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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 15, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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question, the american people want dr. fauci to answer. >> your time has expired, you need to respect the chair and shut your mouth. >> sean: shut your mouth. wow, peace and love in the capital. please set your dvr, we'll never be the media mob, let not your heart be troubled, busy news night for you tonight. >> laura: nothing says respect the chair like a saying shut, shut your mouth. they had to run in to rescue the in distress, fauci. we have jim jordan on the show tonight, i can't wait to find out the behind-the-scenes maneuvers. he's like a fuzzy teddy bear, can answer a few questions? get all the answers from the chinese? it was ridiculous. great show, we'll be picking up the coverage where you left off. i'm laura ingraham and this is a packed "the ingraham angle" from washington, we are keeping our
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eyes trained on minnesota as the 10:00 p.m. curfew approaches again come alive report from the ground in moments, we are monitoring chicago after another shooting of a young black teenager, we are keeping our eyes on that as well. plus senator tom cotton, chris christie, congressman jim jordan after that explosive exchange with fauci and candace owens is with us, she's going to top it all off. but first, beijing, blm, another kerry fiasco, that's the focus of tonight's angle. when trump was president, the democrats were forever warning us about his tweets and statements about hot button issues affected our standing on the world stage. then biden comes along and he promises not only will he usher in this new era of peace and calm and unity but america would once again return to its proper
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role in the world. >> i speak today as president of the united states. at the very start of my administration and i'm sending a clear message to the world. america is back. >> laura: what he really meant was america is back to the 1970s. that was back when the democrats echoed a similar theme of despair and presided over our decline and left us weaker vis-a-vis our enemies. it was a malaise that jimmy carter said was hanging over the united states but it's the thick, toxic fog of racism, past, present, and of course the future. biden's climate czar john kerry is about to show us how easy it is to represent the u.s. in china when his entire party back home believes we are systemically racist. i'm not talking about minor figures but our own u.n. ambassador no less. >> i've seen for myself how the
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original sin of slavery weaved white supremacy into our founding documents and principles. >> laura: of course, biden himself set the grim tone in his inaugural address. >> a cry that can't be any more desperate or any more clear, now. the rise of political extremism, white supremacy, domestic terrorism that we must confront and we will defeat. >> laura: why would any country want to take orders from or work with a country where white supremacy is rampant? add to this the flames of racial hatred fanned by our left-wing media night after night, egging on the radicals on the ground in minnesota, all of them, the blm activists, the press, politicians, hollywood, they are all culpable here. the exercise their power and some get very rich as we've learned by lying to our young
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kids about our country, they are lying about our history and lying about our founding principles, all of it. >> doubts about whether policing is irreconcilable he broken when it comes to people of color have no choice but to crystallize. >> i think we were basically living, we thought we were in a post-racial era and we weren't. >> laura: they don't think for one second about how all of this plays right into china's hands. one of the chinese communist party's unofficial media outlets the global times put it bluntly. "the u.s. has neither the moral stand ignore the real power to issue orders to china over climate issues." and of course things worked out so well the last time the biden administration try to get china do something. >> there are many problems within the united states regarding human rights which is admitted by the u.s. itself as
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well. such as black lives matter -- it's important that we manage our respective affairs well instead of deflecting the claim on somebody else in this world. >> laura: since then, secretary blinken and his foreign policy shop have tried desperately to convince the american people and the rest of the world they do take the ccp challenge seriously. by now, it's pretty obvious, we cannot persuade other countries to work with the united states unless we are perceived to be as strong and proud of our country as china is of theirs. of course, biden officials with their ongoing defamation of america are encouraging the riots that hurt our poorest communities back home. they basically admitted the ccp was right about how terrible our country is. >> we know we have work to do at home. that includes addressing
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profound inequities including systemic racism. >> laura: but work with us because we are good people. as if that wasn't bad enough, biden's director of national intel doesn't even rank a china's economic and military aggression is one of our core challenges, if you can believe it. "the wall street journal" reported that she warned of global disequilibrium that will be fueled by the lingering effects of the pandemic, climate change, environmental degradation, conflict over resources, and refugee crises. in other words, china is a side note to her. it's the climate, not the country with a massive military and nuclear arsenal that is the real threat, people. speaking of climate, sending the famously inept john kerry to woo the chinese on climate change? that's an embarrassment in the making, everyone knows the chinese communist party is not going to play ball on climate unless we pay them.
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everyone assumes kerry is on to shanghai to negotiate the price. the ccp's terms will include the lifting of any tariffs and other anti-china legislation. of course also support for the 2022 winter olympics in a grab bag of other demands. all of which kerry is totally prepared for, right? >> at the president has said to come of the climate issue is a freestanding issue, it's not for trade against the other critical differences that we have with china right now. >> how do you separate those things? our reporting suggests the chinese will not separate them. >> that remains to be seen, we'll figure that out. >> laura: wait a second, that's his strategy? we'll figure it out? translation -- she's winging it. he did such a bang-up job as obama secretary of state, remember the iran deal? what could possibly go wrong in
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shanghai? he has all sorts of nifty ideas on how to hold china accountable on its claimant pledges. >> al gore in a team of investors and others are putting together a major capacity digitally from space to be able to measure the footprint all around the planet of what one corporation or one country is doing. >> laura: wait a second, the human dirigible known as al gore has some space measurement thing? president xi must really be trembling. terry will assure his chinese counterparts he will fight for concessions back home for the good of the planet in a shared mission, then he's going to brag on tv that china is indeed cooperating, everything is under advisement but america has to be flexible and open-minded. in other words, his visit will allow the ccp devotes no matter
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how much they humiliate americans as they did in alaska with antony blinken, they will always come crawling back for help. this completely undercut his abilities to build cooperation with he said he was going to do with other countries against the ccp. don't worry, this will be the first time kerry embarrasses himself and the country on the world stage. >> they told the stories that they had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in a fashion reminiscent of genghis khan. >> laura: the genghis khan was my favorite. today's equivalent is when blm radicals and activists slander all of law enforcement as racist killers, indiscriminately
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shooting at minorities across the united states. that dour, hateful speech all those years ago presages what would become the defining trait of today's democrats, their impulse for loathing america instead of loving her, that is the angle. joining me now is arkansas senator tom cotton. by smearing america, team biden is doing china's job for them, your reaction. >> yeah, laura, they are. it was appalling to hear our ambassador to the united nations playing the role that was normally played by the old soviet ambassador, announcing america as a racist, wicked place, our own ambassador did that. it's disgraceful and she should resign. as she played the eclipse, the chinese foreign minister in alaska, dressing down tony blinken about america's perceived shortcomings, it sounds like you could've been a
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democratic party caucus meeting or perhaps a seminar room on some american college campus repeating the exact same lies and the slanders against america and our founding principles of the democrats have embraced wholeheartedly. shouldn't be surprised when chinese communists parent their words back to us. >> laura: the president of one of the u.n. bureaucracies was visibly upset in an interview with the bbc when they dared to call out china's human rights abuses, watch. >> i'm not sure why bbc started with listing only china's human rights abuses. what about america's human rights abuses? walking away from the paris climate agreement for the last four years. unilateral trade actions that have been deemed illegal, not to mention the continued massive racism, white supremacy.
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>> laura: the self-loathing in the virtual signaling, i care more about teresa laying in the past sins of america, i'm in anguish about it. it strikes me as utterly fraudulent and completely poisonous to any hope of cooperating with other countries against china. >> that clownish professor is exactly what you hear the chinese communists parroting back at us at a time they have completely obliterated the freedom and the autonomy guaranteed, they have committed against religious minorities in their own country, sometimes turning them in concentration camps by the millions, conducting gang mass rapes on orders of magnitude, this professor is more worried about america's sins then by a post-actions of the chinese
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communists, it's one of the reasons why the united nations organizations are a disgrace. >> laura: it should be completely defunded. carrie isn't hiding his weak approach to negotiating with china, watch this. of >> yes, we have big disagreements with china on key issues, absolutely. climate has to stand alone. you can't have those disagreements and say because of that i'm not going to do anything about climate because you're going to be killing yourself, hurting your own people. hopefully everyone is going to come to the table and be reasonable. >> laura: is that that strategy? i can't believe i'm hearing this -- your strategy is hopefully end we'll to see how it goes, we'll figure it out. chinese negotiators are killers, ask anyone from bob lighthizer to mike pompeo to every one of the trump administration who went toe-to-toe with them. these are killer negotiators. >> this is like watching a bad movie with a b list actor once
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again. at six years ago we had john kerry saying in front of us, this was the exact same line they used. at the nuclear question will stand alone, will compartmentalize it from all other issues like iran's support for terrorism. their missile program and their human rights abuses. i said mr. secretary, maybe you think it stands alone but the ayatollahs don't. the same thing is true with these chinese communists. they are not going to strike some separate deal on climate change and eliminate every factory and the surrendering and turning a blind eye -- for all that, john kerry will come back to him in our time to reduce carbon emissions in china by 2% by the year 2082, that's the kind of deal john kerry is going to get if someone responsible doesn't step in. >> laura: that's what victory looks like in a biden
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administration. i want to turn out to minnesota where they are bracing for another night of unrest after the police shooting of daunte wright. fox's mike tobin live in the ground, he says about 500 have assembled a lot of members of the press, other organizations -- what is different on the ground tonight? >> what is different on the ground tonight is that it's a little more emotional, little more aggressive, little more interested in the tv crews, that's why we are on the fringes tonight. they are certainly aggressive tonight, a lot of the gear out there, the umbrellas, the makeshift shields the respirators, goggles, the whole nine yards, the helmets, we are seeing a lot of the repeats. if you are seeing projectiles come up and over the crowd toward the fencing. the difference is they have two layers of fencing with the concrete barriers. we see the protesters shaking the fencing on the outside yet they haven't toppled it. what is also different tonight
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is the law enforcement is keeping somewhat of a lower profile. there are some people in front of police headquarters here, by people i mean police in front of police headquarters but they are pretty far back. as far as kids throwing projectiles over the crowd, they're going needed a good arm to reach anybody in there. we are less than an hour away from curfew, we saw last night right at curfew, the state troopers, sheriff's deputies, other law enforcement showed up in numbers, they corralled this area and moved right in and that scattered the demonstrators. we'll and see how it goes at the top of the hour and what their plan is and how they intend to execute. >> laura: we'll a check that, thank you so much. tell me if you've heard this one before. the left and their enablers spread a thinly sourced blockbuster about trump and rush of the turns out to be false. it just happened again, we are going to explain it and speaking of lies, chris christie says the g.o.p. has got to stop playing patty cake with the democrats, start calling joe biden what he
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>> it's been widely reported that u.s. has intelligence indicating that russia offered to pay bounty's taliban fighters to kill american soldiers.
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you have a phone call with vladimir putin on july 23rd. >> that was a phone call to discuss other things and frankly that's an issue that many people said was fake news. >> laura: for months, people who should know better, they hammered president trump over this ridiculous russian bounty story which is now noted, we now know it was based on flimsy intel from the beginning but it didn't matter. the democrats, the intel community as they were all pushing us. it wasn't about truth, it wasn't about facts, it was about getting trump, the man they really loathe and it worked. now that trump is out of office, no longer a threat to the deep state, they are finally having to fess up to their con. unnamed senior biden administration official is now telling fox u.s. intel agencies have low to moderate confidence in this judgment in part because
7:23 pm
it relies on detainee reporting, that's code for its totally unproven and probably untrue, democrats and the media spend months spreading unverified deep state this information in order to hurt trump. the same playbook as the russian collusion hoax. let's remember all of the media goblins who uncritically spread the lie. >> not only does the president know that russia was paying for american soldiers depths, paying rewards for americans dead, the president knows it. >> trump dismissing the russian bounty intelligence story is a hoax meant to damage him and republicans. >> a hostile foreign power is paying the tell a man to kill american soldiers and you're not outraged by it? your first reaction is to accuse other people of foisting a lie on you? this is just really extraordinary, treasonous
7:24 pm
behavior. >> this is a scandal. they wanted to make a big deal about benghazi? this makes benghazi looks like playing with toys. >> laura: by the way, before he used the head "time" magazine. the vaunted "time" magazine. even more despicable with "the washington post" which gave trump four pinocchio's for calling the russian bounty story fake news but despite today's revelations, the post still refused to change their ruling, writing our analysis and pinocchio ratings unchanged, trump denied the intel report of russian bounties existed. we would be remiss if we didn't mention the man who benefited the most from spreading this lie, joe biden. >> he should have immediately contacted our joint chiefs of staff, gotten them in one room and he said okay what are we
7:25 pm
doing to prevent this? what are those parents thinking out there? what are those sons and daughters, husbands and wives? it's an absolute dereliction of duty. >> laura: isn't joe the one who's at the american people deserve the truth and that he would always level with us? apparently that was a lie too. my next guest recently met with the largest g.o.p. caucus in the house and told them to call biden a liar, stop pussyfooting around. chris christie, former new jersey governor and former presidential candidate. ask for being with us tonight, he reportedly told republicans that democrats are only going to truly fear the g.o.p. when they know we don't fear them. explain further what you mean. >> it seems like the rules change. i said this last week. when the democrats thought that president trump had said
7:26 pm
something they thought was false like you were pointing out in the last piece, they would not hesitate for a moment to call him a liar but somehow now the mainstream media thinks that's something that is now out-of-bounds when it's on joe biden. when you call something a covert bill and only 10% of 1.9 trillion goes to actual health care costs, that's lying. when you call something infrastructure bill when under the most generous definition of infrastructure, less than 25% of it is going to be spent on what the american people understand to be infrastructure, $400 billion of it is going to be spent to force unionization of home health care workers -- they don't care whether the home health care quality goes up, all they care is the union dues go up. that's not telling the american people the truth and i'm tired of sitting around watching this double standard. i'm going to be out there calling him out on it and what i
7:27 pm
said to republicans this week was everyone of us should. >> laura: how about this repeated lie that we are hearing on the ground minnesota and seattle in portland and new york and new jersey that america is systemically racist? that is probably the most poisonous, noxious thing i can think of especially for young minorities who are trying to do their best in these failing schools and go to school and half the time it's on zoom. now they have to deal with that lie. >> that's because despite everything that president biden said during the campaign about following the science on reopening schools and everything else that we should be following the science, when the science shows clearly that school should be open and children should be in those schools because they are less apt and teachers are less apt to catch covert in schools than they are on the outside, again, as long as the teachers union tells them they don't want to go back to work, we don't need to follow the
7:28 pm
science. you look at this stuff and we've got to as a republican party call these things out immediately and repeatedly. if we don't come at the american people who will pay attention sometimes and not pay attention others are going to miss it and let joe biden off the hook for not telling the truth and i'm not going to allow that to happen. >> laura: shall be steel, incredibly talented writer and thinker at the hoover institution said republicans better start getting aggressive. he means being aggressive like you're saying, call things like they are, stop with these think tank colloquies and fat cat dinners, everyone gives each other awards can be better start getting down to business. i'm glad you gave that talk to the republicans, they needed to hear it. given what we are seeing on the ground in minnesota, you get the sense we are going to see a lot of in the summer, what is your message for republicans continuing to try to reach out
7:29 pm
to minority voters while they are getting this poison shipped in to schools and on the ground in these tragic circumstances? >> the only way for us to confront it is with the truth and the american people deserve the truth. we need to go to these minority communities and talk to them about the fact that they are as much a part of the american dream as anybody else in this country. we got people in public schools, i can say this is happening in new jersey right now. they are teaching american dream, truth or myth. they are only giving them materials that backup myth. it's outrageous. this is something that is going on, republicans have to be the truth squad, the americans deserve the truth. joe biden promised to give it, he's not, he's proven that already inside the first hundred days and i'm tired of sitting back and giving him the benefit of the doubt, not only hasn't he earned it, he's gone the exact opposite direction.
7:30 pm
i don't know what republicans are waiting for but i'm not going to wait. >> laura: before you go, i need to get your thoughts on the bidens cdc messaging on covid vaccines. it's been lacking to say the least. they decided to pause the j&j vaccine and that caused public confidence to plummet, 15% dropped and the number of americans who think that vaccine is safe -- i know you are involved in this new collaborative to educate americans on vaccinations but we had the pfizer ceo saying we need a third shot, a lot of people seem confused out there, conflicting views -- what's your message? >> my message is that getting the vaccine is like putting on your safety belt. it's not going to guarantee you that if you get in a car accident that you're not going to get hurt or killed, but it's going to make it much, much less likely and that's what the vaccines will do.
7:31 pm
i think the biden administration has botched the messaging on this because all they worry about is being politically correct. political correctness is the first priority of the biden administration or maybe one a with number one being spending us into oblivion and lying about what they are spending on. one a is political correctness. at the end of the day, these vaccines have been tested, extensively tested, more times than any other drug the fda normally approves in this period of time and they are going to make it better for the american people to go out there and get their lives back. and not giving it away. >> laura: we will deal with what fauci will not say about when you can have your life back -- people are like maybe i'll get the vaccine so i could get my life back, then they find out it's a bait and switch, they don't get their life back if they get a vaccine. at the number one problem they're having with this messaging, why should i get back? i'm not going to get my freedom back. i know you talked about that as
7:32 pm
well. >> when we get the vaccine, we take our lives back. we don't wait for permission, we take our lives back and that's what we need to do. >> laura: we have our god-given freedoms and thank you so much. dr. fauci's pandemic theater ran into a buzz saw the day when he was confronted by jim jordan about when americans can get the old normal back, that congressman here next.
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cal: our confident forever plan is possible with a cfp® professional. a cfp® professional can help you build a complete financial plan. visit to find your cfp® professional. ♪♪ ♪ ♪ >> laura: it's medicines pinup boy dr. anthony fauci thought today's hearing would be another fonda fest, he was in for a rude awakening. at st. anthony had to contend with real yet fairly straightforward questions from honest men jim jordan. >> when do americans get their freedom back? >> when we get the level of infection in this country low enough that it is not -- >> what is low enough?
7:38 pm
get me number. >> to get the level of infection low and it's no longer a threat, that is when periods because you don't think americans liberties have been threatened? >> i don't look at this is a liberty thing. >> tell me the number. >> when 90% of members of congress get vaccinated. >> time has expired, you need to respect the chair and shut your mouth. >> laura: joining me now is congressman jim jordan from ohio, congressman, let's start with you. fairly straightforward question, one we have been asking since last april, give us objective metrics, when can kids go back to school, we know it's not dangerous, when can we get our freedom back and always moving the goal posts. and his guardians rushed in to
7:39 pm
defend him. >> in what world does an unelected bureaucrats get to tell american citizens when we can exercise our god-given liberties, when we can exercise our constitutional rights in first amendment rights? americans have been told you can't go to church, can't go to work, can't go to school, can't go to loved ones funeral, can't assemble -- for a year now, citizens haven't been able to come to their capital to lobby their representatives to petition them to redress their grievances. if you dare speak out against dr. fauci, you get censored can be attacked. dr. black he's a physician and a medical professor from stanford, even that's not a good enough for the radical left. that is what is driving me crazy and we like to know, you are one of the very first to point this out a year ago on your show. the american people are tired of this and just tell us when it's going to end, when we get our rights back. >> laura: i guess the american
7:40 pm
people have to remember the government can't take certain rights away, those are inalienable rights. life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. he doesn't have the right and the government doesn't have the right to take a lot of these basic freedoms away. i want to go to you on this because we keep hearing about the number of cases in the communities but you see how he got very nervous when he was asked for a specific number. why is that? >> there is no number other than zero that will satisfy him. that is the problem. cases are not the problem, cases in the vulnerable population is the problem and once we have vaccinated the vulnerable population, we are done with the epidemic. you asked about schools, we should open schools tomorrow, there's no excuse not to have them open immediately. i think we made a lot of progress, 80% of people 65 and up in the u.s. haven't had their
7:41 pm
first dose of the vaccine -- dr. fauci is probably the number one anti-vax in the u.s. in some sense, he has modeled behavior making people think the vaccine won't give you back your life, it will, it's an incredibly effective vaccine. he has been vaccinated, i don't really understand what he's trying to do and i completely agree with representative jordan. dr. fauci is utterly blind to the collateral damage in a lockdown including our liberty but also our health. >> laura: later in the hearing i think a lot of folks missed it, you continued to press dr. fauci on when we could fully open the country. >> give us your best guess that in. >> i just did to. >> you didn't give us a time, are we going to be here two years from now? >> your ranting again.
7:42 pm
>> i'm not ranting not ranting. >> yes you are. >> laura: that was a personal attack. we have the rose parade in 2025, the super bowl fully attended in 2026, he doesn't want to be specific, ever. >> the taxpayers of this great country whose liberties have been infringed and assaulted and attacked for the last year pay this individual $470,000 a year, the highest-paid bureaucrat in in the entire federal government. why can't he give us an answer? let's get back to allowing this country to flourish like it was before this virus hits the earth. it is so obvious we need to get back to respect in the constitution, every single right under the first amendment has been attacked over the last year and there are all kinds of other costs the doctor pointed out to. a social cost, health costs, certainly economic costs, i know
7:43 pm
this virus is serious but let's get back to normal. >> laura: given your professional opinion with all of the facts that we know and we've known for almost a year about this virus, it can be deadly in certain circumstances especially with people with high bmi -- given what we know, are these controls on personal freedoms, do they seem to be tailored to a concern about a virus or something different? >> i don't want to second-guess but i will say they haven't been effective at stopping the virus. florida is relatively open and california's lockdown. the death is worse in california, we have paid an enormous costs in terms of the lockdowns in so many ways and yet we've gotten very little for it. we have to learn to live with this virus, it's not going to go away and in many ways we have
7:44 pm
with the vaccine. dr. felt she should be touting the good news about this and telling the truth which is that we are very, very close to being able to say we are done with the epidemic, we just need to get the vaccines in the arms of the vulnerable. >> laura: they want a new normal, the old normal they never liked. this gives them a chance to have a new normal, unconvinced for a long time that's what much of this is about. gentlemen, thank you. benjamin crump has made a name for himself as a modern-day al sharpton, swooping and when families are grieving and in pain. but is he stoking racial animus? something he said today about daunte wright in the case involving his death might be his worst utterance yet. candace owens here next on that.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: floyd family attorney benjamin crump trying to start a racial riot? is a serious question. how else would you interpret what he said today? >> the blood of stephan clark, the blood of eric garner, and the blood of michael brown is on the hands of the american criminal justice system.
7:50 pm
the only question that we have for us today is will daunte wright's name join that list? i want to encourage those protesters, those young people, those activists, that you are making a difference. >> laura: here to respond, candace owens, author of blackout. making a difference? what is he encouraging there? >> he's encouraging rioting and looting and any person knows that, when you watch is where his wordshe is singling to you n write and loot and we want this to keep happening. easy analysis, we know what this is. this is another race hustler, race has become a business. keeping racial issues alive as a business in america, it's al sharpton yesterday, jesse jackson tomorrow, ben crump today.
7:51 pm
a deeper analysis, bigger question to ask right now is what is going on in the country? i'm past the part of looking at one person like ben crump and say what are you doing, ben crump, the question is why do we have people right now that are trying to fund the destruction of america? we grew up in an america like this come i don't know what this is when you see black versus white, men versus women, women versus men, when you see children versus adults, what is happening in this country and who is it that wants to see america torn apart from the inside out? that is what we are watching, we are watching the corrosion of america from the inside out. >> laura: if america is systemically racist and inherently corrupt to its core, america has to be managed by another entity, perhaps or everything has to be federalized are managed by a coterie of elites. that's got to be where it's going but the unrest in minnesota -- is not exactly
7:52 pm
spontaneous. it's being pushed by a lot of these activist groups and some of these held a press conference today, watch. >> this anger is being suppressed by the actions of the state. we are petitioning for the immediate dismissal of all charges of people that had been protesting for the entirety of the protests against the death of george floyd as well as all the people who have been arrested this week. >> laura: this cabal of activist groups also announced a large protest on monday, the day the derek chauvin trial is doing closing arguments. there's a lot of angry, white guilt ridden liberals. >> let's be clear, this is not protesting. no matter what the outcome of the derek chauvin trial is, minnesota is going to be writing, it's going to be looted and you have a bunch of people who are going to say this is what minnesota deserves, we need to make sure george floyd george
7:53 pm
floyd got justice because i get to an end to a target and still a couple of flatscreen tvs. it's not about racial justice it's about criminality. there are a bunch of criminals who are waiting to make sure the trial has concluded so they can rob and loot and right against corporations. the strange part is the fact that corporations are signaling they are okay with this. the corporations don't see it as problematic, what is it that corporations are getting in return, they are okay with people going into their stores and stealing money. in my opinion, its power, who was behind the power they want to see so much division? we know this country cannot stand divided. this country has never been this divided at least not in my lifetime, never seen the country look like this. i've never seen people that are so hateful and so evil and actually want to see america destroyed from the inside out. it seems like there is no end to the madness. it doesn't matter if you're a criminal, you can become a hero tomorrow if while you are committing a crime you die at the hands of police officers.
7:54 pm
it's wrong and it's backwards and i honestly feel like i don't recognize the country that i live in anymore. >> laura: as matt walsh tweeted tonight, we have 13-year-old boys running around the inner city with loaded weapons. perhaps they know gang members, when are we going to have that conversation? that is a tragic, horrible situation. inc. you for your forthright approach to all these issues. can florida governor ron desantis build a legal case for defamation and libel against the certain msnbc host? this is a close one and "the last bite" explains it next.
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>> does it feel like it's creeping closer to you because these are your allies? >> you have to believe that ron desantis, these are his boys, these are his guys, we seen the pictures and heard the stories, you have to believe
8:00 pm
that ron desantis if he has done anything wrong feels like things are creeping closer and closer to him. >> laura: i hope he has a great defamation lawyer, there may be a claim there, disgusting trying to tie him to the matt gaetz controversy -- that's all the time we have the night, gutfeld is next. >> we'll see you later. >> greg: i finally pee in his coffee and he spills it. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] all right, he should have swept left but instead got played by the right. imagine everything you suspected about the media was true, that


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