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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  April 17, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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lesson number two, then what? how you communicate? all right, that's it but we'll be back at noon eastern tomorrow. the big saturday show is next year on the fox news channel. ♪♪ >> hello, everyone. welcome to the big saturday show. here's what's on cap tonight, joey, kick us off. >> in her first interview since leaving the talk, sharon osborne speaks out, comments she made some are calling racist. what she said and more coming up. >> report democrats looking to pack the supreme court but nancy pelosi says not so fast. last but not least, sean.
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>> grade greg abbott once a biden administration to label drug cartels as terrorist organizations. the biden border crisis coming up. >> we have a lot to get to that first, we begin with accusations of racial indoctrination. coming from inside on top american schools as the issue of teaching critical race theory is now reaching a boiling spot. a math teacher at new york's elite church high school is being told to work from home after accusing the private school of having a man a fixation on race and pushing on its students anti- racism, ideology that makes white kids ashamed. now the father of a student, another elite school, $54000 a year school pulling his child out calling antiracism policies cancers. andrew gottman writing a letter saying i cannot tolerate a school that not only judges my daughter by the color of her skin but encourages and
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instructs her to prejudge others by this. single mindset most reminiscent of the chinese cultural evolution. at the talk about this. sean, i want to start with you because you're the father of nine kids, you knew that, right? >> i know, i've got nine. abby: i just wanted to make sure. as a parent then, how you react to this? >> my first reaction, 56 or $57000 a year, i get that free in public school, why do you pay 56 grand for that? why are we talking about oppressed and teaching kids that instead of teaching them math and science and english, necessary skills they will need to be successful in an american economy but also competing with places like china and india who are really focused on their studies? if you can afford 56 grand to
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send your child to school like this, you can afford to leave and go to another school. what i feel bad for the kids in public schools just like this who talk about race all the time and you can't get out because it's the only school you can get to i think as parents we have to look at it and say school boards, we have to petition our unions and school boards if we are not on the board but the best thing is to defund teacher unions and you do that by school choice. if we take our money with us with our child and choose where we go, we take power away from unions, we defund the movement and empower ourselves and kids get a great education. i think that is the answer, money. abby: when you think about this, there are more conversations about race, which can be extremely productive but you think in this case is taking it a little too far to have someone take antiracism ledge in order to apply to a school? >> i think sean is right, schools are going to do what they're going to do, private
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school and exactly like you said, parents are paying $57000 to send them to school, they have enough money to pull their kids out of the school and move them to a school that fit their line of thinking but times have changed. i think back to when i was in school, the biggest concern i had whether my mom would let me go to prom or not and she didn't and it has haunted me ever since, i feel like a different person because of the. i think there are a lot of parents out there who believe in the power of parenting. parenting and home life is really what impacts your kids way more than schools ever could. high school college didn't raise me, my parents raised me so i really think that if you want, if you pay $47000 or $57000 to send your kids to one school, you can afford to send them somewhere else.
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abby: somebody needs to ask you to prom. i apologize in advance to your inbox. again, in this case when you talk about antiracism, you think by taking this and having this pledge is automatically assuming the kids are racist? how do you manage that and still teach people about inclusion but do it in the right way? >> my mom came to the only problem i went to so there should have been a class that gets that, and i looking like the monopoly man but my 11-year-old son, he does not have to apologize to anyone for being white and male because he was also born empathetic and caring and smart and nurturing. i call him a nerd loan because he's way smarter than i am and no one needs to tell him what he should apologize for because he
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looks at everybody in that cost the same. he was born to the first generation of lower middle-class on either side of his lineage. no privilege, he doesn't have much but he's the first generation to consider having it. it not the teachers job to put character into my son so raise your kids, this won't be a problem anymore. my son is strong enough and smart enough to know when teachers put things in him, he needs more geography because he's not getting it from his dad. when it comes to character, he's got and he got it because i took the time to put it in him and as far as taking a pledge, the pledge of allegiance is the antiracism ledge and the last i heard, i think local folks want to get rid of it. it mentions something about god, our creator spirit across the board, we can agree parenting is everything and it sounds like both of you are good parents. you and i come from great parents and i guess sean, i'll
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ask you, where do we go from here? where do we go with schools teaching these things but we also want to handle it in the right way? >> i have great parents, too, liberal money sanders supporters but i love them dearly and i think you probably had great parents, to but your mom or dad probably knew you wanted to go to prom. >> i even had a just picked out and i didn't get to go. [laughter] >> it's always our responsibility as parents and grandparents to educate hours kids and instill values. one problem i found with my kids, i sent mine to a catholic school is open this year, they come home and start talking about christopher columbus and how bad columbus was an hour founders and they don't actually have an accurate history, it becomes a full-time job as a parent especially when you have somebody like i do to rewire the falsehoods they are given in schools and if you go back to
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the basics, we should talk about race and being sensitive and look at people by the color of the skin but the content of their character. when we judge people only by the color of their skin, you become a far more racist society, everyone goes into racial asylum or sexual preference and what joey mentioned, we are all americans, that's what unites us, we are a great melting pot, let's celebrate together, american flight and great history and economy, let's focus on that instead of the things that divide us and as a parent, i got to rewire them to say no, that's not true, but talk a dinner for two hours about the truth, it's frustrating. >> absolutely. when you focus too much on one thing, human nature is to create this television and you're so focused on one thing that you are ignoring the big picture around you so that's something to be careful about as well. great discussion, a lot more on
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the other side of the break as the crisis of the southern border worsens, kamala harris still mia. coming up, but texas governor greg abbott wants done to help stop this urge. >> all they have done is created a complete open border we have not only young unaccompanied minors, you have terrorists coming across the border as well as cartels. ♪♪
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welcome back to the big saturday show presses at the southern border showing no signs of slowing down but the number of unaccompanied minor children at record levels last month. meanwhile, texas governor greg abbott wants the biden administration to label mexican cartels as tears organization saying they tear into our communities and time the government to designate them as such. bidens border person, kamala harris has yet to visit the
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border but has planned to visit soon. >> i've been asked lead the issue in the northern triangle we have plans in the works to go to guatemala as soon as possible. >> abby, i want to get your reaction to the story with what kamala harris said with a call from greg abbott, what is your thought? >> it's important to know she said we have plans to but there's not any confirmed trip yet to the northern triangle or mexico or to the border for that matter. she kind of said look it's not my duty to go to the border, i'm in towards of diplomacy so she's made a few calls and has yet to actually go there. i think wharton's important, president biden called a crisis and i think it's important to know crisis to me as a civilian
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means immediate action needs to be taken but it doesn't seemed like that is happening. senator mayorkas, secretary rather, then down to the border three separate times but why is that word getting to present joe biden? why isn't it getting to kamala harris? why is nothing being done? is a huge worry to me, we need to address this. kamala harris said this isn't going to be fixed overnight which is true but the needs to be a start. it's not going to be fixed overnight, where do we start we're kind of sitting back a bit of a priority arrests by ice are dropped by 75%. we are starting to associate cartels not only with drugs but also associating them with smuggling and trafficking. governor greg abbott has said we need to shut these things down, sexual assault, we really need help, why isn't that happening? >> i think you're right but the
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way you start to implement a plan to resolve is you actually go up to the border and listen to the people addressing the crisis on the border to get good policy in washington but joey, you're the only one i know gone off an actual slot terrorist organizations, i think of isis and al qaeda and now great abbott saying we should actually designate accident cartels as terrorists based on your experience, do you think it's appropriate it should be classified as a terror organization? >> what if i told you this organization not too long ago controlled 90% of the world illegal opium and funded across the entire middle east doing it? that's called the taliban so it seems to me there's a lot of symmetry here, a lot of things in common between cartel in mexico, losing political power not only on mexico but also the united states and in doing funding through the trade of illicit drugs so the reason why
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joe biden took so long to call crisis is because to call it a crisis is to own the crisis and it's all politics, they don't want to do something about the people crossing the border, they want to do something about our outrage over the amount of people crossing the border. they don't want to worry about it but they will all the people here, if they get their way with voting laws, they are going to be voters soon and for democrat politicians. there's a lot of politics at play and i don't know anyone coming from a town of 78% hispanic with migrant workers, i don't know anyone hurt by our immigration debacle more than themselves especially those coming illegally and living in the shadows, the destructive for people's lives and we need to do something about it if we accept it as are responsibly. >> i think you're right, you have human suffering and pain at the southern border, all these people coming up into sex trafficking as well as a servitude, it's horrific. recent poll came out and said
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only 29% of americans approve of bidens policies of the border 55% disapprove of his policies on the border. with america growing more reluctant on the biden on the border, do think it's a change of policy? hispanics disapprove of the biden policy even more than everybody else. >> i think it's an important part of the conversation, i want to remind everyone president trump floated this idea of lately cartel terrorist organization back in 2019, it didn't happen, it's not likely to happen this time either. but i think myself and others struggle with is this idea that somehow this is a brand-new problem, every single new administration that comes in, it feels like we are starting all over again, especially considering then vp biden stood with then president obama 2014,
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a rose garden and called a humanitarian crisis, that back then president obama said, blamed republicans for not getting together and passing legislation to fix our broken immigration system. now the democrats have control of the house so it's really on the biden harris administration, they are in charge now. i want to say i think it is historic for a vp to head to guatemala to the triangle countries but what does actually look like? what can we actually expect? what are incentives for the triangle countries? i think the president of guatemala said he wants to come to an agreement on something but nothing is on the table as of right now, there's no deal on the table so details are lacking and that is important.
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>> i think you are right, we had a deal in place in the trump administration and the biden administration scrapped and you now you see the crisis of the border. i see under the biden administration, media has been silent on this crisis and under the trump administration, they were losing their mind so reporters i think have bought into the politics, they don't adequately report this to the american people and it's incredibly frustrating. let's leave it there because next, president biden announcing a commission to study social changes to the supreme court which may include expanding the members of justices on the bench some progressives are not willing to wait for the results the democrats succeeded in packing the court? we'll discuss, next. ♪♪ ♪♪
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lots of throwbacks. welcome back to the big saturday show. earlier this week, democratic lawmakers announced legislation that would expand the number of justices on the supreme court from nine to 13 paving the way for liberal majority here's one of the bills cosponsors, senator markey. >> we are here today because united states supreme court is broken. as a result, we have a legitimate -- three conservative majority on the court has caused crisis confidence in our country. republicans still two seats on the supreme court and now it's up to us to repair that damage. >> okay, despite legislative push from aggressive, nancy
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pelosi casted doubt whether or not the bill would ever see the light of day. listen. >> i think it's an idea that should be considered in the president taking the right approach to have a commission to study it, it's a big step. no plans to bring it to the floor. >> sean, a lot of folks are already saying this isn't going to happen, chris wallace was on tv the other day saying not going to happen, if it does, it's going to be a funny moment, even if this does not happen, please of legal experts have said not here, that might be awake democrat are trying to intimidate the current justices. you think that could be true? is a just and possible? >> they could try to intimidate, that's right but i want to go back to one thing, republicans stole seats in the court, no.
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republicans did it lawfully whether the president nominated in senate confirmed, they may not like it, republicans did follow the rule so it's simple, nancy pelosi wants nothing more than to stack the supreme court. the border is about power and votes, hr one to remake in america that allows for shenanigans and cheating is about power. packing the court is also but here's what's going on, nancy pelosi has often majority, handful of seeds a maker the speaker and she's not going to make members even the majority take a vote on packing the court if it's not want to pass the senate. the senate is going to do away with the filibuster, nancy pelosi is not going to make her vulnerable members to get back to the court. if the filibuster goes away, i guarantee he's going to eat his hat because they want to pass in the house and senate. >> we'll have to wait and see. the nothing really unconstitutional about adding justices you could argue the
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d.c. circuit court has grown considerably and now there is a need. the question is about intent because when people say democrats say they want to add justices to restore the balance, isn't that at the heart a political reason, one that i can imagine belongs in our judicial system? >> it's funny to have johnson up there talking about balance because he knows about it, islands can tip over but to be more serious, i'm not as concerned about how many justices there are or even political persuasion of the court, i care more about congress not going with legislation that make half the country the rights feel infringed upon. we got comfortable governing through executive order and court challenges, that's how we govern now. we abandon democracy in our hitting the easy or political button on every issue.
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nancy pelosi is handcuffed on things like this but she's not handcuffed by the amount of republicans in congress, she's handcuffed by the amount of far left moderate impact in her caucus and every time they speak, the other causes this because their constituents have ears to the ground listening. it's a difficult task and i would say anytime you have the speaker of the house saying a bill is dead on arrival while her in your leadership hold a press conference announcing it, that's not a good look and so far as a conservative, happy with pelosi, i know we're early on but it seems every time they push, they fall on their faces. >> i hear you saying the same thing. abby, i'll piggyback on that because it's interesting what's happening right now, even though biden has approved commission, it's a push from progressives on the left. it's almost, almost becoming a distraction for the biden and harris administration.
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we had an intense conversation about immigration and what's going on at the border, i absolutely think it's a distraction and to be honest, with joey, it's a little concern of the leadership in our country when it comes to president joe biden, he says we need to stop the nonsense, we are not going to court back but he's establish an commission which suggests to me he's considering just like nancy pelosi said, we want to see the results from the commission by the way which will come for another month. biden flip-flopped on the issue, i suggest a larger issue to me not only with democratic party but in the country as a whole because if you look at his record, we know he's not always staying true to his word and that's a little concerning. he was all for it and when other democrats started pushing more, he said i'm not as opposed to repealing the amendment and in
2:31 pm
2006 emma he supported secure fencing which would essentially add or did at 700 miles of fencing along the southern border and said we can build this up 40 miles high but doesn't want anything to do with the border wall so if he does, it's going to speak to his leadership in 1983 and played it a few times on his network and calls it a boneheaded idea, a terrible mistake to make and now if he goes through and says he's all for it, that's a bigger concern. >> or buying time because i can't imagine the commission will come up with anything before six months or so. still to come, sharon osborne not holding back in her first interview since leaving the talk about what she had to say to hbo's wilmar regarding accusations she used derogatory language about her former cohost. still ahead. ♪♪
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welcome back to the league said the show. sharon osborne breaking silence since losing her job as cohost of the talk last month. appeared on hbo's real time with bill maher and claims she was slurs to describe her from cohost. >> i think so many things in my life, i'm so used to being called things but racist i will not take. agree with somebody does not make you a racist. >> sean, you were on reality tv
2:37 pm
and i think most americans think there's not much real about it. you think this is about the things she said that they or is this more drama coming to like? and others try to get rid of her? >> thanks for bringing up my reality tv show, and most embarrassing hours of my life. i met why wife on reality tv so all is not that but thanks for the reminder. media has become woke. nbc, abc, to have a show called the talk or you can actually talk about issues and being accused of being racist, sharon osborne, come on. she's a liberal herself and to defend piers morgan and come back again to shut down the conversation and call her racist is obscene. it's frustrating when i look at meghan markle and prince harry, the fact that these are multimillionaires, really entitled people and we americans
2:38 pm
who struggle every day and work 40 to 80 hours a week are supposed to feel sorry for them as they sit down with oprah winfrey? they can be criticized? give me a break that they are oppressed. they are privileged to pretend otherwise is insane. >> that's what sharon said in the interview, harry is a poster boy of being privileged. i remember watching the osbournes, i don't know if you watched and i think most americans remember sharon osborne as a strong woman who can keep a crazy household together and maybe left his attacking strong woman on tv that has her own thoughts and doesn't fall in line. >> i like her, i'm going to go with that. look, i think disagreements are important, normal and healthy, we have to give her over the idea that you can't have disagreements with somebody. there's nothing wrong with it. i watched the clip again because
2:39 pm
i have to refresh and i took notes it seems like these two women were asking two different things of each other and there was a big miss opportunity. it was sad to me as it had to play out on live tv because the women were friends in real life, imagine myself insurance choose, i can't believe and how it would end because real life, wouldn't you have a conversation, wouldn't you take some time to cool down have multiple conversations? i've had plenty of disagreements with colleagues, friends and family about race, religion, all sorts of a gamut of different topics and i personally would be disheartened if somebody, whether a friend or colleague or stranger felt uncomfortable or terrified to talk to me about a touchy subject. i think that is the big loss. >> you're right, thankfully they can go on tv and get along, i
2:40 pm
don't know what have your political opinions are but the one thing she said, she doesn't agree with piers morgan, he's just a friend of hers so the whole thing started with guilt by association. is that where we are now? just guilty because our friends are guilty? andrew cuomo is found to be a creek or worse, does that need chris cuomo needs to lose his job because he's not saying bad things about his brother? what is this lead to? >> i want to address you, you called sean a reality tv star but not only was he that but he's a growing champion so don't take that from him. [laughter] to touch on that, i think right now we need to have more productive conversations and i think when you immediately call somebody a racist desensitizes the word racist and racism is a
2:41 pm
very real thing and something that needs to be addressed more often but when you desensitize the word, it's hard to get the and when you have a disagreement with someone or talk to someone who has an opposing opinion, it gives you more perspective without disagreements is, we've never have enough perspective to be convicted in our own opinions so i think it needs to be more highlighted we need to figure out how to have cathartic productive conversations where we can actually move forward. >> like what we have on this show on fox news, we don't get mad at each other besides greg gutfeld sometimes. [laughter] i guess for me, maybe we can sweep it under the rug and bring back the osbournes, i'd love to see what ozzie is up to. sportsmen, maybe he'll come hunting with me but i don't know why they gang up on her, maybe she isn't a good person in real
2:42 pm
life but when it comes to it, we have the ability to speak our opinion and she was getting paid to do it so i don't understand why it's such a big issue but i don't really care about the royal family that much either so i guess the whole thing is a little out of touch for me and i appreciate you guys helping me figure it out so it seems woke corporations are influencing more and more people's lives. the company because it stance on global warming or sports team because they support gun control? i certainly do not. how america feels about companies in sports organizations getting political. ♪♪
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welcome back to the big saturday show. tonight big names have had it, politics are not officially ruining america. pro football hall of famer green bay packers. >> i think both sides for the most part want to see it remain
2:47 pm
about the sport, not about politics. at least that is my interpretation. i know when i turn it, i want to watch the game. >> i love brett favre. pro athletes are not the only ones. a poll finds not only the american majority meghan opposed influencing everyday life, 56% also want sports teams and organizations to keep out of politics and political movement. two-time world series champion, david said he can't even watch major league baseball anymore. >> they got to take the politics out of the game. people are supposed to go and have a hot dog, peanut and cracker jacks and have a great time, taking away the integrity of the game and moving the all-star game to colorado really put the icing on the cake for me. >> when i think of was, i think
2:48 pm
of you, right? [laughter] sports teams have become more work and political, what impact is it having a professional sports but sports in general? >> appreciate appreciating me associating me with sports. it's having a huge impact and i loved what dana said a few months ago, she said people talk about politics and sports bullet but forced into politics. i love the idea i think it would soften things a bit but i'd even go further and say politics are already kind of like sports, there are two sides, is divisive and people group for certain team, there's different strategies, there's a lot of trash talk. i could go on and on and i would say court packing is a bit like creating super teams in the nba, give me all the players on one team and mix the rest of the
2:49 pm
playing field for the rest of the nba on even but i think politics can be so divisive have had the ability to bring people together. i go back to 2005 hurricane katrina when metal happened, communities and homes were completely wrecked but people took refuge in superdome cheered for the new orleans saints and rally behind that team and go to an example more recently, he won the masters was asian male to do so, at a time when we highlight asian hate and hated crimes having to agents in our communities and again can rally around him and create that moment sports so i think we will always see politics in sports but now i'm getting them confused. [laughter] get the sports and politics but there will always be politics in
2:50 pm
sports, it's a matter of how we do it think it can be very powerful if done in the right way. >> it's great when you have republicans and democrats at a party cheering for the team together as one, it was great and not divisive but joey, you're from georgia and this all started recently with major league basil pulling all-star game out of georgia and then we saw delta step in an opposition to a voting bill in georgia, what impact do you think it has on average people in states like the one you come from? >> abby said a great thing, is our problem. college football fan, i adopt my theory on college football based on my favorite coach, so that is the problem we have in politics. being a georgian, i support the people who work at delta airlines by phi delta not because of what a board was out in a statement because those
2:51 pm
americans go to work every day and try to get me where i want to go comfortable and safe and the majority do you can't take your eye off the ball. when it comes to boycotts i'm not going to sport a nike check because they did something i didn't believe in and it offended me with colin kaepernick, not going to tell you not do because if the shoe fits you, it's a product, it's something you can afford, buy it and i think that's where we need to be, we need to give corporations less opportunity to speak up to begin with and boycotts, if you don't believe me, boycotting chick-fil-a, it took a couple hours to get your chicken sandwich so these things, our reaction in georgia is let us have our culture back, we love delta airlines and chick-fil-a and the things that are not one of the bad guys here but we love the braves and the fact that coca-cola has a moon labor doing what doctor pepper
2:52 pm
did in 93. we don't need them telling us how we think. in georgia, i think people realize georgians are less divided than people outside georgia are divided about us and leave us alone, we take care of business. >> went to get some push back because isn't this why woke corporations and sports teams will do things 56% of americans don't like? because conservatives will cancel corporations or stop seeing movies with liberals and won't get off platforms like facebook and twitter because they like them, it can be abused by teams and corporations and they know we will still come back and buy their product. you make the change when they have a financial impact on conservatives stepping away and walking away. >> that could be true, politics have a funny way of always being in sports, they are definitely historical examples of to go
2:53 pm
back to 1936, the u.s. almost boycott of the olympics, remember when the olympics were being hosted by berlin and hitler pushing god-awful policies against the jews but we still took part because the american olympic city came out and said look, sports, olympics or for the athletes, not politicians and we saw trakstar jussie owens take part as well and he got a lot of flak from the naacp so you can decide today whether that was the right move or not, it's up to you but i want to share something for my friend shared with me today and i think it's important, repercussions of the actions today sometimes aren't decided for decades to come. jackie robinson was booed by fans in the baseball arena and of course now we know today the baseball fans on the wrong side of history so politics has
2:54 pm
always found a way to creep into sports and i think it's not going to. >> mark me down as one who says i want to cancel those who cancel us or on their growth will never change especially these operations. great debate, thank you and we will continue but up next, nothing says i love you more than getting your bride to be a selection of engagement rings to choose from when you are proposing. special moments in people's lives turning into over the top of and or is the city, like me just the stop. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> i'm back at the border in a special two-part, i'm taking you to the front lines. >> i don't want to play politics but this is a crisis in a
2:55 pm
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after romantic helicopter ride with not just one beautiful engagement ring he had if five five rings, oh, my gosh abby i think we need to call this man ask him if he could give us other four right? >> any leftovers or what? >> i'll take one. [laughter] >> you know it's funny i'm material at making decisions. so you're already deciding yes or no that's a big decision to make but then to sit there and on the spot decide which engagement ring that's too much pressure. i can't do it. >> this is a pr stunt right this is for the like -- >> i come from georgia and if we can afford an engagement ring we're happy and can't in florida gley of them i presented one in an egg inside of a shoe next to an air-conditioning unit and personal reasons -- and i think that this topic by and large talks about how out of hand with inviting people to prom. make it personal. >> really quickly ten seconds how did you propose?
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>> listen first up, i can afford one ring and it wasn't expensive i was in law school so afford five but god bless him and he makes other guys who can't afford them look bad. >> to you. >> president biden calls situation at the southern border a crisis good evening i'm jon scott, and this is the "fox report." the president using the word crisis for the first time today when reporters asked about anger from the left other his order capping the number of refugees the u.s. will accept. we have live team coverage this evening rich edson live at the border in mission texas first, though, we go to david spunt live in wilmington, delaware with more on the president's change of tone. david. reporter: jon good evening to you from wilmington, delaware since he took office at the white house, republicans have been pushing president biden and members of his


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