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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  April 12, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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one of our team members, roman cofinni is going on to other opportunities. we adore him. he's been a fabulous addition to the show. wish him the best. and greg gutfeld takes it from here. by, roman. good luck. >> for donald trump, every day is a grievance, groundhog day. he gripes about the election and wakes up. >> greg: for jim acosta, every day is halloween. he always goes as a nonpartisan reporter. [cheers & applause] all right! so in between calling people racist and finding a therapist for chris cuomo, this happened
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on cnn yesterday. >> important to see all of these tv anchors showing themselves getting the shot. we've seen a lot of vaccines from lots of folks at lots of different networks. it's been inspiring for me to see. brought the co host outside for a live group vaccination this week. and rachel maddow said she was fearful of the needle, worried about it. yesterday it was important to get the shot and she did. there she is talking about it on air. i say that to make the following point. where are tucker and sean hannity and laura ingraham and brian kilmeade, the biggest stars on fox getting vaccinated? i get it's a personal choice. i get it's between the hosts and healthcare provider. but everybody else is doing it, all these anchors are rolling up their sleeves. why haven't wee seen the biggest
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stars on fox news get vaccinated or show us their vaccine selfies? [laughter] >> greg: holy [bleep]. so virtue signalling includes telling people to virtue signal. okay, brian. why haven't we made a vanity display of our vax status? it's none of your [bleep] business. if brian -- if brian believes personal medical info should be publicized, he can start with his cholesterol. [laughter] his numbers are lower than his ratings. the world obesity federation found risk of death from covid is ten times higher in countries where population is overweight. he's accusing us about setting a healthy example? that's as rich as the frosting on his morning strudel.
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if he wants to do a fitness network of the battle stars, count me in. last week i called cnn the shame network. all they do is look down at americans. it's worse than that. it's officially pro peer pressure. let's replay brian's key argument, shall we? where are the biggest stars on fox getting vaccinated? i get it's a personal choice. everybody else is doing it, right, matt? >> greg: everybody else is doing it, right, matt? so does that mean you'll show your news sources since other reporters are doing it? you know what else they're doing? 30 minutes of cardio. actually, saying you should do it because other people are doing it isn't what i would call wisdom. that's what your worst friend
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from grade school says. that's how bob lawson get me to eat slugs. i got my shot. not everything has to be made for tv. you know what happens when you think like that? this. >> all right. here it is. a little sweaty. just work out. >> greg: oh! yeah. a completely manufactured moment all to get it on tv. and signal his virtue. as if he was down there the whole time and not across the street picking fights with locals. [laughter] so maybe worry less about showing off and more about being real. fact is, if comorbidity could take, thy name would be brian steltzer. one study a trick butted 30% of co bit hospitalizations to obesity. rather demand we parade our
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virtuousness, steltzer should be showing what he's doing to get better. instead, he's tearing a rotator cuff patting himself on the back. this guy did one setup for every time he shamed other people? he would have an eight pack in two days. see, it's not about improving health. it's about showing off while shaming you. reducing body fat is the number 1 lifestyle change that improves yourself against covid. that's why it's less popular than the apple slices in your happy meal. cnn would rather make people hate each other. instead of a vaccine passport, maybe they prefer a scarlet letter. my humble advice, if you have heightened risks for covid, address them before judging others. steltzer is behaving like the guy that smokes cigarettes and criticizing you for eating meat. take responsibility for yourself
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and make up your own mind. you can still do that in america, i think. [cheers & applause] let's welcome tonight's guest. he's so patriotic, hot dogs eat him july 4th. pete hegseth. she's a writer, not a fighter. the federalist culture editor, emily stazinski. and she's proof that bad things do come in small packages. kat timpf. and his blink is the size of a wrestling ring. tyrus! you know, pete, there's nothing i hate more than resorting to bat shaming.
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>> you just did. >> greg: i was overweight. the moment that he started shaming people for not displaying their virtue, all bets are off. >> as they should be. listen, first of all, i want to say on behalf of viewers, congratulations for the first week of the show. >> greg: thank you. >> it's a great show. >> thank you. >> you too as well. and i'm a little offended that he named the biggest stars and named kilmeade but not gutfeld? >> greg: that hurt. >> it should hurt you. he was texting me, texting you. in the hot tub. you wouldn't shut up. >> greg: it's amazing. ruined my breakfast. >> what i love they're pushing everybody to get the trump vaccine, which he provided and now it's the biggest thing -- show us your selfie?
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did the shaming of you on tv -- he acknowledges everybody has a personal choice. but everybody is doing it. did you -- >> greg: you're an adult. you tonight use that reasoning after 8-7. >> he's 35. he's not a kid. he's from a generation that if it's on instagram, everybody has to do it. >> greg: he's like the villain in every after-school kid's tv series. he's telling everybody, you should do this. tyrus, welcome back. so everybody knows, you were off. now you're back. >> i'm back. i have an issue. >> greg: yes. >> biggest stars? pound for pound? inch for inch? >> greg: yes. >> i'm the biggest damn star at fox news, number 1. >> greg: that's true. >> number 2, i got my vaccine
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and i even posted a picture getting it. but it was about not because i wanted a selfie. i didn't enhance it or anything. what you see is what you get. it was about personal choice, a lot of my friend, one of them, jesse, he jumps out of airplanes. how could you get the vaccine? it's going to turn you're into a zombie. it was like bro, you jump out of planes, i take vaccines. we both live dangerously. the point is, i researched and made a personal decision. if one of my friends said to me, i don't know, i would say don't get it yet. unless you do know. it's about a personal choice. going on tv and saying where is your selfie? that alone the conversation is over. i'm getting up. if anything has to do with selfies or internet lore as credibility that you have no credibility. >> greg: i agree. emily, i think this is all about how cnn thinks it might humanize
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them. right? it's chris cuomo making the resurrection. that picture, steltzer sitting in his underwear. it's like everybody wants to see him in his apartment -- god knows what he's doing in there. >> i know you wanted to see it. but it was just you. >> greg: i was the only one that demanded it. your thoughts? >> the juxtaposition of the cuomo rest collection from his hamptons basement is perfect with this. he's saying it's important for everybody to show off their vaccines but his own network. that was a faked resurrection. this is a great glimpse to what cnn thinks of their viewers. who is the person scrolling through their phone, sees a selfie from wolf blitzer getting the vaccine and is like oh, i guess it's safe. i must get this vaccine. it's not a demographic that exists but they think of you people and like legacy media purchases, they think of sheeple. they might take instruction from us. >> that's what blew my mind.
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the window into the brains of what they think their social media presence is. people are like i'm going to log on now to brian steltzer's instagram to learn how to be more like brian steltzer. mimic -- that is crazy. look, i post selfies. i do -- it's annoying. i post them. at least i know the reason i'm posting them is because i'm seeking validation from friends, family and strangers on the internet. that's not good but at least i also don't think i'm saving lives. >> it's the self-awareness. yes. >> greg: lastly before i go on, everybody could do something to probably lower the risk of covid. it was the perfect opportunity for somebody over at cnn to say hey, you know what? maybe i should lose some weight because that reduces the risk for covid. that could have been the way forward. not taking a selfie of me getting a shot will save lives. what will save lives, a
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reduction of obesity. we know that. it's harder than 30 minutes of cardio. >> aren't the audience getting a live vaccine during the commercial break? >> greg: the middle dollar stick. joint pain, swelling, tenderness. my psoriasis. cosentyx works on all of this. cosentyx can help you look and feel better by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability
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>> greg: who now marxist new the markets. the leader purchased four homes in the past four years. another person the trump administration made rich. but who knew conflict paid so well? what is next? the founder of antifa putting a bid of a condo at the top of trump towers? i got to tell you, it ain't bad for a trained marxist. >> i'm a lot of things.
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i do believe in marxism. it's something that i learned early on. we were taught to learn about the system that we're criticisms capitalism. >> greg: how do you train a marxist? public schools would love suggestions. what is the skill set? making molotov cocktails around burning an american flag? what does that tell you about america in general? only a free market capitalist society can a marxist gets rich? she figured this out and i'm jealous. her business school is watching eight sopranos episodes. according to, which focuses on real estate and not pete's hygiene, she bought a $1.4 million compound. also bought a house for $500,000 in 2016 which is worth $800,000
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today. and a house in l.a. so homes in the suburbs were cheaper before the cities were set on fire. so marxist are not just good at killing but making a killing, which doesn't make her a marxist at all. we went to socialist bernie sanders who only has three homes. for a comment. >> how in the world does she have four homes? i have three. i think i have three. i can't remember. i'm an idiot. i should have been a communist, not a socialist. i would be rolling in the dough. i could go for a roll right now. oh, crap. there's a bird stuck in my hair. oh, oh! yeah. oh. >> greg: those are actual birds. i hope he's okay. she also brought a ranch in georgia that has a private airplane hanger. the only way that global warming activists could visit.
8:19 pm
and the "new york post" she's eyeing property in the bahamas where justin timberlake has a home. she will be next door to a singer that can't act and a golfer that can't drive. so the question is, where does all of this money come from? i'm not saying she got rich off of the movement but the head of the new york blm chapter is demanding an investigation into the finances. blm raised $100 million in donations from corporations and others. she signed a deal with warner brothers a content production deal. good job, warner brothers. just because you have brothers in the name won't save you. i commend her. real estate is a smart investment. i wish when i was her age, 37, i had done the same thing instead of spending my money on pokemon
8:20 pm
underwear. i thought they would be collectibles. turns out if you don't wear them. tyrus -- [applause] >> oh, boy. i knew you were coming to me. here's the thing. i know we like to hear how different we are and whites and blacks are different from hispanics. we're all difference. for some reason, when we get around money, we always end up the same. [laughter] it's a phenomenon. go to any -- let's just take her out of it, okay? let's say we're going to start a church. the five little churches here. we'll anoint greg pastor. he has passion to build it. people come and we go from one day a week to five days a week and he's getting all the money. the rest of us are like hey, i would like -- no.
8:21 pm
important that i look the part. be the part. for the betterment of the church. doesn't matter if you're a marxist, reverend, comedian, it's all us together till one of us gets paid. [laughter] >> it does matter if you're a marxist though. i don't -- >> he's a cashist. >> that's the thing. i don't understand why anybody would want to be a marxist. not just because it doesn't make sense but the best case scenario is it works so well for you that you become a hypocrite. >> greg: yeah. >> best case scenario. >> you're a marxist when you don't have it. when you have it, you're a capitalist. >> there's no such thing as a successful marxist. once you are, you're everything you hate and you're a hypocrite. >> greg: it happens to everybody that gets rich and then they're buying real estate. emily, you think people that gave money to the black lives matter movement might be pissed
8:22 pm
if they saw this. >> no. they should give her money for airplane to go in the hanger. to kat's point, there's nobody in the media to call you out. two things going on here. first of all, they don't believe what they're preaching or they completely don't understand it and neither possibility is great from their perspective. i would watch her show on hgtv. >> greg: really? i think so, too. like a marxist real estate show. it would be -- what are the names of those shows? i don't watch i don't know. >> i don't know. >> greg: tear this house down and replace it -- >> everybody has the same house. >> greg: everybody has the same house coming up. >> one person has to deviate a little bit. >> no! how dare you. >> greg: your value just went
8:23 pm
down. >> you made a hygiene joke. is hand washing a thing now? >> greg: yes, it is. you're the only person that doesn't wash hands. >> the jury has been out on the hand washing debate. >> is the jury out? >> no. >> greg: you are a hand washing denialist. >> maybe you should take a selfie of you watching your hands. >> my taking a selfie of me. i have to be more like kat timpf. >> greg: up next, the cancelling power of doom.
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>> greg: will zoom lead to their doom? a sixth grade teacher in california was caught on camera during a zoom lesson profanely criticizing her african american students and their parents. after a private tutoring session, the teacher's web came
8:28 pm
remained off 30 minutes while they were heard about their difficulty working with black families. after the incident was reported to school authorities, the teacher was placed on administration leave but decided to resign obviously spending more time to insult her own family. another teacher in california -- it's always california. she was caught chastising parents for wanting their kids to return to the classroom. this is all part of a lawsuit by parents wanting to ease restrictions. the teacher had this to say. >> if your parent wants to talk to me about how i'm not doing a good enough job in distance learning based on what you need as an individual, just dare them to come at me. because i am so sick to my stomach of parents trying to tell educators how to do their
8:29 pm
jobs. i have never once gone to a doctor's appointment and try to tell my medical health provider how to treat me. you know why? i know nothing about that. >> oh! >> greg: the teacher wants to teach remotely but will still fight someone in person. [laughter] i don't know if that is following the science but i'm attracted to it. i'm -- we have two parents here. i'm going to you first, emily. this is like zoom is just destroying careers. >> yeah, where will it end? >> no, this woman, i'm glad for her sake. all the practice of shouting at her starbucks baristas for using 2% milk paid off. now her whole comment about how parents don't know how to do her job is completely hilarious.
8:30 pm
she's supposed to be parenting. >> that's her whole job. take feedback from the parents. i know she's mad when people that are not teachers how to do her job. i feel like complaining about the parents to the kids and then telling the kids to pass along threatening messages to them on her behalf are two big no-nos. thanks. >> greg: tyrus, as a parent -- >> you? you said as a parent like you. i don't think legally you can that. >> greg: no. >> i don't have any kids that i know of. >> i think you'd know. >> greg: these days. depends what she's identifying herself. i'm identifying as a parent. even though i don't have children. that way i can get maternity and paternity leave off at fox. and i can always -- i tell h.r. when i want -- i go little billy
8:31 pm
is at homesick. >> right. >> greg: they go you have kids? i go i'm identifying as a parent of four children. i don't know where i'm going with this, tyrus. >> that's -- to that point, you're [bleep] crazy. >> greg: i identify as a bat. >> i'll give the teachers slack. it's changed. we know -- parents don't longer support the teachers. when the teacher calls and says little johnny was sleeping in class, the parents will throw it back at the teacher. back in the day, it was a unified assault on making you learn something. >> greg: so true. >> if the parent teacher conference was the scariest moment in your third glade life. like my homework is done. we get to class, the b.s. is over. mom is like he didn't do this. he's doing this. they would have a conversation and a plan and follow-through. now how can you say that about my child? he has his own youtube show.
8:32 pm
he clearly understands the english language. who wants to teach that? i get the frustration. here's the deal. only do zoom on a destructive phone where at the end of -- the phone will explode in three seconds. no one knows how to turn it off. >> greg: nobody does. >> nobody knows how to turn it off. >> greg: i put a sticker over the thing in case i forget. you know, that's how i do it. i don't do anything bad, pete, i long for the good old days prepandemic when all teachers did is sleep with their students. it was simpler then. >> it was. straightforward. zoom school is death. i agree with you on discipline. no doubt. when it comes to ideology, it's different. kids are learning crazy stuff in class. the parents are like what are you teaching my kid? there's a disconnect. parents don't have much of a recourse. they barely get in the
8:33 pm
classroom. zoom brought them inside. she's so defensive because she knows she's guilty. she said i'm so stick of parents trying to tell educators how to do your job. we're not telling you how. just do your job. show up for work. if you were a doctor, that's one thing. don't tell me how to perform surgery. education is not difficult at every level in every time. >> same with your doctor. if you call and i still don't feeled goo, don't tell me how to do my job. that's not okay. >> a level of knowledge that goes with a ph.d. i'm not saying that teachers are not smart. but you can home school your kids, too. there's options if you want to. parents are opting for that because the curtain has been pulled back. >> greg: i made the best option which is to not have children. this is not a problem. i listen to this as though i'm a space alien from the planet gutfeld. that's a problem. that's a problem. got my problem.
8:34 pm
sure, i'm going to die alone. but it was worth it. no changing diapers for old greg. unless they're mine. >> murder suicide. >> greg: coming up, what kind of man makes the best dad. [applause] so being diagnosed with advanced non-small cell lung cancer made me think of all the things that i wanted to teach my kids. my doctor said i could start on keytruda, so i did. with each scan, things just got better. in a clinical study, keytruda offered patients a longer life than chemotherapy. and it could be your first treatment. for non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, keytruda can be used for adults who test positive for “pd-l1”, and whose tumors do not have an abnormal “egfr” or “alk” gene. keytruda is not chemotherapy it's the immunotherapy used to treat more patients with advanced lung cancer than any other. keytruda helps your immune system fight cancer but can also cause your immune system to attack healthy parts of your body. this can happen during or after treatment
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your sales rep lisa has to send some files, asap! so basically i can pick the right plan for each employee... yeah i should've just led with that... with at&t business... you can pick the best plan for each employee and only pay for the features they need. >> greg: do macho dads raise better lazy? a new study from the ohio state university. go clams. finds that manly men with typical masculine traits make better fathers. dead beat dads were unavailable for comment even though they promised they would be. scientists confirming what we knew. also developing a theory about sperm and eggs resulting in babies. it's still in its infancy. [laughter] so how did they figure this out? researchers had fathers-to-be
8:39 pm
rate themselves on masculine traits during their partner's third trimester. i heard too much. and they observed the same guys interacting with their child nine months later after the brat was born. sorry, baby. turns out better parenting skills were linked to men who are competitive, daring, adventurous, dominant, courageous and like to grill meat while wearing black socks with their tennis shoes. researchers were surprised by this which proves the low guard for traditional masculine any. men that are strong, brave and passionate are better dads and probably better partners and better other things, too. how is that for toxicity? for more, let's check in with joe mackey. joe, what do you think of this report? [laughter] >> what do i think of the
8:40 pm
report, greg? i didn't read the report. i was too busy sculpting my buy biceps in the gym. why can't i come back inside? >> greg: tremendous. [applause] tremendous impression of nick depalo. i swore i thought i was licking to nick. kat, did your dad exhibit most of these traits and could that explain your warped adulthood? >> i have all of these traits. i'm going to be a great dad. aggressive, check. repetitive, check. dominant, yes. listen to my voice. i also love where they said we proved that fathers that show hostile sexism does not result in good parenting. they need a study for that. if you're hostile and you're
8:41 pm
sexism, that doesn't make you have a better kid. we didn't need a study for that. >> greg: shows you it doesn't make a worse kids. >> i don't know. >> greg: it's a wash. it's a tie. >> hostile sexist father equals bad. >> greg: yes. i don't know. i think we need more research to that. tyrus, i grew up in the 1970s where all parents -- all of your friends parents were scary or slightly drunk on martinis. >> wow. very specific. my parents were at the bar. looking for old 40s. [laughter] you know, i like this study because i resemble a lot of those traits. those are the traits that get you cancelled and the traits that give you more time to be at home with your children because you can't get a job anymore. you're not woke. you tell it like it is. you're competitive.
8:42 pm
you want the best man or woman. of course you're going to do better with your kids. when i see these studies, we already knew all of this. but we've changed the way we things. >> greg: right. >> because if you're competitive, that means you're teaching your kids how to lose, how to take the l. how to deal with it. how to be accountable. all of those things don't work in the new world like where is yourselfy, not your character. these are great traits but unfortunately they make us an endangered species. >> greg: and the traits involve keeping score. you're not supposed to keep store. there's winners and losers, pete. you're known around the company as a sensitive new age parent. you took -- >> hashtag bulldozer. >> greg: 9 >> 7. >> greg: whatever. you took like months of paternity leave.
8:43 pm
you're always in here. you got them in bundles all over your body. >> the baby bjorn. i saw you weeping because one said his first word. he was 12. i don't know why i'm nagging on your family. >> do you have a 12-year-old yet? >> greg: one day you will. you'll thank me. >> i will. i will. >> greg: makes no sense. >> no. i said i will. the reason it's profound, we unlearn so much of this. so now we find this shiny object. it's like oh, masculine men are a good thing for other men. by the way, i -- who edits the psychgy of men and masculinity? what is the circulation? probably limited. the stereotypical old fashioned way where dad taught you things. this goes to nine months old. this study. i don't know how much you're observing as far as daring this and the tough dad qualities. >> you know you're putting your
8:44 pm
best foot forward. >> talk to me six or seven years later when your kid is acting out, not eating, staying up late. all of those things. parenting is hard. you have to bring it every day and maintain standards. that's hopefully what guys can do. >> greg: everything you said was right on except the last part. parent is not hard. it's a walk in the park. you guys talk about it all the time. oh, the kids. have to feed them. no, you don't. put them outside. put them outside. they find -- they dig around. they find the stuff. emily -- >> eternal philosophy. >> greg: babies are stupid. they can't do anything. how do they get any conclusions from babies? >> i disagree. pete said talk to me when your kid is 7 acting like a punk. i have vivid memories of being 9
8:45 pm
months old and being a punk. this is about teaching men to unline what is defined as traditional masculinity. people talked about this in the early 90s about what was happening to recess in schools. score counting. now we have to study it an re-affirm the obvious. what everybody knows. so at the end of the day, i can't knock the study because i'm glad they did it. >> greg: it's true. only we covered it at fox. nobody else did. they buried the news because it was too painful. warning, the next segment may trigger your phobias. [applause] ape. you know what he will get? muscle pain. give up, the couch is calling. i say, it's me, the couch, i'm calling. pain says you can't. advil says you can. did you know you can go to to customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need.
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> greg: time once again for -- >> this could very well be breaking news. at least to us. >> greg: love that music. you heard about the massive container ship that was stuck in the suez canal for over a week. you may not have heard that the images triggered all sorts of phobias. there's navy phobia. the fear of ships in sea wreckage. submechanical phobia. the fear of submerged manmade objects. and meglaphobia. a fear of large objects. i wish i had that fear.
8:50 pm
i wouldn't end up in the emergency room so afternoon. i learned all of this from reading a story in "the guardian" about the people that felt panics and unwell from looking at the pictures of a stuck ship on the other side of the world. i wish i had these problems. i live in new york where at any moment i could be pushed in front of a subway by a psych path. these people probably get sea sick from eating captain crunch. so if you're worried what the ship's captain is up to now, he got a new job as a gardener. let's check in with him. [laughter] wheelbarrow was there for months, i hear. we don't have much time.
8:51 pm
let's talk about phobias. i have no fear. we have this drunken discussion every time. >> you don't have no fear. but -- >> greg: you have seven kids and you won't stop. [laughter] >> that's no fear. >> greg: there's no fear there. you're right. >> to be clear, none of these people were on the ship, right? >> greg: yeah. these pictures and people. >> they needed dads like the ones in the last segment. >> that's my point. we had that back to reality. we're brittle souls that a picture of somebody that doesn't affect us at all ruins our life. that's where we're at. >> i have had -- i've had a life long struggle with anxiety and hate to make light of that. but i also wish the solution to all of my problems with that is hey, just stop looking at pictures at boats. stop looking at boats and you're good. i wish it was that simple.
8:52 pm
>> as a proud meglaphobic -- this triggers me. anybody that adds stupid words to the dictionary is in eminent danger. >> the dumbest thing -- it's not sinking, it's not on fire. he just couldn't parallel park. that's all it was. okay? they couldn't park. that's all it was. >> i look at that picture and think how long would it take for me to get out of the way. >> you would have all day. they can't turn it around. he's like this. you know -- >> greg: you know what would suck? there's other container ships that wanted that spot. >> yeah. >> greg: they're all waiting. a lady hanging out going what is your problem? stupid idiot. you can't park the ship? >> it's o-zone.
8:53 pm
>> greg: at this point kilmeade would make a sexist remark about the driver. we're not going there. you know why i like this story? in this era we're always conforming to other people's fears and their triggers. so in this case, what are we supposed to do? not do stories on boats? so we're living in a world where the object of fear is now out of proportion to the actions that we must employ to deal with it. we better just not do it. we better put trigger warnings on stuff to be safe. >> yes. i couldn't talk act boats, i don't know where i would be. >> weren't you going to write novels about ship wrecked boats? >> yes. i knew my calling was to write noveling act -- >> this is not a ship wreck. >> it was so big. >> greg: so to be clear to avoid this, you have to -- >> not look at boats. >> yes. >> greg: it sucks.
8:54 pm
i'm premiering on fox nation the 100th sexiest container ships. it's like this is not going to be good for the launch. it's not good for the launch. >> unauthorized history of container ships. >> you don't know what goes on on a container ship. >> i like the point that greg is making. really shows how there's no limiting principle. therefore why are we changing our rules? we are we rewriting everything? doesn't stop at big boats. >> greg: it doesn't. >> never does. >> greg: never does. it's a slippery slope. really good if you have a boat. all right. don't go anywhere. you'll never believe who i ran in to this weekend. [applause] ♪ the things, you say ♪ ♪ your purple prose just gives you away ♪ ♪ the things, you say you're unbelievable. oh! ♪ ♪♪
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8:59 pm
for a new segment called... and it's not for bobbing my head if you know what i mean. i love celebrity sightings. i walk around new york all day just to see famous people. but the good news on friday, i got my vaccine which meant i could go out and party like a rock star. have you ever heard that phrase? >> yes. i got my vaccine and went clubbing. you wouldn't believe who i saw at the club. mary kate and ashley olsen dancing up in the vip room going at it. i have not seen them in ages, the olsen twins have grown up to be so beautiful. who knew they were such great dancers. and you know, kat you could take
9:00 pm
a few tips from the olsen twins. >> i will smoke more cigarettes. >> greg: thank you for this marvelous show. the studio audience. "fox news @ night" was shannon bream is next. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: i am shannon bream in washington and this is p38, 11:00 p.m. in minnesota. curfews for minneapolis and st. paul and three minnesota have been in effect for several hours. we have seen teargas in response to bottles and fireworks launched at the police. we are tracking the second night of unrest with freezing rain late tonight. the killing of duante wright a black man on a traffic stop in minnesota, accidental. it all happen in the middle of the trial of the former police officer charged with murder of


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