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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  April 17, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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♪ [chanting] daunte wright. [chanting hands up don't shoot. will: straight to a fox news alert a sixth straight night of violence in brooklyn center, minnesota. police announce an emergency curfew and arrested more than 100 people. >> chaos spread across the country with protesters in portland, oklahoma, and oakland and durham, north carolina. settings fires and vandalizing businesses in chicago protesters openly fought with riot police
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lawrence in new york demonstrators blocked traffic in manhattan after flooding streets after dark cities are preparing for more unrest as the verdict in the x minneapolis derek chauvin trial could come as soon as next week. pennsylvania has already activated the national guard. will: good morning and welcome to "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. will cain lawrence jones in for pete hegseth this morning and jedediah bila. it's so good to see you both. jedediah: yes, good to see you as well and welcome, lawrence. we kind of match. oh, you did get the memo. we all got the memo today. always a good sign when we all get the memo. yeah. and welcome, everyone at home if you are just joining us good morning to you. i hope you have your breakfast ready. we have a big show coming up for the next four hours welcome and thank you for joining us as always. will: absolutely. i cannot impress upon you enough the nation is on the verge of a very scary and tenuous moment. the coming week when we see the
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jury come back after closing arguments from the derek chauvin trial suggests that as we talked about people across this country preparing quite honestly for the worst. governor ron desantis of florida is suggesting in his state if there are riots, if there is violence, if there is danger, well, florida is going to do something about it they are putting into place a law that enhances any crimes committed during a riot. here he was on hannity last night talking about the new law in florida. >> the bill i'm going to sign very soon is the strongest set of reforms in the country to even strengthen our hand more. for example, if a local government tries to defund the police we at the state can stop that we are able to put people in jail if they riot or assault the police officer and, in fact, you assault a police officer, during a riot, you have a mandatory jail sentence of at least six months. we also have provisions to prevent mob intimidation tactics. if you are rioting and you get arrested, you go to the jail,
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and you stay in jail until you have your first appearance but we're not going to just have someone go into the police station, take a mugshot and then right back on the street to reoffend again. >> lawrence: something has to be done about this. i think the governor is making the right move. i'm so used to be on the ground when these protests happen and what we normally find out when it's all said and done come from outside the county. you have people in the day want to peacefully protest and people come out at night and do damage they don't live in these cities they don't care about it and burn things down. these businesses are contributing to the economy. they don't care about that because they don't live there. jedediah: when i see this initially my instinct when he says it's local governments decide to defund the police the state can do something about it that gives me a little bit of pause i want those local governments to be in power. the local governments should be
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the ones fixing this. we want them to be in power. the problem is they are not doing their job. look on the screen what you are seeing right now that is happening in cities across the country. communities coming forward and saying we don't feel safe. that is why governors are happening to step forward and say listen if you are not doing what you need to do the state will come in. those hesitant to say let's not come in and have the state do a job the local government needs to do. it does need to happen when the local government doesn't do the job they need to do to protect those citizens. will: as i get older i think i realize what strength and weakness means in a society. weakness breeds opportunism. right now while it's 100 percent true. we need to do things to racial iniquities in country, perhaps some places where police reform might be necessary. what we're looking at when it comes to these riots is opportunism in the face of weakness. what ron desantis is doing is strength in florida and saying not in this state. if you riot, we will enhance charges. if you defund the police we will protect local populations.
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i think this is a real act of strength in florida. >> lawrence: we have got to remember, these people are violating is state law in these places and the local on the level level, they are refusing to enforce that law. and so what he is saying is that the legislator enacts these laws right here. you don't get to become a sanctuary for violence. you know, i made the argument that if republicans really want a shot, they should get involved on the local level. it is true that most of the cities that are burning down across america are liberal cities. they have bad ideas. and i think voters see that they are sick of it. and they want a different message a message of prosperity, liberty. there is obviously a conversation that needs to have will just alluded to police reforms that need to happen. but defunding the police. we have seen across the country it doesn't work. as a matter of fact, in minneapolis, the grandfathers and grand mothers of the defund the police movement, now they want to go back and refund the police because it didn't work.
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jedediah: yeah, you want some type of protocol to enable good police officers to help their communities do their jobs and at the same time put some things in there if there are bad actors out there that they don't get away with it that's a conversation we are having around the country, lawrence point out a very important one. another conversation we are having around the country involves border security and one aspect of that conversation about the border is the issue of refugee admissions and what those caps should look like. there has been a lot of confusion coming from the biden administration. so much so that people aren't really sure what's going on today. let's give you a little bit of an idea by looking back. refugee admission cap by the administration, the last and the current. fiscal year 2021, president trump, then president trump lowered that cap to 15,000. by 2022, biden vowed during the campaign i'm going to raise them to 125,000. okay. and now, will, there has been a bit of a change of course since then as you may have noticed. a bit of a back and forth
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because he got a little bit of pressure from, guess who? >> lawrence: aoc. will: maybe aoc? jedediah: aoc exactly. democrats have come out and slammed the decision by joe biden to keep that refugee cap that the trump administration had, okay? he is going back and forth. all right. we're going to raise it, no, hold on a second we can't raise it alexandria ocasio-cortez, democrat of new york, y'all know her all too well completely and utterly unacceptable she has said. several candidates, several political figures have weighed in and said this is completely unacceptable. you will see them on the screen. senator dick durbin is one of them. say it ain't so, president joe. and in an effort to create some clarity jen psaki has said the following. let me know if it provides you any clarity i'm trying to figure it out. the president's directive today hab has been the subject of some confusion given the refugee program we inherited and burdens on office of refugee resettlement initial goal of
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62500 seems unlikely. the presidents was taken ' will, sound like a lot of back and forth trying to satisfy people at the same time. will: this was signed and a done deal. this is the biden administration responding to pressure from the furthest left wing of the democratic party. here is why this is important. as you see the furthest left wing of the democratic party push for more radical ideas on almost a daily basis, it's hard to keep up. this week we saw mondaire jones of new york talk about pushing stephen breyer into retirement and expanding that's their word, truly packing the supreme court. these ideas are radical and increasingly the far left, lawrence of that party is wielding more and more influence and power. take them seriously. >> lawrence: they had the power at the beginning of this administration they just didn't want to acknowledge it in the
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biden administration. they have been pushing this administration -- he is no longer moderate joe. the bottom line is that if you fail to address the situation at the border, this is going to only incentivize more people to cross and take this dangerous journey and it's going to make it even more hectic for the administration. kayleigh mcenany had this to say. >> this is a government run by progressives. i said in the campaign, look, if biden prevails he is an empty vessel who will be totally driven by the radical left progressive wing of the party. and that's exactly what we are seeing. and also worth mentioning here is just the totally muddled message from the white house. literally last week jen psaki tells us that he is going to raise the cap. then this week, today, he comes out and says the low cap remains justified by humanitarian concerns. then we get an aoc tweet and voila raise the cap.
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>> lawrence: the president had a refugee program, are the former president. he had them apply for these asylums in the home countries. the biden administration got rid of that and this is why you have folks flooding the border. jedediah: also interesting to see her talk. she mentioned humanitarian concerns. this administration has been blind to what's going on at the border. those have been humanitarian concerns for weeks and weeks and weeks. and suddenly now they are pointing it out. maybe they need to take a look at the conditions that have been going on there and maybe they should get down there. if they are concerned about humanitarian concerns kamala harris is supposed to be in charge of some aspects of the border she needs to get on a plane and go down there. >> lawrence: instead of cake stops and eating cupcakes on the campaign trail. jedediah: or she is do both. a look at headlines a live will look at the castle in england ahead of prince philip's
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funeral. more on today's service. ben i can't minute, what is the latest? >> yeah, good morning, lawrence, jedediah and will. it is an eerily quiet windsor. usually you would expect tens of thousands of people to come out for funeral like this. both the police and the royal family have urged people to stay at home and watch on tv it is a made for tv funeral. people will be tuning in for so many different reasons. key to remember the remarkable layoff of prince flip but also all eyes will be on princes charges william and harry seen together for the first time since the bombshell oprah interview. harry and william will no longer be walking side by side behind the casket as it been expected. the gun salutes, the processions and rehearsals have been underway all week with military procession. it covid restrictions do mean it's going to be limited to 30 people inside the church as well as close family. there are going to be a few german relatives of the prince
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as well as the duke's private secretary. the queen shared a candid photography of herself and prince philip sitting in the scottish highlands to remember. this was taking by the daughter-in-law sophie. this will be a funeral like no other. remember a remarkable man but also that palace intrigue we will be looking for and fox running it live from 9:00 a.m. eastern. i hope you are all able to tune in. back to you. will: thank you so much for the latest. you turning now to the headlines. it fedex. 8 killed and it others injured. gunman identified as 19-year-old brandon. he was fired from the facility before the shooting. the fbi says he was known among law enforcement. he was interviewed by fbi agents last year after his mother called the police saying her son might commit, quote, suicide by cop. police have not released his motive behind the deadly attack.
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new york lawmakers getting a flood of calls as they investigate governor andrew cuomo. the lawmakers say they have received more than 100 tips on a hotline for their impeachment probe over shower. allegations and the nursing home scandal. cuomo was all smiles though at a presser taking no questions about the allegation and boasting about his hand sanitizer. >> how remarkable. [laughter] >> was this product? maybe i didn't invent google. [giggles] i did invent new york state clean hand sanitizer. will: nine women have accused governor cuomo of inappropriate behavior. turning to sports yankee fans making it clear they are not happy with the team's poor start to the season. >> trevor richards can finish this thing off a little baseball felony on the field. will: fans causing a delay after chucking baseballs onto the
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field. the angels were crushed by the tampa bay rays for the first time since 199. they have the first record in the american league. and those are your headlines. i love high expectations and boy they're high. jedediah: you got some joy out of saying that. i don't know why there was a little too much smiling that was just going on. [laughter] all right. well straight ahead officers under siege terrifying dash cam video show as car chase suspect opening fire on cops exposing the real threats officers face on a regular basis and the "new york post" is being censored yet again. we will show you the paper's latest piece that big tech is trying to hide. ♪ what's the #1 retinol brand used most by dermatologists?
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[gunshots] will: absolutely shocking dash cam footage out of carroll county; suspect opening fire on three officers with an ak-47. all three officers were injured but are expected to recover. while the suspect was killed in the ensuing shootout. here now with an update is the spokesperson for the carroll county sheriff's office in georgia ashley. thank you for being with us. i think we have to start with please tell us about the officers injured in this shooting. how are they doing? >> so our deputy jay ropeto he was released from the hospital on monday, thank god. he is at home recovering with his family right now. officer chase gordy who works
3:19 am
with the police department came home two days ago. and he is doing well from all accounts. we are very thankful for that sergeant rob holloway does remain in grady hospital in atlanta. we have been getting great updates on him. carroll pd has been doing a great job keeping the community updated so we are hoping he will make a full recovery and praying hard for him and his family every day. will: our thoughts and prayers. you said in the introduction it was a high-speed chase and obviously we can see on the video as they approach the suspect he opens fire on them. what can you tell us. >> so, backing up, prior to the actual suspects firing at our deputies, gsp initiated a chase on i-20 that led into carroll county. multiple jurisdictions and agencies were involved in this chase. when they come into carrollton, carrollton picked up on that. sergeant rob holloway was shot with that ak-47 in his vehicle,
3:20 am
which caused him to crash. of course officers stopped to render aid and our deputies along with other agencies continued the chase. throughout the chase the suspects, we knew, were armed and dangerous, and really had no regard for human life at that point. we were able to get traffic off the roadway in that area that you see on the video. the officers heard the shooting and understood that an officer had been hit and what you are looking at is them trying to locate that officer so so that they could get help for him. and that is the suspect literally appears out of thin air and ambushes our deputies. will: absolutely, wow. i think the important context that many can have here beyond the details of this story whether it's this incident or the incident that happened last week in new mexico where again a suspect opened fire with semi-automatic rifle these are the dangers so many officers face. so much hindsight on monday morning quarterbacking, 20/20
3:21 am
vision. had this is what the conditions officers have to approach. we hope and pray for the best for these officers. thank you for the details this morning. >> thank you so much. thank you. big tech censors the "new york post" again, feels all too familiar again. latest article the post is banning and what the doing about it after the break. ♪ when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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jedediah: the black panther sequel director from himming will georgia despite. he plans to raise voter awareness and moving production would impact jobs. and immediately to hailing amazon's lord of the rings tv
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series as the largest ever made. the show is set to cost around $465 million for season one alone. immediately to where the series is set to be filmed releasing the figures as well as revealing amazon studio's plans to potentially film five seasons in the country. will: all right. well, this sounds familiar. big tech is banning the "new york post" again. jedediah: facebook censoring the paper's report on the multimillion dollars home purchases of one black lives matter co-founder. lawrence: here to react to "new york post" opinion editor and author so rob omari. welcome to the program. >> thanks for having me. lawrence: no problem. so facebook in a statement, they said this content was removed for violating our privacy and personal information policy. what policy did you break? you. >> yeah, i mean what really happened was, as you know, a group like antifa what it does when faced with unfavorable
3:26 am
coverage it sends its thugs after its reporters on the streets. this black lives matter is more sophisticated than that she highly paid will silicon valley censor. dubious preposterous grounds we helped people locate where she lived and that put her in danger. of course, that's not true. we gave no information. you couldn't from any of our reporting pinpoint at all where she lived. that's the excuse they use to bar the "new york post" from reporting the truth again in this case the fact that a self-avowed markist and movement for racial justice happens to, you know, buy millions of dollars worth of homes spread across the land. will: hold on now sohrab. it's it's her family she is supporting, that's her idea of marxism which totally different united states her from capitalists out there who also
3:27 am
take care of her family, right? here is what she said about why she is buying so many homes. >> the way that i live my life is in direct support to black people, including my black family members. first and foremost. and for so many black folks who are able to invest in themselves and their community, they chose to invest in their family and that's what i have chosen to do. will: so you see, sohrab, that's marxism. capitalists don't take care of her family but marxists do she is buying multimillion dollars homes for her family. >> this is not marxism. it's just good old capitalism tinged with pious self-righteous racial identity politics. will: yeah. sometimes known as greed by the way. [laughter] jedediah: yes. you know, sohrab, there is an obvious pattern here. this is now the third instance of the "new york post" being censored like this. what are your thoughts on the
3:28 am
overall picture here? people are looking at this and saying this is political. this is political censorship. your thoughts? >> well, we are just doing what we have always done. we are an irreverent paper. weave don't go after just figures on the left or the right or the middle. we just -- if we sniff out hypocrisy, the "new york post" will go after it and will put a provocative headline on it. what's happening is that we are now facing doing what we have always done, these kind of quasitotalitarian tech bureaucrats, unaccountable who want to do basically they want to support one side of the political divide and prevent the "new york post" from doing what it's always done which is just reporting the truth. and so we will keep doing what we're doing. it is interesting that it always cuts one way. it's always one time they defended us because we reported early on in an opinion piece that the wuhan virus may have originated in a lab. another time it was hunter biden. and now this. you know this is always the
3:29 am
stories tend a certain way where the censorship ax tropical storm. there is ideological component to it that is undeniable, i think, to fair-minded people. >> lawrence: now patrice wanted to defund the police. she called for that now she has a security detail. check it out. >> i have spent the last week with security and, yeah, these articles have shown the homes that i live in and that my family lives in. these folks have created a much dangerous situation for me and my family. it's very serious. lawrence: like what they were doing on their twitter page, doing officers'. >> yeah. except we didn't do that there is no way from what our articles
3:30 am
to tell where she actually lives. but there is a larger point here, i think. and that's this. that, look, no one begrudges anyone who gets private security but private security is the privilege of an elite and that's why it's so dangerous to constantly calling for defunding the police because many people, me included, can't afford private security. we have to rely on good old fashioned public services and the people, men and women in blue, who vast majority of whom protect us. so, if everyone could get private security that would be nice but we can't that's why we need the police. will: attempting to call it hypocrisy but but it is marxist. hoarding for yourself. sohrab ahmari, thank you very much for being with us this morning. lawrence: still ahead, president biden once called it a bone-head idea, but democrats have unveiled their plan to pack the
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? president roosevelt had the right to send to the united states senate and congress for pack the court. he violate nod law. he was legalistically absolutely correct but it was a bone head idea. it was a terrible, terrible mistake to make. >> nine seems to be a good number and it's been that way for a long time. >> what i'm trying to do is make those whose initial instincts may favor important structural change or other similar institutional changes such as court-packing think long and hard before they embody those changes in law. will: well, despite liberal justices like ruth bader ginsburg and stephen breyer you heard just there and even joe biden himself saying court expansion is a bone head idea, democrats continue their court-packing push this week. jedediah: here to react judicial crisis network carrie severino. thank you for joining us.
3:36 am
bone head idea no longer things have changed. why don't you context actualize this a bit for us. what are the implications, let's say they are able to pack the court. what are the implications decisions that get made and for the court itself? >> yeah, this packing the court push is really so baldly political it's shocking. they just want justices on the supreme court who will be willing to from the bench enact the liberal policies that they know they can't get through the legislature because they had this, you know, hair thin margin so they would rather have judges doing that work for them. so whether it means the second amendment. whether it means your first amendment right to freedom of religion, freedom of speech. all of those things are really in the crosshairs. the supreme court is what is protecting us from an overreaching executive and an overreaching congress that just wants its goals, you know, constitution, gets in the way. that's not their problem.
3:37 am
it is the supreme court's problem. but if we have these new judges that are trying to pack the court on, are you are going to get activists who are thin then the third branch of government simply willing to enact liberal policy goals. lawrence: but, carrie, you are missing it they say the country is growing so the court must grow as well like adjusting for inflation. >> oh, yeah. exactly. no, and they are not even giving a real serious nod to that kind of a crazy argument. that this court has been the same size for over 160 years. the reason here and if you listen to most the stuff they are saying is we are frustrated because donald trump was president for all of four years and had the opportunity to fill seats, including three seats on the supreme court. and they think they don't want someone else having that opportunity. this is really a temperaturer tantrum of the democrats saying no, no; we wish that that weren't the case. i'm sorry you can only
3:38 am
re-litigate 2016 so many times, folks. there is a process. there are vacancies that have occurred already that president biden has the opportunity to fill and even if i don't agree with it i recognize the people he had the right to do it. it doesn't mean you try to just change the rules so that your team can get an advantage. will: evidence open politicization of the court four new justices making it 7 to 6, from 6 to 3 to 7 to 6 giving them one advantage. they are upset. the left is very upset over merrick garland and amy coney barrett. they believe this is revenge essentially for that they feel like a norm was broken and sacred traditions were broken. how do you respond to that? >> yeah. that is hogwash this is something that the left, and particularly the deep money deep pockets of the liberal long time. long before justice ginsburg
3:39 am
passed away they wanted to pack the court. in fact, pressuring joe biden to do so. now they spent more than $145 million to get him an office and they want pay back. jedediah: carrie, thank you for your insight as always. we appreciate it. >> thanks. jedediah: we are going to turn to headlines now. an accused killer absolutely released from rirks island back behind bars. he was mistakenly set free a month ago over a clerical era. he was arrested in a bodega in the bronx. he faces additional charges for not turning himself in after the mix-up. and former president trump calls a pause on johnson & johnson vaccine shear lunacy. the former president saying in a statement the move makes no sense considering only six out of 7 million who cot the got shorted blood clots. johnson & johnson have since launched a study blood clot risk which moderna and pfizer reported of refused to be a part
3:40 am
of. it video shows a bird catching its catch of the day on a truck's windshield on the north carolina highway. the truck company posted the video online saying quote when driving a truck you must be prepared for anything. i have never seen that one. first time for everything. will: bugs on the windshield fish on the windshield is new. lawrence: drops him maybe he couldn't hang on to him. jedediah: adam klotz. have you ever seen a fish all of a sudden land on your windshield? >> i have seen a lot of things but no i have not seen a fish land on a windshield. all i was taking that looks like lunch. probably about ready to pull over and do some fishing. the bird does it for him. you got to appreciate that. diving right into this forecast. looking at across the country well a rainy day across the southeast. any time you look at a like this and see warm air pulling up across the colder air behind it that's where a frontal boundary lies and it's been a soggy one across the southeast for the
3:41 am
last couple of hours. that's going to continue here on this saturday. looking at a whole lot of rain stretching along the gulf coast wrapping that up into the mississippi valley and central plains. all areas where there has been heavy rainfall no. surprise there we have flood watches and warnings from louisiana, stretching over to the florida gulf coast. where they have seen a couple of inches of rain here in the last 12 to 24 hours in some of those locations. it does stay warm for those folks as temperatures will be climbing up closer to the '70s and 80 degrees. here are the temperatures across the country. a lot of 50's, a lot of 60's. this is pretty typical for where we should be this time of year. temperatures fairly similar for sunday. maybe a tad bit warmer. all in all once you get through that rain or if you don't live in the southeast. a fairly nice weekend across the country. maybe a chance to get out there and do fishing the more natural way. back out to you guys. will: i thought we were going to see what kind of outdoorsman. what kind of fish it was. were you able to spot it as it hit the windshield. lawrence: i guarantee you adam
3:42 am
has shorts on, too don't you, adam? you have shorts on. adam: i have sweat pants on. i will commit that there we go. can i get it up. what am i supposed to do? lawrence: lower, you are living the dream. jedediah: fashion forward adam as always. adam: thanks, guys. will: in just hours the world will bid final farewell to prince philip. all eyes on prince hear, for instance philip and the queen. county family mend the royal rift. that's next. ♪ come on, baby ♪ don't say maybe ♪ i've got to know if your sweet love is going to save me ♪
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lawrence welcome back. quick headlines. nasa chooses spacex to build the lunar lander for its artemis mission which plans to land the first woman and first woman of color on the moon by 2024. cop yea west makes custom gap logo the rapper's company trademark for the yz it combines the lettering of gap's long time logo with the wrap rapper's. can yzy gap. i will be purchasing over to you, jed. jedediah: thanks, lawrence. britain. roips family is preparing to bid their final farewell to prince philip. he will be laid to rest in just hours from now. all eyes will be on the queen prince william and his brother prince harry amid the royal rift here with more is james who is a fox royal contributor. thank you for being with us this morning.
3:47 am
so many people coming together today whether they are actually present at the ceremony or not to mourn the death of prince flip. philip. i want to talk about some element of the ceremony that have been talked about quite a bit. first of all, we know there is a rift between william and harry that's been going on for some time. some say that rift is being manifested in the way the ceremony is being played out. can you talk a little bit about that? >> yeah, i think where that comes from is princes william and harry will follow the coffin to where the funeral will take place. nine members of the royal family following the family and prince's william and harry are in the third row they are separated by peter phillips another one of the duke will son of princess ann. that is just a question of symmetry or looking neat or perhaps to do with the fact that they requested not to be next to each other. at buckingham palace they said
3:48 am
they didn't want to be drawn on any pore accepts of drama of course there will be a lot of people looking at the body language, analyzing any kind of glances between them. any clues as to what is going on. the royal family, i think, has seen that this is not about anything like that. this is about the duke of edinburgh about saying goodbye to him and supporting the queen who has by her husband of 73 years. jedediah: some are hoping that potentially this funeral will be an opportunity for those siblings to mend some of the issues that they have been struggling with for a long time. i want to ask you also about prince andrew embroiled in some scandal the last several month dug to his relationship with jeffrey epstein. what do you think people will be looking for there? he hasn't been in public much for the last year. what will people. >> we haven't seen him at all until this week, so i think it was 17 months after he did an interview here in the u.k. with the bbc which was, well, i
3:49 am
suppose, gone very badly and since then he stepped back from royal duties. he hasn't been seen in public. is he still apparently very, very close with mother and spending a lot of time with the queen private privately but not seen in any public engagement. he did step out at windsor castle this week to pay tribute to his father. he seemed to push himself forward and want to speak to reporter there are a lot of people speculating this is his way of saying okay i have done my time i stepped back from the limelight i'm putting myself forward again. of course none of that is resolved yet and i didn't lane maxwell's trial isn't until july and we still don't know if he has spoken to the fbi or not. many will be saying this isn't the time for him to push himself forward and this should be about his father the duke of edinburgh. that being said, of course, is he a grieving son and he has every right to be there and pay tribute to his father along with the rest of the family. jedediah: obviously this whole ceremony is taking place in the midst of covid-19. it will look differently. people will be in face masks 30 people in attendance much smaller group than would have. many people will be watching and
3:50 am
many people around this country and several around the world, many around the world will be mourning today. thank you for being here. our live coverage begins at 9:00 a.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. coming up, a high school student was accused of sending racist messages to a classmate but it turns out it was all a hoax. that student joins us with her story. that's next. do♪ so you only pay for what you need. thank you! hey, hey, no, no limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ is now a good time for a flare-up? enough, crohn's! for adults with moderate to severe crohn's or ulcerative colitis... stelara® can provide relief and is the only approved medication to reduce inflammation on and below the surface of the intestine in uc. you, getting on that flight? back off, uc! stelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer.
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3:53 am
>> a minnesota high school student needed to be escorted to class forker her own safety after at accused her of sending racist messages. when amy severson was accused of sending messages like this over instagram. teachers and students staged
3:54 am
protest. investigation done by local law enforcement and the fbi revealed that the accusation was all a hoax. amy severson joins us now. avery, you have been cleared. but you never got the opportunity to defend yourself. >> yeah. thank you for having me. so, they did an investigation and they found out it wasn't me for sure. i never got to defend myself. i was told not to make a big deal about it appeared not to cause a bigger situation i was told not to talk about it and i never had a chance to say this wasn't me. lawrence: avery, i'm curious, did they ever find out who did this? >> i believe they did. they said it was a juvenile female but they are not sharing the identity of the student. lawrence: oh, so they got to plant stuff on you but they are not allowed to release the
3:55 am
identity of the pepper that tried to wreck your life? >> correct. yeah. they have not released the identity of the student who sent the messages to the person that accused me. so i know who accused me but i do not know who sent the messages to the pepper that could you seed me. lawrence lawrence so i have got to ask you this. why do you think you were targeted. i know you are a conservative on campus. is that the reason you were targeted? >> i have been trying to start a u.s.a. turning point chapter at school for almost a year now and we got to being able to start that and right as we got close these rumors started going around. lawrence: and so is this the new normal now on campuses? i know i covered it on the high school, on the college level, but in high school, they are targeting young conservatives on campuses every day? >> yeah. it's getting to where, like if you are a conservative and you are known to be that on campus,
3:56 am
you are treated differently. and you are singled out. and i think it can be hard for a lot of conservatives to say that they are conservative because of that happening on campus. lawrence: i have got to ask you because the faculty members were a part of this as well. did you receive an apology after all this went down? i mean, they went after you, they destroyed your name, so there has to be atonement for that, right? >> i have not received an apology. and when we met -- when me and my dad met with the administration, we did ask that they -- that the person that accused me apologize and take down the accusation and those things never happened. lawrence: avery, you are in our prayers. thank you so much for coming on. sorry this happened to you. >> thank you. lawrence lawrence you bet. we reached out to the white bear lake high school for comment and we have not heard back. sad. coming up, kayleigh mcenany, congressman burgess owens, nigel farage, nascar legend kurt busch
3:57 am
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♪♪ [chanting] [chanting hands up don't shoot] jedediah: straight to a fox news alert this hour. a sixth straight night of violence in brook lynn center, minnesota. hundreds protesting outside the city's police station over the death of daunte wright. police announced an emergency curfew and arrested more than 100 people. will: the chaos as spread across the country with protesters setting fires and vandalizing businesses. lawrence: and this as an activist groups like black lives matter prepare to meet with democrats today to discuss expanding the supreme court. lucas tomlinson is live in washington with more as democratic lawmakers call for
4:01 am
justice breyer to retire. lucas? >> good morning, guys. well 82-year-old justice breyer slowed down physically over the years, his colleagues say his mind is as sharp as ever. that didn't stop the democratic congressman from new york to call for his replacement. >> there is no question that justice breyer, for whom i have great respect, should retire at the end of this term. i mean, my goodness, have we not learned our lesson? >> late this week a small group of democrats took their arguments to the front steps of the supreme court. most democrats don't want another rbg scenario after donald trump managed to confirm three new justices to the court. >> some people will say we are packing the court. we are not packing it we are unpacking it. >> the united states supreme court is broken. it is out of balance. and it needs to be fixed. expanding the supreme court rights the wrongs the republicans have done to this great court. >> last gallup poll says a
4:02 am
majority of americans trust the court and approve of how they are handling its job. house speaker nancy pelosi says she does not support expanding the court from 9 to 13 justices won't bring any bill to the floor. lawrence, that has a great rhyme there guys? lawrence: so that is absolutely stunning that reporting from lucas. we started this hour talking about the riots across the country led by the organization black lives matter. now we see the influence of black lives matter when it comes to our jurisprudence to the justice system in the united states pushing to expand the supreme court. it is absolutely stunning not only how radical this agenda is but how influential it has become. openly calling for the retirement of a supreme court justice. openly suggesting let's explode the court, politicize it and expand the number of justices. this was all, by the way, way too radical for joe biden just a few months ago.
4:03 am
watch. >> speaking of those other candidates, several of them have proposed major structural reforms to our government and to our democracy. these include abolishing the electoral college, expanding the size of the supreme court, setting term limits for justices abolishing the filibuster, which if any of these do you support? >> none. because that structural change requires constitutional amendments. it raises problems that are more damaging than the problem that exists. jedediah: yeah, you know, so that's the joe biden that i know. that's the joe biden a lot of people know. joe biden is not running the show right now. i think that's becoming abundantly clear. and i think this idea of openly coming out and saying we want an activist court. we want to get rid of all those people over there we want a court that's going to do what we need to get done. just emphasizes this panic that exists right now. democrats feel panicked to me. like they have to do everything by any means necessary to make sure that in this moment a lot of stuff is pushed through.
4:04 am
and i don't really know why if there is a lot of fear that an election in two years may not go well for them. an election four years from now may not go well for them. i don't know what the reason is, but it's a really bad look. that joe biden that you saw in that clip is the reason that a lot of independent voters came out and voted for joe biden. some republicans even came out and voted for joe biden. want joe biden we are seeing right now is going to be very disappointing to those people. lawrence: you know, it's interesting. because, the president announced this committee and they were supposed to be finding the verdict on this. discuss -- supposed to be going back and forth bipartisan. majority donate to democrats only like a couple thousands has gone to republicans. the far left has said no, actually nancy pelosi says she is not going to bring thought floor. she has a committee chair in jerry nadler that is presenting this. why is jerry nadler doing this? because he is going to be prime married. he has to appeal to that far left. we already know they already took out one new york democrat.
4:05 am
both of them took out ingle who had been in congress over 20 years. he is afraid that he is gonna hit him as well. so i expect the next senator to get behind this is chuck schumer. will: you know, jedediah, i don't hear panic, i hear empowerment. i hear people who believe they can accomplish whatever they want to accomplish. there is no constitution no, document, no supreme court, no simply 50 senators that will stand in their way. they have had a taste of unlimited power through this pandemic and they are unsatiated give them more. steven miller talked about that exact taste of power and the lust for more on hannity last night. >> seeing right now is the greatest attempted power grab in american history. what the left is doing is they are trying to use this brief window where they are in power to keep themselves and their policies in power forever. that's why they are trying to
4:06 am
add democrat senate seat. that's why they are trying to end the legislative filibuster. that's why they are trying to pack the supreme court with radical left justice us. we saw today in the span of but minutes the biden administration announce they weren't going to raise the refugee cap then aoc says unacceptable, change it at once. and then joe biden salutes and says absolutely i will do as i'm told more refugees coming to the u.s.a. aoc is running the country not joe biden. lawrence: a lot of americans sitting back home saying is it worth it? i know there is a lot of talk about the former president's permanent. personality. but we are talking about redefining the country. progressives very clear what they were going to do from the very beginning. we saw this coming. i know people said it was just fear mongering and all of that. but we are seeing it play right out before our eyes. jedediah: the reason i use the word panic i don't think that people who are confident that their policies will be
4:07 am
well-received behave this well. way. i think this is how people behave when they are doing stuff policy wise may cause them to lose appear election in the future that's why i use that word panic. will: we will wrap it up with this that point the ideology the democratic party has embraced really sees no limits on their power. any limits put in place by design and construction of the united states government, its constitution are simply impediments and pushed aside for their ideology. when it documents cancel culture in the united states, obviously much of it driven over our conversations with race, the con concentric circles of people that must be canceled grows larger. when it came to meghan markle and the royals, they developed piers morgan walked off his show and ultimately pushed off that show in gaza strip for defending or rather criticizing meghan markle. the circle grew because sharon osborn who works for the talk
4:08 am
here in the united states on cbs defended piece morgan for that sharon osborn must be canceled. she is speaking out now for the first time and here is what she had to say. >> so, he was called a racist and lost his job and you were called a racist and lost your job. do you have it right. >> have you got it right. that's exactly how it went. >> right. who is the racist and why? this is what i'm trying to figure out. have you. >> me, too. me too. >> it's an insult if you are not one. and, i mean, i don't understand the other side of the argument. in other words, like you have to agree with everything meghan markle says or you are a racist? is this the standard now? he is doubting her. >> doubting. >> that's not the same as denying. >> she is entitled to his opinion and pierce is entitled to his and that's what it is all about. >> i didn't agree with everything she said. harry had the weight of the world on his shoulders. really? he is sixth in line for a job
4:09 am
that has no responsibility. [laughter] no power, correct. >> you know when they say like white privilege, right there with harry. right there. he is the poster boy. lawrence: it's interesting guys, god bless the prince's soul we just lost. but i'm not a royalist guy. i'm a texan. i'm not in to the chaos. i really don't like piers morgan or sharon they are liberals and try to educate americans on how we should handle business here. but none of that matters when it comes to cancel culture because they have the right to say whatever the hell they want to say. and so it's just amazing to me that what we are starting to see is liberals turn on their own. there is no barometer for cancel culture. anybody can be canceled. the obamas are being canceled for his stance on immigration back in the day. so, i think it's important for all of us, especially us that
4:10 am
are in public life. to stand up for those that are going to be canceled even when we disagree jed? jedediah: i was bothered by this story every angle every step of the way. i saw people who immediately wanted meghan and harry silenced i kept saying let them say their peace and tell their story. then i saw everyone silenced for criticizing them. let them say their peace. just let everybody say how they feel about something. they can all disagree. they can all bring up a different angle. some of them might say something that bothers you or rubs you the wrong way, that's what we have been fighting for to happen at academia, to happen at every level of society. we want respectful debate about things. and this was part of that for me. so i found myself bothered from every angle because different group of people was always come up and trying to silence someone else. that's not how it should be. will: if i fully understand the math and how this works the piers morgan disagreed with meghan which makes him racist.
4:11 am
and must be canceled. will: lawrence jones semi defended sharon osborn's right to disagree or defend it, the dominoes keep following. lawrence: bring it, baby. bring it bring it, try to cancel me. will: i think that's how it works. jedediah: lawrence is ready. will: greg palkot joins us live from bucking ham palace with more on today's service, greg? >> we are outside of bucking ham palace, that is the london residence of the royals, things are pretty quiet here. some people coming, bringing flowers, paying respects. there will be a small ceremony here too in honor of the late prince philip. this was in fact going to be the starting point of a 20-mile long procession including that land rover hears you might have heard about which is going to be carrying the casket of prince philip because of restrictions all of that has been inside the
4:12 am
walls inside windsor castle: the royal family released a private photo of the queen and the prince. we have been hearing over the days about what prince philip has done for charities, for events, for all kinds of things here in the u.k. but, again and again, we have heard his biggest job was and he achieved it very well a strong support for the queen. the queen because of covid regulations, again, at the funeral service itself will be sitting alone perhaps underscoring her new status. other drama we are looking at, guys, is whether there be any type of reconciliation between prince, harry and brother prince william and father prince charles. this is the first time that they have been together since the infamous oprah interview. in the ceremony itself, they will be apart, whether that's coincidence or whether that's planned is not clear but there could be some side bar chats i'm sure in private. again, the funeral set to start
4:13 am
in just a couple of hours time. according to prince philip's wishes it will be a low key affair no sermon, no eulogy, no royals reading prayers but a lot of appreciation. folks, we have heard that some mourners from the group of the royals already assembling inside windsor castle. small numbers of public, again, outside of the castle. but, again, a lot of love to be shared this afternoon in the u.k. back to you guys. jedediah: thank you so much for that report. we will check back in with you again soon. we will turn to headlines for you now. a routine traffic stop turns deadly in texas. san antonio police say a driver opened fire on an officer for no apparent reason. the officer returned fire kill the alleged shooter and another passenger in the car. a third passenger was injured. the officer was shot in the hand. that shooting just one day after another san antonio officer killed a gunman at a parking garage outside the san antonio international airport. and actor felix fill la has
4:14 am
died. known for role as beloved cousin it in the addams family. >> all you have to do is get used to his accent. >> say so. >> felix named jill giroir confirmed the task in part. he died just a few hours ago. i will miss him terribly. he also appeared in the original "star trek," "star wars" episode 6 he died after a battle of pancreatic he was 86 years old. beautiful book beautiful things flops with over 10,000 sales in first week. went from fifth on amazon best seller's list all the way down to 208th. lackluster debut peculiar president's son appeared on several national networks. those are your headlines lawrence he can't get enough of himself. will: a lot of us in society can't get enough of ourself.
4:15 am
i wasn't speaking about me. lawrence: right. will: maybe me too. a convicted killer accused in another brutal murder l.a. deputy d.a. is blaming his boss george gascon soft on crime policy. that's ahead. ♪
4:16 am
4:17 am
4:18 am
will: soft encrimes district attorney gorge gascon resulting in another senseless death this time the suspect is a convicted killer. jedediah: eddie allen harris was released in prison in 2018 after serving 30 years for murder. this state lifted his parole conditions earlier this year and weeks later he became the suspect in another brutal killing. lawrence: this guy is just terrible. this is d.a. gascon.
4:19 am
is he a d.a. funded by george soros. is he a part of this new class of das that have one agenda. they don't believe anybody should be locked up. he has never prosecuted a case. he doesn't speak with the families before he decides to release the people that killed their family members. but i did something that he wouldn't do. i went and i spoke with the families that have been infected by his senseless policies. take a look. >> i never thought that i would ever have to lose a child say goodbye to a child. >> where somebody was brutally murdered. brutally murdered. he finds that it's okay to go ahead and drop special circumstance charges? >> this new district attorney has turned this justice system that does work completely upside down. >> you know, we were wronged, wronged of husband, robbed of a dad. robbed of my son. lawrence: we reached out to gascon's offices in the department of tempt of correction and rehabilitation
4:20 am
for a statement and of course we did hear back. jedediah: there are reports that he could release 20 to 30,000 inmates who have been serving for 15 years in state prison. you know, just these are very -- these are potentially very dangerous policies he if you are going to release people you better know what they are capable of. as you spoke to lawrence, those families, there are people sitting out there wondering could that be a family member of mine next time around that is affected by this type of policy so a lot of rebellion happening in that city and that state. will: yeah, and this case by the way wasn't just potential it was reality, 67-year-old man serving in prison for decades committed another crime allegedly within the first month of being released. that crime yet another murder. lawrence: part of the problem i'm a criminal justice reform guy. i have been fighting for it my whole life. the biggest threat to real criminal justice reform stuff that the president did when
4:21 am
people think you are going to release violent offenders just to recommit crimes, violent crimes. they don't want to hear anything about criminal justice reform at that point. will: absolutely. all right. switching gears, nascar is heading to richmond raceway this weekend on fox. racing champ kurt busch will be on the track. and in a brand new ride. he is here with a preview next. ♪ i can make your hands clap ♪
4:22 am
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4:24 am
jedediah: tame now for news by the numbers. first $40,000, that's how much money the university of arkansas reportedly spent on diversity
4:25 am
training program. campus reform reports the program teaches students to say ouch when they hear stereotypes. the school's website says it helps promote inclusion and respect on campus. oh, boy. next 500 percent that's how much copies surged. cap shadow shows the current market value at nearly $50 billion. putting it among the top five crypto currencies. 30. how many names the washington football sent out to season ticket holders. names on the survey include the ambassadors and the wild hogs. you the new name won't be unveiled until at least next year. over to you, will. will: just stick with washington football team. it's working. nascar great kurt busch will be showing off a brand new set of wheels this weekend. the racing legend is teaming up with fox own tuby. online library of movies. aiming to send this one of a
4:26 am
kind camaro to victory lane. the partnership will debut tomorrow at richmond raceway can you catch that at 3:00 eastern time on fox. the man himself kurt busch joins us now. kurt, good morning, congratulations on the new car. tell us about the car and tell us about the partnership. >> good morning, thank you, guys. yes, with tubey, it's a free streaming app. for tv moses, everything that you want to watch. will: tubi is free that's what makes it "newsweek." owned by fox. huge new library of movies and tv shows. talk about richmond for a second. short track. tell me what that does. what do you have to do tomorrow to make your way to the front of the pack? >> why tomorrow is a great race it's a lead-in to the playoffs in the fall.
4:27 am
any time there is a spring race at a track and we race there again for the playoffs, that makes it more of a custom tune and impactful race for what we have to do with our set-up. so got to zone. in we have 10 sets of tires and richmond being a short track it really chews up the tires we have got to be focused in on that. will: what can you do as a non-racing expert readily, admittedly here, what can you do to preserve your tires? if it's all about tires and how many changes you have to have. >> what can as a driver do to tires. >> the main thing not overdrive the corner entry and then you have to be real gender and appropriate with the throttle to not spin the tires on corner exit. so, a lot of finesse has to go into a short track but then richmond really has to be focused on because it draws in that much more so with the tire wear. will: a several hour left-hand turn tomorrow short track in richmond kurt busch and kurt, by
4:28 am
the way, hopefully we will meet you next week in talladega. good luck tomorrow. >> very good. thanks, guys. appreciate it. will: remember, 3:00 eastern on fox thanks to kurt busch. you heard me mention talladega by the way. i will tell you about that in a second. first i have to tell you about fox bet super 6 which you know you download the app. your chance to win 10,000 $ from nascar great clint bowyer pick six outcomes in stage 2 of tomorrow's race and winners will be announced in stage 3. download the free app. now to play. what did i say about talladega? here we go. the show is going next friday, must-see coverage of geico 5 lurks race and "fox & friends weekend" will be there starting next friday. hopefully i will get to meet kurt busch at that time. still ahead, congressman burgess owen has been critical of president biden's border policies one newspaper is pushing back in a very controversial way. the salt lake tribune portraying the congressman as a kkk member in a political cartoon.
4:29 am
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4:33 am
an absolutely stunning not admission necessarily but revelation that when it comes to marxism, it's for others. it's for the people. it's not for yourself. the self-avowed marxist leader of the black lives matter movement patrice con coal lors has revealed "new york post" story that shows she had bought several multimillion dollars mansions across the country. she has first says that is max marxism for her family supporting other black americans mainly those she is related to. it's not hypocritical it's marxism in practice. she talks to marc lamont hill that her black security detail is really necessary despite her calls in the past defund the police, this is part of marxism. watch. >> i have spent the last week with these folks have created a
4:34 am
much dangerous situation for me and my family. it's very serious. >> yeah, it's just interesting that she is crying when she has doxxed police officers. but i think the real story here is that there has been this civil war within the community, there is a difference between the people in the streets that are protesting and the black lives matter movement that mere rice family all affected by the movement. they have called them hustlers this is only fueling the fire that they anythinged out that she has been living with the rich folks all along. she wants to be a dirty capitalist too. jedediah: also the co-founder spent a lot of money, i'm guessing on private security. very expensive. most people cannot afford private security. that's why the police exist because when someone is at your doorstep who is not supposed to be there to bash your door in you pick up the phone and call
4:35 am
9911 call and hope police arrive. no everyone can afford private security. making the point people oppose defund the police movement have made the last couple of months and years. we are going to turn to another story now. burgess owens has been a vocal critic of the biden administration border policies. will wife for that the salt lake tribune ran editorial cartoon comparing him to the ku klux klan. lawrence: crazy stuff. congressman owens joins us now. what is your quick reaction when you first saw. >> it is interesting that to see this, again, i grew up in the deep south, and when the can kk was alive and well this is what
4:36 am
true americans go through. when they say anything not in line they go to the race card. i look at it very simply as very typical of what the left is doing to us now. and we just cannot stand for it. we have to make sure we are standing up to it move forward and again i also want to make this point that this is not the way utah, this is not the utah way. these guys, again, they are tone deaf and have no idea what they are doing this for and how much it puts them in the light of who they truly are. hypocritical for sure. jedediah: congressman, the cartoonist came out and said you uttered a white supremacist dog whistle. do you have any idea what he is talking about? >> i have no idea. i think what it does is put in light what america is going through right now.
4:37 am
we are at a point where nobody wants to say anything. nobody wants to make a mistake because they have these type of people that the first thing they will do is attack them and call them some nasty name. this is a bridge too far, obviously. obviously, you know, for anyone to call me a kkk person and by the way, i don't know if you know what the topic here is. the topic we are talking about the borders. we went down to the border last week and dealing with the fact that we have these people at risk, these people being used and abused by the cartel and this is what they -- what this particular group decides to go after. it's the showing the true racism that many of us have always thought was out there but now seeing it alive and well as they are attacking in a way that only someone who sees skin clorks period. by the way, if they really care about the black community, then they would not have been so excited about what black lives
4:38 am
matter were doing all last year. because we saw 24 deaths. you saw buildings burned all over the place and, again, they were at that time calling the police kkk talking about defunding the police. will: you are being kind to call it simply hypocritical what is going on with the salt lake tribune it's evil and stupid and historically illiterate and as you point out there eloquently it's racist. it truly is racism in play. but this story i want to ask you about, congressman, is hypocrisy in play. this is from the "new york times" by the way. china's forced labor policies, which amount to slavery. >> yes. will: have caused many corporations by the way shockingly corporations like nike to stop doing business in certain jurisdictions in china. nike stop producing shoes and clothes and products in these areas where they are used forced labor camps there are others like nba stars to have signed deals with chinese companies who have made a point in investing
4:39 am
in these areas, in these companies using these labor practice guys like dwyane wade and clay thompson dwyane wade got a ownership stake in the utah jazz. these players having so much to say about racial iniquities in this country are now invested taking money from companies in china purposefully openly doing business in places that are employing slave labor? what do you make of this congressman? >> this is something i have talked about for the last couple years this globalist concept. these people that really care more about their profit than they care about our country. and i'm glad we are bringing them to light. these are the same people that by the way doing everything they can to divide us as we call -- they have us now calling each other racists and boycotting places like atlanta. we are seeing the true deal which is we have an amentality today in which there are some group of people. the elitists that care more about their profitment and connections to china than they
4:40 am
care about our country. we have seen our football and baseball, basketball being divided. the fans being divided as they, of course, they unify in one area, which is they want their global profitability in places around the world. i'm just glad we are waking up to this to be honest. these are the kind of conversations we need to have as a country, the more we have and more understanding we have an enemy, it's not us. it's not republicans and democrats that really love our country and want our country to move forward. global elitist group that we now see really profitability what their focus is and that is the pocketbook in countries around the world. jedediah: congressman, thank you, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us this morning. will: thank you, congressman. >> thank you, guys. i will be back. jedediah: turn to headlines. today is the fifth day of increasingly dire search effort off of louisiana's coast. divers are looking for nine missing crew members from a capsized boat. in total four crew members have been found dead after two bodies
4:41 am
were recovered yesterday. strong winds and massive waves flipped the boat used to transport oil rig workers. six people were rescued. and republican senators demanding an investigation into whether planned parenthood wrongly received ppp funds. in a letter to attorney general maker garland the republicans said the group and the facility got more than $80 million in loans and many have not given the money back despite being notified by the small business administration. planned parenthood insists the affiliates were eligible for loans as they are independent of the main organization. and move over these cows are taking over a florida suburb. the herd is wandering streets without an owner in sight. neighbors have tried turning on their sprinklers but the cows didn't contract and said some of them used the sprinklers as water fountains, the sheriff is working to find them greener pastures. you all know i would take those
4:42 am
cows in and i would have a little farm in the backyard. you know that will and lawrence. lawrence: cowboy shoe some horses and. ya cow, get back here. [laughter] [mooing] adam what's going on. adam: colder across the country, colder in the southeast this morning. early morning temperatures, numbers down around freezing. still wintry off to the west. there is warm air across the southeast. that is your frontal boundary whenever you see warm and cold air together like this particularly in the spring. that's where have you spring-like storms and they have been seeing in the last 12 hours in the southeast there is heavy rain continuing to fall. we have seen at times some real downpours. so we have flood watches and warnings stretching the louisiana gulf coast. a little more rain so flooding could be an issue. otherwise, your temperatures
4:43 am
across the. temperatures climbing into the 50's and 60's. today in the new york area, 56 degrees. which means lawrence, jed, can you get outside and maybe go for a run, will, what do you do? you will sit on the couch and drink a beer maybe? will: what does that mean? i don't even know what to do with that? lawrence: i'm balling today. i'm shooting some hoops. will: pretty sure jedediah called me fat before the show started and i will sit around drinking beer all day. even if it is true. lawrence: thanks, adam. adam: personal forecast for you guys. lawrence: still ahead as forecasts continuing to unfold in portland we are learning more than half of the cases linked to the summer riots have been dropped by prosecutors. next guest lives in portland and confronted. so protesters over the summer. his warning for those people there coming up after the break. ♪
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jedediah: nearly half of all cases portland rioters last summer have been dropped. of 96 total cases prosecutors have dropped 47 of them none have gone to trial. police declare a riot for the third night following the death of daunte wright. gabrielle johnson lives in portland and confronted protesters over the summer. is he behind the coalition to save portland and gabrielle joins us now. gabrielle, thank you so much for being here with us this morning. my first question is why are these cases so many of them almost all of them are being dropped. >> well, that's a good question. you know, i would like to just throw that question back out to our administration i believe, you know, our president has come out and said that antifa is just an idea. well, i think we have seen over the last 10 months that they are not just an idea and unfortunately, these people are just being let go to cause more destruction. as he said the third night in a
4:48 am
row. highlight the past week in portland. the ice building set ablaze. portland it [inaudible] set ablaze. just last night the apple store set ablaze downtown. we have had more destruction from these same people that are being let out as you said not prosecuted and/or just given community service. and it's a shame. >> this to me looks like it sends a pretty clear and dangerous message to those who seek to do harm. what do you make of the message it sends to potential criminals or criminals. >> the message it is okay. setting precedent for riots and acts of social justice that end up in riots that can you go out and can you destroy people's homes. can you destroy public property. you can cause people of lawlessness we will just let did you go or give you community service and give you a slap on the wrist. jedediah: can residents do anything to bring about change
4:49 am
here? a lot of residents that are in cities that are going through times like this feel completely powerless. should they. >> they shouldn't feel powerless. and what they can do is join coalitions like ours. coalition to save portland and and other community organizations, neighborhood associations and really just stand up to local and federal government and say, you know, enough is enough. we deserve better. we demand better. we don't need our neighborhoods and i'm going to say my neighborhood. i live downtown portland set ablaze. night after night after night. again, 10 months. 10 months of this. jedediah: well thank you, gabriel, thank you for being with us this morning. very important points as you make always. >> thank you. jedediah: are you feeling zoomed out from a year of virtual. some paving the way for next level of meetings. chip weighs in next
4:50 am
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ing♪ ♪ lawrence: welcome back. with more than a year of canceled in person events, social distancing, working from home, you may be feeling zoomed out. jedediah: i definitely am. but some amazing new technology is making virtual experiences feel more like real life than ever before. huh? will: here to give us a look inside look dyi expert chip wade. good morning. the expectations are high. what are you talking about? >> well, hey, guys, good morning. thank you for having me. i'm so excited to be here. today i'm actually in atlanta north studios to show you how some really innovative companies are keeping us from completely zooming out at home like y'all
4:54 am
were talking about. tech has no doubt transformed the way we experience how the world is, whether it's real or virtual. in fact, i'm not on a physical set right now. i'm on a green screen. this is cool, right? check this out. it's a lot more fun to play in a three dimensional world but now it's even more fun to work there at the same time. >> this place is called surreal and it's like the off spring of fortnite and netflix together. surreal is a first of it kind virtual platform that enables our users to connect, collaborate and even celebrate an entirely new ways. now, what you see right now is actually a live event. this has real attendees having real live conversations. this is never ever existed before. now, imagine being able to shop in an environment like this, too. we recently created this inside surreal koh.
4:55 am
will e are design your kitchen in realtime. imagine changing out the light fixtures live. turning on the lights to see how it looks and makes the space change in live time. this is so next level and it gets even better. surreal can even be configured into any environment whether it's real or it's just out of your imagination providing a digital twin type of experience to physical products, places and experience. check out this dodge ram, this truck is absolutely amazing. you can change out anything you want. you can swap out the wheels, can you change the colors, anything you want. now, i know pete is not in studio with you guys today because i brought in surreal with me to shop for trucks. we got you there, pete. oh, i love it. [laughter] platform can even be used for live presentations for up to tens of thousands of people at once. now this isn't just for your
4:56 am
genz cool kids down with tech. it's easy for anybody to use. it's designed to be a social first way of having those organic conversations, those real world collisions with real people that we love about in person events. it also has all the tools you need to engage with all the attendees. this is no doubt next level and it's here and available so be on the lookout. you phis can check out more about this surreal but what do you guys think, amazing, right? lawrence: i like it. will: it is amazing. what are you sitting on by the way? you weren't sitting on that kitchen counter, what were you sitting on? >> i'm sitting on magic. but it's a keen eye, will, being able to interact with a virtual set at the same time makes that realism even more. and, again, i understand the idea is not to go more and spend more time on our computers and our devices. i want the opposite.
4:57 am
making more impactful and productive and getting it ton shorter period of time and makes it fun for all of us. will: looks really really cool, chip. lawrence: your daughter can dance. jedediah: thanks, chip. will: first kneeling and now pro-sports political move georgia boycott is having major impact on fans. more next hour. ♪
4:58 am
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[chanting daunte wright] [chanting hand up don't shoot] [bleep], [bleep] will: straight to a fox news alert this saturday morning on "fox & friends." a sixth straight night of violence in brooklyn center, minnesota. hundreds protesting outside the city's police station over the death of daunte wright. jedediah: police announced an emergency curfew and arrested more than 100 people. lawrence: lucas tomlinson is live in washington with more on the unrest. lucas? >> thousands of protesters also
5:01 am
taking to the streets in chicago, new york, oak land, portland and durham, north carolina. the white house press secretary jen psaki reacting to the shooting of a 1-year-old in chicago. >> it is certainly chilling and a reminder that across the country there are far too many communities where there is violence that is impacting -- that too often in this country law enforcement uses unnecessary force, too often resulting in the death of black and brown americans. >> congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez accused the chicago prosecutor of lying about police killing 13-year-old adam toledo, questions remain over when he dropped his weapon. the "new york post" writing after the january 6th insurrection at the capitol that democrats in the media were lecturing all of us on the dangerous powers of speech but apparently that only works one way. aoc and the rest of the squad regularly speak in incendiary language calling for an end to policing, an end to business and
5:02 am
an end to anyone who disagrees with them. they don't wait for facts or nuances. they call for retribution. it needs to stop. crime is up in many stations nationwide. here in the nation's capitol carjackings up 300 percent. murders up over 30%. that follows a 16-year high in killings at the end of 2020. quois? will: all right, thanks so much, lucas. those are strong and accurate words from the "new york post" right there. aoc, jen psaki and others jumping ahead the facts to conclusions that are not only irresponsible but they are incendiary as we see riots spread across this nation. this is just days before we anticipate a jury verdict in the derek chauvin trial in the death of george floyd in minnesota. this city is sitting on razor edge. calling on it kamala harris to launch police reform drive from "u.s.a. today." i don't know, lawrence and jedediah, whether or not vice
5:03 am
president kamala harris is the right person to lead any type of reform, any type of leadership initiative because we will just point out it's been 25 days since she was tapped to lead the border crisis. taking a leading role in solving the issues at our border in those 25 days we have not heard from kamala harris on the very issue she has been tapped to lead. i'm not sure she has room on her plate for another issue to lead on. lawrence: no press conference, no visit to the southern border. and this is on the heels of the president of guatemala essentially saying look, it's the biden's rhetoric that drove this surge to the border. so, i mean, maybe she should stop all the cupcake visits and trying to make everything about infrastructure and focus on the task that is at land. but, i have a feeling that she really doesn't want to be involved with this. jedediah: she may not want to or may not know where to begin, frankly, once you incentivize this type of behavior and invent size all these people to come over and they are here that
5:04 am
becomes a huge issue. you see the crowding. she knows full well if he goes down to the border a rot of cameras will follow her and expectation will be higher then for her to actually do something about it. so, the question is what is she really doing behind the scenes? no one seems to really know and no one in the administration seems to want to make that clarification. couple that with a lot of questions now what is hang to the border wall itself and border security itself? now we are hearing that border wall materials are rusting in the dessert. representative scott franklin and fred keller talked about the miles and miles of border wall materials now rusting on twitter. take a listen. >> that's money sitting there that nothing is happening with. it cost money to get it all here. it will cost them money to haul it all out of here. and if we are going to pay somebody to do something with this we ought to pay them to put it on the border so they can protect the farmers and the ranchers out here. that's what they ought to be doing.
5:05 am
>> i'm angry. i have got to tell you this. is exactly what is wrong with our government. look around. we have got millions of dollars of materials that could be used to complete the wall. they have been paid for. the contracts were there. the biden administration decided in a political move to shut it down. lawrence: so, will, i was just at the border about a month ago. and i saw this same pile in new mexico where the wall wasn't finished. by the way, all of this stuff has already been paid for. the biden administration just refuses to put it up. and what people don't talk about, everyone thinks it's just about the border wall. but all the technology that the border agents use at the home base. you know, to all the censors and all of that well, because they didn't finish the wall, they couldn't install the sensors as well. agents approaching this border and they don't know what they are going to see. now, it's important to note that right across that border because it is the cartel that controls the other side of the border,
5:06 am
that shot, bullets found in people's houses because we have no control. >> will: look at that picture on your screen of a half finished border wall. i understand, i guess, if your political position is to not get behind a border wall. it's increasingly difficult to understand why you shut down sunk costs already built, halfway into the project, just wasting which the federal government is excellent at doing, just wasting money away. lawrence: it's dumb. this goes on the heels, guys, of former president, then vice president, then senator biden supported this same stuff back in the day. and all of the sudden he doesn't support it why, should we tear down the stuff that you built and voted for? i don't know. jedediah: when you look at the images, i mean you really have to see this stuff, you start to get angry because not only are all these materials wasted but there are giant holes everywhere. what is that going to do stick a structure here. holes on this side, holes in the middle, holes on that side.
5:07 am
no wonder there is an issue. that's why i keep stressing that the administration needs to go down there. there is a reason they are not going down there like i said because then they would be compelled to do something about it and held to a higher standard with respect to doing that when you see these images, you say well, no wonder we have a problem. no wonder. so, border security and what's going to happen there under this administration is one topic that has caused a lot of different opinions out there. and another one is covid restrictions and what the media got wrong, what the scientists got wrong, what people are unwilling to say when it comes to the actual facts of what has been revealed. one person who is talking about that is bill maher and he knocked the left for some of the covid restrictions and some of their talk on it listen to what he had to say. >> what about liberals? you know, the high information buy the science people? almost 70% of democrats are wildly off on this key question and also have a greatly exaggerated view of the danger
5:08 am
of covid 2 and the mortality rate among children. shouldn't liberal media have to answer for how did your audience wind up believing such a bunch of crap about covid? texas lifted its covid restrictions recently and their infection rates went down. in part because of people getting outside. to let the sun and wind do their thing. [applause] but to many liberals, that can't be right. because texas and beach-loving florida have republican governors. i have read that the governor of florida reads. i believe the governor is also a veracious consumer of the scientific literature. and maybe that's why he protected his most vulnerable population, the elderly way better than did the governor of new york. will: dang, i love it. jedediah: i wanted to say though, will, i'm so curious how his audience received that i was listening, are they laughing? i'm very curious because he is that kind of guy now he
5:09 am
criticizes left, right, center. will: i can tell you the answer to that question not having seen the program that night you can hear the crickets in the back ground. i have done that program a couple of times. audience expecting to hear one point of view. bill maher is increasingly unpredictable. a saying old cliche that serve a liberal mugged by reality. bill maher has seen relate. he is being mugged by reality the way the state have handled this covid is increasingly clear it's just too difficult to deny. florida and texas has got it right. lawrence: people are sick of it especially when you live in a state like california and michigan and the numbers are going up. meanwhile michigan is putting more lockdowns down. how do you explain it? guess what? you cannot. all due respect to dr. fauci he should have a little bit of humility, all of the scientists should have a lot of humility because they have been getting a lot of stuff wrong, be like texas or don't and continue to suffer. make your people suffer. make the businesses shut down. continue to wear masks while you
5:10 am
are running, it makes no sense. jed yesterday a lot of it -- masks while running i saw somebody doing that the other day. take a live look at windsor castle in england as the military marches on to the ground. benjamin hall with more on today's service. benjamin. >> yeah, good morning, jedediah. if it weren't for covid these streets would be filled with tens of thousand. the royal police have urged people to stay at home to watch this on television. that's what it is going to be a funeral made for tv. people tuning in for so many different reasons. chief among them of course is to remember the remarkable life of prince philip and everything that he did. but, of course, also, eyes will be on prince charles, william and harry who is going to be seen for the first time alongside his family since that bombshell oprah interview. we know that william and harry will no longer be walking side by side along the coffin as they might have been expected to. that was signed off by the queen. but, of course, this is also going to be full of the pomp,
5:11 am
the grandeur the fitting of a royal funeral. gun salutes, recessions and pageantry. rehearsals all week to make sure it goes ahead with military procession. covid restrictions means only 30 family members inside the church as well as close family. a few german relatives of prince philip and the duke's private secretary. just yesterday the palace released a rare photography showing the queen and prince philip sitting in the highland. it was take by the contes of wes wessex. not only will you see the pomp and pageantry. you will see palace intrigue and watching out for the body language between the prinss. pr. jedediah: thank you, benjamin. 8 people killed in the fedex shooting in indianapolis. five others hurt in the shooting. their names have not been released. the gunman is identified as
5:12 am
19-year-old brandon holl. he was fired before the shooting. the fbi says he was known law enforcement. he was interviewed by the cia last year after the mother called the police saying her son might commit suicide by cop. police have not released his motive behind the deadly attack. and exercise company recall. the business is tasing off with federal regulators looking to take the peloton tread plus off the market. the consumer products safety commission is requesting a recall as it investigate the death of a child last month and other reports of injuries from accidents involving the machine. epic post lockdown celebration caught on camera in the u.k. video shows charlie richards hanging out in his local pub for the first time since coronavirus restrictions eased. he gets so overcome with excitement he splashes here beer all over his face and pours it all over his head. richard said it was the first logger he had ordered in more
5:13 am
than four months. that's some excitement right there for a logger, guys. lawrence: i love it, shows excitement. >> coming up the biden administration caves to progressive pressure on the number of refugees allowed into enter the country, who is really in control of washington. kayleigh mcenany says the white house is taking their cues from the far left. she joins us next. ♪ guy fieri! ya know, if you wanna make that sandwich the real deal, ya gotta focus on the bread layers. king's hawaiian sliced bread makes everything better! ♪ (angelic choir) ♪ and here's mine! - hi, i'm steve. - i'm lea. and we live in north pole, alaska. - i'm a retired school counselor. i swim every day. i like to grill, salmon mostly. as i got older, my hearing was not so good so i got hearing aids. my vision was not as good as it used to be, got a change in prescription. but the this missing was my memory.
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5:17 am
acceptable. congresswoman jay powell said he it prone his promise. dick durbin said say it ain't so, joe: kayleigh mcenany joins us this morning. glad to have you on the network and with us this morning. what could you make of this? this is a quick break neck 180 reverse in direction seemingly in response to some tweets and some pressure from the furthest left of the democratic party. >> that's right. it's not surprising, look. joe biden has turned out to be what bernie sanders predicted would possibly be the most progressive president in history. and he is living up to that reputation. the reversal on the refugee cap is one example. court-packing is another example. the green new deal, disguised in infrastructure package is yet another example. but that's one of the clever things that joe biden does. i saw headline that said joe biden, despite being progressive, keeps his moderate reputation because what he is doing is a shell game where is
5:18 am
he hiding these progressive packages in different buckets whether it's green new deal and infrastructure, whether it's court-packing in a liberal commission that will inevitably come down on the side of court packing and this refugee cap is just another example aoc, the squad, the far left pulling the strings, biden is a mere mariannette puppet for who i- will: many of us watched this story. you lived there story. just in the past week, it has essentially been admitted, a report came out, that the quote, unquote, russian bounty story of russian soldiers putting bounties on american soldiers and then, of course, the corresponding president trump won't press vladimir putin. won't address this story was absolutely behind in the media. you were at the podium living this story on a daily basis. first, let's take a look back at how this was treated by the mainstream media. >> to see this threat, this possible bounty on our soldiers
5:19 am
be treated so lightly is so inappropriate. it is dereliction of duty. >> payings rewards for americans dead. the president knows it. he has been told. >> president trump dismissing the russian bounty intelligence story. >> he has still yet to say anything as the president of the united states about bounties on american troops. will: and now, of course, the intel community dismissing that story. kayleigh, tell us what it was like to answer questions about this dismissed story as though it were true and you were indicted on a daily basis. >> on a daily basis. this continued for a long time, for months, in fact, yesterday i addressed the media coverage of this and how wrong it was and hoping that we will get some sort of correction or an apology. but today i wanted to advance this a little further. i mentioned this from the podium that this was a leak from someone in the intelligence community, someone in the deep state, if you will, who was strategically trying to hurt the president. they knew that this was unverified intelligence. nevertheless, leaked it to the
5:20 am
"new york times." when you couple this, will, with the other story, the horrible story that suggests that the president called our troops suckers and losers, a heinous allegation that was not true at all when you put the two together this was coordinated attempt conservative base that supports the president. patriotic. you are left with that assumption. i will tell you just one note. the president was permanently upset and grieved by that story. especially the one that suggests he called our troops terrible names. he did nothing of the sort. and it's just a horrible thing for any person to go through. a commander-in-chief to go through. he loves our troops. and it is absolutely egregious what the media did to him on this topic. will: the play is weak unsourced material or anonymously sourced material run as true repeated over and over multiple channels multiple nights asked to you every day multiple times as though it's true. you do not denounce, you do not address because, of course, it's not true. that makes you the target and on
5:21 am
multiple stories this is how it played out and then quietly months later turns out the stories were not true. that's the game plan. >> exactly right. it is -- it's wrong. it's wrong and it was a cohesive narrative. when you put these two together, they were false stories intended to do one thing, change the election for joe biden. smear the president with false stories and try to swing an election. the media should be ashamed of themselves today particularly the "new york times." will: but they will not be. all right, kayleigh, thank you so much for your time this morning. >> thank you. will: can you always catch kayleigh on outnumbered weekdays at noon eastern. still ahead, it's been 100 days in office for congress' freshman class including a record number of g.o.p. women paving a new path in washington. jillian mele sat down with some of them to talk about today's top issues and she is going to bring us that interview next. ♪ so i only pay for what i need.
5:22 am
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5:25 am
>> lawrence: a record number of republican women now hold a seat in the u.s. house of representatives. this week they marked their first 100 days in congress. "fox & friends first" co-host jillian mele went to washington to spend the day with them and talk about the big issues impacting our country. jillian? jillian: good morning, and what a busy 100 days it has been. that's right. i sat down with congresswoman mall tack can you say mayes, mcclain. one of them at one point was homeless. another at one point had dropped out of high school. then you have congresswoman mcclain who is really busy fighting for the business owners in this country with more than 30 years experience in corporate america. so all of their distinct pack grounds let them to this one place where they are very busy and hard at work fighting for you.
5:26 am
take a look. jillian: happy 100 days. it's 100 days. a lot has happened. and you guys are part of a record shattering class of women who have been elected into the house of representatives. i'm curious how it feels to be a part of this. >> well, as the baby of the group, the youngest republican woman in congress today, i'm just incredibly honored and humbled to share this opportunity with a group of bad-ass women. >> for me honor of a lifetime first republican woman elected to congress from the state of south carolina. and to show other women that there are so many glass ceilings we have to break. >> we really reflect america and to be here with them fighting against socialism fighting for the taxpayers, fighting for sanity and common sense. >> i'm honored, i'm humbled. i'm inspired. and i'm ready to get to work. >> i just came back from the border and being able to go there with my colleagues and expose what is happening, humanitarian crisis, a national security crisis, a public health crisis, and not only are they
5:27 am
being trafficked they are being sexually abused. i spoke with one girl who was 9 years old and she had been gang raped to the point where her vocal chords had given out because she was screaming. it makes your stomach turn. if you think this is just a southern border issue, you are gravely mistaken. >> we have an issue and i will tell you, it's coming to a town near you. >> we are the freest, most accepting, most compassionate nation in the world. every day, whether it's at the border, or whether we are talking the budget or economic policy, we are literally witnessing firsthand the dismantling of our constitution and our freedoms in this country. >> we have open borders but our schools are still closed. >> we have been probably the toughest year of my life as a parent to see my children -- did so well in person school and bam, covid hits, and it all changes. i mean, it was almost overnight. and my kids, they don't even look the same. >> and the business side of
5:28 am
this, look at all the small business owners in this country, so many people are just saying give me an opportunity to prove that i can do this safely. because this is my life on the line. >> i don't believe the government needs to dictate what businesses can and cannot stay open. michigan is arguably maybe one of the most locked down states in the country. florida is not. but you look at their code rates, and they are almost identical. yeah, and just a psa plug, florida is open for business. come on down. the weather is great. >> it's been almost one year sips the death of george floyd. almost one year that you have had people calling to defund police where you have had police departments that have defunded. just this week we saw what happened in minnesota with daunte wright. you know, it's a hard topic for people to talk about. >> as a parent, i teach my children right from wrong. i teach my children that your
5:29 am
actions have consequences. and in our household, we believe in the rule of law. we have dehumanized people on both sides, right? you don't see beyond the badge as the wife of a first responder, this is a very, very personal issue to me. the nypd has now had their hands tied by a mayor and city council. they know how to do the job more than the cop on the street. >> no one is going to want to be a cop in new york city. >> if we defund the police then they won't have the resources to have qualified candidates. at the same time, as republicans, i think we do need to absolutely acknowledge some of the challenges. jillian: 2022 is far away but also not that far away. >> as the youngest republican woman right now come january 3rd, 2022 i'm still the youngest republican woman i haven't done my job. >> i think right now our job is to expose what the democrats are doing. >> and, of course, offer our alternatives had, which is a much better vision for the future of this country. >> every time i think
5:30 am
republicans have done something that we can't recover from, nancy pelosi goes hold my beer. >> we have a lot to run on, and i'm looking forward to taking back the house. >> we will provide a real opportunity for people with logic and common sense to get in and run for these offices. so i'm very encouraged for 2022. jillian: cheers on first 100 days. here is to the next 100 and also to the future of women leaders. here here. >> i feel like i need a had mimosa. jillian: we did not have a mimosa although i'm not opposed to it when i get off the air in a few minutes, lawrence. what i want to mention here that i think is important to note. you heard congress come say a lot of times with law enforcement people see beyond the badge to see who that person is and realize they have a life at home, they have a family at home. i think it's the same for our people in congress. because i think sometimes you forget they are people. they are mothers, they are fathers. you know, they are out there fighting for everybody trying to make the world a better place. and they really do believe in
5:31 am
bipartisan so what you see on tv, the constant back and forth, you know, at the end of the day, that's not necessarily who they are as people. lawrence: jillian, that's definitely a story that you are not going to hear anywhere else. you deserve a mimosa pause you came on your off day. jillian: i did. i got a coffee but i'm going to put something else in this cup soon. lawrence: that's what i'm talking about, jillian. you can catch her every day weekdays from 4 to 6:00 on "fox & friends first." thank you, jillian. >> thanks, lawrence. lawrence: you bet. still ahead the mlb appears to be striking out among fans as new polling data reveals sinking support after the league moved the all-star game out of georgia. world champion pitcher david wells sounds off on between sports and politics next. ♪ the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be.
5:32 am
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5:35 am
♪ ♪ ♪ back in black ♪ ♪ i hit the sack ♪ ♪ i've been too long... ♪ applebee's irresist-a-bowls are back. dig in for just $8.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. get political over georgia's voting law is having an impact on fans. lawrence: a new morning consult poll plummeted 35% among republicans last month. will: gosh 35% down to 12% among republicans. our next guest is a two-time world series champion who says he is done watching, too. former major league pitcher david wells joins us now. david, i have seen some of the introduce you have given and you said basically your interest in baseball was kind of weakening
5:36 am didn't have a lot of r with stars or the fans to be taking positions. >> i don't think so. because of the fact that, you know, first and foremost, have you got to take the politics out of the game. it see this happening baseball was my life. i love watching it but with all the rules that have been going on since manfred has taken over has really gotten me out of the game from the analytics part of this, from changing, you know, with the shorting the innings, i guess, for slowing the game -- or speeding the game up, the game is there. people are supposed to go there, have a beer, hot dog, peanuts and cracker jacks and go out and have a great time and not worry about time. and when you start speeding that up, and you implementing a lot of different rules, it's just taking away the integrity of the game. and moving this all-star game to colorado just really put the icing on the cake for me
5:37 am
because, to me, it's not -- it's not the fact that, you know, businesses knowed a lot of help right now in this day and time. and when you move it out of atlanta, especially atlanta, and you go to colorado, which, you know, we all know the difference there with the voting right and all that, it's just not the same. and it's not fair to the game of baseball when you have one knuckle head who is trying to act like biden, i think, you know, 9 way i see it, they are just trying to change the game and changing the rules and it's not fair. jedediah: david, you know, it seems obvious to me that the leagues would know that if they got increasingly political they were going to marginalize some aspect of their fans, some people were going to be turned of off, and maybe not want to see politics and maybe just enjoy a sport. why do the leagues do it knowing full well that by doing so they are losing some people? >> they are all drinking at the wrong kool-aid, if you ask me. but, to me, it's -- i don't understand. it's a mystery. because why do you want to take
5:38 am
away the integrity of the game first and foremost? but, people love the game of baseball. i mean, i loved it growing up since i was 6 years old playing. going to the ballparks, going to watch the san diego padres. being a yankee fan growing up as well. so, when you have these people coming in and changing the rules, you are going to lose a lot -- in my mind, you are going to lose a lot of fans, because when you start doing that and playing the politics role, they don't want to see that they just want to take their kids and enjoy a game and then when you have these guys coming in and changing the rules, you know, it's, to me, it's not fair. it's not fair to the fans, it really isn't. lawrence: yeah, david, it's hard for me because i do politics for a living. so sports is all i have got. i just can't rid -- i need some excitement that's nonpolitical. but i have got to ask you, when i talk to people, most of their concern is that this narrative was built on a lie. >> 100 percent.
5:39 am
and where these lies are coming from, you know, with big tech coming in and bullying people and saying we are not going to sponsor you so you got to fit our narrative, have you got to do what we say, forget it take that all out. just go back to the way the game was played from the beginning. you know, you earn your spots, you know, you go out there. when you have -- when you are trying to put 16 playoff teams, you know, at the end, for what? keep it simple. keep the integrity of the game the way it is. because i don't like -- i don't like the way it's going, obviously. you know, because i'm very outspoken about it. but, to me, it's the point of where let baseball be baseball, let politics be politics and everybody go their own way and have some fun. will: david, we are out of time but i have to follow up really quickly. you said one guy and one knuckle head you said joe biden. do you think rob manfred, is he the wrong guy for the job? >> 100 percent.
5:40 am
i think, you know, when they brought him, in he had a vision just like a lot of people do, but his vision is for the wrong purpose 100 percent. will: all right, david wells, strong words, appreciate you joining us this morning, david, thank you. >> my pleasure, thanks for having me. will: turning now to your headlines, shocking footage out of georgia where a high-speed chase ended with a suspect opening fire on officers with an ak-47. three officers were hurt. spokesperson for the local sheriff's office joined us earlier on "fox & friends" with an update on their recovery. >> our deputy was released from the hospital on monday. officer chase gordy who works for the police department came home two days ago. sergeant rob hollowway with the carroll police department does remain in grady hospital in atlanta. will: the suspect was killed in the shootout. new york lawmakers getting a flood of calls as they investigate governor andrew cuomo. lawmakers have received more than 100 tips on a hotline that asks for information on their impeachment probe over shower.
5:41 am
sexual harassment allegations. cuomo all smiles during a presser taking no questions about the allegations but boasting about his shirs. [laughter] >> how remarkable was this product? maybe i didn't invent google. [laughter] >> i did invent new york state clean hand sanitizer. will: someone in the audience liked those jokes. nine women have accused governor cuomo of inappropriate behavior. 12-foot shark swimming around palings boarders in the u.k. the massive basking shark making their boards look small in comparison as it passes right by them. one paddle boarder says he was scared at first until he realized it was a basking shark which are typically not aggressive. he says the shark swam away and everyone continued on their day. lawrence: no, i'm freaking out. >> first of all, i can't swim to gyp with i'm learning this year how to swim but that would have scared the hell out of me.
5:42 am
jedediah: have you all seen jaws? will: rational fear. lawrence: stay calm. will: i wanted to think if basking sharks have teeth. they are the ones that suck in plankton like a whale or do they have teeth? lawrence lawrence all sharks are created equal. jedediah: sharon osborn breaking her silence after being forced out supporting piers morgan. nigel farage sounds off on that and more next. ♪ essential expenses in retirement. have the right financial professional show you how... this is what an annuity can do. what's the #1 retinol brand professional show you how... used most by dermatologists? it's neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair® smooths the look of fine lines in 1-week, deep wrinkles in 4. so you can kiss wrinkles goodbye! neutrogena®
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5:45 am
may be a sign of a life-threatening condition. do not receive botox® cosmetic if you have a skin infection. side effects may include allergic reactions, injection site pain, headache, eyebrow, eyelid drooping, and eyelid swelling. tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. so, give that just saw a puppy look. and whatever that look is. look like you... with fewer lines. see results at jedediah: sharon as important talking with bill maher opening up first time for leaving the talk where she was forced out defend ever defending the criticism of megan mark. >> you have to agree with everything meghan markle says or you are a racist? is this the standard now. >> he is doubt be her. >> doubting. >> that's not the same thing as denying.
5:46 am
>> she is entitled to her opinion and pierce is entitled to his. >> right. >> that's what it is all about. jedediah: here to react is nigel farage. thank you for joining us this morning. obviously you saw that exchange and i'm sure have you been following that story with respect to meghan markle and sharon osborn. why is the idea that everyone should be able to say their peace dying? >> dying quickly and it's all because we don't want to calls offense and we don't want a particular label put on us and that label is racist. so if you criticize anybody that is black then somehow the argument isn't about whether you are right or wrong, the argument isn't about whether you are spilgded to have a different point of view, you are immediately labeled as racist. and that is what has happened around meghan markle and that interview with oprah winfrey and it's disturbing. it's worrying. i mean it was worrying when pierce got sacked but someone
5:47 am
like sharon osborn reasonably and struck me as being a very reasonable woman. for her to quite reasonably say to you know what since pierce made that argument either holly untrue or factually incorrect. you have got to say to yourself approaching modern day version of the salem witch trials. it's very, very worrying and quite what young people are supposed to think about free speech and open democracy i just don't know. so i think it's very, very important very important all of us that care about liberty. all of us that care about free speech make a stand and if other people try to throw false labels on us just simply ignore them. jedediah: seems to me every single one of us is one statement away from something that could be potentially career-ending. i don't understand why young people aren't more motivated to bring about change in this area in an age of social media where
5:48 am
their voices are out there all the time, i mean, they stand to suffer the most in terms of what that next generation will have to deal with. will young people rise up ultimately and change this tide? >> well, i would love to think so but here's the problem. the problem is in the u.s.a. and certainly the same in my country in the u.k. the education system from a very early age right the way through to the end of the university, the education system is virtually indoctrinating our children, and our youngsters and telling them that diversity is the key but not diversity of opinion, we are not teaching critical thinking. critical thinking is, you say, look, here's a problem. here are two solutions. they are both valid. you make your own mind up, increasingly the education system says this view is good and virtuous and this view is evil. the education system is having the most damaging effect upon young people. and it really does need urgent reform.
5:49 am
jedediah: i 100 percent agree with that statement and those thoughts. i want to ask you though about today. it's a very important day the world is paying its final respects to prince philip today. what are your thoughts? >> firstly, my thoughts are with the queen because on a personal level, you know, he has been there at her side in what has been a very, very public and at times very highly pressurized job which they have both done magnificently. i also think that it will be difficult for her because of covid, we couldn't have the kind of funeral that was given to her mother back in 2001 the queen's mother died. it was a big service at westminster abby, a million people lined the streets. today that can't happen. the last significant figure world war ii had his funeral today and world war ii now becomes history. jedediah: thank you, nigel so much for being with us on this important day, we appreciate it our live special coverage, remember, starts at the top of the hour. thank you so much.
5:50 am
still to come, it's almost time to hit the water bass pro u.s. open bass fishing tournament. i think i got that right. is giving amateurs a chance to win millions in prizes. bass pro founder and ceo johnny morris is going to break it all down next. ♪ ♪ the ergo smart base from tempur-pedic responds to snoring - automatically. so no hiding under your pillow. or opting for the couch. your best sleep. all night. every night.
5:51 am
experience the mattress ranked #1 in customer satisfaction by jd power, two years in a row. wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are.
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5:53 am
lawrence: welcome back, more than $4 million in prizes up for grabs just for going-to-fishing. jedediah: first of it kind bass pro shops open amateur fishing tournament. will: pushing the action enemy tomorrow noted conservationist and bass pro founder johnny morris is bringing us a preview life from lawrence our backyard
5:54 am
where we grew up lake ray roberts right there in north texas. johnny, thank you for being there. tell us about the tournament. amateurs, customers, patriots, all getting there in teams of two to see who can land the biggest bass. >> hey, we are very excited. you know, this next year will be coming up on our 50th anniversary of bass pro shops. and we just wanted to have a series of events to celebrate our history and to say thank you to our customers. so, we came up with the idea to have a series of u.s. open qualifying events with a finals being this november. home lake table rock in the ozarks in missouri. and a lot of this is to benefit conservation. we we hope to raise a lot of money. all of our contestant entry fees will go to conservation. we hope that ends up we have a targeted goal like $1.7 million for conservation going for fisheries conservation. lawrence lawrence you know, johnny, i'm from texas.
5:55 am
and me and my dad spent a lot of time at bass pro in garland, texas getting all our supplies. i remember my first fish. talk about the family time. it's been such a tough year. talk about this event and bringing families together. >> hey, thank you, lawrence and thank you for being a customer. this is -- we have like, if i recall, 59 veteran teams in this event today. that will be going on tomorrow now. many family teams, fathers, sons, daughters, mothers, sons, daughters, grandparents, and family is what it is all about. you know what? we have been through this past year and the country with the virus, if there has been a positive about it, it's really inspired a lot of families and kids to be reintroduced to nature and the sport of fishing is just a great way for people to have fun together to connect families and buddies people get out to create great times and
5:56 am
mollie hemmingwayrys in life. will: johnny, give me a quick prediction the winning bass will be how big. it's tomorrow actually how big will it be. >> 8 pounds. i'm betting on 8 pounds maybe bigger. everything is big in texas. >> lawrence: that's right, brother. will: including lake ray roberts which by the way is not too far where i grew up in sherman, texas a little north of where you are right now, johnny. good luck today. have fun. we will be paying attention. >> i have to introduce my buddy roland martin greatest fisherman of all time. >> i 1970. hunts and fishing ever since. >> yeah we have, buddy. will: thank you very much. >> join us we will have a big time here. will: all right. take care. on our way out here take a look at live pictures. windsor england as the world pays their final respects to prince philip the duke of edinburgh that's coming up here at the top of the hour. the funeral of prince philip 9:00 a.m. here on fox news.
5:57 am
jedediah: it will be interesting to watch this unfold. we talked about how it will look a little bit differently due to covid-19 restrictions. the queen will be sitting alone. people will be in face masks, there will be about 30 people in attendance inside. lots of people interested to see the dynamics. obviously there has been some tension with respect to harry and meghan's interview. so how will that play out? will people be able to see that tension in terms of the royal family walking down? and we're going to cover it all. we will have a special with martha maccallum that's going to begin in just about three minutes. lawrence: kind of sad that the rift within that family has taken this public. you know, i got a dysfunctional family. i think a lot of us do. but we keep that stuff behind closed doors. so it's kind of sad that it's overshadowing the life and legacy of prince philip. hopefully death can bring them together and they can remember what matters most, which is family. jedediah: yeah, also a lot of details emerged that prince philip had arranged for this
5:58 am
funeral in advance. you know, this has been 25 years in the making. he was very specific about what he wanted to happen there, what he didn't want to happen there so, will basically be seeing his vision for what he wanted his farewell to look like. we will be taking a look at prince andrew is another person that has been somewhat controversial over the last several months with respect to his relationship with jeffrey epstein. of so many will be looking at him appearing in public for the first time in a long time. and lots of body language experts also watching, you know, the siblings harry and his sibling to see is there a dynamic there. lawrence: and the queen. jedediah: and the queen, right. lawrence: she has been very silent obviously they were married over 60 years, i think. jedediah: 70, actually. lawrence: 70. quite silent. picture released on the screen a private photo of the queen and her husband. and she has been in mourning. will: meghan markle will not be in attendance as you pointed
5:59 am
out, jedediah. a lot of attention on harry and william and their relationship and how they interact today. as you pointed out, jedediah, prince philip had desires, wishes for what this might be like. my understanding and you see much more informed than i am on the issues pertaining to the royals. there is a different definition, probably, of humility one of his desires was to have a more understated version than what is usually expected in these situations. jedediah: and i think it's important to note also people follow the royal family from within our country, around the world, and they feel like they get to know them. and so, you know, they watch and they mourn with them. there are many people around the world today who will be mourning the loss of this man who they feel they got to know. they followed his life, they followed his family's life. so i think it'll be really interesting to watch and also important to pay respects. and like you said, lawrence, you're seeing a family dynamic up front and center. we all have our issues behind
6:00 am
closessed doors, but we'll see -- closed doors, but we'll see how that plays out. we give our condolences to all those mourning today. will: that's going to do it for us. special coverage of prince philip's funeral with martha maccallum is tet to begin for you -- set to bin for you right now. maria: good morning and welcome to special coverage of the funeral of prince philip, i'm martha maccallum, and we will be with you throughout the next three hours of this historic event on an absolutely stunning, beautiful morning in the united kingdom. the shot on the left is, of course, windsor castle. shot on the right, a family photo, and you see prince philip on the right-hand side of that photo. this event will be held at st. george's chapel at windsors castle just about 38 minutes
6:01 am
outside the center of london


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