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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 17, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> greg: to check your dvrs every night so you don't miss an episode. thank you to our studio audience, "fox news @ night" is next. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hello and welcome to "fox news @ night" in for shannon tonight. this time in portland in the wake of an officer-involved shooting in a park, law enforcement trying to investigate when agitators tore down the crime scene tape. here's how the portland police bureau puts it tonight. as officers begin to disengage from the scene, hostile individuals chased them throwing things at them. officers deployed inert smoke canisters and help to help them leave, but individuals continued after them.
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a rubber ball distraction device was used to allow the officers to safely disengage created tensions rising near the home of chicago's democratic mayor lori lightfoot in the aftermath of the death of 13-year-old adam toledo. surveillance video shows him reaching behind it fence where a gun was found before he was shot by police. the white house is weighing in on one side before the investigation is complete. >> too often in this country, law enforcement uses unnecessary force resulting in the deaths of black and brown americans. >> cities across the country are making more preparations for violence. we begin with senior correspondent mike tobin and brooklyn center minnesota where they lifted the curfew tonight. good evening. >> the curfew is back in place by emergency declaration, mike appeared at the evening looked like it was going to be a repeat of last night with police in a low profile, close to the police headquarters, minimizing the friction between them and the
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demonstrators and protected by the two rings of fencing that had not been erected as a barrier outside of the police headquarters. close to 10:00 come according to the operation safety net, some of the demonstrators breached that outer perimeter, the outer barrier. that triggered some of the flashlights. it triggered an announcement, a declaration that the demonstration in front of police headquarters was no longer legal. pretty soon we saw the police on massing on north humble drive to the south of the demonstration pushing north. it then suddenly the police for the first time k mount of the front gate of the police headquarters with an overwhelming display of manpower they started to scatter the demonstrators to the north, but national guard vehicles state troopers links them corralling the demonstrators and the people who were there were now part of a demonstration that was declared illegal got arrested and they are being processed. it shows how much tension encrypts this area. >> the twin cities area is a box
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as families claim former police officer can potteries not facing stiff enough charges for the shooting death of dante wright. >> second degree manslaughter is not okay. i'm not okay with that. that's not right. she murdered my son. >> protestant turn to violence and looting nightly. to store owners based for the impact, tried to keep their businesses profit with boards on the windows. they voted against the tools police used for crowd control. the council passed a resolution against nonlethal weapons like teargas and rubber bullets. >> this on the basis for how were going about implementing it, just in discriminant as cults gassing, resting of protesters. >> operation safety net is a coalition of law enforcement agencies assembled for the derek chauvin vertex. following the daunte wright shooting, it involves 3,000
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national guardsmen. only one city council member dissented, noting when nonlethal has been effective. she said participants have planned and trained using those tools with the support of the mayor and police chief. >> we need to be working together with our mayor and chief, that's what i'm committed to here. i think we should make a statement that shows our inability to do that. >> it is just a resolution, it's not binding. also operation safety net is commanded by the hennepin county sheriff. he does not necessarily have to answer to the minneapolis city council. you can see the troopers, local police chairs and guardsmen that are part of operation safety net standing behind me, holding brooklyn center now. >> once again in minnesota, leading us up from brooklyn center, many thanks. a new dashcam video shows a man opening fire on georgia sheriff's deputies following a high-speed chase.
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here's the video from the carroll county sheriff's office. >> let's move down! move down, on. >> deputies returned fire killing the suspect, three officers wounded including one shot in the head. the progressive left is once again exercising its influence over the biden administration, white house correspondent kevin corke tracking the latest developments. >> what a difference a few hours can make. if that's true just about everywhere, but today in particular in washington, you see, first the white house suggested it wouldn't raise the rest the refugee camp. this is part of a larger pattern
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by the administration to caves of the progressive wing of the democratic party whenever the pressure gets too great. >> early afternoon, dateline washington, d.c., the associated press headline blared, biden signs order to speed refugee admissions. but it doesn't let low refugee cap per year. the emergency presidential determination on refugee admissions for fiscal year 2021 appeared to leave intact at the trump administration's refugee cap at 15,000. to significantly less than biden's campaign promise to reverse the cap and allow more than 60,000 this year alone. that brought on an avalanche of protests from his own party. if biden has broken his promise to restore humanity, say it ain't so, president joe! notice is reneging on a key promise. it completely and utterly
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unacceptable. if the administration initially blamed its decision on the challenges of the covid pandemic and the need to rebuild the program. a few hours later at 4:37:00 p.m., citing some confusion, the white house issued a clarification acknowledging that the administration's initial goal of settling 62,500 rest refugees was too ambitious and seemed unlikely when jen psaki blaming, you guessed it, the trump administration for the decimated refugee admissions program we inherited. at the comes admitted concerns the biden justice department is still doing it. what the government this year seizing 6 acres from a family in texas, fueling fears that the government will continue
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building enduring symbols of the trump presidency, the border wall. at the family impacted to side, we are utterly devastated. we thought joe biden would protect us. it now, we've lost our land, we don't even know what comes next. as you can well imagine, this is a flash point for the administration because as we were just demonstrating in this piece, if they run afoul of the parties progressive wing, they can generally expect political pushback, and perhaps even more. >> kevin corke live in washington, kevin, thanks a lot. breaking tonight, restrictions on fetal tissue research can tell my connected by the trump administration are being rolled back by the national institute of health. that means university researchers and government scientists will be permitted to use tissue from abortions to study disease and treatments. if florida governor ron desantis takes pride into five federal guidelines over nursing homes.
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now he's decrying public health officials and the cdc for their "horrific messaging" on covid-19 safety generally ends the johnson & johnson vaccine pause in particular. lauren green chose us tonight. >> good evening, make beer to florida governor admits the cdc has a rough year, but he's accusing them of messaging admits the johnson & johnson vaccine pause. governor ron desantis targeted cdc, calling for the johnson & johnson pause horrific and problematic. >> at the end of the day, it was a huge mistake. you could've done that in a way that was not going to cause a lot of people to lose confidence. if you look at how people see jay and jay now, the positive view climbs as a result. to speak with the administration on tuesday ordered states to stop giving the single dose johnson & johnson vaccine after reports of six women developing severe blood clots. all women were between the ages
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of 18 and 48 and had the rare reaction within six to 13 days after being vaccinated. one woman died. they're investigating if the vaccine is at fault or some other lending condition. even so, desantis warned, many have grown wary of the vaccine. >> that's good. >> you didn't want that? >> they were very nice, and they told me it was changed to him or during not. i felt more comfortable. >> surgeon general lytic mercy, the public the vaccine is safe. >> even if you've received the johnson & johnson vaccine, you will be just fine. keep in mind, more than 7 million people have received the johnson & johnson vaccine, and we feel quite confident that everything is going to be fine. you >> i think it's been really, really problematic how they messaged it. >> vastly cdc to comment on
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governors desantis' accusation, so far they have not responded. >> lauren green, thanks very much. with so many more americans getting vaccinated every day, governor desantis is not the only prominent republican pushing back against i'm going mask mandate. let's look at someone who has taken some heat for not wearing a mask on the job. ted cruz, welcome. >> mike, good to be with you, good evening. >> what are we going to be able to to take off our masks permanently? isn't that the point of getting vaccinated? >> it's a big part of getting vaccinated. i've been vaccinated, my wife has been vaccinated, my parents have been vaccinated, her parents have been vaccinated, we got a 100 million americans who've received one of the two vaccine shots. we are moving very rapidly towards herd immunity. it's to limit the spread of covid-19, let us get back to our lives.
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it's been over a year things have been shot down. people are ready to get back to their lives in a way that safe and secure. >> to a serious issue, the supreme court president biden says he is not in favor of packing the supreme court. do you worry he will have a change of heart and want to grow the supreme court from nine to 13? >> i think he absolutely wants to do that. he's appointed a commission to study packing the supreme court. it just this week, democrats and both the house and senate introduced legislation to pack the supreme court created to take it from nine justices to 13 justices. this is not the first time democrats have tried to do this. fdr, when he was president, tried to pack the supreme court to ram through left-wing policy that his own party stopped in. they said, that's too much, that's too far, it would undermine the integrity of the judicial system. were not going to do it. the differences, now it's the
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congressional democrats who are cheering joe biden on to pack the court. if they succeed in packing the court, we would have a radical left-wing supreme court that would take away our fundamental rights to free speech, rights to religious liberty, rights to the second amendment, all of those rights hang in the balance. last fall, i wrote a book that's called "one vote away." how a single supreme court seat can change history. every chapter of that book talks about a fundamental liberty, and tells war stories of major landmark cases are litigated where our basic rights over and over and over again have been upheld 5-4, 5-4, 5-4. if the democrats pack the court, they take our rights away. >> the other push is the possibility of term limits. it the equivalent of three senatorial terms or 18 years on the high court enough?
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>> that is designed. it's actually much the way fdr tried to do it also. it's only clever way of taking us from nine justices to 13, ramming in for a left-wing justices. the thing to understand, their objective is to undermine the fundamental rights. let's look at something like the second amendment. in the book, "one vote away." i talk about heller versus district of columbia, landmark second amendment case. at the court by a vote of 5-4 upheld the individual right to keep and bear arms, protected your right under the second amendment. four justices were ready effectively to embrace the second amendment from the bill of rights. what joe biden wants to do is put four new liberals on the court immediately, and erase the second amendment from the bill of rights. he wants to do the same thing to free speech. he wants to do the same thing to religious liberty. he wants to do the same thing to
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shut down every school choice program in america. at the courts are the most effective way they can ram through their extreme agenda. >> you made reference to the second amendment, dustin biden called on republicans like you to call gun control measures in congress. he called these mass shootings a national embarrassment. take a listen to the president, and i will ask you to respond. >> president biden: the folks who own weapons, the folks who own guns, they support universal background checks. if the majority of them don't think we should be selling assault weapons. who in god's name needs a weapon that can hold 100 rounds? or 40 rounds? or 20 rounds? it's just wrong. i'm not going to give up until it's done. >> your thoughts, senator? >> joe biden has been consistent on the campaign trail he was asked, if you're elected president, does that mean you're coming after our guns?
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his answer was, bingo. over and over again we see democrats play this game. whenever there's a shooting, they immediately push their agenda, which is disarming law-abiding citizens. that's unconstitutional, but it also doesn't work. i've been due far to many mass shootings in texas. i've been on the ground and the santa fe high school the morning of that mass shooting. i was there in the sanctuary at sutherland springs, the worst church shooting in history. i've been in dallas, el paso, midland, odessa, we have too many of these mass shootings. how do you stop it? there's a way to stop them. target the bad guys, go after criminals, go after phones and fugitives. in 2013, i introduced legislation along with chuck grassley from iowa, called the grassley clues dominic -- it goes after felons and fugitives. when they try to legally buy guns, it directs the department of justice to prosecute them and
2:17 am
put them in jail. the reason why it didn't pass is because chuck schumer and the democrats love mustard it. sat on his hands. he was vice president at the time. we could have passed it, but joe biden didn't want to lead and stop these crimes. he wanted to play politics and tried to disarm law-abiding citizens. it's the wrong approach. it's where democrats predictably go over and over again. >> were nearly out of time. i want to squeeze in one market at the president is pushing for $2 trillion spending package, including infrastructure. white house chris coons has floated the idea, if you can't agree on the pay for it, don't pay for it. to do you alarming? >> that doesn't surprise me, they're not paying for anything other than printing cash. their objective is to spend trillions and trillions, raise taxes -- and they are going to raise taxes in a massive amount.
2:18 am
both joe biden, chris coons, the democrats -- the first three months they've been in power, they've done nothing it in a bipartisan manner. they've rammed through radical extreme legislation. at this infrastructure plan, $2.6 trillion, 5% of it is roads and bridges. if they call infrastructure because people like roads and bridges, they support infrastructure. 400 billion of this is medicaid. it's a policy we can debate, but it's not infrastructure. it's not a road, it's not a bridge. if they are paying with us with massive tax increases. they could've sat down, they could do an infrastructure bill. it's not going to be trillions of dollars of payoff to left-wing interest groups. joe biden, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, they want to ram through a hard partisan bill that is sent infrastructure, just like they passed a $1.9 trillion for keyless bill that wasn't covid relief. at the college that covid
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relief, it was not covid relief. this is an infrastructure. unfortunately, the joe biden of the campaign trail that talks about unity and common ground, i think he's in some secret bunker, some undisclosed location. the joe biden right now is being 100% run by bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and aoc, it's extreme, dangerous, packing the court is part of it, raising taxes is part of it, allowing chaos on the border as part of it, and it's really dangerous for our country. >> senator ted cruz and the great state of texas, thanks so much for your time. >> thank you, have a great weekend. >> man's best friend trusts his owner and a baby turtle is set free. free. it's the best video all we made usaa insurance for members like kate. a former army medic, made of the flexibility to handle whatever monday has in store and tackle four things at once.
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>> check out this stunning slow-motion footage of a 4-year-old australian shepard when given the order by his honor. bridget does your dog trust you this much? we will work on it. what a special bond shared between the two. caught on camera panama city beach, human chain form to save a struggling woman from the circuit she was trying to rescue a young girl when she was caught in the current, safety officials cautioned that although the human chain was successful in this instance, the practice is discouraged because they can be dragged out to sea. the dramatic images coming in, st. vincent blanketed with ash, clouds, and smoke. they began on april 9th, forced
2:25 am
nearly 20,000 to flee the northern end of the eastern caribbean island for shelter. the national emergency management organization costing locals more dangerous eruptions. a truck driver -- can capturing an unusual sight while passing through carolina. talk about fast. at the truck was not damaged, and the driver was not injured. now, down to daytona beach with this drawbridge becoming a hot spot for jumpers. to check out the striver barreling through traffic arm to cross over the halifax river seconds before the bridge lifts. do not try this at home, investigators believed they have identified the drivers. if finally, a tiny turtle will be lining for the sea with a gorgeous sunset backstop. maybe we can relate as we head into a spring weekend. between us your thoughts at
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fox news at night. a67-year-old convicted murderer who had his parole conditions terminated by the state of california is charged with murdering another woman last month in los angeles. jeff paul as the details from the news from nla. good evening, jeff. >> 67-year-old eddie allen harris is facing a murder charge after police accused him of stabbing a woman in south los angeles. according to our local fox affiliate's here in los angeles, this all happened weeks after his parole conditions were lifted by the state from a previous murder he was convicted of nearly 40 years ago. sources tell fox 11 harris stabbed a woman to death back in 1982. he received a sentence of 50 years to life in prison. after spending more than 30 years in prison, he was eventually granted parole a few years ago. those parole conditions were
2:27 am
lifted, less than a month after that happens, investigators say harris stabbed and killed a woman. lawmakers in california have made criminal justice reform a priority in recent sessions. last year, california governor gavin newsom assigned to bill aimed at alleviating the overcrowded prisons. it gave judges more flexibility with first-time misdemeanor defenses, also lowered eligibility for the elderly parole program from 65 down to 50 and from at least 25 years served to 20. the change came after harris was paroled, but legislative director larry moore said the district attorney association is calling the situation, appalling. just because there's too many awful examples of people who cot horrible, egregious crimes in later years. if there is a headlong rush in sacramento to pass any and everything that can be characterized as criminal justie reform. the effect of the matter is, a great deal of what is coming out
2:28 am
of sacramento is not reform comments reckless. >> we should mention the suspect in this case is 67 years old. he was granted parole before the recent changes were enacted. the california department of corrections and rehabilitation denied our request for more information about harrises parole, citing the ongoing investigation into this latest murder case. >> jeff paul, thank you very much. ♪ ♪ first up into nights of real news roundup, progressive democrats under fire for their plans to add four justices to the supreme court. the cofounder real clear politics pointing to their use of words to sell their plans. a tweeting, the democrats corruption of language is continuing. it's getting ridiculous. adding justices to the supreme court is unpacking it. passing with no g.o.p. votes is bipartisanship. anything under the sun is infrastructure.
2:29 am
new jersey governor chris christie telling a group of republicans to call out biden as a liar. speaking this week to the republican study committee on how to fight the democratic majority. now, he's doubling down. >> we've got the republican party calling these things out immediately and repeatedly. if we don't, the american people who will pay attention sometimes and not pay attention others are going to miss it and get joe biden off the hook for not telling the truth. i'm simply not going to allow that to happen. >> complaining about the massive covid relief bill, only a small percentage reportedly went to vaccine distribution. the proposed infrastructure package, less than 6% would actually go to roads and bridges. small businesses are facing a new threat as covid restrictions ease the dispatch with the headline, business owners who want to hire workers are finding it impossible to compete with the pandemic relief packages enhance unemployment benefits.
2:30 am
they highlight the stories of an ohio diner among others that has been forced to close because the owner can't find enough people to work. i made a covid surgeon in michigan, governor whitmer traveling to alabama for spring break, despite the aid not being fully vaccinated, and despite the governor's concerns about spring break travel. >> there have never been travel restrictions in michigan. there just haven't been. what we have done is asked people to be smart. what directors do on their personal time is their business so long as they are safe, which is what we are asking everyone in the state to do. >> the embassy in israel wishing the people of israel a happy 73rd independence day on thursday. a gesture stemming directly from last summer's abraham accords brokered in part by the trump administration. how progressive pushback led to president biden already backtracking in his decision to
2:31 am
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>> it's we showed you earlier, the white house doing some serious backtracking after an order from president biden to keep trump era refugee caps in place, sparked an instantaneous uproar from the left. let's discuss what it all means moving forward. if political analyst and host of out loud, and washington times reporter. welcome to both of you. white house press secretary jen psaki today while finalizing that determination the president was urged to take immediate action to reverse the term policy that banned refugees from many key regions to enable flights from those regions. today's order did that. with that done, we expect the president to set a final increased refugee camp for the remainder of this fiscal year by may 15. the left down?
2:36 am
>> it won't. at the fact of the matter is, joe biden was supposed to be in moderate on the issues. if he is moderate, and santa claus delivering gift in july. it was all a lie. the progressives, they were on the they said they were going to push joe biden as part of the left as they possibly could, and we are not seeing that. we are seeing a refugee crisis on the border even though the white house won't call it that. we are seeing a continued influx with the encouragement of joe biden himself to come into our country. now we have a big issue and americans are being left behind. >> chris christie says the honeymoon should be over and the republicans must hold the president accountable. it take a look at this. >> i'm tired of looking around and sing this double standard. if joe biden doesn't tell the truth, i will call him out on that. what i said to republicans this week, every one of us should. >> what's your read? >> i think that it's -- the
2:37 am
numbers only going to go up from here. at the progressives won't be settled with the 62,000 figure that the white house has thrown out. i recall during the 20/20 campaign joe biden promised 125,000 refugees a year when president obama was in office, there was upwards of 90,000 a year. i definitely see that -- although this was a win for progressives right now, i see them putting more pressure as the administration continues. i think it could send mixed messages to americans, because were being told not to travel, not to leave our state, and in some cases not to leave our localities. yet, were bringing in tens of thousands of refugees and migrants at the border during a global pandemic. many of which aren't being tested. >> president biden taking some heat from his own party. dick durbin of illinois saying that biden administration target is on acceptable.
2:38 am
they can wait for years and go through extensive at a peer to $35,000 were already facing the crisis in our time. there's no reason to limited to 15,000. to say it ain't so. final thoughts on this one? >> the problem is americans are being left behind. we still have a pandemic in motion. people are unemployed. they shouldn't be our focus. we should be focusing on americans first, but bill, were using federal resources for folks who don't -- aren't even reticent sell residency rated democrats will see this in 2022 when it comes time for reelection. >> i want to squeeze in one more issue with the antiriot bill. >> no first amendment right to loot, no first amendment right to burn down somebody's business, no first amendment right to attack a police officer. >> what's your read?
2:39 am
>> i read the law, i don't see any first amendment concerns. it says nothing in this section should be constituted to prohibit constitutionally protected activities like peaceful protests. but it basically does is elevate crimes. battery is typically a misdemeanor. if it happens in the course of a riot it would be considered a felony. >> final word from you? >> i'm in florida right now, we saw the leadership of george floyd stand tall. they ensure that the protests were legally protected, but there wasn't much rioting or looting at all. i think that's what's necessary to have, make sure people know that won't be tolerated and there's nothing wrong with this bill at all. >> thanks very much. have a beautiful weekend. how the biden administration is defending its new rule on fetal defending its new rule on fetal tissue research.
2:40 am
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>> as we reported earlier, national institutes of health removing restrictions posed by the trump administration on fetal tissue experimentation. from the first baptist church of dallas, fox news contributor, pastor robert jeffers, and father frank pavone. welcome. >> think you for having us. >> holly rowe was in the hot seat yesterday. to listen the exchange. >> i have no question that roe v. wade is an important legal precedent that we must abide by and make sure that women have access to the health care that they need and they can make decisions on the health care. to speak of the reason i ask is the hyde amendment was passed only three years later. >> that should be considered settled law as well. >> us off. >> like my good friend father
2:45 am
frank, i'm a pro-life pastor who believes that abortion is nothing less than the murder of a child and is not justified even to produce a life-giving vaccine or medicine. i don't believe that's what's at stake here right now. i have zero trust in joe biden when it comes to anything related to abortion, but i do trust francis collins, the head of the nih who is a strong christian, and makes a good argument that the vaccines, for example -- there only connection to abortion is the cell line from an aborted fetus was used from 50 years ago to study and to produce this. i know some people might feel squeamish about that. i would ask people to consider, if you had a child that needed to an organ transplant to live, and one was available but it came from the body of a child that had been shot to death, would you refuse it because it was connected to a murder?
2:46 am
probably not. i think we need to be very careful about this, and whatever we do, we cannot incentivize the barbaric practice of abortion. >> 26 house democrats writing, the previous administration's restrictions on fetal tissue research, medical advances blocking intramural research is an discouraging extramural researchers. the trump administration's policy was politically motivated and unnecessary. a father frank, is this politics or moral issue? >> we see another example of how disconnected the democrats are from the moral and religious concerns of tens of millions of americans and how they want to redefine what we sincerely believe. what they are calling politics and ideology, we called conscience and religious faith. to tens of millions of americans say we don't want the body part of aborted babies used for
2:47 am
medical research. it was left, democrats continue to obscure and ignore the fact that when president trump instituted this rule in june of 2019, he was actually allotting some $20 million to incentivize research alternate ethically and scientifically superior ways of dealing with the diseases and fostering medical research. it's not as a piece against medical research or putting politics about science -- she's putting science squarely in the context of conscience. again, tens of millions of americans share that appeared >> from "the washington post," restricting fetal tissue research was a cause for religious right because the cells are from elective abortions. no info exists that women are motivated by proportions being used
2:48 am
in tests. >> would the head of the nih notes that what is being used in research, he would propose was from decades ago that there's never any justification or need to harvest fetal tissue now, and even for the production of the vaccines, it's not needed. i would be against anything that would use fetal tissue from recently harvested fetuses. >> tube president biden's approval numbers and historical context, 100 day approval, but in 59%, trump 39%, obama 61%, bush 45%. what's your take on those numbers? >> it's important for us to look more deeply into what the poll says. when you compare last year president trump, this year biden, that poll shows that president trump has a full 6% lead when the question is asked of the public, do you agree with most of -- with president trump on most of the issues?
2:49 am
if mr. biden wants to engage on a mr. nice guy popularity contest, let him and the democrats go ahead and do that. when our faith is being mocked and there being thorough in the garbage, and the constitution is being ripped to shreds by the democrats, we want a fighter. that's exactly who president trump is. it's not a nice guy context. the people who create just as much is president trump on these issues as with this current president. >> father, pastor, thanks so much. have a beautiful weekend. a tale of two sitting presidents and their media coverage.
2:50 am
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>> how mainstream media outlets are reporting on president biden and charm, handling their afghanistan withdrawal plans. here's a fox news analyst howard kurtz. >> the media giving a mostly positive perception to present biden's announcement of withdrawal from afghanistan. >> most americans i think will likely support this president's view, because they will say -- 20 years is enough. >> president trump steel with
2:54 am
the taliban to leave the country, ken donald trump accept the defeat in afghanistan? time now, biden's move brings an end to the longest work. while some pundits are warning a preview possible takeover, the overall tone is relief as biden finishes what trump started. the white house is also walking back and allegation of russian bounties, first reported by "the new york times" ten months ago, that sparked a media frenzy. >> the reports that donald trump has done absolutely nothing about it -- >> it's the greatest dereliction of duty in the history of the country. >> get this, "the washington post" is now reporting that the alleged russian bounties to taliban fighters in afghanistan are believed to have been resulted in the deaths of u.s. troops. >> dave cited unnamed sources, they concluded the russian military was paying taliban linked militants to kill american troops, which trump disputed. >> many of them didn't believe
2:55 am
it at all. i think it's a hoax, i hoped by the newspapers and the democrats the democrats. >> the biden team says the evidence doesn't support sanctions against moscow. >> with confidence as you alluded to that russian intelligence officers thought to encourage taliban attacks against u.s. coalition personnel in afghanistan. >> in fairness, some of the caveats of the story got lost as it bounced around the echo chamber. as a paper noted today, the afghan detainees describing the purported to make arrangement were never in the room with the officials making a murky tail at best. >> thank you very much. to some good news before we say good night. check this out, a senior living home in irvine, california, hosted a drive-through breakfast this morning to thank first responders. the woodbridge terrace community showed their gratitude for the local police department and fire station inviting them to swing by for free coffee. at first responders do so much to take care of them, they
2:56 am
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♪ [chanting] daunte wright. [chanting hands up don't shoot. will: straight to a fox news alert a sixth straight night of violence in brooklyn center, minnesota. police announce an emergency curfew and arrested more than 100 people. >> chaos spread across the country with protesters in portland, oklahoma, and oakland and durham, north carolina. settings fires and vandalizing businesses in chicago protesters openly fought with


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