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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 17, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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take on the leftest agenda on biden and the democrats and 2024. you don't want to miss it. laura ingraham is up next. have a great welcome. >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. shooting death of a 13-year-old boy in chicago by a police officer set the city on laura: this is the in the graham angle from washington, the shooting death of a 13-year-old boy in chicago by a police officer has said the city on edge which by video was released, activists are calling this and other state-sponsored execution but what really happened in this case? the lawyer from the officer who filed the fatal shot is here exclusively in moments and will tell his side of the story but first, reading, writing and woke, that is the focus of tonight's angle.
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if you left-wing blm radicalism is limited to street protests in cities like minneapolis and portland you are sorely mistaken. the ingraham angle learned just a few days ago students at stoneridge, and elite all girl catholic high school in the dc area received an email announcing a mandatory daylong workshop to advance the sacred mission of diversity, equity and inclusion. it reads in part this wednesday the multicultural festival, the theme is cultural identity, spotlight on intersection every and the celebration of our diversity. these activities are mandatory, we we would allow you to engage your own interests. isn't that nice. events based on your own interests, the email says you
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can choose from two groups, affinity or accountability. and affinity group is where you belong to a given identity so please only sign up where you identify like lgbt q plus. if you are a white non-lpg cq plus student please sign up for the white accountability group. there are 13 white accountability groups on the sign-up page, 13. there is so much wrong with this from the start. the perverse assumption that white students and no other groups need to be held generally accountable, implicit in this is that they are guilty because of their skin color and therefore must undergo what they call antiracist training. training that parents pay for and is created by a new class of diversity consultants who are eager to cash in on the moral vanity of educators. the training never ends because racism is as you know systemic.
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it is imprinted in our brains from birth they argue. this industry of racial grievance and retribution plays on what the other shelby steele also moral vanity of today's liberals. whether running schools or major corporations they pay huge sums to set up diversity and inclusion department in hopes of getting on the good inside of blm and other groups like it. leftists exploited the tragic death and george forward and pressured institutions at all levels of society to check boxes on diversity, equity and inclusion and if they didn't they risked being smeared as racists. but schools are where the future begins for the neo-marxists because they want to completely reorder american society and meet a lot of recruits to do it. they know that to end the old normal with its objective standards and privacy of the nuclear family, they have to
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indoctrinate our kids to hate traditional american institutions and history as much as they do. that means kids need to be saturated with books about police brutality and we will provide a handy antiracist reading list for grades 3 to 5 and no woke curriculum would be complete for didn't teach kids how to become professional and social justice advocate is which seems to be the mission of an if tlc offshoot group called learning for justice. their aim is to infiltrate and dominate every aspect of american education. >> please broaden our community, along with classroom teachers we work with administrators, support staff, teacher educators and more.
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with blatant white supremacy on display we dig in our heels even more to work with justice and support our democracy. laura: the last parties key. if you question their facts or their message you are perpetuating white supremacy, you must be silenced. just ask the math teacher at the liberal church high school in new york who was privately and publicly reprimanded when he dared to question the use of critical race theory. he wrote i was informed by the head of the high school that my philosophical challenges could cause harm to students given that these topics were life and death matters. he informed me i had created dissonance for vulnerable and uninformed thinkers and neurological disturbance in students and systems. the director of studies added that my remarks could even constitute harassment. of course the real harassment is
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what the race warriors are doing to punish and shame people, students who refused to mouth empty platitudes or post messages on their instagram, who dared to question the relentless push to racialized every aspect of american life. the sad fact is all the critical race theory nonsense is not going to do anything to help kids live better, more productive, more harmonious lives. american education run by mostly progressive nightmares has been honestly downward slide for decades. we all know that, compared to other countries we are getting our butts kicked in g areas. 2019 us new study showed us students ranked thirtieth in math, eighth in reading and eleventh in science. that translates to their performing slightly above average in reading and science and slightly below average in
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mathematics with no real improvement in those subjects over many years this despite everything we do and all the money we spend on us education. this cannot continue unless we want our kids to grow up to be uneducated, militant, angry, entitled, totally ungrateful kids and as adults. what is being done to our children from the absurd covid school closures to this is its own form of child abuse and those responsible for those policies and those getting rich off of this hateful propaganda should be run out of the schools by parents who know better. or your parents out there band together with others, other interested parents, community members, and speak up, stopped funding the destruction of the next generation because if we lower the bar for achievement and poison the kids against america it is truly over and
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that is the angle. joining me is jason hill, professor of philosophy at depaul university and author of the forthcoming what do white americans oh black people, racial justice and the age of post oppression. you go so far as to say this perversion of education is actually become a national security threat. explained that. >> i think our universities and 12 education systems have become national security threats because they become centers for radical cultural marxists and the reason they become a national security threat is what they have done is criminalized thought they have turned the means we use to adjudicate truth claims, disputing truth claims, that is reason, logic as the
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creation of white supremacists imperialist white men. when you take the very means we used to arbitrate among disputants as the construct of racists what you've done is criminalized thought and disarmed individuals from the thinking and what you've done is taken feeling as the means of arbitrating among disputes. i've been here for 24 years and inherited these kids from k-twelfth. feelings are the main criteria for adjudicating disputes. laura: feelings, not fact in other words. facts are not objectives. you have to validate my feelings. >> that is right, you have to make me feel good and you can get fired from your job if you dispute the feelings of someone because feelings are the ways in which i assert and reinforce my identity.
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>> on the identities and i have to get to this because it goes with the rising jerusalem research for this angle for most of the day and i kept being more horrified every video i watch, unbelievable. the national association of independent schools us all these workshops have been go to diversity and inclusion workshops and post them online and they feature educators, teachers who preach what you are just referencing, cultural authenticity solution to this diversity coordinator in california is very blatant about how educators can change the old system of america by being more culturally authentic. >> anybody can be a culturally authentic role model as long as they are celebrating their cultural authenticity and celebrating their culture and
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also investigating and challenging this is the currently stand like white supremacy. >> the systems that currently stand like white supremacy. what systems are those? actual institutions that are respected anywhere in the united states that are white supremacist? >> any system that doesn't support black lives matter, any system, any system - any person that is why, if you have white skin you've got white privilege. any system that questions the authenticity of any identity group that seeks to authenticate itself by means of skin color or ethnicity, your identity boils down to your skin color, your ethnicity and anyone who dares to challenge any utterance that comes out of your mouth it reduces youtube racial category,
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any behavior you defend on racial grounds you are accused of being a racist so you, if you are to question someone's behavior happens to be a different race or ethnicity than you and the behavior is egregious you are going to be cast as a racist. >> as a result, students are afraid because i've talked to them, teachers are afraid because what she just said in that video, you can challenge certain things but not others. people are afraid to speak out and then the whole thing is paralysis, educational paralysis and poison. we've got to go but thank you. it was illuminating. in the absence of a well-functioning education system may void created in the lives of many, idle time is filled with less than savory activity. drugs and other kinds of crime. that brings us to chicago, a
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city bracing for more unrest following the release of the body can footage showing the police shooting of that 13-year-old adam toledo who was killed while hanging out with 21-year-old ruben robin who is firing before but attractive the cops in the first place. since been arrested but the 13-year-old hanging out with him at 2 am in the area dominated by gangs is dead. the chicago police officer who shot toledo maintains he was acting in self-defense. toledo's family says he was unarmed when shot. to make sense of what happened that tragic late here's footage of the moment leading up to match shooting. >> show me your head. stop! >> joining me is the attorney for chicago police officer eric's billman. the video does appear to show adam toledo with his hands up
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and unarmed in that moment before he was shot so how will your client claimed that this was self-defense? >> that is not what the video shows. the officer received information and make no mistake about this, mister roman was a gang member who was involved in a drive-by shooting that had gone unless been 50 seconds earlier, these officers responded, located mister roman, he began to flee, the officer followed, the officer gave a multiple verbal commands, the officer told him to drop the gun. the officer told him this is the chicago police. mister roman got to the fence and as he turned he had a
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handgun, semi automatic handgun, the ballistics which shots went off and located the bullets it matches. at this point the officer has no coverage, no concealment. he sees this gun and this individual turning. at this point the officer needs to make a split-second decision in this is the hardest part, split-second decisions of life and death. he made a decision consistent with chicago police general motors and support guidelines and the law. laura: here is what the attorney for adam toledo's family said. >> the officer screamed at him show me your hand, adam complied, turned around, his hands were empty and he was shot in the chest, he shot an unarmed child with his hands in the air. it is an assassination. laura: the word assassination, your reaction. >> he must of been absent when they taught law in law school. if you peruse the seminal case,
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we should not look at these types of deadly force incidences through 2020 hindsight. we need to look at it through the perspective of the police officer. i will be curious to see what is the course of that round that went into this kid. how come no one is talking to the latin kings? why has the police officer become the villain in this case? the latin kings are the ones that recruited him, branded him with a tattoo and had him out in the middle of the night shooting at passing cars. we have no curiosity about what is going on, vilifying very good police officer. laura: it seems mayor lori lightfoot was essentially siding with the police in this case but as the fewer continued to build her tone changed and she became the same person who never misses an opportunity to attack the police. >> we live in a city that is
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traumatized by a long history of police violence and misconduct so we don't have enough information to be the judge and jury on this particular situation, it is certainly understandable why so many of our residents are seeing about too familiar surge of outrage and pain. laura: your reaction to the mayor's involvement. >> outrage and pain and told us in the same statement she wanted to get the person who gave him the gun. we know who the person was who gave him the gun, the person he was with. why doesn't she talked to her buddy tim fox the prosecutor, and file felony charges against the person who was with him. that is the person that should be charged in this case and once again the city of chicago says we need to stop the violence. we have a shooting, a murder every 11 hours in the city, a shooting every 2 hours in the
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city and they tell our police officers go out to get the gun, stop the violence, we need you to be the sheepdogs, what do police officers do, they go out and do that and they tie their hands, don't shoot gang members, you can't pursue anybody. if that is the new to policing, the road they want to go down, that is fine, just let us know so we know how we can act out there because i you what, if not i suggest you go to roll, check out the ballistic vest and going to be gained interested neighborhoods and do some policing because you can't have it both ways. laura: when you watch the entire video which is hard to watch but i watched it all your client was desperate, try to get attention to revive this boy and obviously they couldn't revive him but he was frantic. he certainly seemed totally
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traumatized as you would imagine any human being would be. no one is talking about that in the mainstream media. >> there is no curiosity about the well-being of the police officer which isn't a big surprise. my client was a decorated united states marine who served in combat theater, came back to chicago and is serving his city very honorably and he doesn't take this lightly. he understands what he did and what he had to do. all law enforcement officers the last thing they want to do is discharge their weapon and used ainsley:'s but he's going to get through it because he is a strong man and we need more chicago police officers out there. i will tell you something else the chicago -- what is going to happen to the rest of the country because these progressive defund the police groups are taking over and what they are going to do is destroy our cities and make our cities
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unlivable when they take away the ability of police officers to defend us. >> janice: they want to nationalize the police so there's no more local policing, disband is all is therefore, nationalize all of it, take the authority away. thank you for being here tonight and come back as the story develops. has joe biden already enjoyed the hijacker of his presidency? we are going to explain how a number of key events converging are likely beginning to hollow out the edifice of his suppose it untouchable he high approval ratings.
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>> he's been >> consistently pulling at levels not seen since the obama presidency. >> joe biden's approval rating is at 59%. a huge number. >> a popular president who appears to be personally liked, who is presenting popular policy proposals. laura: is the stimulus euphoria wears off and the harsh reality of biden's disaster of an agenda setting where will they go to get those numbers again?
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let's look at immigration. the recent quinnipiac poll shows biden's bleeding support over the border crisis, 29% of americans approve and the promise of biden as a calming influence portland still smolders on a nightly basis. unrest is springing up in minnesota and chicago. biden's solution to this is put more gasoline on the fire and district of racial rhetoric. always wicked in america. an attorney and senior columnist at author of the novel crisis. biden reversed a reversal on a of refugees after members of the squad went crazy and said how could he do this which makes a
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lot of sense especially during a pandemic but a little whiplash coming from the white house today. >> it is and if this is biden trying to stop the bleeding on the immigration issue, the border issue i'm not sure it will do that because policies in place at the border will continue and get worse and that is what americans are seeing every day. a single announcement by the white house on this issue is going to get washed over by what we will see at the border. i'm not sure, he is taking heat from the left on that. the border issue is where he's getting abysmal ratings from the public it looks like that will continue unless something changes. >> i mentioned the rhetoric on race in the intro, the un ambassador linda greenfield, everyone heard her smearing america as a racist evil place, founding documents, white supremacy etc..
12:28 am
we learned the white house is fine with it. >> is the president going to remove an african-american woman with decades of experience in the foreign service widely respected around the world from her position as ambassador? he is not. he is proud to have her in that position, she's not only qualified but is exactly the right person in that role at this moment in time. >> how can we expect to get the world to go along with us with challenging china, climate change, if we don't like ourselves, if we hate ourselves and call ourselves essentially white supremacists? >> this administration is like the carter administration with less competence in your mouth off. it is a disaster and personally insulting. like millions of americans i serve this country overseas. i did not serve a country founded on the basis of white supremacy. i served the greatest country in
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the history of mankind, part the military that was the greatest force for justice in human history. we saved more lives than any other organization. to have an officer of the united states come out and trash us is disgraceful. no wonder his poll numbers are kind of going down if you look at the quinnipiac poll and quinnipiac is to polling what cnn is to journalism. the quinnipiac poll digs through to find its 22%, the numbers are much much worse. laura: a lot of these suburban women the question remains how long will they stick with biden if they continue to push a slow roll of reopenings. as you've seen happening in michigan none of the ivy league schools, new england still putting a lot of pressure to keep these restrictions in place
12:30 am
and the suburban women were key to biden, were they not? >> they were and we've seen some pushback in suburbs around the country, in my hometown in illinois and places like california on the issue of school openings, school board elections, there is real grassroots pushback against keeping schools close to the extent those policies stay in place, that become an issue for biden, not only his overall standing by democrats in 2022 which is right around the corner already. >> on the issue of the covid messaging, ron desantis governor of florida called out the biden team today. >> you get a vaccine, the vaccines are effective, you are immune cell act immune. if you tell people the opposite, if it's not effective for the man is not going to change anything then what is the point of going through it. it has been problematic.
12:31 am
>> fully vaccinated and double masking. the message the white house is sending is get vaccinated and your life is not going to change at all. >> you go out, spend the time to get vaccinated and your life is still miserable. i talked to gerry's for a living and let's just say that's not particularly persuasive. i'm a guy, i had covid, had the vaccine because my doctors told me i should get it and i'm living my life and i'm seeing a lot of other people do it but what breaks my heart, you see these young kids out walking in the sun, in the fresh air with two masks honor their moms hovering binder with her
12:32 am
chardonnay and bumper sticker on the tram and it is sad. it breaks my heart, time to move on. the pandemic is over. let's move on and reopen. laura: on the issue of race and racial unrest, the police approval numbers are up. blm approval numbers down, could that spillover to biden? >> sure. we will see how this plays out. we will get more data as we move forward. we saw jen psaki today weighing in against this police officer in the case you just covered, adam toledo in chicago, there's a lot that needs to go forward in that case and for the white house to be weighing in on those issues could have a political impact on him. laura: we will be following. disney getting a gender fluid makeover, biden's.major is not the one being muzzled.
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friday for lee's next.
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>> welcome to the line. demonstrations a number of cities friday night all sparked by recent shooting death from black men by police. thousand taking to the streets in chicago to protest the shooting death of adam toledo shot and killed by a cop on march 20 ninth. the cop claimed the boy had a gun but police body cam video and private surveillance video of your to show he was unarmed in the moment he was shot. funeral services for prince philip will be held later this morning at windsor capital. attendance is limited to 30 because of coronavirus restrictions. he will be taken to st. george's capital on a specially adapted land rover which he designed himself please join fox news channel for live coverage of the funeral of martha maccallum
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starting at 9 am eastern. now back to the ingraham angle. shannon: it is friday and that means time for you got it, friday follies and for that we turn to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. a familiar face is crossing into the latino music market. >> it is customary for artists to cross from the latino into being the market and vice versa, carrie underwood at the latin american music award and then this crossover happened in the middle of the show.
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>> thank you for everything you've done. once we are vaccinated to we need to wear a mask, do we need to practice social distance? >> even if you are vaccinated you should be wearing a mask when you are with people who are not vaccinated. >> when is your birthday? >> my birthday is the same as yours, december 20 fourth. >> wouldn't it be amazing if by the end of the year we can all celebrate our holidays hugging each other? i cannot wait. laura: i bet you can't wait either. are you going to get a cd of that track? you will listen to it over and over as you drive. laura: fauci said he won't even shake cans. is not going to be embracing ricky martin. didn't quite get that. >> this is all a big publicity blitz to hold up this very shaken deity -- data that he has been peddling, he was for masks, against masks, they wouldn't be out in time, now they are here, you can't follow any of this because he keeps making the rounds and when you are anthony fauci even capitol hill every
12:41 am
day is valentine's day. >> when i go through our communities and see everybody masked it is because of you, doctor fauci, that we had to depend on and i thank you so very much. i appreciate you, doctor fauci, i love you. >> why are vaccinated people wearing masks? what is this? >> if they wonder why half the country doesn't want to get vaccinated is it because they see even if they get vaccinated their life doesn't change, can't be in large groups and still wear the mask. maxine waters didn't thank him for the inability to identify the rampaging criminals, she didn't thank him for that but she just loves him. just in time for the vacation season, disney parks, they are
12:42 am
introducing a new goal for their employee handbook, it is in collusion. they created a video to announce the changes. >> to create a world where everyone belongs each person treated with respect, we must work together to reimagine tomorrow to gather, we can create cultural transformation to improve the lives of all our cast members and communities for years to come. >> allyship with her patrons, the chairman of disney parks announced to foster this inclusionary new approach provides flexibility with respect to forms of personal expression. this is for employees. surrounding gender inclusive hairstyles, nail styles and costume choices and allowing appropriate visible tattoos. does this mean kids visiting parks can expect disney princesses like this waiting for them or maybe they will get
12:43 am
these princesses. part of the disney mystique was it was clean-cut, well scrubbed. otherworldly almost old-fashioned style in cleanliness including the employees. that's part of the nostalgia. when you take that out of the equation and mainstreet starts looking like bourbon street the family patrons are going to stay away. that is part of the disney lord. >> it is not culturally authentic. it harkens back to the old white racist days, we can't have that. >> the biden dog saga drags on, trainer changed -- the snappy first on, according to the washington post sign a nondisclosure agreement. mark tobin confirmed he is working with the biden dog but beyond that, there is even a leader in the dog trainer.
12:44 am
the bidens should call the new york police department and guess one of those robotic dogs they have been using, that could be friend joe, program to refrain from biting staffers, probably won't poop on the rug. all they need is a little oil into 2 and upper. for the aggrieved, the victims getting these nondisclosure releases from the perpetrators. liberal women, men, any victim out there should urge, we want to break that nondisclosure of major's trainer. >> we had me too, now bowwow too, we will work it all together and figure this out. >> pour major. i think he is just misunderstood like so many of us. >> he should be in delaware. ashley: diversity, equity and
12:45 am
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♪♪ ♪♪ ocean spray works with nature every day to keep you healthy >> laura: under president biden the pentagon is
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team the pentagon trying to purge trump supporters from its ranks, to essentially be marxist blm agitators. according to a recent - have been forced to attend critical race. seminars. in one session from last year white police officers were described as murderers, white power at west point and racist dog whistles at west point. you to react is west point grad jeremy, had a chance to talk to a few others about colleagues at west point and they could not believe what i told them. they were infuriated,
12:51 am
demoralized but it leans toward being infuriated. >> 6 years ago. i want to learn about service, leadership, didn't want to go to a woke indoctrination camp and this is going to backfire, young ice coolers, unique experience, everything without race and identity politics, that is the experience at the academy infused with critical race theory stuff and concerned about my alma mater. >> the challenges on the global stage most notably from china. what are they thinking?
12:52 am
the perpetual state of self-loathing, not being all that you can be and as sorrowful about how ron the country is that you've sworn to defend. >> exactly right. the biden harris administration is very strategic, they have critically chosen west point because of the military academy and being spread through the force. they want this critical race theory thinking to metastasize throughout the military. >> anti-extremism training and what it looks like, watch. >> what is the cause of it? >> 88.
12:53 am
>> and pepe the frog means. and >> doing things about ideology, and we are actually spreading it. spreading the hate, spreading the evil thinking behind that radical white supremacists, that is the problem, we are distracted from the mission, the
12:54 am
strategic goals, tearing away the teamwork and that is on part of with this. laura: a laughingstock. we looking like a laughingstock. we have taken the greatest fighting force on the face of the earth and trying to turn them into thursday night seminar attendees and woke ivy league institutions. a truly bizarre comment joe biden, tonight's last bite next. . is scotts turf builder rapid grass. it grows two times faster than seed alone for full, green grass. everything else just seems... slow. it's lawn season. let's get to the yard.
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>> laura: now joe biden seems to have kind of a laura: joe biden has a tough time talking about people of asian descent. member insensitive comments about indians working at 7-11, thankfully he has learned a little. >> i know how proud you are of the people of japan are and you've got a japanese boy over here and he won the masters, he
1:00 am
won the green jacket. ashley: did we just forget the name? that is all the time we have, set the dvr at 10:00 pm eastern, never miss an episode of the ingraham angle. of "the ingraha" greg gutfeld takes it from here. >> i haven't said the last president's name in five months. why would i? rick scott gave him the champion of freedom award. it's an award that stretches back to three days ago because they made it up just to soothe the ego of king baby coward. look how tiny the trophy is. i believe that's the saucer that they used to serve rick scott his breakfast mouth. >> greg: stephen, in case you haven't heard, donald trump is gone and we have a new president now for you to make fun of. her name is kamala harris. [applause]


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