventually they're going to get amnesty and eventually they and through chain migration i'm told numbers more will become united states citizens and vote. they don't care about the country. they don't care about the people south of the border. we know the man in the oval office we know who he is. we know the nasty propaganda he uses, that's what he's been doing for 50 years. and when we come back i want to discuss this with my friend shelby steele. ♪ ♪i've got the brains you've got the looks♪ ♪let's make lots of money♪ ♪you've got the brawn♪ ♪i've got the brains♪
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♪ ♪ welcome back america, we're with the great shelby steele senior fellow author of a great book she sharell he's going to reunite the country you're an observer of these racial issues, and intellectual and scholar written about them for decades is joe biden headed in right or wrong
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direction when he wants to reunite the country? >> i think he's absolutely headed in the wrong direction. his, his whole -- point of view is to take us farther and farther left to deindividualize us. he is, everything he says is larger philosophical orientation is against the development of individualism. he wants, leans to socialism, to marxism to far left. certainly with regard to black america, we need at this point a focus that is on what the potential of the individual. and i think we need policies, public policies that reflect that. that -- that enhance the individual. we have way too much focus on group identity and collective
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identity. those are -- those are identity it is that attack people away from their lives that -- that inxas incapacitate them and done this to you play a little while ago i think he does biden does not understand the importance -- part of the american dream is that the individual has a chance people don't come here saying well i want my group -- i want all black people to have it, people come to america saying, this is a place i can develop myself. i can flower. and that's what makes us a great nation. ralph says better than anybody else -- the group is the gift of its individuals. i don't think mr. biden really understands that.
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and that's too bad. >> shelby steele he also has embraced, i mean, really embraced his notion of critical race theory, not racially quality but racial equity he talks the talk of the radical markist left and he not only talks it he surrounded by these people -- and he signing executive orders, and he's issuing fiats that are instituting the most radical forms of racial discrimination. what do you make of that? >> this mark, i think goes bag to the 60s. in the 60s, america for the very first time really and because it was such the focus was so much on civil rights -- and transforming americans racially to racial equality and so forth that -- in that -- in that era for the first time america felt an obligation to
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social morality. you had to have a sense that god's hand was involved in social relations and fighting racism and so forth. and so many ways this 60s added this, this idea of social morality to our culture. and it transformed the whole racial issue in america into something of a morality play. a play of guilt and against innocence and we're still in that, and in that -- in that format, guilt is, of course, what america is supposed to specifically white america supposed to feel toward its past. what happened in america over the last 60 years is we have made innocent a racism. we've confused that with actual
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racial reform which would involve the development of black people. instead we focus on proving our innocence so we end up with political correctness and virtue signaling which mr. biden is expert at and left is expert at they're always signaling their virtue critical race theory is simply a signal of innocence. we are so innocent of racism. we are -- we are -- we practice this political -- this form of political correctness critical race theory well i think this whole -- confusion of social reform with morality is what has -- has created power that left has so left goes around simply says to everybody, you're immoral you're immoral you're a racist
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you're a racist you're a racist. you're a sexist you're a sexist you're a sexist. you're evil, you are associated with america's evil past. we on the other hand are innocent. we want to redeem america. wept to put it back together again supersede all of these things and so we create a vocabulary for the critical race theory. intersexuality diversity so forth that is -- stands for the good stands for innocence of america's racial sins in the past. and we can pose that vocabulary on every institution of lifelong ago education was taken over by that language today corporations are taken over by that language. by the again, these -- this pursuit of innocence of displaying innocence claiming innocence -- and it is -- it brings enormous power.
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it is the power of the american left. the central baring so that people can be on the left and feel that they are more decent than people who are on the right. conservatives on the other hand are seen as again a lie with that old american evil. they're all just really wanting to go back to the days of the clan and that sort of thing. and you see that as we democratic leadership again you constantly referring to the right in references to the clan and white supremacy and so forth. so this is no idle thing. the democratic party, the american left has taken -- has fashioned this tremendous source of power. this moral -- this capacity for moral judgment. conservatism, on the other hand does not have much of a moral
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prince phillip. the queen after 73 years of marriage to phillip apart from the regs of the family accordance with strict social distancing rules. prince harry also attended walking into windsor castle with his brother prince william. the funeral marked the first time hare attended publicized efnghts since bombshell interview with oprah winfrey. yet another grim milestone passed today as the global death toll from covid-19 surpasses 3 million. 560,000 people have died in the u.s. that's the highest death toll by any country followed by brazil. i'm jon scott i'll be back tomorrow for an all new "fox report" at 6 p.m. eastern, now we take you back to "life, liberty & levin."
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they have no way to address the way minorities particularly face a few years ago, there were 752
4:30 pm
black kids shot on south side of chicago in one year. i think it was 2016 or so. what do they have to say about that? nothing, no fun follows up on that and thousands and thousands of black kids shooting and killing each other. yet the world stops over george floyd. the in paris -- the demonstrating by the eiffel tower and george floyd, george floyd offers liberals innocence. i can say that i'm torn to pieces about what happened to george floyd because i am, again, innocent of the america's racist past. and so it is an easy thing. but the real problem that blacks feel or suffer from is
4:31 pm
underdevelopment. you go through four centuries of oppression, you're not going to come out completely developed. it is going take a long time take a great effort to overcome that. that's what nobody in america wants to face. i began with conservatives because it seem to me conservatism gave the, made the room for that. for what was the problems that were real rather than the problem you know today racism and so forth and systemic racism. these are fictional problems that again give all of the innocence to the democrats and give the evil to the republicans. that's what conservatism has to be relentless and fighting that. what we -- and first thing conservatives have to do is to not pick up language of the left. you know not to talk about systemic racism and do not fall
4:32 pm
for what. do not in the work place, do not fall off bias -- you know, this is all -- every time you do left gains a little more power. and so there's no serious argument has no answer to black underdevelop and can't even talk about real black underdevelop. they succeed by again using this language that will graduate you innocence. so delta airlines now is backing out of the all star baseball game to say in effect we are so innocent of racism that we won't support this year's all star game, and when you buy a ticket to fly on delta airlines, you're buying some innocence. and that -- that is how insidious left's strategy is.
4:33 pm
they control morality. well, conservatives tend to be tend to pox focus on the bill of rights, on the constitution, on parking lot law, on the rights that are due to individual. all of which -- are magnificent but they don't have that moral appeal of innocence. and it -- that is the kind of achilles' heel on the right. >> shelby steele i want to thank you not just for your courage today but your courage every day and brilliant things you have written you're fantastic books and articles web and i wish you all of the well sir, god bless. >> thank you very much for having me. we'll be right back. not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need.
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welcome back america have a great guest charles payne fox news contradict tore wrote a great book making money with charles payne he's a host on fbn as well charles nobody better than you to help us sort through what looks to be trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars that are being spent on things called infrastructure that have nothing to do with infrastructure. and covid-19 that have nothing to do with covid-19. what exactly is happening here, charles? >> they are mark, remaking america with the unlimited checkbook, and you know, a few i would say maybe couple of years ago you started to hear about this new thing called modern monetary theory. and essentially, it goes like this. the government prints money so why should there be limits to how much they can print? especially if it is for the greater good? and then someone would say if you print a lot of money that would create inflation.
4:39 pm
well, on that end of the bargain that's where taxes come in. taxes are not about economics even though they're portrayed as such in new world. they're about maybe maintaining a level of inflation and punitive their punishment. so now that you're armed with notion that you can just spend as much as possible. knowing that american public is still not ready for something that outrageous, you have to, you have to sort of dress it up. you have to give it a name. so covid relief now match reintroduction of the great welfare society. infrastructure will now mask the green new deal, and so on. the one that's in the cue right now that i ponged ponged interesting after two trillion for quote unquote infrastructure is human capital i don't know how they're going to frame that because they're already telling us taking care of elderly folks is same as building bridge so we're asked to us suspend
4:40 pm
disbelief to see a sci-fi movie but this is our livelihood this is our country this is our nation this is our wealth, and it really is amazing. but they have, they have stepped up to plate and pushing this narrative. >> you know charles they're doing in a way that completely undermines representative government these massive bills are being passed first they're being written, and covered dark and they're pushed through with smallest minorities in the house and the senate. we don't have an opportunity to pedestrians like me to actually know exactly what's going on. they've got the capitol building surrounded by police and i can't get to my congressman and senator and this is pushed through at record speed using something called reconciliation where they pressure the parliamentarian and senate to agree they can do this four times year and supposed to do it once a year. the whole system seems to be collapsing in terms of checks and balances on spending.
4:41 pm
what's your take on that? >> i agree 100% it is frightening what's happening and maybe it is early to say so. but we could be looking at future history if books with a chapter on the man who saved the republic joe manchin. he really i'm telling you mark he might be our last hope with all of this. he wrote an op-ed in washington post saying that he will under no circumstances remove the filibuster. that sort of puts a big, big not just a speed bump but brick wall into the sort of hijacking of our system and this forcing -- forcing these ideological changes on us and guys by the way is policy these are ideological changes on what america should look like, they've been arntiond around since late 1800s and utopian society where government prints money and everything is essentially equal except those slightly above us because, of course, they're one who is keep
4:42 pm
machine going, it has been a fantasy for a long time. they smell a chance to take their shot. and they're taking it and i will say one of the things that kind of embolding in them is that -- they've been -- we've been precincting money as a nation for a long time our deficits, our debts have piled up, sky high. year after year -- for a long time. and folks have been out there warning hey we're going to go off the cliff, per cliff and what happens when you wake up and haven't gone off cliff more people say well maybe we won't go off the cliff. they start to seduce a political type folks who don't pay attention to this which is majority of americans, and then sort of start -- the plant these sends seeds and do it in books, commercials and working on this this is not overnight. it is a planned, this has been orchestrated this hijacking of america has been orchestrated for a long time and they feel like this is their moment to
4:43 pm
pull it off. mark: you're really right on, and maybe people who didn't live through 70s with massive inflation where you couldn't get a mortgage less than 13, 14% or maybe they're not familiar with those black and white films of the why am i a republic after world world war i that led to the fascism that followed. or maybe they have to look their children and grandchildren in the eye and understand that while these things don't happen overnight they do happen. because nobody knows better than you -- that the law of economics are just as certain as lawyers of physics. i'll be right back.
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mark: welcome back america, welcome back charles payne. the democrats keep using this, this i've said this marxist model class warfare rich get rich and poor get poor. do the poor get richer under socialism and marxism and redistribution of wealth and massive taxation of successful people? >> the answer is no. is absolutely not, and what's really intriguing about all of that is you don't -- you don't have to look outside of this country or even that far into the history books. look at what's happening in most progressive states in america. look at new york state. look at new york city. the greatest income inequality in the world. in the world -- look at california. look at the exodus from these places. try to start a business as someone who isn't already wealthy. it is really amazing. we see first thand that the notion of high taxes is somehow
4:49 pm
equalizer that it make all things right and unfortunately people do go with their emotions over common sense and over historical facts. yeah let's go. let's grap pitchfork and tornlings let's go door to door with all of these rich who don't pay any taxes let's go after amazon. amazon is second largest employer in america soon to be number one employer in america. last year, when hundreds of thousands of people were losing retailing and leisure jobs guess where they were finding work amazon but let's pair and write it down because for, you know, they're not paying their fair share no one is ever determine what had fair share is we know that the top 1% pay a lot more than 1% of the taxes top 10% pay a lot more than 10% of the taxes nflt over half of the taxes. so it no one is ever clearly articulated what that is. other than going to that emotional button and so dangerous it is so disingenuous and it is backfired every single
4:50 pm
time, mark it really has. >> what amazes me charles is we know it works. world doesn't start today. we know massive taxation and redistribution and wealth kill economies kill jobs, and make people poor. and make nations poor. in fact, it creates poverty -- and then we look overseas communist china, i mean, i'm concerned we're reach ac point communist china on the move geopolitically and economically, i'm concerned that they're relying more on capitalism more than we are it is an amazing thing to watch and when you massively increase taxes have regulations and so forth, how are we to compete with these other countries, charles? >> we can't we could not compete with these other countries, and it is really amazing when someone says well look at our tax breaks in 19 50s in the 1950s the rest of the world was digging out of rubble. europe was a rubble, japan was rubble.
4:51 pm
china was undeveloped. we had disaster zero competition in 19 50s and highest rate at 90% if you want, by the way, a few people only paid it is anyway. right now we're in a global fight. you remember few years ago under obama administration this word came into the left in versions -- essentially american companies overseas dozens and dozens of them did that more threaten to do it. because they simply could not be held hostage to the the saying we'll treat you great an won't tax you to death and we'll make you feel good and make you feel at home. company after company was saying yes, we'll take that if bill. so right now when you have president biden talking about 28% taxes, comparing it to the 1950s, comparing it to the past and suggesting that hey it was okay we thrive under those conditions before. he's being disingenuous and you
4:52 pm
have janet yellen whewing the rest of the world particularly what they call group of 20 nations to lower their tax rate. it is a de facto admission mark of what you just said. she knows if we go to 28%, and the rest of the world does particularly industrialize nations, more companies are going to flee and flee faster than they did under biden obama administration. >> so they want the rest the world to adopt our tax policies under biden. >> yeah. >> overtax their industries -- so our industries don't leave. this is really quite remarkable. now all of this spending, all of this government sin trick activity what does it do to currency? >> it loses its value only thing that's helped currency is that everyone is doing it. so you know, we have this federal reserve -- england has bank of england japan has bank of japan. europe has the ecb european central bank, so they're all
4:53 pm
precincting and precincting and only reason we have any value with the so-called fiat currency because others have gone doin qawlly we don't know it but we can look at bitcoin cryptocurrency and that will tell you something is wrong and -- and people are understanding that. and currency really are losing their way and may actually go all the way out if governments can't stop rise of cryptocurrency like bitcoin. >> you're terrific i want to thank you very much charles thank you for what you do every day on fox and how you try to educate american people about their country and their economy. god bless you, sir. >> thank you so much always wanted to come on your show. i appreciate it. mark: thank you very much. we'll be right back.
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[♪♪♪] mark: welcome back, america. at the top of the program i talked about jim crow joe. now i want to talk about tax loophole joe. he has multiple homes and a largest state in delaware worth millions of dollars. how did he do it? the last three years the bidens have brought in an enormous amount of money on speaking fees and writing fees. i don't understand it. but that's what they got, millions. during that period of time they set up an s corporation? why? because joe and dr. jill didn't want to pay payroll taxes for medicare and obamacare? $13.5 million. they set up two s corporations
4:59 pm
and they ran the vast majority of the money they earned through the s corporation in ordinary to avoid paying their fair share on medicare and obama ware. he he is a fraud. he says he represents the little guys. he represents the unions nell blows out the jobs on the xl pipeline. he is for the seniors nell avoid paying for obamacare and medicare. the media can care less. i brought this up in the summer of 2020 before the election. but he gets protection from the
5:00 pm
praetorian press, but not here. i'll see you next time on "life, liberty & levin." [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world" with i'm jesse watters. break them up. that's the subject of tonight's watters words. the digital revolution and age of the internet was supposed to give us access to anything we wanted to know and communicate whenever we wanted to to anybody we wanted to. information was he supposed to be democratized. but in the last few years powerful interests have re-consolidated control over


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