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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 15, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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keep them from escalating out of control. there are also areas where russia and the united states can and should work together. for example, in the early stage of my administration we were able to move quickly to extend for five years the new start treaty and maintain that key element of nuclear stability between our nations. that was in the interest of the united states, russia and quite frankly of the world. and we got it done. when i spoke to president putin, i expressed my belief that communication between the two of us personally and directly was to be essential in moving forward to a more effective relationship, and he agreed on that point. to that end, i propose that we meet in person this summer in europe for a summit to address a range of issues facing both of our countries. our teams are discussing that possibility right now. and out of that summit, were to occur, and i believe it will,
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the united states and russia could launch a strategic stability dialogue to pursue cooperation and arms control and security. we can address critical global challenges that require russia and the united states to work together, including reining in nuclear threats from iran and north korea, and ending this pandemic globally, and meeting the existential crisis of climate change. i also made clear to president putin that the united states is unwavering in our support of our allies and part herners in europe. in that vein, i expressed concern about russia's military buildup on ukraine's border. occupying an occupied crimea. i affirmed u.s. support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine. and i strongly urge to refrain from any military action. now is the time to deescalate. the way forward is to thoughtful dialogue and diplomatic process. the u.s. is prepared to
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continue, constructively to move toward that process. my bottom line is this: it's in the interest of the united states to work with russia. we should and we will, where russia seeks to violate the interest of the united states, we will respond. we will always stand in defense of our country, our institutions, our people and our allies. thank you very much for your time. >> mr. president, did president putin give you any indication in that call that he is willing to change his behavior? >> we indicated we would talk about it. i laid out as i said very simply, i told him i said during the campaign i said when he called to congratulate me on being elected, i said subsequent to that this last conversation that if it turned out that he was engaged in activities that he had been accused of in cyber security and solar winds, and in
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interfering in our elections that i would respond in kind. i urged him to respond appropriately, not to exceed. because we can move as well. my hope and expectation is we will be able to work out a modus operandi and it's important that we have direct talks and that we continue to be in contact with one another. thank you. >> thank you. >> pardon me? >> why [inaudible] [inaudible] >> north stream 2 is a complicated issue affecting our allies in europe, i have been opposed to north stream 2 for a long time. from the beginning. when i was -- even when i was out of office and even before office. even before i left office as vice president. but, that still is an issue that is in play. thank you very much. >> greg: welcome to the "the
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five." that inspired confidence that was president biden talking about new sanctions against russia. we will follow the story if there is any information. in the meantime, let's talk about this. democrats rolling out a plan that would allow them to pack the supreme court with liberal justices. >> the republicans stole two seats on the supreme court and now it is up to us to repair that damage. we must expand the court and we must abolish the filibuster to do it. >> i wish we didn't have a far right supreme court majority that is hostile to democracy itself, but here we are. >> some people would say we are packing the court. we are not packing it. we are unpacking it. >> greg: republicans are lining up to blast the idea. >> they are introducing a bill to add four new seats to the supreme court so that democrats can pack the court. destroy its legitimacy and guarantee the rulings that liberals want. >> it will be the end of the supreme court's legitimacy and
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the end of the rule of law in america. >> i think it's a terrible idea. he made the supreme court basically a political football. >> greg: darn it, dana. i wanted -- i had a little joke to introduce you with you about we're not going to do it because we're just going to get right in it. >> dana: next time you will say next time. >> greg: something about deep sea diving into a test tube. all right, so with dagen, jesse, and the great harold ford jr. harold, you are a unicorn, meaning you are a modern democrat that doesn't make the world scream. so, if this -- if the party continues down this far left path, how long before you are no longer welcome in it? >> harold: well, there is a lot there let me up pack it since interest is a lot of talk 'pack. >> dana: pack the court. >> first it's a bad idea. it was bad when president roosevelt attempted to do it. it's bad now. we should understand where it comes from. i hope that a compromise might
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emerge from this. first off, i think the country will learn a lot about how our court system is organized as the commission analyzes it. quarreling about the people on the commission are they too liberal or too moderate or not moderate enough. we will have education experience understanding how our circuit. supreme court smaller number. education around that what i hope comes out of it, jesse, that maybe we can go back to the rule that both my senator graham and leader mcconnell laid out a few years ago. we should not confirm justices in an election year. if that rule had been adhered to, i think you would find it really, really difficult for some democrats to even consider doing what some of them laid out today. let me be clear. i'm opposed to it but i understand where it's coming from. there is a way to fix it. we should set out a rule about who can be confirmed and at what period of time they can be confirmed and stick to it. >> greg: all right. let's go to greg up in the
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corner there. [laughter] i look at all of these moves, whether it's the d.c. statehood or the supreme court packing. it's not to enhance democracy but to expand and preserve power. isn't that obvious? >> jesse: it's so obvious and watch my show gutfeld exclamation point tonight at 11:00. we will have some great guests. i don't know who should be more insulted me or you or harold ford jr. >> harold: i apologize, look, i can't see. i heard what you said yesterday, jesse. i heard what you said yesterday. >> jesse: we're going to have to upgrade your studio then, harold. [laughter] >> jesse: greg, i love the line we are not trying to pack the court. we are trying to unpack it they should say we are not raising taxes. we are cutting taxes and the media will probably parrot it pelosi is not putting this on the floor. biden is not going for it. it's dead. shows you how tyrannical the
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instincts are of the far left. not content with having full control over hollywood, academia, big tech, big media. the house, the senate, the white house, they are targeting the supreme court. because if they can pack the supreme court, they can just nuke socialism through and nuke pelosi's election law power grab through, and you will never have another republican in the white house again. and exactly as you said, this is what this is. the democratic party is basically a monopoly that needs to be busted up. and right now you have a situation where the far left is so bloodthirsty that they can't even stand a little bit of power because that power, that conservative majority interprets the constitution strictly. they believe the constitution is an obstacle for socialism. so they want a just in there that is going to reimagine race and gender and precedent and individual rights and create
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whatever fantasy he or she wants from there. it is ironic though the same people that are pushing this were the ones howling about trump trashing institutions now within the first 100 days of taking power they want to abolish the police, the filibuster, and pack the court. this couldn't be done by a, let's say less impressive group of people. johnson, marky, jerry nadler, as donald trump would say they are not sending their best. this isn't going to happen. but republican also get a lot of traction on this. they are going to just believe these democrats dry in the midterms running ads. no one agrees with it at all. >> greg: you know, dana, do you know what gets my goat pee sides my brand new goat trap? all the people who pretend to be about honesty and transparency and they hated trump and they appreciated joe, yet, it was trump who told everybody exactly what he was going to do and then he tried to do it.
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whereas joe told everybody what he was going to do and is now doings the opposite. he was supposed to be a centrist. he was supposed to unify herb. if is he a centrist, i'm amish, he has gone so completely far left. i don't know if he knows what he is at this point. >> dana: if your amish, i can't think of anything. >> greg: a satanist. >> dana: i think about karl rove's column this morning in the "wall street journal" in which he said it could turn out that joe biden end up being the most partisan president ever. i don't think that's what he necessarily intended but that's where the party is going. but you saw how quickly today nancy pelosi was like yeah, not happening. why? because she can count votes. she knows she only has a very narrow majority i think only two seats now. the judicial crisis network is going to spend a million dollars regardless talking about this crackpot idea and making sure everybody in america knows everything about it. i am a little surprised that jerry nadler decided to jump on board this. to me that adds a patina of
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legitimacy of this. before pelosi could have just said like she does with the squad yeah, please two and too something else. you are berg me. i have got things to do over here. the fact that the republicans are now going to be able to press every single democrat and say do you support this? do you support this? and they are all going to have to be on record saying it, it's a completely unforced error and i think joe biden doing the commission was sort of like basically trying to placate but now he is going -- i think he is going to have to take a much stronger stance and say i'm not doing it. >> greg: dagen, as you heard dana mentioned the patina, the patina of whether a? >> legitimacy. >> greg: legitimacy sounds like the name of a mystery novel the patina, i don't know what i'm talking about at this point, dagen. save me, tell me what you think of this court-packing. san diego taking patina is my safe word so that's a little weird. i think that -- i think that
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this legislation is a way to intimidate the court what we heard today from congress it's a way to threaten the justices on the court on, say, rulings, judicial review of left wing policies and the cases they take up because, this all started in 2019. this is before amy coney barrett at her confirmation this. has nothing to do with that this was led by sheldon whitehouse and the senate along with mazie hirono, richard blumenthal, kirsten gillibrand and now head of the judiciary committee dick dermot. they have sent out amicus brief to the court threatening the justices saying if you take up this gun rights case out of new york, we will restructure the court. so this group, this handful of
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senators threatened the court with packing. and it was so bad, in fact, that sam alito called them out on it. so that's what they are trying to do. and it actually worked. because the chief justice joined the liberals and backed away from ruling on that new york gun case. so this is what they are up to. they are trying to basically intimidate the justices about what cases they take up to not make rulings that would help conservatives, if you will. but this party, i call them -- these democrats the party of ariewk assault. spoiled brats, i want it and i want it now. >> dana: amicus is my safe word. [laughter] >> greg: terrible. all right. coming up, you don't even know what a safe word is, dana. >> dana: i watch billions, i know. >> greg: agitators haunting
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with a pig's head on a steak to taunt the police. take a listen to this guy. is he joking? if he is, it's not funny. >> you have been out here. have you been out here the last couple of days? >> yeah. well, i have been here all four nights. i'm just standing here today with soup for my family. we are watching all this unfold it's very unfortunate. >> you are not planning on using it throwing it at the police. >> like i said it's for my family. >> what do they want? >> i don't understand what just happened there. maybe i don't know the context of it. but it's the wink suggests that he was throwing it why did the cnn person call him out on that? i don't know. or maybe he was winking about something else that i don't even know about. the fact is these riots are a big win for news. you get a rating that's better than your normal awful programming if you are cnn. you get journalists who are on
2:20 pm
camera who get to play correspondent as if they left the country oh, here i am in a war zone. do i get an emmy and everyone now expects riots including even the insurance companies and activist make money too. we are witnessing something like that is going to become mundane and regular controlled mayhem and destruction. no one sees an end to this because why should they you know because they are so rare when you are talking about a couple of dozen out of tens of millions you have to play the spectacle up. you have to get more bang for the buck or buck for the bang. >> dagen: harold, i think it was a representative from daunte wright's family suggested that the unrest and the rioting helped lead to the charging of this officer. and what do you make of that? does that foment more violence in other places, the suggestion of that? >> harold: well, i hope that's
2:21 pm
not the case i hope that whatever charges that were brought were based on fact and proof and the standards that they have there in the state of minnesota. look, again, we talked a little bit about this yesterday. and i have heard jesse say before on this show as we talked about the number of unharmed and/or armed black and/or white americans who have been shot or killed by police officers. and i think the number, jesse quoted might have been 200 whites and 100 blacks. the number is obviously more whites. buff the reality is there are almost five times as many white americans. i'm not hoping there would be five times as many deaths but look at the numbers in some -- with some context, too. i hope i never hear this story. i know i'm 50 years old. i have never heard a story where an unarmed white teenager or young white man was shot by a black police officer being pulled over for traffic stop. i don't want any of these things to happen. so the context of this, dagen,
2:22 pm
we got to think about where we are. and if the facts you laid out, if what you presentside correct, that's wrong. that should not be why charges have been brought there has been some criticism of that mayor there in brooklyn city. i get some of that. but he went out and said peaceful protest will be loved -- i mean will be supported and anybody is not going to be condemned and arrested. that's what we have to do and hopefully the violence will stop. i wish i had an answer. i know we all wish we had an answer to it langer and rage looks like it's going to continue until people feel comfortable that there are reforms and laws that protect people. >> dagen: city manager said due process, jesse and he was fired. >> jesse: just to respond to harold and black americans are committing higher percentage of the violent crime in those densely packed inner cities which accounts for the discrepancy in that ratio that you just mentioned. but when we play that video at the top, yeah, donald trump last summer said protesters were throwing cans of soup at police.
2:23 pm
and the media mocked him for that and now you see a guy holding up chunky's or i don't know, chicken noodle, whatever that was and winking at the camera. again, chock that up to another trump i told you. so there was a real eye opening poll done by abc, support for black lives matter nearly a year after george floyd's death has dropped like a rock. support for police has skyrocketed. now, more americans, 20% more americans support police than they support black lives matter. and i attribute that to one thing. the riots. the riots coincided with this surge in violent crime across the nation and it's alienated a lot of people that could be allies of the black lives matter movement. black people, hispanic people, white americans. because at the core, black lives matter is a legitimate protest and it's necessary. but they are turning off everybody by throwing cans of soup, lighting things on fire and destroying minority businesses. so i would suggest, because you
2:24 pm
know they come to me for advice, the black lives matter movement, i would suggest that they go back to the 1960s in the civil rights nonviolent protest, the sit-ins. the marchs, that actually got something changed. what has black lives matter actually changed on a policy level? nothing. it just divided people and made people angry. so maybe taking take a page out of that playbook. >> dagen: dana? >> dana: i feel like the it circuit breaker in minnesota you will have on monday closing argue. notice the derek chauvin trial that's happening 50 miles from where they protests are happening right now in brooklyn center and so regardless of that verdict, i think that everyone should be prepared for a lot more of this to come unfortunately. >> dagen: unfortunately. >> greg: good for ratings. >> dagen: who cares. >> greg: we don't. but there is another network
2:25 pm
that does. there is another network that is making bonuses off of it. >> dagen: indeed. straight ahead, a big blowup on capitol hill with dr. fauci over when we can get back to normal ♪ ♪♪ it's velveeta shells & cheese versus the other guys. ♪♪ clearly, velveeta melts creamier. oh!
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back. there was a big blow up on capitol hill today when dr. fauci was pressed on when he thinks the country will get back to normal. >> where does it get to? when it comes down at what number do we get our liberties back tell me the number. >> when 9% of the members of coming get vaccinated. >> you are not a doctor mr. clyburn who is. >> thank you for recognizing me mr. clyburn. >> chair now recognizings. >> my question is. >> reclaiming my time.
2:30 pm
reclaiming my time. >> regular order. regular order. >> no. >> just a moment. >> mr. chairman i don't want to you answer my question. the american people want dr. fauci to answer the question. >> your time has expired, sir. >> you need to respect the chair and shut your mouth. >> day began, there is a reason that congress has the worst approval rating. i mean, wow. it's a race to the bottom and one of them is going to win it. >> dagen: everybody loves to hear themselves talk, don't they? there is nobody waiting around for tony fauci to tell them it's okay to go out and eat in a restaurant. well, maybe there are a few people who have fauci altars in their basement and busy watching cnn. but if you have been vaccinated, go to the golden skillet and get a chili dog or some chicken. but this is -- these are people, look at tony fauci, he is quickly sling into haptsastic
2:31 pm
relevancy. he will do anything to hang on the fame he gained. >> dana: he couldn't answer the question because the members were going after each other, harold. >> dagen: we are all better for it that he didn't. one thing about -- i don't think that fauci has read the room. i don't think he has paid attention to what's going on in the country. little old ladies who have been vaccinated in my building they don't wear a mask anymore and they just do this v for victory. v for vaccine. >> dana: harold, when maxine waters uses that kind of language in a hearing room, that's -- i mean, the decorum and civility is something maybe i'm old fashioned but what do you think? >> harold: you know, i'm old fashioned, also, i was there -- i was once there. when your time is up you should stop talking. i didn't see anything other than the clip maybe jim jordan asked the question before his time ran out. it doesn't sound like he did. i saw two members today and some of it came from our prep for
2:32 pm
this. first that when you are fully vaccinated you have less than 0.1% chance of getting covid. and i think jesse, my combo jesse greg made that point yesterday on the show as well. the second thing i saw that was alarming was 45% of republicans say that they don't want to get the vaccine. so we have got to figure out a way. i was pleased a few weeks ago when president trump and leader mcconnell urged all americans, particularly republicans to get the vaccine. whatever we settle on is the safest numbers 50%, 70%, 80%, i'm fortunate to be a few days away from being fully vaccinated two weeks after the second shot. my wife got her second shot today. we want to get there i think getting vaccinated is probably a big part of the solution. >> dana: i get mine tomorrow. you did prep, harold. and you say you are old fashioned. i want to go to new fashion and, jesse, just kidding, jesse, what
2:33 pm
do you think of all of this? >> jesse: i would agree with harold. it's hard for knee say but he is dead on. you can get vaccinated and go back to normal. this was eye opening, this hearing. could you imagine if jim jordan told maxine to shut her mouth that would be the lead story. >> dana: for days. >> jesse: are fauci says 60,000 new infections a day, is he not comfortable with that level. mostly those new infections are younger americans and that's gadd thing. he said what number would you be comfortable with? when can we get our rights back? go to church? open a business? freedom of speech and assembly? fauci didn't give him a number because, dana, he doesn't have a number. in fauci's world things can't go back to normal even if one american has covid-19. that's the point. fauci is too narrowly focused he has tunnel vision. he is risk averse, he is a terrible investor, a terrible general and he is obsessed with just this at the expense of everything else.
2:34 pm
but that obsession with this pandemic mentality, that synchs up with the media. will justifies the emergency blockbuster spending and corporate america wants to keep it this way, too. because they are making a lot of money in remote economy at the expense of small business and mid cap business. that's what this is about. >> dana: hotels, greg was talking to a driver today who said there is no business travel. no foreign travel. there is no tourism. we are going into the second year of this and you know, i know you have friends that own restaurants, we have got to figure out a way to be able to get vaccinated and get back to normal. >> greg: we also need to have foot traffic. >> dana: yeah. >> greg: because, you know, i remember getting in these arguments over the broken
2:35 pm
windows theory and how the broken windows theory wasn't correct. well, i think this last year has proved that when a city goes down hill, it continues to go down hill. when you allow the graffiti to keep going and the windows to break and the stuff to shut down, and then the foot traffic decreases and then what you have is you have a lot of real sinister stuff going around right outside your door. fauci, in his defense, and other people have said this before, he is not a leader. he is not a leader. and a leader has to make decisions that have a risk, right? they have to look at the cost and benefits of everything. all he does is he looks at the cost because that's all he has been trained to do. but, intelligent people who then move on to a position of leadership understand that there is no such thing as zero risk. there is no such -- i mean, there is a comparison to the riots in the sense that no one wants to address the statistical
2:36 pm
analysis of anything anymore. we are allergic to statistics. i mean, the amount of side effects with the vaccine is rare. one tourism, one blood clot for every million it sounds awfully similar to when you are discussing police brutality or just about anything. we are living in a society where we do not understand that risk is part of your life and that oftentimes if you try eliminate that one thing, the one in a million, you allow for other risks to increase. so ie defunding the police might get you down to zero, but what happens with crime? that all comes up. everything is a cost benefit equation and you can't expect a bureaucrat to do that. out of their pay grade. >> dana: good talk, everyone. up next nhl legend brett favre sounding off saying fans are sick of politics in sports. ♪ cold beer calling my name
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♪ it's not unusual to be loved ♪ it's not unusual to have fun with anyone ♪ >> harold: welcome back. nfl legend brett favre says leagues and athletes should keep politics out of sports. take a look. >> i think both sides, for the most part, want to see it just remain about the sport not about politics. i know when i turn on a game, i want to watch the game. i think the general fan feels the same way. >> harold: let's run around the clock here. i know we have run out of time.
2:42 pm
jesse, what's your thoughts on this? >> jesse: well, i don't like politics in sports but i will still watch. the entire eagles team could join antifa in the off season and i would still tune in on sunday but that's just me. i blame the owners more than i blame the players. because let's say you own a restaurant and all your wait staff starts kneeling and saluting black lives matter, any politically charged mantra, right in the middle of taking people's drink orders? are you kidding me? that's going to send people out of the restaurant. not while you are wearing my logo and not while you are workings on my property. hang it up. and do you know what happened after that happened? five years later after politics intruded on the nfl? ratings down an average 4 million a week. those are big numbers. >> harold: dana, what do you think about this? >> dana: i would like more sports in my politics. because then maybe politics won't be so annoying.
2:43 pm
[laughter] >> harold: well, look, today is the 64th anniversary, i think of jackie robinson breaking the color barrier. hasn't politics always been in sports and is there a point that can be made there, greg, as you think at how we ought to kind of reconcile this issue? >> greg: i think. so my solution though is to find sports and enjoy sports that are immune to politics like ice yachting, if you have never participated in ice yachting, it's a slow burn. you will get into it but there is no politics whatsoever because you are freezing your ass off. all right. so here's the issue. harold, i agree with you that there is a place for it but the most absurd sports story of last year all you will remember about it was how ugly it was. it was about race, it was about a noose found in a garage at a racetrack. and it for a week it just went on and on and on.
2:44 pm
and we were covering this story. we all knew that this was all a mistake. it was a handle for a garage. but because our culture is now immersed and obsessed with race, it's a different time that it is now seeping into every crevice and corner of you are lives so even a racetrack where a guy -- an african-american driver shows up and one of his friends says hey, there is a noose that is a direct result of us becoming having race on the brain now we can see it anywhere. that's the consequence of this, harold, is that we have a now focused on one variable and one variable only everything else is suffering because of it especially me. >> harold: day began, do you have thoughts on this? >> dagen: i have lots of thoughts but i will be brief. greg, to your point that was nascar management screwed up.
2:45 pm
>> greg: right. taking san diego everybody in the garage area knew it wasn't put there for bubba wallace because i was talking to people on the phone who work in nascar and right after that noose was found. but they jumped on it and they didn't take a breath and they didn't let calm heads prevail. same thing happened with major league baseball and rob manfred, he moved that game to denver based on a lie. and do you know what? i generally like nascar, football, basketball baseball, hockey, golf, i will even wash a fishing tournament. i hate baseball but just to stick it to rob manfred and the leadership, i will go to atlanta to a braves became and i will stay down there and eat until i have gained another 20 pounds. [laughter] >> harold: let's hope whatever you want to happen i happen i hope that does not happen. but the fastest is up next. ♪ you'll always be my baby
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♪ let's have a party ♪ let's have a party >> jesse: welcome back. time for the fastest. first up, who wears shorts shorts? men are getting in on the action as the fashion trend makes a big comeback this. is up star showing off his legs and here is dwayne, the rock, johnson. i would actually like to take credit for starting this trend here i am in pink short shorts last april. i don't think those are short shorts, those were shortened because i was sitting down. all right. dana perino, when you see a guy with shorts about maybe 6 inches, a little mid thigh, what goes through your mind. >> i have been noticing this trend a lot the instructor's short were getting shorter and shorter. i knew this was coming. i feel bad for greg. do you know how hard it is for greg to find short shorts for him it's nearly impossible. '. >> jesse: he has to shop in the
2:51 pm
kids section. >> dana: unless you are the situation. >> jesse: greg, have you never worn shorts that go above your knee, have you? >> greg: the human body is a glorious thing. and i am not interested -- i mean, why would i give that away for free, right? >> dana: fair enough. >> greg: do you know what i'm saying? but this morning was particularly disgusting because kilmeade came n his daisy dukes and, you know, where the pockets are actually longer than the cutoff. >> jesse: i hate that. >> greg: they look like two sheep tongues dripping down. it's disgusting. i say i'm an old guy, bring back the hot pants. >> jesse: we will have to send kilmeade the employee hand peculiar aren't we, dagen? >> dagen: i don't get close enough to him to give him the employee handbook. i will leave that up to you. i'm an old enough gal to remember battle of the networks
2:52 pm
stars '70s edition. >> greg: great shorts. >> dagen: great shorts there. if you are going to do short shorts, gentlemen, you can't do all upper bodier or no lower body otherwise they are going to call you a lollipop big up top and then you have stick downtown. >> jesse: harold ford jr. never skips leg day; isn't that right? >> jesse, greg, you know me well. how did you figure that out so quickly. i'm not a short shorts guy. scott baio used to win those battle of the networks. i used to watch that too, dagen. i loved that show. >> dagen: see? >> jesse: if you are in though short shorts chubbies has all the short shorts you can handle. one more thing is up next tequila ♪ ♪
2:53 pm
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>> greg: emt did. b. >> dana: george w. bush has a new book out called 43. out of one a portrait of america's immigrants, he personally painted 43 immigrants and shares their stories which are so well written. it's wonderful. here is a short clip of an interview that will air i will tell you when after this. >> on the carpet? >> no, no, he is not. >> i'm a painter. >> has he painted you, mrs. bush. >> he has it wasn't that successful so he hasn't tried it again. >> very conscious of making sure that the portrait satisfied the person i painted when i painted her she was very -- about it. >> have you painted your grandchildren? >> i have. i painted mila and poppy. i painted jenna. i painted barbara. i think they are good paintings. they are not so sure. >> painted marvin. >> painted marv jeb. >> he painted marvin's dogs they
2:58 pm
were so ugly marvin wouldn't accept the painting. [laughter] >> it was a darn good painting. the dogs were ugly, not the painting. is was happy to take it back. taken deign we talk a lot about the immigrants as well that was a little bit that will air on sunday night april 25th 10:00 p.m. >> greg: jesse. >> jesse: never paint your wife. you are always going to lose there. all right, jess' feeding frenzy, let's see it here we go. so, yesterday, we showed you some footage of a woman who went viral because she had a recipe for salad which included putting popcorn in the salad. and i said i was going to cook this up and apparently my mouth wrote a check that my butt couldn't cash. i looked at the ingredients and thought there is no way i'm doing this. i did what all tv hosts do. they have their producer do it. so, christina cooked up a little popcorn salad for me and i'm going to try it right now. it actually looks pretty good.
2:59 pm
>> dana: are you serious? it is so food. we should fire her so she pursue as career in culinary arts. it's online. this sunday columbia speedway columbia, south carolina. tickets are available at g great live show reschedules many times now it's happening with tom shillue i do have time for this don't i greg's yummy dessert recipes. i'm so excited take a look ben and jerry's has a new ice cream flavor have you seen it? i had it last night it's fruity gerbil crunch. isn't that sphwussing? what kind of person would do that? >> dana: that is disgusting. >> greg: harold, do you have 15
3:00 pm
second pass or go for it. >> harold: 30 years ago lsu fiji brothers paid off the mortgage of their fraternity cook ms. jesse hamilton. bless you and bless your family. >> dana: that's a great story. >> greg: sorry, dagen, next time. all right, "special report" is up next with a guy named bret baier. good evening welcome to washington i'm bret baier democrats are calling democratic proposals to expand the number of justices on the u.s. supreme court an assault on judicial independence. several democrats are bringing forward a bill to add four new seats to the supreme court which would be selected by president biden and confirmed by a democrat run senate already seeking to eliminate the filibuster. kristin fisher has details on this tonight live from the north lawn. kristin. >> few things


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