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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  April 16, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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san antonio. there were 0 security personnel watching over to make sure the kids and ever safe. brian: oh people were paying attention at the oval office.
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>> trace: laura ingle is following the latest developments from new york. good morning to you. >> good morning. it happened just as some employees were about to sit down and have their dinner break. one man who said he was sitting with a co-worker just about to eat, they heard a loud clang and then the unmistakable sounds of gunshots just after 11:00 p.m. >> then we heard three more shots and then my buddy levi saw someone running out of the building. and then more shots went off. somebody went behind their car to the trunk and got another -- got another gun and then i saw one body on the floor. >> this fedex facility is massive. according to local reports, it employs more than 4500 people making it the second largest
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hub for the company globally. information still coming together this morning. we've been told that fedex employees are not allowed to use their phones on the floor of the warehouse. those folks weren't able to call for help or call family members. chief deputy of the indianapolis police said no arriving officers were injured as they found the scene and here is what he had to say this morning. >> crime scene outside of the facility, we believe that it started outside the facility and then he went into just inside the front of the facility. and we know that that gunman took his own life. we know there is not an active current threat to the community at this time. >> still no word on the identification of this shooter. we do know the f.b.i. is said to be involved. there is supposed to be a press conference in the next hour and a half. we'll bring you more when we get it. >> trace: horrifying details. back to you as the news breaks.
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>> dana: now to washington president biden not ready to say if he sports democrats' plan to add four seats to the supreme court. he is waiting for the findings of his commission studying that and other possible changes to the high court. a group of house and senate democrats announced their bill yesterday allowing them to pack the court with liberal justices and overtake the conservative majority. republicans call it a power grab. >> oh, they know what they're doing, brian. part of the power grab. they want to pack the supreme court so they can get some activist judges that will back their insane left wing agenda. >> it is not speaking for a more just justice system but a liberal supreme court. >> what do they want to do? pack it to protect their power. >> they are going ahead and filing legislation to increase the number of supreme court
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justices. >> liberals are dramatically trying to change the united states as we know it. >> dana: we're reporting live from the white house. the story blew up yesterday and for good reason. >> good morning. progressives are certainly undermining president biden's timeline. that commission is pexed to produce answers on court reform proposals within the next six months and allow democrats to stay united while they focus on other priorities like infrastructure. white house press secretary jen psaki didn't let on to any frustration that the judiciary committee chairman sponsored this bill. >> the president said it is -- he understands that members of congress have a range of views and propose legislation. he may or may not support it. >> nancy pelosi announced she has no plans to bring it to the floor even before the bill
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sponsors unveiled it. but the expectation is pressure on democrats will ramp up as bipartisan talks on other bills stall and could whet the appetite for filibuster reform creating a path to expand the court. they say it isn't court packing because republican stole seats because of garland and coney barrett. >> we have a stilted, illegitimate court that caused the crisis. the republicans stole two seats on the supreme court and now it is up to us to repair that damage. >> more progressives including alexandria ocasio-cortez has jumped on board, dana. >> dana: one of the bill sponsors had a different tune five years ago. >> check out this picture of senator ed markey shows him in 2016 and his presser on the
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supreme court steps calling for merrick garland to get a vote saying we need nine. fast forward to yesterday, same senator, saims steps with a sign reading expand the court. now his magic number is 13. >> dana: let's bring in jonathan turley. we had coverage and outrage from both sides yesterday and you wake up this morning and try to sort it all out. how do you see it right now? i feel the democrats might have given the republicans the opening they needed to find a way to unify. >> well, the politics is baffling. first of all the politics directed at the court is baffling. justice breyer came out and made a perfectly reasonable statement about the dangers of packing the court. and the left launched a campaign to try to force him to resign saying that his legacy is in danger with actual billboards in washington
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how do you think that's going to play with breyer who just told you he wants to protect the integrity of the court? is the same guy going to say i'll just resign because you have billboards telling me to do so? none of this really tracks with reality. the public has been against packing the court in overwhelming numbers. that has never changed. these justices have opposed this. so the thing that's driving this is the most extreme elements in our politics. but the real -- the disturbing aspect of this is not that people were going to try to do this and run on the supreme court, it is the absence of leadership from president biden. this is a test of leadership and he is failing it. he has to be able to summon the courage to face the most extreme elements of his party. we can talk about a long-term expansion plan. this is raw packing.
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not a difficult call for the president to make. he needs to walk out and say we will protect this institution. we aren't going to dump four justices in an association to give us a one-vote margin. >> trace: you talk about breyer and the progressives going after him. they write it is intimidation. they write the following whatever happens the justices have received their warning. than benld your judgment politically or we will politicize the court. the intimidation game is being played once again with profound costs for the constitution and our freedom. your thoughts on that. >> it's a shame that sentiment hasn't been voiced by democrats who talk about constitutional values. what is odd i testified in the gorsuch confirmation hearing. one of the things the senators really hammered away from the democratic side is it's awful to have these five conservatives always voting together. one of the things i said at the time was well aren't you
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ignoring the four justices that are also voting together? it's a 5-4 split. the problem is not the four liberal justices voting together, it's the five conservatives. the fact is that the new trump appointees have actually voted with the left of the court more than the opposite is true. they've shown more flexibility in joining their more liberal colleagues on critical cases. gorsuch, kavanaugh were the deciding vote on major cases. so many of these senators were wrong about people like justice gorsuch and kavanaugh. but it doesn't change the narrative. it is detached from reality. >> dana: one last question. you follow the court. you might even know some of these people. what about breyer? he is in his 80s, maybe he wants to retire. now at this point do you think that he is more likely or less likely to retire during this president's first two years in
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office? >> first of all justice breyer remains really quite sharp. so was justice ginsberg. while they were older and had physical issues mentally they were as sharp as they ever have been. they write really profound opinions. you can disagree with them. i would think this would -- if anything, encourage him to stay on the court. for him to knuckle under to this type of pressure would be viewed as sort of yielding to the mob and that's what's so baffling about this campaign. >> dana: very interesting. thank you so much. we appreciate your time. >> trace: chicago on edge after the release of body cam video of the police shooting of 13-year-old adam toledo. steve harrigan has more live on this. good morning to you. >> good morning. tensions ratcheting up here and in chicago after yet another police body cam video released this time in chicago. the event happened last night. video released shows a police
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officer in pursuit of 13-year-old adam tow laid owe. he was caring a gun at the time 2:00 in the morning in a dark alley. in the moment when he turns and raises his hand the officer fires, shoots and kills him. the mayor of chicago has been criticized by some police officers for appearing to be quick to blame the police in this case. here is mayor of chicago. >> we live in a city traumatized by a long history of police violence appeared misconduct. so what we don't have enough information to be the judge and jury of this particular situation, it is certainly understandable why so many of our residents are feeling an all too familiar surge of outrage and pain. >> more unrest overnight. several hundred people violating the curfew. the fence around the police station gets bigger and bigger. people out front seem to be operating according to an organized game plan.
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we saw police find some molotov come tails in the crowd left on the ground this morning. no arrests. the officer involved in the shooting kim potter made her first court appearance by zoom and faced second degree manslaughter charges. during the traffic stop of daunte wright the 20-year-old had an open warrant for gun possession. when they tried to arrest him he tried to escape in that car. the former chief of police said that the officer made a mistake trying to use her taser, not her gun. family members disagree. they say manslaughter is not enough. we want charges of murder. here is wright's mother. >> everybody keeps saying justice but unfortunately there is never going to be justice for us. justice isn't even a word to me. i do want accountability, 100% accountability. >> the funeral for daunte wright will be scheduled for next week.
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reverend al sharp ton will give the eulogy. >> trace: we ran the wrong video. we're getting back to steve harrigan with any breaking news on that. >> dana: congressman jordan challenging dr. fauci yesterday in a hearing on capitol hill. >> what number do we get our liberties back? >> 90%, members of congress get vaccinated. >> you are not a doctor, he is. what is the number? >> thank you for recognizing me, mr. clyburn. >> my question is -- >> dana: if you think that's tense wait until you see what happens next when congresswoman maxine waters gets involved. >> trace: president trump says reports russia had placed bounties on u.s. troops was a hoax. now there is proof he was right. we'll talk it over with our panel. >> dana: it's not just families in search of a better life. the growing concern about who else is sneaking across our southern border.
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>> dana: facebook censoring the "new york post" report about a black lives matter co-founder. the post reports the self-described marxist bought four high-end home. facebook says the content was removed for violating privacy and personal information policy. we'll talk to joe concha about that next hour. >> trace: u.s. intelligence is walking back last summer's reports of russia putting bounties on amezaga soldiers in afghanistan. the biden administration says it had low to moderate confidence in the story which was first reported by "the new york times." we'll get to lucas tomlinson live in the nation's
6:20 am
capitol with more on this. >> despite the unverified intelligence it didn't stop joe biden to say the following about donald trump. >> he is putin's puppy and refuses to say anything to putin about bounty on the heads of american soldiers. >> at the time democrats pounced. i request the senate armed services committee hold an open hearing as soon as possible to examine the stunning revelations the president trump failed to authorize any action in response to russian military intelligence survey providing bounties to taliban militants for killing u.s. service members in afghanistan. at the time it says the report wasn't true. to date d.o.d. has no corroborating evidence for the recent allegations. the top general in the pentagon and region said the intel case wasn't proved to me enough that i would take it to a court of law. that's often true in
6:21 am
battlefield intelligence. the white house said it didn't link of the sanctions against russia about this report because it was low to moderate confidence it was accurate. >> we felt it was enough of a concern we wanted our intelligence community to look into those reports as part of the overall assessment. >> the biden administration says they raised the issue through diplomatic and military channels. >> trace: lucas thank you. >> dana: former state department spokesperson under president trump and marie harf executive director of the serve america pac. i'm taking credit for the first to put you former state department spokes people together. thank you for all you did for the country. let's get into the story first. i want to talk about afghanistan as well. morgan, i'm not asking you to reveal anything you might know. i know what it's like to have that classified portion of your brain you can't talk about. when this story happened it seemed like all of a sudden
6:22 am
there was a high democratic involvement. super coordinated to press president trump on the issue. now we find out the intel wasn't there. let's hear from you. >> so we talked about this at the d.o.d., at the state department and intel agencies during the trump administration and we made it very clear that this was a single source unverified intelligence. marie and i were both in the intelligence community before being spokes people at the state department and we know incredibly well you don't do things based off debunked rumors. "the new york times" was notified of this at the highest levels. for me it was probably one of the most if not the most egregious examples of politicizing intelligence. what happened is you try to have the media goad president trump into some sort of conflict with putin over a debunked rumors in afghanistan. it was highly politicized and
6:23 am
the intelligence reporters who write on the intel community for many years knew this and politicized it. it never should have been published and it is a real tragedy what happened. >> dana: it does seem like this was definitely politicizing intelligence, marie. >> well, i think that the intelligence community was -- did what they were supposed to do. laying out their confidence, low to moderate based on from open source reporting one detainee which is often quite unre liable. the challenge for reporters and democrats because president trump had repeatedly publicly said he believed vladimir putin over the u.s. intelligence community he did it in helsinki. when it caples to this issue it was hard for reporters, who i am not here to speak on behalf of, or democrats to believe president trump's denials. it turns out he used the word
6:24 am
hoax about a number of things related to russia that turned out to be true. yesterday when the biden administration took action on other issues, they outlined very clearly how his campaign had passed sensitive information that ended up with russian intelligence. he didn't have the credibility to push back on what morgan rightly called -- >> dana: you would think that joe biden, having been in government for so long, might have been willing to at least tap the brakes but instead he stepped full pedal to the metal. i want to ask you about afghanistan. super complex, newanceed. an afghan woman said if the taliban take over i lose my identity. it's about my existence, not their withdrawal. i was born in 2004. i know women were banned from everything.
6:25 am
she is 17 and an 11th grader. i talked to a woman in afghanistan who said i don't expect to always fight this war on our behalf. i feel like this issue is one where it is just a moral conundrum. >> it is. it is heartbreaking. the bottom line is i think all three of us were in the bush administration in some cap as taoe. dana and i were. this is not what we told the american people when we went into afghanistan after 9/11. we didn't tell them we were going to be there 30 years fighting for women's rights. an interesting issue where you see the peace deal the ambassador negotiated with the taliban, the biden administration has continued the policy we pursued in the trump administration to withdraw. >> dana: marie, go ahead. >> yeah. morgan and i probably agree on most of this. i joined the c.i.a. because of
6:26 am
9/11 and 20 years later it is time to end the war. but we can help afghans with refugee status particularly those who helped us as translators or helped the armed forces. we need to focus on that, getting some of them out of afghanistan. >> dana: it has been slow walks the last two administrations and it shouldn't have been. thank you so much for coming on. >> trace: eight people are dead after a gunman shot up a fedex facility in indianapolis. what we're now learning from this morning and investigators coming up.
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6:32 am
we'll bring that to you live as it happens. >> dana: protests and violence and looting over the past year have damaged local businesses across the country to the tune of at least a billion dollars. now one democratic strategist is speaking out saying he was canceled after encouraging peaceful protests following the death of george floyd. lydia hugh from fox business here with more. good morning. >> good morning. i talked with david shore, a data scientist who helped get democrats elected to office. he tweeted last year amid protests following george floyd's killing sharing research from a princeton professor and summarizing it to say non-violent protests increase democratic vote. sure says the fallout was swift and soon learned in his liberal circle praising non-violent protests at that time was not acceptable. by that night he says he had hundreds of messages calling for his resignation and professional ousting.
6:33 am
he called it traumatic as minimizing black campaign and rage a bad tactic for democrats. he was terminated within the fallout. when i talked to him he wouldn't comment to me specifically about leaving his employer but did separate from them in the aftermath. they did not respond for our request for comment. shore says he still believes in the research he shared that it has merit and he believes that he was attacked by a small and vocal minority. >> i get worried about is if you have a very small fraction of the population, the most 1% to 2% left wing of the population determining what you can say and what you can't say. i think that that's bad. >> after the harrowing experience he says he has now landed a new job still in his field and says on the whole he thinks he is better off after this difficult experience.
6:34 am
>> dana: i have to say i've quoted him for years. i had no idea he was so young. he is certainly very accomplished. thank you, lydia. >> trace: new body cam video released by chicago police shows an officer shooting a 13-year-old in the alley. video police chased the teenager while getting commands to stop. the officer fired one shot and killed the teen. chicago police say he had a gun. the lawyer says his hands you were up at the time of the shooting. the president of the seattle police officers guild is with us. great to see you. the two videos circulating one shows 13-year-old adam toll aid owe where he turns toward police, it appears he has nothing in his hands. the second video shows him apparently tossing something. it may have been a gun over a fence. how important are these two videos as this investigation moves forward? >> good morning and thank you for having me on again. in any death, whether it's
6:35 am
community member against community member or police against someone who is conducting violence or is a threat they are all tragic. i think we can understand that. and i think people need to realize that the overwhelming theme here is why is this incident occurring? it's quite clear that if people comply with police orders we wouldn't be talking about this. but the fact is when you look at these viral videos which are being used to target police specifically for political reasons the biggest takeaway is why aren't these offenders complying? >> trace: if those to court. >> it is not a racial issue. >> trace: they will break it down and say if he tossed the gun the lawyer is contending if he did toss the gun and turned to police and didn't have a weapon in his hand he should not have been fired upon. that's what they are going to base this on and you would say what? >> i would say let the experts
6:36 am
figure this out. i have trust in the system. the process works. for instance, there is scientific data when it comes to police training and the police psychological response physiologic call and psychological to an imminent threat in front of them. the human response to that threat impacts everybody on a different level. if you look at the data and the science and i would recommend your viewership and all activists watching this that want to use this for political reasons go to for it will break down police video, look at what the officer was perceiving at the time, how the officer processed that threat physiologically and psychologically and made the conscious decision based upon that threat to then protect himself or theirself.
6:37 am
>> trace: you've used that analysis and you have a fair point. the brooklyn center protests continue night after night. we know now that some of these people are local. some are outside agitators including antifa. what direction are police getting on the ground on how to handle this night after night in riot gear? >> clearly in these major urban areas we have political leaders that are not leading. in fact, they're blaming police. that's tragic along with the deaths that impact our communities nationwide and in particular here in seattle. just last week we had four african-americans shot, one of them was a 2-year-old toddler, who i'm told my lose an eye. so when we have political leaders that go to the blame the police movement here and then we couple brooklyn that you referred to, minnesota, people need to really understand that we are at a point in our major urban areas
6:38 am
that if we don't start telling the truth and stop exploiting these viral police videos for political gain, which targets police specifically, then we are in a real tough time in our society moving forward. what this does is stop the conversation. >> trace: it does stop the conversation. we have to note that while this is going on in brooklyn center a few miles down the road we're now waiting for the derek chauvin trial to wrap up. it could have further implications on police there and around the country. >> dana: border patrol agents in texas arrested a convicted murderer caught sneaking into the country illegally. he was deported in 2017. vice president harris said the border crisis is not going to be fixed overnight. it has more than three weeks since president biden named her to lead the border response. republicans have criticized her for not holding a news
6:39 am
conference yesterday. white house press secretary jen psaki was asked about it yesterday and here is what she said. >> republicans have over the past few days been quite critical of the vice president. >> i've seen that. they need more to do, i think. >> dana: the administration has plenty to do when it comes to immigration and i just do find it interesting that they are kind of invisible on the topic. >> trace: there is talk she will go to guatemala and visit triangle countries but no visit to the border. maybe she needs to take a look at what's going on and maybe if you completed the wall and all these people walking through there might be some difference on the ground. >> dana: really incredible. watch this. >> my message is this. government just needs to get out, just leave us alone. this economy is ready to just explode and we're ready to boom. we just -- they are incentivizing people to stay home. it doesn't make sense. >> trace: new data shows signs
6:40 am
the economy is turning around. why are some businesses like the diner owner having a hard time finding employees? larry kudlow joins us next to break it down nearly 100 days into the biden administration and democrats continue to push for even more power. but what is this doing to the rule of law across the country? >> every time i think republicans have done something that we can't recover from nancy pelosi goes oh my dear. they've done more damage in 100 days than i thought possible.
6:41 am
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>> we had no applicant. i was looking in all sorts of different outlets to get applicants coming in and maybe you would get phone calls or come in once and never come in again. that's the odd thing where people know they just have to show they made a phone call and they get to keep their benefits going. >> we're incentivizing people to stay home. i don't care what side of the aisle you're on, it doesn't make sense to incentivize people to stay home. >> dana: the owners of an ohio diners are closing their doors because they can't find enough workers. they say they think extra unemployment benefits are
6:46 am
giving people a reason not to work. let's bring in larry kudlow host of kudlow on fox business. steve hayes of the dispatch talked to these folks in waterville, ohio. they don't want to close their doors, larry, they want to be open. i remember when speaker pelosi said anybody was heartless to suggest these enhanced unemployment benefits would lead to the very thing that these owners are talking about. >> well, that's right. we tried to warn them. the federal plus-up for unemployment assistance was very generous. the checks coming out are very generous. 1400 wasn't enough so we went to 2,000. they are paying a lot of money to stay home. i hate to say it because i think most people want to work but on the other hand, people are very smart and they probably want to work but if it doesn't pay, you know, after tax, after all these federal benefits, after state benefits,
6:47 am
they will probably stay home longer. look, the economy is growing rapidly, dana. we saw big plunge in initial unemployment claims that came out yesterday. so that's good. and i think the job situation is turning around. we are going to get a lot of new jobs in the next report. we had over a million in the last report. so that's all to the good. there is a huge boom going on. retail sale numbers off the charts. manufacturing production off the charts. this morning housing starts off the charts. what the margins what those business people, the small diner are right. at the margin maybe unemployment assistance benefits are too generous. >> trace: good morning. i love this breakdown from the "new york post" talking about how to make more money on unemployment. they're saying the minimum wage in new york is $1500. unemployment breakdown you get $20 an hour from unemployment here. and i guess the question is what happens when you have an economy that is creating more
6:48 am
jobs than there are people looking for jobs? what's the long-term effect of that? >> well, it's difficult. you've got to try to get your unemployment assistance at a level that helps those who are truly needy but doesn't discourage work. that's really the tricky part. and my suspicion is all along we've been playing with fire on this, the various relief packages. and i think the last relief package, the 1.9 trillion so-called really went over the lawn. i think that's a problem. long term it is not healthy. a lot of economists on both sides of the aisle, a democratic advisor said this. the more unemployment insurance you poke out, the more unemployment you are going to have. and secondly, the longer the
6:49 am
unemployment insurance lasts, then the longer unemployment is going to last. you have to be wary of that and sensitive to that when you make these policies. so the checks were mailed. retail sales were off the charts for the month of march. that captures a lot of the checks. the checks i think came out in the middle of the month. so you are seeing that. of course, those checks also to some extent penalize work effort. >> dana: more checks coming in may. thank you, larry. >> trace: thank you. >> more checks coming in may and a couple trillion coming after that and very high taxes coming after that. so it is a mixed picture, let's say. >> dana: larry, have a good weekend. >> thank you, you, too. >> trace: big tech is at it again censoring those who dare to question the left. joe concha on the fallout there. on the heels of a tough week for our country. some welcome news we could all use on the fight against covid. dr. marc siegel is here to
6:50 am
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6:55 am
>> dana: things got pretty heated during the house subcommittee heating on the government's response to the pandemic. congressman jim jordan was pressing dr. anthony fauci on when covid restrictions will be lifted. subcommittee chair jim clyburn announced his time had expired. jordan kept demanding answers which led to this shouting match with maxine waters chiming in. watch. >> where does it get to? when it comes down, what number do we get our liberties back? tell me the number. tell me the number. >> when 90% of the members of congress get vaccinated. >> you are not a doctor, he is. what is the number. >> thank you for recognizing me. >> chair recognizes -- >> my question is. >> i'm claiming my time. >> order, regular order. >> just a moment. >> mr. chairman, i don't want
6:56 am
you to answer my question the people want dr. fauci to answer the question. >> your time expired, sir. you need to respect the chair and shut your mouth. >> dana: there is a reason congress's approval rating is lower than ever, i think. >> trace: the back and forth was monotonous. i wanted to know the number. give me the number. where are we? we want the number. you couldn't get the number with all the back and forth bickering. good news on the coronavirus front. cdc reports that of the more than 66 million americans who have been fully vaccinated it has identified fewer than 6,000 who went aon to get the virus. most of those cases were mild or asymptomatic. let's bring in dr. siegel and the smartest man i know on covid. when you talk about 66 million vaccinations, fewer than 6,000
6:57 am
got covid, all mild cases. it is a pretty good statement that says get vaccinated and you are not going to die of covid. >> you know, trace, that's the number they're looking for there. congress could look to dana perino for some advice on civility here, i think. but here is the number. this is the number. 66 million people only 5,800 get sick who got the fully vaccinated in the united states and they only got very mild cases. that means that this vaccine is as good as touted. that means the clinical trials were right. even more than the clinical trials. 1 in 10,000 chance approximately that you are going to get covid when you are fully vaccinated. that should lead to liberty and psychological relief. i was in michigan, detroit. i went to beaumont hospital where the heart of the epicenter is. trace, i wore personal protective equipment in there and i wore a mask especially indoors but i felt so less at
6:58 am
risk having been vaccinated and that's what america has to feel. >> trace: yet you look at johns hopkins. we had 70,000 infections. what's driving that? >> that's a great follow-up. what's driving it in michigan, i talked to the top experts in michigan, dr. carpenter and talking to the top epidemiologist at the university of michigan. they feel the variants are driving it. too much relaxation of restrictions if you're not vaccinated. the b-1 17 united kingdom variant is all over the place in michigan. they are worried about the brazilian variant from canada. the u.k. one is wildly contagious. the vaccine covers that. the more people that get vaccinated the better and how it worked in israel and that's how it worked in the united kingdom. if you look at israel you see 85% of the adult population vaccinated only 300 cases yesterday and they are wide open. michigan we're not there yet. >> trace: we have to go, dr. siegel. i have to ask you if you were
6:59 am
making the decision, would you have paused the johnson & johnson vaccine? >> absolutely not. that sent a message of fear and distrust that leads to non-compliance. they needed to laser focus on the problem, not pause anything. >> trace: good to see you, sir. thank you so much. you wonder a lot of people i know were supposed to get the johnson & johnson vaccine. they didn't get it and had to reschedule until next week, maybe the week after to get their vaccination and -- >> dana: i go for shot number two this afternoon. >> trace: which one? >> dana: pfizer, here we go. hopefully i'll see you. you will be fine. at least eight people are dead and several wounded after a gunman opened fire at a fedex facility in indianapolis. the suspect took his own life. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> i'm trace gallagher. the shooting happened late last night near the city's airport
7:00 am
at the fedex. f.b.i. is joining the investigation. families reuniting with their loved ones at a hotel as witnesses describe the scene. >> we heard 10 shots, this made me stand up and actually look at the entrance door. i saw a man with a sub machine gun of some sort. automatic rifle firing. i immediately ducked down and got scared. didn't exactly see the person get shot but after hearing the shootings i saw a body on the floor behind a vehicle. luckily i was far enough away where he didn't notice me or see me. thank god for that. >> trace: horrifying details. fedex has released a statement quoting we're shocked and saddened by the loss of our team members following the tragic shooting at our fedex ground facility in indianapolis. our most heart felt sympathies are with those. the safety of our team members
7:01 am
is top priority and fully cooperating with investigating authorities. stay with us as with developing story goes on. the authorities will have an update at the bottom of the hour and we will bring that to you live. >> the thing that's driving this is the most extreme elements in our politics. but the real disturbing aspect of this is not that people were going to try to do this end run on the supreme court. it is the absence of leadership from president biden. this is a test of leadership and he is failing it. >> dana: jonathan turlly addressing the democrats' bill to add four justices to the supreme court and reshape the judicial landscape in america. their push to pack the supreme court is a far cry from a few years ago. the split screen says it all. in 2016 they called for keeping nine justices on the court. today not so much including one
7:02 am
of the co-sponsors of the bill. let's bring in chris wallace. was it in the debate you moderated you asked the court packing question? some point along the way you are asking joe biden about it and they haven't answered it for a long time. he starts the commission and now this adds a whole new level to the argument. >> good morning, guys. you know, one of the advantages -- you know this, dana, from having been around washington a while, is you just get a feeling in your bones is something serious or is it just a political play? i don't think there is a chance in the world that the court is going to be expanded from nine members. first of all, joe biden was right back in 1983. it is a bone-headed idea. there are now six justices appointed by republicans, three by democrats. they want to add four. it would be 7 to 6 democrats. when the republicans come in they would add 2 and be 8-7 republican and end up with 75
7:03 am
supreme court justices and it loses any credibility. that's one reason i think it is not going to happen. the other is look at nancy pelosi yesterday. i have no intention of bringing the bill to the floor. look at joe biden. he has appointed a commission and hasn't come out against it but the commission is not going to report and not offer recommendations, it will report in six months. so this isn't going to happen. i will -- mark this tape. if by 2022 they increase the size of the court i will come back here and eat my hat. >> trace: good morning to you. i think you're right there it won't happen. there is no indication it will. but is that the goal? you talk to some of these legal scholars who say the goal might be just to intimidate the court. not really to get this thing going or even hit the floor but to actually open the door for this to be chipped away at over the next several months and years and in the meantime to intimidate the court members. your thoughts on that.
7:04 am
>> it is a good question and there is the argument that's what fdr succeeded in doing when he failed to pack the court back in the 1930s that it intimidated the sitting justices on the court and therefore led to them taking a lighter hand in policing the new deal. i don't know. i find it very hard to believe that this is going to intimidate clarence thomas or samuel alito or -- go on and on, the three trump justices. i don't think they intimidate very easily. and look, this is an idea that has been roundly discounted not just by the conservatives on the court, by the liberals. ruth bader ginsberg said nine is a good number. breyer said you start fiddling with the number of justices on the court. i think it's anti-constitutional. this really strikes at -- >> dana: i want to ask about the politics about it. so we can all say it is not
7:05 am
going to happen. you'll eat your hat if it does. what a distraction for biden and pelosi and the left going forward and doing this including the chairman of the house judiciary committee jerry nadler. unifying republicans. a million dollars will run ads across the country talking about what the left is trying to do. a rare unforced error on behalf of the biden administration and pelosi right now. >> well, i don't think it's on behalf of them. they're the victims of it. look, you were in charge of communications in the bush white house and as you well know, even when you've got a republican president and republican houses of congress it is not like there is a czar of communications, individual factions inside a party go and do what they want. ed markey and jerry nadler, the two leaders in this effort, aren't responding or trying to do the bidding of nancy pelosi or joe biden. they're responding to their constituents on the left. i agree with you, though, it creates a faction inside the
7:06 am
democratic party where if biden and pelosi refuse to do it, they are seen as resisting the move of the left and it gives republicans a good issue. so it may play well for marquee and nadler not so well for biden and pelosi. it does as i say create an issue for 2022 that republicans can push. >> dana: there should have been a communications czar if you think about it. just kidding. >> trace: i want to ask you, chris, you look at steveer breyer against court packing and progressive groups saying he should resign. would that have been the reaction to ruth bader ginsberg who was also against court packing. would they have called for her to step down? >> there isn't any relationship between groups calling for breyer to step down and the court packing issue. it's all about the fact that because of ruth bader ginsberg they are keenly aware when you have a member of the court in their 80s, they can pass away
7:07 am
and they don't want a republican congress. remember, if one democratic senator were to die and a republican governor were to appoint a republican replacement now you have senate majority leader mitch mcconnell again and suddenly it becomes a lot harder for joe biden to put a liberal democrat on the court. i think this is all about trying to make sure that the democratic seats on the court stay democratic. >> dana: let's look ahead to sunday. who do you have? >> well, first of all a lot this week on foreign policy. pulling troops out of afghanistan, sanctions on russia. we'll be talking to the president's national security advisor jake sullivan. fascinating conversation with two senators, liberal democrat chris coons, conservative republican john cornyn about bipartisanship. yes, some efforts to get some things done. one of the great americans
7:08 am
alive today, bill mcraven, commander of the raid that took down bin laden has written a book called "the hero code." we'll talk to him on sunday as well as our power player. >> trace: thank you. >> bye. >> many of these kids don't even make the trek alive through that process. many others are victims of sexual assault as well as other crimes perpetrated by the cartels. >> trace: texas governor greg abbott reacting to the border crisis on "fox & friends" earlier this morning. comes as dramatic video shows smugglers dropping a 2-year-old child over a border fence. the governor says the crisis is going to get worse and he is calling on the biden administration to designate drug cartels as terrorist organizations. rich edson is live for us in la jolla, texas, with more. >> good morning, trace. this is a very, very busy stretch of road here for border
7:09 am
patrol. you have a group of migrants most of whom are children right now getting some water. they will go to processing after having crossed the river likely this morning. you have the same scene playing out down the road this way and we've got our drone about a mile this way where the scene street playing out also. this is a very daily thing along this stretch in the rio grande valley. to try the slow the surge the white house announced on monday it had struck agreements with the governments in mexico, honduras and guatemala to bolster security in those countries to try to slow migration that's ending up here in the u.s. in a congressional hearing yesterday the u.s. special envoy to the region said there were no official agreements. >> i just want to confirm were there any agreements reached in relation to increasing border security in these countries? >> representative castro, no, there were no agreements concluded with governments regarding border security.
7:10 am
>> he added the united states has been working to help identify children who are traveling alone or as part of different migrant caravans coming up before they reach the u.s. border but the governments of mexico, guatemala and honduras have all announced and it appears to be unilateral decisions to bolster their security forces the try to stem the flow of migration that is ultimately ending up here, trace. >> trace: rich edson. thank you. >> dana: a search for answers in chicago. police releasing body cam video of an officer shooting a 13-year-old boy in a dark alley. does the footage clear the cop of wrongdoing? >> berkeley, california making a progressive move on law enforcement replacing officers with unarmed civilians for traffic stops. how dangerous is this move? >> what if a driver is combative? what if a driver doesn't pull over? what if a driver is armed with a weapon?
7:11 am
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7:16 am
>> dana: a california city created an agency of unarmed civilians to handle routine traffic stops. berkeley is trying to make traffic enforcement fair apparently. claudia cowen is live in berkeley. >> it is being talked about. berkeley, california is moving ahead with a plan to have unarmed civilians enforce speeding and traffic laws instead of police. city council approved a whole
7:17 am
new transportation agency which supporters say will make routine traffic stops more equitable. >> black persons are 2.5 more times likely to be searched in vehicle stops though they are less likely to net anything that leads to an arrest. there is a difference in yield rates between black and white persons. ultimately as a black man in america i feel a lot safer with an unarmed person with a different focus stopping me. that's a total change in atmosphere compared to what we have now. >> rather than commenting publicly berkeley p.d. released pictures highlighting recent traffic stops that have led to big busts of drugs, cash, and even loaded weapons. while dash kam videos are a reminder that traffic enforcement is dangerous work even for officers with guns, let alone unarmed civilians. it is expected to begin sometime next year and when it does a lot of other cities will be taking note. back to you. >> dana: i'm sure this will end
7:18 am
very well. thank you, claudia. >> trace: facebook and twitter facing new accusations of censorship. twitter locking out jason whitlock. facebook seeing a backlash for barring a new york story on the black lives matter purchases. twitter has permanently banned james o'keefe of project veritas about his posts about cnn. joe concha joins us now with more. you read the whole thing about the "new york post" being banned and jason whitlock being banned over black lives matter co-founder who bought all this property and you think wow, this is accurate. this is accurate information. it is relevant and it is really hard for them to bring up oh, it was russian disinformation. this is to a different level now, joe. >> are you both having deja vu?
7:19 am
when you said barring a "new york post" storing reporting on x it feels like october of 2020, doesn't it? we saw how that turned out as far as the hunter biden laptop story. "new york post" had accurate reporting no resemblance to russian disinformation. think what has happened over the last 24 hours. twitter suspends james o'keefe when he is in the middle of a week-long series of devastating videos to cnn. this is an employee of cnn describing how the network has taken an activist role in terms of its coverage of donald trump or black lives matter or covid from a fear perspective and facebook, twitter, instagram in lock step censoring stories about black lives matter from the daily mail and "new york post" and to your point around black lives matter we talk about four homes valued at $3 million. the head of new york city's black lives matter chapter is calling for an investigation. how is that not a story? black lives matter is a
7:20 am
powerful entity and raised more than $90 million. they shouldn't be exempt from scrutiny or accountability. big tech has their back and says nothing to see here. we'll censor this. it is chilling, guys. >> dana: josh hawley tweeted this similar to what you said about october 2020. facebook censoring the "new york post." where have i seen this before? the facebook oversight board looking into the banning of donald trump they're supposed to report soon. maybe twitter will never change its mind. they don't have a board like this. if the board comes back and says actually it was wrong to ban donald trump, we recommend that you reinstate him. won't they have to do that? >> i have a feeling that silicon valley will rule against donald trump because dana, from what i see in terms of the stock price of facebook and stock price of twitter and the revenues and profits coming in, not many people are
7:21 am
canceling their accounts. business is still very good. they can get away with doing this because they are private entities. until their bottom line gets impacted they'll do exactly what they're doing and ushlgly competition in the situation will take out a facebook or twitter at least damage them but we saw what happened when parlor was gaining steam in terms of being a competitor. all those companies amazon and google made sure parlor wasn't the entity it was before. this is the game being played now tilted very much in favor of the existing big tech companies who won't be giving up any power any time soon and they will operate the way they want to. it's a shame. >> trace: there are no consequences for them so far. the question i would have is what's their reasoning here? does the reasoning seem to you like it is rational and well thought out for blocking these stories? >> absolutely not, trace. we see the censorship of the
7:22 am
black lives matter story which we discussed is a legitimate story. it seems like they try to cater who what and who they think their audience is. who they think or what they think their audience wants to see and what it doesn't see. again i would imagine then you look at all the donations that went to the biden campaign in 2020 from silicon valley overwhelmingly from the facebooks and twieters and googles and world and some of those folks working for the biden administration. you can follow the money in this regard and ain't changing any time soon until section 230 is addressed. i don't see anyone talking about that right now. >> dana: we talk about court packing now. have to have you come back and tell us about the coverage of that little issue. we're expecting to hear from police in indianapolis moments from now after a gunman opened fire at a fedex facility killing eight people straight ahead.
7:23 am
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7:29 am
on average, in new york city now there are three shootings every single day. that's a 70% increase over the same period just last year. most of the shootings take place in predominantly low income minority neighborhoods but anyone can be a victim underscoring that recently a tourist from kansas was shot by a straying bullet in mid town. he survived to tell the tale. >> it was really bad. i'm just ready to go home. i was having such a great time until this happened. >> new york's murder rate is up 36% compared to one year ago. other cities are also battling a rise in violent crime. year-to-date homicide in miami up 6%. washington, d.c. homicide rate increased 31%. murders in chicago are up 33%, homicides in philadelphia also
7:30 am
spiked 33%. a recent study blames the national crime spike on a perfect storm, the pandemic and anti-police sentiment. >> the spike in homicide and gun assaults is associated in time with the emergence of mass protests over police violence that we saw in the last week of. >> trace: professor expects the trend is going to reverse and that it is going to reduce during the summer months but he does caution that things could change dramatically, in his words, all bets are off if there is another highly reported viral report of police accused of using excessive force. dana. >> dana: david, let me ask you something. we've been talking about this issue all week. recruitment for police is
7:31 am
getting very difficult. have you heard about that if regards to this? if that's the case up and down the east coast or even across the country, what does that foretell? >> that's right. there is an issue of morale with police. many issues police have problems with here in new york city. bail reform, they have also changed the law regarding indemnification of lawsuits. there is also a more public process now for disciplinary proceedings and all these things come together making the police think twice about continuing to stay on the job. dana. >> dana: david lee. thank you for that this morning. >> trace: amazing. my nephew is a police officer in san diego, a good cop and he will tell you that the amount of disrespect that police are getting on the street day in and day out is one of those things that is dropping morale because they go out and feel like they are doing right and they are doing right 99.99% of the time and they go out and
7:32 am
everybody is looking at them like they are looking to do wrong or bully or intimidate people. >> dana: i have friends in the police force here who almost everybody now is resisting arrest and filming this occasion one, may try to protect themselves and then use it against police. >> trace: if you go back to late last summer of 2019 where you had police being thrown the water, the trash cans thrown at police and people would spray them with no consequences. police couldn't go back on them. they were told not to. they were harassed and hurt by projectiles thrown at them time and again and police couldn't do anything to defend themselves because they were told by the politicians and their superiors not to because of the climate in the country at that point in time. that was before george floyd. >> dana: it's interesting.
7:33 am
sometimes you will have people sleep on the streets but now where do you go? this is happening across the country. good talk on that. let's move to this. >> i would offer the russians on the ukrainian border. i think this is going to be the first big test for the biden administration and foreign policy arena. i am concerned about putin's constant pressuring on ukraine. >> dana: russia presenting a major foreign policy test for the biden administration as the u.s. hits moscow with a new round of sanctions in response to cyberattacks and election interference and reiterating calls for russia to pull its troops from the ukraine border. here is admiral willian mcraven. he has a book coming out this weekend. a power player of the week. that's coveted real estate.
7:34 am
we appreciate that, admiral. when joe biden made this announcement yesterday about russia i immediately thought back to our conversation earlier in the week. i said of all the hot spots around the world which would you pick? that was the one in terms of being -- paying close attention. the "wall street journal" editorial writing sanctions are often a half measure but some of the retaliatory actions announced by the biden administration on thursday will have serious consequences. consequences enough to maybe stop an incursion? >> yeah, i'm not sure they are enough to stop an incursion in ukraine but i do think they're the right first steps. of course, this is mainly in retaliation for the solar wind cyberattack and intrusion on our elections. but i think it sends a good and strong signal to vladimir putin that if we're prepared to take these steps on cyberattacks we're prepared to go stronger when it comes to a physical incursion. >> dana: could i ask you to stand by for a moment? we want to go to indianapolis for a news conference after the shooting last night.
7:35 am
>> -- this horrific crime. what we are left with this morning is grief. grief for the families of those killed. grief for the employees who have lost their co-workers. and grief for the many americans struggling to understand how tragedies like this continue to occur again and again. they join the indianapolis community in trying to understand this senseless violence. and it seems to me that beyond the need of comfort for the grieving, we must guard against resignation or even despair. the assumption that this is
7:36 am
simply how it must be and that we might as well get used to it, we need the courage that compels courageous acts that push past weariness. i want to thank the first responders who arrived at the scene, the iems personnel who provided medical care to those injured, and the brave inpd officers who responded and who are now investigating the events of last night. by all accounts, these women and these men acted heroicly caring for victims and families and bringing order to a chaotic environment. i'll close by saying this.
7:37 am
indianapolis is a resilient community. last night was a devastating blow and its impact will be felt by our community for days and weeks to come. but in times of despair, i know that our residents will rally together and help one another make it through. the eyes of the nation are on indianapolis today in ways that we would never have hoped for. and for those who only know of this city, what they have learned when we're hosting major events on a global stage, they would be forgiven for simply believing that the
7:38 am
people of indianapolis are known for kindness shown to those who come to visit. what they cannot see in those moments and what is difficult for us who live here to see in these moments is that this spirit of generosity and radical love is shared not just by our residents, but between our residents. it is what makes this a special place that we are proud to call home. in times of triumph and in times of tragedy, it is what gives us the strength to see through the darkness and find the light of love that exists within each of us. it is what gives us hope, and
7:39 am
no crime of passion or act of hate can take that away from us, not today, not ever. i'll turn it over now to the chief of the indianapolis metropolitan police department, chief randall taylor. >> news of the senseless crime that will not soon leave our memory. it is not acceptable for indianapolis. impd officers went toward dangers as they typically do. when they arrived on the scene they found something that no
7:40 am
one should see. we've all been shaken by this heinous act. i will tell you the one thing that drew me to indianapolis when i first came here in 1993 was for such a big city to have such a small town feel and heart. impd chaplains have been on the scene since early this morning providing care and comfort and support to the families of the victims. my heart is broken over the lives that were lost. fedex is a major employer in this city. if you ask around, there are numerous people, myself included, that have family and friends that work for this great company and they have built bonds, whether they work there for a short time or long
7:41 am
time. can only imagine what the victims, the surviving victims and their co-workers are going through. we're truly with them. the crime scene remains active. ipd along with public safety partners will continue to work at the scene for as long as it takes to insure a thorough investigation is complete. you will soon hear from deputy chief who will share what we know to this point, but that information will be limited. i can share a few things with you, though. i know the first responders did an incredible job. you more than likely will hear stories of their bravery as this develops. i know it is going to take time for us to learn more about what happened last night and i don't honestly know that we'll ever really know all the ins and outs to why this occurred but
7:42 am
we'll certainly do our best. but i do know our community stands together. that was evident through services that were rendered by companies here like indigo, holiday inn, and also with our law enforcement partners. i would like to thank personally superintendent doug carter and the state police for their help and also the federal partners who are always by our side. now i'll introduce one of those partners, f.b.i. special agent in charge paul keenan. >> thank you, chief. as the chief said i'm paul keenan special agent in charge of the f.b.i. indianapolis field office. first and foremost i offer my sincere condolences on behalf of the f.b.i. to the family and loved ones of the victims of the senseless violence that
7:43 am
took place last night. while we mourn the devastating loss of their lives we're dedicated to honoring their memory through a meticulous investigation. f.b.i. indianapolis is part of this community and we stand with our friends and our neighbors to condemn this violent act that has impacted so many. i stand here today with my partners because whenever there is a tragedy such as this, the f.b.i. surges resources to assist our law enforcement partners in addressing those immediate needs. f.b.i. personnel are assisting the crime scene, conducting interviews, assisting on the search of the suspect's home and will provide any technical expertise requested by the impd. many of you have already asked what the motive of this shooting was. with less than 12 hours since the shooting, it would be premature to speculate on that motivation. i can tell you that there is no further threat and updates will continue to be shared as there are more details.
7:44 am
we're grateful for our strong partnerships with the law enforcement in indiana as we have done in other cases, the f.b.i. will dedicate all available resources to follow every lead and use all investigative capabilities to seek justice and bring closure for the victims' families. next up i would like to introduce deputy chief from the impd. >> good morning. first of all i would like to reiterate some of what has already been said. recognize this horrible tragedy our community has experienced this morning and certainly our condolences go out to the victims, their families, friends, loved ones and our thoughts and prayers are certainly with all those who were affected by this violence and we know that it's far reaching. this violence is far reaching. so we keep all of them in our
7:45 am
thoughts as we move forward. so i will quickly go through how this investigation has progressed and again bear with me. there will be a lot i'm not -- a lot of questions you may have after i'm done that i may not be able to answer. we're still working on those answers. this investigation is very much still in its infancy but i will answer what i can after we're done. so late last night officers received a run of shots fired to the fedex facility. when officers arrived they found a very chaotic and active crime scene. they found several -- >> dana: we're listening to officials in indianapolis providing the details, very few details right now. the press conference is ongoing and we'll continue to keep an eye on it and report any news as we have it. >> trace: meantime after a year long hiatus the best ranger competition is at fort benning.
7:46 am
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>> trace: canceled last year because of the coronavirus. now shoulders are once again heading to georgia for the best ranger competition and this is no walk in the park.
7:51 am
the grueling three-day challenge pushes elite soldiers to the limit forcing them to use everything they've got. charles watson reporting live from fort benning, georgia, with more on this. good morning to you. >> good morning. the best ranger competition has been rolling since about 6:00 a.m. local time. right now we're at the range, one of several obstacle courses these ranger teams compete at throughout the weekend. let me walk you guys through what we're seeing right now. we'll have a ranger team start at this point here with these black and white spots. they'll run up to this table here, pick up a pistol, load it and then shoot at that gong down there at the far end. if they hit it it's 20 seconds off their entire time. you can see this guy over here in action right now. once he hits that gong you will see him move on and pick up his
7:52 am
rifle, load that and then move on to those target points where they are simulating a hostage situation. they will get 12 shots in total at these two hostage point. each time they miss it's three seconds added to their total time. once done with that they dump the rifle into the basket there and load their shotgun and then they'll have 10 shots at those orange targets over there. you can see they've got a lot going on right now. grueling competition as you mentioned and they have today, tomorrow, and sunday to compete and we'll see who comes out on top. >> trace: fascinating. charles watson live in fort benning. >> dana: up next an inspiring story. a marine veteran rebounds from ptsd with the help of his
7:53 am
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>> dana: marine veteran making a comeback from ptsd and got help from fred, a dog he rescued in afghanistan. today they're living together in maine working with prison inmates training service dogs for wounded veterans. quite a journey. now craig is sharing his story in his book "second chances, a marine, his dog and finding redemption." the author and fred, although he is asleep, are joining us now. craig, i think it's amazing you rescued him and get him back here and working with the prisoners. just tell us a little bit when you look at your life now and how different it is. you must feel like you're in the right place at the right time? >> yeah. i think that is a great way of putting it. i really count my blessings every day especially when i look at fred considering where we met and where his life started, the journey that we've
7:59 am
been on has been an incredible one and i'm proud to share it in my writing. >> trace: you said -- i read this whole thing and it is amazing. when you step inside the maine state prison you go with fred because the prison has inspired you. give us ways it has inspired you. >> first of all i think fred and i would like to give a shout-out to our friends there. i hope they're watching. we really felt an instant connection to the men and the culture of maine state prison from the warden on down to the men. that's something that i think every veteran and person craves. when you find it you want to make reasons for around it. the military or whatever it would be. >> dana: everybody should buy this book. thank you, godspeed to you.
8:00 am
thanks, fred. great to have you next week. sunday at 10:00 p.m. i have an interview with george w. bush and laura bush about his book coming out this week, out of one, many. america's immigrants. painted 43 portraits and their store staoes. >> harris: we begin with a battle over the u.s. supreme court and republicans are sounding off against democrats and their latest push to pack the court. now with four additional justices whom president biden would nominate. in fact, amid the political fury president biden is facing pressure to say something, respond. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". the president when he was a senator called court packing a bone-head idea. now members of his own democratic party are embracing it calling it a step that is needed and in


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