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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 14, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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since that your dvrs every night, don't miss anything. welcome aboard. from our studio audience, thank you. "fox news at night" with shannon bream is next. i love you, america. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news at night," i'm shannon bream and washington democrats announcing they will stand supreme court justices in order to tilt the balance of power away from the conservative majority. the court packing plan got approved last week. will keep democrats resist this plan or will the progressive wing force through a seismic change to america and our court
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system as we now know it? conservative say there's another effort going on here to pressure the court to bend to president biden's progressive agenda. and to steer clear on abortion and guns. "justice john roberts, the court is led by a reputation of a nonpartisan at reputation over the imperative to get direct results." former judge, u.s. general tonight with his view. but first, to brooklyn center where it is another night of confrontation between law enforcement and activists turning out in force despite the county's decision to arrest and criminally charged veteran officer kim potter with second degree manslaughter in the death of daunte wright. life there on the ground, hi, mike. >> shannon, a very different look tonight beard that is
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because we are outside of the perimeter that has been established by law enforcement with the brooklyn setter police department, about a quarter-mile behind me. what they have done, what troopers are calling is an encirclement. they have corralled all of the people at the center of the demonstrations and moved in from both sides. arresting anyone they can get their hands on. a lot of people on the ground, but it doesn't have the effect of scattering the demonstrators who were there. we are getting word some of them have gathered nearby in a small church parking lot. as far as how the demonstrations wind, have as many people that showed up last night. then the patterns were really unusual. the back-and-forth with the police, the projectiles being thrown over the crowds, at the riot cops. the cops responded mostly tonight with pepper spray and pepper balls fired out of those, they are almost paintball guns. a lot of personnel holding that fence in place that has now been erected around the police department.
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in brooklyn center. this is coming on the day when kimberly potter, the police officer at the center of all of this, had been arrested, booked in jail, and charged. the charges seconded degree manslaughter, potentially ten years in prison, and a $20,000 fine. she has bonded out, her initial appearance is tomorrow and we are looking at the scene now that is somewhat controlled here with the police encircling the troubled area, arrests are underway right now. shannon. >> shannon: sounds like early and more forceful enforcement tonight. my, we will check back with you. please keep us updated. >> you got it. >> shannon: fox news correspondent laura blanchard and her crew getting in all close and personal look at the very heavy law enforcement presence in brooklyn center tonight. loren, i know at one point you are caught up in what the police are trying to do in enforcing that curfew and check in the area. what can you tell us there on the ground? >> yes commission income as the crew and i were trying to leave the area, basically the police
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came in from almost every side just as mike was describing come encircling the area as we were trying to make our way out with the cars, police stopped, everyone trying to get out of there. we were ordered out of our cars onto our knees come onto the ground, had to have our hands up. thankfully i was able to record some of it. the overwhelming number of law enforcement national guard troops that were there, i haven't seen anything like it. so they are really coming out much stronger in order to basically round up anyone who is still left there this evening. it took about five or so minutes checking ids, taking photos of our press condemned shells before we were allowed to get up and back into our car and make y through about three or so levels of security to get our cars out of that area. we were told we just had to go and get out of there and we had no other direction, we just had to move forward. but they were really being serious about taking anyone that they could see getting them onto the ground, going over and checking who they where britt of
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course, as mike was mentioning, arresting anyone who would stilo was still there britt obviously a scary situation. at the curfew was supposed to exempt media from this. thankfully we were allowed to leave once they verified who we wear, but a number of other crews also caught up in there, other security details caught up in there. a very intense situation once the national guard and police moved in. >> shannon: that curfew, not to be in a slightly observed as it was last night. tonight may be more business. glad you are safe and sound come i know you're busy covering the story in the ground, thank you so much. for a clear perspective of what transpired when these they crossed paths, it's awful to learn more about kim potter and daunte wright who lost his life. i look okun has that side of the story tonight. good evening, alex. >> hi, shannon.
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daunte wright had previous encounters with police. activists say -- >> while trying to pull the cash out from under her. the victim was able to get loose from defendant and started to kneel down and scream. in june of 2028, according to records, officers charge the 20-year-old for carrying a pistol without a permit and fleeing police. then during a traffic violation this past weekend, officers
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discovered the warrant for his arrest. after being pulled over for an expired car registration, they called about insurance information. it's the last time he would either hear for them. >> my son was laying there, unresponsive. that was the last time i've seen my son. >> say his name. >> protests erupting in minnesota echoing calls for justice in the name of dante wright. the former officer who fired her gun instead of a chaser. kim potter faces charges of second-degree manslaughter, the married mother has two adults sounds and serve more than two decades on the police force. just two years ago, the 48-year-old was one of the first to arrive at the scene of another officer-involved shooting. police and 2019 shot a 21-year-old man six times after he lunged at police with a knife. potter, the former head of the police union resigned on tuesday along with the now former police chief.
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after posting a $100,000 bond. shannon. monitoring communities tonight for any signs of unrest. there has been some in recent days. correspond to paul is checking the very latest for us tonight. good evening, jeff. it's because shannon, right now we are keeping our eye on a few cities around the country. it seems like it's been mostly calm and the most, it is been for the past two days. but just last night, things got out of hand in columbus, ohio, when a group of protesters broke through locked doors forcing their way into police headquarters. police ended up using pepper spray, they arrested one man who was accused of hitting an officer with a wooden club. that particular incident was
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overshadowed by what was, for the most part, very peaceful vigil and protest earlier that night. things also getting hectic in portland, oregon, this week, some protesters march to the portland police union building where fire was set overnight monday. investigators saying $25,000 worth of damage was done to that structure. arresting at least one person accusing them of our sin. the mayor and portland is urging people to demonstrate peacefully, a message that was echoed further south in los angeles by the city's police chief, michael moore. >> this is been a city that has enjoyed a long period of time without people resorting to riotous acts of violence and a taxpayer that however is now been broken and it's my prayer that volition such as we have behind us and all of our communities will find a way to be united and be peaceful and not resort to violence. to speak of the police chief
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here in los angeles is during the protests and riots last sum, the execution was problematic and missteps were made. he says they will have filed a deployment and that the entire department will be in uniform. ready to respond. shannon. >> shannon: jeff brohm, monitoring at all for us, they cue, jeff. breaking tonight, the u.s. capitol police officer who fatally shot 35-year-old air force veteran will not face criminal charges following a review by the department of justice. during the writing at the capitol on january 6, she was shot in the left shoulder as she tried to climb through a broken door into the speaker's lobby. she later died from her wounds at washington hospital center. investigators say it was reasonable for the officer to believe he was firing in self-defense or in defense of members of congress. brooklyn center minnesota back on their curfew under the sour, motion still rather after former officer kim potter was charged with second-degree manslaughter in the shooting death of daunte wright.
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>> what the family really wants is daunte back. all they can pray for now is accountability. and they want her to be held to the full extent of the law. >> shannon: let's talk about the charges in the family attorney's response with former washington, d.c., police detective, defense attorney and fox news contributor, ted williams. and senior writer, julio rosas who has been down there on the grounds during the protests. gentlemen, welcome back to both of you. >> thank you. >> shannon: can come i will start with you. the attorney for the family there said he wants her to be held responsible to the full extent of the law. prosecutors for and i have decided that his second-degree manslaughter. it doesn't actually require intense. does it sound like the rate charged to you as far as what we know at this moment? >> shannon, from what we know at this moment, i think it is the right and proper charge.
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this is a tragedy of epic proportions from both families here. a26 year veteran at the police department who went out there to try to serve our community and made an error here i think. but on the other hand, we have a young man who is now dead. so when you look at the charge of second-degree manslaughter, you are looking at an unintentional killing. she did not intend that she acted negligently. that will all have to play out in a court. i just wish that they would have taken more time to conduct an investigation. i think that was necessary and there in this case. >> shannon: julio, you've covered a number of these situations in the aftermath as well. some people feel like, and we've seen it in earlier cases, there
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were calls from the community to hurry up and charge someone. there were demands for justice and it seems that they have acted very quickly in this case. released the body can video right away as well. so there's a lot we have found out, a lot we still don't know. now, daunte wright's older brother, dallas i believe is his name, said that they had hope for a more serious charge. but he said we do not want to riots, my family wants peace. we are going to try to go about this the right way. it seems like police and other law enforcement agencies are really cracking down tonight in brooklyn center. how do you think this news will deliver in the community based on how you've seen reaction in the past. >> unfortunately, as often as in the cases. the writers don't care about the families. i mean, george floyd's family act for peace, that didn't happen. now the right family has act dumb i asked for peace, and that hasn't happened. it's glad dell knocked dumb i'm glad they have been of us, they have the numbers to actually go
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ahead and put down the violent aspect of these gatherings. so really, this should've happened by monday, because minneapolis and st. paul, they have operation safety net, which has outside law enforcement agencies to be on standby for the derek chauvin outcome and the potential reaction of that. the assets were already there, yet it took four days now for them to actually utilize the assets that are in the area. so that is not mocking the frontline responders. it was pretty dangerous. on monday there was multiple shootings towards the end. so we know what happens unfortunately in these situations, we know how people react to spite with the families wish. >> yeah, especially when you know, you've been there on the ground. we talk about it constantly, there's people there who want to raise awareness and have a lawful protest and want to push back and express their grief over the death of this young man, daunte wright. and at many other cases, we have seen this. and when that gets co-opted by people who don't care about daunte wright or his family,
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it's just about leveraging this situation for chaos or alluding, then it becomes a completely different situation. we've seen that plenty of times firsthand. so tad, julio mentions this is going on against the backdrop of the derek chauvin trial. that community is very much on edge already. so as we now wait for what will take a long process for kim potter to get to her trial, let's talk a little bit more about that second-degree manslaughter charge on their minnesota statutes. it can apply where someone has unreasonable risk and kills another person as you mentioned through negligence. now the manslaughter charge, they say it suggests that prosecutors have a version of events laid out that ms. potter did not attend to kill. >> the community is not that trustful of the prosecutors and would much prefer that this is smooth over on the prosecutors
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come from the attorney general's office. that is what is happening to the derek chauvin case, the attorney general's office is conducting that prosecution. i'll tell you shannon, also, you must look out for the accused. and i think that the defense attorneys will move for a change of venue as soon as possible away from that community and see that ms. potter is given in eight fair trailer. >> shannon: we talk on the show about the issue of due process. we should want it for a best friend, for our worst enemy, because we come ourselves made it one day. it is part of the foundation of dolomite. thank you for your time. >> my pleasure. >> shannon: and tonight real news roundup, president biden
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moving to rollback a trump era band on funding for abortion providers. at the so-called gag rule blocks grants from going to organizations where abortion is considered a method of family planning. press secretary jen psaki taking some heat for it at the briefing. listen to this exchange with a reporter from the catholic television network. >> you talk about equity, if i may interrupt. how is it equity, how's it fighting systemic racism? >> funding cannot be used for abortion, but access to health care, access to health care immunities that have been marginalized, underserved, adversely affected by persistent poverty is always going to be something the president fights for. >> shannon: the trump era policy will be and in fact until it is superseded by new rules under the biden administration. that process could take months. we will track it. teachers in santa clara county
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california reportedly being taught that the u.s. as a "parasitic system." due to the invasion of the white man. they have reportedly lectured teachers on the new ethnic studies initiative, one of the presenters allegedly describing america as a political regime based on settler colonialism. the presenter also urging teachers to analyze what led white settlers to be "power and land hungry." and to justify stealing indigenous land through. medicine being put through the ringer as canada struggles with its covid-19 vaccine rollout. this from the atlantic, "canada has universal health care and millions of doses on order, so why are so few of its citizens vaccinated?" the article detailing how it's regulation issues have created problems of actually getting shots in the arms. a california school board is expected to vote on a resolution
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>> shannon: check out the moment a gun toting youngster picked the wrong 82-year-old. instead of yielding to the suspects demands to hand over his car, he tackled the guide to the ground. the team got the better of him after the exchange, but he couldn't start the car once he got in and he apparently just fled the scene. you want to look at the state. if you know who that attackers, they need your help to find him. >> baseball sized hail, we just lost our window! we just lost our window! >> shannon: wow, okay, storm chasers getting a front row seat to a terrifying hailstorm. at first their windshield cracked, then the drivers back window was blown out. national weather service did report baseball sized hail in that area and had more residents to stay alert. losing control after leaving a cars and coffee event in colorado. the high horsepower vehicle slamming into a chevy silverado
9:25 pm
causing it to flip. thank you, everybody made it out just fine. check out this rare footage of going toe-to-toe in china. the violent bout ended after 17 minutes caught on tape with the defeated bear running off with a few injuries to his face. experts believe that it was around a female companion. spotted cam footage capturing a dramatic rescue in australia. watch a police officer leapt onto a runaway boat. now the elderly man had fallen into the water after being rocked into the wake of another face appeared he was taken to a nearby hospital with minor injuries. he decided he is going to sell that boat. speaking of driverless vehicles, have you seen this video out of detroit? a chevy suburban stuck in reverse with its wheels turn to the left. it appears with its doors locked too. just kept looping over and over in circles across multiple lanes of traffic. finally, someone was able to
9:26 pm
break open the window pair look sick another person at the door unlocked and a third person jumped into finally stop the car. good news there as well, no one was hurt. >> breaking tonight, president biden intent on bringing america's longest work to a close. on president trump's plan to get all u.s. troops out of afghanistan this year. white house correspondent kevin corke has details and reactions from all signs tonight pretty good evening, kevin. >> good evening, shannon. actually back on november 27th and that was from a noncombat vehicle accident. the last hostile fire casualty have to go back to february the 8th 2020. but in following his predecessor, mr. biden, like president trump before him, believes that now is the time to pull u.s. troops out of afghanistan. >> i will not conduct a hasty rush to the exit. we will do it responsibly, deliberately, and safely.
9:27 pm
>> the final military withdrawal from afghanistan by u.s. forces is expected to begin on may 1st and would be complete before september 11th. >> we were attacked, we went to war with clear goals. we achieved those objectives. bin laden is dead and al qaeda is degraded in afghanistan. it is time to end the forever war. >> currently, there are about 2500 u.s. troops in afghanistan. that is down from a peak of more than 100,000 back in 2011. about 2400 service members have been killed and thousands more wounded. still, the decision to make a date certain withdrawal has drawn mixed reviews from both sides of the aisle on capitol hill and beyond. >> the u.s. military has done what it can in 20 years. we now have trained nearly half a million afghans, armies, and
9:28 pm
police so they can assume responsibility for the security of their own country. >> withdrawn u.s. forces from afghanistan is a grave mistake. >> senate republican leader mitch mcconnell accuse mr. biden of planning to tuck tail and run. though many republicans actually support the decision to leave. >> is the president handing the victory on the way up to the door? >> media coverage of biden's decision has been markedly different. from that of former president trump's call to remove troops from the war torn country. reflection perhaps of the media, demand, or maybe the moment as america's longest war finally nears an end. that is possibly. after all, mr. biden previously promised american troops would be gone from the country by 2014. of course, he made those comments as vice president. he's hoping to deliver as president. now, one of the main considerations, shannon, for many american is actually back in the idea of a withdrawal in addition to the lost of thousands of american lives is
9:29 pm
the excruciating financial costs. we the taxpayers have spent well over $2 trillion by some government estimates on the war in afghanistan with possibly billions more to be spent before years end. now, that is money that given our current economic condition could very well be better spent right here at home. shannon. >> kevin corke, stick around. we've got more to discuss. >> shannon: in three weeks in charge of stubbing the influx of illegal immigration, vice president harris has not gotten anywhere near our southern border. now that they're planning a trip to guatemala, there seems to be a design. >> we must suggest, and that is what is happening with the team we are working on the board are led by allie mallorca. but we also to deal with the causes. hopefully it's my first trip to the northern triangle stopping on mexico and going on to guatemala. speak of the messages were
9:30 pm
confusing. there were compassionate messages, the children can go in, and once the children are there, they will call their parents. >> shannon: okay, kevin, sounds like the vp has her work cut out for her. you covered a number of administrations, vice president so is of a different role beard we were told she's going to be charged in this, then we are told no, she's not good to solve the border crisis bred a little bit of mixed messaging, but now she begins her trial. >> this is an important distinction. keep in mind, if you think back to the trump administration as an example, he put mike pence in charge of handling the covid response beard he took a forward leaning position by taking that on. you saw him a lot out there at the white house talking about what the plan was, what the strategy was. he was joined on many occasions by dr. fauci and of course birch and others, but what's interesting now is this is a lot more complicated, shannon, because if you are kamala harris, keep in mind what she said before she was
9:31 pm
vice president on the campaign trail. she described what was happening on the border as having that as a backdrop only brings back those comments and that is obviously something the biden administration does not want to see happen. sheehan end. >> shannon: hard to avoid, especially when they were asked questions that they had answers to whether or not it should be decriminalized. so yeah, we hear a lot of things and campaigns that republicans and democrats had to own up to and how to live with when they eventually end up getting elected bit all right, kevin, come back with some good news. >> you got it. >> shannon: regressive's pushing forward statehood and reparations. we will debate that's coming next. ♪ ♪ ♪ your purple prose just gives you away ♪ ♪ the things, you say you're unbelievable. oh! ♪ ♪♪
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>> the biden administration is re-engaging with the united nation's human rights council. linda thomas-greenfield's at the u.s. will raise issues of equity
9:36 pm
and justice to a global scale, but will do so with humility pointing out our own reported failures as a country. >> i have seen for myself how the original sin of slavery weaved white supremacy into our founding documents and principles. >> shannon: with the center for liberty founder and woke inc. author, great have both of you with us tonight. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: let's start there, what do you make of that? she also said the problem is racism in a society that produces racism. it is white supremacy that has led to killings. you just mention several prominent names. sounds like she's got her own definition of how the u.s. is operating. she is now a representative on the world stage. >> i mean, she sounds like
9:37 pm
somebody who should be representing one of americans don't like america's critics abroad rather than representing america herself. i grew up in the deep south like our ambassador and i am an immigrant to this country and i can tell you that the rest of the world views america as a paragon of liberty, equality, and freedom. we have helped conflict on that countless millions of people around the world reach their freedom, so for our ambassador to go before the world stage and compare us on favorably to members of this group that she's trying to get us to join, which include some mall the outcome of the sudan, libya, venezuela, cuba, russia, china. the world's worst human rights violators. she should be advocating for america, not putting us down. >> shannon: i'm always curious and no longer surprised, but when the u.n. human rights council comes together to see these countries that are involved, that are supposed to be speaking up, they mention
9:38 pm
that, you know, includes a number of questionable governments including china which is now accused of torturing and suppressing millions of people. yet our representatives and that body is now someplace that is a lot to be ashamed for. >> shannon: it's actually one step worse than that. last month in alaska, their top diplomats came here and lectured us spewing falsehoods like the fact that we are slaughtering black americans in the united states and laughably saying that the united states had a better human rights record. we are playing right into their hands. i've said this before, wokism is a geopolitical tool used by china and art enemies. it doesn't mix well with capitalism, we've seen leasing companies. but now it doesn't mix well with geopolitics either. and it's actually doing ourselves a disservice, actually weakening our last and best hope for freedom by self logging ourselves. we've spent all of these years actually forgetting all of the ways all of the ideals that put us into motion.
9:39 pm
it should be the other way around. >> shannon: we also know that they are moving forward over on capitol hill with boats towards d.c. statehood. also talk about reparations and exploring that. nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house says this in a tree today. residents of d.c. play taxes, they contribute to the economic power of our nation while being deprived of full enfranchisement. the cigarette have a boat and don't make us of the pillar of our freedom and it's time to finally grant d.c. statehood. what other reasons could she want for granting d.c. statehood? >> there's two reasons. you can add one democrat member of congress. and look, this is what happens when our leaders are ignorant of history. the history of this country made very clear the founders were concerned about too much power being concentrated in one state beard that is why they expressly provided that a 10-mile by 10-mile square, no larger then, would be the seat of the
9:40 pm
government. and that would not be a state, that is the history of this country. and so, you know, we could easily solve the voting problem. i do think representatives should have a vote, but we have two states joining d.c. and there's a river running through it. you could easily assign voters to those two states and solve that problem without destroying our constitutional balance in doing so. 's beyond we mentioned the conversation of a reparations continues as well. congressman jerry nadler who come heads up, the house judiciary committee democrat, of course, the creation of the commission under hr 42 study these issues is not intended to divide, but to continue the efforts commenced by private institutions to reckon with our past to bring us closer looked on my closer to racial understanding and advancement. your take on this conversation about reparations? >> look, i might've been favor in the year 1870, but now we are over a century and a half later, and i cannot think of a single
9:41 pm
way of dividing our nation than to provide that conversation. where are we going to draw the line? who counts as a descendant of a slick? that's think about the japanese-americans we put in internment camps, native americans, every group has some way suffered some type of injustice of it because of american history pair that is not to put the, that's not to say that the slavery legacy is nothing, but it is behind us, it is behind us by over a century and a half, and now at some point as a nation we are going to have to figure out how to move on. if we keep driving with her eyes on the review mirror, we are going to crash, we're going to keep crashing again. we cannot keep picking these old scabs that are ultimately going to bleed the unity out of this country. i do think that it is a divisive conversation. i do think that it is poorly intentioned. and i think it's a really risky way of continuing to divide an already polarized society in a way that i'm not looking forward to seeing. >> shannon: we will see how they handle it on the hill.
9:42 pm
they give both for being with us, is good to see appeared >> thank you. >> shannon: breaking tonight, congressional democrats with plans to attack the u.s. supreme court. ken starr is live on that with his brand-new book, an expert.
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: in a matter of hours, the group of democratic lawmakers will hold a news conference on the steps of the supreme court. aimed at packing new for justices on the bench. for a preview of what to expect, we bring in the author of the new book, "religious liberty in crisis, exercising your faith in an age of uncertainty." former federal judge, ken starr appeared great to have you back, judge. >> thank you, shane appeared good to be with you. >> shannon: so where do we go from here? the bill would add four seats to
9:47 pm
the high court bringing the total to 13 from the current nine. we've heard from justices including justice breyer, justice ginsburg, who said they didn't think court packing was good idea. would you make of this attempt? >> it's just a terrible idea. it's just awful. the supreme court is one of the institutions in an institution that function so well. you can agree or disagree with the decision, but a highly professional and highly efficient way. you know, there are some terrible backlog, it would be one thing, you might have a reasonable conversation, but there is no basis for a reasonable conversation other than to say, you are doing this just because you don't like the decision. so it takes us back well over 80 years to fdr who had the same reaction to the decisions he didn't like, but happily then,
9:48 pm
the nation rallied around the supreme court. that is not true, i don't think, with respect to the current court. they did not want us to ingrain with this institution. there is no basis for even talking about fixing it. >> well, it hasn't been changed to make up since 1869. these democratic lawmakers are going to make a run at it and will track it and it may be one of those things that comes off as an overreach to people wear down the middle, who don't think that this is a great idea for america regardless of which party they identify with britt i want to ask you about something else that is going on that relates to a brand-new book, congratulations on that. this idea of the fight over religious liberty in our society right now, the federalist had a piece today talking about a number of lawsuits by the left. it's is the goal of them is to banish religion altogether britt the author is saying this, leftists use lawsuits not to address actual disk of a nation, but to demonize those with different beliefs and to characterize the bible itself
9:49 pm
has hateful. what do you make of where we are in these fights today? >> we are headed in a very bad direction in the culture. the culture has turned so nastily against people of faith. these are people of faith from the great abraham act traditions, a millennia of thought. to think of the good things that the religious institutions do, think of local churches in your own community. the things they do for the needy, for the poor, for the homeless. quite apart from the religious faith. so it is, there is an outright attack. and one of those things that i hope that this book will do, shannon, is to equip to reasonable people, but especially people of faith to be able to get persuasive reasons as to why religious freedom is important for the humane and flourishing society as well as
9:50 pm
just to take care of the dignity that we all enjoy as human beings, to be treated with dignity and respect. that is all every person should be asking for, that's what people of faith are asking for. there is an effort to wipe out people of faith being in the market of place of ideas at all. >> shannon: yeah, and our faith calls us to treat everybody with that respect that you talk about, regardless of any differences we may have. the judge, the book is religious liberty in crisis, congrats on it. we hope to see you again very soon. >> thank you, shannon. i'm very grateful. >> shannon: coming up, a 6-year-old skateboarder going viral. good news and good night. and kevin corke is back, next.
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♪ ♪ >> some good news before we say good night. a 6-year-old girl going viral after mom took her to a skate park. here's a skateboarding a 12-foot ramp. my favorite part of this with checkered fans, or slip bonds, and a skull necklace. multiple skateboarding competitions, her mom posts or videos of her impressive tricks and runs under instagram, which now has 171,000 followers. kevin, that's more than i got.
9:55 pm
but i'm not nearly that brave. to speak a lot more than i've got too. a little bit more active on instagram. i hope you love this good night. i mean, this is so terrific. i want to take you to the great state of oklahoma where in elementary cafeteria school staff had finally taken her u.s. citizenship test and you guessed it, she passed. and how does the schools of the bed? well, it is your day. kids and staffers lining the hallways to serenade her to say congratulations. they also chanted "usa, usa." rated on facebook, "i'm so excited for the realization of one of the dreams and passing her citizenship test. we all celebrate with her and the entire school tonight. >> shannon: i love that, i love the kids. jumping up and down, so excited. everybody did something positive right now. what a fabulous achievement for her to welcome her into her
9:56 pm
american family. and i love to see this. beautiful video. all right, that is it for us tonight from washington. so wherever you are, good morning or good night. we will see you back here tomorrow, i am shannon bream. ♪ ♪ keeping your oysters business growing has you swamped. you need to hire. i need indeed indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a shortlist of quality candidates from a resume data base claim your seventy-five-dollar credit when you post your first job at
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy wednesday. we had one thing for you, now we have another, because things aren't changing enough in this country, or changing fast enough, we begin tonight with a fox news alert. we just learned the democrats in the congress are preparing a bill to pack the supreme court. to add four new justices to our supreme court. that would change the country forever. we are going to be monitoring this and bringing more details as we get them, but as of right now, we know these things: the bill is being led by congressman jerry nadler of new york, that's in the house. and in the senate by senator ed markey of massachusetts. again, packing the supreme court, remember president biden said he was inin paneling some kind of blue


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