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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  April 15, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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his findings. i want to end with a congratulations to nicholas backstrom on the washington capitals 1,000 games as of tonight, congrats. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this special report. a fair, balanced, and unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by lawrence jones starts right now. hey, lawrence. >> lawrence: hey, bret. great show as always. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ hi, i'm lawrence jones, and tonight, the high court hijacking is underway. a coalition of far left democrats convened this afternoon to roll out their most radical agenda point and yet, the supreme court. >> the united states supreme court is broken. it is out of balance. leader mitch mcconnell, his senate republican colleagues, and donald trump broke it. the republicans stole two seats on the supreme court, and now,
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it is up to us to repair that damage. >> there can be no justification for what they did, and how can americans look at the supreme court and expect it to do justice, to do evil justice, when it has been so severely politically and obviously politically manipulated? >> lawrence: their plan? create four new seats on the court and let joe biden nominate anyone he wants. i'm not a math guy, but if conservatives have a 6-3 advantage on the court and the democrats add four new justices, that would give the left a 7-6 lead. what a convenient set of circumstances. but don't you dare say they're packing the court. >> some people will say we are packing the court. we are not packing it, we are unpacking it. >> lawrence: thanks for clarifying, jerry. mitch mcconnell sees right through this democrat take over. >> time at again, prominent democrats show they are no longer content to work within
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the ground rules and norms of our institutions. but prefer to threaten the institutions themselves. we've seen it in presidential elections. when democrats say our democracy is sacrosanct, when they win, but illegitimate and broken if republicans win. >> lawrence: now i know he is a republican. you don't believe him? this is ed markey today demanding we expand the supreme court to 13 justices. and then mrs. ed markey in 2016 saying we only needed nine. if ed markey did not have double standards, he would have no standards at all. now, joe biden got the ball rolling when he formed of a supreme court commission last week. but democrats know this bill is a hard sell. take nancy pelosi. she said she won't even bring it to the floor for a vote, but ed markey thinks she will come around, and when she does, he will be ready to get rid of the filibuster and pass it anyway.
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>> well, ultimately, we have to repeal the filibuster. and then we can move this legislation, as they can move the legislation in the house of representatives right now with a majority of the votes. >> lawrence: see, if you noticed, democrats have us all planned out. they want to abolish the filibuster, jam through their radical agenda, and pack the court to uphold their outrageous laws. all in the name of restoring democracy. that leaves me to ask one question: have democrats lost control of their party? or has the party just lost its mind? anyway, joining me now's karl rove, former deputy chief of staff for president george w. bush, and tammy bruce, president of independent women's voice, both are fox news contributors. karl, got to ask you, what is the big plan here? >> well come i think we have two plans. we have the white house plan, which is to punt it to the commission, see what happens in
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their immunomeaning half a year, see with the commission comes up with, and if you have busted the filibuster at that point, go ahead and do it. then we had the left of the democratic party which says we are red-hot on this, and we want to move regardless of what that commission will do or not do. we want to move this fast. and there is a reason why the president, president biden, has been reluctant to move forward with it, and there is a reason why nancy pelosi stomped on it today. we will see if that can last. but there is a good reason it is called 1938. in 1937 and 1938, franklin roosevelt attempted to pack the court, and the republicans used it as an issue in the election, and the democrats lost 72 house seats and eight senate seats, in large measure because the republicans are able to make the argument that president roosevelt was changing the rules of the game and throwing over a long-standing tradition of nine members of the supreme court in
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order to advance his progressive goal. i think pelosi and biden understand mrs. playing with dynamite. they may have to ultimately play with dynamite, this is not an issue will they will get a independents and soft republicans who voted for joe biden in 2020. they may vote republican in 2022. >> lawrence: yeah, what about that, tammy? nancy pelosi is clearly distancing herself from this. is this because jerry nadler already screwed up with impeachment, so is he going to screw this up, as well? >> i don't think -- i warn people on social media today, democrat leadership tend to say what they need to say from one day to the next. often times, people call that lying. i would say, having been on the left, that no matter how crazy something sounds, you must take the left seriously. you've got to take, as a result, now, the democrats seriously, which are controlled by the left. there's a tendency on the right to think "oh, that is just so
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nutty, they can't be serious." people, they are serious. take them seriously. nancy pelosi is the woman who said about obamacare "you've got to vote on it before you find out what is in it." these are people who will say whatever they need to and will do whatever they need to do. she says she has no plan to bring it to the floor. don't believe her. because -- look, they figured this might be their one chance. they know it is risky. they didn't care obamacare was risky. they lost 60 plus seats in the house then. they are not going to care about this now. ultimately, that is because, for them, power is the factor, not negotiating, not the american people, which clearly sent a message last year that they wanted the parties to work together, that obviously doesn't matter to these people. and i think this is a step they have always wanted to take. it is not new, because they packed everything else. they have taken control of many of our cultural institutions. why stop now?
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the only people that can stop them are the republicans and mitch mcconnell needs to step up and do what he threatened to do once before, which was gum up the work so that nothing would get through. we need to hear that kind of fight and him and other republicans again. >> lawrence: but karl, you know, congressman hank johnson said we are missing something. the reason why they are doing this is because the country is growing and the supreme court has to catch up with it. take a look at this. >> the real outlier is the fact that the court hasn't changed while the rest of the federal government has grown, keeping pace with the growth of the nation. many of the earlier changes in the number of justices were made specifically in response to national growth. >> lawrence: very crafty, karl, but he neglected to say while the population was growin. >> well, it is also a non sequitur. is he recommending we increase
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the size of the federal communications commission, or every other federal negative -- security and exchange commission? we grew the supreme court to nine members in 1868 and 1869 because they then have the duty of being judges who were writing circuit around the country. which is to say they were the intermediate -- in their individual roles as supreme court justices, they were the intermediate appellate courts in the united states. now, they are not. they are only focused on the ultimate court of appeals, to which all these majors move up through, district courts to the regional appellate courts to the d.c. circuit, and then ultimately, to the supreme court. so there is no need -- and johnson is just out to lunch on this. >> lawrence: go ahead, tammy. >> maybe not just on this thing, but look, this shows you the democrats see everything as a bureaucracy.
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the supreme court deals with ideas, and the constitution. so you don't need more people to deal with the singularity of the nature of the idea and the value and the virtue of the constitution and the bill of rights. you can have this as a debate with nine people with different sorts of opinions. i mean, again, should we have four copresidents now, because the country is so much bigger than when george washington took over? if you think about these kind of arguments -- >> lawrence: they are all democrats, tammy, then why not? >> right, it's an issue that the democrats do not have any good argument, and it is like a word salad, and at this point, they are just trying to confuse people. >> lawrence: karl, i want to get your response to this because congressman jones, freshman senator from new york, had this to say. >> every time we needed the roberts court to stand up for government by the people, the court chose government by the powerful. its citizens united decision in the year 2010, it opened the
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floodgates to a torrent of dark corporate money in our elections. >> lawrence: yeah, but charles -- i'm sorry, karl, when you get to the nitty-gritty of it, the republicans had about 25 million, and the democrats had about 174 million, so -- >> no, no, no. no, no, no. you are way low. you are way low. think about this. democrats have set up a thing called carrabelle advisors -- i should say the left has set this up. liberal donors, corporations and so forth who do not want to have their names made public give money to arabella advisors, a nonprofit advisory group, which funds a bunch of different groups come over 300 groups. one of them is called the 1630 fund, which enjoyed jen psaki, and the woman in the presidential personnel office, page her wig. they are out there campaigning for all of these things we have been talking about, expand the supreme court and so forth and so on.
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the arabella spends plenty of money to be 1630 fund, and they take 51% of their money and spend it -- they have a group called demand justice which is leading the fight to expand the supreme court, 51% or more of their money goes to that, and 49% -- no more than 49% goes to campaigns. the 1630 fund gave $60 million, one little group itself, $60 million to the biden campaign. arabella in the 2018 cycle had $635 million that it distributed. we don't know what the number is yet for 2020, but it's going to be easily over 800 million or 900 million, maybe even a billion dollars that they funneled into left-wing causes. >> lawrence: tammy, why don't you go ahead and put a bow on this? >> well, that she was you again, when we talk about election integrity, why politicians do what they do, who they are working for, the american people have seen that perhaps they are not really working for us
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anymore. certainly, the democrats are not. realize, as i mentioned before, this is not a new idea. karl laid it out. this is who now perhaps has the most influence inside the white house, and that is why it is happening. the left knows that they cannot win over the american people in a free society because their ideas are awful. their ideas crush personal freedom. this is the only way they can do it. we've seen them do it before in other countries. it kills people. it destroys lives, and it crushes countries. this is what we are stopping, and i think we can do it with the information being freely out there. >> lawrence: tammy, karl, i elevated you to fox business host. thank y'all so much for being on the program today. >> you bet, thank you. >> lawrence: coming up, cnn says the quiet part out loud, why an employee admitted her goal is to help black lives matter. more after this. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> lawrence: welcome back. new video shows a cnn employee casually admitting his network has been working to boost the efforts of black lives matter. >> i was trying to do some research, you know, people are getting -- that have been attacking asian >> lawrence: joining me now is my dear brother miles terry.
4:19 pm
you know, we often make the separation between the group black lives matter, and the people. so are you surprised about this, because i know i'm not. >> i'm not surprised by this at all. it is par for the course, man. listen, they have one playbook. the playbook has been exposed. the frustrating part is the fact the american people still allow it, and i can't even say the american people are tricked by it, we allow it, right? this isn't surprising. we are seeing big tech hide behind government section 2:30 and basically manipulate, so this is not surprising at all to me, i think most americans see the fake media that cnn actually is. >> lawrence: we talked about darren seals, back on the ground in st. louis and ferguson and things were happening, but many people in the community have been calling them out, even cnn, to their face, check out this clip to the other night, when a person goes straight up and lets
4:20 pm
them know the real deal, check it out. >> tell me what you think of what is going on. >> all the press and all of the [bleep] makes this worse. >> you think so? >> yes. the people want to protest, -- yeah, court house [bleep] like that. >> lawrence: i mean, i know it was graphic, but it was real. >> it was real, and the people in urban america, that has been the work of us had black guns matter, the reality is people like you on vox that are putting out a genuine message, resonates with that demographic, and now what is happening, because all of our smartphones and technology we are seeing it in being more vocal about it. these are our communities that are being manipulated by extreme left media, telling a story that is not accurate, and people have conservative and libertarian minded values in urban centers outnumber the small amount of people that have been manipulating and doing things, and this is, again, we have been
4:21 pm
seeing it for a long time, but now there is more and more people that look like me, that wear hoodies, that wear jeans, but i do not always have on a suit and tie, they are being much more vocal about it, and i love it. >> lawrence: every time i see you, and you do it on fox news, you do it out there in the street, and that is why you have been successful. but tell our audience about the libertarian movement, because you have the work to show, you have the people that are behind you, so i want them to know how you have been so, you know, successful at it. >> so, one, we deal on a very basic premise. there is and overlap between conservative principles and libertarian principles. neither one of them is perfect, nothing is, but we live by the premise of, you know, don't hurt people, don't touch their stuff, don't bother their things. i think all americans, urban, suburban, rural, are there. that is more of a libertarian philosophy in that regard. there is that overlap and we have to create that space,
4:22 pm
because we see the left is going to become extremely, you know, all they have between their different types of feelings and issues, when it is time to address our freedoms and liberties, they get on the same page. how we have been successful as making sure that liberty message is there, but not by slitting our brothers and sisters in the conservative movement, as well,x is holding it down, but you know, there ain't much time left, so we got to organize, and those have to be liberty based principles. >> lawrence: maj, a lot of people do not know this about you, but you are around the country and teach people gun safety. a lot of people talk about chicago, philly, boston, and how to get control of those communities, but you go down there and do the work. >> you can't -- listen, if you call yourself a conservative, all of these conservatives we see all of the television, right, if you don't see them actually doing work in black communities, white communities, asian communities, brown communities, poor communities where it is needed the most,
4:23 pm
right, they are just talking. and it is no disrespect -- actually, no, it is, it is disrespect. if you are talking and not doing, no participation to me, i don't need you to really talk, you know, so we have to be there. these are the areas where leftist policy, especially in regard to gun control, which isn't about safety, have attacked and hamstrings those communities. our work at black guns matter is going there, educating the people, getting them to vote in a different direction, more in alignment with their constitutional and human rights, especially as it pertains to the second amendment, and these classes are free to all, so we love that everybody has continued to support this message is for all americans, but we have to do the work, especially around this violence issue, we have to do it in the areas, boots on the ground, where it is needed the most. >> lawrence: the brother that is doing the work. the great maj toure. thanks, man. >> thank you, my brother. >> lawrence: president biden
4:24 pm
was one of the first americans to get the covid vaccine, so why is he not walking around outside alone with a mask on? it doesn't make sense. we will talk about that. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ for deb, living with constipation with belly pain was the same old story for years. trying this. doing that. spending countless days right here. still came the belly pain, discomfort, and bloating. awful feelings she kept sugar-coating. finally, with the help of her doctor, it came to be. that her symptoms were all signs of ibs-c. and that's why she said yes to adding linzess.
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♪ ♪ >> lawrence: welcome back. wheeled a braid with republican congressman jim jordan who confronted dr. fauci with the obvious question. >> we had 15 days turned into slow the spread to turn into one year of lost liberty. what metrics have to happen before americans get more freedom? >> you are indicating liberty and freedom. i look at it as a public health measure to prevent people from dying and going to the hospital. >> you do not think americans liberties have been threatened the last year? they have been assaulted, there liberties have. >> i don't look at this as a liberty thing, congressman jordan -- >> well, that is obvious. >> as a public health thing. you are making this a personal thing, and it isn't. >> it's not a personal thing? >> you are -- that is exactly
4:30 pm
what you're doing. >> the american people want dr. fauci to answer -- >> you need to respect the chair and shut your mouth. >> lawrence: don't tell the truth, shut your mouth. joining me now is kennedy, in her brand-new studio. look at it, it is beautiful. it is like a nightclub. >> it is. there's always the base booming. >> lawrence: kennedy, if you start telling me this is a liberty issue, i have to tell you to shut your mouth. >> you're going to have to shut me up pretty quickly. there is going to have to be a ball gag at some point because liberty and freedom are the most precious things we have. without our liberty, we cease to live. and i would argue that the fact that people's liberties have been so grossly compromised from the very old to the very young,d all these other traditions that have been worse for many people than the actual illness, and
4:31 pm
those need to be taken seriously. those need to be addressed by the medical professionals who are the ones we have placed the most trust, and certainly the most money in. dr. fauci makes a good bit of scratch. >> lawrence: he does make money, he has been there a long time, too. earlier today, the president of the united states was walking around arlington cemetery. it was a moment for the country, we always respect those folks that are there, but he had the mask on, and i began to ponder in my mind, if he has already been vaccinated, right, and you are encouraging more people to be vaccinated, why are you still wearing a mask if it is not a risk to the public, and you are outside, where no one is around? >> and i would say to the president, let the world see your beautiful face. >> lawrence: right. >> let people see that you are embracing this solemn moment without your mask. that's okay, because at some point, we are going to have to overcome some of the constraints
4:32 pm
that we have been living under. some of them are for our own safety. some of them, in this instance, or simply theater, and those are the things we have to sort of prune out of our daily lives, and people are smart. they know better. they can see through that stuff, and the more theater we have, the less people believe when there is a real crisis, and there is serious news that comes down. >> lawrence: you know, kennedy, last night on the program, i said the vaccine was a miracle. for them to accomplish this and do it so fast was a miracle. but the confidence in the vaccine is down. do you think that the white house is doing a good job right now to instill the confidence of the american people? >> no, it is critical that people have confidence in the vaccine, because the more people who are vaccinated, the more people can experience that wonderful hot freedom that you and i adore so much. the problem is, the vaccine
4:33 pm
delivery was undermined by the president and the vice president when they were still running and fall of 2020, and they were the ones who were questioning whether or not it would be effective because it was the trump vaccine, and that is the danger, when you politicize everything, you actually compromise people's long-term health, because that is a bell you cannot unring, and that is something that people don't forget. you have to work twice as hard, three times as hard, to re-message when you have blown it in the first place, and also, you know, people are still sitting around, reading headlines, they are not going to read three paragraphs income and it is a lot easier to get headlines when you say that these new vaccines are dangerous, because there were a few instances. >> lawrence: and that is how you sell hot, wet? >> hot freedom, baby. >> lawrence: kennedy will be on the fox business channel after this show. go ahead and turn the dial. >> thank you, lawrence. >> lawrence: that is my girl.
4:34 pm
thank you so much, my friend. remember that bombshell about the russians putting bounties on the heads of u.s. troops in afghanistan and the awful orange president didn't do anything about it? >> to say nothing of putting bounties on american troops. >> it's unbelievable. you he has to say anything. >> there were these bounties. >> not only does the president know that russia was paying for american soldiers' deaths, paying rewards for americans dead. the president knows it. he has been told. >> not only has he failed to sanction or impose any kind of consequences on russia with this egregious violation of international law. >> donald trump has talked at least six times to vladimir putin and never brought up the subject. joe biden would never do that. >> lawrence: well, today we
4:35 pm
learned that that story wasn't really true. courtesy of president biden's own intel community. you're now to discuss is johnny joey jones, retired u.s. marine and fox news contributor. brother, listen, i always -- i don't respect you just because you are a great human, but because you put your life on the line for us. how do you feel about -- as a soldier, them stirring the pot like this, and it was all not true? >> you know, that hillary clinton, that cliff really got to me, lawrence. what donald trump did, did he leave an ambassador and american heroes to die at an embassy -- no, never mind, that was her, wasn't it? they are outraged president trump did not form aggression against russia for what he did not know to be true. isn't that a novel idea to not go to work over things we do not know to be true? we have never had a problem with
4:36 pm
that. i did not go to two wars in iraq and afghanistan predicated on information that might not have been true. when joe biden made such a statement, which he has made plenty, it puts him in a hard spot when he actually becomes president, which he probably did not intend to do to begin with. is he going to do something with russia? no. we know the story is untrue. i worked as a marine bomb tech. there was a bounty on my head every single day that i went out. we used to dress a little bit differently for operational reasons, and we are told you can't do that because they know who the bomb techs are and they will pay the tell event to kill you. i don't really care if rush is the one doing that because we have bigger problems with russia, to be honest with you, and even though that is my l lis with russia are big and real and i would love to see the president do anything about it. they may trying to take over ukraine any day now, and here we are learning some of the things he has spoken about were not even true. >> lawrence: so, the question is, why?
4:37 pm
because, you know, i would say, you know, this is convenient, to say, all of a sudden, when the guy is out of office, oh, actually, we kind of messed up on the intel. this is not true. they were literally going on air every single day talking about this story and said the president doesn't care. by the way, the military support of the past president. so what was the motivation? >> well, the military supported president trump, but the intelligence community was at odds with president trump before day one. >> lawrence: of course. >> when you are building a narrative to impeach a president, so division, and delegitimize a legitimate election, every little yard and a football games get you to 100 yards on a touchdown, right? so every story they can fathom, conjure, create, manipulate, put out on headlines, do their media tour to pretend to be outraged, meanwhile u.s. troops are actually in combat and dying because of politicians' bad decisions, but every bit of it they can pin on trump, true or
4:38 pm
not, can be useful, and joe biden's president now, so maybe it was effective. and how many stories used against president trump were turned into something that wasn't true? many of them. president trump gave you plenty of reasons not to like him, you just have to make some good decisions along the way and they cannot let that happen either. >> lawrence: maybe if they spent more time focusing -- not the local culture in the military, the maybe they would get. anyway, we will talk about it. thanks, brother. >> take care. >> lawrence: now we were told this week that a number of child migrants held in the border patrol facilities are going down. that's great news. we celebrate it. but nobody asked where they were going. we just found out, and we will discuss it next. ♪ ♪ look at this human trying to get in shape. you know what he will get? muscle pain. give up, the couch is calling. i say, it's me, the couch, i'm calling. pain says you can't. advil says you can.
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♪ ♪ >> lawrence: less than three weeks ago, there were nearly 6,000 migrant children in border patrol custody. a staggering number that has now dropped 45%. so where did they all go? and how did they get out there so quickly? for one, many were transferred to hhs facilities, and a lot of them were flown there.
4:44 pm
one member of congress says he saw five migrant families on his plane ride back from the border. many of them holding signs asking for help with directions. and noting that we don't speak english. joining me now to discuss, new york congressman john katko. congressman, what exactly did you see? >> well, i am the head of the homeland security committee in congress for republicans, i lead a delegation to the border, and we went down on a fact-finding. around midnight one night, we came across a bunch of illegal aliens who just crossed the border. we were seeing for ourselves what is going on. one of them was a father and young son. he was brought to the donna processing facility, and within less than 12 hours or 16 hours, he was on a flight to dallas-fort worth, and from there, to philadelphia and new york. all they had was an envelope on the front saying they don't speak english, can help them come in on the back, their flight numbers and where they were going to.
4:45 pm
they have been thrust into that facility without a covid test, to our knowledge, i'm not sure he did ultimately have a test. it is clear not everyone is being tested. and what they are doing now is putting people on flights, and what is really remarkable about that is there putting them on flights, not always being tested for covid. at least 10% of the people ultimately tested our testing positive for covid, so highly likely there is a chance some of these people have covid on these flights. they are getting on flights, they don't have identification, which no american can do, and we found out that fema is paying for it through the money they get from ngo, the charities that are working with these individuals down on the border, so it is really remarkable. the only people in the united states of america who get on a flight with no identification, and a lot of times, nobody knows who they are, they could be on a terror watch list -- >> lawrence: forgive me, congressman, i don't mean to interrupt you, but i need you to paint this picture for the audience, these commercial flights, military flights? is border control escorting
4:46 pm
these individuals place to place? what exactly is happening? >> well, like i said, i give this is a case example of what happened that night. we saw that individual and his son that night, had come across the border illegally. they were processed at the donna processing facility, where they still have a tremendous, tremendous problem with 400%, 500% over capacity. they were kicked out of there by morning, sent to an airport, lost to an airport, commercial airport, dropped off at the airport, somehow, through security, even though they did not have i.d., put on commercial planes with others. on the plane ride -- on planes that our members were on, there were several families, at least five or six families on each plane. all of them with the envelopes. all of them going to certain destinations, and that is it. highly likely they were all tested, and it is clear they did not have identification, yet they were getting through -- getting through.
4:47 pm
it really is an unbelievable security breach. i spent the last six years in congress keeping this country as safe as i can come and definitely working as hard as i can to keep airlines safe. this is the biggest security gap i have seen since i've been in congress. >> lawrence: congressman, forgive my ignorance, but is this catch and release all over again? >> this is catch and release on turbo charge. really, the fact of the matter is, every single state in this country is now a border state, because these people are being sent there and they are not alerting authorities when they're sending them there. we found out a shipment of immigrants going up to michigan because a janitor at one of the facilities we are going to got tipped off the night before and called us, so i understand we have a crisis. i understand the crisis was born out of the president's executive orders on january 20th, but the fact of the matter is these people are being disseminated all over the country with no security checks, and by the way, no court dates to appear in court to answer to the fact they are here illegally, and that is
4:48 pm
how they are relieving the pressure at the donna facility, which is still 400% overcapacity. >> lawrence: congressman, our borders are, the vice president, kamala harris, says she has figured out what the problem is. it is climate change. do you agree? >> [laughs] when i first saw that, that indicates two things to me. she is not taking this situation seriously, and she clearly does not know what she is talking about because she has not been to the border. if you're going to make comments on what is going on, you have to get down to the border and see what we have seen. i've been down there twice, and the human tragedy caused by this executive order is stunning. it is a humanitarian crisis that we and this united states government has caused. january 20th was the catalyst. i have talked to literally hundreds of law enforcement, federal, state, and local, and all of them at the border are saying the catalyst for the surge at the border was january 20th. and with the president's executive orders were. they are coming across the border, they are not even
4:49 pm
running from us. when they see us, they are coming up to us and just giving themselves up because they know they are not going to get kicked out of the country, which is stunning, and it is against everything we think about, so for her to say that, it just defies logic. i highly suggest she goes down and takes a walk to the donna facility. more importantly, i highly suggest she goes on walks in the bush with us to see what we saw, and also to talk to the law enforcement officers who are killing themselves trying to get this done. >> lawrence: congressman, thank you so much. we are going to be following your leadership on this issue. thank you so much for being on the program. >> you got it. >> lawrence: coming up next, dog the bounty hunter joins me next. ♪ ♪ germ proof your car with armor all disinfectant. kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward. they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa.
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4:55 pm
that came out of chicago today. like all the tapes before, it is difficult to watch. i'm warning you now. but in my opinion, it is also worth watching, because this tape in particular keeps on rolling long after the young man is shot, and by the doing that it managed to capture a fuller picture of the human tragedy that takes place. watch. >> get down. hey, show me your [bleep] hands. stop it. get an ambulance up here now. look at me. are you all right? were you shot, man? stay with me, stay with me. >> an ambulance rolling. >> somebody get an ambulance now. stay with me. hey, stay awake. stay awake. i'm going to start cpr. i've got to get the chest going.
4:56 pm
come on, but, stay awake. >> lawrence: this is a real. that young boy's face. officers grief. what more can i say? perhaps this can spark and conversation about alternatives to deadly force. we cannot repair the wounds, but we should not be afraid of making the consequences less final today. one person who is extremely passionate about this issue, stopping criminals and saving lives, is duane chapman, also known as dog the bounty hunter. dog, thank you so much for joining the program. you're passionate about this. what is your solution?
4:57 pm
>> well, thank you, brother, very much. we are starting a campaign right now. it is called comment here is how you get hold of us, i have arrested over 8,000 fugitives in a 43 year career and have never shot anyone and killed them. we have used all nonlethal weapons. we are going to get the lead out of the bullet and repay replace it with rubber and/or wood. i have shown a thousand arrests on different networks in america in the last 15 years, and i have been attacked anywhere from machetes, shopping carts, guns, knives, i've shot a lot, but i've never killed no one, because on my team, you will not use a lethal weapon. it's not the gun that kills, or the office, it's the lead in the bullet. >> lawrence: yeah, dog, when you talk about this, a lot of officers, i know by going to the police academy, they get skeptical of these things.
4:58 pm
even our own sean hannity has proposed stuff similar to this, but officers think they need their guns, as well. so how do you send that message to officers that there is an alternative? >> well, you know, i think a lot of them know that. like right now, officers pull any kind of weapons. it doesn't work. you shoot someone right now, you've got a problem. so let's take the lead out of the bullet and protect it. you've seen me do it thousands of times. i've been attacked by armed fugitives, felons running at me, and shot many with nonlethal weapons. it works. all you need to do is get them down so you can cop 'em. you need to stop killing 'em. and i don't think they are killing them on purpose. as you know, brother, there is no such thing in america when you go to police academy as trained, you know, training to wound. all police are trained to kill, so let's take the lead out of their bullet. >> lawrence: yeah, you know, it is not just police officers
4:59 pm
that are trained. you get your chl, they teach you, you shoot center mass. it is hard to shoot in the leg and the arm. all those other parts of your body. but, real quickly on this, i know we are talking about the police officers, but you are a man of faith. you love this country, you love cops, you love the community. how do you think we can come together as americans? >> i think this is a bipartisan bill. who is going to want to keep the lead in so you can kill someone? who is going to do that? that will separate the men from the boys. i think every cop in america, every citizen, we've got to stop 'em. they are coming at you, they just robbed a store, kidnapping someone, you've got to stop them. a rubber bullet will stop 'em just like a lead bullet, but they will not die. of course, unless you hit someone right in the head. you hit someone in the head with anything and it's going to kill 'em, but you've got to get the lead out of that bullet.
5:00 pm
>> lawrence: dawn, brother, thank you so much for joining us on presenting a solution to a difficult problem. >> thank you, sir. >> lawrence: hope you come back. thank you. a difficult conversation to have. thank you for watching "fox news primetime." i'm lawrence jones. i will be right back here tomorrow. tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy thursday. evident epidemiologist chelsea clinton has called on social media giant facebook to ban this show. at why? because we ask obvious questions about the coronavirus vaccine. questions that were vindicated about three hours ago, you can't make it up, and we are not. we got details for you in just a moment. but first, tonight, things are changing fast, in case you haven't noticed. much too fast, actually, people can't


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