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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 14, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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nonsensical and a lot of policy issues that are really frustrating border patrol, if they cross the border in that area they are literally moving and within two hours and releasing them into the country, or the patrol didn't sign up -- >> neil: far from resolved. senator lankford, thank you very much. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello everybody, i'm jesse watters along with dana perino, greg gutfeld, judge jeanine pirro and our brand-new fox news contributor, gerald ford jr. good evening, everybody, this is "the five." minnesota bracing for another native anarchy has the mayor of brooklyn center is set to hold a news conference to take you there live.
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the former police who shot and killed daunte wright during a traffic stop was arrested today. that comes as riots broke out for the third straight night and guess who showed up this time, self identified members of antifa were causing all kinds of trouble, over 60 people were arrested, instead of condemning the rioting and looting, far left democrats are fanning the flame of unrest, like aoc who was ignoring the body cam footage and claiming the shooting wasn't an accident, she also said law enforcement is an indefensible system. of course, top democrats are refusing to call out this of rhetoric. >> i can understand that. >> the congress in america, so the congresswoman has a right to
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her opinion. >> i am not in the camp that says, you know, we should disrespect police. we should reform police. >> jesse: all right, harold ford jr., welcome to fox news, i will give you the memo on gutfeld after the show, you are not allowed to look him in the eye. >> greg: that's because i'm short, it's not possible. he's taller than me. >> jesse: yes, okay. tell me about the democratic party not condemning this type of abolish the police rhetoric. how do you as a democrat see that kind of language? >> harold: first off, congratulations to you on the addition to your family. no serious democrat is calling for defunding the police.
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as a leader of the democratic party, the president and president biden throughout the campaign talked strongly, clearly, harshly against that. others in the party including me made clear, those who are calling for defunding the police obviously don't live in neighborhoods where the police are needed which i believe is every american neighborhood but there are those who are making this case, and don't make a lot of sense now. i don't know of any of my former colleagues or even those who are not in congress to support them now, i think the congresswoman who made some of these comments, there is frustration. we all know the difference between good policing and bad policing, there's far more good policing in the country but we have to hold those accountable who engage and undertake that policing. we should not defund the police, the voices making the case that we shut are not serious and i can assure you in serious corners of the democratic party, those voices will not be listened to seriously.
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>> jesse: i would agree that that's not a serious type of way to speak about police but judge jeanine, aoc, the squad, they have a lot of influence and members of congress, serious job so to say that kind of thing just astounds me, how do you feel? >> judge jeanine: it astounds me, too, the idea that america can exist without law enforcement is bizarre, it will be a return to the kind of energy we've seen on the streets, in these leftist cities all summer. it's coming back near you. the problem is, when you are a member of congress and promote that kind of ideology that the police are not enforcing the law, and they are basically rogue cops out there looking to commit violent crimes against african-americans, i prosecuted
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a white cop for killing an african-american, little did i know there was a first time in the history of new york it happened. you show me, where these kinds of crimes are not prosecuted. when they are out of line, for police brutality and police abuse, and you show me anyone in america who thinks they'd rather not have a cop available when they got a problem, and what they are doing is creating a dangerous environment for police, in this particular case, in three days, she is now indicted for manslaughter in the second degree, facing ten years in prison. within three days they indicted her, what is the mob want? derek chauvin is on trial for murder, what does the mob want? this is the way the system works and any other call for getting rid of the police is sick. >> jesse: and she should have been indicted, that was a fatal
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and tragic mistake. greg gutfeld, tell me about the language coming out of the squad's mouth and about antifa coming to this neighborhood, we all know what happens when that occurs. before they are just an idea, jesse, please, please, please. >> jesse: you are right. >> greg: lets her member how the media stoke to this in their use of language, chris cuomo, who says protest has to be peaceful, in the constitution, don lennon said there was absolutely no problem with violence and for a cruise he went and had dinner and i was pretty brave of him to go to midtown and have dinner and you have cuomo saying that antifa stands for antifascist, venerable institutions talking about how looting is form of reparations and justice. so we kind of sanction a specific kind of behavior, i guess i said this monday or tuesday, but every story generally has a beginning and an end but these stories don't.
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the beginning is a cop made a tragic error and she is going to be charged with this, her life and career is going to take a tragic turn as she shed. the suspect resisted arrest, he was out on warrant for robbing and attacking of a woman, that matters because when it comes to the media, every case, these cases have to be the same, they all and to be treated uniformly, that they are the product of a racist institution. even if there is a tragic mistake, even if there was a black officer there and there was a lot of other variables involved. when you look at this you see there is no beginning and you look at the end, where does this go next, it just happens again. when we cover it, do we ever wonder how our observation
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affects the outcome? we know it doesn't we also know that nothing ever gets better from this so it's time, i think, for us to look in the mirror and go, how does our coverage stoke the stuff? the media does some pretty responsible things when reporting on suicides and mass shootings, they decide not to say the names or decide not to post how the person committed suicide because they don't want to give people ideas. in this case we point the cameras and hope for action and when we get the action we are bracing for another night of unrest. we are bracing for it, we always begin the sentence the same way, riots broke out, riots broke out, who is breaking the riots out? we never say. >> jesse: dana, you made the point yesterday, about the language that pretty much cost democrats a lot of seats in the
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last election, we saw the defund the police movement have a really terrible effect on their house races. now we've gone from the defund of the police to abolish the police. how do you think that is going to affect the political reality in washington? >> dana: right now, as of today i believe the democrats only have a two seat margin about the republicans in the house. and i appreciate that harold ford, our new contributor, is trying to be one of these responsible people like abigail spanberger, the democrat from virginia who after the election got on the conference call and said, guys, we almost lost the entire thing and it was rhetoric like defund the police that she really pointed to as major issues. but this is not just happening in congress. there is a woman who is about to be confirmed as the justice department, the number three in charge and in her past she has
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talked about defund abilities. now she disavows it but that sentiment is there at the highest level of the biden administration. so i don't know if, when you look at the congressman that we have in the beginning, sheila jackson lee basically saying, look, there's room for a lot of this. i think that joe biden with his 60% approval rating could actually show some really strong backbone here and say, we are not for this. if not they are probably going to look at a pretty uncomfortable next few weeks or months as they go into the 2022 midterms but worse than that, what you're seeing in minnesota can that happen everywhere as we politicize and nationalize all of these local issues. it doesn't matter at all to anybody, when they pulled him over for expired tags they found he had a warrant for his arrest, for failing to appear. as failing to appear not matter anymore, are we okay with that?
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he was also under investigation for illegal possession of a firearm. that's bad, right? i'm not saying that the tragedy of her reaching for her, picking up the gun, a terrible situation. she is now facing ten years, you saw her mug shot right there, it happened very quickly. this kind of thing can happen and it can happen in the system but if we, as greg was saying, we exploit all of it everything the time and make every issue in a local area a national issue we are going to have riots break out and not just in minnesota but across the country. >> jesse: what would you advise? go ahead, greg. i was going to ask harold ford jr., what would you advise the president to say? as dana said he has a lot of street credibility with the black community, they came out overwhelmingly for him in the last election but he did try to
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find that balance with not explicitly saying i am for defunding the police. it would mean a lot if you took to the podium and talked about police reform. where is that? are talked about resisting arrest or talked about respect on the street going both ways. what would you suggest he say? >> harold: i think a lot of the elements you laid out, he has made clear he is not for defunding the police, he obviously leads a party where there is some varying view surrounds this but his view is never changed and he's never wavered. the situation in minneapolis is tragic on both sides. this officer is likely to face real-world consequences and you have a loss of life but we can't forget that the context of all of this is the trial underway, one of the worst videos we've seen is the nation of george floyd so put all of in context,
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not only did democrats think that way, republicans as well. maybe it's time i got over to the white house and the president and see if we can hammer out some compromise language around police reform. >> jesse: that will be a great idea and i think that would help settle things down. judge jeanine, greg touched on it a little bit, each case is very specific and every case is unique but when we talk about each case, a lot of people then conflate everything together and say, well, what about this case and this case? and it takes away from the actual reality of the case you are talking about. >> judge jeanine: well, you know, the point you make is an excellent one, jesse. the truth is our terminal justice system is based on state of mind. what is your intent, the state of mind, was it intentional, was it reckless? wasn't negligent or is it something that is absolute and does it matter, if you commit
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it... >> jesse: judge, we have to go because we have a fox news alert, the mayor of brooklyn center, minnesota held a news conference might be got to gathering these last few days and for raising your voice is in honor of daunte wright. this has truly been a tragic and difficult week for the people of brooklyn center. in and my heart is broken for daunte's family and friends, he was taken from us and from them far too soon. i share our community's anger and sadness and shock. and my message to all our demanding justice for him and for his family is this. your voices have been heard.
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now, the eyes of the world are watching brooklyn center. and i urge you to protest peacefully and without violence. let us show the best of our community and to the right family, i know there is nothing i can say or do that will bring daunte back. or ease your grief. but i promise you this. his death will not go in vain. and as we navigate this challenge, we are going to strive to ensure the safety of our residents and our staff, including our public safety officers. and we are working to safeguard
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our businesses. and other gathering places for damage. with the news of the decision to charge the former brooklyn center police officer with manslaughter comes a prolonged period of continued grieving, hurt and understandable anger. our task as a city and as a leadership would be to allow for the expression of those very legitimate voices. and to also create a pathway forward toward healing and renewal of our stability and strength as a community. foundation of achieving these goals are transparency and accountability. i look forward to working with our city council and our
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newly-established community crisis management team. and with all of our residents that find, together with all of our residents to find a way forward. and i ask the community to remain peaceful as we live through this tragic event. and i pledge my support to honor the requests for justice for daunte wright as he and his family remain in our thoughts. i want to reiterate, that we have extended the curfew from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. tonight here in brooklyn center. i want to thank you all and we will stand for questions.
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>> will the former officer get pension and retirement? >> the officer did resign and with that comes the obligation to be excited entitled to all accrued benefits that are due. >> who is on the crisis team, who are the people, can you name them and how many are they? >> yes, some do at this time not in a position to share those names because it is still forming so as that team forms we do anticipate having a press conference where we can introduce individual names and also share that list as the team, again, forms. >> are some of them activists that have been in these communities last few days? >> if they are community members, i can only say there are some who are community members. >> who is in charge of the brooklyn center police
2:19 pm
department right now? and also, who is in charge of the police force? >> i can answer that. >> jesse: the minnesota mayor holding a news conference saying they are working to protect businesses and telling people their voices have been heard after the x officer was arrested today. we will keep monitoring this more on "the five," next. not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently. hey, i'll take one, please! wait, this isn't a hot-dog stand? no, can't you see the sign? wet. teddy. bears. get ya' wet teddy bears! one-hundred percent wet, guaranteed! or the next one is on me! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> we deliver justice to bin laden a decade ago and we stayed in afghanistan for a decade sense. it is time to end america's longest war in time for troops to come home.
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>> judge jeanine: the move causing fierce bipartisan backlash and claims it could cause another 9/11. okay, i'm going to start with you, dana, when biden said that what happened on 9/11 was terrible but that was 20 years ago and now it doesn't explain why we are there now, is it really that simple? >> dana: nothing about this is simple, it's exceedingly complex with a ton of nuance and i would say a couple things, i think that the sacrifices that have been made by so many men and women in uniform and intelligence services, have not been for nothing. i just want to remind everybody that we didn't start this war. we have the choice, how do you want to fight it? in the last several years,
2:25 pm
relate due mostly to president trump, we do not have 100,000 troops in afghanistan, we have fewer than 5,000 troops in afghanistan right now, they are doing counterintelligence. they are also the eyes and ears on the ground, the fact that the iranians, for example, are arming al qaeda which is reestablishing itself in afghanistan. but look, this decision, i'm sure, will come as a comfort to the families that the service men and women observed, many of whom signed up right after 9/11 from a communication standpoint, i cannot for the life of me understand the decision to say, we are going to leave on 9/11 and handing a propaganda tool to the taliban, no matter what they are going to say, but this war came to our shore and we can decide how to fight it and how to end it. the other thing i would say is
2:26 pm
this, the administration, again, this could be a good plan, secretary pompeo today said a lot of this is going to be in the execution. if we're going to do this, will he accept the people from afghanistan like we did in vietnam, the vietnamese refugees who came here, the schoolteachers, interpreters, helicopter pilots, the targets are now on their backs. so we had to do the right thing in the leaving, godspeed to us all. >> judge jeanine: let's take a listen to what lindsey graham said today. we are going to go to you, greg, on the other side. >> with all due respect to president biden, you have not ended the war, you have extended it, you have made it bigger, not smaller. you're going to do to us what you did in iraq, put us in a world of hurt. >> this is repeating obama in iraq all over again.
2:27 pm
>> greg: to those who said this could cause another 9/11, did they predict the last one? did they predict the last one that i will listen to them, i agree with dana that basing a decision, predicated in the decision on a symbolic date is idiotic, it's absolutely idiotic. it just says, yeah, you know what? it took us one day to take 20 years of your existence. i think we won there. i also love how the pro-war faction in the media turns this into a betrayal of feminism, if you are leaving afghanistan somehow you don't like the women there. i've seen that a couple times. and to dana's point, leaving the country now is not like leaving the country ten or 15 years ago. in today's world of technology and drones, drone warfare and artificial intelligence, nobody ever leaves completely. something happens, we will be
2:28 pm
back or we will be there in some manner or form. it's kind of like one of those retractable awnings that we sell on this network. if you need to open us up, we will be there about in the meantime are going to pull back. >> judge jeanine: all right. jesse, what do you think of the fact that there are really 2500 americans are and pompeo said today no americans have been killed since whatever it was that they made with the taliban, 50,000 from a 20,000 in spain and other countries around the world, doesn't matter what the number is? >> jesse: it will because you take the 2500 out and as dana said you're going to leave special operators in, you're going to leave cia task forces in to be the eyes and ears on the ground and report back langley, they are reconstituting that this is what they are doing but you've got to give these guys a little air cover, i understand you might want to
2:29 pm
keep some air support and he got opened but right now the airbases probably the least safe u.s. military asset in the entire world, it just got a little less safe so you're going to have some contractors there defending all of that infrastructure, i feel like they will pull out in a few years but it's a mess. afghanistan is landlocked, surrounded by iran, pakistan, russia, that neighborhood, it's a logistical nightmare to have a presence there to begin with and we've already spilled a lot of blood, a lot of treasure, we nailed bin laden. you can't keep propping up the central government. they've never had central government. its tribal warlords and provincial powers and these corrupt military guys were training, they turned their backs on you, they steal, they don't fight well, it's very tough to get these guys up and ready so... there is no good option and
2:30 pm
that's sad but like dana said, you can leave honorably and we should be proud of what we accomplish. >> judge jeanine: all right, harold, the last 30 seconds, mcconnell said it's a grave mistake, we are retreating into the enemies, in their opinion we have pretty much retreated and they won. >> harold: i don't agree with leader mcconnell, i traveled to afghanistan, iraq, israel was senator graham, the late senator mccain and then senator graham and now president biden. think about the three or four most serious thinkers about this region of the world in the last 15, 20 years, those three would be right near the top of the five or six. i think it's important to take a step back and look at what we've accomplished, i think dana laid it out very well, four presidents now that this war has covered, but it may be time to reset or recalibrate our foreign policy and national security interests. think about where we are spending and where we are going
2:31 pm
to have to spend and pitted towards asia, particularly china, is this the right time to do it? i think september 11th, setting a date i agree with jesse is not necessarily the smartest thing, however i do think they come of this president who is not new to foreign policy, was not new to this issue, who's been there in the past offering solutions, will be consistent with that. i am happy to see senator graham in one regard, i think he was a little fired up but i love when he gets that way because when he lays out ideas, biden loves that kind of kind of back-and-forth. hopefully they will find the right medium and the right compromise on when the troops should leave because i think that eventually is where we are going to end up. b3 well they already said it. i had, kamala harris claims she is not in charge of the migrant crisis and is refusing to visit the border. what she just said, next. ♪ ♪
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this is what an annuity can do. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> harold: vice president kamala harris speaking about the influx of migrants at the border and saying she will travel down to mexico and guatemala to address root causes of the issue, take a look. to speak of the asked the secretary to address what is going on at the border. i have been asked to leave the issue dealing with root causes in the northern triangle, i have talked with the president of mexico and the president of guatemala, we have, to go to
2:37 pm
guatemala as soon as possible. >> harold: house republicans criticizing the vice president for not visiting the southern border, putting her face to the milk carton. judge, let me ask you this, she is starting off, the vice president not visiting southern town, is it right to visit mexico and guatemala first as we think about immigration policy that is not working? >> judge jeanine: for me, and i've been to the border several times, i think that visit impacts the united states. i would suggest that the first place you go is the southern border whether it's texas or in arizona to inspect how the influx or surge which aoc says is a racist term is impacting small towns in the united states, the fact that they are not testing the kids for covid, to see what actually
2:38 pm
is the truth and to see what the media wants to see and what that biden administration will let them see. this is america, we are interested in protecting americans. i think obviously she should do it as soon as possible, she got the assignment three weeks ago, how long does it take to get to guatemala and mexico? i don't mean to be a skeptic, harold, but i've got to tell you, the pain is being felt at the southern border, if you want to know what the problem is it's all about money and poverty and gangs in those countries but they are bringing it right here, we don't know who is coming in, we don't know what their records are, who they are, if they have a record at all, we've got 10 million americans out of work because of the pandemic and we are opening up the border and you can't say it's close because i've been there and it's not closed. i hope that answers your question. >> harold: judge, i appreciate that. when you think about the root cause, the gangs and the violence and i would even argue the awful weather patterns, not
2:39 pm
addressing the root causes of this, is really the way to prevent or lower those record numbers of children and families coming through? speed to the root causes aren't in the northern triangle, they are in the west wing. go there instead, it's biden's rhetoric and policy, that triggered this record storage. this is why joe biden took such a long time to pick a vp to begin with, he originally wanted susan rice because he trusted her, then was told that he had to take kamala harris even though he didn't know if she was loyal and now she's starting to show signs of disloyalty. when the president of the united states tasks the vp to take charge of something, that means it's an important job, it's very important but it's also dirty on the president doesn't want to get his hands dirty. as a loyal vp you have to just dive right in headfirst and do
2:40 pm
your job and she didn't, she treated the border like a hot potato. no, you do it, i don't want this. i'm only going to do diplomacy. she's going to fly down to guatemala, and i'm going to send you a bunch of money. they will link to their buddy in the money will end up in their bank account. then the surgeon will probably die down. she will pat herself on the shoulder and say she fixed it, it's going to start right back up again and break another record in the winter. >> harold: dana, one of the last presidents to think seriously about immigration reform and make an effort was your former boss, president bush. i don't necessarily disagree, but at the same time do we not think about this differently, it's a great political point for either side, we invest billions in the middle east to stabilize
2:41 pm
that region but we have invested very little in our own hemisphere, is that something the vice president should think about as you try to come up with an answer? >> dana: i want to defend president obama to who will be so offended to think he didn't take it seriously. i kid, harold, i kid. every president since george washington has had some sort of immigration issue to deal with. and this one i think, solving the problem would be great. i definitely think that our southern hemisphere has been ignored for a long time and was very interesting, i was talking to general peter pace, you might remember him as the first marine to be joint chief of staff, i remember asking him where he was on 9/11, do you know where he was? he had just landed in columbia because i was going to be a big focus, get the drugs and cartels underway but then what happened? 9/11 and we let this, we just had a segment about afghanistan for 20 years. i think there's a lot here. i think with kamala harris, it's very interesting, most vice
2:42 pm
presidents do anything to find some sort of substantive issue that they can hold on to so that they could actually be in the news but this time it's like whoa, whoa, back it up. it doesn't necessarily want to take it on. i would love to see her take it all on some i think that would be, i think it might be very good for her political career and maybe even good for the country because she would get this visibility. secretary mayorkas has been get to the border and nobody knows about it. "the washington post" did a puff piece on her, a feature story about how she is crocheting and how amazing it is, it makes me think that george bush should've put dick cheney in charge of the knitting circle instead of the energy task force. that type have given him some -- >> greg: first off, harold, stop asking good questions, it's bad enough that i am no longer the best looking person on
2:43 pm
"the five," stop trying to add stuff to this debate, it's making me sick to my stomach. this crocheting thing is amazing so this is how the media is looking at her during this crisis. let's do a feature on crocheting. i love to crochet but it explains why she's always laughing, because she's constantly in stitches! dana, i'm going to end on a corny joke, what a joe biden sata kamala harris when he found her in a closet doing her crocheting? >> jesse: what did >> dana: what did he say? >> greg: i'm beginning to see a pattern. >> dana: very good. >> greg: sorry, harold, i didn't answer your question. >> harold: you did. "the fastest" is up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back, time for "the fastest."
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living in lockdown for a year, apparently six in ten americans have leveled up in one of their hobbies since the start of covid and many expect to be experts by the time life returns to normal. harold, you're new around here, i feel like everybody knows anything about us and our hobbies, what about you, what are your hobbies? >> harold: i've got a new one. i didn't know how to cook before this. i'm sure i do now either but i think i do, my 7-year-old daughter, 6-year-old son, i can make egg noodles, they call them "daddy noodles" and i'm a heck of a griller, grilling things i have a girl before. remains healthy in the house. >> dana: we will keep that in mind when we get together for a "the five" barbecue hopefully sometime soon. jesse, what's your hobby that you're working on? >> jesse: i didn't know grilling was a hobby, i think that's just grilling but if you want to make that your hobby that's fine. i don't have a hobby, dana, i
2:49 pm
have a newborn baby. i also have a young wife, twins, what am i supposed to crochet in my free time? i don't have free time. if i do i play a round of golf, hit the gym. you know how much i prep for the show, dana? >> dana: let me get this straight, you don't have any free time? >> jesse: what free time do i have? >> dana: i know, you've got a newborn. greg, hobby or no hobby? >> greg: as you know i am officially, the amount of skills that i picked up over this past year, there should be a rocky style montage of me learning all the things i learned and i didn't just learn, like, a fitness which i did or playing the guitar, which i did, or philosophy. i studied a lot of the stoics, i studied a lot of existentialism and i also went into the science of consciousness. i am a superhuman, i could
2:50 pm
probably kill all of you with my eyelids. >> dana: okay. good thing that we are remote, i don't want to die by your eyelids. judge jeanine, do you have a hobby? >> judge jeanine: not really. i baked. i baked more often now and now i don't read about existentialism and all that other jazz, i watched everything they put on netflix. i am netflixed out. >> dana: i am watching over but the restaurant," swedish, highly recommended. this recipe for something called popcorn salad that calls for adding white cheddar flavoring, mayo, sour cream, vinegar, sugar and a mix of vegetables to your popcorn. harold, maybe you want to try this on your kids tonight. >> harold: i'm going to process went out, we are not going to try this one with with my new hobby.
2:51 pm
>> jesse: emacs b1 jesse, would you want to eat popcorn salad while you are watching your newborn? >> jesse: it's i'm going to be braver than harold, i'm going to make this tomorrow and i will taste it and tell you how it is. >> dana: that's a tease, we will be here for that. judge, they made fun of me for making queso, i think this sounds discussing. >> judge jeanine: i wouldn't give this to my dog so i'm not going to make it. >> dana: dogs deserve a lot better than that. greg, too many carbs in this thing. >> greg: yeah, but it gave me an idea for a great cookbook that can be crowd source called "things you make when you're high" because i look at that... be one that's probably a good book, actually. >> greg: that was created by somebody with serious, serious munchies. might offend her, she could be high as a kite right now. we don't know what they are up to. >> dana: you know what? i'm going to send the book to for you, i love it.
2:52 pm
"one more thing" up next. ♪ ♪ if you printed out directions to get here today, you're in the right place. my seminars are a great tool to help young homeowners who are turning into their parents. now, remember, they're not programs. they're tv shows. you woke up early. no one cares. yes. so, i was using something called homequote explorer from progressive to easily compare home insurance rates. was i hashtagging? progressive can't help you from becoming your parents, but we can help you compare rates on home insurance with homequote explorer. guess what. the waiter doesn't need to know your name. with armor all, a little bit of this... guess what. ...protects you... ...from a lot of that. .
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david: my grandfather, pinchas. michael: my great-great- grandfather, rachmaiel. gigi: pinky and rocky. simi: there was an uprising in poland. david: and then the family broke apart. michael: they scattered around in different places. gigi: they worked hard. simi: and built new lives. michael: but rocky and pinky's families didn't see each other again... all: ...until now. david: more than 100 years later, ancestry helped connect us to our ancestors and each other.
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♪ >> jesse: time now for one more thing, dana perino. >> dana: last night the company clear when you go to the airport and if you sign up you can just zip right through. they hosted this really great night last night with a hospitality group for a night heros. this is where they celebrated 50 local front line healthcare heroes and honored their service to new york through the pandemic. they were all fully vaccinated tested before dinner. everybody had a great time and i just think about how they have these broadway stars there and i don't know -- is that gwyneth paltrow. they had a great night and in this is what i think. we have to help these people,
2:57 pm
thank them for their work and get everybody back-to-normal life. let's do it. >> jesse: was that gwyneth paltrow? all white people lookalike? >> jesse: i don't know. >> dana: jesse in i'm not there to hold your hand. [laughter] >> jesse: okay. i'm going to just not do my originally planned one more thing. i have two things i want to do. i want to give a shout diswrowt my pediatrician dr. lakota at nyu he taught me all these great diaper changing techniques of things i can't describe on the air but really are effective if you know what i mean. i also want to complain about something. if you get vaccinated, why do you have to wear a mask? i mean, if i'm vaccinated, why am i still wearing a mask? >> dana: because they say you can maybe be tom is aatic and pass it on. >> jesse: i'm vaccinated can you still get it. >> greg: who are they?
2:58 pm
>> jesse: you can still get it and give to people if you are vaccinated. >> judge jeanine: it's not 100 percent. >> greg: nothing is 100 percent. >> judge jeanine: no kidding. >> dana: telling you what they said. >> jesse: go ahead, greg. >> greg: gutfeld is on tonight we got bumped last night because of breaking news. we are on tonight. lara trump and matt schlapp a lot of surprises. let's do this thing: greg celebrity sighting. i went from a walk outside still light out. i ran into on the beach no other than joy behar. just kayaking right out on the long island enjoying. >> jesse: so mean. >> greg: beautiful cat went by the hair color. [laughter] got that very very serious lookn her face. joy and i go way back. we are very close. >> judge jeanine: yes, me too. me too. >> jesse: the j and the
2:59 pm
behar. you guys go way back. go ahead. harold, take it away. >> judge jeanine: me? >> jesse: or the judge, whatever. >> judge jeanine: there are two dogs, french bulldogs kevin and dollry, all right? do you have a problem with your dogs like i have stellar and sir lancelot, all right? i never know if there is front door or back door. french bulldogs they are trained at 8 months to put their nose on the doorbell and the owner comes and opens the door. okay so, why can't all of us do that? i go to the front, to the side, to the back, there they are. mom, we are home, let us in. okay? you should get that. i should get it. >> jesse: that is cute. that is a great idea. and that could get a little irritating though. go ahead, harold. harold harold so how would you save giraffes trapped on a sinking island? how about floating them away. these rescuers built a custom barge to safely transport the
3:00 pm
last of nine critically endangered giraffes to a sanctuary in kenya. last to catch the boat were mother and calf noel and project 15 month project to save nine giraffes. congratulations warms your heart to see that. >> jesse: does greg want to compare those giraffes to anybody else on news? greg greg who has a really long neck? >> dana: i know someone but i won't say it. >> jesse: just don't do it. "special report" is up next with bret. >> bret: way to stick your neck out on that one, harold. thank you, thanks, jesse. ♪ >> the battle is now joined on many fronts, we will not waiver. we will not tire, we will not falter. and we will not fail. peace and freedom will prevail. >> we already have service members doing their duty in afghanistan today whose parents served in the same war. we have service members who are not yet born when our natn


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