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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 14, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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thing that is coming in is minnesota pd learned a lesson from last year. laura: we've got to go, thank you for your report, shannon bream continues live coverage in minnesota next. >> a minnesota seeing other night of violence after the shooting of daunte wright. 60 people have been arrested. carley: the demonstrators setting fire to a dumpster outside an apartment building.
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it is a right for a second night. to clear protesters outside the station. a novel awful simply was never declared, large protests, mostly peaceful. >> griff jenkins in washington, the officer involved could face shooting, >> the washington county prosecutors will not say whether they will charge her after she and police chief tim gann resigned yesterday two days after the fatal traffic stop, the resignation letter, the 26 year veteran wrote this. it is in the best interest in
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the community, and this served as the union's president, part of the negotiation team and training, on the day of the shooting, called an accident after her gun, rather than her taser. now right's family is demanding she be held to the highest standard. >> he pointed the phone to the drivers seat, my son was lying there unresponsive. >> >> i love you. >> my nephew's blood is on your head, >> >> police should no longer be armed when mentioning traffic
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stops. >> i don't believe they should have weapons, and make a traffic stop. other jurisdictions around the world, this was not necessarily the case. >> the stop came after police learned he had been announced for attempted robbery. it was confirmed at the press conference he asked pro law enforcement's thin blue line flag be removed. the community sees it as inflammatory. in dc yesterday president biden called for calm while dodging questions with the black caucus over what he intends to do on police reform saying he will do a lot and will announce it later.
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carley: yesterday there was a lot of reaction to what rashida tlaib said, she called for no more policing point blank. it seems that cause friction in the democratic party. >> nancy pelosi sidestepping, saying policing at reform they have been pushing, and we may hear more from today, and even to virtually at the national network. >> a lot of room between republicans and democrats on how to move forward on police reform. >> at a boiling point. calling for calm.
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captain ronald johnson, and here is his advice for bringing people together. >> >> not having quick answers, you have to be transparent, things that are going well, yes they are. and discuss those issues and bring as many people to the table as you can or include everybody involved in the situation that is there. carley: we will talk to minneapolis business owner who saw his shops targeted last summer who will update us as the community remains on edge. the cdc will hold an emergency meeting to review the fda positive use of the johnson &
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johnson vaccine. it comes after six women developed a rare disorder involving blood clots within two weeks of receiving a shot. president biden is assuring americans there are plenty of pfizer and moderna doses. >> there is enough vaccine, 100% for every single solitary american. carley: pfizer is rapid a prediction and will deliver 10% more doses by the end of may. fox news exclusively obtaining a letter from arizona attorney general urging the governor to declare a state of emergency amid the border crisis. reversing the devastating trend at the border will require enforcing rule of law, holding the federal government accountable, the border state is looking to deploy the national guard to deal with the migrant surge. missouri launched lawsuit
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against the biden administration demanding bring back donald trump's remain in mexico policy, both saying the lapse in law creates a surge of human trafficking and violence and unprecedented cost to taxpayers as the white house is expanding entry for those being kept in mexico. with ice arrests down 70% florida congressman byron donald is sounding off on lack of order allowing criminals to cross. >> the border is being overrun and the cartel is making millions of dollars if not billions of dollars not only trafficking children but also trafficking drugs and the administration is complicit because their enforcement policies are joe, the cartel is playing with the administration, we are being played for fools because this administration will not enforce the border. alicia: ralph norman fresh off the visit to the border,
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congressman norman giving his take when he joins us next hour. carley: congress pays tribute to fallen police officer billy evans lying in honor in the capital rotunda after being hit by a car while guarding capital grounds. video shows the moment as his young daughter kisses his mom before wiping tears from her eyes. dc police in colored helmets salute the motorcade carrying the fallen officer. evans was an 18 year veteran of the force, he leaves behind two children. ashley: republican and democrat house leaders will layout their vision for infrastructure, they will discuss what constitutes infrastructure and how to pay for the $2.3 trillion proposals as mitch mcconnell reveals shocking estimates of president biden's plan.
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>> 865,$000. that is roughly the cost of every new job the white house claims their so-called american jobs plan would create. carley: the plan includes spending $115 billion on american highways, bridges and roads, true infrastructure. ashley: in the nfl three teams will not participate in voluntary off-season work downs, in statements the league through the players association, broncos but in ears calling for virtual workouts because the covid 19 pandemic, signed an unnecessary risk for exposure for their family's health, the players will follow suit. carley: a fox news alert businesses targeted by looters as violent protests erupted for a third straight night. our next guest forced to rebuild his entire minneapolis stripmall in the wake of last time. he says he can't afford to do that again and will join us live as the community remains on
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>> rioters looting and destroying local businesses in minnesota as calls for justice and the officer involved shooting of daunte wright leads to chaos. our next guest already had to rebuild every store in his minneapolis stripmall, the owner of can understand your
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concern, your 10 miles from the brooklyn center and looking at images of riding, that occurred last summer, look at the shopping center in the aftermath. >> on thursday night, the destroyed properties to the east of us, the third precinct, we were right across the street, two police precincts on the south side minneapolis, the marchers came down in that direction, they torched our property inside and out, still as much merchandise as they could. was foolish enough to drive down
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but that didn't help much. >> safety measures, 3 full-time guards guarding the shopping center. do you feel prepared in case the rioting. >> the police were better prepared, we were right across the street from the precinct, with ominous security guard and close enough, police can react quickly to any potential looters, on the first night sunday night from brooklyn, we had 12 people show up, baseball
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bats, will chase them off. >> one of the things that is happening right now in the aftermath of this horrific tragedy is there is a renewed call to defund the police but seems like you are calling for increased police presence, is that right? >> the problem is a lot of businesses, >> and go with them -- >> most of them are hard-working messages and a lot of money after the writing including took place and you are spending millions of dollars to rebuild a shopping center. >> yes.
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we had 12 tenants, 5 open, two more, the following months and vacancy created because of the riots, not elect to reopen, sprint was bought by t-mobile. they decided not to reopen at this point. and great location. a lot of population density, will be fine but right now, most of the immigrants are open. >> 20 stores on the first night of writing on sunday were destroyed. hoping that happens in your neck of the woods and everything becomes more peaceful. thank you so much, appreciate it.
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ashley: it is 4:17 on the east coast. with schools in chicago set to reopen teachers may walk out today, the unions demand could bring in person learning to a screeching halt. the gop looks at reclaiming the house majority republicans hope to push military candidates straight from washington including our next guest. coming up. coming up. ♪♪ with grammarly business, you can turn your frontline reps into bottom line superheros. take carl, for example. carl's got a superpower, spot on customer support. grammarly business helped him set the right tone increasing our customer satisfaction by 17%. - [children] hurray! - which leads to happier customers, and stronger relationships. learn more at hi. i'm wolfgang puckness. when i started my online store wolfgang puck home
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hey xfinity, show me disney plus... i'm here on business. i need your help. and wolfgang puck i've been quested to bring this one back to its kind. now you can access exclusive disney originals... we are an unusual couple. oh i don't think that was ever in question. ...and stream must-see disney new releases! people need this symbol. where do we start? find the best in entertainment all in one place, with disney plus now on xfinity! a way better way to watch. >> president biden accepts nancy pelosi's invitation to speak in front of congress. and typically addressing congress within 40 days of
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taking office. a group of house republicans banding together divided democrats push to pack the supreme court, these six house republicans are introducing a constitutional amendment that was set the number of justices at 9. this comes after president biden orders potential changes to the court. and and it would further tear the country apart. >>, to take back the house majority, virginia state senator jim higgins is one of those veterans, the former navy pilot to unseat a democrat in virginia. you've got a pretty impressive bio as far as being a navy
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pilot, a navy fighter pilot, you're a mom of four. after veterans or people with some national intelligence or national security clearance, the majority keeps shrinking, you say you are running because you are not being represented? why? >> i watched that of the democratic women take that majority of the house and they were democrat, women, veterans. i felt i wasn't represented. maybe ran in new jersey, and a navy veteran, and there is no reason a conservative republican, a veteran running for the congressional seat. you are among men, that has got
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to feel good. >>, and at the naval academy as well. we saw, it was by a veteran -- explained, as you said, you have been parent for this your whole life. >> there was service to country
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first, i take care of geriatric patient and service to family and mom. >> you actually -- as far as being a mother of four. what does this show about your kids growing up, surely this has to be good for them and encouraging for them as well as young people. >> he is, two boys and two girls, such a great example especially as women. i frequently speak to school-age children in that part of my life, being unable aviator. i hope to motivate young people, especially young women, that is an important piece of what we do as military people even as a nurse practitioner and future congresswoman. >> such a cool story, thanks for being with us.
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>> thanks so much for having me. carley: it is 20 minutes thereafter the hour. a wounded baseball team forced out of the tournament, to be vaccinated, anyone under 16 years old. 112-year-old pleading for the chance to play and we will talk to h c
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>> minnesota cities in a third night of violence after the shooting of daunte wright. police say 60 people have been arrested for charges including inciting a riot.
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demonstrator setting fire to a dumpster outside an apartment building. as in a movie theater in portland police to clara riot for second night. in columbus, ohio officers who pepper sprayed protesters, and unlawful assembly was declared for protests in sacramento. it was staying mostly peaceful. and a call to end policing, police spoke to firestorm, inherently and intentionally racist, can't be reformed. >> the president's view is necessary outdated reforms put in place. there is a forum putting in place legislation the george floyd act, many of these forms in place.
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>> the george floyd act provides a solution to systemic racism it does not paint all law enforcement with the same brush. congressman sleep has not responded. senator john kennedy says calls from the left abolish police will only hurt our communities more. >> we can't have a society with that. we decided to hire law enforcement officials, men, women, to maintain order. many of law enforcement agencies or majority minority. if you decide just like you want to judge someone solely by the color of their skin, you hate cops because they are cops, you don't know anything about that
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next time -- carley: strong words from the senator but we will talk to the oakland police chief who has seen the ramifications of the defund the police movement firsthand and his apartment got refunded to the tune of $10 million. stay tuned for that interview. listen to this. pennsylvania youth baseball team is forced to pull out of the tournament after they say the ballpark is requiring players 12 and older to be vaccinated for covid 19. a big problem because there isn't a vaccine approved for children under the age of 16. the news disappointing players like stephen kaminski who says this was his last chance to participate after two years of working really hard to get there. stephen joins us with his parents, amy and herb, you're the coach of this team that worked hard to get to this tournament in cooperstown which
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is home of the baseball hall of fame and after two years of working towards this goal you find out the team can't go. explain why. >> we can't go because they are requiring a vaccine for kids 12 and older and it doesn't exist. they brought this new regulation on april 8th after we signed our paperwork and sent in all our money and the chances of all 12 kids getting the vaccine before we go in august is not likely so we decided to pull out. >> you've got to make a decision. how could you possibly go if the vaccine hasn't been approved. i understand you practiced, fund raised for two years to get to
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this tournament. how are you feeling? must be so disappointing. >> it is. everything we worked for is gone, it is not fair to everyone on the team. carley: i understand why you are feeling that. you are reaching out to folks involved in the tournament and you were told to talk to the team contact, the team contact is your husband. have you heard anything about why this decision was made? >> we haven't spoken with anybody directly. my husband must have sent an email. we got a generic email back saying questions go to your team contacts but they expect 10,000 families this summer, is that right? 10,000 families and everyone is trying to reach out. carley: it seems crazy to me because this is an outdoor
1:35 am
sport. i can understand requiring a negative test but for all kids to be vaccinated seems a little strange. >> they don't have to be vaccinated to be in school, just to wear a mask. they are indoors at school, baseball is naturally social distance to, the centerfielder is way more than 6 feet from the left fielder, they require a vaccine. on the surface just doesn't make sense. carley: there's a reason you can't go next year. why is that? >> too old. once you are 12 years old that is the age limit. once you hit 13 -- >> 12-year-old tournament only. >> the refund policy, getting your money back, full refund for
1:36 am
nonparticipating teams. writing for the team contact, no later than april 19th. and are you getting back the money, >> that will come in the last couple days. we hope to get it all vaccinated. we will trust them. >> we are so thankful they decided to refund all our money. it is heartbreaking. carley: it is heartbreaking and feel like a total loss right now. the kid with a great head on his shoulders, nobody can take away what you did in terms of work,
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all the fundraising, made a big impact in your community as well. congratulations to you on that front. we appreciate it. back to the classroom battle in chicago. they are threatening to refuse to report i school today. they are getting ready for high schoolers next week. they want an agreement for the district on issues like accommodations, and negotiations continue. michigan republican this firing back after the cdc suggested shutdown due to rising covid 19, writing to fox news the biden administration shows a third
1:38 am
strategy, shutting down the economy again is not the answer. governor gretchen witmer, restrictions are extended another 6 months amid the case for. amazon and starbucks, uniting to oppose voting limits, they signed a statement saying they would oppose any discriminatory legislation that makes it harder to vote, the biggest show of solidarity among the business community as they navigate partisan turmoil over new election laws. the statement is not address specific election legislation. a trio of republican senators lashing out, senators ted cruz, mike lee and josh holly introducing legislation to strip the mlb of its anti-trump protection, citing the decision to pull its all-star game from atlanta in protest of the new georgia voting law. >> if they play partisan
1:39 am
enforcer they shouldn't expect to see special goodies from washington. >> the antitrust exemption has been in place nearly a century and essentially allows police to operate as an anomaly. it is unclear how much transaction the proposal can gain in the democrat-controlled senate. i have a feeling not a lot. the hall of fame, brett favre says fans are tired of woke sports. take a listen. >> both sides for the most part want to see it remain about the sport, not politics. the general fan feels the same way. carley: it is a shame that sports are causing so much division. >> they are playing, brett favre has nothing to lose so is
1:40 am
speaking out. >> president biden declares all-american troops will leave afghanistan by the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 but this is facing fierce backlash. live report from overseas next. >> police make arrests in a cold case of kristen smart.
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1:44 am
officials confirm yesterday, the may 1st deadline put forward by donald trump to remove combat troops from the war-torn country. the new datelines with the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 and biden will speak at arlington national cemetery, and visit section 60 where us forces that were killed during america's longest war will laid to rest. the announcement comes along peace negotiations with the taliban and in the afghan government. last month the parties met in russia. later this month there will be an afghan peace in turkey the taliban declined an invitation to attend. the taliban previously warned of consequences if the us did not withdraw forces by may of this year. the complex nature of the conflict and ongoing talks is something the white house discussed yesterday. >> the president has been consistent in his view that there is no viable end to the war in afghanistan.
1:45 am
>> reporter: anthony blinken and defense secretary lloyd austin is in brussels for a meeting with nato allies, indicate nato troops leading afghanistan at the same time of us forces. jillian: thank you. carley: climate envoy john kerry heading to china ahead of president biden's virtual climate summit, he will talk to the top climate negotiator as the us intelligence community sends china working on militarizing space and exceeding us technology. a report from the director of national intelligence says beijing has counter space weapons capability. iran is retaliating after an attack on one of its nuclear facilities, tehran is ramping up uranium enrichment to levels higher than ever before raising it to 60%. that is only 30% short of what
1:46 am
is needed to develop a bomb. the country's president calling it an answer to evilness after a power blackout on sunday damage centrifuges iran's may nuclear site. between heightened tensions with iran, withdrawing forces out of afghanistan and creating a crisis at the border senator lindsey graham says president biden is think of diplomacy. >> joe biden has become a destabilizing american president. he took a border that was pretty call and turned it into chaos. the middle east was transformed on trump's watch, the arabs working with the israelis, had iran in a box, letting them out-of-the-box, talking about enriching uranium at 60% which is a direct threat to the existence of the state of israel. the russians are challenging him in the ukraine and now he is
1:47 am
withdrawing forces in afghanistan against sound military advice. >> the decision to withdraw from afghanistan receiving bipartisan backlash including from democrat congressman seth moulton released this statement, 20 years on, we won't when the war in afghanistan but there devastating ways. >> 4:46 on the east coast, elizabeth warned to cancel school debt. is that fair to americans who work to pay it off? laura: the middle class would be on the losing end of the ideas next.
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hey xfinity, show me disney plus... i'm here on business. i need your help. i've been quested to bring this one back to its kind. now you can access exclusive disney originals... we are an unusual couple. oh i don't think that was ever in question. ...and stream must-see disney new releases! people need this symbol. where do we start? find the best in entertainment all in one place, with disney plus now on xfinity! a way better way to watch. carley: the use of force expert testified that derek chauvin was
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justified peening george floyd to the ground. >> i felt that derek chauvin was justified in acting with objective reasonableness following minneapolis police department policy and current standards of law enforcement. carley: that contradicts, claiming chauvin violated his training, the defense is presenting its case following 11 days of prosecution testimony, chauvin faces 40 years of convicted. 25 years ago, calls it a bittersweet day have authorities arrest the man responsible for her death. the family of kristen smart says the knowledge the father and son despite our desperate plea for help could have withheld the
1:52 am
secret, this horrible secret for 25 years. denying us the chance to lay our daughter to rest, and unrelenting and unforgiving pain. was taken into custody, the last person seen with smart before she vanished from california polytechnic state university in 1996. his father ruben floyd charged as an accessory to the murder. doctor michael body will join us next hour to weigh in on this case. ashley: the push to cancel student debt citing financial impact on borrowers and justice. >> black and hispanic students going to school, borrow more money in school and have a harder time paying off their loans after graduation. urging president biden to address this economic problem by
1:53 am
using his existing authority, for each borrower. ashley: is he raising the debt of some borrowers fair to many americans who worked hard to pay off their loans? a graduate and yale student jeremy hunt, thanks for being with us. so let's take a look at this. $2.3 billion, what message does this give the american people especially those who worked so hard to pay off thousands of dollars in student debt? >> great question, let me give context about what is going on here. as conservatives are building momentum, working-class multiracial coalition the left is having to show up their
1:54 am
support among the elite so the student loan forgiveness plan is part and parcel of that so we have to look at every policy in terms of who are the winners and who are the losers and the winners, the big universities, billion-dollar endowments who continue to rip off students making them pay a ridiculous amount of money for tuition getting off scot-free in this scenario. those who might have spent more years in school or debt, the losers are working-class people who might have built lifelong careers around the broken higher education system. their tax dollars are paying for this. parents who might have spent lifelong earnings to help pay for children to go to school or other college-educated americans who sacrificed decades to pay their student loan bills.
1:55 am
it is important for these policy proposals and here we see working-class americans as the losers. >> they are still paying off their loans but you call massive bail out for their voting base. explain that. >> in the last election, a lot of college-educated people, universities have become woke, the cost to educate people, voting overwhelmingly democrat so it is strategic of what the left is doing with this program and funny to me people like senator warren or representative presley who made their political careers talking equity and redistribution of wealth proposed a policy that is quite regressive, lower income earners, taxpayer dollars going towards paying for this program for people who might be on the
1:56 am
higher income earning, things are being flip-flopped here. >> 15 seconds response to representative presley's tweet, you can't be antiracist if your anti-student debt cancellation. >> what else is new? they put the race label on any policy they want as a way to get a push through, don't buy into it with every policy nowadays. >> thanks for your take on this this morning. coming up in the next hour, and two doctor speaking out after the roundtable. and and pete hegseth next. - if you want a rockstar team like ours, you need grammarly business. (guitar strumming) grammarly business turned my marketing team into rock stars
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>> straight to fox news alert, minnesota seen a third night of violence after the shooting of daunte wright. more than 60 people have been arrested. you are watching "fox and friends first" this wednesday morning. carley: the demonstrators se


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