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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 16, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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of hiding bad policies behind legislative. ashley: sorry we are in a hard break. thank you for being with us this morning. jillian: "fox & friends" will have the latest on the breaking news out of minneapolis eight people shot and killed by a gunman there. brian: good morning, everybody. straight to a fox news alert. breaking overnight eight people shot and killed inside a fedex facility in minneapolis. ainsley: several other injuries and police say the gunman died from self-inflicted gunshot. ashley joins us with the latest. ashley: police say the gunman opened fire at the paneling warehouse last night killing eight people and yirg several others. it's three miles away from the international airport and here is what police had to say overnight. >> the indianapolis police department the officers responded. they came in and went in and did their job. a lot of them are trying to face this because this is a sight that no one should ever have to
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see. this is a tragedy. we as indianapolis members need to come together. ashley: at least four people in the hospital one of them with critical injuries. two others were treated and released at the scene. police say the suspect is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the motive remains unclear right now there is a reyiewsks center reunification center. they are aware of the tragic shooting and cooperating with the ongoing investigation. and fedex employees are not allowed to have their phones with them at work which has apparently made the reunification process more difficult. the company now says it will reevaluate that policy. back to you guys. brian: all right, ashley, thank you. ainsley: i did read that someone did use their phone to call their husband or text their husband and said there is an active shooter at work she notified him that she was going to be okay and she would be stuck there for a while. i don't think they are allowed
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to use their phones at work. they are starting to think making they should change this. maybe you are allowed to have them maybe you are not allowed to use them. now that this has happened if people need to get in touch. people from the plane calling their loved ones, maybe these offices that have that rule in place need to reconsider that. pete: yeah from what i understand that is the ongoing real difficult part about this is lived ones waiting to hear. ainsley: 110 of them at that holiday inn express with no news yet. pete: your heart breaks for those people hoping it was that they couldn't get to the cell phone. the number now is eight. let's hope it stays there. brian: you don't know if the person works there, how they got through there, if there was a security issue. very few facts considering this happened at 11:00 local time. ainsley: sound like it might have been outside. one man says niece shot in the shoulder she was in suv at a gas station nearby she is expected to be okay. someone else said that he was scared and a friend's mine told him a man who works there told
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him to get inside the car. brian: looks like the one eyewitness submachine gun or some sort of automatic rifle. so we will get the details now at two minutes after the hour. more news. ainsley: turning now to another fox news alert. police are releasing body camera video showing the moment a chicago officer shot and killed a 1-year-old boy in an alley. brian: all right. this as minnesota experiences yet another night of unrest at the killing of daunte wright. pete: carley shimkus joins us live with more. carley? carley: that's right. good morning. chicago's mayor calling the video incredibly painful as it shows the last few minutes of 13-year-old adam's life. watch. >> stop. stop. right now. hey, show me your hands. stop, stop. >> told him to stop. the teen appears to pause and turn toward the officer with his hands up before he is shot.
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police had previously said he was holding a gun at the time of his death. but his family's attorney says that's not the case. meanwhile, in minnesota, hundreds gathered in brooklyn center for a fifth straight night to protest the death of daunte wright. no arrest reported. but city leaders are keeping an eye on the days ahead. kim potter the exofficer charged in wright's death appeared in court for the first time yesterday. she is charged with manslaughter and out on bond. daunte's mother calling for more to be done about her son's death. >> unfortunately, there is never going to be justice for us. i do want accountability. 100 percent accountability. >> the family's attorney says wright's funeral will be next thursday in minneapolis. reverend al sharpton will give the eulogy. pete, ainsley, brian? ainsley: i was watching the interview with chief ramsey the washington, d.c. chief of police and philly chief commissioner he was on with anderson cooper he
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said this is extremely difficult situation the one that happened in chicago was 13-year-old boy this happened lightning fassments the police commissioner chief ramsey he said he watched the video in slow time. he slowed it down he said there is this 21-year-old and 13-year-old that are running down the alley at 2:40 in the morning. he said that the shot spotter, which is a censor on light posts and on rooftops, they have these in new york and philadelphia, d.c., california, notified police that there had been shots fired. so, when the 13-year-old is running down the alley right here, the police chief, chief ramsey says that he spins around and there is no gun but a gun was found five feet away. it says it appears he had tried to get rid of the gun. he says it's 2:30 in the morning. this 13-year-old is running and appears to have had a gun. he said these police officers are in such a tough position. they have to make a split he can second decision. pete: ainsley, you cannot under estimate the level heart rate
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beating the confusion of a moment. i have never in a law enforcement capacity run down alleyways but i have run down alleyways in iraq with a weapon in my hand pursuing people you don't know what's around that corner. in this particular case you don't know if he is 13 or 23. no idea. weapon or not. object in the hand? he is turning around, so much confusion in the moment and that's why the video wasn't released for i believe 17, 18 days until after the incident. ainsley: it happened march 29th. pete: a lot of questions why lori lightfoot and others waited to provide that particular evidence. again, unless have you walked in those shoes and seen it, to condemn it as some sort of a malicious act from a law enforcement officer. and i will say it again, don't rub from the cops. there is no reason to run from the cops in the middle of the night. ainsley: they are giving him cpr, too. it's tragic to watch it the police officer to fires the gun has to sit down. can you tell he is completely devastated. brian: reportedly heavy latin
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king gang area. he had a fun in the beginning and tosses it at the end. two ways to handle it one i want to seat video that hand hours ago that was the story in brooklyn center. the other one said we will hold on to this to make sure we see the whole thing. either way it's a no-win situation. meanwhile, let's talk about what happened yesterday afternoon 11:15, 11:30. that's when there was a press conference on the supreme court steps where we got word and by the way this is no renegade group. you can't even say this is the squad. two chairman of committees announce from two separate bodies that they are going to be looking to add four more supreme court justices to the court. but, keep in mind, it's all mitch mcconnell's fault. listen. >> make no mistake about it the court is broken because leader mitch mcconnell, his senate republican colleagues and donald trump broke it. expanding the supreme court rights the wrongs the republicans have done to this great court. we must expand the court and we
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must accomplish the filibuster to do it. >> some people will say we are packing the court. we are not packing it we are unpacking it. >> our democracy faces its greatest test since jim crow from the insurrection at the capitol to the racist voter suppression being attempted all throughout the united states of america. the far right is at war with our democracy. pete: so don't worry they're unpacking the court. the process by which republicans when they had the votes didn't vote on a democrat nominee and then when they had the votes did vote on republican nominees is called having the vote. that's what's happening right now with things like stimulus bills and so-called infrastructure bills. democrats have votes. they are pushing the things that they want to do. ainsley: you can't get your way change the rules. pack the court, change the voting rules, make d.c. and puerto rico a state. we will get what we want. pete: it was so revealing he said it out loud senator markey, if the court and' change of
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filibuster to too it charlie kirk said moving the overton window moving what's acceptable. say it loud enough of course they want to pack the court. that's what the left wants to do. the white house, guys, not backing away from it. ainsley: joe biden said he was not going to pack the court. he said it was ludicrous idea i don't remember the adjective. pete: bone head. ainsley: is he our president now. he is forming a commission. he has changed his mind. nancy pelosi says i'm not going to bring it to the house floor. tammy bruce said i don't believe it listen to what nancy pelosi said and what jen psaki said. >> i think it's an idea that should be considered and i think the president is taking the right approach to have a commission to study such a thing. it's a big step. i have no plans to bring to the floor, no. >> just last week the president signed an executive order creating the bipartisan commission on the supreme court. so he is going to wait for that to play out and wait to read that report. brian: yeah, so there is going
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to be 36 members. they said it was a bipartisan commission. they are going to come up with recommendation. they are going to do it before 2022 because you have the midterm elections when fdr tried to do that in 1937 he lost 70 seats. 70 seats in the house. they are about maybe maximum five and now two seats away from taking back the house. and, of course, the senate is very much in play. although it's going to be a hard road to climb for republicans, this was the -- it would have been easier in 2020. a couple of things, just trying to get us used to the idea that they are going to come out with the recommendation. okay. not four seats, we recommend two seats. and i think term limits. we think about 15 or 20 years to be on or a certain age where you have to retire or leave the supreme court. isn't that reasonable compared to that back job press conference that we had six months ago? ainsley: don't you think what happened here though there were so many people that didn't like president trump's style and then, you know, so much has happened, his tweets and all of
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that and then the insurrection. i think they thought joe biden was going to be a change more of a moderate. now what we are seeing is they are pushing everything through so fast. they have got their foot on the gas pedal, they are not going to stop. they only have a year and a half to do this. i think it's too much change too quickly, i don't think the american public, the average person likes this. pete: i don't know that they care. this is their moment to use the justification of donald trump, to your point, to do as many radical things as possible. and then if the voters tonight like it, it's because you voters are not enlightened enough. ainsley: talking about socialism, the united socialist states of america is what the united states is going to become. pete: that's what they're teaching in classrooms right now. that's the scary part. brian: one thing i will never get over is what happened with that huntd story in the "new york post" being totally shut counsel by social media. i can't emphasize enough. to me that's the single scariest thing i have ever seen a totally validated story with a hard drive backed up with legitimate communication between the future president of the united states and his son as it relates to
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other countries and in a panicked mo all of social media shut it out. later to apologize when the election was over. but that was one off, right? that couldn't possibly happen again, could it. pete: it did, brian. you will be shocked yet again. remember the stories we did a couple days ago of the black lives matter marxist founder who is doing so well as a marxist she now owns four homes. brian: at least. ainsley: multimillion dollars homes. steve. pete: this while it raised $100 million. did it come from there. we don't know. she has done quite well herself. it was a front page story in the "new york post." if you are looking on facebook to share that story, facebook is not allowing you to share that story. again, suppression of a will he yet mat news story report. they didn't put her address out there where she lives. simply reporting that she owns these homes. when you try to pass that message along this is what it says on facebook. it says you can't share this link. your post couldn't be shared because this link goes against
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our community standards, brian. brian: guys, this is so alarming. this is real estate. this isn't opinion about the ceo of black lives matter. these are purchases made by someone who basically took a vow of poverty with an organization that collected $100 million that made the front page of the oldest newspaper in america, "the new york post." you don't go to the contents of the story. you just don't like the story. ainsley: josh hawley, he tweeted this out. facebook censors the "new york post"? where i have seen this before? another person said that he was blocked from trying to share it if you just tried to share it with your friends on facebook, you wouldn't be able to do it. pete: can't share it. here is what facebook says. the response was to "tucker carlson tonight." this content was removed for violating our privacy and personal information policy. yet again, if you look at the story, it's not here's where she lives, go to her house and demand answers as to how she was able to afford that house. it was merely a reporting of the
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fact just like you reported on, i don't know, mitt romney's garages remember in the election cycle and bernie sanders owning three homes not four. apparently that is out of bounds. if you are criticizing the founder of black lives matter. included in a story, guys, was the fact that the new york chapter of black lives matter wants an investigation into all of this. they are saying where is our money. we haven't seen it yet she seems to be doing all right. brian: hawk newsom is head of the new york branch or was. he read that story and he is alarmed as a member of black lives matter, this guy who had a more traditional job in the -- with the city and the court system. left to join this organization. i don't think that's what he signed up for, we haven't heard from him or anybody else. ainsley: bought these properties after she founded black lives matter or before? pete: recent purchases, on the last couple years. brian: by the way, you can't just discount what happened with james o'keefe either. project veritas shows an cnn executive talking about what
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they are really up to with the coronavirus and how they conspired to take down donald trump. that's banned from twitter. pete: and from twitter he has been erased from twitter so has project veritas overnight and i believe toss to jillian. ainsley: i think jillian is talking about it in the headlines so need to listen to this. hey, jillian. jillian: let's begin with this story. hundreds attend the funeral for fallen capitol police officer billy evans in massachusetts. the service was held in evans hometown. evans will be remembered as a dedicated police officer and devoted family man. evans was killed earlier this month when a man rammed his car into a security barrier near the u.s. capitol building. a third booster shot for those who got the pfizer vaccine will likely be needed over the next year pfizer's ceo calling the extra dose important to fighting international strains. you this this as a new study reveals getting sick with covid puts you 8 to 10 times higher risk of developing blood close in the brain than getting the
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vaccine. and now to the story you just referenced. twitter is under fire for banning project veritas founder james o'keefe. critics accuse the tech giant of protecting cnn after o'keefe's platform relaunched its #expose cnn campaign. twitter explaining decision in part quote as outlined on our policy platform manipulation and spam you can't by operating fake account. o'keefe has vowed to file a defamation account against twitter next week. kobe bryant will be represented by michael jordan when he is inducted but into the basketball hall of fame. jordan spoke at brian's memorial service following his tragic death last year. many consider kobe to have been a very similar player to jordan. brian, his daughter gigi and seven others died in a helicopter crash last year. those your headlines. send it back to you. ainsley: he definitely deserves it thank you so much, jillian. a yelling match breaks out
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during a hearing on covid restrictions. heated exchange. is he very frustrated, jim jordan, probably shares your frustration. we will tell you about it coming up next. >> you don't think america's liberties have been threatened the last year, dr. fauci. >> i don't look at this as a liberty thing, congressman jordan. >> well, that's obvious. [gavel] >> you need to respect the chair and shut your mouth. wet teddy bt teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give
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♪ ♪ ♪ ainsley: good morning to you. that's a picture of capitol hill, and yesterday you had congressman jim jordan and dr. fauci. it was a bit of a frustrated screaming match. watch this. >> we had 15 days to slow the
3:22 am
spread turned to one year of lost liberty. what metrics, what measures, what has to happen before americans get more freedom. >> you are indicating liberty and freedom. i look at it as a public health measure. >> you don't think americans' liberties have been threatened the last year, dr. fauci, they have been assaulted. their liberty have. >> i don't look at this as a liberty thing, congressman jordan. >> well, that's obvious. >> as a public health thing. >> what number do we get. [gavel] >> liberties back. tell me the number whncht 90% of members of cock get vaccinated. >> you are not a doctor, mr. clyburn he is. >> reclaiming my time. reclaiming my time regular order. >> your time has expired, sir you need to respect the chair and shut your mouth. ainsley: that was maxine waters. brian: classy. she is not the chairman of that committee, is she? every question that he asked, we need answered. i don't care if you are democrat or republican. right now i think there is 60,000 cases buts
3:23 am
hospitalizations are dropping almost 0% a day as well as the deaths. and then you see the vaccinations we are doing about 3,000 to 4,000 a day which is staggeringly good. at what point if you take in natural immunity for people that had it and have the imcommunity and can't get it again and then you take the vaccinations which they say between 90 and 95% effective, why are we not allowed to get on with our lives. why are we going state by state on this? why isn't he saying need the cases to go 20,000. i need the vaccinations to go to 50%. i need a certain amount of -- i need a certain amount of days of hospitalizations down to a certain level. that should be it. because he always tells us to look at the data which i believe are numbers. so this is it. don't tell me we should get a vaccine and don't allow our lifestyles to change. pete: right. brian: now no mask, one mask, two masks. now he is wearing two masks, even though he has been vaccinated and he wonders why
3:24 am
people are reluctant to get vaccinated why should they do it if nothing is going to change. ainsley: all jim jordan is trying to say just give us numbers. when are we going to get back to normal? when can we take the masks off? when can we travel and not have to quarantine? just give us numbers. dr. fauci kept saying this is not about liberties this. is about infection and about lives and 60,000 are infected every single day. jim jordan says i know that i know. it's tragic that all of those people have died. just tell me a number. what he was the number and fauci never gave it to him. pete: he has moved the numbers. the survivability rate for everybody under the age of 70, 65, is like 99%. you are at the 99%. then you added vaccines that you are talking about, bribe, 90%, 95% effective. what are we 99.999. and i love what ted cruz is doing i'm vaccinated i'm taking my mask off on capitol hill. we have to have leaders that are willing to say i will stop -- the insanity stops here. dr. fauci has one job. it's infectious disease.
3:25 am
that's the only lane he looks at. he doesn't care about liberty. he clearly doesn't. brian: he should not be leading this. a voice in this not leading it by the data we know already and the cdc director oops told us the truths two weeks ago and said if you are vaccinated you can't spread the virus. we should not be wearing the mask after the two weeks go after the second shot or the johnson & johnson shot when it gets back online after one shot. we actually don't need them if we are going to believe their facts we don't need their green light. ainsley: donald trump kept saying that not just the medical experts. businesses are shut down, people are losing money. brian: right. absolutely. we get it meanwhile, 25 minutes after the hour, coming up. teachers unions have been stalling school reopenings throughout the country. they are not paying attention to the science. frustrated moms are taking action. that story next. ainsley: from our friends at fox bet. download the fox bet super 6 app. play for a chance to win $10,000.
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chest pain; shortness of breath; irregular heartbeat; diarrhea; constipation; severe stomach pain, nausea or vomiting; dizziness; fainting; eye problems; extreme tiredness; changes in appetite, thirst or urine; rash; itching; confusion; memory problems; muscle pain or weakness; joint pain; flushing; or fever. these are not all the possible side effects. problems can occur at the same time and some more often when opdivo is used with yervoy. tell your doctor about all medical conditions including immune or nervous system problems, if you've had or plan to have an organ or stem cell transplant, or received chest radiation. here's to a chance for more horizons. a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about chemo-free opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all involved in our clinical trials. jillian: good morning back with your headlines. judge denying. he will call mistrial in the
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prosecution hypothetical at new documents. entering new data on a blood test drop on george floyd but forced to rest it case. closing arguments are scheduled for monday. a florida deputy is sideswiped by a car mirror while conducting a traffic stop. watch this. i just had a truck hit me with his mirror on my traffic stop. >> wow, that's scary the deputy pulled over the car calling in backup. body footage showing the car's completely broken but thankfully the deputy is okay. prince william and prince harry will not walk side by side at prince philip's. revealing the brother's cousin peter phillips will walk between the princes as they escort their grandfather's column. the arrangements represent the queen's wishes, prince philip will be laid to rest tomorrow. our coverage starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. that's a look at your headlines, ainsley, send it back to you.
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ainsley: good deal. weave will be watching. teach's unions have been stalling school reopenings as you know all across the country and in oregon one frustrated mother is taking action. >> no one is advocating for our kids. if our kids had unions, they would have been back to school months ago. so it's time for us to fight for our kids and their individual needs. ainsley: that video posted on facebook has kicked off a new movement the oregon moms union. mackenzie is one of the moms behind it and she also is the wife of sandy oregon's mayor. good morning to you mackenzie. >> good morning. >> so why did you start a union for the children? >> yeah. you know, we just -- we saw that here in oregon the teachers unions were advocating for teachers but there was no one advocating for the needs of our kids and really for the need to get them back to school full time. and so, you know, me along with a couple of other moms, we just decided, you know, we are going
3:32 am
to do this and see what we can do to get parents to start advocating for their kids because if we don't do it then nobody else will. ainsley: i know you have two daughters, how old are they? what grade. >> oso my daughters are 8 and 10. so second grade and fifth grade. are. ainsley: what's happening at their school? are they back in the classroom? are they hybrid. >> right now, they are in a hybrid model. you know, they are distance learning two days a week and then they are in the classroom two days a week for four hours. starting next week, they actually get to go back four days a week for four hours a day. which we're so excited about and it's definitely a step in the right direction. but at this point, it's a bit curious as to why it's just four hours a day and why they can't go back seven and a half hours a day like they were prior to the pandemic. ainsley: "fox & friends" has traveled all over the country interviewing, talking, having conversations with parent. we have heard this time and time again just like you are saying that these teachers have unions but who is advocating for our
3:33 am
kids? i'm glad you are starting this union. what's the response from the community. >> you know, honestly, it's been almost overwhelming the amount of parents that have reached out. it's so exciting to see in message resonate. it's been wonderful to hear the stories from other parents. it's also a little heart breaking to hear what is happening to kids in oregon and how these school shutdowns have really affected them. and we seen changes four own kids and social angst anxiety and a lot of parents are seeing similar things if not worse. more than ever the science shows it's safe to get our kids back to school. let's get them back at normalcy five days a week. ainsley: we did reach out to the oregon department of education. this is what they said. returning oregon students in person instruction highest priority this. goes hand in hand with the health of our students, staff and the families they return to each day. what's curious though is that that is their statement.
3:34 am
they want to return to in person, but the private schools in your area talked to a friend yesterday, she just took her kids out of one school, put them in this christian private school down in florida because she said the kids there don't even have to wear a mask. and it's completely successful. so that's what's interesting. it's just next door the private school is open full time and the numbers aren't going up there. what do you say? >> yeah. and we actually are private schools here in oregon that have been open five days a week since september without issues with the spread of covid and so i think that's what is really frustrating to parents here in oregon is the inconsistency and kind of those double standards. and really it's up to the different school districts here in oregon and there is such a difference in what different districts are doing. and so i think parents are just are frustrated as our organization we are looking to get parent advocate for their kids. if we don't advocate for them no one will. ainsley: we did reach out to the governor kate brown. we have not heard back.
3:35 am
your hufs is exploring the option of maybe running against her for governor. can you tell us more about it? >> yeah. so kate brown actually is term limited. is he exploring running for governor but he will not be running against kate brown. >> do you know who he will be running against? >> you know, at this point we don't. but primaries oregon governor will be next may. but i'm so proud of them. you know, he fight so hard here in sandy where we live where is he the mayor. he fights so hard for our neighbors. he is are has really done a lot to help oregon businesses here it fighting the covid-19 shutdowns and restrictions. he definitely inspires me to go out and advocate for our neighbors and for our kids. ainsley: he would have a big job. we have been reporting so much on what is hang in portland. god bless him. good. thank you so much mackenzie. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. a supreme court showdown as democrats look to add four justices to the high court. senator rick scott reacts to the power play coming up next.
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for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to pete: we are back with a fox news alert. overnight 8 people shot and killed inside a fedex facility in indianapolis. several others are hurt. police say the gunman died from a self inflicted gunshot. ainsley: let's get straight to ashley strohmier with the latest. >> police say the gunman opened fire at the packaging warehouse last night killing 8 people and hurting several others. the facility is just miles away from the indianapolis international airport. police audio describing the terrifying moments inside the warehouse. >> another caller heard 10 shots from the front of the entrance. >> i have a female in a control room that advised the subject is still shooting. she does not have a visual but
3:41 am
can hear the shots. >> additional caller saying possible person shot laying near security in the front france entrance of the building. >> four people in the hospital one of them with critical injuries. two others were treated and released at the scene. police say the suspect is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the motive remains unclear at this time there is a reunification center at the local hotel for families of those who work at the facility. fedex in a statement say they are aware of the tragic shooting and cooperating with the ongoing investigation. fedex employees are not allowed to have their phones with them at work which has apparently made that reunification process pretty difficult. the company now says it will have to reevaluate that policy. brian, back to you. brian: all right. thanks, ashley, we will follow that meanwhile, 19 minutes before the top of the hour. now turning to washington for other top stories. we got a group of democratic lawmakers yesterday, they unveiled their new legislation aimed at packing the supreme court. >> the united states supreme court is broken.
3:42 am
it is out of balance. and it needs to be fixed. expanding the supreme court rights the wrong the republicans have done to this great court. we must expand the court and we must abolish the filibuster to do it. brian: really? because it was a year ago whether he was saying we have got to keep the supreme court at nine. why look back? let's bring in florida senator rick scott. senator, why is it that a few days after the president of the united states says i'm going to put together a commission and pretend its bipartisan that he end up on -- they end up on a supreme court steps talking about expanding the court? is there a -- is there a disappointedness or do they know exactly what they are doing? >> this is part of the democrat power grab get some activist judges back their insane left wing agenda. they want to get rid of the
3:43 am
filibuster because they, oh gosh, they didn't get 51 votes in the last election, so thee need to be able, to you know, get rid of the filibuster so they can try to pass their radical agenda. they are -- look they are trying to make d.c. a statehood this. is all about power for the democrats. election bills about power for the democrats. using reconciliation to pass massive spending that's going to bankrupt this country this. is all about their power and by the way, they know they know in 2022 we are going to take at house and the senate back. brian: senator not smart enough to figure out what the strategy is four different game plans. nancy pelosi before their press conference says i'm not looking to put this bill on the floor and last week the president said i'm putting a 36-person commission together? do you think it's shock the american people and then when i proposing is new like term limits or age limits, it won't be nearly as shocking and two supreme court justices instead
3:44 am
of four. is there an overarching game plan? >> they are going to push as far as they can. they will see how much the public pushes back. remember, they tried to steal that seat up in iowa with congresswoman miller-meeks, and they were going to do it but we republicans showed up and we pushed back. if the american public shows up, and we -- and they tell the democrats, look, we are tired of this left-wing agenda, that's not what we voted for. that's not what we are going to vote for in 22, then they will stop this stuff. but this is about just -- democrat trying to take as much power as they can. brian: possibly, i'm curious about the game plan. meanwhile, senator markey doesn't know we have a vcr because we taped him in 2016 when he actually sat there in front of a podium that says we need nine now keep the court from 8 to 9. doesn't his new push shows the democrats now clearly just want the power but they don't think that we would ever do a side by side like we are doing right now
3:45 am
and make them look as ridiculous as it seems. but, let's move forward. the ncaa is becoming as woke as some of these ceos and some of the sports leagues like major league baseball picking up without reading a bill it seems of what's happening in georgia election law and deciding they can't have an all-star game in a state like georgia going to colorado. now the ncaa says essentially if you don't go with the -- their transgender athletes allowing transgender athletes to compete in female sports, you are going to lose your ncaa championship games, this is what their statement said: inclusion and fairness can coexist between student athletes including transgender athletes all level of sports when determining where championships are held ncaa politics only where host commit to providing that environment that is free safe and free of discrimination of discrimination will be selected. where do you stand. >> first off, florida is not
3:46 am
going to be bullied by the ncaa. we already have in florida we have already passed it out of the house, the state house, men should notten playing in women's sports. it's pretty basic. my wife and i raised two daughters. it wouldn't have been fair for them if men played in their sporting events. the american public doesn't agree with this. joe biden does, radical left does. but this is pretty basic. men should play in men's sport. women in women's sports. but, by the way we took a vote on senate floor, 'schumer, bennett in colorado they all said no, no we believe that men should be able to compete in women's sports. what that is going to do. they should not suggest they care about women's sports because it will disseminate women's sports there there won't be ability for women to continue to win in women's sports. brian: real quick, senator you are will lose ncaa championships that will be revenue and past is
3:47 am
prologue maybe the nfl is going to decide i can't play the super bowl there you will lose maybe some other sports league leagues. can't do it in basic. others they can. are you willing to do that? >> florida is not going to be bullied. the american public knows this is wrong. it's common sense. only women play in women sports. so, but i can tell you what, florida will not be bullied. i know that legislature will pass this legislation. the governor will sign it and, you know, if the ncaa wants to be a bully, it's not going to work here. brian: unbelievable the amount of fights going on in america right now about things that you thought were obvious. senator rick scott thank you so much. brexit it. >> see you, brian. brian: okay. 13 minutes before the top of the hour, coming up. high school student who was accused of sending racist messages to a classmate. but it turns out it was a hoax. the student shares her story next. ♪
3:48 am
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ainsley: it is friday we need to know the forecast from our friend j.d. janice: snow in new england, it is happening in some areas over a foot. along the coast it will be a chilly rain.
3:52 am
a strengthening storm offshore. if cold in the mountains of new england. ongoing throughout the day today in to tomorrow when those gusty winds along the coast is going to make travel difficult. we will see a chilly rain along portions of coastal new jersey up towards long island and connecticut throughout the day today there are forecast wind gusts, 30, 40 miles per hour it will start to exit saturday and sunday. april snow, it happens sometimes. the kids are happy, i'm sure the folks aren't happy having to shovel all of that also looking at the potential for more heavy rainfall along the gulf coast. this has been ongoing issue throughout the workweek. flash flood watches and warnings from louisiana to the florida panhandle. pete, my friend, happy friday back to you. pete: happy friday to you, my friend, thank you so much. appreciate it a minnesota high school student needed to be escorted to class for other own personal safety after a fellow student accused her of sending racist messages. when white bear lake high school
3:53 am
sophomore avery receiverson was accused of sending messages lake this and much worse over instagram. teachers and students staged a walkout, a black lives matter walkout in protest. but investigation by local law enforcement, the school and the fbi revealed the accusation was all a hoax. avery receiverson joins us now. avery, good morning. thank you for being here. i appreciate it i grew up in forest lake which as you know is up the road from white bear lake. i know this community well. it's a wonderful lovely community. but you tried to start a turning point u.s.a. chapter there. you are a student there. and your life changed on april 7th which when you were accused of sending messages you didn't send. tell me about it. >> thank you for having me. pete: of course. >> about a year ago i saw video of charlie kirk online and was so inspired by the video that i wanted to starting a turning
3:54 am
point u.s.a. chapter at my school. and i have been trying to start that for over a year now. and the school gave us some guidelines saying that we needed 20 students to even start the club. and the last couple of weeks we got close to that number and then these rumors online started going around about me accusing me of sending racist, terrible, hateful messages to a black student at my school with no evidence pointing to me. pete: that student started accusing you as a result you are getting threatened. as a result there was a walkout. students and teachers walked out of the school. your name is aattached to this. you were counseled to not talk about it but ultimately they were accusing you and pointing fingers at you. i don't like to ask this question but how did that make you feel? what are you thinking in that moment as the world is swirling around you and you are accused of being a racist? >> yeah, i was just shocked when they were accusing me and i felt
3:55 am
unsafe. i felt unsafe at school. and obviously i had an escort walk me to and from class. and i just felt unsafe in my community. adults were even posting the screen shots and so it was on city pages and i just felt unsafe and unsure of what was going to happen and unsure of what my future would hold because of these rumors. pete: of course. so, what -- after an investigation you reached out proactively to the school and said listen, i didn't send this. this is not from me. there was an account made and you were accused by that student of creating that account. you said it's not me. so the school initiated an investigation along with the fbi and local law enforcement. and ultimately, this is what came out from the email that went out about what they found. they said the individual who created the social media post poses no threat to our students of color. so they said it's not you. and whoever wrote it was not
3:56 am
actually hating on black people. it was a hoax. what did you -- did you -- when you found that out, your reaction? >> i was surprised but also i thought those things were so hateful and i didn't know where they came from or who they came from. all i know is it wasn't me. and i met with the administration the morning after this happened and with my dad. and that's where i was told like not to make comments on it. not to say publicly or start conversations saying it wasn't me or not draw anything more to the situation. and i felt like i couldn't defend myself, i couldn't -- people were me and i couldn't even respond saying it wasn't me. pete: you have been courageous. we have to leave it right there. thank you for joining us, appreciate it
3:57 am
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wake up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. brian: 8 pandemic shot and killed inside a fedex facility in indianapolis. ainsley: several others injuries police say the gunman died from self-inflicted gunshot. >> let's go to laura ingle with the latest. good morning. >> good morning to you. this happened just as some employees were sitting down to their dinner break. one man inside this fedex facility said he was just about to sit down and eat with his friend when they heard a loud clang, then the unmistakable sound of gunshots.
4:01 am
then we heard three more shots and my brother levi saw somebody running out the building. three more shots went out. somebody ran out to the trunk and got another gun and then i saw one body on the floor this fedex facility is massive. more than 4500 people are employed making it the second largest hub for the company globally. information is still coming together at this hour. we are working to verify how many workers were on duty during the shooting and have been told that fedex employees are not allowed to use their phones on the floor of the warehouse. the metropolitan spokesperson says no arriving officers were injured as they found the wounded and dead on the scene. those 8 were preannounced are dead at the scene. multi-her other people with
4:02 am
injuries transported to local hospitals or transported themselves to local hospitals. >> right now we do not know the identity of the shooter or even if this person was a fedex employee. and at this hour, family members of those who worked at that fedex facility are at a waiting area at a family reunification center at local hotel. we will bring you more as we get it back to you. brian: all right, laura, thanks so much. we don't really have much more than we had last night. even though it's been about 8 hours. we are requesting to hear from the deputy chief craig from the indianapolis metropolitan police department. he will join us in moments for an update. pete: straight to the source. ainsley: might have happened somewhere outside. if you read some of the local news reports. they were interviewing individuals and one guy said he was there. he immediately ducked down when he heard the shots. he got scared. and a friend's mom told us to get inside the car. another man said that his niece had been shot in the shoulder at
4:03 am
a local gas station nearby. she is expected to be okay. and then another guy ian johnson, we heard they weren't allowed to use their cell phones in the facility. it seems maybe they were allowed to carry them just couldn't use them while they were working. this guy said that his wife was there. and she texted him and said an active shooter was at work. she notified him that she was okay. and that shield be stuck there for a while. pete: that fits with the story inside laura's report of the individual who saw much the same outside. coming around a car. the young man she interviewed as well. so, as we get more details, more information this morning, we will bring it to you. we are certainly thinking of all the folks there in indianapolis. brian: turn now to another fox news alert. body camera showing the moment a chicago officer shot and killed in pursuit of a 13-year-old boy. no one knew the age of the kid at the time. pete: minnesota another night of unrest over the death of daunte wright. more protests there steve
4:04 am
harrigan joins us with what happened overnight, steve. >> ainsley, tension even higher after release of that police video in chicago it shows 13-year-old adam toledo running down a dark alley from police. is he carrying a gun but at the moment he turns and lifts his hands he is shot and killed according to that body camera video. some police in chicago have complained that the mayor has been quick to throw the police department under the bus. here's chicago mayor. we live in a city that is traumatized with a long history of police misconduct. while we don't have enough evidence to be the judge and jury of this particular situation, it is certainly understandable why so many of our residents are feeling an all-too familiar surge of outrage and pain. >> hundreds of people out here once again overnight there operating according to the city manager, according to a game plan even distributing shields and weapons to throw at police at some point, using lasers trying to cut the fence around
4:05 am
this police station and ram the fence with a vehicle. kim potter, the officer, who fired the shot, who -- that killed daunte wright now faces second degree manslaughter charges, up to 10 years in jail. she made her first court appearance yesterday. keep in mind that wright had an open warrant for gun possession at the time of the shooting when he tried to break free from police and escape in his car. he was shot. the former police chief said the officer was trying to use her taser and made a mistake. the family said that the manslaughter charge is not enough. they want a charge of murder. here's wright's mother. >> unfortunately there is 'never going to be justice for us. i do want accountability. 100 percent accountability. >> the funeral here scheduled for next week, reverend al sharpton will give the eulogy. pete, ainsley, brian, back to you. >> all right. al sharpton will be there and we know what that will also bring. five minutes after the hour. let's talk about what's happening as we speak. a crisis at the border has taken
4:06 am
place in a way in which no one even expected or predicted with the biden administration taking over. what i think is the most shocking is maybe one a and 1 b. 1 is what is happening at the border overwhelmed going into the interior of the country without being processed unaccompanied minors 20,000 being held in tent cities in overcrowded situations that they were rounding criticizing president trump for doing. at least president trump never denied there was a problem. joe biden won't talk about it. and when he assigned this crisis, when he won't call a crisis, so the vice president, she has done nothing, except for talk to last sunday the president of mexico and then she promises i will eventually go to guatemala and i may go to mexico after that. ainsley: she did speak to the guatemalan leaders and she has not talk to el salvador or honduras which is interesting because she is in charge of the u.s. response to the northern triangle. she is supposed to go there and find out the root problem but
4:07 am
two of those three leaders she hasn't talked to. pete: she has spent more time or having her people spend more time explaining what her role isn't than actually investing in what the solutions might look like. than picking up the phone and reaching out to try to forge immediately solutions, solutions needed right now by the people on the border who are completely overwhelmed and the kids being used by pawns cartel whose lives are ruined and wrecked in the process. well, there is plenty of people out there defending the vice president to include jen psaki who is left -- it doesn't get that much tough questions because the media is totally in the tank. when asked about it, here is how she defends or tries to explain the role of vice president harris at the border. >> republicans have over the past few days have been quite critical of the vice president. >> i have seen that they need more to do, i think. >> is the white house suggesting that her diplomatic role is disconnected from the border? how are you guys squaring how
4:08 am
you can that issue. >> i will say with all respect to you this confusion is very perplexing to me, i have to be honest because the current president, who was the vice president, he ran points on the northern triangle when he was vice president. that's obviously a role that is focused on diplomacy. it's focused on working with these cub tris and these leaders. the vice president has had a number of conversations at the leader level and having a discussion about what steps can be taken. whether it's improving the personnel and the approach they each take at the border. pete: we can have a discussion about what steps can be taken. you need more to do. you mean ask questions about a government. brian: number one crisis in america right now domestically? no question. it's happening at the border. ainsley: she actually, i feel like has a harder job than mayorkas it appeared she doesn't want that job. mayorkas can do what donald trump did. he can continue to build the wall. can he stop catch and release. he could do the remain in mexico. just like donald trump did. and then you cut down on the
4:09 am
numbers. we saw that last year. you compare this march numbers to the last march numbers it's significantly higher this year under president biden. but she has the tougher role, she hasn't gone down there and talked to them. she hasn't gone to the border. she hasn't visited these countries. she picked up the phone and talked to the mexican president and talked to the gwatneyen president and hasn't visited el salvador or honduras. we know what the root problem is they are poor countries. people want to leave those countries and come to america where they get handed a paycheck. where they get free healthcare. they don't have that in these countries. we know the root cause of this. how do you fix that? that's a completely different issue. as you were talking about earlier yesterday, pete, that's a generational thing. it's a cultural thing. it takes generations. it takes decades as you saw when you were in afghanistan to clean up a city, a country. pete: root cause of the crisis on our border is the dramatic and change of the policies that were working to no policy at all.
4:10 am
mayorkas could do all the things you listed ainsley. the reason you can't orange man bad. if donald trump did it, you can't do it. even if it's common sense and makes sense. they will try to behind the scenes. most effective thing they could do if they want to deter people from the northern triangle countries from coming north is send vice president harris down there and you can give a sermon or speech about how terrible america is because apparently america is really bad according to the left. don't come here. it's systemically racist. how dare you make that track. might be the most effective thing. brian: u.n. ambassador making a speech yesterday how racist our country is. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations. ainsley: mike pence had press conferences daily always saw him in front of the podium. she? in charge as vice president of the northern triangle and root problems she is not even going there and isn't talking about it and hasn't talked to two of those three countries.
4:11 am
brian: mayorkas knows better. barack obama never denied there was a problem when he was president at the border. he put somebody ahead of it. he said i left turkey in the middle of a conference and i flew right to central america. unless he made up that story, too, did joe biden as vice president. and i met with these leaders and i talked to them and he made up some ridiculous story about replacing a streetlight to stop gang violence he went there. no doubt about it what i think this is personally is political calculation because politicians said kamala harris wants to play the perfect game so she can be the next president in three years. what happens if you get a complicated situation and you blow it, there goes your perfect game. if you are a true leader, you want hard problems to prove you are the right person at the right time to handle crises. instead, she punted and did other stuff. the most interesting way to handle an assignment in the history of politics. i'm going to get back to it soon. and i'm going to give up half the portfolio to mayorkas who doesn't want it. unbelievable what we are stuck with. but we are in a pandemic. steve scalise said this to
4:12 am
dr. fauci who had no problem commenting on packed bars at spring break but when it comes to protests and when it comes to what's happening at our border, kids packed in tight spaces he doesn't ever get around to commenting on that until yesterday. >> dr. fauci, does this look like social distancing to you that you require when you talk about 6 feet? >> no. >> so, in these cells as you just said, they are violating the very guidance that you tell americans to follow. a restaurant in the united states would be shut down today if they were being run like this yet, the federal government, the biden administration, is running this facility. you can see all of these young children who are next to each other 6 inches apart. many without masks, by the way. does that follow your guide dance that you have issued? >> no. >> well then, why would the biden administration not go and stop this? pete: so true. it's a movie we have seen before though. all summer long black lives matter protests just fine. trump rallies not okay. and recently, brian, i don't
4:13 am
know if you have planned your very teeny tiny fourth of july barbecue yet but you are allowed to have one. brian: it's called a cookout i have gone in my station wagon he has mentioned that a few times. go in my station wagon to a cookout. maybe. i can't enjoy myself i might smile and who knows what will happen next. pete: you will have a mask on so we won't see you smile. ainsley: rules are different in these facilities than they are for you and your family. brian: i think the american people are getting a little fed up with it they want their lives back and tired of people who don't seem to see the other side of this deciding about this. you get two vaccines. you wait two weeks she should be able to live our lives and congress to the cookout. ainsley: rules for you and not for me. they want hont and rules they applied to every single person and people want just peace in our country, i think. this political everything is
4:14 am
politics. everything is political. and we are all getting sick and tired of it especially in the middle of covid. listen, i wish kamala harris the best. i'm proud of her as a woman for what she has accomplished. i don't agree with her politically. i'm sure she is a nice person and i support her and she seems to have a great relationship with her husband, which i champion. but i just want her to. brian: do something. ainsley: do her job just come out and have press conferences. tell us what the root problem is tell us how as americans if we are sending taxpayer dollars down there. what it's being used for how we can fix it so these children have better lives. our hearts break for these kids being thrown over the border wall. i want them to be united with their families in the countries that they came from. and because that's where they grew -- that's where they were born. that's where many of them have grown up for the majority of their lives. and we just need to help them in any way possible. clean up their countries so that they don't have to council do ours and not work and use our tax dollars. but, you know, we all want the best for everyone. it's just everything is so political. can we not just work together
4:15 am
and figure out a solution? pete: i wish we could, those images stacked together if that were the trump administration that would be a super spreader event they look the other way. brian: cnn wouldn't be able to roll commercials there would be so many special news babies. jillian you are upstairs working on something i heard the typing. jillian: let's go to is this story we are following. crews resume a search and rescue louisiana. searching for 12 missing crew members overturned lift boat two. days since the mayday calls went out. strong winds and waves flipped the boat. six people have been rescued. one body was recovered. tennessee authorities are body camera footage shooting at knoxville high school. anthony thompson died after a confrontation with police. the district attorney says the video will be released at, quote, an appropriate time. this was we learn the bullet
4:16 am
that struck an officer was not fired from the gun of the student but investigators declined to say whether the bullet that struck the officer in the leg came from his own gun or from another officer's weapon. we will keep you updated on new information. meantime, former vice president mike pence is recovering after having surgery to implant a pacemaker. his office says the procedure went well and that he is expected to make a full recovery and return to normal activity in the coming days. the former v.p. underwept surgery after experiencing symptoms associated with a slow heart rate. and a pentagon spokesperson confirms this and other video of ufos are authentic. the pentagon speaking up after this night vision video taking from a navy destroyer in 2019 surfaced online. it shows unexplained pyramid shaped object hovering in the sky. the pentagon saying the video was taken by navy personnel.
4:17 am
ainsley: ufo just means unidentified. jillian: i know i like to make it all mysterious. brian: i know it's not from mars they have a probe there and they would have noticed it. pete: and a drone. brian: i'm hoping to win a contest and go to the moon. pete: there is one of those contests. jillian: there is. pete: thank you jillian very much. an ohio diner is closing its doors because unemployment benefits are turning workers away. that story ahead. ainsley: still ahead, there is new fresh faces of congress. jillian mele is -- catches up, i guess, new republican women in washington. brian: going to sketch up with her in a moment. [laughter]
4:18 am
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wrib brian they made it there far in the pandemic ohio diner forced to clothes doors. not struggling business. they are struggling to find employees. applicants would rather collect unemployment now that the stimulus benefits are extended through september. joining us now the owners of dale's karen in waterville ohio. liz and bill anderson. did you ever dream, start with you, liz, did you ever dream that employees would be the reason you can't open. >> not really not when we started this. bill has been doing this with other other restaurant 30 years and the diner 10. up are few years ago steady pool
4:23 am
of applicant and turning people away and had our choice of the best applicants people who wanted to work for us. brian: bill, how many cooks do you have? how many waiters and rate trusses do you have and how many do you need. >> at the diner we staff about five cooks in the back of the house and about half a dozen servers, toward the end though, we lost a couple of cooks, for whatever reason, and we are down to three cooks. and it just wasn't working. we just couldn't do it. i mean, liz and i we are in there cooking and we knew that we were going to do this until unemployment ended which was october of this year and it was just unsustainable situation for us. >> the volume of business was too great and, you know, the patrons kept coming but we just at a certain point physically you can't keep up. our main cook is 55 years old though and i have to say he was amazing. you know, he is a man who could work circles around the two of
4:24 am
us around anybody. brian: take a look at this. dale's diner on the average you pay about 440 per week. federal assistance gives you 300 per week. guaranteed money you don't do anything, so with that, when you pick up the phone and call to bring your staff back they say sorry, and you say what this when they say sorry? because aren't you supposed to report them if they don't take a job that you offer, liz? >> well, our staff -- our nucleus did stay with us but you have attrition, for instance, we had a great manager she left last summer to take a position in florida and filling her shoes was really difficult and then we brought in another young manager and he took a job for much more money, you know, another restaurant across town, then filling that back of house manager position is very, very key we had no applicant and all sorts of different outlets to
4:25 am
get am cangts can't come in and maybe you would have phone calls or maybe come in once and never come in again. and that's the odd thing. that's where people know they just have to show that they made a phone call and then they get to keep their benefits. brian: president say over and over again we need to take care of the unemployed. they are being taken care of. it's the business owners who are struggling. it's not just you, right? what is your message? >> my a message is this. government just needs to get out. just leave us alone. this economy is ready to just explode. we are ready to boom we just they are incentivizing people to stay home that just doesn't make sense. i don't care what side of the aisle you are on. that doesn't make sense to incentivize people to stay home. you could have had this interview with 1,000 different companies like us. i mane, this is happening all over the country. because we're paying them more to sit home, it makes no sense, brian. >> people have reached out to us in the area and, you know, and
4:26 am
other industries and it's not just putting the minimum wage up to $15 there are factory jobs in northwest ohio that pay $30 with benefits and they can't get anybody to come if there. it's just really strange. brian: 6.7%. they see the growth and numbers. the market is reacting. when it comes to actually doing the work. there is no incentive to do it. then when you take their student loans and say don't worry about paying them back? what's the urgency? they are going to the beach. unbelievable. liz, as you said, government has got to get out of the way. liz anderson, bill anderson, hopefully somebody is watching this and get four calls from would be cooks. seems like a great place and great people to work for. thanks so much,. >> thanks, brian. brian: check out dale's diner while you can historic class of republican women in congress. jillian mele sit down with four freshman college women as they hit 100 days in office. >> really reflect america and to be here with them fighting
4:27 am
against socialism, fighting for the taxpayers, fighting for sanity.
4:28 am
4:29 am
4:30 am
4:31 am
ainsley: record number of republican women marked 100 days in congress. she spent the day to talk with him about the issues. how fascinating. jillian: it's certainly been a busy 100 days that's for sure. i sat down with four of the congresswomen. i sat down with congresswoman mcclain, mall tammaro cause mayes. they all have vastly different background one at one point homeless another who dropped out of high school and worked her way up to be completely successful. and another who spent 30 years in the corporate world and has a background in business. take a look at what they have to say about all of the issues today: happy 100 days. >> yeah. >> 100 days, a lot has happened and you phis are part of a record shattering class of women elected in the house of representatives. i'm curious how it feels to be a part of. this as the baby of the group, the youngest republican woman in congress today, i'm just incredibly honored and humbled
4:32 am
to share this opportunity with a group of bad ass women. for me it's the honor of a lifetime. first republican woman elected to congress from the state of south carolina. and to show other women that there are so many glass ceilings we have to break. >> we really reflect america. to be with them fighting against socialism. fighting for the taxpayers, fighting for sanity and common sense. >> i'm honored and humbled and inspired and i'm ready to get to work. >> i just came back from the border and being able to go there with my colleagues and expose what is happening, humanitarian crisis, national security crisis, a public health crisis. >> not only being trafficked but being sexually abused. i spoke with one girl who was 9 years old and she had been gang raped to the point where his or her vocal cords had given out because she was screaming it makes your stomach turn. if you think this is just a southern border issue you are gravely mistaken. >> we have an issue. i will tell you, it's coming to a town near you.
4:33 am
>> we are the freest most compassionate nation in the world. evidence day whether it's at the border or talking the budget or economic policy we are witnessing dismantling of constitution in our country. >> open borders but schools still closed. >> toughest year as a parent to see my children so d. so well in person school and then, bam, covid hits and it all changes almost overnight my kids don't look the same. the business side of this. look at all the small business owners in this country. so many people are just saying give me an opportunity to prove can i do this safely because this is my life on the line. >> i don't believe the government needs to dictate what businesses can and cannot stay open. michigan is arguably maybe one of the most locked down states
4:34 am
in the country florida is not. look at covid rate and almost identical and p is a plug florida is open for business. come on down, the weather is great. >> been almost one year that you have had people calling to defund police where have you had police departments that have defunded. just this week we saw what happened in minnesota with daunte wright. you know, it's a harvard topic for people to talk about. >> as a parent, i teach my children right from wrong. i teach my children that your actions have consequences. and in our household, we believe in the rule of law. we have dehumanized people on both sides, right? you don't see beyond the badge. are. >> as a wife of a first responder, this is a very, very personal issue to me. >> the nypd has now had their hands tied by a mayor and city council who feel they know how to do the job more than the cop on the street.
4:35 am
>> no one is going to want to be a cop in new york city. >> if we defund the police then they will not have the resources to have qualified candidates. at the same time, as republicans, i think we do need to absolutely acknowledge some of the challenges. >> 2022 is far away but also not that far away. >> as the young republican woman right now come january 3rd, 2022, i'm still the youngest republican woman. i haven't done my job. i think right now our job is to expose what the democrats are doing. and, of course, offer our alternatives which is a much better vision for the future of this country. >> every time i think republicans have done something that we can't recover from, nancy pelosi goes hold my beer. we have a lot to run on, i'm looking forward to taking back the house. >> we will provide a real opportunity for people with logic and common sense to get in and run for these offices. i'm very encouraged for 2022. jillian: well, cheers on your first 100 days. >> thank you. >> here is to the next 100 and also to the future of women
4:36 am
leaders. here here. >> i feel like i need a mimosa. jillian: ainsley, they do feel confident that republican also take back the house in 2022. we will see what happens. you know, the interesting thing when you go there and you get a chance to spend time in their office, spend the time with them one-on-one, you really get an understanding what that you see on tv every day, the constant bitter back and forth isn't what everyone is all about. like, at the end of the day, they do want to come to that middle ground and find bipartisan whenever they can. they just feel like their hands are tied with so many of the issues right now. ainsley: i know. it's either you agree -- either you are very conservative or now it seems i'm very progressive or at least i have to vote on that side. jillian: yes. ainsley: congresswoman mayes from south carolina the first woman in our state to graduate from the citadel, which is a military school there in charleston so good for her. those are strong women i did. hear at the end they want to go get a mimosa? jillian: that's what they said. ainsley: did you have one with them.
4:37 am
jillian: did i not. i would be open to it in the future. ainsley: wonderful to be a woman. proud of them and good for them. thank you for bringing that. jillian: thank you. ainsley: you did a great job. jillian: thanks. ainsley: articles that facebook is now banning coming up. from our friends at fox bet. download the fox bet super 6 app. and play for a chance for to win $10,000. all you need to do is predict six outcomes in the fox bet super six quiz show. topics range from entertainment to sports. it's free to play. download the fox bet super 6 app. now. ♪ ♪ just over a year ago, i was drowning in credit card debt. sofi helped me pay off twenty-three thousand dollars
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get a 1 series tractor starting at $99 per month.
4:41 am
pete: back with a fox news alert. overnight 8 people shot and killed inside fedex facility in minneapolis. brian: several others hurt. police say died from self-inflicted gunshot. ainsley: alexa green joins us life from the scene with the latest. good morning, alexa. >> good morning to you.
4:42 am
absolutely heart breaking news this friday morning come out of indianapolis. we could tell you more than 8 hours after this mass shooting you could see behind me police are still on the scene. as you mentioned, nine people are dead after this mass shooting. that includes the accused gunman and several others were injured during this mass shooting that happened last night. i want to step out of the scene to show you what we are seeing here at this fedex ground facility here in indianapolis. you could see metro police are still here right now. what we do know, it was shortly after 11:00 last night police were called out to this fedex ground operation center on the west side of indianapolis for reports of a shooting. when they arrived they tell us they found an active shooter situation. police say the shooter then turns the gun on himself. after searching the building police say they located 8 people here at this stein who had died from gunshot wounds. we know of at least 8 other
4:43 am
people who were transported to nearby hospitals. some drove themselves. others got a ride with co-workers. and we're told there also have been multiple overnight hospital walk-s in. so right now police are trying to figure out how many other people were injured during this shooting. fortunately no officers were injured during this but police tell us this is never a scene they want to encounter. this morning we are also hearing from some of the family members and loved ones who came to the scene to find out if their loved ones were okay. >> what happened to your niece? >> i don't know. she called i was asleep she said shooting in the fedex so we drove from brownsburg and she got shot on her left arm. >> is she okay? >> she is fine. she is in the hospital now. >> did she know the person who did this? >> she said don't know. she was in the parking lot sitting on the drive seat.
4:44 am
>> right now, so many unanswered questions about this gunman. right now this morning we are asking police who this gunman was. did he work here at this fedex facility here in indianapolis and what his motive was, we also just learned this morning the fbi will be joining this investigation. police saying, again, they are in the early stages of all of this. they tell us it could be days, even weeks before they have answers. we will send it back to you in the studio. pete: tragic scene indeed alexa, thank you very much for the update. here with the additional update is the deputy chief of investigations for the indianapolis metropolitan police department. deputy chief, somber morning for you, especially, and your department what can you update us on this morning. >> first, i just want to start by offering my condolences to the victims and the family of the victims our thoughts and
4:45 am
prayers are certainly with all of those affected by this senseless violence. like have you summarized already we received the call reference a shooting. and our officers arrived and found the chaotic scene. they found several victims who were deceased and several others injured. also found that the shooter had taken his own life. we then -- detectives arrived at the scene. we got some help from our state police partners who also came to the scene to help and we now have crime labs who are processing that scene and we work with the coroner's office, of course, to identify all of the victims as well and we have our victim assistant counselors out working with the families and working at a nearby hotel on reunification family members and loved ones. ainsley: we were told the folks
4:46 am
that worked inside weren't allowed to use their phones. they all met as you said at the hollywood inn express a mile away from the fedex warehouse. i was told 110 family members were there at one point and chaplains were called. in have you identified all of the victims and do all the family members of these individuals, the victims know? >> no, we haven't yet. that's a slow process. especially with a crime scene this big and with multiple victims. it takes a lot of process to scene. and so we don't have everyone identified yet. so we know that we still have family who are waiting to hear from their loved ones and to find out the identities of the victims and we're certainly trying to do as quickly as possible. brian: do we know anything about the weapon? some saying it was an ar-15: so, millennially we do belief it was some sort of a rifle. brian: was it an automatic
4:47 am
weapon? >> i have not heard that it was an automatic weapon, no. brian: can you tell me, do you think the person worked there? >> well, we're still trying to figure that out as well. and until we can positively identify the shooter, we can't really confirm whether or not he was an employee there. brian: so you have heard -- i mean, you are trying to identify the shooter when he took his own life, is it gobble identify the body or are you just getting conflicting reports? >> i'm sorry i may have lost your audio. ainsley: can you hear us. >> now i have you back. brian: chief, do you have multiple reports on who it might be, the shooter or are you having trouble identifying the body because of the way he took his life or she? >> well, it's just a matter of getting to the point where we can start working on that victim identification. i mean, there are so many things that have to be done on a crime
4:48 am
scene this large. and so our crime scene techs are working on that. and then they will begin with the identification of those who were there on the scene. pete: so much that goes into it and i know you have been working all night long and through the day today. when you get additional information, please do let us know. ainsley: can i ask one more question? did this happen inside the facility or outside? because some people are saying they got in their cars. it sounded like maybe the gun fire was going off outside? >> yeah, so we actually have both. we have a crime scene outside the facility and we have a crime scene inside the facility as well. brian: do you think the shooting started on the inside and ended up on the outside or visa versa. >> we believe that it started outside the facility and then he went into just inside the front of the facility. ainsley: did anyone that got a look at this individual, did they recognize him or her?
4:49 am
>> i don't have that information right now. i don't have any information that he was recognized. brian: why do you believe the threat is over? >> well, we know that -- we know from the witness accounts that we have and all the interviews that we have done with the witnesses that were there, you know we only have one reported gunman and we know that that gunman took his own life. so, we know that there is not an active current threat to the community at this time. pete: do you know how many of the victims are fedex employees? it happened there is it mostly fedex employees that were impacted? >> you know what? i don't know that. again, we're working with fedex to confirm those sorts of things. the first thing we have to do is identify all of the victims and, you know, one would certainly think that most of the people there probably were fedex employees but we know that that may not necessarily be the case. so we are working toward finding those answers.
4:50 am
ainsley: how are you all comforting the families? because if that were my child in there and i hadn't heard from her and it's been hours, i would be worried sick? and i know you said some of these families don't know yet because you haven't been able to identify the individuals. >> right. so, you know, we have our victim assistance counselors who were on the scene and we also have our chaplain's office there. so they are doing everything they can. you know, to comfort them in this time of uncertainty for them. but certainly they can't, you know, they can't make this an easy time for them, but they are doing everything they can for them and working closely with those families as we await those identifications. brian: they say it happened 11 o'clock local time and now here we are 8 hours later. ainsley: thank you for making time for us to give our audience more information. >> thank you. brian: all right. will cain coming up next.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
pete: we are going to toss it out to j.d. for weather. ainsley: it's friday, janice. janice: it's friday and lots of people are sending me pictures of snow across upstate new york
4:55 am
and new england. much of the country is colder than average. take a quick look at it there is where we have got the snow this. is a nor'easter by the way. it's strengthening low pressure system off the coast. well, eventually it's going to be off the coast and bringing measurable snow in some cases over a foot. especially over the mountains of new england. so this is quite impressive for mid april. also, want to make mention that we have the potential for more flooding along the gulf coast; this has been ongoing story for much of the workweek so today flash flood watches and warnings will be in effect for parts of louisiana, mississippi, in towards alabama and the florida panhandle, again, a dangerous situation because the ground just can't take any more moisture there is the forecast for today. look at that portland 80 degrees, sunshine, that's one of the hot spots today. much of the country is cool. we will watch the showers and thunderstorms along the gulf coast. and the snow. if you have got pictures of snow in parts of the northeast, send them to me. i'm at janice dean on twitter. pete, ainsley, brian, back to
4:56 am
you. pete: thank you, janice, appreciate it. amazing. snow in april. all right. well, this sounds familiar, doesn't it? facebook censoring a "new york post" report on the multimillion dollars a black lives matter co-founder spent on luxury homes. ainsley: users of the social media giant got this alert that you see right there on your screen when attempting to share the link. claiming the article goes against our community standards. brian: joining us now to put in perspective "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain, will, i'm saying i'm still disconcerted what happened with the hunter biden story with the "new york post." they later would apologize. but to not plush, to not allow you to be able to share this story that is legitimate, it's backed up by numbers and proof and documents is stunning to me, is it to you stunning but not surprising. their hypocrisy can be pointed out with a simple google search.
4:57 am
thea lou people's homes to be posted addresses, pictures of their homes all over that social media website. but in this case it's not allowed clearly what's going on is hypocrisy. it's getting increasingly boring to point it out. the question is what are we going to do about it? that's the interesting question. at what point do we just say these people, these companies, controlling so much of what we think, see and hear, they are not who they hold themselves out to be. they the are not simply a platform a carrier a point of view. they have a point of view and censorshipping those who disagree with it so really the only question left is what are we going to do about it? are we going to break them up? are we going to regulate them or crush them as the adversaries to free thought that they clearly are? ainsley: what's the limit? how far does this go? will: no limit, ainsley. there is clearly no limit to the one-sidedness, the absolute boxing out of any disagreement
4:58 am
that big tech companies will go to but here's the other thing, pete, ainsley, and brian, even if we do something about big tech, that's only a start. because we have seen a complete hostile takeover of every aspect of our culture by one radical point of view. one point of view who is so intellectually bankrupt they can't even be subjected to a counter point. they can't hear a rebuttal. they dare allow single debate. so, it's college campuses. it's the media landscape, it's big tech, it's hollywood, it's everywhere you go. so we have to do something about big tech. but that's only the start. pete: no, you are right. will, it's on the steps of the supreme court where they say there is one place where we don't have power, the supreme court. and we need to pack that one, too. we have got a statement from facebook we need to react to. they said this content was removed for violating our privacy and personal information policy. ainsley: it's personal to them.
4:59 am
privacy and personal. pete: showing a house. we are not talking about addresses. help me. will: i can't help you. like i said if you go on a simple google search you will see all the instances in which they don't live up to that very standard. look, facebook is a corrupt cop. they are a dirty cop. they have already decided who the bad guy is, it's you, it's me, it's people who disagree with the accepted point of view. what they're doing is, like a dirty cop, looking for planted evidence. they are making up the rule after the fact. they have already fingered the suspect. it's us. now, they are just looking for a reason, a rule, evidence to get done what they want to get done silence us. >> brian: of got to tell you what is coming up this weekend. the uk brexit chief kurt busch does drive fast, david wells, major league baseball player has given up baseball because they are moving the all-star game. have you approved these gifts? will: i had to look at my phone
5:00 am
because i knew it was coming. brian has got it handled. ainsley: that is his nice way of saying why didn't you let me tell you? thank you. good job, thank you. steve: breaking overnight eight people are shot and killed inside a fedex facility in indianapolis. before several others were injured. steve: laura has been following this all night long. >> reporter: police say in addition to eight people they found shot and killed they were five others with wounds consistent with gunshot wounds, police telling this moments ago. >> outside the facility we have crime scene inside.
5:01 am
we believe it started outside the facility in the front of the facility. we only have one reported gunman and we know the gunmen took his own life so we know it was not an act of current threat to the community at this time. >> reporter: investigators say in addition to those they know where heard several others were injured and took themselves to the hospital which is why they don't have an exact count how many were shot. the fedex facility is massive and according to local reports, employs 4500 people making it the second largest for the company globally so you get a sense of the size of this crime scene. fedex employees are not allowed to use their phones on the floor the warehouse which made for
5:02 am
luminary information difficult to assess and employees may not have been able to call directly for help. fedex releasing a statement a short while ago which reads we are shocked and saddened by the loss of our team members following the tragic shooting at our fedex ground facility in indianapolis, heartfelt sympathies are with all those affected by senseless acts of violence. look at the family reunification center set up at a local hotel where family members are still at this hour waiting for word about their loved ones. a gutwrenching situation for so many people in the morning hours. the identity of the shooter not yet released, don't know if he or she is a fedex employee. the fbi is involved, we will bring you more as we have it. will: two minutes after the hour. it is friday throughout america. geraldo, another mass shooting, eight killed en route to the hospital in indianapolis and
5:03 am
eight hours later, we still don't know so many facts about this. >> it is shocking that it has been eight hours and don't know who the gunmen is. why don't we know who the gunmen is. is he an employee? was this a gripe in the gigantic fedex facility in indianapolis? was he going after a manager? was he an intruder? who knows? so far they've done a bad job keeping people informed. was this an anecdotal reports suggest an automatic rifle? was this another case of an ar 15 being grotesquely misused to commit mass murder? who is dead?
5:04 am
a lot of work indianapolis has to do and it seems to me they spent a lot of time identifying the victims and notify the relatives of that but there is so much more, was this a workplace dispute? was this a personal gripe outside the facility that was brought or was it a trespasser or was an ar 15? igniting the gun control debate again as the mass murderer last month did their last month. there is a lot we need to find out and we should find out sooner rather than later. >> everyone of those questions to the deputy and he did not have any answers. seemed to be an automatic rifle. let the handle the controversy. >> i don't think -- every time
5:05 am
this happens, what do we need ar 15s for? you don't use them for hunting, that always gets me in trouble but it is an issue of logic. i have a gun, a lot of people have guns. will: ar 15s are not automatic rifles, most people don't know that. >> they are automatic enough to do this. >> you can do that with a hunting rifle as well. any form of magazine. i own two for personal defense, why can't i choose to have that to defend myself and my family, it obviously -- >> your point is we don't need to get into a gun debate but your point is -- >> geraldo does not like iron he. this is my safe space. i is so much love here. >> what love is about. have a good day.
5:06 am
ainsley: court packing, you saw them on the supreme court steps, they want to add four more supreme court justices, don't like the rules, we are going to change them. listen to this. >> make no mistake the court is broken because mitch mcconnell, his senate republican colleagues, and donald trump broke it. expanding the supreme court writes the wrongs republicans have done to this court. we must expand the court and we must abolish the filibuster to do it. >> some people say we are packing the court, we are unpacking it. >> our democracy faces the greatest test since jim crow from the insurrection at the capital the racist voter suppression being attempted throughout the united states of america the far right is at war with our democracy.
5:07 am
ainsley: nancy pelosi and jen psaki weighed in on this. >> an idea that should be considered and i think the president is taking the right approach to have a commission to study such a thing. is a big step, no plans to bring it to the floor. >> the president signed an executive order creating the bipartisan commission on the supreme court. will you wait for that to play out? >> what is going to happen here? >> it is a boneheaded idea. the court has been comprised of 9 justices, 1869, to try to undo a legitimate -- this is donald trump's triumph aside from the vaccine, that he was able to put 3 associate justices of the supreme court to the united states in a one term presidency is another example of why it isn't would have been considered but for january 6th of the most
5:08 am
successful one term presidency ever. he got corsets, brett cavanagh, and mitch mcconnell was a brilliant tactician in terms of being senate majority leader, the idea you lost in terms of the moral order of succession and now you change the rules to re-alter, remake, undo the supreme court is a way to delegitimize the court, politicize the court, the judicial branch of the government and just another bunch of politicians. a real sense of panic over roe v wade, the abortion rights debate in this country, great frustration, with the conservative majority will he rode a woman's right to choose
5:09 am
and that is propelling bad judgment on the part of these leaders. will: is a reflection of an immediate left nurse, they are willing to change the institution together left-wing agenda through. >> the activists speaking, on the steps of the supreme court, this is the first time i agreed with 0c, she would not bring the expansion bill to a vote. the speaker of the house of representatives said sit down, let's have this commission in washington dc where issues go to die. carley: ainsley: we heard joe biden say
5:10 am
this is a boneheaded idea. progressives pushing him in that direction to pack the court. how do we know if they will change their mind? >> there is beautiful symmetry, a reflection of the political climate, to take an artfully constructed balance, it is an advantage, to demonstrate to the world you don't care about justice, the court's legitimate role in deciding which case to take it the supreme court deciding the role of government in american life, they are going
5:11 am
to decide how our party -- totally eroding the independence of the course and make a mockery of the idea, it is good for democrats to show they are intemperate and reckless and desperate, a legislative site, win at the ballot box, next time in the midterms, don't miss with the courts. it is the one institution everybody can say we trust them. they are legitimate, jurors selected, constitutionally and in office now. if liberals want to do something they could convince stephen
5:12 am
breyer who is 82 years old to retire now so they have a chance to appoint a liberal that could last a couple generations because like ruth bader ginsburg, the liberal icon, my wife erica loves her, ruth bader ginsburg stayed too long at the party. 60 is when obama controlled both houses and the white house could have selected a young person to take ruth bader ginsburg, as a result trump did have the opportunity, brilliantly seized the opportunity. there's a 6-3 conservative majority, with for a while now. >> it goes back to 2016.
5:13 am
turned to another fox news alert, the moment in chicago officer ~13-year-old boy. >> another moment of unrest over the death of daunte wright. >> steve harrigan at brooklyn center, hey, he. >> a police body can video showing adam running through the alley after 2:00 in the morning being pursued by police the instance that he turns, for they say being quick to blame the police in this case. here's the chicago mayor -- >> police violence and misconduct. enough information to be the
5:14 am
judge and jury of this situation. it is understandable, so many residents are feeling, outrage and pain. >> several hundred people after curfew throwing stones, trying to cut through this operating according to one city official according to a game plan for protesters, they fired the shot and killed daunte wright. kim potter made her first court appearance paces a charge of second-degree murder, and turned violent. they tried to handcuff him and he struggled and guiding the car, the former chief of police and the shooting was accidental, the officer tried to use her taser, second-degree manslaughter charges not enough.
5:15 am
>> i want accountability 100% accountability. >> this police officer, 26-year-old veteran kim party could face 10 years in jail on the manslaughter charge. will: thanks. ainsley: left-handed to jillian with 4 headlines. jillian: hundreds have fallen capital police officer billy evans in massachusetts. massachusetts state police as evans will be remembered as a dedicated police officer and devoted family man. the man rammed his car into the barrier near the building. rihanna taylor's mother ripped into the local chapter of black lives matter and other activists using her daughter's name
5:16 am
writing on facebook, quote, i have never dealt with bom louisville and found them to be fraud. only her daughter's friends and family have supported her, killed in a police raid in march of 2020. banning transgender athletes, the ncaa is warning places where students are treated the same could be ineligible to host future championships. >> florida will not be bullied. only play women sports. >> it will end up on the governor's desk. not your average catch, a dodgers fan snag a ball from turner. the sacrifice on twitter, abandoning the home run will not is all over the jacket.
5:17 am
it is straight season. i would rather do that. >> a fan in the stand. >> they had the guy was not chose on a cardboard. >> last year the guy with the beard. ainsley: i understand him. will: it is 17 after they are. jillian: a baby and the beer. >> that is the interview. president biden with sweeping sanctions on russia as the country builds its military in ukraine building up right now. general jack keane all over the store. texas governor greg abbott calling out the biden
5:18 am
administration for failed border policies. an update coming up. still fresh... unstopables in-wash scent booster. downy unstopables. it's a new day for veteran homeowners. with home values high and mortgage rates at near record lows. great news for veterans who need money for their family. that's me. refiplus from newday usa lets you refinance at near record lows plus get an average of $50,000. that's me. that's money for security today or retirement tomorrow. that's me. refiplus.
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we may be able to help.
5:22 am
>> the expulsion of several officials as a consequence of their actions. i also signed an executive order authorizing new measures including sanctions to address specific harmful actions russia has taken against us interests. will: president biden declaring a national emergency over the threat from russia and expelling a number of, in response to cyberattacks, solar wind and malicious activities including the 2020 election as russia
5:23 am
continues to increase its military presence, very concerning along ukraine's eastern border. here to react is senior strategic analyst jack keane. we've not seen this type of military buildup in that region. how do you think our sanctions will affect them? >> reporter: sanctions don't have much effect on him psychologically and emotionally but they do have an impact economically. these sanctions are a long time coming. the solar wind which was a new cyberespionage that affects thousands of us, one of the most significant cyberattacks the country has ever experienced, we've got to push back and their involvement undermining the 2020 elections is also something we need to do is the trump administration had done. there were other offenses biden was -- these sanctions will have
5:24 am
economic impact because the biden administration is denying our institutions doing business with russia's bond market and discouraging american business in general when doing business with russia. russia's economy is in the tank. we shrug our shoulders because they sound like half measures but clearly they do have impact. we saw that in iran and we see some of that here as we have seen so it is a step in the right direction confronting russians. will: the biden administration pulled back yesterday two destroyers from steaming into the black sea after intense fighting between the ukrainian and russian backed separatist forces in the region. are you surprised we turned around destroyers? >> don't know the details of any of that but as a matter of principle freedom of navigation in international waters is
5:25 am
something all countries recognize in every sovereign state. the united states going into the black sea to do exercises with allies or just as freedom of navigation that we do, we have every right to do that. don't know why we pull back from doing that. that is the matter of course it is not good to show that kind of weakness when the russians are actually massing troops on ukraine's border. it seems ill-timed. what they are saying is there is concern about provocations but also shows a weakness at the same time. as a matter of principle i come out on the side of let's continue the sale. will: the report they were paying the russians mountie to the taliban and other forces to kill our guys in afghanistan,
5:26 am
they say they don't have a lot of confidence in that report, low to moderate confidence in their judgment because it relies on detainee reporting and due to the challenging operating environment in afghanistan information and evidence, connections between criminal agents and afghanistan, the bottom line is it turns out not much intelligence that they have bounties on our guys, that is what donald trump thought. >> the media took this story, one of the major news papers and accepted as the truth but at the same time our commanders in afghanistan, central command commander oversees the entire middle east and the pentagon all said they do have a report to that effect but they rate that report is low to moderate in terms of the validity but why is that?
5:27 am
what does that gobbledygook really mean. it means they likely have a single report which they've not been able to verify and it turns out it may be right, a single detainee plus a lot of money and he connected russia with the money but the command could not verify that and no indicator whatsoever. they did not support the conclusion that the meteorites all over that russia was doing this but the backdrop is russia does supply arms to the taliban, they provide other resources, it wouldn't be a stretch for russia to tell them to point those resources that us troops, that would not be a stretch, we don't have evidence of that. >> we have a lot of hotspots in the world right now. >> have a wonderful weekend.
5:28 am
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5:32 am
speaking from a county jail, lillian told a local tv station she killed her children to protect them from her father. the children were found saturday morning. the la county prosecutors are expected to file murder charges. the city school board refuses to get rid of the homeless and cameron spilling onto the property of a local elementary school. a parent of 3 joint "fox and friends first" earlier demanding the district step up. >> some people are not willing to send their children back, the school district lost control of the ground. ainsley: it is called a teachable moment to show kids compassion. a new memorial honoring those who fought in world war i will be unveiled today in dc. the memorial is located on pennsylvania avenue. it will honor the 5 million americans who fought overseas, the unveiling ceremony will
5:33 am
include a military flyover. the memorial will be open to the public tomorrow. this is a look at your headlines. >> house judiciary committee approved legislation to create a commission on slavery reparations. the bill will establish a 15 person commission to study the effects of slavery and racial discrimination in the us and submit its findings to congress along with suggestions for, quote, appropriate remedies. here with his reaction florida congressman byron donald. before we get to those, appropriate remedies, whatever those would be what is your reaction to the idea we are going down the path of slavery reparations? >> i'm not a fan of this at all. we are already two generations away from the passage of the civil rights act, two generations from jim crow laws, two generations from jim crow
5:34 am
laws, 150 years away from slavery. the time of reparations have long since passed. if we are going to be doing anything we need to look at the opportunities that will help all families thrive, school choice, empowering families to make the academic choice for their children, let them thrive today in the united states. will: what does it do to us culturally when we go back and do these types of things, feels like it creates more division than any unity moving forward. >> what slavery and their history is real, it is in their mind coming in their psyche but we have to understand our country has transformed in a fantastic way over the last 150 years. 2021 america is not 1921 america. on this mental road of thinking there's direct economic repayment, all it does is pit
5:35 am
americans against americans. what does that say to a 45-year-old white man that he's paying for the sins of his great-grandfather even if his family wasn't even in the united states at all. we don't know the answers to that. this takes us down the path, the way america has progressed the last hundred years which is a country that provides more opportunity for freedom and liberty to all americans which is a country that is tolerant. >> in the judiciary committee, identify the role of the federal government in supporting slavery in the past, identify forms of discrimination, and who pays, how do you answer those questions. how is that helpful? >> it is not how you go about
5:36 am
answering those questions, those are the wrong questions. and you want for black families to succeed or hispanic families, that is the way to help them go forward. it is not the right approach at all. >> can the right do this, in their dna, is there a path to move forward. >> it is more destructive and helpful. this is the path they are choosing. what we should be focused on as conservatives of what is happening in america today and even though you might have issues that pop up our country is the more perfect union the framers always sought and
5:37 am
getting better every year. will: a testament to that american dream, thank you for joining us. on another story a shouting match in the same building erupts as jim jordan confronts doctor fauci over covid restrictions. we will show you the fireworks coming up. download the super 6 apps for a chance to win 10,$000. just predict 6 outcomes in the super 6 quiz show. topics range from entertainment to sports. download the super 6 apps. the , ya gotta focus on the bread layers. king's hawaiian sliced bread makes everything better! ♪ (angelic choir) ♪ and here's mine! when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. we can create a kinder,
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from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. >> back with a fox news alert, eight people shot in a fedex facility in indianapolis. ainsley: police say the gunman died from a self-inflicted gunshot.
5:42 am
will: laura joins us live. >> reporter: family members are waiting to find out if their loved ones made it out of this alive. gunshot victims both inside and outside the fedex facility and those 911 calls were coming in after 11:00 pm. listen. >> 10 shots from the front of the entrance. >> a female in the control room does not have a vigil. >> near security and the front. >> reporter: police say in addition to the eight people who were shot and killed they found 5 the victims whose injuries consistent with gunshot wounds. one of them with critical injuries. we have been told fedex employees are not allowed to use
5:43 am
their phones on the floor the warehouse which made pulmonary information difficult to assess, employees may not have been able to call directly to family members. some family members of employees who have not heard from their loved ones gathered at nearby hotels. some employees were there as well, for tearful reunions. one man, the husband of an employee, to find his wife. >> text me to tell me there was an active shooter. went silent for a while. when i got here, you never think it might happen. >> we are still waiting to find out if the shooter was a fedex employee. and another press conference later this morning. ainsley: turning to capitol hill where a heated debate over covid
5:44 am
restrictions, watch this. >> what has to happen before americans get their freedoms? >> i look at the public health measure to prevent people from dying. >> you don't think american liberty 7 threatened in the last year? they have been assaulted. >> i don't look at this is a liberty thing. >> when do we get our liberties back? tell me the number. ainsley: here to react as charlie hurts. did you agree with jim jordan? we all want a number. let us know when we can stop wearing masks, when we are vaccinated. >> not just jim jordan. doctor fauci is a high state government official in washington. he has gotten more wrong than anybody during this entire pandemic and this is the one opportunity for jim jordan who represents 800,000 ohioans who paid doctor fauci's salary to
5:45 am
ask basic questions, the decisions doctor fauci has made that altered their life more than any other single person in american history especially for someone who has never been elected. what opportunity for those good citizens of ohio to ask questions of doctor fauci and doctor fauci gets high-handed with jim jordan, representative of 800,000 people the doctor fauci works for who pay his salary. he accuses jim jordan of renting by asking these questions, this is a screwed up situation and doctor fauci should be fired for a lot of reasons but he should be fired for this, for this kind of disdain not for jim jordan but for the 800,000 ohioans who pay the salary the jim jordan represents.
5:46 am
ainsley: maybe he should be in charge of infectious disease but there are other factors. what about the people who closed down their businesses and are not making money right now? >> you have somebody in a position like doctor fauci but doctor fauci needs to remember he works for someone. he works for the american people and a representative, the people elected, most close to those people that doctor fauci works for, for him to act with such disdain, that he shouldn't have to answer these questions that is the problem here. the american people will forgive mistakes in an unprecedented pandemic like this, a lot of leeway for something like this but the idea that it is so twisted that doctor fauci thinks he can speak like that and accuse jim jordan of renting because he doesn't want to answer questions, that is amazing. ainsley: facebook is censoring the story of the cofounder of black lives matter purchasing four homes totaling $4.2 million, an article written
5:47 am
about that. goes against our community standards, for violating our policy. >> the great thing about this is the blm leaders, this is socialism, this is what socialism is. so much money they can buy all these houses. i don't think this is embarrassing to facebook or embarrassing to twitter. they want to be seen as silencing people who are raising money with -- on the impetus of socialism, they want to be seen doing this. jillian: good to see you too. texas governor greg abbott calling on the biden administration for fail border policy, will join us next. let's check with dana perino.
5:48 am
>> great to see you. breaking news, mass shooting in indianapolis, president biden won't say if he supports democrats plan to add more seats to the supreme court. plus an incredible story, the us marines in afghanistan, turns out the dog rescued him. we will explain. a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. nucala reduces eosinophils, a key cause of severe asthma. nucala is not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala.
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>> governors of texas and arizona demanding the biden administration take control of a crisis they won't admitted a crisis at the southern border. the border crisis in our state was created by the biden administration, they write administration policies and communications encourage thousands of people to make dangerous trips to the southern border. this has caused a humanitarian crisis. jillian: white house press secretary tries to defend the administration and handling of the border crisis. >> no intention to rethink our approach to treating kids humanely and ensuring they are safe when they cross the border. will: you want to treat kids
5:53 am
inhumanely, is the problem? the critics have to deal with? texas governor greg abbott joins us now. for her to answer the question do you want to rethink your border policies what are your thoughts? >> it shows they are out of touch about what is going on in the reason they are out of touch is they haven't bothered to go to the border and see what is going on. the largest border crisis we have had in decades, neither the president nor his border czar nor anybody else other than secretary mayorkas has been to the border to see what is going on. they caused this massive disaster and they are completely a w o l. the american people could realize this is not by accident, in the presidential campaign all of the presidential candidates
5:54 am
ran on the policy of open border policies and welcoming anybody and giving them anything for free and that is not just republicans like myself or governor doocy from arizona. in texas we have democrats on the border in the united states congress as well as the state legislature as well as democrat local officials who are complaining about this as much as the governor of texas is complaining about it and complaining about it because we are facing the highest level we have seen in decades but also to the contrary of what jen psaki says these children, these minors coming across the border are going through treacherous situations, and secretary mayorkas acknowledged. many of these kids don't even make the trek alive. many others are victims of
5:55 am
sexual assault and other crimes perpetrated by the cartels bringing them here but also they faced difficult conditions even in the centers that were set up by the biden administration including investigations texas rangers have underway right now about sexual assault at one of these defensive centers that they need to add on top of that, all of the detention centers in texas that i have information from shows a covid positivity rate among minors well above 10% which leads to potential spread of covid among these kids and people working with them in these centers. this is a situation as the making of the president, biden's administration about removing policies that were in place that he inherited and making it even worse by the conditions they are exposing these children do. ainsley: talking to doctor fauci about covid sharing, he was sharing a picture, these are not victims.
5:56 am
we saw kamala harris and the president in an airplane hangar six feet apart wearing masks, why did they do that and tell us to do that yet they are allowing these children to be exposing one another, packed in like sardines? >> that obviously is bad into itself. bringing kids in and exposing these kids to getting covid and spreading covid but you need the attitude what they are doing to fellow texans for example at these migrant children centers, they go in and work and expose these kids who have covid, adults working in those centers may take it into our communities spreading covid in our communities lose there is no operational organization to make sure things like this are not happening and intensive conditions not just in these centers but all the multiple
5:57 am
cities and migrant centers continuing to expand. we get information about another location that may open up in texas really soon to accommodate the influx of children coming across the border. will: they say it is a capacity problem. what if they don't care it is a crisis or believe it is a crisis because the policies they enacted are the ones that brought us here. and packing the court or the green new deal or infrastructure, it is not a priority, or what they think? >> if you go back to the presidential campaign, open
5:58 am
borders, they are really fulfilling campaign promises, that said, we are seeing the polling data for the biden administration is coming like a -- because of their mishandling of the border situation. their absenteeism from dealing with it. this will make it more challenging for the biden administration, it will detract from his efforts to accomplish other goals and it will continue to turn the united states against the biden administration for mishandling this because it does lead to positions for texans, families, farmers and ranchers being overrun not just by these migrants but the cartels and smugglers going to their homes and communities and ranchers. will: what is your reaction, jen psaki said republicans are
5:59 am
possessed with getting the vice president of the border to check it out, they should find something else to do with their time. what is your reaction to that? >> securing the border, securing the safety of americans should be a top priority of the president of the united states and the president, if you look at prior presidents, george bush, whether it was barack obama or donald trump, they were aggressive in dealing with the situation whereas the biden administration is a wall. let me tell you democrats in texas are very angry about the biden administration, losing support from people on both sought of the aisle. this will reverberate to the negative for president biden and his administration. >> only 25% approve of his handling. ainsley: if they let you to that facility we got to go but let you in that facility in dallas and want to make sure kids were not being victims.
6:00 am
>> not dallas but i did go to san antonio. there were 0 security personnel watching over to make sure the kids and ever safe. brian: oh people were paying attention at the oval office.


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