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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 13, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> if i make a mistake are you going to kill me too? >> a fox news alert, dozens arrested, businesses looted and set on fire, protests over the police involved shooting of don i extend past curfew in minnesota. unrest also spilling into the street thousands of miles away with a riot in portland, vandalism in seattle and 150 protesters marching across the bridge in new york city. you are watching "fox and friends first". jillian: let's get to griff jenkins and the unrest and how the white house and other leaders are responding. >> reporter: violence erupting again in that minneapolis suburb where police officer shot dante
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right with hundreds of protesters violating the curfew to face off with police. >> if i make a mistake are you going to kill me too? people make mistakes and you call people and it is okay! >> reporter: 40 arrest as hardest year gas and pepper ball deployed to quell the riots and fireworks are launched outside a police station after brooklyn center police chief called the shooting and accidental discharge after reviewing the body cam video which we must warn you can be difficult to watch. >> dante's mother heartbroken speaking out against the violence and rioting. >> he was 20 years old.
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20 everybody out here chanting and screaming, i just want him home. >> reporter: the protests spread from minnesota to portland, a riot is declared as police vehicles are damaged. in seattle several businesses are vandalized. in new york city protesters gather blocking the streets. protesters getting support from one member of congress, rashida tlaib tweeting it wasn't an accident, policing in our country is inherently racist. .a right was met with aggression and violence. i'm done with those who condone government-funded murder, no more policing, incarceration and militarization. it can't be reformed. the shooting having political fallout, mike elliott down to give his offense command
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authority over policing and announced the firing of the city manager calling for due process for all involved in the investigation. >> all employees working for the city are entitled to due process with respect to discipline. this employee will receive due process. that is all that i can say. >> reporter: all of this backdrop of derek chauvin's trial, a press conference being held in minneapolis with families of dante right -- dante right and george lord. >> former tucson police officer says the people using dante right's death don't care about justice. >> reporter: it is an excuse for people to be lawless and ridiculous, the dummies of our society we see on display out here burning their own communities and spilling out of the stores and don't care about dante's life or police or black
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lives, none of this is about the preservation of life as far as americans of african descent. we saw with one of the leaders, millions of dollars of property in majority white areas. what a complete hypocrite. i hope people can see this on display they are not operating like martin luther king or bob woodson would do. people who have integrity and said we stand up for our rights and justice, but we are not going to trash our community and ruin the reputation of an entire swath of people in the country. >> the unrest in minnesota is also happening under the backdrop of derek chauvin's murder trial, he is charged in the death of george floyd almost one year ago. president biden is open to negotiating his infrastructure plan after meeting with a bipartisan group of lawmakers yesterday. mississippi senator roger wicker says while it was a good discussion a lot of space
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separate both parties interests. >> he has a very hard sell on raising the corporate tax rate. if they scale it back we may be able to. >> lawmakers agree on needing some sort of infrastructure bill but said it comes down to definition of what his infrastructure. the biden administration strikes a temporary deal with mexico, guatemala and honduras to the boy 20,000 troops to the border as the president chooses chris magnus to lead ccp, he previously resisted the trump administration's orders on undocumented immigrants, the president nominating the head of us citizenship and immigration services. she called for pausing cvp funded funding under trump. last hour, mark daniels joined
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us saying the biden administration strategy at the border isn't clear and questioned his pick to lead us through this crisis, take a listen. >> 7 years of working this border and seeing the arab and flow of good, bad and ugly, donald trump and his administration worked closely, his dhs secretary halted everything and now we are doing it all over again and this is all about those transitional relationships in place no matter who and having a leader at dhs who can work at what we are doing securing this border. jillian: chief magnus opposed turning tucson into sanctuary city the government hasn't always cooperated with ice. 3 officers shot during a deadly high-speed chase with two brothers in georgia. an officer crashed into a utility pole after one brother fired a rifle out the window.
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one suspect was killed and the other taken into custody. they were driving over 100 miles per hour before they engaged in the police chase. the injured officers are expected to be okay. andrew cuomo is not allowing reported that events, the democrats sites covid 19 restrictions even though some have taken place in large facilities. reporters have been shut out of cuomo's briefings as call grow for the state attorney general to investigate cuomo over his orders to put covid 19 positive patients in nursing homes. the ncaa is following the mlb's lead with a political boycott. the organization announcing he will not hold championship games and discriminate against trans athletes. it comes after tennessee, mississippi and arkansas past bills banning trans women from sports. several states considering similar bills. the ncaa allowed trans women to compete since 2010. 7 minutes after the hour, back
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to our fox news alert, looting and rioting in minnesota as new details emerge about the fatal police involved shooting of dante right. jack brewer happens in this be where he grew up. carley: the city refunding the police, millions going back to law enforcement in oakland. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar in all 3 of these ways... increases insulin... decreases sugar... and slows food. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7. people taking rybelsus® lost up to 8 pounds. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family
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bridging the gap between police and community and it is not getting better. is there something else that can be done or do we need to go another route with repairing the relationships. >> it goes beyond police whether you are black or white, this is getting a tragedy and sometimes spiritually and this is one of those times the police officer this was an unfortunate thing to put out your gun and confuse it, you can't make that type of mistake and for this young man if my son ran from a police officer and went back to his car he would have to deal with me when he got home and i think basic respect for authority, to stand there and have his life saved, you got a kid, don't get in a tussle with police officers, you don't do it.
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my father taught me that so you got to think what are these kids being taught but think about the music they listen to and the culture that has been created not everyone is outside rioting and protesting. not making any progress, and you have to do some soul searching. do what they say. >> talk about progress. folks calling to defund the police department making progress. and they are increasing violent crime in 2020.
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and by all accounts, they are making police departments less safe. >> they have murders and shootings over 100% in that city. police officers not scared. i would not want to be a police officer in this society. police officers -- this lady has been a police officer for two decades. for her to make a mistake like that. and i don't know about you but i saw this picture. and no way to look at that kid and i want to kill him. i look black, you see that my skin color is black but that boy
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didn't look like he was in any race. i don't want to make this about race but humanitarianism. and pointing that skin color, at some point we come together as one blood like christ taught us and put humility back when authority says something listen. >> i can hear the emotion. look at that picture of dante right, the young boy will grow up without a father and -- >> 70% of kids, black kids in america, that is another kid, all these issues back to black
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and white and police, these are systematic issues. make better decisions and take care of our women when we have them and create family unit, black lives matter so go out and raise hundreds of millions of dollars they put in their own pockets and do nothing to help the issues affecting black people and black kids stuck in failing public schools the don't want, the levels, we have so many issues, the president will get on tv, fanning the flames again and talk about jim crow and race. we have to stop it. enough is enough. everybody is not racist. jillian: your message is
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important with tensions as high as they are. all of these tragedies all over the country. thank you for joining us. >> god bless you all. carley: florida governor ron desantis taking on big tech, the companies he is facing trying to silence him. jillian: a new will smith movie no longer filling in georgia in protest against the state's voting law. our next guest said hollywood is hurting the hard-working people of the peach state. stay with us. uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪
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jillian: georgia senator rafael warnock admits to signing off on false information about the voting law as actor will slip follows the mlb athlete and pulls production of its new movie out of the state.
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the controversy over the gop backed bill impacting people who live and work in georgia. congressional candidate harold ernst joins me to help answer that, thanks for joining me. >> thanks for having me. jillian: these claims by rafael warnock include ending no excuse mail in voting and restrictively voting on the weekends. what is your reaction to that? >> i tell you it is a shame. he's pushing a narrative saying he wants unity but he uses words to divide us further. that is the problem, we have politicians in hollywood who say they are one of us but don't know what it is like to be one of us. when jobs are lost, businesses are left. >> telling what is going on, what are they dealing with? i find an interview yesterday
2:22 am
with a business owner who said it is the all-star game but for us the all-star weekend. >> it if it's close for me. the truest part of the all-star game, less than a quarter-mile from my district. for me it is like i have a 3-year-old and the 2-year-old, i know these struggles, the struggles are real for a lot of family members. they are trying to put food on the table. i talked to one gentleman who mentioned he ordered a bunch of products in preparation for the all-star game. we have politicians and people who make decisions who affect this man. >> >> these changes to the voting process are unfair. >> i don't think so. and it is pushing a different design. we have become more reliant on the government.
2:23 am
and we need to get government out of the way and get power back to the people to the state level where it belongs. >> >> and this is the quote. and it was passed at the, we are compelled to move our film production work, we are seeing this across the board, one after another, and more than a year later, it is heartbreaking,
2:24 am
>> i don't need help with telling us, politics transcended daily life from businesses to hollywood, even in sports. it is exhausting to tell you the truth. i'm not okay with this. the tenth amendment means something, the state has the right to pass their own law. the freedom we were actually given in this country. jillian: thank you for your service to the country. appreciate your time. carley: will nikki haley throw her had in the ring for president in 2024. take a listen. >> i would talk to him about it. jillian: the former united nations ambassador adding she had a great working relationship
2:25 am
with trump during her tenure. another person potentially making a presidential run in 2024, dwayne the rock johnson, dropping a major hand. watch. >> i have that goal to unite the country and if this is what the people want then i will do that. carley: he is serious, the survey found 46% want to see johnson run for president, johnson responded with a tweet saying not sure our founding fathers envisioned, if it ever happens it would be my honor to serve the people. president rock. if you are so beloved as an actor why you would want to go into politics and be less loved?
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jillian: people see themselves as a healer. >> he is appealing to people. in moderate lanes. still ahead president biden defense how his vice president is handling the crisis at the border, even though it has been days without a news conference. tomi lahren says the administration's response has been abominable. ♪♪ was the same old story for years. trying this. doing that. spending countless days right here. still came the belly pain, discomfort, and bloating. awful feelings she kept sugar-coating. finally, with the help of her doctor, it came to be. that her symptoms were all signs of ibs-c. and that's why she said yes to adding linzess. linzess is not a laxative. it helps you have more frequent and complete bowel movements. and is proven to help relieve overall abdominal symptoms-belly pain, discomfort, and bloating.
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jillian: president biden defendant vice president harris as she takes criticism for not visiting the border. our next guest solid crisis firsthand and says this is the leadership step that needs to happen. joining me live is fox nation
2:30 am
host tomi lahren. you just got back from the border. i want to hear about that but i want to read this tweet president biden posted yesterday, when i served as vice president i asked to be the last person with the president before big decisions are made and the vp is providing the same counsel to me. she is the last voice in the room and never fails to speak the truth as we work to build our nation back better. this tweet was posted as the vice president is facing significant criticism for not going to the southern border. what is your reaction to that tweet and the perceived lack of leadership of vice president kamala harris on this issue. >> she has been tasked with the border response was hard to lead a border response when you refuse to go to the border and speak on the border. it is a dereliction of duty for kamala but this goes back to joe biden. he can pass off all his duties to kamala, all his duties to his press secretary but at the end of the day this goes back to joe
2:31 am
biden and accountability for the fact that he is not enforcing the border. we do not have border integrity, i know because i've been there and seen it. i found time in my schedule and my schedule to go to the border and i will tell you this people are not understanding the problem at hand. there's been a lot of focus and emphasis on the detention centers and several conservatives that have discussed that and showed images from processing centers and i understand the important part of the puzzle but until you go down and speak to the landowners and the sheriff department and see what is going on in regards to the border itself, not just processing facilities, i would encourage kamala to go down there and my latest trip to the border i was allowed to go with border patrol as i normally have in the past the trump administration because of the biden administration and their
2:32 am
reply to gag order on cvp but kamala can. i encourage time to see the real problem they are facing at the border and the ride along with ice, could be effective at leading the border responsibly. her silence is deafening. jillian: we learned the biden administration to mexico, honduras and guatemala to tighten their border security so migrants don't come into our country is easily, something donald trump did and learning the biden administration, starting to sound they are taking a page from the playbook here. >> maybe they should have done that, the trump administration outgoing. they virtues signal, filling gaps in the border wall, a lot
2:33 am
of gaps need to be filled, equipment and materials the biden administration's decision to halt the border wall and happy they are working in mexico, honduras and guatemala, they need to understand. until you stop the cattle call for unaccompanied minors you won't solve that problem. they also know they can take all the time and resources in border patrol so people who are coming in, will come through no matter how many agreements they have so long as unaccompanied minors are welcome to this country so that is something the biden administration addresses very quickly. >> the coronavirus witching gears were second, i hear you are concerned about vaccine, why is that? >> the majority of the american
2:34 am
people felt lied to, and if anybody wants to get a vaccine, and operation warp speed, to make this available, congratulations to the biden administration, to take all that and say if you are not allowed to do that, that is when i am most concerned about, what happened to consent and making our own decisions, they favored control over freedom and the american people need to understand asking the government for your freedom, and to return to normal, they have been dangling this in front of us. they are on the way, the american people need to say this is unacceptable and unconstitutional.
2:35 am
jillian: covid and border crisis, speaking of the border, a 2-part series coming up on fox nation about the border, when it will be available. >> back to the border on fox nation tomorrow, showing everything going on. a lot of media is not talking about the story. jillian: appreciate it. >> the oakland city council votes to reallocate restoring community services. this comes after the city police chief called for more resources for the department amid a spike in crime. and won against the golden state warriors and alameda county coliseum after the team moved to san francisco. florida governor ron desantis slams google and youtube for censorship after a covid 19 roundtable, the tech platform pulled a video from a previous discussion with public health experts.
2:36 am
>> reporter: google and youtube routinely host conspiracy theory videos, you can find any misinformation under the sun on google youtube. jillian: a spokesperson for desantis criticized youtube for removing the video think it is a great example of big tech attempting to silence those who disagree with their woke corporate agenda. the new england patriots was a superstar, julian announces his retirement. >> a hard decision. this 12 years of my life, a helluva run. i can't forget you paid tribute.
2:37 am
>> in new england, the super bowl mvp in 2019. tom brady writing you have so many teammates admire your work ethic to win and i am at the top of that list. quite bizarre half. >> i know him in that picture. jillian: still had the president pitching his massive infrastructure bill to a bipartisan group of lawmakers, republicans questioning why caregiving for the elderly and electric vehicles are in it. at the oval office meeting, congressman joins us coming up. >> i'm not doing a good enough job in distance learning to dare them to come out. jillian: it is not the first time she lashed out. my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward... even after paying for this. love you, sweetheart
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>> video of a california teacher berating students over their parents push for in person learning causing backlash. carley: we hear from one of those students who joined us last hour. >> california students and parents breaking their silence this week after their teacher was caught on camera berating her class over their parents push for in person learning and it apparently wasn't her first time lashing out. the student speaking out after fox news obtained a video of heiskell teacher alyssa. oh saying she's had enough. >> if your parent wants to talk to me about how i'm not doing a good enough job in distance learning based on what you need as an individual. so sick to my stomach of parents trying to tell educators how to
2:42 am
do their jobs. jillian: the outburst according to one student wasn't her first but student jonas said another was prompted by him asking why certain races have student unions and others do not. >> i was initially shocked a teacher would shout god's name in vain and make racist remarks and call a student a moron. >> reporter: the school district started a hybrid learning model in which students are in the classroom 2 days a week but parents with the district to expand in person learning for middle and high school aged students. road has been placed on administrative leave with the superintendent saying they are deeply concerned about videos of her saying she was not afforded due process and privacy rights.
2:43 am
let's check in with "fox and friends". >> the next 3 hours and 18 minutes. a jampacked 3 hours, i give you an idea what is in it. former house speaker john boehner will join us about explosive memoir and hollywood's first production moves out of georgia over the voting law. did anyone read it? we will talk to joey jones about the new woke era that has apple tv walking out of katie path which at the border at the micro crisis wells out of control. there might be a deal in the works. what the policies are doing to the border communities and
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>> i just shot him. jillian: brooklyn center police department of the officer who shot and killed dante right during a traffic stop mistakes are gun for a taser is cities in minnesota and across the country see a second night of unrest. here with more on what could come next in this case, good to have you here this morning.
2:48 am
what do you think comes next? what do you think we are looking at for this officer. >> looking at likely dismissal and potential discipline. there will be calls for an investigation potential criminal charges, manslaughter has been talked about. the heart of it and officer very apparent from the video is not emotionally or mentally equipped or ready for the altercation that occurred. she makes a mistake, is entitled to due process but there are problems in her reactions that stem from lack of training. jillian: you mentioned due process. i want your opinion on this. the city manager made remarks on due process and has been
2:49 am
relieved from his position. take a listen. >> all employees working for the city of brooklyn are entitled to due process with respect to discipline. this employee will receive due process and that is all i can say. jillian: what did he advocate? >> certainly should have a case. this is the absurd indicating to process is not a positive or negative. and everybody is entitled to to process. we can have legislatures change that. this individual was accurate, and for that circumstance. jillian: talk about doctor fauci.
2:50 am
you called to shutdown doctor fauci after he said if you are vaccinated is not okay to eat or drink indoors. this and what he has to say. >> eating and drinking indoors and restaurants and bars, is that okay now? >> it is still not okay for the simple reason the level of infection, dynamics of infection in the community are still disturbingly high. jillian: people are at the breaking point of hearing stuff like this. you want to be informed on what the science tells us but it has been over a year, the vaccine is here and people are told you shouldn't eat indoors still. >> this is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. problematic on two friends. doctor fauci should be the one dictating we can get back to
2:51 am
normalcy, take the vaccine, do what you need to do to feel healthy and have the appearance of health in the community but he is not. despite the vaccine, and it is contrary to the facts. the measurements, single digit deaths for the first time in covid cases. this is contrary to the science we've been told for so long is so important. jillian: your telling people they can't eat indoors and those business owners and restaurant owners you can't operate at full capacity which means the economy is suffering. thank you for joining us. president biden working on a massive infrastructure built lawmakers, louisiana congressman who was just at the white house joins us next.
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♪? it's going to get down to what we call infrastructure. a lot of folks saying that the fact that we have millions of people not able to drink water because there is lead -- it's coming through lead pipes. i think that's infrastructure. i think broadband is infrastructure. it's not just roads, prescription, highways, et cetera. jillian: the president hosting a bipartisan group of lawmakers to sell his infrastructure spending
2:56 am
bill, which the democrats hope to push through with or without republican support. but republicans slam it as a slush fund for democrat pet projects. louisiana graves was at that meeting yesterday. he joins us. i hear this was a long meeting about two hours. his deal was to get you on board with this infrastructure plan. so tell us what happened at that meeting and did he achieve that goal? >> well, lock, the meeting opened up pretty good in that he talked about being willing to negotiate skies and scope and infrastructure and cost. all those things were the things we wanted to hear because we do think it's too big in size and scope. we think you can't just add the term infrastructure to any word that it suddenly becomes infrastructure. that part opened up i think really gadd. then as we got into the details, there certainly was pushback on the concerns that we raised about imposing new taxes on raising corporation taxes, raising taxes on individuals and
2:57 am
how that actually undermines any ability to get america ahead to improve the competitiveness of the u.s. workforce. so we did run into some problems or some head winds in some of the concerns that we raised. carley: yeah. looking at the breakdown of what exactly is in this infrastructure spending proposal. there is stuff in here that's social welfare or green new deal type stuff $25 billion to eliminate racial and gender equities. $12 billion for community colleges. is there any chance that republicans would be able to negotiate all of that stuff out of the bill and get a straight-up classic definition of infrastructure roads and bridges spending bill? >> carley, you really hit the nail on the head. that's where we have got to be focusing. there is no question across the united states there is great need in roads and bridges. we have got to focus on delivering those results, those traffic and transportation solutions for america. all across the country.
2:58 am
by adding all these other things, you are in a situation where the united states does an awful job already with infrastructure programs at the federal bureaucracy instead of trying to focus on those and making them deliver better, deliver more efficiently, you will heap more responsibility on the federal government that already is too long a poor job delivering those? it's the wrong solution. we have got to focus on those core areas of infrastructure where we have great needs, our ports, our waterways, roads and bridges. some of those areas, making sure we get broadband into some of these rural areas that don't have it. and then we can work with our state and local governments on some of the other things that need to be con really don't see these as federal responsibilities. you will not get america ahead by saying we are going to improve our roadways but then come in and impose massive taxes across the middle class or corporations in the united states. carley: i know you brought up broadband that is definitely something receiving bipartisan support. this meeting was the first step for president biden, meeting with democrats and republicans.
2:59 am
the 8 of you. what's next? what is his next move to try to get republicans on board with this. >> well, obviously, this is going to have a lot of content, so the next step that the president offered to send his team over to sit with us to talk through different concerns, different ideas where we are all on the same page and see if we can come up with a compromised version. i'm cautiously optimistic i know we had 8 bipartisan coronavirus bills only to have this last $1.9 trillion bill that was really crammed down america's throat with massive spending in areas that don't have anything to do with coronavirus. cautiously optimistic we will see if later this week they come over and have good faith negotiations certainly look forward to that. carley: that's right. the president hesitate inaction on infrastructure is not negotiable. something is going to happen. the price tag and size of it is the big question. congressman, thank you for joining us. >> you bet. thank you. jillian: and the party for two. a community celebrates milestone birthdays for world war ii
3:00 am
veterans in california. gladys klein peter turning 100 years old. she held the highest rank attainable by a woman as a chief in the union. she passed away one of the last surviving members of the eagles. peterson celebrating are 100th birthdayoth for your service. carley: and "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> jillian: more mayhem in minnesota. >> all this after brook lynn center police chief called the shooting accidental discharge. >> rarkd tlaib says it wasn't an accident. policing in our country is racist. >> let her be the first to dismiss the capitol police. >> there has been a series of bilateral discussions honduras guatemala. >> can you no longer come across the border would you tell consequence. >> are does say it absolutely is open to negotiating with republicans on the


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