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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  April 16, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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they're just -- they're two good kids. >> i couldn't agree more. >> sandra: i think the country is hoping for that. thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: and i'm john roberts. good to see you for what was a busy week. see if we have another one next week. the story with martha starts right now. >> martha: come along, sandra. thanks very much to john and sandra. we move into the afternoon here on this friday. got a lot of big stories developing. one of the biggest is that the white house right now, china sends fighter jets to menace taiwan in record numbers. president biden is having his first meeting with a foreign leader. this have the car driving up with the japanese prime minister today. our most important ally in the asia pacific region. things are getting more and more tense there by the day. a top chinese diplomat saying
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u.s. policies towards china is too negative. big discussions going on. we'll break it down for you today. what will the president say about how tough he's willing to be on china, on the covid origins, the movement of china's military in the area of the china seas. >> we've been clear publicly and practically about our growing concerns about china's aggression towards taiwan. china has taken increasingly coercive action to undercut democracy in taiwan. we've seen a concerning increase in prc military activity in the taiwan straits, which we believe is destabilizing. >> so all of that is a big deal. ambassador robert o'brien about to join us in a moment as russia retaliates against sanctions that were put in place by the biden administration.
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former governor chris christy is also here today. he has been slamming president biden's actions in the first 100 days. he joins us in just a bit. first, we go to luka tomlinson johning us. hi, lucas. >> hi, martha. china sent over two dozen aircraft including 18 fighter jets and four bombers to buzz taiwan. one day after the secretary state warned china it would be a serious mistake to challenge the status quo of taiwan. it's aggressive moves like this that prompted a visit to washington by the prime minister of japan. the first in-person visit by a foreign leader since president biden took office. yesterday in a frank admission, the white house did not link any new sanctions of russian to rush bounties saying the intelligence community did not have high confidence in it like it did the solar winds hack. despite the unverified intelligence, that didn't stop joe biden from saying the
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following about president trump. >> he's putin's puppy. he refused to say anything about the bounty of american holds on soldiers. >> tammy duckworth pounced. she said president trump failed to have any action in response to the russian intelligence for killing u.s. service members in afghanistan. russia will expel people in russia. and the dhs chief will also be banned from visiting russia. martha? >> martha: thanks, lucas. joining me now ambassador robert o'brien, former national security adviser for president trump. great to see you again. thanks very much for being here. i do want to obviously talk to you about japan and about china. good to have you, sir. i want to first just go back to this issue that lucas was just reporting on.
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we remember clearly in the heat of the campaign and the summer of 2020 the story that hit "the new york times." it was huge. it was all about how russia was paying the taliban to hit american soldiers. there was all of this shock on the part of the american media that the president wasn't doing more to push back on putin about it. take a look at this montage. >> paying rewards for americans death. the president knows it, he's been told. >> what a terrible position this puts a man who is beholden to vladimir putin in. we were talking about right after it broke, oh, my god. he's going to deny it. he's going to lie about it. but then he's going to refuse to do what any other president would do to vladimir putin. >> martha: yeah. president was called treasonous. here's a sample of it. here's what you said, ambassador o'brien and then nsa director
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june 30th. watch this. >> it may be impossible to get to the bottom of this. some government official somewhere decided to leak allegations before we had a chance to get to the bottom of it. we may never get to the truth of the matter now. >> martha: what do you think about this being walked back, sir? >> i came in front of the white house when "the new york times" story broke. i made it clear we had low confidence in the intelligence. "the new york times" made a big deal that the president had not been briefed. that decision was made by a cia career official. nobody had confidence in the intelligence at the time. but we also took steps. we made sure that in the event it was true that the pentagon had put forth protection measures in safe in afghanistan. we also entered into a peace agreement with the taliban. so from the time that agreement was entered into february 27th of last year, we didn't have one combat death of an american in
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afghanistan. so we had done all the right things. i made that point at the time. i said this intelligence was very suspect. now when the i.c. comes out -- i commend the i.c. for telling the truth and making sure people knew there was low to moderate confidence. they didn't believe it was true and the sources were sketchy. none of that was reported. instead, the president was accused of treason to take action against an adversary. glad the truth came out. glad to see people are playing the comments i made at the time and hopefully maybe it's too much to think but it would be nice for some of the folks that made the incendiary comments about treason would apologize. >> martha: well, "the new york times" said they confirmed the story. it's all over their story that they had sources and it was confirmed. we'll wait and see what their
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response is and if there's any walk back or apology from the biden white house and the comments that he made about it. to china, there's a reason that this first in-person foreign leader at the white house is with the new prime minister of japan. what do you think president biden needs to say on this issue right now? >> look, i'm very pleased that he's coming to the white house and the first foreign minister. that sends an important message to our adversaries and china and the region. i compliment the biden folks on this visit. we have no more important alliance right now than the alliance with japan. japan has a large economy. they have a very capable military that is essentially operable with the u.s. military and navy services. between japan, australia and india, we have to stand together very strongly to insist on the
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maintenance of democracy in taiwan and for a free and open indopacific. this was a great first step. i like for the two leaders to talk about the importance of the democracy that the people in taiwan enjoy and they should not be coerced into being reunified with the communist party of china's regime. so i think it's a good development. you're also going to see talk about economic measures that are being taken by both countries to protect our supply chains to make sure that we're not dependent for healthcare goods, computer chips and other essential items from china. so i think it's a very good meeting. glad the president is meeting with the prime minister. >> martha: so the question becomes, what do you do? as president of the united states, when you see this increased military presence, you see the fly-overs of fighter jets on taiwan, there's talk
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that china could over some period of time decide to invade taiwan. so what do you say as president of the united states if you were still national security adviser, what kind of response would you remend? >> the response that we took in the trump administration and president reagan took with respect to the soviets is peace through strength. peace through strength works. we need to make sure that we properly fund our military, make sure that as we draw down troops from afghanistan that the troops and resources are put into the indopacific. we need to send a strong message to the chinese that they would be met with an overwhelming force if they attempt to attack or invade our allies or friends in the region. that message will have the -- that's the message that will keep peace in the region. weakness is provocative. if we look equivocal or may not stand up for our friends and allies, that's what will invite some sort of miscalculation by the chinese. we need to make sure that they
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understand that america is strong and we're going to stand behind our commitments in the region. >> martha: one question and i have to let you go. this reaction from russia after the sanctions came through from the biden administration and they said we could have leaned harder but we decided not to. russia says there's no u.s. military exercises near the black china sea. they're closing that area off until october. how would you respond? >> look, our response is the black sea is international waterways. the foundation of our republic has insisted on freedom of navigation. we'll continue to insist on it whether it's the black sea or the south china sea. that's what the navy has always done and what we'll continue to do. >> martha: we'll see if that's the response from this white house. former national security adviser, robert o'brien. thanks for coming on. >> great to be with you. >> martha: thank you. moments ago a suspect was named in the shooting at the fed ex facility last night in
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>> sandra: moments ago, police telling the a.p. that they have identified the suspect in the shooting at the fed ex facility in indianapolis last evening. eight people were killed and the gunman as well. an exclusive with the indianapolis police department captain in just moments. first, bryan llenas joins us reporting live on the very latest in this horrific shooting in indiana. bryan? >> martha, good afternoon.
12:16 pm
law enforcement officials telling the associated press that the shooter is identified as 19-year-old brandon scott hall of indiana. they have searched his home in indianapolis and have found and seized all evidence including from what we see here, desk top computers and other electronic media. other sources telling the "wall street journal" that hall was a former employee of that fed ex facility. the police say that about 11:00 p.m. last night the shooter arrived at the fed ex operations center near the indianapolis airport and in the span of two minutes, he killed eight people, shooting four outside and four inside before killing himself. five injured people were sent to hospitals, four with nonfatal gunshot wounds. by the time police arrived, it was over. >> this suspect came to the facility. when he came there, he got out of his car and pretty quickly
12:17 pm
started some random shooting outside the facility. there was no confrontation with anyone that was there. there was no disturbance, no argument. he appeared to randomly start shooting. that began in the parking lot. >> family members of the fed ex employees gathered in a nearby holiday inn, forced to wait hours to see if their loved ones were okay. fed ex does not allow employees to bring cell phones in the facility. president biden released a statement ordering flags to be at half staff. yet again, families had to wait to hear word about loved ones. when a cruel wait that has become too normal. it happens every day somewhere in our nation. gun violence is an epidemic. we should not accept it, we must act. this is the third mass shooting in indianapolis this year. the coroner's office says they're overwhelmed and need more resources. back to you. >> martha: awful.
12:18 pm
bryan llenas, thanks very much. homicide branch commander of the indianapolis metropolitan police department, captain roger spurgeon, thanks for being here. this is a terrible shooting. what are your thoughts on what happened last night? >> well, it was just a tragic senseless event. you know, no community should have to go through this, no family member should have to suffer this kind of a loss. every time it happens, we grieve and mourn with the victim's families. >> martha: so we did just release the name of the suspect who also was shot at the scene. brandon scott hall. 19 years old. can you confirmed anything about this suspect or anything about the investigation to a motive right now? >> so you know, we're hours into
12:19 pm
it. it's still very early in the investigation. there's a lot of moving parts that are being worked on by many detectives and many of our agency partners. so we don't have all of the facts by any stretch of the imagination. it will take many days before we can say definitively that we have that. right now we're getting very sketchy pictures. we have no idea as to a motive. so, you know, it's still very much ongoing. >> martha: there were some witnesses that said they recognized him and believes he was targeting a manager that was not there last night. anything that you can add to that? >> not as far as specifically targeting any one person. there were many people that were shot. you know, it's -- i don't know if he had anyone in particular
12:20 pm
in mind because he shot so many people. >> martha: terrible, terrible. thanks so much, captain. good luck in your investigation. obviously we say it too much. we're really thinking of these families going through the worst day of their lives right now in indiana. we're thinking of them. thanks very much, captain. good luck on your work. >> thank you. >> martha: next, we will go to texas because we have breaking details on the officer that was shot multiple times during a routine traffic stop. here we go yet again. this resulted in multiple fatalities when the officer fired back. this is unfolding today. as we speak, we'll go live. governor greg abbott responds here to the san antonio shooting and why he says the facts on the ground prove that president biden must designate the mexican cartels as a terrorist organization based on their activities across the border.
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12:25 pm
live from dallas. casey? >> this is something that we're following. this happened on a the west side of san antonio. the police chief says his officer pulled a vehicle over with three people inside after approaching the car and talking with the driver about two minutes. the passenger out of nowhere unprovoked says the police pulled a gun and opened fire on the officer. he was hit. then managed to fire back while running away killing both the shooter and the driver. the back seat passenger was hurt. before it was all over, two people were dead and two injured including the cop. >> i will also say the officer is very lucky to be alive at that close range having been shot in the hand and not somewhere else more vital. >> today's incident is the second officer involved shooting for san antonio in less than 24
12:26 pm
hours. late yesterday a lone gunman fired outside of the san antonio airport prompting a complete lock down. an officer was in the same spot and fired his service weapon at the suspect taking him down before any innocent bystanders were hurt. law enforcement officials said had the officer not responded so quickly, many more lives would have likely been lost. martha? >> martha: thanks, casey. as i said, governor abbott will join us with his reaction in just a moments. this as a dangerous ms-13 gang member from el salvador crossed over into the united states this week. he was arrested thankfully. but how many others got in successfully and where are they now? the governor says president biden must recognize that the cartels are running everything at the border. and they're terrorizing americans that live on the other side. but first correspondent rich edson live in la jolla, texas,
12:27 pm
the busiest for migration right now. good afternoon, rich. >> good afternoon, martha. this stretch of road here is among the busiest sectors of this entire stretch. you have a number of families coming here and especially children traveling alone. throughout the day, we've seen them approach border patrol trucks and vehicles, get into vans, border patrol give them water and transport them to central processing where customs and border protection will begin to talk to them and figure out where they're headed to try to slow this surge, the white house announced commitments with mexico, honduras and guatemala to bolster security in those countries. they largely said they boosted their security presence on their own. without agreement with the white house. now the administration says there are no official agreements. >> we never described it as a formal declaration or formal agreement. additional steps that they were
12:28 pm
taking to increase personnel at the border. >> here in texas, governor abbott has written the white house. president biden saying that he wants the administration to declare the drug cartels involved in this smuggling to be foreign terrorist organizations, get that designation. he says that they smuggle narcotics in the united states to fund their illegal enterprises. they enrich themselves on the misery and slavery of immigrants. they murder innocent people including women and children. 2019 president trump floated the idea that the mexican government opposed it saying it would lead to more intervention from the u.s. government into mexico. martha? >> martha: rich edson, thanks. and as promised, joining me now, texas governor abbott. thanks for being here. good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> martha: it's hard to imagine that any one of our borders of the united states is run by a
12:29 pm
cartel. right? they're overseeing all of the operations that happen on that side of the border. who gets to go through, what kind of things that they want to bring through, push through with people as mules on contraband. what would be achieved if you could get this, if they were determined to be by the united states government a terrorist organization? what would change? >> sure. let me answer that but also let me clarify for your audience that may not be familiar with what happens on the texas border. the cartels work internationally in mexico as well as the united states terrorizing the people in south texas. the biden administration is standing by while people in south texas are terrorizing, could be murderists, robberies, all kinds of crimes taking place. here's what would happen if the president finally steps up and takes some action to help the people of texas and the united states. number 1, it would be imposing
12:30 pm
the foreign terrorist law, increase the length of sentences of people that they would arrest. they would be in jail and staying in jail for a longer period of time. number 2, it would make certain people inadmissible into the united states. hence, in the future, if ever we caught any members of these terrorist organizations coming into the united states, we would be able to arrest them for that and put them in jail for that but with longer times in jail. third, it would allow the united states to freeze the assets of these organizations and their members. basically put them out of business. remember, these cartels are business organizations, multibillion dollar businesses. we want to put them out of business. biden needs to step up and start doing that. >> martha: yeah, you know, everybody is looking at this picture while you're talking of the fence. it's kind of ridiculous.
12:31 pm
it just ends at one point. anybody that wanted to go across would just find the opening and get through. we know there's a lot of equipment that just fell by the wayside. although we're still paying for it, president biden decided it's not going to be built anymore. i want your thoughts from jen psaki. what is going on? if kamala harris is supposed to be in charge of the discussions with guatemala and honduras and el salvador, she says she's going there at some point. you know, then they say oh, we need some agreements for greater security. what's going on? >> you're getting to a key point that americans need to understand. the white house has nobody in charge of operations at the united states border with mexico. 1,200 miles of which includes the state of texas. not the president, not the vice president, not anybody else has been on the ground taking charge of maintaining these operations.
12:32 pm
all they have done is created a complete open border where you have not only young unaccompanied minors, you have men and as you pointed out earlier, you have terrorists that are coming across the border as well as these cartels. let me make a real quick point about the young children. no young child makes it across the border without the assistance of these drug cartels. the kids have wrist bands on that are color coded based upon which gang helped smuggled them in, knowing which gang would get credit and monetary recommunicate -- remuneration for getting them across the border. the biden administration is failing to do anything about it. >> martha: i think it's been about 23 days since the vice president was put in charge of the relationships with the three countries. she was vague about when she was
12:33 pm
going. they were trying to work on a plan. 55% disapproval rating. so the country is not happy with the way this particular issue is being handled by the administration. governor abbott, thanks very much. good to have you with us today. >> thank you, martha. so right now in new york city, this is happening all across the country. so now you have a report that just broke. an ohio man was arrested in times square with ammo and a gas mask. that's next.
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12:38 pm
with a gun and ammunition and a gas mask. police are working on this situation. david lee miller reporting live on that. if you can hear me, take it away. >> we're at the corner of 7th avenue and 42nd street behind me. one of the largest subway stations in the city. 11 lines here converge even with the pandemic crisis going on. a very busy subway station. authorities arrested a man that was from ohio, reportedly 18 years old. he was arrested for possession of a semiautomatic gun. authorities were conducting a routine inspection of this station, they say. we can take you around the corner here and get an idea of the lay of the land. the authorities were conducting this inspection of the station. they noted this individual, police confirming as he put his weapon down on the ground.
12:39 pm
they put him in custody. they found on him a gas mask and also found a loaded magazine clip. the weapon itself was not loaded. the man has reportedly told local media that he thought that it was legal to have this weapon because it was legal in the state of ohio, which is where he said he was from. he was 18 years old. we're waiting for further details. he's in police custody. they're questioning him, what he was doing with that weapon and the other items at this hour we still don't know. back to you. >> martha: a lot of people on edge in a lot of places in the country. thanks, david lee miller. chris christie always tells it like it is. now he says the president has been lying to the american people and he's tired of him not being held accountable for it. he's here with a big message, too, for his fellow republicans. that is next. >> if donald trump would come out and call a dog a cat, which
12:40 pm
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>> martha: so we just got this video we've been telling you about. this meeting with president biden where he's holding a bilateral with the prime minister of japan. a big move. one of the first meetings that he held with a foreign leader since he became president in january. let's listen to a little clip of this. >> this is the first foreign leader to visit during my presidency. i'm really pleased to welcome such a close ally and a good
12:45 pm
partner. the united states and japan have a big agenda ahead of us. we're two important democracies in the indopacific region. our cooperation is vital. >> martha: so holding china accountable is the major topic there. we'll let you know when we get more information. meantime, chris christie has accused the president, president biden of lying about the $2 trillion spending bill by calling it a infrastructure plan. the white house says it's about how you define structure. there's senators believe that everything is now infrastructure. governor christie has some advice for republicans as well about how to fight back. he met with the republican study group this week and has some strong language for them as well. chris christie joins me now. thanks for being here. what was the -- >> thank you, martha. >> martha: what was the response
12:46 pm
when you had the spine to say, well, he's really not -- he's not telling it like it is on this infrastructure bill. he's lying about it. we heard was trump was lying. they kept a rolling count. they had no problem when it came to president trump. >> no. that's why the democrats sitting around the table were mortified sunday when i used that word. but they never hesitated to use it on small and large and in between. even some things that were not lies. so they use that on president trump all the time. the rules should not be different with president biden. the same rules should apply to him. when he says something grossly untrue saying raising medicaid spending by $400 billion, as long as they join the service employees union or they don't get the raise. they don't -- he calls that the care infrastructure. what the hell is the care infrastructure, martha?
12:47 pm
give me a break. it's the best definition of infrastructure. 24% of this bill under the most generous is infrastructure. the rest is a liberal wish list to build up the union and their constituencies and their issues. >> martha: so brick by brick they're building up the unions to that makes it infrastructure. so you also met with the republican study committee. you know, looks from what i saw that you had some sort of wake-up call for them. are they fired up to try to win back the house or do you think that they're being a bit too timid about how they -- where they stand on things? >> i think they were fired up when i left. i said to them, look, they will only fear us when they realize that we don't fear them. so we cannot use language that is timid. we need to be strong. we need to be tough without being crazy or reckless.
12:48 pm
there's a very good and direct way to do that. that is calling out the president when the president says something that is untrue and saying it's a lie. it's telling the american people the truth because they deserve the truth. if he wants to raise medicaid spending $400 billion and require everybody to join a union, that's his prerogative. he should have it in a separate bill and see if he can get it passed. the reason he is it because it wouldn't pass. that's why he won't do it. we as republicans need to detail these things for the american people, make sure they're paying attention and continue to pound away at the facts. tough, smart and not reckless. >> martha: you know, in terms of the future, nikki haley and marco rubio says they won't run if president trump will. what do think the president's political future is? do you think he has one? >> president trump will make that decision on his own and his own timetable. i certainly don't think he will
12:49 pm
make it any time soon. i also don't think, martha, anybody should be deferring to anybody. at the end of the day, everybody has to decide for themselves, do you want to be president? you think you're the best person to be president. if you do, you know, you get out there and try to compete for it. i think president trump will make that decision on his own. it won't come for quite some time. so i think all of this speculation about it is just wasted energy. because what we should be focused on is what the democrats are trying to do to this country right now. the more we fight with each other, compete with each other right now as republicans we weaken ourselves and make the democrats stronger. we need to be tough on the democrats, not on each other. >> martha: all right. before i let you go, i know you have a message on vaccines. j&j had to pause this week. it will make more people nervous about this. what do you have to say? >> don't be nervous about it. getting the vaccine is like putting on your seat belt, martha, when you get into a car.
12:50 pm
doesn't guarantee you that you won't get injured in a car accident. but it makes it much, much less likely. these vaccines, pfizer and moderna, had more testing than anything the fda has approved in a long time. i disagree with the biden's administration to pause it given the numbers. for pfizer and moderna, you don't hear it. get the vaccines, protect yourself, protect your families. not because i say so but because the science says so and the proof sense so and it's like putting on your safety belt against covid. i think it's much better off for everybody. >> martha: governor christie, thanks very much. see you soon. >> thank you. >> martha: stay well. >> you got it. >> martha: you bet. next, we'll take you live to london. the funeral for prince philip is less than 24 hours away. there doesn't appear to be any thaw so far in the relations between the prince brothers.
12:51 pm
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>> martha: buckingham palace gets ready for the funeral of prince philip. no doubt, a lot of people watching to see how prince harry and prince william interact. they have had a pretty public rift over the past year or so. harry's wife, meghan markle accused the family of being racist and treating her badly when she was in need of emotional help. in moments, we'll speak to richard when has covered the royal family for 40 years. first, benjamin hall from london. >> yeah, tomorrow will be a fascinating day for so many reasons people will be tuning in. first, remember the remarkable life of prince philip. all eyes as you say will be on
12:56 pm
prince harry and how he interacts with his brother, william and his father, charles. the first time we'll see them in public since that oprah interview. we know harry and william will no longer walk side by side as might have been expected behind the coffin and now that the family will be in civilian clothing. that saves harry the embarrassment of being one of the few without being in military uniform. it will be the pomp and pagentry even though it will be curved by covid. prince philip himself had a big hand in planning the event. he designed his own hearse. he even chose the music. the queen released her first public solo statement. normally her statements began with the duke of --edinboro and
12:57 pm
i. we'll see them all together tomorrow and everybody will be looking for the body language. martha? >> martha: i look forward to talking to you tomorrow as we do our coverage of this event, benjamin. benjamin hall live in london and richard has covered the royal family 40 years. now he writes in california. let's talk about the corgis. you think there is more than meets the eye? >> no, i don't think there was a meeting between harry and the queen. she just wanted to get away from the castle and be by herself and
12:58 pm
mourn alone. as your correspondent just pointed out, william and harry will not be together at st. george's chapel tomorrow. peter phillip will walk between them, their cousin. the question is will there be a reconciliation? this is the most perfect moment for them to meet together. that still hands in the balance. i don't think we'll get anything concerned as to the relationship maybe till july when harry will be back in england for the unveiling of his statue to his mother, princess diana at kensington gardens near kensington palace where they were broughts as children with prince charles. >> martha: doesn't feel like there's been much movement. what do you think of this? meghan markle has an active p.r.
12:59 pm
force. she was willing to forgive the royal family and move on. what do you make of that? >> i think that is a very good move. i think if there's any problem with the royal family, it should be sorted out. her husband is obviously an heir to the throne. sixth in line at the moment. hopefully they can come together. as i said in the past, being in the royal family is not like playing hokey pokey. i wait and see quite frankly given this funeral arrangement where harry and william will not be walking behind the casket together. >> martha: yeah, maybe they'll do the hokey pokey and turn themselves around. >> one hopes. >> martha: good to see you, sir. >> thank you very much. >> martha: i will be anchoring or special coverage tomorrow morning at 9:00 eastern. hope you join us for that. take a look at my latest
1:00 pm
podcast, the untold story with neil sean. we had a great conversation that you should listen to at i'll be on "the five" this evening and look forward to seeing you then. have a great day. >> neil: president biden and japanese prime minister are about to take questions from reporters. that's very soon. this is the president's first in-person summit with a foreign leader since talking august in january. china's growing influence will likely be a key issue as will climate change, russia and the impact of the pandemic on the japan summer olympics. they're just two months away. this might be the first time that we hear the president comment on a push by some democrats to pack the supreme court. we're told quietly he's not a fan. maybe we'll find out today. when that news


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