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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  April 14, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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wearing masks but you get a little incentive. >> dana: disney was one of the first to figure it out. we're not shutting down. the greatest place on earth is disney world or if you're peter, it is in redmond, washington great to have you today, trace. "the faulkner focus" up next. >> harris: you can see from the video riots in a minneapolis suburb for a third straight night as tensions run high over the shooting death of daunte wright. 60 people arrested after bricks and bottles and fireworks were thrown at police. officers used flash bangs and tear gas to disperse the crowds. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". the police officer who shot daunte wright and the police chief of brooklyn center, minnesota both resigning. officer kim potter says it's in
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the best interest for everyone if she steps down. police say they believe potter meant to reach for her taser but grabbed her gun by mistake. potter could face criminal charges as early as today as former d.c. homicide detective ted williams takes issue with how this has all gone down. >> she deserves due process. she submitted her resignation. i suspect that for 26 years she definitely in a position to actually retire from the force. i have to tell you, it is a mess and a circus from what i've seen. >> harris: protests broke out all across america. in portland police declared a riot as demonstrators set fire to the police union office. in seattle police say protestors dressed in all black damaged multiple businesses monday night. all this as we are learning more about 20-year-old daunte wright. steve harrigan live in brooklyn center for us now.
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>> a lot of questions and they all resolve today around kim potter. will the 26-year-old veteran face criminal charges today? if so, will they be murder charges? and whatever the charges are, how will they affect the crowd? the crowd that we've seen for three nights in a row. that crowd not getting any smaller. as you mentioned potter resigned, the chief of police at the time resigned, too. he said the shooting was accidental. she meant to reach for her taser instead used her gun. her house is fenced off and under police protection afraid she could be attacked. 60 arrests overnight. we saw a crowd of 2,000 at times trying to breach the fence here into the police station. police actually showed a midnight press conference some of the items that were hurled at police officers overnight. >> fortunately there were those that decided to come out and
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throw bricks, a light here, alcohol bottles, cans, and other items at law enforcement officers. >> in the middle of this unrest and turmoil the mayor made a suggestion it might be appropriate for some operations for police not to be armed. here is the mayor. >> i don't believe that officers need to necessarily have weapons, you know, every time they are making a traffic stop. >> at the time of the shooting 20-year-old daunte wright had an open warrant for attempted robbery. harris, back to you. >> harris: i don't know if we know this but i'll ask the question. has the mayor ever been a cop before? i mean mean sincerely. if you talk about taking away guns from police what is his background in doing that?
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maybe you can get the answer on the ground for us, steve. >> he is the man in charge of the police right now and that police force by the acting chief has been called one of chaos right now with all the resignations and trouble. they even took down the flag, the blue flag here. you have to assume morale in this police station is at an all-time low. >> harris: thank you very much. jason chaffetz is a former utah congressman and fox news contributor. you heard me reacting there. i want to get your reaction now. the mayor says let's take away the guns. if you make a traffic stop they're doing all sorts of things on the ground. your top line reaction to what's breaking off in brooklyn center, minnesota right now. >> i feel for the people that live there. i feel for that family where their son lost their life. but because there was a tragic -- whether it be an accident or something else, does not give you an excuse to accelerator
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involve and be engaged in more violence. so the men and women putting on the uniform, whether they are the local police, the state police, the national guard who are going out trying to protect the citizens and that city deserve everybody's -- everybody should be supportive of this. these outside agitators, antifa and the others that do this for a living and they want death and destruction to the united states of america, i have to tell you when they put the line in the sand and say guess what? there is a curfew, you have got to hold that line. i watched it and engaged with fox last night. i thought they did a pretty good job but i think this will accelerate. i worry with the trial that's going on each night will get progressively worse and the police have got to be able to take control. i don't think disarming the police is going to solve that problem. >> harris: what we learned last summer, you know, obviously social justice, they are pushing for this in the streets
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of minnesota and other cities across and states across the united states. peaceful protesting one thing. what we learned over the summer was once you say oh we're not going to call it rioting. we aren't going to punish many people. that actually is what incites more of it. >> yeah, exactly. i think what police are looking at, what these communities are looking at when they tolerate it and let it go guess what? those people don't just take an inch they took a foot and it continues on. we watched in the pacific northwest it just continues on and on and on. that's not what the community wants. these are very small group of people but you know what? when kamala harris last summer was bailing these people out they aren't just protestors, okay? the protesting is about as american as it gets. but it doesn't mean that you get to involve violence and attacking police officers. just last summer kamala harris was bailing these people out as
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fast as she could to get them back onto the streets. you have a congresswoman who literally yesterday is telling people she wants to not only dismantle police she doesn't want incarceration or any consequences of the lawlessness that we see on the streets. >> harris: all right. we'll move to this. prominent democrats are distancing themselves actually from what is going on and i do want to talk a little bit about what that means going forward. but before we do we're getting breaking news, forgive me jason. i want to get your comments on this, too. i'll ask our team to show us what that is. okay. we're having a little bit of communication problem here, jason, i apologize. let's go back to prominent democrats distancing themselves from progressives. like tlaib who is demanding an end to all policing and
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congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez says the system is indefensible as fellow squad member presley revives calls to defund the police. the squad unified on this idea take away their money and we don't need police. party leaders say they still believe legislation can reform the system. >> look, we all know we have to root out systemic bias in law enforcement and we feel the best way to do that is the justice in policing act. >> that's not the president's view. the president's view is that there are necessary outdated reforms that should be put in place. he also believes there is a forum for putting in place legislation, the george floyd act that can help put many of these necessary reforms in place. >> i am not in the camp that says we should disrespect police. we should reform police but police are necessary. >> harris: others are saying that wright's death show police
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need more funding an better training while senator john kennedy says critics are driven by prejudice. >> many of our law enforcement agencies are majority minority. and if you decide, just like you want to judge someone solely by the color of their skin, if you just want to make a pejorative judgment about a cop i'll put it this way. you hate cops just because they're cops and you don't know anything about them. then the next time you get the trouble call a crack head. >> harris: strong words from him. >> only senator kennedy can share it. i wish the democrats took up what tim scott put forward, the justice act. there are so many inconsistencies from the left. kamala harris is saying she will visit in guatemala now. what she will find is a lot of
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people want to flee guatemala because there is no rule of law. what those on the squad and left are advocating is lawlessness. they don't want justice. they don't want police officers or ice officers or a border down on the south. they don't want any -- they are going so far they don't want any incarceration. that's not the united states of america. that is not the majority of people. and the police, men and women out there and their families who have to watch this on television tonight need to know that america loves them and cares for them and they are doing an incredibly difficult job and i hope that america understands that and i hope those agitators need to be arrested, they need to be prosecuted, and they don't need to be bailed out by kamala harris as soon as they go to jail. >> harris: wow. i would like to know where the squad, what are they talking about no incarcerations in the world? where are there no law enforcement or actions by people in authority to make
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things safer? by the way, in those countries they are trying to get here. okay, here is the breaking news that has come together now. president biden moments ago made remarks at al sharp ton's national action network's annual convention. the president once again invoked jim crow in an apparent reference to georgia's new voting law. we want to show it to you. here it is. >> president biden: parts of our country are backsliding in the days of jim crow passing laws that harken back to the era of poll taxes when black people were made to guess how many beans, how many jelly beans in a jar. or count the number of bubbles in a bar of soap before they could cast their ballot. >> harris: comparing that to the election laws in georgia. your reaction. >> i think the president's comments right there i'm hearing them for the first time are absolutely disgusting. if you actually disagree with
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something in that georgia law, point it out. but what they do is they go back and try to divide people. they try to call it racist. it is all an effort i believe to pass national legislation they've been trying to do for years and take over these elections because the democrats believe it will give them more power. but if you go and look at that georgia law, line by line, show me, tell me, argue something. don't start dividing america and calling us all racist because we actually want to authenticate the vote and make sure legal, lawful people get to vote. when you have to give an i.d. to get on an airplane you should have to give an i.d. to identify yourself to cast a vote in georgia and the rest of the country. >> harris: i wonder how many states he will take on. what the mlb all-star game taught us when they pulled it out of georgia and took it to colorado there are a lot of states with voter i.d. laws and a lot of support for that among the american people in recent polling. getting your first person response with the breaking news.
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thank you for your patience. the white house rushing to reassure americans there will be enough vaccine doses and they're safe after the feds pause johnson & johnson vaccine over safety concerns. will it deter people from getting vaccinated all together? >> i think this is misguided because it is reckless and it is also shameful. it is shameful because we are abandoning the afghan government. >> harris: september 11th is getting a lot of attention and reaction. afghanistan war veteran joey jones joins me next with his reaction to the president's plan of pulling out all troops by september 11th. did you know that
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>> withdrawing forces from afghanistan is a mistake. retreat in the face of an enemy not yet vanquished and abdication of american leadership. >> i think a random withdrawal is not the right decision. >> it will deteriorate pretty rapidly. al qaeda and isis will come back. i think joe biden on foreign policy has been completely incompetent. >> harris: some republican lawmakers are criticizing the plan to pull all u.s. troops out of afghanistan by september 11th while some bipartisan praise for the move, op-eds in several news outlets are not mincing words in their
8:20 am
opposition. some call is biden's afghanistan debacle. others say biden's afghanistan withdrawal could be the first step to a taliban takeover. cnn writes biden is making a major mistake on afghanistan. democrats are expressing concern. such as massachusetts congressman who says it's clear we won't win the war in afghanistan but there are still devastating ways we could lose. and new hampshire senator says i'm very disappointed. joining me now joey jones, retired marine bomb technician, fox news contributor. you served in afghanistan and i ask you today, joey, to bring in some of the elements to show us what it was like to serve and give us your response on what biden is about to do. >> first of all this is a continuation of something president trump started which was to use the narrative to
8:21 am
capitalize on the fact that americans are sick and tired of a war. in 2010 there were 100,000 troops in afghanistan. when you broadcast a pull-out date with 100,000 troops scattered all over a country it is very dangerous to do and empowers your enemy and allows them to go and attack in places like where i was at and where i lost my legs i believe because the enemy felt empowered in a place we thought would be a relatively slow summer and not that much fighting. what president obama did was very dangerous. this is much different. we have a few thousand troops in afghanistan that are more secure places and there for a different mission than what i was there for. for that reason i don't know the date really matters or even the broad statement we're pulling out because biden himself has said in 2014. what does pulling the troops out of gaffe gaffe really mean? i think there is a huge
8:22 am
difference between staying in policy and words we're ending the war in afghanistan as opposed to pulling out of afghanistan. the american people inflate those two things and politicians do. i don't care if there are a couple thousand troops in afghanistan that are relatively safe accomplishing a mission that really isn't our choice but we have to deal with. i do care about sending 40,000 troops in a surge just to change your mind a few months later which is what happened to me. when you talk about general keane was saying we're betraying the afghan government. with all due respect, general, i lost my legs in afghanistan in 2010 and what came of it? what did we gain from it? 10 more years of war. i want to know what we're trying to accomplish. if it's to make sure we don't get attacked again and a couple,000 troops in afghanistan is now we do that i would argue that president biden is doing this simply to appease the voters.
8:23 am
>> harris: you know, joey, as you told your story i wanted people for the first time to see the pictures we're sharing so they could see where you were and the life you were living and understand your journey a bit more. it really does bring home the fact that we spent so much sacrifice blood and treasure there without a whole lot, as you say, to show for it in terms of whatever the end mission was. still not certain what that is. but 2500 troops. you know the government there. are 2500 troops going to keep the taliban from taking over? should that be the end mission in all of this? what should it be? >> that's not the mission. politicians who sell you that lie do it for their own reasons and i don't understand. the only mission we've ever consistently had 9/11 was terrible and we don't want that to happen again. if the taliban rules the country of afghanistan but doesn't have the capabilities
8:24 am
to get here that's afghanistan needs to figure out for itself. let me explain something. don't respect me because i lost my legs in combat. respect me because i volunteered to serve during a war. by that metric there are millions of americans who deserve respect and part of that respect is a clear and concise explanation or apology on why you sent them there to begin with. when the role of government changes every two or four years things like going to war become a football not a strategy. you need to look at what the motivations are and what we as the american people who are fighting the wars asking for. as much as i respect mcconnell, graham and others, i want to know beyond the rhetoric and talking points that sound a lot like bull crap, i want to know why. why does it bother you if we leave that country and come back home? saying something like we
8:25 am
haven't won the war yet, brother, when were we trying to win the war? give me answers. we don't get that from politicians, i don't care that objection and to an extent i praise president biden for taking a step that isn't going to be popular in d.c. but will be popular among the american people with the exception of a few thousand troops is not the same as being at war and would help keep it safe. i would like the answers on that. >> harris: as you said, he is basically, biden, carrying on what trump was trying to do. a pop you lift message in the wars and made president trump pretty popular as well. vice president kamala harris is hosting a virtual round table with national security advisors on the surge of migrants. it has been 20 days since she was tapped to deal with the root causes of the crisis on our southern border and still has no plans. we understand to visit the border. today she was you caning about
8:26 am
some country south of mexico she might be visiting. watch. >> a large part of our focus is diplomatic in terms of what we can do in a way that is working with these countries. i have talked with the president of mexico, the president of guatemala. we have -- i don't want to say too much. we have plans in the works to go to guatemala as soon as possible given all the restrictions in terms of covid and things of what nature. >> harris: how republicans are driving home the issue of the vice president not visiting the border with some snark. at their news conference today was a carton of milk with her photo on it captioned missing at the border. so that is the very latest on that and we'll continue to cover it. just recall if you will the former president had done deals with guatemala, honduras, ecuador and some other countries what it would look like to keep many people in their countries while they were
8:27 am
trying to apply for asylum and certainly he did that with mexico as well. so to hear the vice president saying they have and she didn't want to tell too many secrets or details about going to guatemala, we saw more transparency in the last administration on that issue. parents of california students are at their witts end for in person learning. out of 7.2 million people who got the johnson & johnson and vaccine. six people developed a rare blood clot disorder. was it actually the right call to pause all of the j&j vaccinations? we'll get into it with dr. marc siegel. he has strong thoughts on this one next. ♪ you've got the looks ♪ ♪ let's make lots of money ♪ ♪ you've got the brawn ♪ ♪ i've got the brains... ♪
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8:33 am
the group where we saw the complications. if we start shutting down medications because one in 7 million people died we won't have many medications left to use. whatever happened to letting doctors and patients make their decisions together and letting patients make their own health decisions? >> harris: dr. marty makary on the pause of johnson & johnson after six women developed a rare blood clot disorder. some say the move will discourage americans from getting vaccines in general for fears they're unsafe. dr. fauci is pushing back. >> i would think at the end of the day it could actually diminish hesitancy by saying boy, those people they are looking at that really carefully. when they say something is safe you can believe it's safe. so it goes both ways. >> harris: i sometimes wonder if he lives on the same planet that we do.
8:34 am
is he hearing what people are saying? dr. marc siegel is a professor of medicine at nyu langone and medical contributor. part of the relationships we have with our medical experts like the one with dr. siegel we talk plainly and listen to one another. are the experts listening to the decision on the j&j vaccine? >> they're not messaging properly. they're fear messaging. i know dr. fauci well. i know the people on the advisory committee of the fda and interviewed them several times. they are focused in, laser focused on this rare, rare, rare complication. in the process of trying to show their concern or transparency even, it is backfiring big time. they are broadcasting the idea that maybe they don't feel it's as safe as they thought, which is completely erroneous. notice this. eight times the number of women on birth control pills get that rare complication of a cerebral
8:35 am
venous sinus thrombosis. eight times the amount if you take a birth control pill and if you don't. when i start someone on a birth control pill that's not the first thing i say. of course i go over all the complications, of course i answer all the questions. but when you come out to a press conference and start announcing this and dr. fauci says if you get a headache here is what you should look for. people are saying it can't possibly be one in a million if he is telling me to look out. that was a huge backfire yesterday. >> harris: i'm reading about this. it's my understanding the problem the medical experts that fauci were having when doctors saw the blood clots forming in the six women they were using heparin which is a common drug for that sort of thing. what fauci said you don't want to do that. the reason we'll pause it we need to get to all the doctors and tell them to use a different response drug because you are basically bleeding at the same time and clotting at the same time.
8:36 am
i'm like that's not for the wider public. that's for the medical professionals. why shut down the whole thing? i don't know, again what conversation are they really trying to have here, doctor? >> first of all you already hit it, harris. they should focus in on those at risk which is a very, very small percentage of those that get the vaccine. then they are talking about whether you are making antibodies to platelets in that very small group that was on heparin. your other point. in trying to be transparent, again, the media die later this, the public dilates it. i took the j&j vaccine, what should i do? i say go about your normal life. go back to your normal life. here is the most tragic thing. the j&j vaccine is you only have to have one shot. get it into areas where we can't get the terrific pfizer and moderna vaccines and we can get it into poorer neighborhoods more easily.
8:37 am
so much use for this vaccine. to tar and feather it. he is totally wrong about vaccine compliance. no way this kind of messaging, fear messaging helps with vaccine compliance. it does exactly the opposite. >> harris: that's what i was saying. is he on the same planet than the rest of us? do you tell somebody to be afraid does it make them be less afraid? it doesn't make sense. last quick question for you. nothing is ever without risk. there is no perfect drug, no perfect answer to anything. no perfect vaccine. can they fix what is broken in the j&j or is that even worth trying to do when you've got 6 people out of 7.2 million who have already had the shot? >> they can laser focus in on -- great question. they can laser focus in on exactly who is at risk here and fix the problem. it's a tiny percentage. i want to end with this. 10% or more of the people with covid-19 in the hospital get
8:38 am
guess what? blood clots. in a way j&j vaccine decreases your risk of getting blood clots from the actual disease. we need it. >> harris: all right. sounds good. dr. marc siegel. thank you for breaking it down with me. imagine or news organization called out for suggesting a more piecey word than mistress. would home wrecker be better? putting her hands on the man? the reaction coming up. plus this. >> where i was front and center at the protest, at the riot. we did not -- >> don't call it a riot. >> there was. >> harris: the pc press and we now know some activists were in that room as well. having a problem with the word riot. how the major networks are avoiding the riot word, too. how this affects their coverage when their job is to report the
8:39 am
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>> this family is outraged. a curfew in place.
8:44 am
>> violent protests, national guard troops are sent to minneapolis as the curfew is in place. the city on edge tonight. >> the outrage protestors clashing with police. a state of emergency declared. a curfew ordered and the national guard on alert. >> harris: they can't seem to say the word riot. the major networks and some cable outlets being called out for refusing to use the term riots to describe the violence and looting that is rocking a minneapolis suburb for nights following the police shooting and death of a black man there. at best using terms like violent protests or protests turned violent to describe the chaos. republican congressman lance good-in tweets dear cnn it wasn't a protest, it was a riot. get the story right or get out of the news business.
8:45 am
joe concha. why is this happening? >> i don't know, maybe we have to come to a compromise here, harris. maybe we could call them mostly peaceful riots. would that work? i remember the summer of 2020 when there were mostly peaceful protests going on in places like minneapolis, ports land, atlanta or seattle and behind the report are you would see a burning inferno of a building looked like a ending scene in diehard and they insist these are mostly peaceful protests even though billions of dollars in damage. why is this happening? obviously it is the p.c. way to describe what is obviously a riot. when there are dozens of arrests made on a nightly basis. dozens of businesses are looted and damaged. when the national guard is called in i believe you could start to call that a riot, harris. >> harris: the police have a reason for declaring that as a riot because it allows them to use other assets and
8:46 am
mobilization techniques against that crowd that is moving out of control. it is not an add jekttive out of feeling it is something that is brought on by the facts. >> a technical term, right? you see a police chief in minneapolis say the word riot and then reporters or activists are both in the room saying you can't use the word. he will use whatever he wants to use. he is on the ground that has to deal with it and has been dealing with it for almost a year now. imagine on a nightly basis you are a police officer for the community and this is what you are forced to deal with on a nightly basis and you can't call a riot a riot anymore. >> harris: that's not what he said and you have people resigning. critics going after the associated press for telling its journalists to use a more politically correct term when it comes to the word mistress. the outlet tweeted don't use the term mistress for a woman in a long term sexual
8:47 am
relationship and is financially supported by a man married to someone else. use an alternative like companion, friend or lover and provide additional deteals later. some responses if you want a gender neutral term for this relationship you should bite the bullet and emotion brace side piece. always opt for the traditional home wrecker. oh my goodness, joe concha. >> disclaimer. my mother-in-law is a fan of your show. i'm only talking about the term mistress. none of that going on here. very happy with your daughter. but also maybe we have to compromise here again, too. maybe we call in this case a mistress a married man's co-conspirator is one way to go. they have an italian friend or two. i don't agree with this at all. they go with guma in new jersey.
8:48 am
you have to wonder if the a.p. style books mistress may have wrote that just to kind of cover up here. again, who uses lover anymore? my lover and i got off to vegas for a weekend. >> harris: what about paramour. didn't we use that word? that was another one. trey gowdy uses that. >> that's right. seducer, fornicator, call it a mistress that wandered into a riot. how does that sound? can we use both in one sentence, would that work? >> harris: the associated press responded and here is the quote. we understand it's problematic the alternative terms fall short but we felt that was better than having one word for a woman and none for the man. we have words for the man. we do.
8:49 am
cheater, there are words. >> himbo. mistress has been canceled, go figure. who thought that would be canceled. even that has fallen -- >> harris: they could not break one of the ten commandments and just be faithful to their marriage. >> like you and i are, that's right. >> harris: right. good to see you. thank you. president biden insists he wants to work with the gop but some moderate republicans reportedly see it as just lip service. are the president's actions in line with his promise of bipartisanship? >> they're not talking to republican leaders at all. we've reached out but they won't even talk to us because they want to go it alone. they go with trillions more in this soviet style infrastructure dream list of the left. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away.
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8:55 am
democrat or republican issue. i want to hear what's on the minds of my colleagues here. >> some republicans say- >> president biden: i'm not big on window dressing as you've observed. >> harris: president biden insisting he wants to reach across the political aisle. 10 mod ral senate republicans view his calls for bipartisanship as an empty promise. one staffer said it's a nightmare. another calling it a gas lighting chamber of insanity and saying the white house is constantly rubbing dirt in the face of republicans. power panel now, tammy bruce, president of independent women's voice and fox news contributor. richard fowler also a fox news contributor. tammy and richard great to have you on the program. tammy, you first on bipartisanship. is it real from biden or not? >> well, clearly not. he did run on that. he ran on being a nice guy. he ran on stopping the pandemic.
8:56 am
he ran on bringing everyone together. and we have chaos at almost every single level. but you can't really blame them. right now we aren't sure who is making the decisions in the white house but it is a leftist wish list and look, i think americans especially when we elected donald trump, what we didn't want on our side was a bunch of whiney babies. was a bunch of people complaining and looking for mommy because the democrats actually are trying to move through them like a monster truck. so somebody is being made very happy. i don't think it is the average american. look, you have an election that took away the edge that the democrats had in the house, literally split the senate in half which was a message if there ever was one that we did want the parties to work together after all of the contentiousness of the last five years. so now you have the republicans what they are doing is complaining. what they could end up doing is
8:57 am
actually crafting a message pushing back, stopping what the democrats are trying to do because that's why they are in congress. so you have to hand it to the democrats but at the same time it is the ugliness and unfairness and the unbalanced approach that americans have been rejecting for a number of years. >> harris: richard. >> thanks for having me. if you think about some of the proposals in this bill yes there is a problem with the price tag but the idea of getting clean water and expanding more broadband, fixing 20,000 miles of road. some of that mitch mcconnell agreed with in 2008. something that senator whitaker of mississippi agreed with in 2018. the idea these are a leftist wish lils is wild thinking. updating america's infrastructure is bipartisan. if you take this conversation outside of washington talk to
8:58 am
republican mayors and governors they need the funds to fix water pipelines all across this country which many of them -- >> harris: richard, i have had some republicans tell me maybe they can get to a deal on this. the numbers are too big. are democrats willing to come down off the $2 trillion something and get closer to something pitched on this program, $700 billion? larry kudlow told me that last week. there are some ways to get there. just quickly yes or no and i went to get to brett favre. >> i think there is movement here. there is willingness from the white house and if senate republicans can come on board we can get something done. >> harris: all right. my question was about the democrats. i love the way you just switched over to the republicans. we'll see how it goes. nfl hall of famer brett favre -- i almost said bret baier who i adore -- are sounding off on politics in sports as the a new
8:59 am
poll shows support for the mlb is slipping over the controversy of the georgia voting law. >> i think both sides for the most part want to see it just remain about the sport, not about politics. i want to watch the important parts of the game not what's going on outside of the game. and i think the general fan feels the same way. >> harris: "outnumbered" starts in quick seconds from now. tammy bruce. >> clearly the american people are feeling the same way. they are seeing it in the ratings. you are seeing it in the lack of interest in the public outcry against it. this is supposed to be a distraction. the american people want their sports back. they don't want their politics in that framework. i think the numbers speak for themselves. >> harris: all right. richard, we have to catch you on another day. good to see you both. thank you very much.
9:00 am
thank you for watching "the faulkner focus". "outnumbered" now. >> harris: three straight nights of chaos in the twin cities. the unrest is gripping minneapolis upper brooklyn center, showing no signs of stopping anytime soon, and just last night police arrested 60 additional people. violence towards law enforcement also escalating. protesters throwing bricks and other debris at police officers, and police using pepper spray and french comic flash bangs. the community, as you can imagine, on edge. you are watching "outnumbered." here today, emily compagno, kayleigh mcenany, and her first time on the digital couch, marjorie clifton,


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