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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 16, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> friday april 16th, two major fox news alert, eight people
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that after gunmen opened fire in the facility. plus a night of protest in brooklyn over the death of daunte wright. newly released body camera footage showing police shooting a 13-year-old boy. you are watching "fox and friends first". ashley: let's get to breaking news as we learned a suspect has taken his own life. let's have the latest. >> we now know why early in the evening this was referred to as mass casualty event, police confirming eight people killed and 4 others hospitalized, the shooter has died. the shots rang out at 11:00 pm local time in indianapolis at that fedex facility. several witnesses sam and with
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an automatic rifle opened fire. here is audio from police dispatcher describing what happened. >> >> possibly from inside. >> she knows not to do that. >> it is possible in the front in terms of the building. >> frightening and when police arrived on the scene they say they came into contact with an active shooter who then turned the gun on himself. they said there was no further threat to the community but according to one of the local stations at some point during the night a page for all available chaplains was issued, giving an indication how serious the situation was that was unfolding. fedex put out a statement saying, quote, safety is our top priority in our thoughts are with all those affected. we are cooperating with investigating authorities.
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the injured were transported to area hospitals, a unification center at a local hotel. fedex employees are not allowed to have phones with them at work, made the reunification process more difficult. the company says it will reevaluate that policy. at this point we don't know who the shooter was, what the motive was, whether he had any relationship to that fedex facility or any of the employees. a lot more to learn about this tragedy. >> we want to bring in assistant to the fbi director, i want to get to it quickly. we spoke earlier and talking about ways to prevent something like this from happening in regards to the indianapolis fedex facility this morning, you said it starts with keeping a particular style done after
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people's hands and the family of the shooter. how do you keep this from happening? >> i spent a lot of time, the first line of defense in all these mass shootings is family members or people exposed to the eventual shooter. i can't think of a single mass shooting of the last two years, articulating mental, science mental illness articulating bitterness and animus toward others, that is the first line of defense. the other is the law that has been implemented, when those red
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flags, someone is flashing red people can go to a magistrate and have the person temporarily banned from any type of weapon. when they are adjudicated to handle a weapon. jillian: police are talking to witnesses at the scene, they had a press conference not long ago and if you or someone who was injured and took yourself to a local hospital, trying to talk to everybody right now to see what they saw, what they heard, what our local police, law enforcement involved in this. >> questioning witnesses to get
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independent stories of what happens, preserving the scene, friends and acquaintances, checking social media, going to his home, into his car, to see if there any devices they can mirror, to check with this person has been articulating or posting and see if they can get a motivation here. these scenes are forensic challenging and you have to reconstruct how the shooting took place. called in the fbi on this the best capabilities. it is called the fog of war and not getting much information and don't know who the shooter is that a lot of focus on the shooter. ashley: this scene will play out well into the morning.
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how long do you foresee this lasting with eight people that? >> 24 to 48 hours is the time it will take to process the scene. all hands on deck, whatever resources are necessary, the police department and the state investigative agency will come out, but the first step is to make sure there are no confederates and get to the family and friends as quickly as they can, one comment about the lack of cell phones at the facility from a security standpoint that is a bad practice. cell phones are being used as a mobile alert system, panic button if you will, a way to spread the word of a situation like this, a panic button around
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the facility, very bad practice. jillian: interesting to see if the policy changes after this the details still unraveling. appreciate your insight. if you're just joining us eight dead, four hospitalized, when we know is critical injuries, the suspect took his own life, police say when they arrived on scene they came into contact with the active shooter who turned the gun on himself. we will keep you updated with any new information. we have another fox news alert in chicago after police released dramatic body camera video showing the moment an officer shot and killed a 13-year-old boy. ashley: unrest continues over the coming of daunte wright. carley shimkus joins us with more. >> chicago's they are calling the video incredibly painful as it shows the last few minutes of adam's life.
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>> stop it! >> chasing toledo, yelling for him to stop. the teen appears to pause and turned toward the officer with hands up, officers found the gun on the ground. it is unclear if toledo was holding the gun leading up to the shooting. protesters taking to the streets of chicago overnight to express their anger over the shooting as the family attorney ways in. >> adam during his last second of life did not have a gun in his hand. adam complied, turns around, his hands were empty. when he was shot in the chest. >> in minnesota hundreds of protesters gathered in brooklyn center for a fifth straight
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night to protest the death of don a right. no arrests have been reported from overnight so far but city leaders are keeping a close eye on the days ahead. >> we are paying attention, we may see larger crowds. >> kim potter, the ex-officer appeared in court for the first time yesterday, she is charged with manslaughter and is currently out on bond, she is expected to be back in court next month as daunte wright's mother calls for more to be done about her son's death. >> there is never going to be justice for us. i do want accountability, 100% accountability. >> the family attorney says right's funeral will be held next thursday in minneapolis. reverend out sharpton will give the eulogy. >> nancy pelosi giving mixed signals on democrats push to expand the supreme court. >> not out of the question. it has been done before, but i
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get off the floor with aerotrainer. go to to get yours now. >> house speaker nancy pelosi shutdown efforts to expand the high court. >> griff jenkins joins us with more as the president remain silent on the court packing debate. >> 9 justices presided over the highest court in the land but democrats led by senator ed markey and house judiciary committee chairman jerry never want to change that and add four more. >> the supreme court is broken. >> it will enable us to do justice and to rectify the great
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injustice that was done packing the court. some people say we are packing the court. we are unpacking it. >> just minutes before they unveil the legislation, shut down any hope of obtaining the light of day. >> will you commit to bringing that bill to the floor? >> policy voice support for the expansion and could change her mind at some point bringing it to the floor at the white house, the president's position remains unclear on an issue he strongly opposes until it would be a controversy for the campaign trail. >> the president creating a bipartisan commission. and wait for that to play out and read the report. >> republicans are unanimously opposed pushing legislation to stop the efforts in its tracks as kevin mccarthy accuses democrats from a progressive
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power-play. >> they plan to dismantle government institution and in pursuit of their socialist agenda to have control for political basis. >> yesterday the chairman of the conservative freedom caucus in the house proposed a constitutional amendment to maintain the size of the court of 9 justices but with democrats in control it has little chance as well. >> let's bring in the director of the national security law and policy program at george mason university. thank you for being here. >> you are jerry nadler say they are unpacking the court. do you see it that way? >> clearly not. they are making an effort to expand the supreme court's, more liberal and conservative. this is just like what fdr tried to do during the new deal where he didn't like having a conservative court and was
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rejected by his own party, the same happening here again. republicans are post because it doesn't make sense, the same members of the supreme court for over 150 years, it is not sensible. >> the 30 person panel, and prominent conservatives honest. it is more left-leaning. >> the dc circuit, muted conservative, and a number of prominent conservatives in the panel and by far, the law academy is liberal, i worry they may advise the president on the court packing plan and these are sensible people, we are in controversial political times,
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the president himself, was opposed as a senator and on the campaign trail, committed during the campaign to the commission and we will see what happens but not a good sign for the country. >> call me crazy but it seems like there are some things that are few and far between that should be untouchable and it seems to me this should be one of them. let's listen to the president before happened. >> the tit for tat that has been going on on these issues for years. you saw democrats get rid of the filibuster on appellate nominees, supreme court nominees, this doesn't stop, you don't wanted to be a version of the senate, that is not good for this country. unpacking the court the way democratic members of the house and senate wants to do is a huge mistake and encouragement division that is harmful to the nation.
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>> your take on this, appreciate it. at the end of this hour, talking with 3 republican congressman about the constitutional amendment they put forward to stop the expansion of the court. the suspected ms 13 member is arrested and charged after police saw this on the trunk of the car. the next guest was killed by illegal immigrants, and things cartels are on the rise. me. the rx crafted by lexus. get 0.9% apr financing on the 2021 rx 350 experience amazing at your lexus dealer. (noise of fridge opening)
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i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. >> 3 men, one of the suspected ms 13 member arrested and charged after they were spotted with a blanket wrapped body in the trunk of the car.
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it has been a while since we had about ruthless crimes committed by the deadly gaining better next guest said the criminals and cartels are working overtime, because of the country's new border policies. thank you for being here. always appreciate talking to you because you experienced what a lot of people haven't, you give us a deeper understanding of the loss of your son dominic who died in july of 2012. i want you to talk about the open border policies some people are saying, the administration won't say it is open border. how do you see them? >> thank you for giving dominic and myself a voice, the biden harris administration with their actions and words, executive orders, to all the cartels, human smugglers, drug dealers, cartels, ms 13 and so forth to
2:24 am
bring in new fresh blood to work in every city america, ms 13 is everywhere, it will not stop until this administration finally admits this carnage, because of executive orders and actions. >> what don't people know about ms 13? >> the ruthlessness of it, or how cool they are, it feels like no measure of what torture is. sometimes they are dismembered, brutally killed, slowly killed. even though my son died instantly i wouldn't want any mother or father to ever know they were killed by a gang member from ms 13 because that is another level of pain. >> what can be done?
2:25 am
>> biden and harris need to go to the border and see for themselves how they handcuff the border patrol of not being able to do what they need to do. we need to stop the influx of minors because they will be indebted and working for the gaining for human trafficking. these children are sometimes not 17 the way older. there's a lot going on, the insanity in dc is so loud our ears are bleeding. it affects every american everywhere in america regardless whether they are left, right or middle. we need to stop this carnage. >> thank you very much. sorry for the loss of your son dominic. >> thank you.
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>> tweet people shot and killed and more hurt after a gunman opened fire in a fedex facility in indianapolis. this is 3 miles from the indianapolis airport, four people injured, one with critical injuries. four treated and released at the scene. the suspect is dead. the motive remains unclear. let's bring in joe, thank you for joining us this morning. we are talking about a mass shooting. four people hospitalized right now. you left the scene, but stands
2:30 am
up to you most. when they arrived on the scene, they came into contact with the massive shooter. >> this is usually an indication there's going to be a tie, not 100% of the time but almost 100% of the time. somebody just fired, somebody with a vendor against somebody inside the building but the goal is to take out as many people as possible before being killed by police, security are turning the gun on yourself. >> as far as response time for a situation like this on the police side, drop everything or all hands on deck? >> it is but unlike new york city you don't know how far the police officers are, to scout the location and inside of it, take out as many people as possible and their intentions
2:31 am
are to kill people. the intentions are to show they are in control or trying to prove a point but in cities like that, 15 or 20 minutes late, around the block, it all depends how large the community is. >> the gun debate is something that has been really heated especially the last few years. i'm sure it will start up again and a lot of people will rush to that conversation. what do you want to say on that front? >> in situations like this it doesn't matter how strict the gun laws are, they will do what they want to do. it is difficult to stop something like this. one of 2 situations, there are plenty on the streets in vehicles to does her the person from taking, without making them afraid or the situation will be at the location and do what they want to do in the law will not stop somebody, they will be so
2:32 am
unhinged that they will find a way to get their hands on a firearm. it is very difficult to stop. >> indianapolis police, the spokesman says they responded to shots fired and that is when they arrived, walk us through what is going on in the police author's head, sometimes it is something like this. >> the goal is to go in and stop the threat, the individuals who were harmed or killed, not looking to be a medic but to go in and go straight to the target and find out where it is coming from or the individual may be hiding and take them out, you are not going in, not trying to protect people, just trying to go directly to the threat to stop it right away. it is dangerous and can be life-and-death but the goal is to stop the individual from killing more people. jillian: what do you expect to unravel today in the next few hours as police are out there
2:33 am
processing the crime scene? >> detectives. every person that was inside that location and try to find if they recognize the individual who they might be, was there anything going on, was anybody recently fire mentally ill, social media, was anybody putting anything online that might show they want to hurt somebody? an active investigation, that is how the officers put this together. >> thanks for your insight on this, we appreciate it. >> we will stay on top of that. there resuming a desperate search and rescue mission off the coast of louisiana. the coast guard searching for 12 missing crewmembers aborted overturned lift boat. it has been two days since the
2:34 am
mayday calls went out, strong winds and massive waves flipped the boat used to transport oil rig workers, 6 people were rescued, one was recovered. >> vice president harris acknowledging the border crisis far from over, the democrats speaking to the la times in a recent interview saying in part this is not going to be fixed overnight, as jen psaki slams the gop for focusing too much on the vice president's absence at the border. >> over the past few days, the public has been critical of the vice president. >> they need more to do i think. >> president biden tapped vp harris as the point person for handling the border crisis, she is scheduled to visit mexico and guatemala but not us border states. 34 after the hour the new york post appears to be censored again, banned from sharing this. >> from our friends, download the super 6 apps and play for a chance to win 10,$000. i you have to do is predict 6 outcomes in the super 6 quiz show, topics range from entertainment to sports, free to
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ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. >> welcome back, the new york post hit by big tech sensors and twitter users sounding an alarm saying facebook would not allow them to share an article that criticized a black lives matter cofounder. users in an error message when they hit share. the article shed light on a multimillion dollar splurge on homes. facebook said in a statement to tucker carlson the contents was removed for violating privacy and personal information policy. seattle parents fear is the city school board refuses a homeless and kevin spelling to property a local elementary school. a parent of 3 joined us earlier demanding the district do something. >> some people are not willing
2:39 am
since the school district lost control of school grounds during this pandemic, no ability to take care of what we need to do -- >> the school board is calling in a teach the able moment to show kids compassion to the homeless. a close call for a pilot and his passenger during an air show, the plane makes an emergency landing on a florida parkway after its engine failed. no one was hurt and the plane was not damaged. the dodgers fan snags a home run ball from justin turner at the expense of his not chose. the third baseman responding on twitter posting a picture, is not chose all over his jacket. turner captaining the photo, quote, he caught the home run ball. i am sure he didn't mind.
2:40 am
still ahead, historic class of republican women in congress. >> i just came back from the border, and have open borders that our schools are still closed. government needs to dictate what businesses can stay open. florida is open for business. come on down. >> they hit 100 days in office.
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2:43 am
ashley: a record number of republican women hold a seat in the house of representatives. as we mark the first 100 days i said down of four of them, we
2:44 am
discussed the most pressing policy issues facing our country during their first term in congress. this is what they had to say. >> it has been a whirlwind of 100 days. i came back from the border, going there with my colleagues about what is happening, humanitarian crisis, national security crisis, public health crisis and being sexually abused, i spoke with one girl who was 9 years old, vocal cords had given out because she was screaming. it makes your stomach turn. >> if you think this is just a southern border issue you are gravely mistaken. we have an issue and it is coming to a town near you. >> we are the most compassionate nation in the world. every day whether it is at the border or the budget or economic
2:45 am
policy we are witnessing firsthand constitution and freedoms in this country. >> we have open borders but schools are still closed. >> the the first year of my life as a parent to see my children so in person schools, covid hits and all changes. almost overnight. my kids don't even look the same. the business side of it, look at all the small business owners in this country, so many people saying give me an opportunity to prove that i can do it safely because this is my life on the line. i don't believe the government needs to dictate what businesses can and cannot say. >> michigan is one of the most locked down states in the country. florida is not. look at their coven rates and they are almost identical. florida is open for business
2:46 am
come on down. >> let's talk infrastructure. there has been a debate. what is infrastructure? >> democrats are redefining infrastructure. half of it could be spent on green new deal type wasteful spending. >> the other side of the coin is whose death are we going to pay for? >> people pay taxes for reason, they expect government to deliver certain things, public safety, transportation, education, infrastructure. that is what money should be going to. >> when used in storage floyd, one year since you had people calling to defund police, just this week we saw what happened in minnesota with daunte wright. it is hard for people to talk about. as a parent i teach my children right from wrong. i teach my children your actions
2:47 am
have consequences. in our household we believe in full of law but i think we also have to stop for a moment and reflect on all the good things law enforcement provide to us. we have dehumanized people on both sides. you don't see beyond the badge of the first responder. this is a personal issue to me. >> you were in chicago or new york. it has skyrocketed in cities across the country. where do we go from here? >> the nypd has their hands tied by mayor and city council, they know how to do the job more than the cop on the streets. if we defund the police they are not going to have the resources to have qualified candidates. at the same time as republicans, we need to acknowledge some of the challenges. i can't explain what that is like. i talk to young black men about
2:48 am
that and their fear it is something we must acknowledge otherwise we will see the extremities on both sides. >> 2022 is far away but not far away. i am curious how you think this will go. >> on january 3rd, the youngest republican woman. >> our job is to expose what democrats are doing and offer our alternative which is a better vision for the future of this country. >> every time i think republicans have done something we can't recover from nancy pelosi -- they've done more damage in 100 days than i thought possible. >> we have a lot to run on, taking back the house will provide a real opportunity for people with logic and common sense and run for these offices. i'm encouraged. >> cheers on your first 100 days, cheers to the next 100 and for the future.
2:49 am
ashley: we did not have a mimosa but one of the big things to take away when you talk to them individually is what you see every day playing out in washington is the great divide, battles back and forth but the hope from everyone is there is going to be that bipartisanship. on infrastructure there is room for bipartisanship. it is interesting to see when you talk to them individually versus the battle on tv all-time. ashley: i worked in the capital. you are shocked to know how much they work together when i feel it is a lot of theatrics. they are working on bipartisanship but it has been a busy 100 days.
2:50 am
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. . >> back with a fox news alert. people shot and killed. gunfire inside facility in indianapolis. the less than three miles in the international airport. joining me noe now is ken buck. mullen. i want your reaction to this
2:54 am
really quickly. we will start with you representative buck. >> yeah. terribly sad, obviously we don't know the motive at this point. we dent know what type of guns were used or how the person got the gun. we don't note mental health history of this individual. but, as these facts come out, hopefully we can develop policies that are targeting mental health issues and dealing with a really underlying cause of these crimes. ashley: representative budd. >> we want to thank the officers that did respond this. is absolute tragedy. in the rush to judgment on something like this. the left often runs to implement gun control. but we have a people problem. i think representative buck mentioned health. that is something we need to work on here. ashley: representative mullen. >> we have a tragedy that took place as my colleagues mentioned
2:55 am
mental illness is something we have got to address in this country. we overlook and try to excuse. mental illness is something i have worked on for years in the health committee i set on. we have to do a better understanding and treatment not just masking it with medication. ashley: i want to get to this now in regards to the supreme court. there are six house republicans. three of them who have introduced this amendment to keep the supreme court at nine, quote, before it is too late. i kind of want the cliff notes on this amendment. we are going to start with you, representative bud. >> well, the supreme court is our last line of defense against a radical socialist agenda and i know it's a high par to ratify an amount. call out biden what he is doing left leaning takeover of the courts. i think this is time to be very bold and in defense of our institutions. ashley: representative buck, as far as president biden is concerned, he seemed a little
2:56 am
iffy about the whole situation as it is. >> well, he was iffy the entire time he was running for office. and he will continue to be until something passes. so that he doesn't have to take a position on it in case it doesn't pass. but i agree with congressman budd, the supreme court is really the last branch of government that is looked at as apolitical. and if we allow the other two branches to politicize the supreme court, we are undermining our integrity with the american people. ashley: i want to get to senator markey on calls for the majority. a crisis of confidence, listen. >> we are a stilted illegitimate 6-3 conservative majority on the court that has caused this crisis of confidence. the republicans stole two seat on the supreme court and now it is up to us to repair that damage.
2:57 am
ashley: representative mullin, your reaction to that? >> just because you don't like the idea doesn't make it illegitimate. this is exactly what socialists do. we see this over and over again when they try to take over a country, once they get in power they take over the courts this. is exactly what they are trying to do. s isn't it interesting that they're trying to put it to 13 which is just one over giving them the majority that they want? you know, joe biden said when he -- in 1983 when he was talking about president roosevelt trying to pack the courts he said, quote: it's a bone-headed idea. we can't allow this to happen because, if we do when does it stop? because if the democrats pack the court now, republicans will surely pack the court in 2025. before long what you can see is one justice from each state. this is the absolute wrong way to go at it and we need a constitutional amendment to keep them from doing this. it's a socialist takeover of our country is what this is.
2:58 am
ashley: okay, representative, some say it's unlikely the proposed amendment will go anywhere soon. what do you think of that. >> this is the time to stand and fight. we have to put our marker out there and push it this time. look, for the democrats, this is all about power. they want to rig our election laws, now it's about rigging the courts. i can tell you it is time to stabbed and have this fight because, again, the courts our our last line of defense against their radical, socialist agenda. ashley: representative buck, sorry about that are you done? >> yes, i was just agreeing with my colleague ted, he is absolutely correct. ashley: representative buck, how quickly was this amendment proposed and brought together after nadler broke that news? >> well, the amendment was actually being discussed a couple years ago when the left had started discussing it this idea of packing the court. so it has been in really the thought stages all along. i think it's right now folks are
2:59 am
reaching out to state legislatures to make sure that when this passes the house and senate it can get out to the state legislatures and be passed and ratified by the states. ashley: and then representative mullin, nancy pelosi says she has no plans to bring this to the house floor. so does this go anywhere? >> well, she said she wanted to also pay attention to the commission. so i think with joe biden setting up this commission to look at the courts and then nancy pelosi in the same sentence where she says she had no intention of bringing it to the floor until after the commission is done. it's giving them the excuse. what they have done is set themselves up. they both know what they said in the past they can do the same research we have done. they will allow this commission to lead in, very partisan. allow this commission to lean in and say this is why it need to be done. once again, this is an act of a socialist takeover. >> one thing i would add, this
3:00 am
is the classic washington game of hiding bad policies behind legislative. ashley: sorry we are in a hard break. thank you for being with us this morning. jillian: "fox & friends" will have the latest on the breaking news out of minneapolis eight people shot and killed by a gunman there. brian: good morning, everybody. straight to a fox news alert. breaking overnight eight people shot and killed inside a fedex facility in minneapolis. ainsley: several other injuries and police say the gunman died from self-inflicted gunshot. ashley joins us with the latest. ashley: police say the gunman opened fire at the paneling warehouse last night killing eight people and yirg several others. it's three miles away from the international airport and here is what police had to say overnight. >> the indianapolis police department the officers responded. they came in and went in and did their job. a lot of them are trying to face this because this is a sight that no one should ever


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