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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  April 14, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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unauthorized history of taxes quote," streaming on fox nation, getting a lot of hits and response to it already. it really lays out the history of taxes and something everybody should know. i commend it to you. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by lawrence jones starts right now. >> lawrence: thank you, bret. i appreciate it. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ i'm lawrence jones, and tonight, the left is done reimagining policing. they are now in the beginning stages of implementing the radical criminal justice agenda to blow up our current state of policing. that became very apparent today when kristen clarke, joe biden's nominee to lead the doj's civil rights division, testified before the senate. she faced tough questions like "why did you want organize a conference of champion cop killers and domestic terrorists" and "why did you write an op-ed
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calling for defunding the police?" >> the title of your article was "defund the police," but let's not should look to the title. your article begins by saying the national protests we saw last year "opened up space for transformative policy discussions," you then continue to write, "into that space," and this is a quote, "into that space has surged a unifying call the black lives matter movement. defund the police." do you really believe defund the police is a unifying call? >> i don't support defund the subleased -- >> i'm reading from your article. do you disagree with your article? >> lawrence: you think that is controversial? just wait, buckle up, there is more. >> was officer darren wilson justified or not in the shooting of michael brown in ferguson, missouri, in 2014? >> as a private citizen, based on the facts that i note -- i am not privy to the details that
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the federal government have been privy to in the course of its investigations, as a private citizen, there is something that feels unfair. >> you obviously do not want to take the position the shooting is justified despite what eric holder said. >> lawrence: look, if you can't even get behind obama's wingmen, eric holder, how far left is she willing to go? for years, progressives have pushed for fundamental changes to america's criminal justice system. they talk about defunding the police or taking away your guns or letting violent criminals back on the streets. a sane person may ask, how in the world could they pull all of that off? it's easy. by convincing you to support someone like kristen clarke. that is where it starts. >> you are, in other words, exactly what we need in this moment. >> she has the right person for this job at this moment. >> people are trying to say you are wrong for this job when, dear god, you are what we need.
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>> lawrence: joining me now is dana loesch, nationally syndicated rate a host, and pete hegseth, cohost of ""fox & friends" weekend." i'm going to go straight to you, dana. we were on the ground in ferguson. we talked to the folks, we knew what was happening, and the obama doj under eric holder made a decision because the evidence was laid out pretty clearly. but she is making, you know, eric holder look like bill barr right now. where is this going? >> that's a great point, lawrence, and it's going to be with you and you are doing a fantastic job, by the way. that's right, eric holder -- i mean, it was eric holder's doj, for the love, they had their own forensics investigation and came out with their own report. but you know, didn't we just hear the headline about how there is a school that did not want to be named after the obamas because apparently the obama faction of the democrat party is not left enough for all of the people that are embracing the marxist critical race theory, like miss clark seems to be doing
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here? when you can't even acknowledge facts, and there were multiple reports in that investigation it come in the whole case, when you can't even embrace flat facts and can't even acknowledge their witnesses in that area that also testified and corroborated everything that was in the eric holder doj report, there seems to be a problem with justice. i get it that unity right now is all about reconciliation and everything else, but honestly, i'm not seeing the reconciliation and the unity with an appointment like this. >> lawrence: you know, pete, we talk about this all the time. i'm on the ground talking to folks, and i've been talking about this reimagining for a minute, but we are way past that. the plan is an action now. >> we are way past the reimagining. we are advanced into the fundamental transformation stage. remember when barack obama talked about, he was the beginning and the middle of a manifestation of changing the hallway millions of americans, including people in power now,
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view the united states of america. they believe america is defined by her since. they believe, ultimately, all the power structures that exist are racist, that all cops are bad, or a worse word, and ultimately, anything therefore is justified. and now they are putting people that believe those things in charge, and those people will go in front of committee hearings and deny off ads that say "defund the police" and say they don't want to defund the police, but we know exactly what they want -- she attended conferences with cop killers. ultimately, she sees the world the complete opposite of men and women, black-and-white, who love america, recognize it is not perfect, but recognize police are fundamentally important in doing their jobs. it is upside down, lawrence. this is not reimagining. this is transforming. this is remaking. this is making cops the bad guys and community dangerous. >> lawrence: data, you know me, i call an ace an ace, and a spade a spade. i wait for the facts and bring it to the people, but this is
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going a little too far when it comes to this criminal justice reform. now, it is the d.a.s coming out is going across the country, george soros electing these das through his money to make sure that they change the country. i want you to look at this clip from families that i talked with, and they are fed up. take a look. >> i never thought that i would ever have to lose a child, say goodbye to a child. >> somebody was brutally murdered -- brutally murdered, and he finds that it's okay to go ahead and drop special circumstance charges. >> the new district attorney has turned this justice system that does work completely upside down. >> we were robbed, robbed of our husband, robbed of a dad, robbed of my son. >> lawrence: nc, here's the thing, dana. most of all of these das i am featuring across the country also endorsed this nominee. >> yeah, you are right, lawrence, and those are great interviews, by the way. kim gardner, as well, the circuit attorney in st. louis
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that brought charges against the mccloskeys, here's the thing with kristen clarke, with ms. clarke, this whole situation, her biases going into this job, she had written a piece in "the harvard crimson," and i think they were discussing this with her during that exchange that you played earlier, where she was actually saying that the more melanin someone has in their system, in their skin tone, that their brains are bigger. i guess we have calcified, withered a little brains here, lawrence, pete and i. you don't have someone like that in a civil rights division. that is not promoting civil rights, that is promoting division. it all goes back to critical race theories, which says there is systemic flaws within our public, that the entire republic must be deconstructed and rebuilt, which goes to what pete was saying with the whole reimagining and rebuilding of ty way that does not resemble the equality for all republic that we have. >> lawrence: claimed that was a satire piece, dana. that was all satire.
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>> and i have a bridge to sell people. [laughter] not satire. >> lawrence: pete, i got to get you in on this. yesterday, i gave a monologue on this, on how we get the country together. it starts with the battlefield of ideas. republicans have a shot to that battlefield, but the problem is, pete, in all of these local areas, democrats from those. when you look at early, the democrats have the power there. so what is next for the movement? >> the movement has to go to k-12 education and take it back, and that his parents teaching your kids if they have to, abandoning government-run schools if they have to -- and they should. fighting christian classical schools and other parochial schools that actually teach faith and family and gender and history and things that really matter, and rejecting what the left has done to poison the minds of an entire generation. when you teach 1619, when you teach that america is fundamentally racist, you are
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creating citizens, future citizens and future voters, who believe cops are evil, inherently. who believe the entire system is racist. who believe america is a bad country. we lose that debate, so lawrence, for conservatives, four patriots, it is the classroom where we have to fight every single day because we are losing. they have the positions. we may have the principles, we've got the history, but howard zinn wrote "a people's history" and now it is in your kids textbook, even though it was written from the soviet perspective. we have to take the classroom back, lawrence. >> lawrence: if we are even able to go back to the classroom, but that is a whole other debate. pete, dana, thank you all so much. >> thank you, lawrence. >> lawrence: here now was arkansas senator tom cotton, a member of the judiciary committee, ranking member on criminal justice subcommittee, and he was there during that hearing today. you just heard dana and pete. this is your base. they are upset. what is next when it comes to this committee? is this vote going to go through or not?
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>> lawrence, it is good to be on with you. every america should be upset at the performance they saw from kristen clarke today, a radical left-winger. she has repeatedly attacked the police. first off, she advocated a defund the police last year. she was pressed on that today and said "oh, never advocated for that," well, you wrote an article the title which was "defund the police," the article of the text that you wrote says defund the police. and she just used boldfaced lies to say she didn't say those things. i gave her examples in which officers had been involved in a shooting, to protect us and our fellow citizens, like michael brown ferguson or jacob blake in kenosha last year, subsequent, impartial, sometimes democratic-run tribunals from those shootings were justified. in the michael brown case, it was a predecessor at the -- that said there was no basis
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that -- she would not simply say -- >> lawrence: you are bringing all of these facts, but during the committee hearing, democrats painted a different picture. take a look at this, what they have to say. >> ms. clarke, i am a little bewildered by efforts we have seen here so far today to paint you as somehow anti-law enforcement. >> some are so threatened by the process of revitalized civil rights revision. >> i have seen the most outrageous lies being touted about you that i've tried to obscure your incredible record of service. >> lawrence: well, senator, i mean, she sounds like an angel. >> the only person lying at the hearing today with kristen clarke, repeatedly come about her advocacy to defund the police, or the consistent pattee
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has what jumping to conclusions. any time there's an officer-involved shooting right officer uses force to try to subdue a perpetrator, that person is a racist and an example of a racist criminal justice system without ever getting the facts. yet she also helps support a conference to defend notorious convicted cop killer. cops all around our country tonight should be terrified that a woman like this, who may do one thing when she has on social media as a private citizen, is going to have the power of the federal government to come down on every police officer and every police department in america with a ton of bricks. >> lawrence: i got to tell you this, senator. it looks like the party, the movement is behind right now, because this wokeness agenda, it is not global. look at what she had to say, take a look. >> racism is the problem of the racist. we have to acknowledge that we are an imperfect union, and have
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been since the beginning. i've seen for myself how the original sin of slavery weaved white supremacy into our founding documents and principles. i am making it a real focus of my tenure at the u.s. to the united nations. >> lawrence: senator? >> amazing. communist chinese or communist soviets calling american racist, and the biden administration hear that from our own and bassett are. this is disgraceful. >> lawrence: are human rights council, and this than what to say. another thing i want to get your reaction on. justice should be equally applied, and i want answers on the ashli babbitt case. it seems we are not going to get answers on that. what is your reaction to that breaking news that we found out earlier today? >> well, we should have answers to that, just like any time there is an officer-involved shooting, and i don't want to jump to any conclusions come on like kristen clarke, about the circumstances, because i do not
4:14 pm
know all of the circumstances but i think it is time for the capitol police to explain what happened and why they have the determination to give confidence to the american people that that determination was correct. >> lawrence: there were charges in minnesota, as there should be. i would like to see the facts of this case so that i can know if there should be charges in this case. but it doesn't look like we are going to get that. can you make the commitment that we will get some type of answers on that, senator? >> we should always have the answers anytime there's one of these incidents. should be thorough, transparent, neutral, and fair come and give due process to all involved. >> lawrence: i'm going to hold you to that. thank you so much. >> thank you, lawrence. >> lawrence: up next, if the covid vaccine is safe and effective, why are we being told to take it and then lock ourselves back in the house? it doesn't make any sense. we will talk about that. ♪ ♪ [sfx: thunder rumbles] [sfx: rainstorm] ♪♪
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♪ ♪ >> lawrence: welcome back. pressure is growing on the biden administration and the party of science to explain why they are telling every american to get the covid vaccine, and then immediately at the same time telling people who got the shot to go back inside, put on a mask, or three come and don't hug grandma. listen, i think the vaccine is a miracle, but scientifically, does that make sense? if the vaccines are truly safe, why does the fda suddenly pulled the johnson & johnson vaccine off the market this week? are we even allowed to ask that question? the administration knows this is a problem because this morning they deployed, who else, dr. fauci to help clear things up. >> that is just a typical crazy conspiracy theory. why would we not tell people if it doesn't work? look at the data. the data are overwhelming, in the three vaccines that have been approved for use in an emergency use authorization. the j&j, the pfizer, and the
4:21 pm
.you had 40,000 people in the clinical tribal, with an overwhelming signal of efficacy. i don't have any idea what he is talking about. >> lawrence: the data, but take it off. joining me to discuss, joe concha, fox news contributor, opinion columnist for the hill, and karol markowicz, i'm sorry, "new york post" columnist. thank you so much. let me go to you, karol, first. you've been covering the story from the very beginning. do we take the vaccine and then go outside, or do we stay inside -- i'm kind of confused, what is the purpose of taking the vaccine if we can't get back to normal? >> that's exactly it. and that confusion comes directly from dr. fauci, who has no business being on our tv screens anymore because he is constantly selling distrust, constantly sending mixed messages, and leading americans to believe that the vaccines don't work. we absolutely should take the
4:22 pm
vaccine, absolutely go live our lives to the fullest. i took the johnson & johnson vaccine, and if you are worried in any way, this is the best way to take the vaccine and to move on with your life, go back to your 2019 life, or make your 2021 life even better. >> lawrence: yeah, i mean, i think it is a miracle, as i said at the beginning. but joe, my problem is this. now you have the media doing the bidding -- i mean, they are coming after us, as well. >> balls and strikes, right? wrong numbers. i like numbers, lawrence. let's go through some. in texas and mississippi, i believe you are from texas, they lifted their mask mandates on march 2nd. so we had, for instance, a cnn medical analyst named leon a win, and she went on the air that day and called it irresponsible, counterproductive, and said we were going to get back all of the gains that we would. dr. fauci said it was extremely
4:23 pm
risky. president of of the united states called the governors of texas and mississippi neanderthals for doing so. on march 2nd come in texas, for example, 232 deaths per day, covid deaths. check yesterday, 69 covid deaths per day. tragic, still, of course, but that is a 70% drop in a state where mask mandates were lifted. so they asked dr. fauci, okay, what's going on here? this was in an interview over the weekend, he couldn't explain. i guess people are going outdoors. to karol's point, he has to control his diet, and i'm not talking about doughnuts, i'm talking about media. he is on the air too much sharing his feelings and thought of what the data is. around the point around indoor restaurants, lawrence and karol, he said it is not okay to go, "if you are vaccinated, be careful and not get involved in crowded situations, particularly in dorks." i'm fully vaccinated, my wife is fully vaccinated, but now i
4:24 pm
can't go out? how is that supposed to work? emma cdc -- he is contradicting his own cbc. "fully vaccinated people can visit other fully vaccinated indoor you can see where the confusion comes from. >> lawrence: it is all over the place but because there is a plan -- listen to the cnn doctor, carol. >> we have a very narrow window, because otherwise if everything is reopened, what is the carrot going to be? how are we going to incentivize people to actually get the vaccine? that is why the cdc and the biden administration needs to come out a lot bolder and say if you are vaccinated, you can do all these things. here are all of these freedoms that you have, because otherwise, people are going to go out and enjoy these freedoms anyway. >> lawrence: yeah, we have your freedoms, you do what we say, and then we will release them to you. until you do that, they are ours, because you gave them to us in the middle of a freaking
4:25 pm
locked on. karol? >> yeah, absolutely. those freedoms are yours already come and again, if you feel safe, everybody has sort of their own risk calculation. if you feel safe going to crowded places without vaccines, i don't see how that bothers me. i don't feel safe doing that so i got vaccinated and now i will go anywhere i want, dine indoors, even if dr. fauci says no, and i think the main thing we need to see, now that you are vaccinated, we don't need to wear masks anymore. whether or not we ever needed them in the first place is also very questionable, but now, absolutely, taking off your mask sends a message "i believe in science and vaccines and i'm not wearing this anymore." >> lawrence: yeah, they don't get to control our lives anymore. until americans decide to stand up to our government officials that have essentially told us they run everything now, kids can go back to school, got to run with masks, which is very silly, antiscience. it is nonsense. i'm over at. karol, joe, thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks, lawrence.
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>> lawrence: coming up, our borders have finally come out of hiding. kamala harris that she plans to do something about the crisis with the kids in the cages not going to like it. ♪ ♪ bipolar depression. it's a dark, lonely place. this is art inspired by real stories of people living with bipolar depression. emptiness. a hopeless struggle. the lows of bipolar depression can disrupt your life and be hard to manage. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms, and in clinical studies, had no substantial impact on weight. now i'm feeling connected. empowered. latuda is not for everyone. call your doctor about unusual mood changes, behaviors or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. elderly dementia patients on latuda have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about fever, stiff muscles, and confusion,
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advil dual action fights pain 2 ways. it's the first and only fda approved making life's journey just better. combination of advil plus acetaminophen. advil targets pain. acetaminophen blocks it. advil dual action. fast pain relief that lasts 8 hours. ♪ ♪ >> lawrence: fox news alert, minnesota bracing for another night of unrest following the deadly police shooting of 20-year-old daunte wright, and right now, the former senior police officer who shot right is under arrest, facing a charge of second-degree manslaughter. "the daily caller"'s richie mcginnis is live on the ground in brooklyn center. you've been down there for a lot of protests in minnesota. what is the vibe now that the officer has now been charged? >> well, we were on the ground last night, and there were about a few hundred protesters peer of the curfew was originally set for 10:00 p.m. then moved up to
4:32 pm
8:00 p.m., and an unlawful assembly was declared just before sundown, and actually, one protester started banging up against the fence, riot control munitions were deployed, and things were quite chaotic from there. i saw at least over a dozen arrests right before my eyes and i also was caught up in the mix myself. >> lawrence: so how is the move tonight, though, because last night it was out of control, obviously, we saw businesses starting to burn, and the community leaders have been calling for peace to no avail, but now that there has been some type of charges, is there any type of home this, knowing the criminal justice process is taking place? >> i don't think so. we were in front of the police station earlier today and most people seemed pretty intent on coming out tonight to protesters, not only because of the current situation at hand, t the trial of derek chauvin, so a
4:33 pm
confluence of factors combining here that really makes for a very contentious situation. >> lawrence: richie, has there been any word from the family about the case so far? they have been kind of silent -- i know they retain civil rights attorney benjamin crump, but have they made any public statements? >> not that i am aware of, although i can say most of the people in the community here are very angry, not only with the situation that is unfolding before them right now, but also regardless of what happens with the chauvin trial, they said there is nothing that could bring george floyd back, so i think it is going to be probably just continuing through the end of the chauvin trial. >> lawrence: richie, you be safe there tonight. we thank you for doing the program and pray for peace for you, peace for the community, and that this country can come together. thank you so much for joining. now this.
4:34 pm
today, president biden's importers are kamala harris broker 21 day silence on the issue. >> i have talked with the president of mexico and the president of guatemala. probably saying too much but we have plans in the works to go to guatemala as soon as possible. given all of the restrictions in terms of covid and things of that nature. >> lawrence: so she is going to visit mexico and guatemala eventually, but not the u.s. southern border? not the children cages? they would have to wait. joining me now, tomi lahren, host of "known interruption" on fox nation, and fox news contributor richard fowler. thank you so much for joining me. tommy, i want to go to you, first. you just came from the border, but you ran into the vice president when you were there? >> you know, she must have been in camouflage because i did not see her there, but i will tell you this. i am happy she plans to visit mexico and guatemala at some point to see the root causes of why people are coming over here, but i can tell her exactly what people are coming over here.
4:35 pm
it is her administration, the biden administration, that has issued that cattle call for people to come over, and the root causes of people coming over and the reason their countries are so messed up in the first place is because these a illegal immigrants are paying cartel and criminal organizations thousands and thousands of dollars to be brought into our country illegally, thus funding the problem and those from countries, so if you do not stop the cattle call and you don't apply consequences, it's never going to end. the countries they are coming from are never going to be repaired, and our country will continue to come last as it has been the entirety of this administration. >> lawrence: richard, what do you think about this? when no matter where you stand on the immigration reform debat, you have to admit the policies of joe biden and the rhetoric of joe biden caused this crisis. >> no, i won't admit that because i don't think joe biden because this crisis. this crisis has been decades in the making. number one, let's take a jaunt down history late and understand, it is not cartels the reason that folks are losing mike leaving the country, the
4:36 pm
reason cartels exist is america's failed war on drugs, which tomi forgot to talk about. when we penalized folks for having possession of marijuana and other things, what we created was a black market, and that black market is ready cartels thrived, and when those cartels thrive, they also started importing people to the united states on our southern border. i'm happy to see kamala harris go to mexico and guatemala, but let's understand, donald trump had for years to "fix" the problems of the border, and he didn't. >> lawrence: let's talk about the fact, richard -- i think there is a fair conversation to have about drugs crossing the border, they should be legalized or anything, but the policy specifically, when you listen to other foreign leaders like in guatemala, they blame the former president. take a look at this. >> i believe in the first few weeks of the biden administration, messages were confusing. there were compassionate messages that were understood by people in our country,
4:37 pm
especially families take the children. the children can go, and once the children are there, they will call their parents. >> lawrence: so, tomi, you've interviewed people crossing the border. they say joe biden told them to come. you talk to foreign leaders, they say the same thing. so, who is right and who is wrong? >> i'm sorry, richard, but it is not up for discussion, when you speak to border control, and ask why they are coming, and they say joe biden sent me and told me i don't have to go home, it's pretty cut and dry come exactly why they are coming. i also want to push back i got something you said in your previous statement, about how trump was not solving the problem. no, donald trump was absolutely solving the problem -- >> if he solve the problem, there would not be a problem on the border, with there? >> let me finish. i was there during the trump administration after he implement in those policies to remain in mexico come after he sent the message that you have to wait in line on the mexican side and get a number -- >> if you solve the problem, the problem goes away. the problem still exist today,
4:38 pm
which means donald trump did not solve it. >> lawrence: i'm going to hop in, we got to go. the problem is it is exists because he got rid of some of the remain in mexico agreement on foreign leaders have said that the people that are coming across the board have said that, but it was a great debate to have you both on. tomi, richard, thank you so much. >> good to see you. >> things for having. >> lawrence: up next, career advice from hunter biden. he takes shots at the trump kids. nepotism? why don't they get on a train and just join amtrak or burisma, like he did. plus, former dni ric grenell joins us next. don't miss it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain and clearer skin. proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... ...with humira. humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain,
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♪ ♪ >> lawrence: fox news alert, and this is big, the intercept reporting moments ago, house and senate democrats are planning to unveil new legislation later this week that would officially expand the u.s. supreme court by adding four new seats, that would take it from nine justices to 13 justices. the effort reportedly being led by house judiciary chairman jerry nadler and senator ed markey. joining me now to react to this
4:44 pm
breaking news is shannon bream, inc. or "fox news @ night." shannon, this is some breaking news. we knew this would probably happen, but we did not think it would be this quickly. what do you know? >> yeah, we know there's a commission president biden set up a commission to study things about the judiciary, including expanding courts and that kind of thing, but what we are seeing now is something being done at the legislative branch, where in congress they are talking about trying to expand the supreme court. now listen, it has not been done since 1869. the constitution does not outline exactly how many justices there have to be at any one time. the court started with six, and the theory has always been that the founders thought it wouldn't be used to decide really tough questions on a regular basis. that is why they gave it an even number instead of odd when it got started, but over the years, the seats have been changed many times, so now we are going to see if congress is serious about that. democrats control the house. they also have a very thin margin with vice president's
4:45 pm
boat over in the senate, as well, so we will see how serious this is, as i said, since 1869 since they changed it. when fdr talked about this come about packing the courts to get his policies upheld, it did not go well for him. i think the american public is going to have a lot of questions, you heard justice breyer days ago talking about this, when people start to mess with the court, it starts to look political. the late justice ginsburg said nine is a great number, i don't think we should mess with it, so i think there's room to be a lot of pushback along a number of fronts if they move forward with this. >> lawrence: you know, shannon, it is interesting that nadler is leading this effort. there has already been rumors here in new york that he may face some sort of primary -- aoc has made it very clear that the moderates in this state, i mean, already unseated after 20 years in congress, so how is this going to play out? is this political pressure? and to follow up on the outcome of the biden administration made
4:46 pm
it very clear they wanted to study this. is it clear now that the progressives do not want to study it, they know where they want to go? >> exactly, and there was so much pressure on him -- he remember in the campaigns from the left and the right, because people wanted to know what president biden plans to do if he was elected with regard to the seats on the supreme court. and he demurred several times. i will tell you after i'm elected. a lot of people said we want to know. he was definitely feeling the pull from the left side, the left flank, the progressive plank of his party, who wanted him to come out and say, yeah, maybe we are going to do this and add the seats, while the conservatives are watching very closely, too, because they don't want the expansion. we will see. it is on capitol hill now. >> lawrence: shannon bream, thank you so much for this breaking news. >> you got it. >> lawrence: it's interesting because the press should have asked these questions and we would have known before we got him as president of the united states. it is not a sufficient answer to say you are just going to say let's move on.
4:47 pm
what i saw this story, i thought it was fake news. look at the headline. no, it is not "the onion," it is from vanity fair. hunter biden tells ivanka trump and don jr. to get a job. why don't they follow him into chinese real estate? point know my joined me to discuss, ric grenell, director of national intelligence under president trump. this is comical. >> i can't figure out from hunters arguments whether he is saying this is russian disinformation or the latest revelations on his laptop are of his own making. this is a disaster. this is the guy who literally has only been able to collect money because of his father. we see he has been put on boards because of his father. he has no experience in the energy field, yet was put on
4:48 pm
energy boards. this is laughable. this is a ridiculous statement. and by the way, lawrence, this only works in washington, d.c. he is a product of washington, d.c. he has grown up in washington, d.c. he is used to these ridiculous arguments were a whole bunch of democrats will say "yeah, good point, keep saying that," and the rest of us in the united states, the rest of us in america, look at washington and these excuses and these types of claims and just laughed. washington is really out of touch. >> lawrence: you know, ric, i am always fascinated because they always bring up his drug addiction, which i think is a serious issue. it is something that has impacted americans all over the country. but it is so serious that people should have known that before he got these jobs. the question is, if he struggled with this addiction and everybody knew it, how did he get the job? >> i mean, you put your finger right on it, which i would go so far as to say the family also knew that he was dealing with this drug problem, and he had a
4:49 pm
series of issues, you know, lying on his gun form. that is a serious issue. the family knew that he was troubled, and trying to get him help should've been the solution. not trying to look the other way when he is climbing on boards, making loads of money, and everybody knew that he was making money off his family name. i do think that president biden just thought he was finished with politics, that he wasn't going to run again, and so the idea that your family is going to make a whole bunch of money was fine, was an issue he did not think about. >> lawrence: ric, i've got to get your quick response on this. back in the day, there was a lot of talk about stacey abrams, and she did a great job in georgia making things happen, but you are starting your own organization. i talked about that, you are doing the work. tell us about that. >> it is called fix california, and if you go to
4:50 pm, you will see a three-point plan that we are going to engage in california, not give up on california, but try to do voter integrity, voter outreach, and upends the way we fund education. we think everything starts with education in california. we are near the bottom when it comes to education and we need a major reform efforts. i also think that we should do voter i.d.s. if you are against having an i.d. to vote, i think you are a cheater. i think you are trying to cheat the system because anyone who would say "i don't want people to show an i.d. to vote," they have to be up to something. >> lawrence: and joe biden today doubles down on the jim crow nonsense. it's been disproven, but he continues to do it because the media allows it to happen. thanks so much, ric -- >> only in d.c. >> lawrence: only in d.c. thanks. dana perino joins me after the break. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> lawrence: welcome back. my next guest wrote a best-selling book, giving life lessons for young women, but don't be fooled. men can learn a lot from this book come too. in fact, i recommend every man read it because it contains a lot of secrets we never realized about women. dana perino joins me, the cohost of america's newsrooms and "the five." dana, you've been a mentor to me, a lot of people may not know that, you give me on air advice on professional advice, but also some dating advice, as well. tell me, where do men typically go wrong? >> well, my husband says that every man should read the book because then he will realize that he will never fully understand women. and actually, when i finished reading the audiobook, i realized there is so much of peter in this book. there is a lot of practical tips in there for advice for things. i think right now, especially for somebody like you, i think
4:57 pm
supporting the young women in your life, whether it be a family member or a love interest, or your wife or your girlfriend, whatever it might be, supporting them and understanding that sometimes they are going to have to work late, and sometimes they are going to have to work on weekends, and not giving them a hard time about that. as they climb the ladder. i think that is really important. women are already putting a ton of pressure on themselves. >> lawrence: right. that's definitely one of the barriers i think in relationships, communication in general, but how do you get through that barrier that i feel like a lot of young relationships have, where they can't -- they don't know how to talk to each other. you know, guys, we think that women sometimes are a different species, and women think we are just dumb. >> peter, when he finished reading the first draft of my book he said, "wow, you guys think a lot." you think a lot, and more than we do." here is something i think is good, not just in relationships but also the workplace. i don't think people realize how
4:58 pm
important it is to be an active listener. right? because here's the thing. women, we want to talk about our problems. we don't expect you to solve it. men, though, they hear about a problem -- >> lawrence: we got to fix that. >> do this. you're like, i can't do that because there's all these reasons. just listening and being an active listener, understand, absolutely. that will get you very far. plus, if you do more active listening elsewhere, you know who was a great listener? the late charles krauthammer. >> lawrence: yes. >> if you remember, he would listen on the panel, listen to it everyone was saying, and he would go last -- >> lawrence: always last. >> and he would nail it because he would listen to everybody. there is a great way, especially for women to feel respected. >> lawrence: that's interesting, because when i talk -- it's always i want to fix the problem. it's how i grew up. just don't have a problem, you've got to fix it. and sometimes i've heard before, just tell me everything will be okay. >> everything will be okay.
4:59 pm
well, another great thing, my husband, i called him one day, on my third day at the white house, and the oval office, i got kicked out of the oval office, but it wasn't my fault, and the president doesn't even remember kicking me out. it wasn't my fault, but i was so mortified, there was a misunderstanding, she doesn't need to be here and looked at me, and i was like, oh, my gosh, i was so mortified, i called back to my office, shut my door, called peter, and i was very tearful and told him what happened, and said, just think, for the rest of your life, you can say "i've been kicked out of better places than this." >> lawrence: oh! she has so much more stories. >> i think that support, for me, taking that moment of dread and being mortified and making light of it really helps. >> lawrence: but he knew -- and i always say this, they've got to meet peter. he is the salt of the earth, and got to meet jasper, as well. >> indeed. >> lawrence: dana perino, thank you, my friend. >> i did not know i was coming up for dating advice. that might be my next book.
5:00 pm
>> lawrence: you have men watching this program, may have saved their relationship. thank you. i'm lawrence jones. i will be right back here tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy wednesday. we had one thing for you, now we have another, because things aren't changing enough in this country, or changing fast enough, we begin tonight with a fox news alert. we just learned the democrats in the congress are preparing a bill to pack the supreme court. to add four new justices to our supreme court. that would change the country forever. we are going to be monitoring this and bringing more details as we get them, but as of right now, we know these things: the bill is being led by congressman jerry nadler of new york, that's in the house. and in the senate by senator ed markey of massachusetts. again, packing the supreme cou


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