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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  April 14, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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paul's reaction. president obama is now weighing in. >> sandra: what a week it's been. a lot of news in two hours. i'm sandra smith. >> john: good to be with you. "the story" with martha starts right now. >> martha: good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york. president biden on his way to arlington national cemetery. he will visit section 60 where veterans of afghanistan are buried. he announced a complete withdrawal of the remaining u.s. troops through by this september 11th, which is the 20th anniversary of the attack on america by osama bin laden. and we're waiting for live remarks from senator lindsey graham that will take issue with this action by president biden. while many americans will welcome this withdrawal, it was first declared by president
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trump. he wanted out by may. graham does not. we'll bring you that live and show you both sides of that story. jack keane is here and also congressman michael waltz, an afghanistan veteran. they're uniquely qualified to weigh-in on what happens september 12, 2021. first to kristin fisher live at the white house where the president just spoke. kristin? >> martha, speaking from the same room where former president bush announced the air strikes in afghanistan 20 years ago, president biden said it's time to end america's longest war. all u.s. troops out of afghanistan by the 20th anniversary of 9-11. one of the biggest criticisms of this withdraw is that it's tied to that somewhat arbitrary date and not tied to conditions on the ground. listen to president biden explain why he decided to do it that way. >> we cannot continue the cycle of extending or expanding our
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military presence in afghanistan hoping to create ideal conditions for the withdrawal and expecting a different result. i'm now the fourth united states president to preside over american troop presence in afghanistan. two republicans, two democrats. i will not pass this responsibility on to a fifth. >> many republicans and some democrats believe it is dangerous to telegraph the date of when all u.s. troops will be out of afghanistan. here's senate minority leader mitch mcconnell just this morning. >> bizarrely they have decided to do so by september 11th. apparently we're to help our adversaries ring in the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks by gift wrapping the country and handing it back to them. >> the white house press secretary was just asked during the briefing if there was any chance the president would reconsider if conditions on the
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ground in afghanistan change. she said no. so the president is set on this and he just really laid out the case that he believes it's time to focus on the threat of 2021 and not 2001. shift the united states's focus from afghanistan to countries like russia and china. one more thing, martha. if you look back ten years ago, vice president biden went to baghdad to preside over a ceremony commemorating the end of the u.s. military involvement in iraq. we know what happened after that. isis came in, took over large portions of the country and more u.s. troops had to go back in to iraq. so clearly president biden is aware of the chance of history potentially repeating itself. based on the remarks that he just delivered inside the white house, martha, he believes this time it's worth the risk. martha? >> thanks, kristin. we remember when president obama called isis the j.v. team.
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we saw what happened after that. so we're told that president biden's motorcade is now rolling. meantime, shortly after the terror attacks on september 11th and we'll pick that up when he arrives at arlington to go to section 60 and give you a bird's eye view of that as well. steve harrigan was dispatched in the days after september 11th to afghanistan. the early days of the war, he was embedded with the northern alliance soldiers for three months and returned many times. >> that was an incoming mortar. this combat outpost is under attack by taliban forces. some of the soldiers here have taken up a safety position inside the bunker. that's echoing. we're trying to ride out this attack by the taliban. >> martha: steve harrigan joins me now in brooklyn center,
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minnesota covering that story. steve, your thoughts as you hear this plan to withdraw the final 2,500 american troops by september the 11th. >> martha, you could see back then before the u.s. forces arrive, the northern alliance troops had no chance against the taliban. i remember 20 years ago being on the rooftop of one of their forts in bagram air force base. watching the sky, a beautiful afghan sky. the u.s. jets would come in guided by gps, special forces on the ground. with pinpoint targeting, they would hit those toyota trucks. that's what the taliban fought out of. you'd see them explode. day after day, the taliban would turn around and leave. i thought wow, this is over. the taliban is defeated and gone. if you told me then 20 years later the u.s. would still be in there, i wouldn't believe it. i know there's a lot of gloom and doom, sadness about this, the fact that we've been in
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there so long, but the u.s. did provide 20 years of a bubble of freedom for a lot of people, a whole generation. i was at kabul university a year ago talking to women who had been in college. they said they're going to stay. they're going to fight. i think they have a fight ahead of them and we'll see if they stick it out, martha. >> martha: well-said, steve harrigan. we wonder at this point what happened to all of the freedom that was won for so many women in particular in afghanistan over the course of the blood shed that has happened in that country in the past 20 years. thanks to steve harrigan, war correspondent in afghanistan and on the front in the minneapolis situation as well. see you next time, steve. thanks very much. i'm joined by general jack keane. he was in the pentagon september 11th and provided oversight and support for the wars in afghanistan and iraq to the leadership. chairman of the institute for study of war and fox news senior strategic analyst. welcome. good to have you here today.
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a lot of people support this withdrawal. they supported it under president trump that wanted the troops out by may. your take on this decision and this announcement by the president today. >> well, i certainly have empathy for those that are supporting withdrawal and understand their frustration about a protracted war that lasted 20 years. the reality is, we have to stay focused on the mission and what the threat is. i'm actually disappointed by the president's decision. i also think it's reckless. i'm surprised somewhat that he's withdrawing with no conditions whatsoever. president trump had a 1 may date but we had conditions. what we've been trying to achieve is the taliban reject al-quaida publicly, that there's a cease fire and there's a binding peace agreement. the taliban playing very
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hardball. i think they believe the united states wants to walk and they've been tough in the negotiations. biden has said that diplomacy will be the center of my foreign policy and national security strategy. why aren't we putting that in play? negotiations with his conditions for a withdrawal to give our negotiators some leverage with the taliban? we have walked away from that opportunity. second thing here is we are forgetting lessons learned. ryan crocker, preeminent ambassador, said how you end a war is more important than how you started. we ended the war in iraq prematurely and we got isis as reported here very accurately. it was an absolute disaster on our part. haven't biden had a hand in that in the sense that general austin is now the secretary of defense, recommended a force of 18,000 to stay. vice president biden recommended to president obama we're going
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to zero. the second lesson is safe havens. the al-quaida attacked us from a safe haven in afghanistan. they did the same prior to the 9-11 attack. two embassies in africa and the u.s.s. cole. we had destroyed the al-quaida safe haven in afghanistan, there wouldn't have been a 9-11. the president mentioned it himself. the reason why we're in syria, iraq, eastern africa is to prevent those organizations, radical islam mists from having what? a safe haven from which to attack the united states. this is a multigenerational war. that is why we're still doing that. to walk away from afghanistan and say this is not a multigenerational conflict is to ignore the reality of what is taking place. there's 40 to 50 radical islamic
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movements out there. we're only interested in five where we have to apply some force to protect the american people. preventing that safe haven again in afghanistan with a modest amount of forces, helping to continue to prop up the government and the afghan security forces, our intelligence and air power are critical factors here. that helps significantly. consequences? they're pretty obvious. fracture the government, fracture the afghan security force, the possibility of the taliban taking over and an absolute disaster. what? do we have to go back in and do it again like we did in iraq? as we have a rising threat like that on our hands? makes no sense to me. >> general, before i let you go, let me ask you this. that's the thing. it's easy for everyone to say we're tired of this. it's been 20 years, billions of dollars, 2,000 lives lost. enough of this american treasure, enough of the costs. the question is exactly what you just mentioned.
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i remember after september 11th, we said you have to be in a september 12th mentality every day. you have to understand what happened and you have to be ready to respond. so what happens this september 12th? now we put a date on it. out by september 11th. when you move the chess piece, somebody else moves in. who is that? >> well, the reality is, we pull out of afghanistan, you asking what is the september 12th reality after that? most observers that are very connected to the afghan government, the afghan security forces and what is actually taking place in that country and i consider myself one of those, i have spoken to the president in afghanistan multiple times of what is taking place in his country. that government is going to be undermined and so will the ansf, a civil war will break out and a very real possibility that the taliban of taking over and certainly it's fertile
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opportunity for the al-quaida to re-establish their safe haven once again. >> martha: general jack keane, thank you. a live look at president biden in arlington national cemetery. my next guest is a former green beret commander. he served multiple combat tours in afghanistan earning four bronze stars and now a colonel in the national guard as well as a republican congressman. we're watching this scene. all moving to see a president in arlington national cemetery. i bring in congressman walz. he's no the house armed services committee. the president is in section 60, colonel, where many of the people that you fought with lost their lives. your thoughts as we watch this based on the announcement that we got today. >> yeah, i wear a bracelet on my arm every day for one of my green berets that i lost in afghanistan that president biden
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will be visiting today. but this announcement breaks my heart. nobody wants the troops to come home more than those of us that have had to sacrifice so much. the last thing i want to see is another 9-11. the best way that i think to pause another 9-11 to happen is to pull all of our troops out of afghanistan when half the world's terrorist organizations are still there and the intelligence community is very clear that they intend to hit us again. this is repeating obama in iraq all over again. but it's worse, martha. this is why it's worse. we know what happened after obama pulled everybody out of iraq and pulled our troops out. when that happens, the cia leaves, the contractors supporting the military leaves, congress will stop supporting the local security forces. when that happens and isis came back, we lost far more troops having to fight our way back in.
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number 1. >> martha: congressman, we're going to listen to the president. stand by. >> the women and men that prepared to gives their lives for their country, they didn't do it for their country. they did it for their brothers, their sisters, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts. i have trouble these days showing up at a veterans cemetery not thinking of my son. proudly insisted on putting on that uniform. going with his unit to iraq and giving up his spot as attorney general in the state of delaware. he thought it was the right thing to do.
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look at them all. >> was it a hard decision to make, sir? >> no, it wasn't. to me it was absolutely clear. absolutely clear. from the very beginning, as you may recall, i never thought we were there to somehow -- excuse me. afghanistan. it's never been done. never been done. thank you all for being out here in the rain. means a lot. thank you. >> martha: okay. president biden in the cemetery there. you listened with us, congressman. your thoughts on what he just had to say. >> i couldn't make it all out. i want to make out the point in the last year, we've taken zero casualties in afghanistan. we lost more in training accidents in the navy than we
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lost in afghanistan in the last year. so if the goal is to bring troops home, we have 50,000 in japan, 30,000 in germany. we have troops in the sinai watching the suez canal. there's other great places where we can bring troops home where we don't have terrorists ready to attack the homeland. again, the other thing i want to mention, we still have an american hostage being held there by the taliban. it's very unclear what we're going to get for that. finally on great power competition, which is one of the main justifications for doing this, the only country in the world where we have a base that borders china is in afghanistan. it's also a southern flank of russia, eastern flank of iran. why we would give that base away and get nothing there return -- >> martha: a great point. >> it befuddles me. >> martha: i can hear the emotion in your voice as you talk about this. before i let you go, bob gates, the former defense secretary for republican and democrat presidents he served, he said
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that joe biden had been wrong on every foreign policy decision of the last four decades. you know -- >> let me remind you that biden opposed the osama bin laden raids. right? so i think this is just a par for the course. whether it's the iran deal or whether it's this. we're giving away all of our leverage and our enemies are embolden by weakness and deterred by strength. this is just an incredibly bad decision. the next attack, the next attack is going to be on the united states on president biden's watch. >> martha: thank you very much. member of the national guard, congressman, thank you. thank you for your service to this country in afghanistan as well. this story means a lot to you. as we mentioned, we're also waiting for a response from senator graham who has something to say on this decision about afghanistan.
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>> martha: brand new information. this is the mug shot that we have just received in to the newsroom of kim potter. she's the former police officer, former now. she resigned yesterday. she fired the shots that killed duante wright in a suburb of minneapolis sunday. she's been checked with second degree manslaughter.
12:23 pm
the incident has ignited another night of rioting in minnesota. unrest across the country. mike tobin is live in brooklyn center, minnesota with the very latest. mike? >> martha, kim potter, the officer at the center of this latest racial flash point is now booked in the hennepin county jail. she's the third officer in history to face criminal charges claiming to mistake a firearm for a taser. the charge of second degree manslaughter with a maximum of ten years in prison and a $20,000 fine. we just got a statement from the washington county prosecutor's office. the assistant criminal division chief said among other things, we will vigorously prosecute this case and intend to prove
12:24 pm
that officer potter abrigated her responsibilities. potter tried to take wright in for a traffic stop. >> the person is no longer a police officer. they will be held accountable for their actions. we can't have people hurting our communities and hurting the men and women that are paid to protect them. >> the largest crowd we have seen yet with this incident gathered at the brooklyn center police department. they marched and that devolved into fireworks. police responded with flash bangs and gas. they swept up more than a half mile of humboldt drive.
12:25 pm
the people showing up here, a few identified themselves as supporters of antifa. a lot of them wear the uniform, the black hoods, the backpack. they have painter's masks to deal with the gas that is deployed by police. law enforcement sources telling me they don't have any intel about organized groups coming from outside to this area to participate. >> martha: you spoke to them on the ground yourself. thanks, mike. andy mccarthy joins me now. we have just showed everyone the mug shot of kim potter now a former police officer. i just want to play if we can the moment from her body cam footage. it's hard to watch. it's important to why we see this mug shot right now. watch this.
12:26 pm
[inaudible] >> martha: andy, you hear her yell taser, taser, taser and then i shot him as he hits the gas and pulls away. your thoughts on these charges and this officer who took is in custody. >> just a tragic case, martha. probably the worst time if there can ever be a good time. of course, there can't. given what is going on ten miles away in the courthouse in minneapolis, in connection with the george floyd case, this is just the worst thing that could happen in the worst place. i'm going to say something that is going to be completely unsatisfying, which i end up having to say every time we talk about something like this. not every tragedy is fit or a fit vehicle to be addressed by the criminal justice system. the criminal system works best
12:27 pm
when it works against intentional wrongs, this is a catastrophic horrific wrong, but i don't see any evidence that it was intentional, that it was racially motivated in any way. that's not the say that there can't be some kind of recompense. i think people could be disappointed if think they think they're going to get a satisfy outcome out of a criminal prosecution. >> martha: there's so much tragedy on all sides here. this family lost their 20-year-old son. and now, never any -- people want to make it political. this is maxine waters saying it had to have been intentional. how could a trained officer make a mistake shooting an unarmed man with a gun instead of a taser? hard to believe. she's holding a picture of a taser and of a handgun which do look very different. your thoughts on that.
12:28 pm
>> you know, i think trained members of congress make mistakes. when police officers make mistakes in life and death situations, the wages are unfortunately especially for the people involved much more weighty and tragic. i wish i could say this this is the first time in recorded history that this has happened. it's not. i think there's about 14 or so recorded cases over the last 20 years. so you know, the percentage taxes my math. it's like, you know, out of four or five million uses of tasers, this has happened 14 times. the report says there's been three prosecutions for it. it's not unknown phenomenon but that doesn't make it any better. >> martha: awful story on all sides. andy, thanks very much. we'll cover it with your help in the future. good to see you. we're minutes away from senator lindsey graham stepping in front of the podium.
12:29 pm
he's been an outspoken advocate for keeping troops on the ground. a small number of troops on the ground in afghanistan to keep the progress that was made over the course of the last 20 years. obviously hugely controversial. a lot of people think this is the right thing to get out. we'll watch it live. jack keane is standing by to respond. also happening now, the defense is underway, their side of the story being told in derek chauvin's case in the george floyd death. a former medical examiner made the case today for how floyd may have died next. >> and were there contributing causes? >> yes. >> what are those? not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently. hey, i'll take one, please! wait, this isn't a hot-dog stand? no, can't you see the sign?
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>> martha: we expect senator lindsey graham will step to that podium in just a moment to respond to president biden's decision to withdraw troops of september 11, 2021. he says that would be a disaster. we'll hear the rest of what he has to say. jack keane standing by. the general to respond as well. also breaking this hour, a key witness will not take the stand in the trial of the former police officer charged in the death of george floyd. maurice hall, who you remember stepped outside the car, you can see the video on the left, he was in the car with george floyd. george floyd's girlfriend said she thought he supplied drugs to george floyd.
12:34 pm
hall pleaded the fifth. he has a number of legal issues that he's facing. the judge agreed he didn't have to testify. a former medical examiner from maryland is testifying as the defense is trying to show that floyd died because of a number of factors including drugs in his season and prior health conditions. matt finn reporting on that part of what is happening in the courtroom today from minneapolis. hi, matt. >> hi, martha. we're days away from this case going to the jury. we have the lingering issue of whether the critical eye witness was going to testify. we know that he will not. maurice hall, george floyd's drug dealer was in cup foods and george floyd's car the day floyd died. the defense says he could have provided valuable information about the final hours of george floyd's life. hall's attorney argued that because hall was with him in the final hours and that there were drugs found in george floyd's car, hall could incriminate
12:35 pm
himself in floyd's death. here's hall talking very quietly to the judge. >> i'm fearful of criminal charges going forward. i have open charges that is not settled yet of my personal self. >> basically you're going to use your fifth amendment? >> yes, sir. >> a paid expert for the defense is testifying. dr. david fowler from maryland. he's testifying he could not determine george floyd's manner of death. whether it was a homicide or an accident. dr. fowler testified floyd died from a heart complication combined with law enforcement restraint. floyd had many contributing factors that could have lead to his death including heart disease, methamphetamine in his body and possible carbon
12:36 pm
monoxide exposure from the police car by floyd's face. >> you have so many conflicting different potential mechanisms of death that could lead to -- the matter is not clear. >> in court right now, cross examination, dr. baker told prosecutors he could not con firm for sure whether the police squad car was running to poison floyd. fowler is being sued in maryland nor deeming a police involved death as an accident. new in court today, dr. baker testified that images appear to show george floyd with a white substance in his mouth as police were approaching floyd's car. however, dr. baker testified that he could not confirm if it was a pill. as things are going right now, the defense could rest their case as early as tomorrow. martha? >> martha: matt, thanks very much. matt finn in minneapolis. we're waiting for senator lindsey graham on capitol hill responding to the enormous news
12:37 pm
hoff a september 11th withdrawal. here comes senator graham. let's listen in to what the senator from south carolina and head of the judiciary committee has to say. >> okay. i have to get there better shape here. so i miss john mccain a lot. probably no more than today because if john were with us, i'd be speaking second. he would be telling you a story about how unwise this decision is to withdraw all of our forces from afghanistan. so you can say on september -- 9-11, 2021 we're out.
12:38 pm
the conditions on the ground from the military advice runs counter to that decision. but the one thing i want to say, president biden, i respect him but i completely disagree. i've tried to work with presidents of both parties when it comes to the war on terror. i stood up to president trump when he announced our unilateral withdrawal from syria. to his credit he listened and adjusted his policies. i've been pushing the trump administration that if you want to do a deal with the taliban, make sure the conditions are met before we agree to the end game. the taliban had been trying to drive us out for years. they do not have our best interests at heart. on march 22, jake sullivan, national security adviser to president biden called me.
12:39 pm
i like jake. i think he's smart. i appreciate the phone call. i want the american people to know when it comes to afghanistan, there's no great options. this is the place that is complicated and dangerous without a lot of great options. the options are high risk, medium risk and low risk to the american homeland. president biden unfortunately has chosen the highest risk option available which is to leave no matter what. i am certain that our military advised against a unilateral withdrawal without conditions being met to protect the american homeland and our way of life from a future attack emanating from afghanistan. this september will be 20 years since afghanistan was used as a launching pad to attack america to kill almost 3,000 of us.
12:40 pm
the reason they killed 3,000 of us almost is they couldn't find a better way to kill more of us. does any doubt that if al-quaida or isis had a nuclear capability they would use it? does anybody doubt if they had a chemical capability they would use it? what have we learned in the last 20 years? when we allow sanctuaries for islamic group to train, equip and get stronger, they come after us. they come after our way of life and our allies. so on march 22, i talked with mr. sullivan. i said, i know it's complicated and there's no great choices. count me in for the idea, we will not withdraw all forces in afghanistan until the conditions are right and tell the american people we left honorably and america is safer. i told mr. sullivan that i would support president biden's
12:41 pm
decision to accept military advice to keep a residual force of several thousand as an insurance policy against another 9-11. the results of this decision by president biden is to cancel an insurance policy that in my view would prevent another 9-11 because i believe in all my heart and soul after 50 something trips to the region, a few thousand americans watching over there would make it hard for al-quaida and isis to reorganize to hit us over here. those eyes and ears will be gone. i don't trust the taliban to look out for american interests. we're finding ourselves in a very precarious situation. again, there's no great outcomes but this is the worst possible outcome, to pull up and hope that things will turn out well. that did not happen in iraq and did not happen here. but i want to let the american people know that i felt it was
12:42 pm
incumbent upon me to tell president biden that i will be with you if you accept sound military advice, even though some people in my party may not. i felt it was incumbent upon me to stand up to trump's decisions that i thought would make us less safe and work with president trump. i'm glad to say that president trump listened, adjusted his policies and i would like to end the war in afghanistan as much as anybody. i think i have seen afghanistan up close and personal. i understand the sacrifice america has made. i understand the thousands that have died and the tens of thousands that have been injured and the money spent and i also understand what the afghan people have gone through. i understand what it's like for a woman to go to school when she's threatened every day. i understand what it's like to take on some of the most radical forces in your own faith. to risk your family, to try to change your country.
12:43 pm
so i am heartbroken that president biden for political reasons took the high risk strategy. i felt incumbent upon me to support him if he went another way. now i feel it's incumbent upon me to point out the perils that await us. everything i'm about to tell you i hope i'm dead wrong. i hope it works out. if he doesn't change his mind and i beg you, president biden, reevaluate this. don't lock yourself in. because things will change quickly in afghanistan for the worst. al-quaida and isis are going to benefit very quickly from this decision. so i feel like i need to tell the american people why it is in our interest to keep a few thousand troops over there until conditions are right. i believe if we leave afghanistan under the path
12:44 pm
charted by president biden, the government will deteriorate rapidly. people will go back to their corners. the taliban will gain strength in the south and the central government of kabul will lose its ability to effectively manage the country. it's tenuous already. a terrorist organization will reign in the east, the northern alliance who are the mortal taliban will reissue in the north. in the west, on the border of iran, i think the iranians will have a major influence. what do we lose by pulling out? we lose that insurance policy against another 9-11. we lose listening posts in the back yard some of the most radical movements in the world. afghanistan has been a platform where we can monitor what is going on in iran and other places. we lose all that. what do we gain?
12:45 pm
we gain the idea that the war is now over. joe biden ended the longest war in american history. with all due respect to president biden, you have not ended the war, you extended it. you made it bigger, not smaller. you're going to do to us what you did in iraq, put us in a world of hurt. what did john mccain and lindsey graham say about iraq? general alston, now sec of defense, advised vice president biden and president obama to leave a residual force somewhere around 20,000. i know that was true. vice president biden argued for zero. eventually went to zero and the rest is history. isis formed. if you have ever been around the azidi people, you know how dangerous that was. the rape around destruction of the azidi people, the women is
12:46 pm
something i have a hard time dealing with knowing it could have been avoided. this is an unforced error. so it's just not me saying this. congress and the afghan study group to be formed. it was a bipartisan group led by general dunford, the commander in afghanistan. michelle floynoy under considering to be secretary of defense and former senator joe dunnly. they spent a long time looking at what should we do knowing they would be advising the new president, whether it be trump, biden or anyone else. here's the bottom line. this is a bipartisan group spending a lot of time looking at the options available to us in afghanistan. according to experts that brief the study group, a precipitous
12:47 pm
withdrawal could lead to a reconstitution of the terror threat to the u.s. homeland within 18 months to three years. they're telling and they're briefing secretary blinken, i know, say i hope they're wrong, but i think they're right. and i know that our military believed that the taliban were not complying with the agreement negotiated with president trump to the point that we could pull all of our forces without risking threat to the homeland. what else do i know? that congress unusually has been bipartisan over this. we had a resolution offered by senator mcconnell urging the trump administration not to withdraw all forces from afghanistan as it could lead to a threat to our homeland unless conditions were met on the ground and urged them to certify
12:48 pm
that any withdrawal did not expose the homeland to danger. that was 72 votes. that was a resolution urging the trump administration don't pull out of the place unless the conditions warrant. we went further. in the 2021 omnibus appropriation deal, there's two provisions. one provision says that not -- no later than 30 days after the advent of this act and every 60 days thereafter until september 30th 2021, the secretary of state shall show to committees a report detailing, assessing the activities of the taliban to abide by their commitments. that's never been done. the congress put in the appropriations bill a periodic report on progress regarding an agreement with the taliban whether or not they're complying.
12:49 pm
i am calling on secretary blinken today to submit your report. it's a part of our law. it's not advisory. no administration is above the law. i put this in the law not knowing who would be president. this concept. it goes further. it says that a joint certification by the secretary of state and secretary of defense that such an agreement and arrangement are amendment to such agreement will further be objective asseting conditions for the long-term defeat of al-quaida and isis and will not make the united states more vulnerable to terrorist attacks originating from afghanistan. that has not been complied with. that is part of our law. i'm calling on secretary blinken and secretary austin to do the certification required under the law given president biden decision. whether you agree with biden or
12:50 pm
not, congress has a role in informed policy. this is part of the provisions passed. it's the law of the land. i think it's important that the biden administration comply with it. i think it would be important for any administration to comply with this because it shows to congress that they're were uniquely interested in what happened if we leave afghanistan under the wrong conditions. this started in the trump administration. it was incredibly bipartisan. it is a provision of law that has not been complied with. so i am urging the secretary of state and defense to comply with the law as written by congress to give us the certifications, if you can. if you can't tell us and i think it would be a good thing to re-visit this issue. this is not an advisory piece of legislation. this is the law of the land. i hope and pray that they will abide by it. here's what i tell my
12:51 pm
colleagues. you may agree with president biden, but no president should ignore laws written by congress that give us the information we need as to what we should do later. so the bottom line is, obey the law. the afghan study group is an independent group bipartisan that warned against a withdrawal that was not conditions based. what i heard from president biden is because we're withdrawing because it's too long. withdrawing because america is tired. i can tell america that you may be tired of fighting radical islam, they're not tired of fighting you. if we leave under the conditions proposed by the biden administration, just as sure as what happened in iraq will happen in afghanistan but it will the worse. everybody will go back to their camps and al-quaida and isis will reform and have safe
12:52 pm
havens. you can't trust the taliban to look at our interests and that's where we find ourselves. so what to do next? president biden says we will support peace talks between the government of afghanistan and taliban facilitated by the united nations. we went to afghanistan because of an attack that happened 20 years ago. that cannot explain why we should remain there in 2021. mr. president, the best people to explain to you why we should stay in afghanistan with a residual counter terrorism force are your own military and intelligence community and people like the afghan study group. they have told you point blank the high risk nature of a decision to withdraw because we're tired of being there.
12:53 pm
because you want to tell the public i got us out of afghanistan. if you will listen to the military and intelligence community, they can explain to you why we need to have a residual force to protect the american homeland because the afghan study group indicated that if we do this the wrong way, within 18 months to three years, there will be threats to our homeland. all i can say is that mr. president, that's not a fair summary. you had sound advice, you ignored it. this is on you. this is not on the military. this is on you. you're doing in afghanistan what you did in iraq. i went with senator mccain to sit down with president obama to tell him if you stay the course and have a residual force in iraq, we'll back you up. they decided to go to zero. the rest is history. afghanistan is worse than iraq. this is where the war started.
12:54 pm
every terrorist camp in the world is on steroids today. because in their world, they beat us. in their world they drove us out. it's so sad to the women of afghanistan, i pray for you. you're in my thoughts. to the women of america, the people who will do what they're doing to their own women, they would hurt us all. in their world, there's no room but for one faith on the planet. they will destroy the state of israel if they could. they would attack us unrelenting. they have no sense of compassion. they're religious nazis and we have abandoned the construct that has worked to replace it with a construct that is unsound and has not worked every time we have done it. unilateral withdrawal without conditions being met results and we know what. iraq, syria and now again in
12:55 pm
afghanistan. okay. why we will not stay involved in afghanistan militarily, our diplomatic work will continue. to president biden, it's impossible under the construct you have created for our diplomatic corps to work safely in afghanistan. without some military presence, our cia who is on the front lines of defending america cannot stay in afghanistan. it's folly to assume that the security environment deteriorating which it will, will allow us to meet our goals of diplomatic and humanitarian works. a lot of democrats will be with me. if we pull out of afghanistan and the security environment deteriorates, we cannot waste taxpayer dollars. what good is it sending aid to a country where you can't deliver the aid? this is a disconnect between
12:56 pm
reality. were we able to work many mosul after isis took over? were we able to help the people of iraq when the country was being consumed by isis elements? no. this construct is fantasy. we will not be able to engage in diplomatic or humanitarian work unless the security environment will allow us to do so. so i have been at this a long time. i know people are frustrated by the length of the war, the money we spent, the lives we lost and all i would say is never forget the enemy. it takes two to end the war, folks. they're not close to quitting. the taliban are different than al-quaida and isis. i don't believe they will attack us here at home. but i believe they will allow al-quaida and isis to roam
12:57 pm
freely. in afghanistan, they don't have the will or the capability to police them. this is a high risk strategy, and i pray that i'm wrong. but i know what happened in iraq. the slaughter in paris, hundreds of people killed here at home because of radicals inspired by their success over there. here's what i can tell you. that isis or al-quaida will never conquer america. but they can make our lives miserable. they can radicalize people in our back yard to do a lot of damage to us. if they ever got the ability to use the weapon of mass destruction against america, they would use it. the best way to prevent that is to keep your foot on their throat over there so they can't hurt us here. what have i learned? when they're doing well over there -- >> martha: back again. general jack keane, senior strategic analyst. a lot there. senator graham saying biden, if we're fighting them again in 18
12:58 pm
months to three years, it's on you. your thoughts. >> you know, i totally agree with that. one of the major things that i think president biden and his administration is having difficulty, there's so much focus on the length of the war in afghanistan. what we have to accept is we're in a multigenerational conflict with an ideology which is different than other countries in the past where we fought major wars over those countries seasoned territory. you take their territory away, their ideology stays. you kill their people, their ideology stays. they grow new members and take new territory. as such, our development in dealing with radical islam has become mature and sophisticated. we're not chasing the 50 movements around the world. we're chasing those that have aspirations to kill americans. in america. afghanistan is a part of that multigenerational conflict.
12:59 pm
you can't wish it away. that's a very prudent national strategy that multiple presidents have supported. focus only on those that can kill us. that is why we need this residual for us in afghanistan. for that same singular reason, it is an imperative and to ignore that is to ignore the problem and the risk to the american people. so i totally agree with senator graham. he's a good friend of mine. makes a lot of sense. the afghan study group is a bona fide bipartisan group that said that we need 4,500 residual force to stay for the reasons we're discussing. >> president biden made it clear he's tired of this war. it has gone own too long. he wants to leave. you heard from lindsey graham and from you, general keane, that is not reason to leave. that is "the story" of
1:00 pm
wednesday, april 14, 2021. we'll see you back here tomorrow at 3:00. "your world" with neil cavuto starts right now. stay tuned for neil. >> cdc and fda are working rapidly to investigate each case and understand whether there's a causal relationship between these blood clots and vaccine administration. >> neil: all right. from the cdc director, the pause continues with the johnson & johnson vaccine. one person died even though more than 6.8 million americans have received doses. this is a pause we're told and it won't last long. it continues as the cdc and the fda holds an emergency meeting on this to discuss what to do


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