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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 14, 2021 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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were confirmed. we can confirm them. more to report. we will get to it here on fox news. what an hour. good to see you guys. "america reports" now. >> sandra: the officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man in minnesota who resigned yesterday as you just heard now facing a second degree manslaughter charge. we learn more. i am sandra smith in new york. >> john: i am john roberts. welcome to "america reports" on wednesday police said kim potter meant to grab her taser. reuters reported that potter was arrested this morning.
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>> sandra: more unrest in brooklyn. these images showing protestors facing off with police miles from where the derek chauvin murder trial is still taking place. some 60 people were arrested last night in the minneapolis area. >> john: we will seek speak to a civil rights attorney. but first from los angeles. >> that murder trial is on-going here in downtown minneapolis. not far from this tense situation in minnesota, it was the third night of demonstrations after 20-year-old wright was shot and killed. the brooklyn center police
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department was the target. police made dozens of rests. some through bricks and bottles at police. protestors were seen in dark clothing. police used riot gas. the minnesota senate person of color held a press conference in front of the brooklyn center police station and criticized the minnesota state republicans and are calling for reforms after writhing's arrest and ending police response to mentally health calls. >> president joe biden you said you were different than trump. show calls. >> president joe biden you said you were different than trump. show us. people are dying.
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we should asking president biden to jump into this fight with both teams. >> the derek chauvin murder trial is expected to go to the jury next monday. we are days away from this highly anticipated verdict. there are 2 major situations in minneapolis right now. we will keep you updated. >> john: looking forward to. matt fin in minneapolis. >> sandra: leo you have a lot to say about this. yesterday you were fired up about what you heard coming from the mayor. minnesota police officer kim potter was arrested this morning for shooting daunte wright. your reaction to that? >> i am not surprised because there is going to be a demand
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for some type of criminal charges being filed. second degree murder a mixture mum of -- maximum of 10 years. she will have her due process day in court unless there is a plea deal. >> sandra: what you were tweeting about were some of the words that the mayor used for the use of guns by police officers. he was speaking generally. listen and we will get your reaction. >> i don't believe that officers need to have weapons every time they are making a traffic >> sandra: he doesn't believe
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that police need to carry guns for traffic stops. your thoughts? >> this is uncle urge. -- unbelievable. he is not ready for prime-time. he is not a police officer. he doesn't have formal police officer training. what gives him the qualification to say that. consider the new mexico situation where an officer was shot on a routine traffic stop. every traffic stop is not routine. this mayor doesn't have the qualifications to make a statement. he was playing to the crowd that was anti-cop. >> sandra: we are hearing that anti-police message from some on of the far left including alexandria ocasio-cortez who tweeted this on daunte wright's
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killing. your response to her claiming this was not random? this was a disconnected accident. your thoughts? >> here's my response. 30 years of being a civil rights attorney and being involved in police misconduct cases. she is lying. there is no systemic discrimination in this country. off have people of color running the police department. you have people in power of color running major metropolitan cities. what i find ironic they are pointing a finger at somebody i don't know because they are run by democratic governors and
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mayors. it's an extreme democratic talking point to get people upset. you have the powder keg developing. you have the george floyd case that will end this week. this is horrific. they should tone down the rhetoric. >> sandra: who is they? at the white house level. what could president biden say? >> mr. president stop going on the sharpton network and mention the term jim crow. jim crow did not exist. institutionalized racism does not exist. squad members stop playing the race card. 95% of americans want law and order. it protects us from the criminals.
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especially people of color. >> sandra: thank you. great to have you on. >> john: leo is right. the situation in new mexico where the officer was shot during a traffic stop and an officer was shot this morning in texas just outing of fort worth as during a traffic stop. they can be among the most dangerous things a police officer engages in. >> sandra: a lot of breaking news. we are hearing many weigh in on how to proceed. you heard leo's prediction about a powder keg. this happened 10 miles apart in minnesota. a big week. we will see what happens next. >> john: and president biden set to speak in the next hour to aannounce the withdrawal of all u.s. forces from afghanistan by september 11th. the same day the u.s. will mark
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20 years of the attacks of september 11th. in lawmakers expressing concern. steve harington is covering the protests but we want to get his reaction to the troops leaving afghanistan. he reported live in afghanistan following the attacks on 9-11. this time around what will the taliban returning to control mean? >> i remember 20 years ago being in a tent on top of a dirt fort. thinking america will come and build roads and pave them and we will have the internet and it will be great. 20 years later the taliban is coming back. i was able to come and go. for those who put l lives on the
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line the u.s. gave a generation of afghans freedom. i was over there a year ago. there were young men and especially women in college. they would not have done that under the taliban. we gave them 20 years of freedom. they have will a fight ahead of them. >> sandra: thank you very much for your coverage of afghanistan. a look back at your reporting of that. to give this date september 11th to withdrawal all u.s. troops from afghanistan, your thoughts on that? >> it's a mixed date. it's hard to imagine that things went south so badly and we have been there 20 years. one thing i saw that made me think about warfare, i was with a group of soldiers. you have a pre- huddle before you go out on mission. they said if a car is coming at
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us with an explosive device to blow us up and kill us. first fire in the air and then fire in the tires and then the engine block and then into the windshield. i thought this guy is driving towards us and trying to kill us. i think the events of september 11th were horrific and war are horrific. to make it polite you are under an illusion. it has to be brutal and quickly. >> john: trump had a deadline of may 1st to remove all troops of afghanistan. the spokesman said the conditions on the ground were not right for troop removal. the taliban is not lived up to their end of the agreement. here we with no conditions
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saying september 11th we will be out. the big question is: can the taliban be trusted or will they go back to their old ways? >> yes, have they changed at all over 20 years or will we see this again. afghanistan is a weird place if you have not been there. we put so much money in. if you spend $100-million why can't you train an army? i went to a graduation of an army. people were holding their diplomas upside down because they could not read. after the first paycheck everyone deserts. it's hard to get stuff done there. to go from point a to point b, you have to get on a helicopter because the roads are 2 dangerous. that's like trying to build something on the moon. it was so difficult. the challenges you see right away on the ground. >> sandra: our viewers got a
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remarkable look back at your coverage from afghanistan. remarkable. thank you very much for your coverage of all of that. >> thank you. >> john: in the next hour we will be carrying the president's remarks. we have chris wallace and ari fleischer and a former secretary of state who negotiated that deal with the taliban to take u.s. troops out of afghanistan. >> sandra: that's ahead of president biden's remarks on the way forward in afghanistan. a cdc panel will meet this hour after the fda and the cdc recommended that pause on the use of the johnson & johnson vaccine over blood chot sorriness. -- clot concerns. 6 people out of almost 7 million. one died and one is in critical condition. the odds of being struck by
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lightning are greater. the cdc will review the cases and the fda will renew the analysis before they release the vaccine again. they can suggest changes to vaccine policy. dr. fauci said this could be a matter of days or a week. not weeks or a month before they release the johnson & johnson vaccine again. we will see. >> john: pfizer and moderna they continue to inject those. a boat capsized. the latest on the search for survives. >> sandra: and vice-president kamala harris will head to guatemala and mexico following criticism over the biden administration's handling of the crisis at the southern
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california border. we are the ground in arizona where a migrant surge is hitting that state hard. >> it was all credited by president biden's executive actions. thousands a day coming over illegal because president biden said america's border is open. customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? just get a quote at really? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote. not again! aah, come on rice. do your thing. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! ( sighs wearily ) here, i'll take that! ( excited yell ) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one-gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health! ( abbot sonic )
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john the mastermind of the large ponzi scheme in u.s. bernie madoff died today. he was serving a 150 year prison season. raft yearly asked for early release saying he had less than 18 months to live because of kidney disease. he pleaded guilty in 2009. he defrauded as many as 37,000
10:20 am
people out of $65 billion. in our last segment, we had a blast from the past from steve. now one from sandra. >> sandra: i spent weeks on end standing outside of the courthouse covering the bernie madoff ponzi scheme. i would sit outside of the department where he was holed up. everyone wondered when he would plead guilty. this is video outside of the courthouse in new york 2009. families were ruined and savings wiped occupy. 136 countries affected by this. taking money and putting it to existing investors. a traditional ponzi scheme he ran over a period of decades. there were questions -- it was hard to report on because his
10:21 am
sons worked in his office and his wife was involved. no one could figure out if they were involved in the ponzi scheme. they said they were not involved. one ever his sons took his own life and another one lost his life to cancer and his wife disappeared in connecticut. he is gone now at the age of 82. you remember there were famous people involved. kevin bacon and his wife and spielberg and a lot of celebrities lost money with him. some got some money back over time. >> john: 150 years in prison. it was a big deal. you have not aged a day. >> sandra: thank you. i will take it. to go back to those moments, we chased him for quite sometime. i sat outside of his apartment. it was so cold we cut out
10:22 am
cardboard to put under our shoes. we didn't know why he was going to leave. biden's border crisis vice-president kamala harris will travel to guatemala and mexico. the arizona state attorney general is urging the governor to issue a state of emergency. thousands of migrants are surrendering to border patrolls agency in texas hoping to get in the country. other are evaing law enforcement on the arizona border. fox news got a look at the daily challenges they face. this is in arizona. hi. >> it's different from texas. the border patrol always concentrates or focuses on apprehension. you rarely hear about got aways. the migrants who don't get
10:23 am
caught. here they lead the country in gotta aways. there is 70 miles of no fence. the agents are overwhelmed. this large group is picked up in a horse trailer but they have to wait for transport leaving opportunities for others and there is no one there to stop them. >> we are the number 1 in the country for got aways. the reservation is a huge part because of the distance and the terrain. >> so this reservation is nearly the size of connecticut. they have a huge area with mexico. 70 miles and there is no fence
10:24 am
there. smugglers can exploit the operational restriction there is because the tribe considers the land sacred. >> there are certain things you can't do on the reservation. there are certain areases you can't take your vehicle so agents are handcuffed in doing their job. >> they lead the country in got aways. there is a concept of defense in depth. here's the border. maybe you will catch them on this road here. the s pressures with the reservation these roads don't exist so they make it through to the united states. >> sandra: thank you. >> john: attorney generals and texas and missouri filed a lawsuit demanding the biden
10:25 am
administration bring back the trump era remain in mexico policy. they argue stopping the balance created a surge in human trafficking and violence. joining me now is the missouri attorney general eric and he is a republican candidate for the u.s. senate. let me quote from this lawsuit that you and the attorney general from texas have filed. it says the migrant protection program was a tool in the united states's efforts to work with mexico to diminish incentives for illegal immigration. by ending it what has the effect been there in missouri? >> well, the blame here for this border crisis on the southern border lie as the feet of joe
10:26 am
biden. president trump enacted the remain in mexico policy. on day 1 joe biden created an invitation to come here and seek asylum. what we see now is the detention areas swelling. prior to trump you would get a court date but be released never to be seen again. president trump put in the remain in mexico. that stemmed the tide. now we see a 20 year surge in illegal crossings. it's a real s pressures. it presents challenges for missouri. we used a lot of resources for anti- human trafficking efforts. they have been emboldened by this situation. the lawsuit seeks to reinstate
10:27 am
the trump era policy that were effective. >> john: the reason president biden did that according to the president and other people in the white house was because keeping the asylum claimers in campus on the mexican side of the border was inhumane. what do you say to that? > look at the conditions now. there is a humanitarian crisis that is a direct consequence of joe biden's policy. on issues of immigration and energy joe biden took his direction from the wish list of the radical left. we are seeing a crisis at the border. he instituted executive orders to make everything more expensive from microwaves and
10:28 am
cars. he paused the operation by trump that was in place to remove convicted sex offenders. president biden has a terrible record. we are seeing a humanitarian crisis and it's a national security issue and creating issues across the country with human trafficking. >> john: president biden in the white house and every democrat in washington, d.c. blames the trump administration for the situation on the border. this quote from guatemala's president was interesting. he said: telling families we will take the children and then they will call their parents. given what the president of guatemala is saying about this can the biden administration blame the trump administration? >> they can't.
10:29 am
the policies president trump put in place were working. now we see a 20 year high in a surge of illegal immigrants. people trying to gain the system. and tragically as the president from guatemala said it's imboldened human traffickers. children are being put at risk. the solution is not to tell people they have a court date and never to see them again. that's not good for the country. that's a terrible policy by joe biden. our lawsuit seeks to reinstate that. this is a terrible policy. they didn't follow the law. this lawsuit is about reinstating a policy that was working for the american people and protects the rule of law. >> john: we will follow it as it makes its way through the court.
10:30 am
eric, thanks. >> sandra: well, here in new york city some folks are ditching the democratic party. why they say liberal policies are destroying this city. >> john: as we wait on president biden's announcement on troops leaving afghanistan, are we leaving a power vacuum in the region? chris wallace weighs in next.
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10:35 am
hearing his thinking is? >> chris: i talked to a top white house official yesterday who said remember back in 2009 in the first months of the obama administration there was a debate whether or not to send more troops to afghanistan. the president send tens of thousands and biden was against that decision. as soon as he got into office as president this year, he started a rigorous national security council review of what the policy should be in afghanistan and they confirmed what biden thought we achieved our objective to end a threat on the u.s. homeland years ago and it did not make sense to stay there any longer. secondly that he really needed to respond to the threats of
10:36 am
2021. they will have a regional anti-terrorism component in the middle east if this is a threat of terror attacks. and there is a possibility the taliban could take over afghanistan and oppress women again. there are a lot of s pressureses in afghanistan. >> sandra: there is widespread
10:37 am
international support. mitch mcconnell said it's too soon. other senates are saying this is reckless and dangerous. one is taking issue with arbitrary deadlines. he said that will put our troops in danger and jeopardize the progress we have made. making a prediction this will lead to civil war in afghanistan and create a breeding ground for international terrorists. >> chris: there is a debate over this subject. donald trump set a deadline and one reason president biden had to deal with this immediately is president trump is the a deadline of may 1st, just a week from now. president biden decided he could not do it that early. he agreed. one of the few areas where he agreed can donald trump that it's time to leave.
10:38 am
when you are talking about al-qaeda, they are not in afghanistan. they are not in pakistan either. they are more in africa and yemen. the argument is you can't keep responding to the threat from 20years ago. you have to be readjusting to what the threat is today. >> sandra: we will get that it announcement from president biden a short time from now. thank you chris for giving us insight into the thinking behind this decision and there will be tough questions about what will happen after the full withdrawal. we have mike pompeo coming up the top of the hour. he will lead us into the formal announcement by the president.
10:39 am
that happens next hour. >> john: again, the trump administration cut a deal with the taliban in february 2020. that was condition baized. breaking news here. after an investigation by the u.s. attorney's office it's been determined that the u.s. capital police officers who shot and killed the protestor ashli babbitt who was there on january 26th will not face any criminal charges. ashley joined a crowd outside of the speaker's office as she tried to climb through a door. a captital police officer killed her within a matter of moments.
10:40 am
one thing i can't get my head around is behind ashli babbitt there were some u.s. capital police swat officers with automatic weapons. that shot was fired toward them as ashli babbitt tried to climb through that door. >> sandra: we will bring you more on that. a group of republicans taking a swing at major league baseball over the decision to move the all star game out of atlanta. ari fleischer is a baseball guy willin us live on that ahead.
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>> john: a trio of republican senators introducing a bill to trip major league baseball of its anti-trust exemption after
10:45 am
moving the all star game out of georgia. ari fleischer joins us now. this is senators cruz, holly and lee who want to strip major baseball of its anti-trust exemption which turns 100 years old in may of 2022. this comes up a lot whenever major league baseball is in hot water but it never happens. >> yes, i run a sports communication firm and major league baseball was a client of mine 10 years ago. i don't work for them now. congress announce tries these brush pack pitches and there is little reality of this going anywhere in this session of congress. republicans take back the congress accident who knows what could happen? this is a sign of hot water major league baseball got into. they lost a lot of natural
10:46 am
allies. >> john: senator mike lee said when they made in announcement about the all star game my immediate thought was this is the behavior of a monopoly. they enjoyed that for 99 years due to a judicial mistake but it's one we can correct and intend to do so. if there was a competing league that might have said, you pull the all star game out, we will put our championship game there. that doesn't exist. major league baseball can act with impunity. the only way to give them a brush back pitch is for people to just not show up at the games or not watch on tv. >> yes. i am expert in this matter of law, but there are element about having teams being able to cooperate with each other even though they are competitors about scheduling and a host of issues.
10:47 am
you can't have a sports league without an anti-trust exemption. that's how competitors work together. i have seen this in other sports too. congress uses this as leverage to get what they want. >> john: and total attendance numbers for major league baseball have been declining. the ratings down to a record low for the world series last year. i want to ask you about this. you were behind the podium. i was in the front row when we went into afghanistan in 2002 or 2001. the idea of a non-conditioned
10:48 am
base withdrawal happening on september 11th how does that strike you? >> well, first i think if joe biden was going to do it he should have done it for october and not the anniversary of the ax tack on your country but the anniversary of our counter attack on afghanistan. i have mixed feelings about it. like every america i wonder where were we somewhere for 20 years. but we have not lost a soldier in compat in afghanistan for more than a year. we are not fighting there anymore. we are helping the taliban to fight their war. we have troops deployed in countries around the world because it makes america safer when we have a rapid force to take action without another deployment. i have mixed feelings about this. >> john: ari fleischer, good to see you. i miss the days back at the white house. good to see you.
10:49 am
see you again soon. >> sandra: a live look now 6th avenue in new york city where people are jumping the democratic party and voting republican. what is causing that flip? we will have that next. how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! ( sighs wearily ) here, i'll take that! ( excited yell ) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one-gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health! ( abbot sonic ) captital saturdays happen. pain happens. aleve it. aleve is proven stronger and longer on pain than tylenol. when pain happens, aleve it.
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will probably show on "the five." 2 tiny terriers chasing off a big bear. they spring into action. choke this out. >> barking. >> john: the pups did not get near the beer but the sound spooked him. there they go. always a good idea to wait for the bear to leave before you come out of the door. >> sandra: no kidding. >> john: it's not the size of
10:54 am
the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in a dog. >> sandra: okay. great video. some forkers are ditching the democratic party and voting republican claiming liberal policies are destroying the city. hi. you spoke to some voters. >> it's incredible. the new yorkers tell me that 2020 was a big wake up call. one voted for hillary clinton then flipped to trump in 2020 because he lost faith in new york city democrats after he saw businesses destroyed by covid lockdowns and the influence of socialism growing across the city. another long time democratic only spoke to us annan mousily. -- anonymously. his final straw was the violent
10:55 am
protests and the spikes in crime. >> i saw politicians saying they don't want to take the train. i can't take the train. my girlfriend can't take the train. >> in new york city former president trump gained 200,000 new york city votes in 2020 compared to 2016. the biggest changes came from areas hardist hit by covid. nationally tens of thousands of republicans left the gop. when it comes to new york city republicans they do better when there are multiple crises. critics will tell you there are plenty of those happening in the city. >> sandra: that's a fascinating story. it won't go away soon. thank you live in new york city.
10:56 am
>> john: president biden moments away from announcing plans to bring u.s. troops home from afghanistan. former secretary of state mike pompeo will react live in minutes. that and a whole lot more in the next hour of "america reports." well you can try the buick's massaging seat. oohh yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. pick something we all like. ok. hold on. what's your buick's wi-fi password? buickenvision2021. oh, you should pick something stronger. that's really predictable. that's a really tight spot. don't worry. i used to hate parallel parking. (all together) me too. hey. you really outdid yourself. yes, we did. the all-new buick envision. an suv built around you... all of you. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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11:01 am
20 years after former president bush announced the start of the war. more than 2300 american lives have been lost in afghanistan and more than 800 billion dollars has been spent. >> sandra: and mike pompeo has reaction to that plan and a lot more. we begin with kristin fisher live at the white house ahead of this announcement. >> this may be the biggest most difficult decision that president biden has had to make. he will announce it from a symbolic location. he will speak from the treaty room where former president bush announced the first air strikes in afghanistan nearly 20 years ago. president biden is receiving bipartisan criticism and praise for this decision. most of his military commanders in the region are in agreement. they wanted to keep 2500 troops in afghanistan which is right in line with what then candidate
11:02 am
biden campaigned on. >> if you look at candidate biden from a year ago, he wanted to leave several thousands troops in afghanistan. what changed? >> he asked his team for a clear assessment. to make a determination about the best path forward. the military presence in afghanistan was not a constructive long-term solution. that's been his consistent view. >> the plan is to pull out all u.s. troops by nine 9-11 of this year. is there any chance he would reconsider if conditions on the ground changed? she said no. what does this mean for national security? >> when the time comes for the u.s. military to withdraw, the
11:03 am
u.s. government's ability to collect and act on threats will diminish. that'sicism heel a fact. >> and after the president speaks in about 15 minutes, he will visit section 60 of arlington national cemetery the final resting place for american serve members who lost their lives in afghanistan. >> john: lindsey graham weighed in on this on "hannity" last night. >> to awful you who are listening. you remember where you were at on september 11th, 2001. our military told president biden is you withdraw all forces al-qaeda and isis will come roaring back. we could avoid that with 3 to 5,000 american forces make sure isis and al-qaeda never come
11:04 am
back to hurt us. >> president trump was going to have troops out on may 1st. there was criticism of that plan. what is the difference? >> the white house press jen psaki was asked why this delay with the new deadline of september 11th of this year. jen psaki said that this was done to give enough time for an regardly withdrawal from afghanistan to give all of our allies in the region enough time to prepare for this. john, it was quite a moment when the briefing when jen psaki was asked is there anything that could happen on the ground in afghanistan between now and september 11th of this year that
11:05 am
would change this complete withdrawal of u.s. troops from that country? her answer was no. that's when all of that criticism from folks like lindsey graham and liz cheney said this is giving the taliban an end date on when the u.s. is going to be out of that region. a lot of criticism on this front. a lot of bipartisan praise too. one thing is clear, a difficult decision. like i said at the beginning, i think perhaps the biggest decision president biden has had to pick since taking office. >> sandra: we are told that speech was moved back a little bit. we await the president shorty on this. >> john: 25 minutes from now. former secretary of state mike pompeo a fox news contributor. you were part of the team that negotiated the exit tragedy with the taliban that would have
11:06 am
called for u.s. forces to be out on may 1st. here's what trump said about it at the time. we are acting as a police force and not the fighting force. after 19 years it's time for them to police their own country. bring our soldiers back home but closely watch what is going on and strike with thunder as necessary. >> president biden is getting smacked around for announcing want september 11th date. but with president trump wouldn't the troops come out next month? >> we reduced from 10,000 plus to around 2500 on our watch. secondly do everything we could to make sure we were never attacked from afghanistan again. the president tweet reflected that. it's time to get our young men and women home but we will
11:07 am
protect the homeland. i hope the biden administration will do that too. i think their direction of reducing our foot print in afghanistan is the right thing to do. timing matters. how you execute this matters. we need to have our european partners on board. and the taliban have an important decision to make. they have to decide if they want to be part of a pariah state and cause trouble or be part of the solution in afghanistan? that would be the right thing for them to do. if the event they choose otherwise, the u.s. will still provide billion dollars in assistance in afghanistan. >> sandra: we expect to hear from the president a short time from now. we have exerpits of his speech.
11:08 am
based on what we know today. wado you believe the consequences of it will be? >> execution matters. that's what we were working on. how you execute this and make sure not only we can get our sourldz soldiers out safely. we have not had a single soldier killed since 2020. that's historic. ldiers soldiers out safely. we have not had a single soldier killed since 2020. that's historic. we will make sure we are never
11:09 am
attacked there. but it is time. president biden has had right. president trump had it right before him. it's time to reduce our foot print inside of afghanistan. its leadership is mostly inside of iran and not inside of afghanistan. >> john: mr. secretary, what i asked you initially. under the initial plan in february 2020, the out date was may 1st. it was condition based. do you believe the conditions exist that would have allowed that deadline to take place? >> i don't know the details. it's been several months since i left. there are things that are difficult to measure. whether the taliban would have a full-scale break from al-qaeda. they have to do that to receive taxpayer assistance. that was also the hook. i hope this administration will
11:10 am
take that seriously and not provide taxpayer money to the afghanistan government connected to the taliban when they were engaged with al-qaeda. that's inappropriate. we would never permit that to happen. >> sandra: we talked about the bipartisan support. although senator of oklahoma called this reckless and dangerous. it's been report there had is widespread international support for this decision. do you believe that to be the case? >> yes, the mission we went on 20 years ago. the destruction of al-qaeda and its infrastructure has been been accomplished. we spent $25 million a year helping the afghan government improve its capacity. it's time the world demands that the afghans get their act
11:11 am
together. it's time. the world will see that. >> john: switching to a different topic. this time last year you and othered members of the administration including president trump was rid cum -- ridiculed for suggesting that the coronavirus escaped from the wuhan laboratory. you said you had lots of intelligence that pointed to the lab. did you have any intelligence that pointed to a military program? >> two things. 1, we had enormous amount of evidence that suggested the lab was a likely place the virus escaped from. in that same laboratory there were military activity there is. those are two separate issues.
11:12 am
we can't link them but we knew they were taking place. i am ecstatic that the world is coming to see the recklessness that the chinese communist party engaged in that caused so much grief and loss of life across the world. >> sandra: as the biden administration continues to deal with this pandemic, what you would like to see them do more to find out the origins of that to stop something like this from ever happening again? >> a good first start is not to go back inside the world health organization without getting a single change? they just went back in and turned on the american taxpayer spigot so the w.h.o. can cover for the chinese communist party.
11:13 am
that was a misstep. i hope they will begin to take seriously the responsibility and hold the chinese communist party accountable. i hope they unite the world. the world can see now what the chinese communist party did to them. europe and india and brazil are all still struggling with the wuhan virus. the bio-safety in their lab is inadequate to assure us this won't happen again. >> john: thank you. welcome to the fox team. >> great to be part of the team. >> john: the white house now. president biden is the to make his announcement on afghanistan about 15 minutes from now. >> sandra: another night of violence in american cities.
11:14 am
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>> ♪ ♪ >> john: fox news alert. out of the white house in a few minutes president biden will announce a plan to withdrawal all u.s. troops from afghanistan by september 11th. we are monitoring this and we will take you there. >> sandra: the former police officer who killed an unarmed black man in minnesota facing a second degree manslaughter charge. she resigned yesterday. there were protests and riots around minneapolis and across the country following the death of daunte wright.
11:19 am
>> john: police in portland declaring a riot for the second night in a row. watch here. >> [shouting]. >> john: officers looking to the public to identify rioters. dan springer live from seattle. >> this keeps happening in portland because the vast majority of people get away with it night after night. police declared a riot within ten minutes of a group showing up. the cops knew this was coming and there would be violence because organizers put out word on twitters that the protestors should not live stream the even strength. two fires were set one in a garbage can and another in the doorway. there is not a single police
11:20 am
officer visible as their building was stomped. -- torched. there is a severe shortage of police. the fire department put out the fire but not because it caused $25,000 in damage. neighbors tried to put if out with garden hoses. the entry way burned quickly because the arsonists put accelerant on the fire. they made just 1 arrest. a 19-year-old was charts with second degree arson. ded with second degree arson. >> john: people in portland visit to be tired of this. >> sandra: ted williams thanks for joining us. leo reacted to what he is hearing from the mayor in that
11:21 am
city. listen. >> every routine traffic stop is not routine. all are different. this mayor doesn't have the qualifications to make a statement. he was playing to the crowd that was basically anti-cop. >> sandra: your reaction to that? >> well, i want to react to that but i want to react to something else that leo said that i take exception to. he said that jim crow and institutional racism did not exist. i can tell you as a black man, leo is clearly wrong. that's bull crap. i grew up in louisiana. i know what it was like. i know that martin luther king died as a result of this in the
11:22 am
south. leo is wrong about that. that i take exception to. however, on the other hand with the mayor's press conference, leo is correct. the mayor should not guide the police department. 3 doesn't have the experience. >> sandra: you are both entitled to your opinion. we respect you and respect having you on and your thoughts on how cities need to move forward. you saw the unrest several nights in a row. what needs to be done to bring calm, not just there in minnesota but across the country as a result of this? >> well, what is needed is number 1, in all of these cities, there is a need for an earlier curfew. you have to have massive police
11:23 am
presence. you have to have the national guard to stay out there earlier. you have to have law enforcement agency out there early and lock the people up who are demostrating. if they are peaceful demostrating they have the right to do so. if not they should go to jail. >> sandra: you go back to the day after this happened. the quickness with which the police released the body cam video. in previous incidents we didn't get to see the video that fast. and the charge of potter who fired that shot. she is getting charged. you brought up the issue of timing. we are talking about a second degree manslaughter charge. what stuck out to you about the
11:24 am
timing? >> this incident is only approximately 3 to 4 days old. i expected more of an investigation. i am not saying kim potter should not be charged. in minnesota you saw the man who was charged for shooting a woman in jail. he was a police officer and been their 12.5 years. another police officer was found not guilty. there is a return. there -- a rush. there should have been a more complete investigation. >> sandra: final question. you have seen many on the far left calling for the continued defund the police movement. you heard the mayor talking about taking guns away from
11:25 am
police officers who make traffic stops. there is a lot of emotion right now. can you respond to the politics of the moment and the consequences that could lead to for our police forces across the nation. >> yes, it can put the men and women in law enforcement in danger. when i heard the mayor say that the city council voted that police officers were not to use tear gas or rubber bullets against demonstrators, i found that to be wrong. if i was on the police force and that was put out, i would resign and not put my life in danger. law enforcement officers we lost an officer in new mexico to a hideous killing. what we have to understand we have to try to wait.
11:26 am
it's the right of the law enforcement officer to do their jobs. both have rights and they need to be respected. politicians make this very difficult for the police officers to do their job. >> sandra: ted, thank you. appreciate having you on. we look forward to another evening. we wish for a calm in the city having this unrest for a couple of nights. we will see the mayor there trying to do what he can. obviously ted bringing into question whether or not his called for changes would help or hurt his city. >> john: mike elliott said that the police would not no longer tear gas in peaceful protests. but there is a difference two people who wanted to do
11:27 am
violence. we saw tear gas flying in brooklyn center last night. new twist in the fight to reopen schools. where some kids are back in class but their teachers are staying home. >> sandra: and president biden promised bipartisanship and unity. his party says they don't need republicans on board to be bipartisan. how is that? mike says they are botching this. he will join us live next.
11:28 am
11:29 am
>> john: jumping out of our commercial break early because president biden is about to take the podium to speak about his plan to withdraw u.s. troops from afghanistan. here's the president. >> president bush informed our nation and the u.s. military began strikes on terrorist training campus in afghanistan. it was weeks after the terrorists attacks on your nation that killed innocent souls that turned lower
11:30 am
manhattan into a disaster area. destroyed part of the pentagon and made hallowed ground of a field in pennsylvania. it sparked an american promise that we would never forget. we went to afghanistan in 2001 to root out al-qaeda and prevent future terrorists attacks from the united states. our objective was clear. i supported that military action with the overwhelming majority of the members of congress. more than 7 years later, in 2008, weeks before we swore the oath of office president obama and i were about to swear, president obama asked me to travel to afghanistan and report back on the state of the war in afghanistan. i flew to afghanistan. a rugged region on the border
11:31 am
with pakistan. what i saw reenforced my conviction that only the afghans have the right and responsibility to lead their country and more military force could not create or sustain a durable afghan government. i believed that our presence in afghanistan could be focussed on the reason we went in the first place: to ensure afghanistan would not be used as a base to attack our homeland again. we did that. i said with others we would follow bin laden to the gates of hell if need be. that's what we did and we got him. it took us close to 10 years to putt obama's commitment into form. that is exactly what happened. bin laden was gone. that was 10 years ago. think about that.
11:32 am
we delivered justice to bin laden a decade ago and stayed in afghanistan for a decade since. since then, our reasons for remaining in afghanistan have become increasingly unclear even as the terrorists threat that we went to fight evolved. over the past 20 years the threat has been more dispersed. moving around the globe. somalia and al-qaeda and a group in syria. isis in syria and iraq with affilinates in countries in africa and asia. the terror threat now keeping thousands of troops concentrateed in just one country at a cost of billion dollars each year makes little sense to me and our leaders.
11:33 am
we can't continue the cycle of hoping to create ideal conditions for a withdrawal and expecting a different result. i am the 4th united states president to preside over american troop presence in afghanistan. two republicans and two democrats. i will not pass this responsibility on to a fifth. after consulting with our allies and partners and the military leaders and intelligence personnel and diplomats and development experts, the congress and the vice-president as well as with many others around the world, i concluded it's time to end america's longest war. it's time for american troops to come home. when i came to office, i inherited a diplomat agreement negotiated with the government of the united states and the taliban that all u.s. forces
11:34 am
would be out of afghanistan by may 1, 2021. we inherited that commitment. it's perhaps not what i would have negotiated myself but it was made by the united states government. that means something. so i am keeping with that agreement with our national interests. the united states will begin our final withdrawal on may 1 of this year. we will not conduct a hasty rush to the exit. we will do it responsibly and safely. we will do it in full coordination with our allies and partners who have more forces in afghanistan than we do. the taliban should know if they attack us as we draw down, we will defend ourselveses and our partners with all of the tools at our disposal. our allies and partners stood
11:35 am
yesterday us shoulder to shoulder in afghanistan for almost 20 years. we are grateful to the contributions they made to our shared mission for the sacrifices they have born. the plan has long been in together and out together. u.s. troops and forces deployed by our nato allies and partners will be out of afghanistan before we mark the 20th anniversary of that attack on september 11th. but we won't take our eye off the terrorists threat. we will reorganize counter terrorism capabilities and assets in the region to prevent reemergence of the terrorists with a threat to our home land.
11:36 am
the afghanistan government made a commitment to us as well. we will focus our full attention on the threat we face today. my direction, my team is refining our national strategy to disrupt significant terrorists threats not only in afghanistan but anywhere they arise: africa, europe, the middle east and elsewhere. i spoke yesterday with president bush to inform him of my decision. he and i have had many disagreements over policy throughout the years, we are absolutely united in respect and the courage of the men and women of the united states forces who served. we are grateful to the backbone they have shown through two decades of combat deployments. we are indebted to them and their families. less than 1% of americans serve
11:37 am
in armed forces. the 99% we owe them. they have never backed down from a single mission we asked them to do. i witnessed their bravely firsthand during by visitors to afghanistan. they never waivered in their resolve. they paid a tremendous price on our behalf. they have the thanks of a grateful nation. we won't stay involved in it afghanistan with the military. our diplomat and humanitarian work will continue to support the government of afghanistan. with our partners, we have trained and equipped a standing force of 300,000 afghan personnel today and hundreds of thousands over the past 2 decades. they will continue to fight on
11:38 am
behalf of the afghans at great cost. they will support peace talks as we will. support peace talks between the government of afghanistan and the taliban facilitated by the united nations and support the rights of afghan women and girls with humanitarian and development assistance. we will ask other countries in the region to support afghanistan especially pakistan, russia, china, india and turkey. they all have a significant stake in the stable future for afghanistan. over the next new months, we will tomorrow what a continued u.s. diplomat presence in afghanistan will look like and ensure the security of our diplomats. many will insist diplomacy can't exceed without a robust military
11:39 am
presence. we had that argument a decade. it never proofed effective. -- proved effective. our diplomacy didn't hinge on having boots in arm's way, u.s. boots on the grounds. american troops should not be using as a bargaining chip with other countries. that's a recipe to keep u.s. troops in afghanistan indefinitely. many will argue we should stay and fight in afghanistan because withdrawal will weaken america's inintroduce in the world. -- influence in the world. i believe the opposite is true. we went to afghanistan because of a horricive attack that happened 20 years ago. that should not explain why we
11:40 am
should remain there in 2021.vic happened 20 years ago. that should not explain why we should remain there in 2021.fic happened 20 years ago. that should not explain why we should remain there in 2021. we have to focus on what is in front of us and shore up american competitiveness to meet the stiff competition from china and strengthen our alliances to ensure the rules of international norms that governor cyber threats are grounded in democratic values. and defeat this pandemic. there will be another pandemic. we will more formidable if we fight the battles for the next 20 years. not the last 20. finally, the main argument for
11:41 am
staying longer as with each of my three predecessors grabbled with. they insist now is not the right moment to leave. in 2014 nato affirmed that afghan security forces would have full responsibility for their country's security by the end of that year. that was 7 years ago. so, when will it it be the right moment to it leave? one more year? 2 more years? 10 more years? 10, 20, 30 billion dollars more above the trillion dollars we have already spent? not now? that's how we got here. this moment there is a significant down side rink of staying beyond may 1st with a timetable for departure.
11:42 am
the u.s. exit is tied to conditions to the ground. what conditions would be required to allow us to depart? how long would it take to achieve them if they could be achieved at all? at what additional cost in lives and treasure? i have not heard any good answers to these questions. if you can't answer them in my view, we should not stay. the fact is that later today, i am going visit arlington national cemetery, section 60. that sacred memorial is where our recent war dead are buried including the women and men who died fighting in afghanistan and iraq. there is no comfortable distance
11:43 am
in history in section 60. the grief is raw. it's the living cost of war. for the past 12 years since i became vice-president, i carried with me a card that reminds me of the exact number of american troops killed in iraq and afghanistan. that impact number, not a rounded off number because every one of those dead are sacred human beings who left behind entire families. the exact counting of every one needs to be had. as of today there are 22,488 u.. troops and personnel who died in afghan conflicts.
11:44 am
20,722 have been wounded. i am the first president in 40 years who knows what it means to have a child serving in the war zone. my north star has been remembering what it was like when my late son beau was deployed to iraq. how proud he was to serve his country. how insistent he was to deploy with his unit and the impact it had on him and all of us at home. we already have service members doing their duty in afghanistan today whose parents served in the same war. we have service members who are not yet born when our nation was attacked on 9-11. the war in afghanistan was never meant to be multi-generational. we were attacked and went to war with clear goals.
11:45 am
we achieved those objectives. bin laden is dead and al-qaeda is out of afghanistan. thanks for listening. may god protect our troops and god bless all of those families who lost someone in these indevor. >> john: president biden from the treaty room saying the war in afghanistan was never meant to be multi-generalation and it's time to end the forever war. he said the troops will start coming out on may 1st which was the luggageal deadline. they will take a while. a warning to the taliban, if you attack us, we are going to respond with every tool at our disposal. >> sandra: he made that very clear. we spoke to mike pompeo at the top of the hour. he stated those were the details he was looking for.
11:46 am
the condition that have to be met. this has to be done right. we heard from the president himself. >> john: let's bring in marc now. president biden made the point when are conditions right? the original may 1st withdrawal was ambiguous in terms of conditions. joe biden said we will pull out now. what do you think? >> yes, no conditions. the taliban can take over and march on kabul and invite al-qaeda in and we are drawing. he said about 9-11 to never forget but he's forgotten. he unleashed a humanitarian and national security problem. it created a vacuum in which
11:47 am
isis rose up. rose into a caliphate the size of great britain that spread terroror across the middle east and carried out 143 attacks in 29 countries that injured tens of thousands of people. we have to send people back to crush the caliphate. now he is repeating history. for what? how many troops do we have in afghanistan? not 25,000. 2500. we have more troops in spain today than we have in afghanistan. the return we get for that small deployment of 2500 troops is guaranteeing the ability of the african -- afghan forces to keep down the taliban. i do not understand this drive to get to zero.
11:48 am
that puts national security at risk. >> sandra: he explained that saying i am the 4th american president to preside over a an american troop presence in afghanistan. i will not pass the responsibility to a fifth. what do you believe the results of this move will be? >> i think it could be potentially disastrous. the reality is i understand that he doesn't want to pass the responsibility on to the fifth. the enemy gets a vote. i have not seen the surrender document that the al-qaeda and taliban sign. we didn't leave japan after they surrendered. we have troops in japan and in korea and germany. biden is reversing president trump's decision to withdraw troops from germany.
11:49 am
they have been there since 1975. the soviet union doesn't exist anymore but al-qaeda and the taliban do. once you give them a safe haven back, they still desire to attack us as much as 9-11. they looked at the destruction the pandemic caused and think imagine what we can do with a biological weapon? we learned a lesson in iraq. if you take your boot off the terrorists neck they will rise up and regroup and come after us again. >> john: you don't understand the drive to get to zero. the trump administration had a drive to get to zero as well. if they thought the conditions now met the ambiguous water mark they put in their minds because
11:50 am
it was not on paper, the troops could be coming out next month as opposed to 4 months from now. >> well, number 1 i disagreed with president trump and told him that privately and publicly. at least they were doing it through an agreement with the taliban not to ever support al-qaeda again and have a peace agreement with the afghan government. that's why he did not withdraw the troops before he left office because those conditions were not met. the biden administration said we won't base this on conditions on the ground. they are not stupid. they won't shoot us on the way out. they are doing what they want us to do. this is the same thing with the iran nuclear deal. give the other side what they want and be surprise when does they don't want do what you want them to do.
11:51 am
the taliban are aligned with al-qaeda. they will invite them back and create another safe haven. we can't stop them. it's a land locked country thousands of miles from our forces around the world. you can't keep down the terrorists withstand off weapons. you have to have troops on the ground to do that. >> sandra: marc, thanks for joining us. we heard the president's plan for troop withdrawal by september 11th. ari fleischer was listening as well. welcome. you heard the president's words. in his own words he said we went to afghan because of a horrific attack that happened 20 years ago, that can't explain why we should remain there in 2021. did you hear a full, clear explanation for this withdrawal? and the reasoning behind it from the president? >> well, i think the reasoning is perfectly obvious. the american people don't like
11:52 am
to have long-term deployments. we don't want to be in wars. this is the difficulty of this issue. we went there because we had attacks on our country on september 11th. but the threats to america are global and come from unstable countryes where terrorists can form up. they haven't stopped trying to attack us. that's why you have to hope presidents are right when they take actions like this. this is a tremendous risk just as it was for president trump when he said he would withdraw the troops, it reflects realities of the way many americans feel. >> john: when we look at what happened in iraq after the withdrawal there and the u.s. forces had to go back in to deal with isis who was trying to build a caliphate, if the taliban invited al-qaeda back in, what would the response have to be on the part of the united
11:53 am
states? your former boss said i won't fire a $2 million standoff million and hit a camel in the butt. i will do something decisive. >> this is why this is a monumental decision. i don't make a distinction between trump's decision and president biden's decision to withdrawal the troops. if al-qaeda reconstitutes itself and the taliban is bad enough. if they reconstitute and present a threat the west, can we get our troops back in? you have to have air force bases to do that. it's a land locked country. you have to have permission from pakistan to get there if our bases are gone. unlike iraq where we had other ways to get troops in, this is a much harder country to return to this you have to break the glass and go back. what bothers me about this is
11:54 am
joe biden's judgment. i understand the anxiety of the american people. come home. the jock on -- knock on joe biden's he's always been wrong. we can only hope and pray he got this right. >> sandra: reaction is pouring in. we heard from the left and the right including those on the right mitch mcconnell on the arbitrary date. and inoff of oklahoma. senator rand paul just tweeted out: it's great when we can find places to agree. i am grateful that president biden's is keeping president trump's plan to leave afghanistan. the time is to bring our troops home now or as soon as possible. enough endless wars. are you seeing more bipartisan support than not for this
11:55 am
decision? >> well, i don't think this will fall on partisan lines. you cited a few. menendez from new jersey might be critical. we will see. democrats have a history on this issue also of not wanting america to be attacked by terrorists. the stakes here are serious. this is not just a withdrawal from a nation that poses no risk to america. as we saw on that date 20 years ago. if there is one lawless nation left on earth that's where the terrorists will assemble. where al-qaeda and other dangerous people will gather because they are safe to do so there. that's the risk we are taking when we don't have armed forces on the ground. >> john: we will jump to a break. thanks for joining us. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ learning is hard work. hard work requires character. learning begins in faith. it must move upwards toward the highest thing,
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>> john: sandra, you had rand
12:00 pm
paul's reaction. president obama is now weighing in. >> sandra: what a week it's been. a lot of news in two hours. i'm sandra smith. >> john: good to be with you. "the story" with martha starts right now. >> martha: good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york. president biden on his way to arlington national cemetery. he will visit section 60 where veterans of afghanistan are buried. he announced a complete withdrawal of the remaining u.s. troops through by this september 11th, which is the 20th anniversary of the attack on america by osama bin laden. and we're waiting for live remarks from senator lindsey graham that will take issue with this action by president biden. while many americans will welcome this withdrawal, it was


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