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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  April 14, 2021 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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reaction. she writes it was not an accidented the repeated outcomes of an indefensible system that grants impunity for state violence and targets those who question that order. if i were to diagram that sentence i think i could find something that is misleading or false in every one of those phrases. >> when this type of discussion occurs it is not particularly helpful. we know there are tens of thousands of people a year who are the victims of murder, rape, robbery, child sexual assault, shooting, cybercrimes that drain millions of dollars from our senior citizens. defunding or eliminating the police is simply not well thought out. i would suspect there is research a good question would be in the district that these
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two representatives represent, what is the percentage of their members of their community that want the police eliminated? maybe they're just speaking for their district out of 435. when you think about reimagining policing getting police out of the business of mental health, substance abuse and chronic homelessness. we've been advocating that 5 to 10 years. police are not the right solution someone suffering these conditions. yesterday we released a project in providence, rhode island trying to reimagine a whole of government response to these issues. cities like denver and los angeles and dana, one other thing. we have known in practice and research just recently we found the federal government the majority of serious violent crime is intraracial. people of similar races are attacking one another. we see differences in the application of arrests on low level times and regulatory crimes that have a disparity impact. perhaps the discussion should
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be more about recognizing crime, danger and violence, recognizing the proper role of police and mental health, drug and alcohol abuse and recognizing regulatory crimes and states need to reconsider who is being arrested for what. >> you are also a ph.d. part of your expertise is police response to these significant events. what do you do? what's the remedy for this violence night after night and how does it impact police officers on the streets? >> trace, i'm very glad you asked that question. myself and others did a review of charlottesville, police foundation, the oldest nonpartisan, non-member think-tank released our after action of los angeles police response to george floyd. here are similarities and capitol police that came out. similarities, today's protests are more coordinated and sophisticated and more violent than ever. examples of protestors unaware and not coordinated with violent agitators. we're seeing our police
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officers are being impacted by distress leading to personal and family trauma and it applies forprotestors as well. i do not think that stress applies to violent criminal agitators on either side of the spectrum. purposefully destroying property to express their view which actually becomes the story and not the essence of the protest. final thought. police officers are frustrated. with inconsistent and lack of clear direction from political leaders and their own leaders. >> dana: one other thing. take a listen to the oakland police chief about funding impact. watch. >> when you have reduced resources, it reduces your ability to respond to violent crime. i think we have -- we've seen the spikes occur and we didn't have the resources to address these crimes. definitely had an impact. >> dana: in your research that you've done in terms of looking at reimagining policing, how does the budgetary impact fit into that? >> that's a great question.
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i was the police chief in new orleans for four years and nashville for seven years, chief of the state police in washington and 21 years in new orleans before that. it takes resources to fight violent crime. some of the work we're doing around this reimagining as we did in providence, what percentage of the budget assigned to police associated with being designated first responders to these mental health, drug abuse issues can be realigned to mental health experts. there is a lot of room there. absolutely. there is little to no doubt if someone is a victim of a violent crime the police have to be funded, criminal justice system has to be fair and we have to continue to protect innocent life and property. so i think oftentimes you'll see some of the political dialogue become confused because it sounds as a talking point as opposed to listen to what is said. i've been in that chair. you have to solve a murder. >> dana: thank you for your time this morning.
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we'll stay in touch with you. >> trace: fox news alert. cdc holding an emergency meeting today to discuss the johnson & johnson vaccine after distribution was paused over concerns about blood clots in several people who received j&j shots. how will this delay affect the administration's effort to get american's vaccinated? david spunt is live at the white house. good morning. >> white house officials are saying putting a pause on any vaccine is not good news. the goal of this white house is to get as many people as vaccinated as possible. president biden working to reassure americans to get those shots. >> president biden: american people on the vaccine, i told you all. i made sure we have 600 million doses. there is enough vaccine 100% unquestionable for every single solitary american. >> as of yesterday more than
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6.8 million doses of the j&j were in arms across the country. it's a single shot. two weeks after that shot one is considered fully vaccinated. six women out of 7 million people vaccinateed discovered a rare and severe type of blood clot. >> don't get an anxiety reaction. it's less than one in a million. having said that, pay attention. >> j&j out with a statement. people who have received our covid-19 vaccine and develop severe headache, leg pain or shortness of breath within three weeks after vaccination should contact their healthcare provider. that statement was deliberate in mentioning within three weeks of the shot. not the symptoms a day or two after the shot. critics of the fda decision to pause the vaccine including the former president of the united states donald trump who said in part in a statement the results of this vaccine have been extraordinary but now it's reputation will be permanently
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challenged. do your testing, clean up the record and get the johnson & johnson vaccine back on quickly. meanwhile president biden's chief medical advisor fauci says the pause will likely be days or weeks, not weeks or months. those that were signed up for the j&j vaccine can get the pfizer or moderna vaccine as soon as they want it. >> trace: david spunt live at the white house. thank you. it's important. i just talked to somebody who was scheduled to get the j&j vaccine today with his wife. they have to reschedule. there is the risk factor of people who might not get it for another three, four, five days. lots of balance from the cbc. >> dana: a rare stumble. we've been on the roll with vaccines and felt good about it. hopefully it can get dealt with in a few days and if you are worried talk to your healthcare provider. wealth owe get it back online pretty soon.
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p biden -- the address comes as biden looks to drum up more support for his spending plan. most of these speeches happen in february, right? it's like a state of the union but you haven't been in office long enough to do that. but biden waited 64 days to do his first press conference and he is waiting until april 28th. 98 days since inauguration to do this one. i guess he feels like he has a record to talk about. >> trace: george w. bush in 20 days. 28 days for clinton. they are always in the first month. this has taken longer. >> dana: we'll be covering it. a desperate search for survivors after a violent storm flipped a boat in the gulf of mexico. a dozen people missing. we'll have a live update. >> trace: john boehner media blilts coming to "america's newsroom." we'll ask the former speaker some questions you haven't heard including his thoughts on republicans taking back the house in 2022.
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>> dana: president biden says the migrant surge is a seasonal event that happens every year. we'll talk to a texas democrat who begs to differ. congressman henry cuellar is coming up next. retirement is an opportunity to fill each tomorrow
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>> dana: texas and missouri are
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suing the biden administration for reversing the policy that kept asylum seekers in mexico while court hearings played out. we're reporting live in the texas border city of la jolla. >> it's the remain in mexico policy. it is controversial and one that republicans in texas and in washington, d.c. are pushing the biden administration to reinstate. texas's attorney general is part of this effort says the administration ending remain in mexico, the result of this arbitrary and capricious decision has been a huge surge of thousands of unaccompanied minors passing through mexico to pass meritless asylum claims. it has inflicted serious costs on texas. the trump administration implemented the remain in mexico policy in early 2019. it meant migrants who came
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through mexico to claim asylum had to stay in mexico while the u.s. evaluated their claims. the biden administration returned to the previous arraignment that they could wait inside the united states. the department of homeland security, this system to process is the first phase of a program to restore safe and orderly processing at the southwest border. physical presence at a port of entry is not the way to gain access to this phased effort. the border remains closed. no one should believe smugglers or others claiming otherwise. yet that remains a challenge here. a 20-year high in apprehensions along the southwest border. much of it a spike in the rio grande valley. they are taking migrants in for processing. back to you. >> dana: thank you, rich. >> trace: president biden has claimed the surge is part of a
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seasonal pattern. our next guest border state democrat disagrees. texas congressman henry cuellar is vice chair on homeland security. thank you for joining us. rich edson makes a good point. if president biden is in favor of sending mexican troops or having mexican troops go to the southern border and protect there, why not just reimplement president trump's remain in mexico plan so we can evaluate their asylum claims while they're in mexico? >> you know, first of all i welcome to one of the cities i represent, la jolla down there. i want to welcome them. there are ways to address this issue. the reason i think the biden administration said was they didn't want to implement or the reason they got rid of mpp because they were worried about the safety of those individuals. you know, you can use the u.n. in so many ways. the u.n. can be used to provide safety for the individuals. we use that all over the country.
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so there are ways that the mpp could be repurposed in a safe way if they were concerned. just like my understanding is there is some agreement between guatemala and mexico and the united states. if you notice el salvador was not included in that agreement. they cut off those agreements. now they got another agreement. they could have just repurposed that agreement from the very beginning, cut off the flow of people coming in because i worry about all those folks coming in through the hands of the criminals which is a very criminal -- very, very dangerous being in the hands of those criminals. >> trace: you are an advocate of sending money to the northern triangle countries, but we had experts on this week saying that money never makes it to the people who need it the most. the governments are corrupt. it never makes it there. are you still in favor of sending money down there to address the root causes? >> absolutely. in fact, i don't know who those
6:23 am
experts are, but we don't give money from government to government, with all due respect. we actually give the money to ngos and american companies or consultants that help with that. so when people think we give government to government, it doesn't happen that way. in fact, a republican from texas and myself were the first ones to ask the first 750 million dollars to them. the problem is since 2016 and 2021 we have appropriated 3.6 billion dollars. at times there has been up to $800 million stalled at the state department and not getting to the ngo. >> trace: 21 days and no vice president kamala harris the point person that president biden put in charge of the border here. the white house said the following quoting. this is a priority for her but it is also a priority for her to get the jobs plan passed and priority for her to talk to people about getting vaccinated. you can do many things at once.
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is it your sense that she is doing what she needs to do along the border? the results have not been outstanding. >> you know, keep in mind the results have been difficult and those numbers started growing back in august, october, september, november, december, january of this last year. so this is something that we've seen under president bush, under president obama, president trump and now. >> not that bad. >> hopefully we'll be working together on this. >> trace: but not nearly as bad. we have a problem that is being addressed very, very slowly and you know as i know, i have 15 seconds left, sir. may really is -- late april and may, those are the months where the migrant is the highest. >> yes, march, april, may, june, may and june are the peak
6:25 am
months. if those flow of people are not cut off before they come to the u.s. border it will be a very hot summer. >> trace: thank you for your time, sir >> thank you. >> dana: president biden set to announce his plan to withdraw u.s. troops from afghanistan by september 11th of this year. we'll get reaction from the man who killed osama bin laden ahead. democrats seem to have forgotten what the deficit looks like. john boehner joins us on that, the left's new dictionary and so much more next. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ at aspen dental, today is the day to take back your smile. why wait? we're here nights, weekends and right now, to give you exceptional care and 20% off your treatment plan.
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>> not only did the u.s. coast guard respond to this incident but also good samaritan vessels were on the scene as well assisting in those search and rescue operations. they were up against the very, very rough conditions due to a rare weather pattern. the national weather service calls it a wake low. it produced winds of 80 to 90 miles an hour and that in turn generated waves up to 50 feet high out in parts of the gulf of mexico. this happened yesterday afternoon about eight miles south of grand isle in louisiana. distress calls coming in from the 129-foot commercial lift boat which had just departed with 18 people on board. two coast guard cutters, two boats, a helicopter, and four civilian vessels managed to rescue at least six from the cold water. another 12 are still missing, though the u.s. coast guard has
6:32 am
not yet updated us today on where the rescue efforts stand because even more severe weather was expected in that region overnight and into this morning, which could have hampered their efforts. a spokesperson for the company called sea corp marine says that the capsized vessel belongs to them but did not have any further comment. clearly this is a very developing and rapid moving situation at this hour, trace. we'll keep you posted. >> trace: casey stiegel. back to you as the news breaks. thank you. >> what we're having here is a totally left wing administration with a slight majority in the house, a 50/50 senate, trying to transform america into something no one voted for last year. >> dana: senate minority leader mitch mcconnell blasting biden saying he is trying to change america and democrats are
6:33 am
trying to redefine infrastructure and bipartisanship. in his new book john boehner slams the rise of hyper partisanship in the nation's capitol. he joins me now. you have known joe biden for many years, possibly decades. do you think he is governing as president as you would have expected as you watched him in the senate all those years? >> well, i've been a little surprised over the last few months. i listened to everything that joe biden said during the campaign about changing the tone in washington, working in a bipartisan manner but he is a traditional democrat and the party is being taken over by the left wing progressives of the democrat party. and over those first few months of his administration he has caved to the left and caved to the left. and as a result, he has sacrificed any chance of bipartisanship. so this is going to play out in a bigger way in the coming
6:34 am
months. i'm anxious to see the break-out of the democrat party. >> dana: you write about it in your book. you said the squad on the left has a policy agenda, smart democrats know is unrealistic, unworkable and alienating to the rest of the country. these people command a large social media and press following for pelosi has to argue with them about tactics and policy. a heck of a spot for her to be in. i can tell you with absolute certainty she knows they are a bunch of kooks. it seems to me those differences were more tactical than policy. when it comes in the squad and pelosi it seems even policy wise they're way far apart. >> no question about that. when you look at biden's so-called infrastructure bill it is a wish list from the progressive caucus. very little of that money he is proposing has anything to do with what we would call
6:35 am
infrastructure. roads, bridges, rail, airports, the things that over the years i called infrastructure. and so it's a wish list for them. at some point the biden administration is going to have to decide whether they want to get some things accomplished or whether they want to be stuck in this stalemate. we have a 50/50 country. we have 50/50, and joe biden barely won the white house. so trying to work your agenda in a partisan way frankly isn't going to work. >> dana: i wanted to ask you about that first mid-term of any president is oftentimes the one where the minority retakes power. of course we saw that in 1994 and have seen it since. do you think the republicans will take back the house or even the senate in 2022? what do you think they need to do to make sure that can happen? >> they have a real good opportunity in 2022 to gain the majority in the house and possibly regain the majority in the senate. and i think to do that they
6:36 am
need to go back to the principles of what it means to be a republican. strong national defense, fiscal responsibility. there are basic tenets to hold us together as a party. they stick to those i think we'll do very well. >> dana: congressman banks talking about trying to capitalize on the gains president trump achieved with the working class. can the republicans both be the party of what's left of the chamber of commerce as well as the working class? >> well, republicans will do fine. we do a better job of explaining who we are as republicans. i think we'll do even better. we don't have to be anything other than what we've been. we need to communicate better with the american people so they understand. we're on their side. >> dana: you decided to throw your weight behind the
6:37 am
legalizing of cannabis industry. do you think the federal government needs to pass a law that would take that off the drug list so it could be more in line with what's happening in the states? >> we've got now some 37, 38 states who have legalized cannabis in some form. the federal government says it's illegal. it is time for the federal government to look at these 37, 38 states, the vast majority of them who have legalized this and take some action to get out of the way. >> dana: i'm still a just say no kid. i watch the debate and your embrace of it with a little skepticism. how am i wrong? >> i won't say i embrace it. when you're in politics as long as i do you learn to listen to your constituents. over the years i saw state after state after state begin to legalize cannabis i began to take notice because the people were speaking. by the time i left office, i
6:38 am
thought to myself listen, i would rather have a glass of wine and smoke a cigarette. if somebody wants to smoke a joint what do i care? when i looked at the research of the benefits of cannabis with kids with seizures, soldiers with chronic pain or ptsd i began to believe there is a place for this product in american society and i don't go out and promote it. but i am on the board of a cannabis company. i believe in what the industry is doing and the american people want to smoke a joint, let them do it. >> dana: you mentioned wine. i wanted to ask you in france they're having this freak snowstorm hurting all the grapes. there could be a wine shortage. does that concern you at all? >> most of my wine comes from california so i'm not -- i'm in washington state. >> dana: thanks for joining us,
6:39 am
good luck with the book. >> nice to see you. >> trace: the associated press reporting that bernie madoff has died in a federal prison believed to be from natural causes. he orchestrated the largest ponse scheme in history. he is dead in prison at the age of 82. we talk about billions of dollars. it wasn't just billions it was $65 billion that bernie madoff is convicted of, about 5,000 clients. >> dana: a lot of people were devastated by his actions. for young people if you don't know a lot about this story there is an hbo special we recommend. it was something else. it gave the government a little bit more insight as to how to protect people from something like this happening again. >> trace: it did indeed. a slice of paradise in ruins. water scarce, ash everywhere following volcanic eruptions with no end in sight.
6:40 am
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>> trace: president biden set to announce all u.s. troops will withdraw from afghanistan by september 11th. the remaining 2500 soldiers will leave by that day 20 years after the terror attacks that began america's longest war. lucas tomlinson live at the pentagon. good morning to you. hundreds of american forces will apparently stay on the ground past the may 1 deadline negotiated in last year's peace treaty. what are you hearing exactly? >> that's correct, trace. good morning. president biden recently signaled it would be very tough to meet this may 1 deadline and expected to announce all u.s. troops will leave on september 11th. a year ago biden offered a different plan and appears to have changed his mind. >> very small presence to be able to determine whether or not -- i mean a small footprint. several thousand people to make sure that we have a place from which we can operate.
6:46 am
>> over 2300 americans are killed in americans in two decades of war. defense department has spent $825 billion since 9/11. mitch mcconnell says it's a mistake to leave. >> withdrawing u.s. forces from afghanistan is a grave mistake. it is a retreat in the face of an enemy that hasn't been vanquished. >> former cia operative will hurd says telling us when and where with a fight with no conditions how we ended up in isis in the last democrat administration. it will only embolden those who want to do us harm. vice president biden flew to baghdad with the bay of commitment ceremony marking the withdrawal of u.s. troops from iraq. a few years later the u.s. military would return to have air strikes against isis were deployed to iraq and syria. the 10 year anniversary of the
6:47 am
navy seals killing of osama bin laden. officials say it would be hard to do a similar operation without bases in afghanistan. >> trace: thank you. >> dana: not everyone is welcoming the president's decision to leave afghanistan by september 11th. let's bring in rob owe kneel the navy seal who took out osama bin laden. a big decision. the timing, the 20th anniversary of 9/11 is when we'll have our troops out. let's get your overall take. i got excerpts from president biden i want to read to you. >> thanks for having me. i think as always it's a mistake to give a timeline to the enemy of when we'll leave. i know september 11th is historic and looks good but withdrawing the troops completely and importantly telling the enemy when we leave will be a big mistake. we need to get a lot of the troops out but maintain a presence at bagram airfield.
6:48 am
where we launched to kill bin laden was 10 years ago. we should try to keep that if we can and making the presence unlike iraq where we pulled out and all of a sudden convoys of foreign fighters going everywhere. if there are convoys and training grounds we need to ability to bomb them. that's all we need to do. we don't need marines driving around the roads trying to build schools for people that don't want them and don't want us to bring our type of democracy. you can't enforce democracy on people who don't want it. these people don't want it. we need to maintain the protection of our country and the protection of our interests. >> dana: in his speech today excerpts from the white house let me read. while we won't stay involved in afghanistan militarily our diplomatic and humanitarian work will continue. we'll continue to support the government in afghanistan and he goes on to say we're training and equipping nearly 300,000 personnel. rob, you were there. does it work? >> every city there.
6:49 am
if we can't teach them in 19 years we won't teach them in 18 months. if we pull out everybody it will be like in the 90s when they took kabul. it will be an islamic emirate and ethnic cleansing. refugees pouring into pakistan. we give them $5 billion a year for their, another billion for emergencies and stuff like that. we could cut them off a little bit it would help with afghanistan. pakistan is the center of the universe in that part of the world. we need to definitely keep jets and drones there. a lot shorter flight from there rather than an aircraft carrier. >> dana: tell us a little something about that. >> i hope so. unlike everything else on planet this does not need to be politicized. we need to support what's best for our interests. i supported president bush,
6:50 am
obama and trump and i support president biden. if he asks for help i'll give him the best advice i have. not a political game and needs to be taken very seriously. we don't need another 9/11. >> dana: you shot osama bin laden. what he said about the americans and how weak they are? >> we were weak and they knew they would play the long game, which they're playing. we don't have the political appetite which is amazing. you think we would have term limits but we don't for a lot of people in congress. we're weak and we'll eventually fall. they will say they won regardless of what they do. keep a few jets and a lot of bombs there. >> dana: always good to see you. thank you. >> trace: fox news alert now police make a breakthrough in the decades-long search for kristin smart. they say the investigation is not yet over. and check this out. our power-packed lineup coming up in the next hour.
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>> it's been 24, almost 25 years since kristin went missing. 24 years without a resolution until today. we have committed to them that we are not going to stop until kristin has been recovered no matter what the cost, no matter what the time. we're committed to that. >> trace: a major breakthrough in the search for kristin smart's killer after paul and ruben flores were arrested yesterday. paul flores is the main suspect but police are still trying to find her remains. attorney jonna spilbor joins me now. long time coming. good morning. thank you for coming on. you look at this thing and they won't give us any of the evidence that they have found. they do tell us they still have
6:57 am
not found the remains of kristin smart 25 years later, jonna. tough to put a prosecution together if you don't have the body and you don't have significant evidence. >> exactly. that's why while i do agree that the smart family deserves peace and closure, i don't think we can take this mystery and move it over to the solved column just yet for the reason you just explained. we don't know exactly what new evidence has been discovered and no matter what it is, trace, when you have evidence that is 25 years old, it tends to lose its reliability no matter what it is. even if they were to find remains it might not tell the whole story. so we're not that much closer to a resolution in my opinion. >> trace: for context nobody knows paul flores. her classmate, kristin smart's classmate. the last person to see her in this party.
6:58 am
an off-campus party she left. he has been the prime suspect for 25 years. the question now is why arrest him? you've done a lot of this over the years, jonna, what do you think they found that turned the tide here? >> it could be a couple of things. when we look back historically at some high-profile cases where people were arrested prior to remains being found they either were on the verge of finding them, in other words, they knew where they were going to find them so they arrested somebody in advance of that, or in a case like this they might be hoping that 25 years later if they put enough pressure on paul and his father somebody might start talking. side bar, if i were representing them i would say it is not in their best interest to do any talking whatsoever. look at the case of -- tons of circumstantial evidence that she was probably raped and murdered. nobody has ever been tried, convicted or arrested for her disappearance and so what is
6:59 am
bringing us closer in this case? either they know they're about to find something or they are hoping that somebody is going to talk for some reason. >> trace: i found it fascinating county sheriff at the top of the segment said that mistakes were made early in this investigation by the investigators. we know that when mistakes are made early, it is very hard to overcome them sometimes. >> trace, you have to remember it is going to be hard no matter what. those mistakes made early were made 25 years ago. i'm hard pressed to realize that nobody was digging in the father's backyard or anybody's backyard 25 years ago when this person, paul flores, was the last person known to be with kristin smart? you have a lot of time between that investigation and this investigation. so you better hope whatever they discovered now is really going to tell a tale. like i said, when evidence is this old, that's a really tough
7:00 am
row to hoe. >> trace: the case is horrifying and fascinating. thank you for your time, jonna. >> thank you. >> dana: police and protestors facing off again in the minneapolis suburb of brooklyn center during a third night of riots over the police-involved death of daunte wright. protestors setting fires in the streets and shielding themselves with umbrellas and police fired tier gas. more than 60 people were arrested. it happened near the police headquarters where national guard soldiers stood watch. the killing of daunte wright was a third killing in the minneapolis area by police in the past five years. hello, i'm dana perino. welcome to the second hours of "america's newsroom." >> trace: i'm trace gallagher. we're continuing coverage on that and other stories breaking
7:01 am
out of the riots in portland and seattle and minneapolis. but we'll go first -- >> dana: chief james craig is with us. we appreciate you being here. you are the detroit police chief, sir. and this tlaib tweet is getting lot of attention. she says it wasn't an accident. policing in our country is intentionally racist. daunte wright was met with aggression and violence. i'm done with those who condone murder. it can't be reformed. do you agree, sir, it can't be reformed? i know you have been working hard to do some of these reforms. >> i have to tell you, dana, her comments are described as reckless, disgusting, knee jerk response to an issue that she is painting the entire profession with a broad brush. that's the problem today. who is she really speaking for? i've been a police chief in detroit for eight years.
7:02 am
let me tell you what i know. detroit residents don't want to defund the police. they don't want to dismantle the police. who is she speaking to? she is reckless and all she is doing this for is to bring attention to herself, nothing more. >> dana: do you think that the police officers under your command, are they affected by this policy discussion and poll itization that's coming bringing them to local issues like what has happened in brooklyn center? >> what's different in detroit and i'm fortunate to be blessed that the men and women who serve here in detroit they know this chief of police is going to stand up and support them. we've seen what's going on across the nation whether it's new york, my old home of los angeles. i get calls from members of my old department so dissatisfied because they don't feel supported. people are leaving police service. they're retiring and resigning and many of the problems
7:03 am
they're having difficulty recruiting. that's what's happened here in detroit. we still have a pipeline of candidates coming in once a month and our attrition rate has declined and some other good news is folks that have left our agency for higher page jobs in other agencies want to come home. i always ask the question why. we know you support the men and women doing their job. now dana, make no mistake, when a police officer engages in criminal misconduct, very transparent. we hold them accountable and so that reassures the community that we know what effective and transparent policing looks like. >> dana: let me ask you then because you talk about accountability, a lot of officers leaving. do you agree with the decisions in minnesota that happened where the police chief resigned and of course the officer who shot daunte wright, she also
7:04 am
resigned. but the police chief resigning. was that necessary or are we running people out of these jobs so quickly? >> this is across the country. a number of police chiefs over last year. the summer of love was described by many and a number of police chiefs left service, some voluntarily, some forced out. and so this is not unusual. fortunately again i have to go back to you on detroit. certainly the community. our community supports its police department and its police chief. that doesn't mean that outside agitators come in and stoke the flame. they do. it happened here last year. we didn't see looting. we didn't have burning because our community wanted us to stand firm rather than have the summer of love and these an arc consists, none of that. it didn't happen here in detroit and it didn't happen
7:05 am
because our activists support us. that's a different relationship than you see in so many cities. let's face it. you can't negotiate. i was asked on your program yesterday about what i thought that now the police chief is out, the city manager is out, the rioting would stop. i said no, it will continue. i said that yesterday. and it happened. >> dana: i saw you say that and i was glad to have a chance to talk to you myself. thank you, chief. we'll be back in touch with you, no doubt. >> looking forward to it. have a great day. >> dana: thank you. >> our nation needs justice and healing. law enforcement must be held to the highest standards of accountability. at the same time, we know that folks will keep dying if we don't fully address racial injustice and inequities in our country. >> trace: vice president kamala
7:06 am
harris quick to address the death of daunt wright even though she hasn't said anything about the crisis at the border. bill mcgurn, from the "wall street journal" and former chief speech writer for george w. bush. quickly on that kamala harris, 21 days we've been waiting for the point person on the border to say something about the border. nothing. yet she quickly jumps in to the daunte wright killing. your thoughts. >> are we surprised? the border is a very difficult thing. she clearly doesn't want to have anything to do with it or any responsibility. a lot easier to pile on here. her statement wasn't quite as bad as the congresswoman's but it doesn't help. the idea, the implicit idea it's racism behind this before we have all the facts in, i think does not contribute to resolving the situation peacefully. >> trace: you mention the congresswoman. you are talking about tlaib.
7:07 am
dana just put that up on the screen saying our country is intention fallly racist. alexandria ocasio-cortez, here it is again. intentionally racist. he was met with aggression and violence. done with those who condone murder. no more policing, incarceration and militarization that can't be reformed. move on to the the ocasio-cortez where she said daunte wright's killing was not a random disconnected accident. it was the repeated outcome of an indefensible system that grants impunity for state violence. rewards it with investment. she knows very well that when you defund and you lower police budgets, crime goes up and yet the tweet. >> yeah, of course. they get attention. i don't think we should be surprised that people like this pile on and inflame the situation and so forth and act
7:08 am
without any knowledge or uncontradiction to some of the knowledge we have and the facts. but we have to look beyond that. the real problem is what does this accomplish when we riot after the fact? what does it accomplish and what's the end? we see this all over. you know, the real tragedy here is that i think every poll would show you that the people that live in these cities and neighborhoods, especially those less well off, they want the police to protect them. they know what it's like to be left out on their own. and yet we have cities that can't control crime. we are spending all this money on infrastructure. who is going to invest in these cities if they can't keep a lid on the crime? >> trace: is it why you think nancy pelosi is distancing herself from these far left congresswomen, the squad? >> yeah. and i think president biden, i don't think he was quite trying to distance himself there but he did condemn the violence and say there is no excuse.
7:09 am
but this is -- it is also -- they're trying by the accusations of racism is meant not to have a debate. it is meant to tar anyone that brings up some fact or something that is inconvenient to charge them with racism. for example, in most of these cases or many of these cases let's say, certainly in this case if the person did not resist arrest that person would still be alive. i mean, if you really cared about life you would send the message out, if the police misbehave call us, we'll see them and hold them accountable but don't resist arrest during the process. yet you can't even say that. the idea is the implicit idea seems to be people have a right to resist arrest and have nothing happen. once you do that, then all control over events is gone. a fight breaks out. you don't know what is going to
7:10 am
happen. it's dangerous for everyone. >> trace: police officers believe nobody has their back. they are always afraid to make that arrest and go to the next level when somebody resists. bill mcgurn. always good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: fox news alert. migrants now taking advantage of the rugged terrain along the arizona border unlike texas where you see women, children and unaccompanied minors. apprehensions in the tucson area are dominated by single adult mexican males and they're turning a town into a border crisis. we find william la jeunesse to bring us the story. hi, william. >> entry gotaways, migrants detected crossing the border usually by a camera, sensor or tore but not caught. three reasons why. one, right here. this is where the fence ends. so hundreds can get through and
7:11 am
they're hard to track. why? this is the indian reservation. almost the size of connecticut. it is remote, rugged, very few roads. long distances make catching and transporting everyone nearly impossible. here a group crosses and get picked up by a horse trailer, because it is indian land it is deemed mostly sacred. many areas that agents simply can't go. >> there are certain things you can't do on the reservation. certain roads you can't drag. certain areas you can't climb. certain areas you can't take your vehicle. there are spots, it is almost like some of these agents are handcuffed in doing their job. >> federal government's continued destruction of our religious and cultural resources and bulldozing of our church grounds and cemeteries. >> last month tucson recorded 12,000 gotaways. many more than any other sector.
7:12 am
some don't make it out alive. last night agents had two 911 calls from migrants lost and stranded in the desert. last year the pima county medical examiner ought top seed the remains of 220 undocumented border crossers. personal effects are kept in lockers to identify and hopefully bring closure to families. >> if they have small property items or property items that might be distinctive like a belt buckle or identification card or cell phone or necklace, we can keep them in these lockers. >> so what happens out here, dana, because the area is so remote and so few roads, the smugglers and criminal organizations will put two year, group three, a group of five. agents will disperse on motorcycles and atvs and leave the line and bring the high value targets.
7:13 am
the indians, chinese, criminal aliens and get them through. they have look-outs in the mountains here with basically solar panels or car batteries. they will be up there and direct these people into the gullies if you will so they don't get caught and why tucson leads the country in gotaways. >> dana: what a story. thank you. >> >> trace: meantime democrats are trying to usher in their progressive wish list. it is supposed to be about infrastructure. well, we'll head to capitol hill to find out what they are pushing to include and how likely they are to get what they want. ♪♪♪ tomorrow holds the course of your financial future.
7:14 am
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>> trace: democrats are packing president biden's new spending bill with progressive priorities as republicans say the left is trying to redefine what infrastructure means. democrats are calling for everything including the green new deal priorities to healthcare to free community college. congressional correspondent chad pergram live on capitol hill. good morning to you. >> democrats are stuck. they may not be able to pass much of their policy agenda, that includes gun control and immigration reform but anything which is fiscal like infrastructure falls under special budget rules that can avoid a filibuster. democrats are trying to load up the bill under infrastructure and stuff as many liberal priorities as they can into that plan. >> over 90% of what they are proposing has nothing to do with roads or bridges. they are talking about childcare and things they will do green new deal policies that
7:20 am
have nothing to do with infrastructure. >> democrats hope to satisfy their base with a big spending bill. it gets tougher for democrats today. the house swears in gop representative-elect let low of louisiana. democrats can only lose two votes on their side and still pass a bill without gop help. bipartisan numbers of the problem solvers caucus meet with white house officials today on infrastructure. trace. >> trace: chad pergram live on the hill. thank you. >> dana: 100 protestors turning out in portland, oregon last night over the death of daunte wright police declaring a riot for the second night in a row. demonstrators seen breaking windows and setting fires at a police union building. dan springer is live at the northwest bureau with more. >> good morning. as you know we've seen this dozens of times over the last year, antifa and self-described an arc consists tried to burn down the police union building in portland. there were about 100 people.
7:21 am
the whole thing lasted less than 1 hour. portland police say it was dangerous. someone set a fire in the trash can and placed the can next to the building that sits in a mixed neighborhood with homes and businesses. another person set the wood framing around the doorway on fire using an accelerate and light fireworks, a direct action on twitter and told people not to stream it live which is a pretty clear signal there will be violence and property damage. police declared a riot just 10 minutes after the group showed up and ordered the crowd to disperse but they did not use tear gas or munitions in contrast what we've been seeing in minnesota. portland fire and rescue put out the fire. some neighbors were season trying to douse the flames with garden hoses. all this and police made just one arrest. 19-year-old alma was arrested and charged with second degree arson. the crowd started to disperse immediately after that one arrest. there were no arrests made
7:22 am
during monday night's riot. police say they're still investigating leads. >> dana: thank you, dan. appreciate it. >> trace: fox news alert now from the hill f.b.i. director christopher wray testifying before the senate intel committee. we're keeping an eye on that and bring you news as it comes out of there. president biden to withdrawal u.s. troops from afghanistan by september 11th extending a previous deadline of may 1. what the delay could mean for keeping america safe.
7:23 am
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7:28 am
for the financial security you and your family deserve. refiplus, only from newday usa. >> dana: breaking news. vice president kamala harris says she is going to visit guatemala. of course about three weeks ago was when president biden put her in charge on the border issues. she then says it was diplomacy for the triangle countries, northern triangle countries. she also says that we must figure out how to bring about economic development in those countries. so kamala harris this just in will be traveling to guatemala. we'll have more as soon as we have details. take a look at the senate floor now. i see the white house but looking at the senate floor. there we are. f.b.i. director chris wray is
7:29 am
taking some questions on hot spots around the world and here domestically as well. we'll keep an eye on that as well. >> trace: meantime president biden hinting last month he would miss the deadline for withdrawing the troops from afghanistan. yesterday he confirmed it announcing they would be out of the country by september 11th, a date marking one of the darkest days in our nation's history. the cost of blood and treasure in america's longest war is staggering. 2300 american service members killed with tens of thousands more wounded and the price tag nearly a trillion dollars. join us in bret baier anchor of "special report". we're waiting for tape play back of kamala harris. if that comes in we'll interrupt you. a couple of questions. one the timing, dana and i have been talking about the timing of this september 11th. your thoughts on what that is. while the politicians are weighing in on what they think the u.s. intel community has sent this to congress quoting here, the afghan government will struggle to hold the
7:30 am
taliban at bay if the coalition withdraws support. kabul continues to face setbacks on the battlefield and taliban is confident it can achieve military victory. pull-out is risky. >> right. it is. good morning. i think this is made easier because the trump administration was on the same page. they wanted to pull out all of the u.s. troops out of afghanistan by may 1. president biden is missing that deadline and moving it to september 11th. that has historic significance in the 9/11 attacks and there will probably be a big event around that date. noting that. however, a lot of people on capitol hill and in the intel circles and at the pentagon have real concerns about the afghan's ability to protect against the taliban inviting al qaeda back in and the whole cycle starting even after all that we've spent there on the ground. so their suggestion, lindsey graham, liz cheney, mike walz,
7:31 am
others to leave a quick reaction force to make sure that doesn't happen. that is not what's in the cards and it has been -- the ground has been laid by president trump and what he said about the war and getting troops home. >> dana: lindsey graham was on with hannity last night. listen to this. >> our military told president biden if you withdrawal of our forces al qaeda and isis will come roaring back and we can avoid all of that by having 3,000 to 5,000 american forces making sure that isis and al qaeda never come back to hurt us. he rejected that advice. he is paving the way for another 9/11. i think joe biden on foreign policy has been completely incompetent. >> dana: a lot of people writing on this today. a columnist for the "washington post" writes in the headline the price of being wrong in afghanistan is enormous. then just remembering this. secretary of state -- secretary
7:32 am
of defense bob gates in his book duty, do you remember this, bret? he said i think joe biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades. now he is president. >> yeah. right. and he is making this decision but again it is the same decision that president trump made and all of these people made the same argument to president trump about pulling all these forces out. and it was not a winning argument. he was on track to pull all the troops out making it easy for president biden to make this decision. i've been over there 13 times since i covered the pentagon in 2006. i saw a lot and i saw a lot of young soldiers, american soldiers doing amazing things like turning towns in afghanistan around. setting up schools and systems and becoming essentially mayors protecting the afghan people
7:33 am
and now this long i think there is this expectation that america has done enough. the question is whether we'll be secure enough with the afghan's is security on ground. >> trace: april 28th president biden will address a joint session of congress and nancy pelosi said nearly 100 days ago when you took the oath of office you fledged a spirit of great hope that help is on the way. because of your historic and transformative leadership help is here. critics are saying it is about time. 98 days in. >> the longest any president has gone before a joint session the first speech to the joint session. technically not a state of the union in the first iteration but this is right around the 100 days mark. expect a lot of talk about what happened in 100 days. listen, we all look at this administration and see something different than what candidate joe biden said on the campaign trail and we'll see in
7:34 am
this next tronch of bills whether they will push the things they're talking about. >> dana: it is smart communication's wise. vehemently disagree on the 9/11 pull-out date in terms of that symbolism. more to say on that later on today i suppose on "the five". but in this regard i think the communications decision to get what they consider wins under their belt and do this in a big speech on around the 100-day mark makes a lot of sense for them. they know they're going to be in deep trouble going into 2022. they have very thin margins in terms of democratic support but his approval rating, bret, is holding steady. >> holding steady and high. 60%. and that's significant considering all that we've seen on the inside of these bills and the possibility of pushing through things without bipartisan support in congress.
7:35 am
not bipartisan in polls around the country. >> trace: i mentioned this. we have very little time but we talked about kamala harris. we're still waiting for her some playback of comments that she made. she will go now to guatemala. unclear if she will visit the other northern triangle countries. you talk about his approval rating. it is on the border crisis are horrible. so is this a step -- a lot of criticism kamala harris not doing anything in 21 days after being named the point person. is this an effort to get ahead of that a bit? >> she haven't been to the border, if they went they would hear border patrol agents saying let's patch up the wall opening. they aren't doing that. it is a big problem in the triangle countries and economy there to prevent it at the start. we haven't seen a big event at the border. >> dana: in terms of the symbolism of that speech.
7:36 am
a visual. the first time that you have a woman as vice president behind the president and she will be there with a woman speaker of the house nancy pelosi. i'm sure you'll hear a lot about that as well. a special on fox nation that you have. a clip of it. >> tm americans don't want to be overtaxed and unfairly taxed. one of the slogans of the resolution itself no taxation without representation. there are people over there in england and they shouldn't be telling us what to do since we don't have a chance to participation. they didn't say no taxation ever. they said no taxation without representation. >> dana: taxes we're still talking about it all these decades later. >> this is really i think a great series. i've worked on a lot of them. this one is really historical and people get a sense of where taxes came from and how they've evolved. it is a five-part series,
7:37 am
unauthorized series of taxes on fox nation. please check it out. >> trace: taxes are going up. bret. see you tonight on "special report" as always. >> you bet. >> trace: sign-up now for fox nation to see this and get exclusive access to other original content and favorite personalities on any device, fox nation. >> dana: more huge explosions rocking the caribbeanian island of st. vincent as the volcano continues to erupt. 20,000 people have been evacuated since last friday when the action began last friday. greg palkot with more on this. >> we're tracking dangerous scenes from the island of st. vincent. a one-time british colony. it continues to erupt with smoke, ash, hot gas six miles up in the air. all of that has to come down
7:38 am
and it is coating a layer of gray dust. so far no reported injuries but tens of thousands nearby have fled their homes and water and covid vaccinations. it comes on the anniversary of the last major eruption of this volcano in 1979. 1902 has had several dead. they spent millions on emergency aid to people on the ground. officials and people watch that volcano to see what it will do next. it is out of their control. back to you. >> dana: it certainly is, greg. thank you. >> trace: several people still stranded in the gulf of mexico after a commercial boat capsized in rough waters. what the coast guard next step's are in the rescue effort. minneapolis area on edge as
7:39 am
protests continue for a third straight night. how daunt eye wright's death could raise the stakes for the city as derek chauvin's trial gets closer to the end. >> my son, he don't have a dad. his dad didn't get to see him for his second birthday or any of his birthdays. i feel like they stole my son's dad from him.
7:40 am
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>> trace: quick look at top stories we're keeping an eye on. cdc investigating the death of a virginia woman who died several weeks after getting the johnson & johnson vaccine. the 45-year-old woman died after going to the hospital with a severe headache and bleeding on the brain. >> dana: president biden spoke with vladimir putin yesterday and proposed a summit weeks after biden called the russian president a killer. >> trace: coast guard searching for 12 people missing from a commercial ship off the coast of louisiana. the boat capsized in bad weather. for more on these and other stories download the fox news app. scan the qr code on your screen or go to >> we recognize this couldn't have happened at a worse time. we're devastated. >> dana: minneapolis reeling
7:45 am
after the police killing of daunte wright with demonstrators taking to the street for three nights. the derek chauvin nears its conclusion. martha maccallum was in minneapolis for the beginning of the chauvin trial. you set the scene for us what you think the community is going through right now. >> i think this is heartbreaking. it is heartbreaking for daunte wright's family and everybody who knew him. we were in north minneapolis 10 miles away from where this happened in brooklyn center. but it is a heartbreaking situation for the entire community because they want so much to restore it. they want safety. these neighborhoods are incredibly unsafe. there is a lot of gang activity in them. we spoke with families who had experienced gunfire coming into the back of this young woman's car. she had her baby in the car. she had to reach over the back seat and push the car seat down so the baby fell on the floor
7:46 am
of the car and was covered by the car seat to protect her child. every day we spoke with another young man markus hunter who talked about basically running up the street when he gets out of school. a senior in high skoo so he can get hope. what happened in that daunte wright killing is a tragedy for his family and everybody in that community as they try to deal with it. it makes things worse. it makes things that much harder as you heard from the mayor. >> trace: as you couple these cases together you have daunte wright and derek chauvin on trial. an expert said he have is justified. if he is not convicted what do you see happening? >> everybody is very nervous what could happen in that situation. the problem is that video is devastating. and it is brutal to watch and it is very easy to watch that video and feel like you know the entire story.
7:47 am
however, we have a process in this country and that process is ongoing. i'm very disturbed by everyone's sort of presumption about these cases and about the daunte wright case, too. no one wants to see a young man like this killed in the way he was killed. it is horrific. but we have a process and we've already seen that process the table turned over on it in brooklyn center because you have the city manager who was urging people to just take a breath and let the process and investigation happen. we have to have trust in these processes. we have to have the ability to give that moment and allow it to happen. i think so many of the people that i spoke to in north minneapolis felt that way, too. they don't want to have fewer police on the streets. that's what they got. they are less safe because of the defund the police movement that was initiated by the minneapolis city council. that is not what they want. they want reform, they want
7:48 am
safety and they want the police to feel like they can do their job and keep them safe. it is a tragedy all around. >> dana: and why we watch the story at 3:00 p.m. every day. thank you. >> trace: one city in washington state is offering to pay people to visit in an effort to boost tourism. coming up we'll talk to the man who came up with the idea and find out exactly how it is going. now here is harris faulkner with a preview of what's coming up on "the faulkner focus". >> harris: good to see you today. backlash from both sides of the political aisle now. the president is set to announce today he will be pulling all u.s. troops out of afghanistan by september 11th and reactions include disappointing to devilishly dangerous. rioting continuing in minnesota after the police shooting of a man, a killing. now some democrats are running
7:49 am
away from progressive calls to defund or abolish the police. jason chaffetz top of the hour in "the faulkner focus". and tackle four things at once. so when her car got hit, she didn't worry. she simply filed a claim on her usaa app and said... i got this. usaa insurance is made the way kate needs it - easy. she can even pick her payment plan so it's easy on her budget and her life. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa. losing a tooth didn't stop you but your partial can act like a bacteria magnet, usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. putting natural teeth at risk. new polident propartial helps purify your partial
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and it's only from newday usa. >> trace: vice president kamala harris hosting a round table with national security experts regarding the central american countries at the heart of the border crisis moments ago. watch. >> these are issues that won't be addressed overnight. a large part of our focus is diplomatic in terms of what we can do. in a way that is working with these countries. i have talked with the president of mexico, the president of guatemala. we have plans in the works going to guatemala as soon as possible. >> trace: the news after all the pressure she has been getting she might go to guatemala. she hasn't gone to the u.s. border with mexico which a lot of people -- >> dana: those are her first
7:55 am
comments in 21 days and she thinks she might have said too much. some cities say they will pay you to visit them after travel spending dropped sharply during the pandemic. the u.s. travel association says it fell 42% from 2019 to 2020 and hotel occupancy fell by 33%. so redmond, washington east of seattle is offering a limited number of visitors a $100 voucher to spend at local businesses but only after they book two nights at a participating hotel there. let's bring in the tourism director for experience redmond. tell me about this creative idea you came up with? >> here in the city of redmond we have had a sharp decline in hotel travel here. we're heavily reliant on corporate travel. home of microsoft here just 15 miles east of seattle. and microsoft was one of the first companies in our area that said just stay home when the pandemic hit.
7:56 am
so we were seeing occupancy down in the single digits last year. so as a solution we came up with this idea of actually incentivizing people to stay in our hotels by giving them cash. as it turns out giving them actual cash is not legal because of the tax dollars we collect. lodging tax colors. so the solution was to give them a voucher that could be spent here in our city benefiting our local merchants, restaurants, retailers, and so on. >> dana: is it working out? are people coming? >> so far it has been a spectacular success and seeing returns to the city of redmond, washington >> dana: what's the pitch there? lots of viewers here, why should they come to redmond? >> redmond home and birthplace of microsoft is a great city full of attractions. known for our nature, trails, parks, we have a lot of great
7:57 am
outdoor venues. also have a lot of great restaurants and boutique hotels. great activities. axe throwing facility. a lot of great fun things to do and we're just 15 miles away from the city of seattle. pacific northwest is a beautiful area to explore and experience. >> dana: i'm in a rare mood today. axe throwing sounds like a good activity this afternoon. i don't know if i can make it to redmond. are other localalitys to taking this approach. people want to get back to normal. back to work and travel. are you seeing this elsewhere? >> yeah, we actually have seen this in a couple of other cities as well. then this local currency, the gift certificate program that we've created is being explored by several other cities and as this success has picked up we're talking to other cities
7:58 am
exploring the idea of banding together and creating an east side coalition with a phase two of the program. >> dana: how hard has it been for your local businesses, the independent small businesses. >> it has been really hard. just like everybody in the nation, everybody has been suffering. so here locally it is no different. our restaurants and retailers in particular have had a really hard time. but they are resilient and staying strong and working together and we're a creative bunch out here. >> dana: thank you so much, peter. i would like to get to redmond myself so i'll put that on the list and tell my mom. she is itching to get out there and travel after she has her vaccine. thanks so much. >> please come. thank you. >> dana: that's a beautiful part of the world, trace. the northwest. we say a lot of things about downtown seattle. they have had troubles but everything up there is very pretty. it does rain a lot.
7:59 am
>> trace: summertime is very dry and pretty. you mentioned the city of seattle. i had friends that wanted to go to seattle and there is a perception is violence that we talked about all summer long and fall. there is a perception by people there are problems in the cities around there. we have seen no signs of that. you can see how day after day of coverage and day after day of unrest gets people a little nervous to go up in that area at all. >> dana: my mom got her both vaccines and she and her friend barb are itching to get out there. they went to new mexico went to see the canyons. i think everyone can realize it can be done safely. you wear the mask where it's appropriate but especially as the weather gets better get out there and experience some of mother nature and some of the great sights we have to offer. >> trace: orlando airport was jam-packed. things reopening. all theme parks reopening and people are flooding to orlando
8:00 am
wearing masks but you get a little incentive. >> dana: disney was one of the first to figure it out. we're not shutting down. the greatest place on earth is disney world or if you're peter, it is in redmond, washington great to have you today, trace. "the faulkner focus" up next. >> harris: you can see from the video riots in a minneapolis suburb for a third straight night as tensions run high over the shooting death of daunte wright. 60 people arrested after bricks and bottles and fireworks were thrown at police. officers used flash bangs and tear gas to disperse the crowds. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". the police officer who shot daunte wright and the police chief of brooklyn center, minnesota both resigning. officer kim potter says it's in


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