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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  April 13, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> make sure you download the fox news app. open up the camera on your phone, scan the qr code on the bottom of the screen. there? put it up quick. have a good one. >> sl it is. >> dana: a second night of violent protests in minnesota. protestors took to the streets coast to coast after police in minnesota said an officer accidentally shot and killed a black man during a traffic stop. grabbing her gun when she meant to grab her taser. good morning, i'm dana perino. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher. this is "america's newsroom." police arrested dozens of protestors after a crowd gathered outside the police
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department in brooklyn center just outside minneapolis for 20-year-old daunte wright where he was shot and killed on sunday. >> dana: they threw smoke canisters and shot fireworks at police. police fired back with flash bangs and tear gas. good morning, steve. >> good morning. the street sweepers are out trying to pick up some of the projectiles hurled at police overnight. bricks, rocks, bottles and fireworks. hundreds of these, too, on the ground. ear plugs. a lot of people who came out last night were well prepared for flash bang grenades. 40 people arrested. a few of the stores set on fire and looted. an armed humvee is guarding the police station. the minnesota gop is attacking the governor saying with his tweets he is fanning the flames of unrest here. the governor tweeting i am closely monitoring the situation in brooklyn center.
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we're praying for wright as family as our state suffers another life of a black man taken by law enforcement. just as the case is wrapping up the murder trial of derek chauvin. it is happening just 10 miles away. >> trace: mike tobin was on scene last night in brooklyn center as police fired tear gas at protestors. mike was reporting for us on the air when he got gassed. watch. >> i'm probably going to start coughing in a second. the gas is coming my way. the wind is blowing in this direction. as the gas comes this way there is a group just behind that cloud of gas and they're not moving. that's tear gas, all right. i'm having a hard time seeing and breathing right now. they did not -- turn around this way, they did not effectively clear all -- >> if you need a break just
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tell us. >> i got it. i've been through gas a few times. >> dana: tlaib is calling for an end to policing. >> it wasn't an accident. police in our country are racist. daunte wright was met with aggression and violence. i'm done with those who fund murder. it can't be reformed. >> amazing because every time we go through this and every time they call for police defunding and pull back the police themselves pull back and they stop going in. they're afraid they don't have the -- the politicians don't have their back. you look at the numbers on the screen. new york from the first three months of this year murder up 13.5%, shooting victims 47%, shooting incidents up 49%. >> dana: portland just over the year -- from july to february homicide offenses up 270%.
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you have to think about the victims but the fact that the police are feeling like they don't have any support. we did a story last week how many police officers in portland are leaving the police force there and going to other suburbs. >> trace: it is happening across the country. police leaving and going elsewhere. >> dana: minneapolis as well. >> trace: meantime fox news getting an exclusive look at the situation at the border. our cameras were rolling as we got a boat tour of a major crossing point on the rio grande river. rich edson has more on the challenges that agents face there every day. rich, good morning to you. >> good morning, trace. texas state troopers say they're out here on speed boats 10 hours a day trying to deter illegal migration. they are also seizing drugs and often turns into a humanitarian mission. people coming up all the way through mexico who need some assistance and sometimes who just have fallen in the river. troopers say they're seeing a steady stream of inflatable rafts coming across to
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well-worn paths north. >> this recent surge compare that to your six or seven years doing this. >> 2014, 15 there was a lot of migrants coming across and traffic. but i can tell you in the last few months of just working down here on a daily basis, i've never seen that many. >> troopers say sometimes cartels drop off dozens of migrants in one spot to distract border patrol agents and run drugs across at another point. republicans push for return of trump-era policies to reduce migration president biden has nominated tucson, arizona police chief chris magnus to lead customs and border protection handing much of the surge. he is an outspoken critic of president trump's border approach. democrats want to invest billions more in central america to improve conditions there. the white house says mexico,
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honduras, guatemala have agreed to surge their security forces to try to stem migration coming up here. trace, back to you. >> nice work down there. rich edson live on the border. >> dana: let's bring mark meadows. former chief of staff to president trump. the biden administration continues to say the trump administration left them a broken system and this is why the problems are occurring now on the border. i know that you've probably answered this question before but in the transition, how strongly did you tell the biden administration they were going to have a big problem on their hands at the border? >> well, over and over again, dana, we actually shared with the transition team that if they changed the remain in mexico policy, if they went to more of an open border kind of approach, that they were going to have the very crisis we're seeing. it is amazing.
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most americans don't realize that if they continue with the number of illegal crossings that are happening on our southern border right now at the end of the year we'll have a group of people coming across our southern border equal to the population of wyoming and montana. it is a crisis of epic proportions. the biden administration not only will they not listen to counsel but they are inept in their ability to address it. >> trace: so what do you make of the biden administration saying we'll deal with mexico to send the national guard troops to the southern border? that's the play right out of president trump's playbook. but there is a three-part plan. you have to not just secure the southern border of mexico but also the northern border of mexico and southern u.s. border. >> well trace, it's one component out of three components that we found in the trump administration that actually worked. so you are right. as one-third of the equation will not solve the problem. it's putting a band-aid on the
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problem like sending an invitation to party and locking your front door and thinking that's going to handle it. the people still show up on your front lawn and that's what we're seeing is we have so many people coming across because not only has biden encouraged illegal immigration, but he has embraced it. >> dana: congressman john katko had a statement about sheriff magnus stapd to lead customs and border protection. he says it's extremely discouraging to see a nominee for commission who has vocally opposed a common sense border security policies of the last administration. it clearly works. once removed we saw record breaking numbers of encounters at the southwest border and calling president biden by name. he will likely get confirmed. because of the numbers in the senate. the president asked vice president harris to take on responsibility at the border. then they walked it back five days later and said actually
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she is going to be doing diplomacy at the border. she has done some phone calls. aside from that, there has been no communication or visible work being done. do you hear of anything that we're not? >> well, they're not doing any work. dana, you were actually in the white house in an administration that actually had to not only communicate what you were doing but set a vision for it. the reason why they're not communicating is because they have no plan, they have no action, and john katko was exactly right. this individual that they've selected for -- to head up the cbp is actually more known for his political rhetoric than he is for his policy shots. when you make political decisions you get a catastrophe on our southern border and it's what we're seeing now. >> trace: the sheriff right above the border said he is baffled by the choice of this man to head cpb.
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i want to get your take if i can, sir of the idea of sending money to the northern triangle countries in el salvador and honduras and guatemala and thinking it will fix the root of the problem. a lot of reason the people come north is government corruption. it's one problem that takes all the money and doesn't give it to the people. is there any concern on your part that this money would never make it to the people on the streets? >> well, it doesn't make it to the people on the streets. what we have found is over the last several decades we've sent hundreds of millions of hard working american taxpayer dollars down to the northern triangle. it doesn't fix the problem. let me tell you what did fix the problem. when president trump said we're not going to send you anymore money if you don't help us curb this problem and yet what we're seeing is just the opposite being done. >> dana: former chief of staff to the white house mark meadows, pleasure to have you
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this morning, thank you. >> trace: thank you, sir. >> great to be with you. >> trace: fox news alert, the fda and cdc pausing the use of the johnson & johnson vaccine to investigate potentially dangerous blood clots in several people after being vaccinated. johnson & johnson says they are working with regulators to assess the data. we'll have more on this in a live report coming up. plus we expect to hear from the feds less than an hour from now. i got the johnson & johnson vaccine. i'm fine. >> dana: you are here. this same concern showed up in europe several weeks ago and they did an investigation and looked into it and said it was a minuscule -- if you get a blood clot it's a serious issue. it was within the normal numbers that you would have blood clots you would get within the population that size. this is being considered right now. the government decided to do this. we'll see if it's necessary. i think there are some commentary says it's being overly cautious but we'll keep
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an eye on it. president biden sitting down from lawmakers from both parties. how much is he prepared to compromise on his big infrastructure plan? karl rove reads the tea leaves ahead. >> china, is it misrepresenting vaccine effectiveness and how should the u.s. respond? >> they are a direct and proximate cause of more than half a million americans who died in the past year and the american people deserve accountability and answers for that. joe biden should be getting those. retirement is an opportunity to fill each tomorrow with moments that matter. and a steady stream of protected income can help you secure the life you've planned. for more than 150 years, generations have trusted
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>> trace: the officer who was killed in the latest attack on the capitol building will lie in honor at the capitol ro tuned yeah before a funeral today. billy evans died april 2 when a car rammed into him and another
6:18 am
officer at a barricade 100 yards from the capitol. the driver came out with a knife and was shot and killed by police. the second officer to lie in honor at the rotunda in a very short period of time. it has rarely happened. >> dana: the distress among the police officers there is strong. he will be honored today and we'll follow that story for you. plus this. china's officials say vaccines in use offer low protection against the virus but dodge question with a chinese shot. beijing faces more criticism of a lack of transparency over the origins of the virus and how it handled the early days of the pandemic. this is the author of the 100 year maier than, mark pillsbury. listen to the secretary of
6:19 am
state on china's early reactions. >> they know in the early stages of covid it didn't do what it needed to do, which was to in realtime give access to international experts and in realtime share information and realtime to provide real transparency. one result of that failure is the virus got out of hand faster and with i think much more egregious results than he might otherwise. >> dana: how do you think china and president xi is approaching this moment as the world looks skepticly at the vaccine china produced and how it handled the whole thing in the first place? >> they've got a famous dana perino of china, full-time attacking the whole issue of the virus and its origins in china. they say the virus's origins were in america and named an american military laboratory 40 miles north of here in washington as the source of the
6:20 am
virus. so secretary blinken is accurate to do this but being very understated. what we all need to find out whether there will be lawsuits made possible against china for all the damage. that's what's at stake in this discussion of what happened in the wuhan laboratory. the chinese are also saying that dr. fauci and the nih funded all this research so the americans are as involved as anybody else. this hasn't been denied by dr. fauci. we're left now with a kind of strange situation where american money seems to have gone into this wuhan laboratory and maybe the mistake there was the virus that was created in the laboratory with american funds got out of control. president trump raised this one time saying this all could be a mistake. >> dana: right. i recall that, of course. they also refuse to say. as you pointed out they say the virus started in america which is preposterous because the press second over there is
6:21 am
certainly one-of-a-kind and not truthful. this headline in the "wall street journal" today. china's message to america we're an equal now. that might be how they see it or think they're stronger than america. how will the biden administration is positioning now to make sure that's not true? >> well, the chinese and that comments on the biden administration say there are two factions, a continuity with president trump group that wants to be tough or tougher on china but also a softer group that wants to cooperate and work together on climate change and they watch this split inside the biden administration. i think as all of us are. there definitely is a group that says china is already stronger than the united states and should behave that way. that may be why they're doing saber rattling about taiwan and crowding the indians on the border. a long list of assertive steps they've taken in the last few months after biden was sworn in. i'm kind of worried about this, dana.
6:22 am
>> dana: what about the relationship that china and russia and iran are forming? >> well, that's the strange statement we had a few days ago. the global world order that the united states set up in 1945 basically, we russians, we chinese need to challenge and change that world order. this is a strange challenge coming from these two powers. when they bring in iran. that's the source of their oil and gas and a lot of money to buy gas and the main way to tie down the americans in the middle east. we're heading into troubled waters at a minimum i would say. >> dana: last question about taiwan. you mentioned china is giving them a hard time. they have been for years. increasingly so. yesterday they flew 25 war planes into taiwan's airspace. how serious do you think this situation is and is the administration prepared to defend taiwan? >> it's quite serious.
6:23 am
it is exposing a real problem we have with our taiwan policy. we've been ambiguous whether we would defend taiwan or not. the chinese know this very well. they said taiwan is not a country. can't wave its flag inside the united states. there has been articles talking about the idea of american troops could be stationed on taiwan as a trip wire. right now we have no american forces on taiwan. not a country, we're not committed to defend them. it's a dangerous situation that the biden team is very much aware of. chinese flying these bombers and fighters around taiwan is a fact. it has to be responded to somehow, dana. >> dana: michael pillsbury, i hope you come back. i could talk to you for hours. i'll let you go now. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> these chips, these wafers are batteries, broadband. all infrastructure. this is infrastructure. >> trace: president biden
6:24 am
redefining the meeting of infrastructure. is the gop on board with biden's version? we'll talk to senator deb fischer who was in the meeting yesterday, plus this. >> makes me sick to my stomach. a parent trying to tell educators how to do their job. >> trace: a california teachers berating her students on zoom. now some of the students are telling their side of the story. ♪♪♪
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>> trace: as democrats push the president's $2 trillion infrastructure package they're redefining infrastructure and bipartisanship citing the popularity of their covid relief bill among americans in both parties. is traditional bipartisanship a thing of the past in washington jackie heinrich is live in washington >> democrats are trying to strip away for something to be bipartisan lawmakers have to agree on it. senior advisor for the white house told the "washington post" if you look up bipartisan in the dictionary i think it would say support from republicans and democrats. it doesn't say that republicans have to be in congress.
6:31 am
by the democrats' logic pretty much anything can be bipartisan as long as you find republicans and democrats in the world somewhere who agree. even ice cream could be bipartisan. after democrats made the effort to talk about infrastructure they made the same attempt after covid relief to proper meet their plan as bipartisan even though it didn't attract a single gop vote and waving around polls showing the majority of americans reporting that plan. that was after the fact and after covid was passed. the infrastructure bill is in its very early stages of discussion and just yesterday president biden met with members of both parties to try to reach consensus. >> he said he has continuous reconciliation bills and resolutions are not the way the senate should operate. that should be the exception rather than the rule. so maybe they will not be able
6:32 am
to force it down our throats this time. >> the danger here democrats are trying to sell this as bipartisan by waving polls and showing what the voters think. gop is prepared to do the same thing. they were circulating to their communication staff surveys showing the majority of americans were concerned about wasteful spending being part of infrastructure and feel they already pay too much in taxes. a little bit of a game at this point. >> trace: doing it on both sides. jackie heinrich on capitol hill. thank you. >> president biden: i'm prepared to negotiate. i think everyone acknowledges we need an increase in infrastructure. it will get down to what we call infrastructure. i think broadband is infrastructure. it's not just roads, bridges, highways, etc. that's what we'll talk about and i'm confident everything will work out perfectly. >> dana: high hopes from president biden perfectly to
6:33 am
get thinks $2 trillion infrastructure plan through congress. how much are republicans willing to negotiate on this. senator deb fischer was in yesterday's white house meeting and joins me now. there were 10 republicans who went to the white house to see about working cooperatively in a bipartisan way with the president on the covid relief bill. we know what happened. they decided to go it alone and said it was an emergency and had to do it. what did you get the sense of yesterday in terms of the actual willingness to be bipartisan here? >> i was very pleased to be invited to the white house, dana. i think it is important to have those conversations. but when we're talking about infrastructure as the president said there are two different definitions out there. i believe we have to look at traditional infrastructure and that's what people across this country understand. we need roads, bridges, we need airports, ports, waterways, all of that needs to be taken care of. that's what you invest in in a country. i support broadband also as part of that. but when you look at the first
6:34 am
four things that i mentioned, they make up a very, very small percentage of this bill. in fact, electric vehicles is getting more money out of this bill than traditional infrastructure. so i wouldn't call it an infrastructure bill. >> dana: what about how they want to pay for it? there is more bipartisan agreement not raising taxes in the middle of a pandemic and concern from house democrats saying not what we want to do to pay for this. what did you hear there? >> what we heard on the pay for looking at taxes and raising taxes on corporations. first of all. but then you will -- one of my questions to the president was what about small businesses? they are getting really hurt under this bill. when you look at family businesses that are going to lose their death tax exceptions, their stepped up basis. this will wipe out family businesses. they shouldn't be punished like this. we are getting out of a
6:35 am
pandemic hopefully. congress has already spent over $6 trillion on relief. we can't afford what it's looking like will be closer to $3 trillion in this so-called infrastructure bill. >> dana: the numbers keep going up. senator schumer here. >> we would like to get the republicans to work with us. and we'll try to work with them but we have to get things done. if we can't work with them we'll move forward our our own. our choice would be to work with them. >> dana: sounds to me he is prepared to go it alone and they will continue to call it bipartisan if they think not members of congress but people in the country from both sides seem to support this bill. >> people out in the country understand what bipartisanship is. republicans and democrats and independents here in congress working together with the administration to make their lives better. we've done that here in the senate. we passed the fast act in a
6:36 am
bipartisan way. a roads bill we passed it with over 80 votes. we passed the faa reauthorization with over 90 votes. we passed a water resource and my pipeline bill unanimously as well. we've worked together in a bipartisan way. the american people know that and expect us to do it on something as big as infrastructure. >> dana: i want to jump in. you mentioned pipeline workers. we'll speak to somebody who lost a job in january when the keystone pipeline was canceled by president biden and talk to him in i think in the next hour. did they say anything about workers who are going to lose their jobs now and these mythical idea that all of a signed green jobs are going to materialize and pay even a fraction of what they were earning before? any concern? >> we didn't hear anything about green jobs replacing anything. but we did hear about the focus
6:37 am
being on those non-traditional segments of infrastructure. whether it's childcare, senior care, paid family leave, all of that is coming forward. all of that is going to hit taxpayers. and as i said, the bill we're looking at right now is really going to hurt small business and family farms. >> dana: i know those farms are important to you out in nebraska. thank you so much, senator. >> thank you. >> dana: we'll have much more on all this coming up when karl rove joins us live to discuss the latest developments with president biden's spending bill. >> trace: meantime the f.d.a. and c.d.c. causing for a pause in the single dose johnson & johnson vaccine after six women developed rare blood clots within days of getting their shots. jackie deangelis live in new york with more. there has been nearly 7 million johnson & johnson shots given in the u.s. is this being overly cautious? >> that's the key. that's what johnson & johnson is emphasizing in its statement that it just released on this
6:38 am
issue. i will read it in part. the united states centers for disease control and food and drug administration are reviewing data involving six reported u.s. cases out of more than 6. million doses administered. out of an abundance of caution the cdc and faa have asked for a pause. they underscore safety and well-being are our number one priority here. as you mentioned what we know is that there are six cases, all in women between the ages of 18 and 48. one woman died. one is in the hospital in critical condition. more information is now a key and perhaps the reason for the pause. regulators need to look at these cases and determine if in fact they are related to the vaccine directly. the cdc will be holding an emergency meeting of its outside advisory committee on wednesday. some of the things to consider there was a similar cause for concern with europe's astrazeneca vaccine. it was paused and then green
6:39 am
lighted. at this critical point most vaccines in this country are pfizer and moderna. johnson & johnson is just one shot, not stored at the same temperatures so it makes the distribution easier. the johnson & johnson has an efficacy around 66%, the other two are over 90%. it's a draw back. the last point i'll make, federal administration of the shot has been paused. not a mandate for states to do it. the sense is it will be an interpreted as a very strong recommendation to do so. >> trace: it could slow things down. thank you. police charging former kansas city chief assistant coach reid with dwi after he crashed earlier this year. it put a 5-year-old girl in critical condition and injured another child. he is the son of andy reid.
6:40 am
he surrendered to kansas city police yesterday and was released after posting bond. >> dana: protestors took to the streets across the country last night over a police shooting in minnesota. the shooting comes as one state enacts sweeping police reform removing legal protections for cops. we'll talk to an attorney and former cop what it means for public safety next. plus about a month ago we spoke with a keystone pipeline worker who lost his job after the biden administration put the project on hold. we want to check in with him ahead. >> i'm 45 years old. this is all i know how to do. if i went to work with solar panels right now i would be taking a $35 an hour pay cut. abs was knocking me out of my zone, but lowering my a1c with once-weekly ozempic® helped me get back in it. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic® ♪
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>> trace: democratic congresswoman slaib wants to get rid of police all together tweeting this. it wasn't an accident. policing in our country is intentionally racist. daunte wright was met with aggression and violence. i'm done with those who condone government-funded murder. no more policing, incarceration and militarization. it can't be reformed. let's bring in a criminal
6:46 am
defense attorney and former assistant district attorney and former police officer so a very good person to talk about this with. phillip. thank you for coming on this morning. i just want your thoughts on tlaib's tweet there. she is responding to the police chief in brooklyn, minnesota who said it was an accident. >> i think the police chief got it right and quite frankly the congresswoman that tweet is frankly insane to think that we are going to just do away with policing in america. that would be great but only if you want anarchy and chaos every day all day everywhere. you know, there is simply no nice way, trace, to arrest someone who doesn't want to be arrested, okay? when this happens, police always will respond with some degree of force. now, this is common. it happens all day every day across america. and it is usually without any kind of incident. but rarely something goes wrong. sometimes that is criminal,
6:47 am
sometimes it's negligent. but it is only the ones that go wrong that make the news and invoke crazy tweets like that. so it's important to remember that the common denominator in all these things is resisting arrest. police sometimes get it wrong. sometimes police go too far. sometimes they commit crimes but we have to address these things in court after due process, not with knee jerk twitter reactions. >> trace: if this was an accident as the police chief says and we haven't gotten to the bottom of it yet. she thought it was a taser, turned out to be a gun. isn't that an argument for not defunding police or getting rid of police but giving more training to police so these incidents don't happen again? >> yes. training is the issue. it is not some systemic problem with police that is just -- that we have to throw out the baby with the bath water. it is training. this clearly was some degree of negligence. it may have been criminal negligence, maybe it was ordinary negligence but it was
6:48 am
certainly a mistake, okay? it wasn't like she set out to kill anybody. she was attempting clearly to use a taser. but this does go back to training. there are some places in the training realm where i think extra work and extra effort could certainly pay off to prevent a tragedy like this from happening again in the future. >> trace: i want to put up this tweet from senator ted cruz in response to tlaib's tweet saying. insane, no more policing? democrats want to abolish the police. at the top of the show we kind of showed some stats about how every time they pull back from police, police officers feel like they don't have their back and so what happens phillip is police don't enforce the law. and crime rates in cities across the country keep going up and up and up. >> we're seeing that play out. you are exactly right. in places chicago, even in the atlanta area where i am. police morale is just in the toilet. they sit back and they only do
6:49 am
the bare minimum what they have to do in many cases. meanwhile, crime victims, we're creating more and more of those every single day because police morale is so low across america. these knee jerk reactions that are oftentimes defamatory do nothing at all for helping police get out and do their job and to protect the people from criminals, which is what basically is what they're there to do. they are the good guys that stand between the bad guys and the rest of us. and so we need to make sure that we don't throw the baby out with the bath water. >> trace: quickly if i can this law in maryland where they have limited police power, right? they have taken away some of the police power that the bill of rights for police. do you think it takes away protections from police? >> i certainly hope not. police are not just like
6:50 am
anybody else. when they are accused of doing something wrong they're entitled to due process and to have an objective review if you will and entitled to have notice of what they are being accused of and opportunity to defend themselves whether in a criminal court or administratively if their job is on the line. so to start diminishing the job protections or legal protections that police have is a slippery slope and the wrong way to address this. >> trace: great to hear from you. >> dana: oakland, california city council voting to restore $10 million in funding to police and fire departments after a spike in crime. the police chief says oakland is feeling the impact of last year's $30 million cuts to the budget with a 215% increase in homicides. more than 100% increase in shootings and carjackings and a 50% increase in robberies. so good that they'll reverse it
6:51 am
and give police and fire departments more money but as phillip holloway was saying, what about the victims? >> trace: what they don't report. violent crime there but not the property crimes are up thousands of percent. nobody enforcing any of these crimes for thefts less than $1,000 across california. one of those things that propagates as you talk to police officers bigger, more violent crimes. >> dana: the broken window theory. >> trace: the white house strikes a deal with central american countries to stem the flow of migrants but is it too little too late? we'll talk to the national border patrol council vice president. plus twitter censoring a prominent black sports reporter for daring to question black lives matter leadership. all that and check out this lineup coming up in the next hour. ♪♪♪
6:52 am
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>> trace: a louisiana woman arrested on theft and bank fraud charges accused of refusing to return over 1 million dollars accidentally put into her account. she moved it into another account and used it to buy and house and car. the huge deposit was a clerical error. charles schwab only meant to transfer $82 into her account. she is thinking look, mana from heaven. >> dana: she transferred it over and 75% of it has been recovered. in the fine print when you get an account it says if there is a clerical error you have to pay for it. >> if your parent wants to come talk to me about how i'm not doing a good enough job in distance learning based on what
6:58 am
you need as an individual, dare them to come at me. because i am so sick to my stomach of parents trying to tell educators how to do their job. >> dana: several california high school students are speaking out about what led to their teacher berating them. the outburst went viral after being leaked on facebook. jonathan hunt is live with the latest. >> the teacher is alisa piro teaches at san marcos high school in northern california and apparently had enough of parents telling her how to do her job in these difficult times. she likens it to a patient lecturing a doctor. >> i have never once gone to a doctor's appointment and tried to tell my medical health provider how to treat me. you know why? because i know nothing about that. i didn't get my degree in medicine.
6:59 am
i am going off, i'm sorry. >> it wasn't on a private chat but it was made directly to students at least one of whom was offended and is now speaking out. >> as a student in a classroom for my period that i'm in i've only seen that once against me and it was surprising. hearing it now for other students, previous students or different periods this seems as if it's normal for her. >> and the high school has acted releasing a statement saying we're deeply concerned about the recent videos that have surfaced. this is a matter we take very seriously and it is receiving our highest scrutiny. the employee has been placed on administrative leave and will be afforded due process and privacy rights. the vast majority of california schools are back to at least part-time in-person learning. the scars for everyone, teachers, students and parents
7:00 am
will not heal easily. teachers want to feel safe in the classroom. parents feel their children have run behind and students desperately want to get back to school in the case of my 11-year-old never wanting to see the inside of a classroom again. hardly surprising after this extraordinary year so many people in the education sphere are on edge, dana. >> dana: jonathan hunt i'm sure your kid will want to get back to school soon. thanks. violent protests in a minneapolis suburb. police firing rubber bullets, flash bang grenades and tear gas into crowds in brooklyn center, minnesota after rocks and other objects were thrown at them. at least 40 people arrested. the protests over sunday's police killing of daunte wright the 20-year-old black man during a traffic stop. now we hear an officer
7:01 am
accidentally fired her handgun instead of her taser. we'll have more on this ahead in the hour. first the crisis on our southern border. biden administration striking a deal with three central american countries similar to one the trump administration made to try to stem the flow of migrants heading to the u.s. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher. three countries agreeing to militarize their own borders comes 20 days after the president named vice president kamala harris his border point person and she still has yet to visit the border. here is how former white house chief of staff mark meadows responded last hour. >> most americans don't realize that if they continue with the number of illegal crossings that are happening on our southern border right now, at the end of the year we'll have a group of people coming across our southern border equal to
7:02 am
the population of wyoming and montana. it is a crisis of epic proportions. >> trace: hector garza is the vice president of the national border patrol. thank you for coming on. we very much appreciate it. when you see president joe biden taking a play out of president trump's playbook, is it an admission in your sense, hector, the biden administration is admitting that they might have done some things wrong in this? >> it's clearly an indication that we can do more to stem the flow of illegal immigration making these agreements with mexico and with central american countries to militarize the board is an important step to secure the border in the united states. there is more to that than just the militarization of those borders. we need to work on the migrant protection protocols better known as the remain in mexico policy. the policies that will keep americans safe and the biden administration needs to reconsider reimplementing the
7:03 am
mpp. >> trace: the idea of just throwing a lot of money down to these northern triangle countries of el salvador and honduras and guatemala. is that effective at all? we talked to mark meadows last hour and said it's been done to years and years and the money never makes it to the people it's intended for. >> these countries need a lot of help clearly. there are a lot of hard times in these countries. the economies, gangs, violence. but it's true. we have sent this money before to these countries and because of the corruption that money does not really get to the people that need it. one of the main solutions we need to work on is the cooperative agreements that president trump agreed on and make sure we send the right message to the media that our border is not open and that those policies reflect a closed border type of scenario. >> trace: it is interesting how you have the president now coming out saying he wants more technology along the border.
7:04 am
he wants to tighten up and expand the ports of entry. know mention of the wall. we have the video of dozens of people walking through the holes in what was the unfinished part of the trump wall. what are your thoughts on that? >> well let's make it clear. the people crossing the border illegally aren't showing up at points of entry. they are going between ports of entry. that means they're crossing the border illegally by swimming across the rio grande, they are crossing illegally by jumping over the wall or by going through these gaps in the desert. so we need to have the border patrol agency to insure we stop the people crossing the border between the ports of entry. it's a serious problem and we need to refocus border security as one of the main priorities in this administration. >> trace: we are showing pictures of the unaccompanied minors and detention centers, etc. it has been 20 days now.
7:05 am
vice president kamala harris appointed by president biden as the point person there still a no show on this. arizona congressman andy biggs tweeted the following. it has been 19 days since kamala harris has taken the lead on the border crisis. no press conference, no trip to the border, no plan, no transparency. the epitome of incompetence. >> when you see it firsthand you will change your mind once you go to the border. we know recently we had over 15 senators, over 30 different congressmen that went down to the border and they saw for themselves. even those who had seen the media releases and information being put out. once you go to the border and speak to the men and women of the border patrol and facing this crisis and helping all these children and all these family units. it is clear there is a problem. we would ask vice president kamala harris and president biden to go to the border and
7:06 am
see what their policies are causing. some of the human suffering that's happening on the border right now. >> trace: if the media had more access they would show it as well. hector garza, good to hear from you. thank you. >> thank you, trace. >> we did hear about the focus being on those non-traditional segments of infrastructure. whether it's childcare, senior care, paid family leave, all of that is coming forward. all of that is going to hit taxpayers and as i said, the bill we're looking at right now is really going to hurt small business and family farms. >> dana: senator deb fischer of nebraska speaking with us last hour about president biden's meeting yesterday with group of lawmakers from both sides of the aisle hoping to sell them on his multi-trillion dollar spending plan. the white house says the bill can still be bipartisan even if no republicans vote for it. karl rove is a former white house deputy chief of staff and fox news contributor. i want you to hear from rahm
7:07 am
emanuel saying this. what has become crystal clear is that biden has redefined bipartisan. it isn't how many republicans i've got but how many republican voters, mayors and governors can i get to support my stuff. your take on this. a big legislative effort. they have their goal and they are working their way towards that goal. some of this is kind of inventive, a different approach. what do you think of it? >> well, i think it is a different approach and it is an attempt to confuse and mislead. it is -- think about this. sit a 2.3 trillion bill. 5% of it goes for roads and bridges. at most by a very generous definition of what constitutes infrastructure 37% of the bill is for infrastructure. out of $2.3 trillion, 850 billion might be remotely considered infrastructure. the rest is childcare and healthcare and expansion of
7:08 am
government. that's not the only misleading thing about this bill. it spends that money in eight years, 2.3 trillion and it pays for it in 15. now how many of those spending programs that they set in place do you think are going to go away at year eight? they have 174 or 175 billion for subsidies for people to buy electric cars. you think those are magically going to go away at the end of eight years? no, they aren't. this is only the first traun much of infrastructure spending. they talk about another $1.7 trillion in healthcare and childcare separate and apart from this bill that is not paid for. so this is a gigantic explosion of government. i think senator, one of the republican members of the meeting yesterday put it right which was mr. president, scale this bill down because we're not going to go for a tax increase that undoes what we succeeded in doing in 2017,
7:09 am
making american businesses competitive on the worldwide stage so that american workers have a better chance of selling what they make and what they deliver to countries around the world. because our tax system now is competitive with the tax system around the world. >> trace: you've been in these situations, karl. i like your take. you mentioned the senator saying it will not fly. how much wiggle room is there? you talk about bipartisanship. how much do you think the president is willing to give and how much are republicans willing to give on this $2.3 trillion package? >> let me approach it from a different angle. why don't you break the package into two things if you want bipartisanship. break it into what the republicans are willing to vote for. they have clearly said let's take the money appropriated for covid and not spent and figure how much it is and we're willing to go for that and some other potential sources of money for that bill. let's agree on what that is and vote that through with a big by
7:10 am
part shan message and let the democrats pass the thing they're talking about that includes childcare. they won't try to do this. a simple reason why. they need to have republican votes to do all of the things they want to do because they are not going to be able -- joe manchin said i won't go for 28% corporate tax rate. i might go for 25. it's 21 now. i ain't going for 28. they're desperate trying to get the republicans to help fund that thing and they won't be able to. >> dana: we'll keep on this. thank you so much. breaking news alert here. briefing from the cdc and fda after they recommended the u.s. pause use of the johnson & johnson covid after six reported cases of rare blood clots in folks who got the shot. let's listen. >> after careful deliberation about what we know so far about these events and consider next steps given the current context of the covid-19 pandemic in the united states and the broader
7:11 am
immunization efforts. as a reminder, the meetings are open to public viewing. today we're also alerting state health officials and other leaders in the states and cities pharmacies and other healthcare providers who are administering the vaccine to make sure that they know about the pause and so commissions know how to evaluate and report severe events after vaccination. lastly, i know there are people who have gotten the vaccine who are probably very concerned. for people who got the vaccine more than a month ago, the risk to them is very low at this time. for people who recently got the vaccine within the last couple of weeks, they should be aware to look for any symptoms. if you received the vaccine and develop severe headache, abdominal pain, leg pain, or shortness of breath, you should contact your healthcare provider and seek medical
7:12 am
treatment. now these symptoms are different from the mild flu-like symptoms that many people experience in the couple days after receiving the vaccine. importantly there are three vaccines available and we are not seeing these clotting events with low platelet counts with the other two vaccines. people who have vaccine appointments with the other two vaccines should continue with their appointments. our partners are -- will be working to reschedule people who have had the johnson & johnson vaccine appointment in the days ahead. this may be a bit bumpy. we want to make sure we're getting the word out to the public and to our providers, but we do want to make sure that people who are scheduled to have vaccinations will be able to get that when vaccine is available.
7:13 am
we are committed to following the science and insuring transparency and to provide regular updates and when we know it and what you can do to protect yourself. our intention is to update you in the days ahead. i know this has been a long and difficult pandemic and a very long year and a half and that people are tired of the steps that they need to take and are keen to be able to be vaccinated. the steps we're taking today are meant to make sure that the healthcare system is ready to diagnose, treat and record and that you the american public have the information you need to stay safe. thank you. >> thank you, doctor. at this time we'll begin the question and answer portion of the briefing. when asking a question, please state your name and affiliation. operator will take the first question.
7:14 am
>> thank you. once again that is star 1 if you would like to ask a question. our first question comes from karen stacy, you may go ahead and please state your outlet. >> thanks very much. karen stacy from the financial times. it looks like the same thing happening with the astrazeneca vaccine. tell us about the contacts that you've had with regulators in europe about that. and also whether there is evidence similar with moderna and pfizer shots. >> certainly. this is janet woodcock, we are in constant contact with the regulators worldwide and looking at adverse events experienced in different regions. i'll turn this over to mark to answer in detail. >> thanks very much. you asked about whether there were similar cases with the moderna or pfizer vaccines and there have been over 180 million doses of these vaccines administered and at this time
7:15 am
we've not found any reports of cerebral thrombosis combined with -- >> operator will take the next question. >> thank you, that comes from michael erman. >> this is mike from reuters. i'm wondering just quickly how long the pause is expected to be with the minimum time and also whether you are considering limiting vaccination for j&j to certain groups like people over 50 or all men and women over 50. >> well, the time frame will depend obviously on what we learn in the next few days. however, we expect it to be a matter of days for this pause. and i won't maybe turn it over to the doctor to answer further.
7:16 am
>> thank you. we're committed to an expeditious review of the available information and to an aggressive outreach to physicians so they know how to report and treat. one of the things the deliberation will do is review the data on the cases and context of risks, benefits and possible subsets of the population that may be in a different category. so i think the intent is to provide an update regularly and the pause provides us time for deliberation in assuring appropriate diagnosis and treatment. >> operator will take the next question. >> our next question comes from elizabeth, you may go ahead and please state your outlet. >> usa today. i have a question. maybe this is for the doctor.
7:17 am
do you have any thoughts as to what might potentially be causing it? >> we have hypotheses. you may want to enlarge upon that. >> thanks very much. we don't have a definitive cause but the probable cause that we believe may be involved here that we can speculate is a similar mechanism that may be going on with other -- the other vaccines, that is that this is an immune response that occurs very, very rarely after some people receive the vaccine and that immune response leads to activation of the platelets and these extremely rare blood clots. >> to be specific, this is janet woodcock, the person being vaccinated makes an immune response potentially
7:18 am
that actually involves their own platelets or other parts of the coagulation systemened can cause this problem. that is the leading hypothesis about what is going on here. >> operator will take the next question. >> thank you. that comes from matt, you may go ahead and please state your outlet. >> thanks, with the associated press. thanks for taking questions. can you talk a little bit more how the fda determined that these six events out of almost 7 million injections constitute a signal? i mean what would have been the background rate for a type of event like this if there is another explanation possible. >> this is janet woodcock. this was an extensive work between the cdc and the fda on
7:19 am
this set of events analysis to see, you know, exactly what you are asking about. so dr. marks, would you like to respond? >> yeah, thanks very much. so the issue of cerebral venous signous thrombosis. the background rate of that is 2 to 14 per 15 million people. the combination here that the real thing that is so notable here is not just the cerebral venous sinus thrombosis or -- those two things can occur. it's their occurrence together that makes a pattern and that pattern is very, very similar to what was seen in europe with
7:20 am
another vaccine. so i think we have to take the time to make sure we understand this complication and we address it properly. thank you. >> operator will take the next question. >> ann flaherty. go ahead and state your outlet. >> this is ann flaherty with abc news. what would you say to people who are concerned and frustrated that they think this might be an overreaction considering it's six people out of 7 million? >> i would just ask the doctor to go into that. >> sure. you know, we are committed to safety and transparency. and to expeditiously learning as much as we can so further steps can be taken. when we saw this pattern and were aware of that treatment
7:21 am
needed to be individualized for this condition, it was of the utmost importance for us to get the word out. that said, the pandemic is quite severe and cases are increasing in a lot of places and vaccination is critical so we want to make sure that we make some recommendations quickly. >> thank you, operator will take the next question. >> thank you, you may go ahead and please state your outlet. >> thanks for taking my question. i'm with cnn. and i would like to know more about the decision making process for the pause. it seems like just yesterday we were told this was something that was being looked into and then this morning the decision was made. we also understand that some states maybe upset they weren't given a heads-up. can someone explain how did
7:22 am
this decision happen quickly and why was the decision made and were states involved given awareness or upset the pause would happen? thank you. >> dr. marks. >> maybe i can just start and then let dr. marks expand. i wish that we had more time to get everyone prepared and this could go even more smoothly. as we learned about the issue with appropriate treatment and it was clear to us that we needed to alert the public. we wanted -- we included the pause in addition to the alert so that there was time for the healthcare community to learn what they needed to learn about how to diagnose, treat and
7:23 am
report. but the decision was based on the events that might occur between when we made that realization and when we got the word out. so it was a question of wanting to make sure we could be open with our concerns and prepare the healthcare community to diagnose, treat and report while the more detailed deliberation occurs tomorrow. i don't know if you have anything to add, dr. marks. >> i would echo the issue here with these types of blood clots is that if one administers the standard treatments that we as doctors have learned to give for blood clots, one can actually cause tremendous harm or the outcome can be fatal. so one needs to make sure that providers are aware that if they see people who have low
7:24 am
blood platelets or if they see people who have blood clots they need to inquire about a history of recent vaccination and then act accordingly in the diagnosis and management of those individuals. this was taken rapidly in order to honor our commitment to the american public to insure that any safety signal that came up during this vaccine roll-out was fully addressed in a transparent manner. >> operator will take the next question. >> thank you, carolyn you may go ahead and please state your outlet. >> i'm carolyn from republy ka. if the if da has any sub populations or medical histories that may predispose a person to this side effect or if you have a hypothesis.
7:25 am
>> there are too few cases for us to make that determination for this particular vaccine. we may be hearing about more cases and we'll look further into these and have deliberations as was just described tomorrow about the details. but we aren't prepared at this time to signal out -- single out any particular sub group. >> operator will take the next question. >> thank you. jackie lee, you may go ahead. please state your outlet. >> good morning, thanks so much for having this call. i'm with bloomberg law. i was hoping someone could address kind of the -- anything that you would suggest going forward regarding messaging for this. i would anticipate that there could be some fears about this stoking more vaccine hesitancy and so what would you recommend to help providers to avoid that situation?
7:26 am
>> well, this is janet woodcock again. number one, we've had several questions about -- related to this. i think we need to reiterate we are committed to vaccination. we feel that is really important tool to get this pandemic under control. we're also committed to patient safety. and our message is that in doing this, we feel we're taking the route that will provide the most safety with patients by enabling healthcare professionals to recognize, to properly treat and properly report any of the events that might happen. but the message to patients i think would be to those who haven't been vaccinated, continue to get vaccines that are available to them because the risk from the pandemic are
7:27 am
significant. and that the government is really looking into very carefully any safety problems so that they can be managed properly with this particular vaccine and all vaccines. >> maybe i could expand just to say agree with dr. woodcock's assessment and to remind clinicians and the public that 121 million people have been vaccinated with at least one dose of one of the three vaccines and the vast majority of the doses with the other two products, pfizer and moderna products with our intensive safety monitoring we have not detected this type of syndrome with the low platelets among the other vaccines. and we have real world evidence now of the vaccines effectiveness in the u.s.
7:28 am
so we're taking this pause and precautions around the j&j product in the context of a large, robust and highly safe and effective vaccination effort. >> thank you, operator will take the next question. >> thank you. you may go ahead. state your outlet. >> good morning, i'm from fox news. i'm curious about the choice of words in your announcements. you are recommending a pause in the use of the johnson & johnson vaccine but not ordering a stoppage. is there a difference between the two? what would that difference be? and what would happen or what should happen or what are your words to a state, county, nonprofit outfit that does not heed your recommendation? thank you.
7:29 am
>> dr. marks, would you like to answer that one? >> yeah. thanks very much for that question. this is a recommendation and it is not a mandate. it is out of an abundance of caution we're recommending that the vaccine be paused in terms of its administration. however, if an individual healthcare provider has a conversation with an individual patient and they determine that the benefit/risk for that individual patient is appropriate, we're not going to stop that provider from administering the vaccine because it could be in many cases the benefit/risk will be beneficial overall to that individual. the large majority of cases. so again, we're recommending a pause out of an abundance of caution but on an individual basis a provider and patient can make a determination whether or not to receive the
7:30 am
vaccine. >> operator will take the next question. >> thank you, sarah, go ahaend add state your outlet. >> thank you, i'm from "politico". going back to the update. a few cases now. is there any sort of risk with birth control. all the women are of childbearing age and also there are six confirmed cases now but probably more going to come out as people recognize this. how many probable cases do you guys have on your horizon right now? >> dr. marks? >> i'm happy to take this one. thanks very much. at this time it is not clear that there is any association with oral contraceptive pill, birth control in the individuals who had these blood
7:31 am
clots. additionally i think it's too early to make any speculation on how many cases will come out. i do agree with you that it is possible we will learn of more cases and that's part of the reason why we're taking the pause to try to ascertain that. but i cannot speculate on how many more we'll learn of. hopefully it will just be a few. >> operator will take the next question. >> thank you. lee ann, you may go ahead. >> i'm from cbs news and two questions. as you mentioned that some people may have a conversation with their healthcare provider -- >> dana: the federal health and safety officials. want to bring in dr. marty makary and i want to get your reaction. explain a little more plain english what the concern is. they use a lot of big words like thrombosis. you tell us in your way what's
7:32 am
the concern? >> well, dana, blood clots. it has been in about seven people. one person died. i think people need to have this information when they think about whether or not to get the j&j vaccine. one death out of 7 million. more cases may come out. blood clots do happen and there will be people who claim it is associated with the vaccine. we'll see. we'll see. right now it appears to be a rare complication. nothing to really spark alarm nationwide but i think those who have a history of clotting problems. those who may have pre-disposition to develop clots. we know there are tests for that and we know some people it runs in their families they develop clots. those in the people who should be vigilant and avoid the j&j vaccine for not. >> dana: and alert their healthcare provider. anything in regards to the fact that all seven were women of childbearing age. >> women are more prone to clots than men. if you think you might have a
7:33 am
clot, if it's a clot of the brain you'll see sudden mental status changes. a clot in the extremities you'll notice swelling and pain. it is only on one side, not both sides. >> dana: the astrazeneca vaccine in europe had a question about clotting. a question there? >> not that unexpected. it comes from a mammal stem line and other mammal species in the development. that's my own theory. the inflammatory response these vaccines produce is known to be a risk factor for blood clots. it's been well-known for the ages. what we're seeing is the body's normal immune response to the vaccine is to increasing the likelihood of those clots most of which are non-fatal. >> dana: thank you for getting on skype so quickly for us. we'll stay in touch as the news just broke this morning.
7:34 am
>> thanks. >> if i make a mistake will you kill me, too? >> police firing tier gas into crowds of protestors after chaos after an officer killed a black man during a traffic stop. other protests from new york and washington, portland and seattle. police in brooklyn center, minnesota say an officer accidently fired her gun at the driver sunday thinking it was a taser. the president of the maryland paternal order of police. the chief of police said she reached for a taser and instead it was a gun. congresswoman tlaib said this in tweet form. it was not an accident. policing in our country is inherently and intentionally
7:35 am
racist. daunte wright with meant with aggression and violence. i'm done with those who condone government funded murder. no more policing, incars nation and militarization. it can't be reform. your thoughts on what she said. >> it is clear to me that our elected officials are more focused on police revenge than they are on police reforms. i think those -- the context of that text message goes far beyond what our elected officials should be doing as far as fanning the flames. as a country we need to heal. the only way we can heal is to not have people pushing a narrative that goes beyond what we need to do as a group, as a community. we need to heal. i think that starts from our leadership and our elected officials bringing people together instead of further dividing us all. >> trace: you talk about bringing people together. rich lowry wrote a story head lined how did it become normal
7:36 am
for every police shooting to bring ruinous rioting? hurting the people that purveyors of anti-police outrage say they want to protect. blue politicians continue to irresponsibly fan the flames at governor walz did malice on the cops' part. what do you think? >> yes, clearly in this latest situation there is no way to determine based off of the body cam video that that officer had any malicious intent. there is no way to determine whether or not the officer had any racial bias. it appears as the chief of police says to be an accident. however, in our profession we don't get a chance to make mistakes. i give the example of a pilot of a commercial airliner. when you make a determination as a police officer you will use force, you have to make sure that you slow the scene
7:37 am
down and make sure that you are doing everything correctly. we don't have time to, you know, to make a split second decision and just write it off as a mistake. so again from a law enforcement perspective we all in law enforcement feel the pain of the family of the gentleman who was shot, daunte wright. we feel the pain and we offer condolences to his family. however, it appears to be a mistake and we have to treat it as such. >> trace: good perspective, sir, thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> dana: growing frustrations in the media. white house officials tell "politico" they prefer to communicate through the cabinet and digital space rather than let the president do the talking. the president has taken questions at 43 events so far and held only six formal interviews in his first solo news conference didn't happen until 64 days into the job. howie kurtz is live in maryland
7:38 am
taking a look at all this for us, hi. >> hi, joe biden was never going to be donald trump constantly talking to reporters, posting twitter taunts by the hour trying to dominate every news cycle. the white house is confirming what is obvious. a deliberate strategy of having president biden engaged in media only sparingly which helps with message discipline and helps him from committing gaffes or being pressed on topics other than the subject of the day. that top white house communication official telling "politico" on the record he is the president and a lot on his plate. early on they said he is too busy with the pandemic. now there is heavy reliance on cabinet officers like pete buttigieg and surrogates. not one sentence in the "politico" story saying i believe a president has a responsibility to take questions from the press. not one or two and photo ops not because we're so charming because we ask questions on behalf of the public. that's what would happen if a
7:39 am
republican president was not engaging with the press to this degree. the president can do what it wants. nothing in the constitution about appearing on table news. he is trying to lower the temperature from the trump years. he doesn't make public appearances and doesn't want to be in everyone's face all the time. only a president as you know from working in the white house has that unique mega phone. when joe biden hits a rough patch as any administration does he may want to step up his media game. >> dana: it has been very interesting to see how they decided to not use the media. not drive it. it is really interesting perspective from you today. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> trace: back in washington police officer killed in the attack at the capitol last week will lie in honor. president biden is expected to visit and we'll bring it to you live. plus twitter accused of silencing a black reporter who called out the co-founder of the black lives matter movement. was the move justified or is this another case of out of
7:40 am
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>> dana: fox news alert. the body of officer billy evans has arrived at the u.s. capitol. the second time in less than three months a fallen police officer will be honored in the rotunda. you can see the hearse is there. we expect president biden to arrive any moment now and other leadership within the congress will be there to pay tribute to billy evans. as you might recall on april 2 of this year about two weeks ago a man intentionally rammed his car into officer evans and another officer. he then came at the officers with a knife and police engaged and shot him and trace, this is the sixth officer in the nearly two centuries to die and to have this honor. >> trace: it's amazing when you think back to february 2 and 3 when officer brian sicknick
7:46 am
also lied in honor in the capitol rotunda. we didn't have one prior to that since 1998. we have a 23-year span of no capitol police officers lying in honor in the rotunda and just this year it goes into two going into the idea of crime rising. you talk about the attack on capitol hill on april 2 and that turned out to be a follower of the nation of islam. he was shot and killed as he tried to go after the officers. he was going to hit them and go after him with a knife and he was shot and killed. but you think about the fence that still is around the capitol after the violence there last january, early this year. then you talk about what has happened up there and this is a very weighty, heavy moment for the country and, you know, we saw the president trump with
7:47 am
brian sicknick the same thing going up and paying their respects. a big moment for the president. >> dana: and so at noon the capitol police officers will be able to file in there along with members of the congress and they are about a half hour after the viewing ends a 6:30 p.m. departure ceremony this afternoon. one thing from chuck schumer wrote in giving his life to protect our capitol and country officer evans became a martyr for our democracy. it is our hope this tribute will be a comfort to his family. trace, a little bit of background on him. evans was born in north adams, massachusetts. a father of two. he joined the force 18 years ago and he will be buried after a private funeral in adams, massachusetts. >> trace: you go back and we
7:48 am
had representative john lewis lying in state in the capitol rotunda. this is lying in honor. there have been very few over the past several hundred years. you talk about a few hundred years that people have been lying in state, lying in honor. and this is one of those things where it is all hands on deck. you have full military, you have a full contingent of the military forces there with the honor guard and so forth and this is one of those days where, you know, america gets to reflect on what has happened. what we have seen happen over the past several months and few years. and it is kind of -- it is a wake-up call to figure out hey, where -- when we talk about police and there has been a lot of violence in minnesota, a lot of violence in portland. you have had riots in some of these areas over police. and you kind of realize that police are dying at a phenomenally fast rate in the
7:49 am
past several months in the u.s. because of some of this violence and it gives you pause to think that police are under attack around this country and this is a day when a police officer gave his life defending the capitol, defending his country. and it is one of those things where you need perspective from both sides to really pay large attention to what is happening to the unity in the country. >> dana: trace, the motorcade for president biden has left the white house en route to the capitol. it shouldn't take him that long to get up there. we'll cover this live for you. one thing when you talk about that toll on the police force, the emotional toll is one thing but also the number of hours they are overworked and understaffed and lieutenant general russell hon ray is working on a review of the posture of security at the
7:50 am
capitol. we don't want to be a country where you can't get to your capitol. it shouldn't be a fortress but people have to be safe as well. officials have brought in trauma therapists. lawmakers have been through an overwhelming amount in the last few months. >> trace: indeed. we have a couple of times during the past two hours played the tweet of congresswoman tlaib calling for not just defunding the police but getting rid of them saying they're racist and so forth. this is one of the hottest debates in the country and we had a police officer, a former police officer who was also an attorney and investigator who said listen, these police officers need to know that their politicians and their higher ups have their backs. we saw, you know, in baltimore after riots there several years ago, we saw what happened in
7:51 am
the police officers pulled back. the blue flu or pull back where they wouldn't go out and do their jobs because they were afraid if they made a mistake in enforcement that they would not be protected by their captains and their politicians and mayors. and what happened is crime went up. crime went up in baltimore and some other major cities crime has gone up. los angeles crime is up significantly. san francisco violent crime is up. property crimes are very high. like minneapolis we've seen crime rise dramatically since the death of george floyd and you can just go down a list of how many cities have seen crime rise dramatically and which is why you now have a lot of politicians who are calling for defunding the police just six, seven, eight months ago saying defunding the police wasn't the right answer. it wasn't the right answer because that's where you end up seeing these spikes in crime, dana.
7:52 am
>> dana: thank you so much. biden motorcade is on its way to the capitol and we'll continue to follow that and bring it to you live as he will arrive and then the leaders of the -- members of both parties, mitch mcconnell, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, kevin mccarthy and others will be there. meantime secretary of state anthony blinken returning to brussels to meet with european allies when iran says it will enrich uranium after blaming israel for a cyberattack on one of its nuclear facilities sunday. admiral mcraven is here. he has written a book being published today. thank you for being with us today. looking at all these different hot spots around the world and the pressures that are starting to build and maybe even the triage you need to do at the
7:53 am
state department or white house. when you consider the dangers and hot zones, what do you think is the most important? what rises to the top for you? >> i would offer the russians on the ukrainian border. this is going to be the first big test for the biden administration in the foreign policy arena. i am concerned about putin's constant pressuring on ukraine. i do appreciate the fact that the biden administration has come out and said they'll fully support ukraine but president zelensky has made it clear we need more than words. we need additional support in terms of money and weapons and, of course, zelensky is also proposing that they accelerate the discussion about ukraine joining the nato alliance which i think are interesting discussions. but if i had to pick the ones out there i would say russia is my greatest concern right now. >> dana: we would love to have you back. we have breaking news. the new book the hero code will do well, lessons from lives
7:54 am
well lived. we would love to have you back to talk about all of this. it won't end any time soon. thank you. take you back to the capitol now. the hearse here and the coffin with the remains of capitol hill police officer billy evans being unloaded there now. >> trace: he served 18 years as capitol police officer before he was killed. we are awaiting president biden to come and pay his respects as the congressional contingent will do the same. chad pergram is standing by with us on capitol hill. how does this proceed? >> what you'll notice. i noticed this when i arrived at the capitol today. they had already draped the guard shack where he often stood vigil outside the capitol with a black cloth. to bring the president into the building they were lining up the capitol police officers and officers from the metropolitan
7:55 am
police force saluting the hearse as he came in from the house side and exit on the senate side where officer evans, his post. where he was often found each day. i would pass him many days when i would come in. that's how i entered the capitol from there. they will bring the coffin into the rotunda and the house chaplain will start things off. >> dana: i believe we're looking at billy evans' children, the father of two.
7:56 am
[silence] [silence] [silence]
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7:58 am
[silence] >> forward march.
7:59 am
>> dana: the body of officer evans has now entered the capitol. his little girl dropping her toy and picking it up before going into the capitol to honor her father. >> heart rending scene to watch his children watch his coffin. a huge tribute to their father. we talk about his family but you had senate majority leader chuck schumer saying billy evans was known to all. he greeted lawmakers, reporters, staffers and employees at the north entrance as we entered the senate side of the building. whether you knew him or not his wide smile was often the first thing you would see in the morning. he was killed, of course, on april 2 in the deadly attack by the man who literally went after two capitol police officers. he is the second capitol police
8:00 am
officer to lie in honor just this year alone. >> dana: you see here the bidens are arriving at the u.s. capitol. also described as a loyal friend and beloved father. we have now the tribute to fallen police officer billy evans. we will turn it over now "the faulkner focus". >> harris: thank you to dana and trace. we're going to immediately pick up our coverage now of the fallen capitol hill officer billy evans who has just now returned to the u.s. capitol and has been taken into the capitol building to lie in honor. he is the fourth u.s. capitol police officer to be honored in this way. you see now arriving the president of


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