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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 15, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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effort goes down in flames jerry nadler can retire and move to florida like every other new yorker i know. that is all-time we have tonight. set your dvr every monday through friday at 10:00 pm eastern, never miss an episode of the ingraham angle, greg goodfeld takes it all from here. carley: democrats expected to release their plan to pack the supreme court, live outside the high court, what president biden called the bonehead idea. jillian: a fourth night of chaos in minnesota, 2 dozen arrestors protests over the death of doctor a right rage on. the latest unrest as the officer involved heads to court today. new video shows another migrant child dropped over the border
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wall so where is the president and vice president. republicans want to know, "fox and friends first" want to know. ♪♪ where have you been ♪♪ >> they pick the funniest song. i haven't heard this song in 10 years. who picked it? i demand to know. good morning. you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. ashley: we start with this today, democrats announce a plan to add four justices to the supreme court, republicans are furious calling the court packing move a power grab. griff jenkins joins us with what we know about democrats plan. >> so much for president biden's
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commission to study packing the court, democrats are plowing forward. later today at the desk of the high court, democrats led by senator ed marky and jerry mather, will unveil their plan to add four justices to the court bringing the total to 13. here's the current makeup of the high court, the six conservatives, and the three liberals, sotomayor, alana kagan and breyer. this is a far cry from his views when as a senator of the judiciary committee had this to say about it. >> it was a bonehead idea. it was a terrible terrible mistake to make. >> as recent as the campaign trail in october of last year he wasn't willing to embrace it.
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>> the court packing when the election is over, there's never been a court appointment once an election has begun. >> the idea doesn't sit well with justices. in 2019 justice ruth bader ginsburg, liberal icon famously said 9 seems to be a good number and last year justice breyer shot down the idea thing structural change motivated by politics would erode trust in the institution. last night jim jordan had this to say. >> they don't have control of the supreme court they will add four people to the court, they control everything. this is a radical takeover of our country and we better stop them. >> stopping it may not be that difficult because if this were to get off the ground and get the senate, 50/50 split senate and they would need 60 votes to change the makeup of the high court. >> judge janine is fired up about this in court packing will
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dramatically change politics giving one part of the green light to carry out its agenda. >> what this would mean is we would have another legislative body in the united states. the left will have the ability to have a court which is nothing more than a legislative leaning body that will approve all the issues they are trying to make across the board in the united states. we will no longer have a supreme court based on the number of justices, depending on who the president is. it will all be leaning towards the person who is in office and has the power. this is madness. >> the last president who pushed to pack the court was fdr in the 1930s, the vote of course failed. fox news alert, the biden administration preparing to announce sanctions on russia to the white house putting together its first major retaliation
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against moscow for election interference, the sanctions are expected to target russian intelligence and government officials. rescue efforts continue for 12 missing crewmembers from the capsized commercial vessel. one body has been filled. coast guard releasing new video from aircraft searching for survivors off the coast of louisiana. a lift used to transport workers toilets and platforms flipped over amid high winds, six people have been rescued. the fox news alert, anti-police protests continue for a fourth night across the us. the overnight demonstrations follow the rest of the minnesota officer involved in the done to write shooting, former officer charged with manslaughter. carley shimkus joins us live with more. >> reporter: another night of chaos as hundreds gather outside the police department for a
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fourth straight night. protests turning violent finite fall, people lobbing water bottles and fireworks at police. officers responding by firing pepper spray and to the crowd. fox's lauren blanchard experiencing the intense police presence firsthand. >> as we were trying to make our way out, police stopped everyone trying to get out, we were argued out of our cars on to our knees, onto the ground, had to have our hands up. >> reporter: 24 people were arrested, no reports of looting. police in right gear confronted 100 protesters in front of police headquarters. in albany police used pepper spray after rioters broke through as former officer kimberly potter is charged with second-degree manslaughter in the shooting death of daunte wright. potter replicated her responsibility to protect the public when she used her firearm
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rather than her taser. her action caused the unlawful killing of mister wright and she must be held accountable. daunte wright's family attorney responding. >> if ever there was a time in america when the police should be on their greatest behavior it should be now. >> reporter: congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez joining the course of people blasting police calling law enforcement and indefensible system that grants impunity for violence. potter has been released on 100,$000 bond, her home wrapped with barricades and concrete fencing, her first court appearance scheduled for today. >> accused of shooting an officer in custody, joshua was shot in the chest shoulder and neck during a traffic stop.
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you stable but others in the car fled the scene and carjacked 61-year-old robin, later showed up to a local police station with multiple gunshot wounds died. he's being held on bond. border patrol arresting three ms 13 gang members attempting to cross the southern border, two of them including the one you see here regarding california. the other in texas as border patrol agents, 18 adults and two children stuffed into a trailer bed at a border checkpoint. tough to look at. johnson & johnson's covid 19 vaccine in limbo as a panel investigates whether it is linked to a rare blood clot disorder. the advisory panel sizzle make a decision in a week on whether the vaccine is safe. distribution of shots will remain on pause was halted earlier this week after 6 women developed a blood clot disorder following the shot.
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doctor marty mc harry will join us with more on that in the next hour. jillian: want to know what is going on. time is 4:08, president biden announcing all us troops will be out of afghanistan by september 11th. >> the united states will begin our final withdrawal on may 1st of this year. we will do it responsibly, deliberately and safely. >> reporter: could ending the 20 year will lead to more threats? dan hoffman worked in the cia and said this is a risky decision. he explains next. >> a 93-year-old veteran gets his high school diploma. the problem moment coming up. ♪♪ puck home
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jillian: present biden announcing all us troops will leave afghanistan by september 11th. the plan is being called reckless by some as it faces backlash. >> good morning. president biden did announce his plan to withdraw all us forces from afghanistan by september. reports indicate the commander-in-chief's decision in contrast to views held by many in the top military brass who think a small american president should state to deter the taliban from attacks. so far unsuccessful peace talks between the taliban and you get government president biden said us forces will defend themselves should violence occurred during the withdrawal. >> we cannot continue to cycle of extended were expanding our
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military presence in afghanistan hoping to create ideal conditions for the withdrawal and expecting a different result. >> biden visited arlington national cemetery after making the announcement where he laid a wreath. he specifically went to section 60 where many of the american soldiers killed in afghanistan were laid to rest. 's decision to completely pull out of america's longest war came amid political backlash from critics in washington over the decision. >> every terrorist camp in the world is on steroids today is out. >> president biden and white house note he spoke president obama and bush ahead of this change, the us won't be completely uninvolved in afghanistan. we saw anthony blinken and us defense secretary lloyd austin
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speaking with nato allies. they made clear the united states planes to pay the salaries of afghan security forces and start accepting afghan asylum-seekers. >> let's bring in dan hoffman, good to see you, thanks for being here. >> the president is receiving praise and criticism, where do you stand on this. do you think this was the right decision and what do you think of announcing publicly the date? >> announcing the date is the administration would have had to do because we are going to start withdrawing our troops, it is a long logistical process. i have less of a problem with that but a greater problem with the fact that afghanistan is still home to al qaeda, al qaeda's leaders still at large, isis is still a threat there and i still believe we need a forward deployed presence but i would draw a distinction between that in endless war to detect
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threats and preempt them before they are visited on our shores when we remove our forces we will degrade our intelligence and other collection on al qaeda and isis and the overriding concern is to deny them a safe haven from which to launch attacks against us as they did on 9/11. >> a lot of people talk about the fact that donald trump also wanted to pull troops out of afghanistan. in your mind what is the difference between what donald trump want to do and what president biden is doing? >> that is true that donald trump wanted to remove those troops and never those even within his own party who were critical of that decisicision b the decision was conditions based, dependent on the initiation of an intra-afghan dialogue on which the long-term future stability of afghanistan and by announcing the withdrawal of our troops we've seen the taliban has withdrawn from negotiations, they will not participate in the conference in istanbul scheduled for later
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this month? >> your take on what general jack kane had to say. >> this decision is misguided because it is reckless and shameful because we are abandoning the afghan government and in my mind is a surrender to the telegram. >> a number of people say this is a reckless move and i question what does our national security situation look like without boots on the ground considering it has been 20 years? >> i would highlight during the obama administration during the surge there were 10 times as many troops so we have withdrawn considerably. the afghan study group led by a retired marine general concluded of the united states and nato were to withdraw that afghanistan would become a base for terrorist operations from 18 months to 3 years so that is a pretty clear and concise level
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of concern for national security if we follow this decision the biden administration has made. carley: the us will announce sanctions against russia over election interference, hacking and other activities. 10 russian diplomats to be expelled. your take on this. >> this is the result of the solar wind hack which was a massive intrusion in cyberspace targeting the united states government, critical infrastructure including the department of energy. the united states and russia have a history of spying against each other the resulting diplomatic expulsions but in this case the biden administration wants to make it clear our level of concern particularly whether russia chooses to weapon eyes this information. this was a russian foreign
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intelligence spr operation but to weapon eyes this intelligence and cause great harm to our nation is why the biden administration is pursuing this decision and expect russia to follow up in time and expel our officials from moscow as well. carley: thank you for joining us. benjamin: mass curriculum in california could include dismantling racism. we will tell you about the plan for woke education and launching an effort to unseat a member of their own school board. my one mom stepping up her kids coming up. ♪♪
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>> virginia parents group wanting a campaign to unseat school board members over school reopenings and an ongoing dispute over quick a race theory after six members were exposed for targeting an woke parent had a secret facebook group, education member and mother of 3, good morning. >> thanks for having me back. >> i want to get to this out of the gate, one of the facebook posts from the group says, quote, infiltrate and join newsgroups to collect and communicate information, shut down the website to redirect them to critical race theory and antiracist information webpages. i could ask why did you start this tell us from your
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perspective why you started this. >> it is no secret loudoun county public schools has been in the news consistently for weeks now. it is a mess here. schools have been shuttered for 14 months. we have a school board and an administrative ingesting identity politics into education. parents want a seat at the table. we tried all the traditional roots, we show up for school board meetings, all rallies, write emails, we write letters, we make phone calls and enough is enough. we decided to be bold, take action and under leadership of ian pryor we decided to make things happen and we put this together and our first order of business is to recall 6 a 9 board members, you can probably
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get to the six who were involved in that secret facebook group you mentioned so the one that is targeting parents. >> we put up pictures of those 6. when you say you send emails, you called everything like that. was there a response, what do the response look like if there was any? >> we don't get much response. i am part of a larger coalition of concerned parents working since last summer to try to work with the school board to come up with a plan to open schools fully. they are constantly planning plans, constantly have other priorities, they changed the mascot, they renamed a football stadium, changed the grading policy, yet my kids are still not in school. it is extremely frustrating. we don't get much response. occasionally they will respond to people's email, several times i've gone to speak to the school
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board and brought them specific solutions or questions, i have asked for a follow-up and i don't hold my breath. just on tuesday i was at a school board meeting asking questions about a specific section of their equity policy and i looked at the interim superintendent and said i'm expecting someone on your staff to follow up with me and explain what this means for my children so so far nothing. >> so you don't agree with how this is being handled, if you don't agree with that you are essentially canceled. how will you push for the right people to be elected onto the school board and what does that look like? >> there are a couple things we are looking for. we want transparency. parents want a seat at the table. we have been asking for a townhall type for them to have
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an open dialogue instead of being shut down because we haven't idea about the way we want our children to be educated. we want the politics out of the classroom and out of school. we want to restore an environment where we are churning out kids who are critical thinkers, who are freethinkers, compassionate and tolerant and kids who will judge others by the content of their character, not by putting them in a box by identity politics. >> hope you get some movement in the situation, good luck to you and thanks for being with us. >> our website is we need a lot of help gathering signatures. thank you. >> 27 minutes after the hour, shocking video shows another child being dropped over the border wall. we have the latest from the
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will be given the basic needs that they so desperately pray for to survive. [crowd chanting] >> anti-police protests continue in minnesota and across the us as the officer charged in the death of daunte wright is arrested and released on bail. joining me live is retired minneapolis officer mason, gelatin and nypd sergeant anna serrano with the sergeant benevolent association. appreciate your time. i want to start with you. as someone who spent 15 years serving the community in minneapolis what is your reaction to what we have seen
1:32 am
going on in minneapolis and the surrounding areas over the course of the last year and the fact that you look at this now former officer kim potter and the charges she is up against it is devastating for the community. >> i think when i was on the street there was a lot more respect for the officers, teachers, parents and now we see there is no respect and we are losing that and we need to decide how to work together to solve this. >> that's one of the questions people have, how can we work to gather? we will vigorously prosecute this case, potter abrogated her responsibility to protect the public when she used her firearm rather than her taser, that from
1:33 am
the washington county attorney. let's talk about this. how we can make relations better between police officers and community members. in the commercial break i asked each of you if there's one thing you can do to help with that situation and i want to start with you. >> my condolences to the families because it is a tragedy on both sides. we need to improve the training and have accountability. we look at her actions on that particular day and judging law enforcement as all. we had hundreds of thousands service that day but when something like this happens we are judged on that particular incident, we need to get involved in the community and have people from the community,
1:34 am
law enforcement officers because we have people from the outside and the cultural problem when policing that particular community. >> i want to pull up this statement from dante rice's lawyer on the charges is officer is facing, this is no accident, this is an intentional, deliberate, unlawful use of force, driving while black continues to result in a death sentence. do you agree with that statement? >> i do not agree with that statement 100%. i don't think anyone in law enforcement actually wakes up every morning or every time they go to work thinking i'm going to go out there today and kill somebody, that is not what we signed up to do this job for. we signed up to become police officers to help our communities, to make sure
1:35 am
communities are safe, to make sure that people living within our communities are protected, no way no how anyone, anyone actually takes this job to do harm. we want to help. >> let's go back to you for a second. kim potter has been charged with second-degree manslaughter as we mentioned, is this the right charge? >> i believe that is the right charge at this time because it was a tragic tragic accident. it wasn't intentional and something she wishes she could take back. >> nancy pelosi has distanced
1:36 am
herself from call to end policing and calls for reform instead. we have a tweet from rashida tlaib, quote, it wasn't an accident, policing in our country is inherently and intentionally racist, daunte wright when met with aggression and violence, i'm done with those who condone government-funded murder, no more policing, incarcerated militarization. it can't be reformed. that is a tough statement there. do you agree with any part of that statement or do you think the communities that have been defunding their police are the ones that have suffered the most in the last year and if that is the case what do you think we could do right now to start improvements? >> i think most important is building this relationship with community and we have to understand if this is a tragic and unfortunate accident but at the end of the day had he not resisted these things wouldn't have happened. we are making it seem like -- every time you have an encounter with the police you must resist and that is not true.
1:37 am
you should not resist, you should comply with what the officer asks you to do because at the end of the day whether the police officer is right or wrong you still have avenues to go through if you were not treated correctly. so many reforms were implemented if you are not treated correctly by the police, you could make a complaint if you want. these are the avenues you can go to if you feel you were not treated with respect or treated wrongly. shannon: we are out of time. you are still currently on the job, you're a police officer in new york and i'm curious if you are afraid to go to work every day? >> i am human.
1:38 am
everybody has some degree of fear when it comes to any job whether it is policing or being a doctor or a teacher you have something you fear that in the past eight years i have seen such a decline in crime, uptick in crime. everybody as fear. i've been doing this for 26 years which i can retire anytime i want. i enjoy helping people so just fear it is in every profession. >> one final word from you. >> we all in law enforcement have to be accountable, we can't
1:39 am
just victim blame. we have a twentysomething veteran look like a new recruit handling a simple situation. not only would we like people to comply but train people not to comply. when talking about how to fix this problem we need to look within ourselves. we have police officers to do the right thing and those that don't. we have to take note and make those changes. shannon: thank you for joining us and thank you for what you do for your community, appreciate it. >> shocking footage shows smugglers dropping a 2-year-old over the 18 foot wall into san diego, the video released since vice president announces she will visit guatemala and mexico but not struggling us border states. >> our focus, i'm looking
1:40 am
forward to traveling to the triangle, mexico and guatemala sometime soon. >> fox news drone captured photos of the facility in march and yesterday it showed the facilities growing in recent weeks to handle migrant influx. the department of education is considering implementing the framework that promotes, quote, dismantling racism and mathematics, the state will review the draft framework throughout the year and the school board will take action on it in november. the group educators for quality and the quality is sounding the alarm on the program, they sent a letter to state leaders saying they are deeply concerned and asking them to reconsider. >> a clarification on a story we reported yesterday. we told you the baseball team forced to drop out of the baseball tournament was over a vaccine requirement. we want to clarify this has nothing to do with the baseball
1:41 am
hall of fame. >> 20 minutes until the top of the hour. another vote of no-confidence against george gascon. one democrat saying it had to happen. >> put your community before your party. >> that councilman joins us live next. >> download the fox super 6 apps and play for a chance to win 10,$000. all you need to do is predict six outcomes in the super 6 quiz show. topics range from entertainment to sports. it is free to play, download the fox super 6 apps now.
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bill clinton: right now, the covid-19 vaccines are available to millions of americans. george bush: so, we urge you to get vaccinated when it's available to you. barack obama: that's the first step to ending the pandemic and moving our country forward. it's up to you. >> in november we asked people to put country before party during the 2020 presidential election.
1:45 am
i am asking democrats to do the same thing with this, to put your community before your party. >> a vote of no-confidence against los angeles county da george gascon and this time a democrat is behind the push. the city councilman andrew lauro voicing concerns about the policies and warning, thank you for being with us this morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me on. >> you said in the intro you have to put policy before party. that is what i feel republicans and democrats alike need to do especially in situations like this. >> exactly right. we have to realize crime affects anyone from republicans, democrats, minorities, men, women, across the board and we need to realize we need to set
1:46 am
aside partisanship. >> the reform policies just two of them, elimination of cash bail for misdemeanors, no prosecution for misdemeanors, illumination of sentencing enhancement, you talked about police and their families, what message does this send to police and their families who have to do this job every day? >> that is the thing. the special enhancements, you mentioned failure to prosecute misdemeanor crimes like loitering with intent to prostitution, resisting arrest, drug position. when you take those off, police officers start to ask what are we doing? how are we keeping the community safe? how are we able to improve the quality-of-life for our
1:47 am
residents? >> i spent time with police officers in their vehicle doing ride alongs and they expressed the fact that more out is down especially with the special directive of not seeking the death penalty with regards to gaining members that killed keith boyer a few years ago. that sends a message that we don't value you as a police officer. i want to make a statement and say you are sacred. your job is important. if you are willing to take a bullet for me and my family as a society we need to have your back. >> this from his office and i want your reaction. >> it is about advancing public safety, equity, expanding services and strengthening accountability. jillian: your reaction to this? >> we all want the same thing,
1:48 am
we all want justice reform but it doesn't start with special directives. it doesn't start with letting out criminals or failing to prosecute people who committed collectivity. it starts with our views, making sure we are protecting victims. it doesn't start with flooding our streets with more criminals. our l a county sheriff charged with of the funding police, we lost two sheriff officers due to covid cutbacks, and we need help on the policy side. >> thanks for being with us and keep pushing that policy over party, that is what we need. >> john kerry arrives in china
1:49 am
to talk about climate change. our next guest runs a think tank and writes books on climate change. and john kerry could come home empty-handed.
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>> focused on discussing climate and how we can work with leaders around the region to get control of the climate crisis. >> us climate envoy john kerry arriving in shanghai for climate change talks, the first biden administration official to visit china and tensions with the country remain high. joining me is bjorn lundberg, thank you for joining us. you say innovation is the way to combat climate change, explain.
1:53 am
>> fundamentally john kerry is going to china trying to tell us could you please turn down your growth, could you please become a little less rich, please cut carbon emissions, that's never going to work, that is never worked, the way we've been trying to do climate change policy for 30 years, we have failed. if you remember in 1992 bill clinton promised that he was going to cut carbon emissions by 2000 but when it came around he didn't because the economy had been going so good is what he said. fundamentally it is hard to ask people to do with less. that's why you need innovation. if we innovate the price of green energy everyone will switch, not just the americans with the chinese, indians, the africans. >> the issue costs money so how much do you think this would cost us? >> it is not going to be 3. it is a real problem but we are
1:54 am
talking about spending tens of trillions of dollars, and a lot less, $100 billion a year. that's much more than we are spending now on energy innovation, a sixfold increase globally but it would have a much better chance of fixing climate change and would be a lot cheaper and if you do energy innovation you will get all kinds of other goods from it, you will discover a way to make my cell phone battery better and all these other issues. jillian: you also say it can't just be the us making these efforts. >> even john kerry has said that. the us tries to cut carbon emissions you're not going to make much of a difference. of the entire rich world cut all of their co2 emissions tomorrow and never did anything else, the
1:55 am
global model showed by the end of the century we would have reduced temperatures by 0.8 degrees fahrenheit so this is not what is going to solve it. it is china, india, africa and the other developing countries who want to get rich. >> at the end of the day, at the end of this this is what does john kerry come back with, anything substantial? >> the chinese announced a new 5-year plan. they are going to do something, they are going to cut a little but that promise can't even turn out, they will keep increasing their emissions over the next 5 years. >> thank you for joining us, great insight, appreciate it. and we have this, 93-year-old that and finally gets his high school diploma, graduating from elva my school in texas, 75 years after being drafted into the military just one semester should graduation after serving in the air force and along successful career. is a graduate alongside his great-granddaughter who is also
1:56 am
graduating this year. the teleprompter wasn't in the right spot. >> we do have a big hour ahead. texas attorney general ken paxton, and doctor marty mc harry all live coming up.
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control of the supreme court they will and four people to the court they control everything. this is a radical takeover of our country and we better stop them. >> thursday april 15th the fox news alert they vow to do it before the election and today democrats are expected to unveil a new bill to pack the supreme court. outside the high court, they are preparing to fight the so-called power grab. breaking overnight in minnesota two dozen arrests and a fourth day of protests of the deadly police shooting of daunte wright. far left called to abolish all police growing louder. live report. >> am emotional and triumphant return to the mound for a picture diagnosed with cancer now in remission. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪♪ we put our hands up ♪♪


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