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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  April 12, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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home and go to work without pants. so they will be unrolling $100 million. >> bret: i knew i could count on you. that's it for this "special report." tomorrow, we start to talk with former house speaker, john boehner. "fox news prime time hosted by warren jones starts right now. >> thank you, bret. good evening and welcome to "fox news prime time." i'm lawrence jones and tonight, minnesota is bracing for unrest. the twin cities and neighboring towns are preparing for protests following the officer-involves shooting and death of a black man. daunte wright during a traffic stop. curfews will go into full effect in exactly one hour in counties around minneapolis. the police station is being barricaded in anticipation of possible violence. the incident comes at a bad time. the child of officer, dear derek
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already has the city on edge. when you look at the facts, the only thing that they have in common is their location. but that is not what is stopping the leaders from going out of their way to make these deaths seem the same. >> we are mourning daunte wright and it comes at a hard time because we are still morning george floyd. we are still morning philando castile. we are still morning so many people in our city, in our state, in our community, in our country. >> lawrence: but the hard truth is that every case is different. for example, in the case of michael, with the walter scott
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case, it is a clear-cut decision. shot him in the back and then landed a taser on him. now, i have my own opinion on the death of george floyd. but derek chauvin is having his day in court right now. even if the facts surrounding his death are different, for black america, it's all one case. but in the eyes of the law, they are different. i know this firsthand from being an advocate in the juvenile justice court where my stint as a private investigator. every case is different no matter how we feel about it. in the town of brooklyn center, they released body cam footage this afternoon. i am going to play it for you right now.
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>> i'm not doing nothing. [static] >> lawrence: oh blank, i shot him. i would understand why people want to tie daunte wright and george floyd together.
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president biden was asked about the shooting this afternoon. here's what he had to say. think of the question is, was it an accident? was it intentional? that remains to be determined by a full-blown investigation. >> lawrence: now, i'm going to be real with you. that was a hard video to watch. but it's also hard to look at it and come to the conclusion that the shooting was clearly intentional. but joe biden is right about one thing. because this is america and due process still matters. we will have a full investigation. now, mike is on the ground in brooklyn center minnesota with the latest. mike, you have been on the ground for george floyd and now this case. what is the mood on the ground? >> well, the mood is very, very angry and it's increasing. if i step out of the way, you can see a crowd here in front of the brooklyn center police department that has been growing steadily over the last couple of
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hours. keep in mind now, we are about an hour from a curfew that is now going to go into effect in this county and the four county surrounding minneapolis. you can see the numbers are growing. you can see the fence that is up there. that fence is supported by a rail of concrete. you can see the state troopers. they are surmounted to headquarters. all of this following the dramatic to the limit of the day. you show the body cam or video. the back story behind that video is that he was pulled over for expired tags. once they had daunte wright pulled over, police discovered that he had a warrant for carrying a pistol without a permit. when they attempted to arrest him, there comes a point where he resists arrest and according to the police chief, the arresting officer mistook her firearm for a taser and the result there was deadly. the result here on the ground was riots or demonstrations that
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turned rapidly to rights. we watched the demonstrators, some of them breaking bricks into smaller pieces so they could throw them and hurling them over the crowd at the row of cops. at least one police officer was injured. they responded with gas. they responded by firing projectiles and we saw that game go back and forth. while all the resources were being used to control headquarters, you didn't have police around town and the rioters ran around town. more than 20 businesses were hit. everything from liquor stores to the walmart, to the beauty supply stores were looted around town here. police ultimately got control just through a sheer show of force and you had a lot of different call up of agencies through operation safety net that was intended to secure the derek chauvin trial. but now if the following day you have the mayor of this town saying that he has given him command over the police department and he has five of the city manager.
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lawrence. >> lawrence: mike, quick question. what is the response from the video of the mom saying, look, she didn't want this to happen, for him to be famous or anything. she just wants her son back. that was before the video came out. have we heard anything from the family? >> well, there hasn't been a public statement from the family since the release of this video. you did hear some of the information from the mother. some of that is what you saw her relayed on social media. the traffic stop was over an air freshener hanging from the rearview mirror. we now get the official record for the police that it was indeed in expired tag. but you did hear from the mother. she doesn't want people on the street chanting. she doesn't want the demonstration. what she wants us to have her son back. we want to be safe out there, brother. and listen to security. we will come back to you in the middle of the night. >> you got it. >> lawrence: joining me now,
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jason johnson, former deputy police commissioner and law enforcement president. jacob, i take it that you have reviewed the footage. where is your quick reaction of this footage? >> i have, lawrence. thanks for having me. i have reviewed the footage and i think it is what it seems to become a tragic error and a mistake that caused this young man his life. it is extremely unfortunate but there is nothing that can be done about it. riots will not change that. looting will not change that. there is a process that needs to happen. we just have to allow the process to take place. >> lawrence: you know, i've got to say, i have gone through so many training courses, simulation courses, and when you have that utility built, from my understanding of the training, it is basically muscle memory. what did you think -- and it's kind of hard after the event, but this is part of the
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training and the use of force training. so, what goes wrong in that situation? does that muscle memory not kick in? >> lawrence, what happens, and as a police officer who carried a firearm and carried a taser, it's even hard for me to understand. but this has happened before. there are prior incidents of this and as a result, law enforcement trainers have gone to encouraging tasers to be worn on the opposite side of the officer's body. tasers themselves are really very distinguishable from firearms. but when people get into a stressful situation, even law enforcement officers who are trained, were accustomed to being in stressful situations, when they are placed in stressful situations, often times they will make these cognitive errors. that seems to be what happened here. i'm not excusing it. it's an awful awful tragedy. it's a mistake that should never, ever happen. but that is what it was. this was a tragic mistake. >> lawrence: you know, when
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the situations arise, there becomes a conversation about certain reforms and what needs to take place in policing. and part of that conversation that these bill of rights that these officers have. and you have some thoughts on that. it is coming across states all across the country. where you stand on that? >> well, and my home state and the state where i serve and to law enforcement agencies, they have had until now bill of rights which simply protects officer's rights when they are involved in a critical incident like this or even a routine complaint. that's all it does. it protects the right to due process. they can't be fired without fairness. it ran through legislation as a knee-jerk response. the same thing that is happening in many states. they are concerned that isolated incidents, such as what we are seeing with the brooklyn center trial, isolated cases like that
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are caused by the due process protection. so they are getting rid of them. and the republican governor vetoed it. but they have devised a terrible system. they are probably going to have to fix it in a couple of years because it is unfair. it's not even going to make officers -- well actually the opposite will likely occur. the one you know, when the situations take place, sadly all law enforcement are put into one category. what is the pulse of law enforcement across the country? >> law enforcement officers are demoralized. you are exactly right. they feel that they have been tarred by a certain isolated incident. they are not your children. they look at the incident with the neon george floyd's neck. they look out that with the same discuss that others look at that. and so, they don't want to be tarred by that. they want do a good job.
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they understand that in order to be able to do that, they have to build to do half of the job they are now being prevented from doing, which is proactive preventive policing that has now been prescribed and essentially made it legal in jurisdictions across the country. at least in baltimore it has been. they are demoralized and they are looking for help for some fm supporters. >> lawrence: we saw the law enforcement officers who have been killed over the last couple of days. we are praying for the families. thanks so much for joining the program. now, we've got some work to do. earlier today, the city manager, mike elliott was one of the first to call for due process of an officer. we just learned moments ago from mike tobin that city manager, mike elliott has been fired. here now, emily, federal attorney, former federal attorney and cohost of "outnumbered."
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emily, my friend, thank you so much for joining me. i watched that press conference live on the channel today and as an american, as a black man that wants to see this system come together, you still got to have due process as well. and it seems like that was a problem for some folks. we have learned that the city manager is now fired. >> lawrence, thank you so much for having me, first of all. you are doing such an amazing job at hosting. i'm so proud to be your colleague. if due process is protected by the constitution and if that is the reason that this gentleman was fired, where does that leave the rest of us? where does that leave his due process? so, i think we should stay tuned. that remains to be seen certainly within his contract and why exactly it was terminated. but if it was simply for calling for due process or pointing out that it was necessary before jumping to conclusions, especially in as you put it
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earlier, this case-by-case basis. everyone agrees this is a tragedy. but to reserve judgment to me should be constitutional. >> lawrence: yeah, and we don't know if this was the reason why he was fired. we do know that the mayor fires a city manager and the way government is set up and this is a council manager relationship. the sitting council and the mayor, and so they are the only ones that could have done this. but emily, i want to go into this case, because it is tough. it's really tough. you see something like this and it's hard to watch. you also see the officer's side where she is clearly startled. she made the wrong decision. what does the loss they are when you unintentionally shoot someone in the line of duty? because we want justice from the family, but this was an accidental shooter based on what we know so far. so, what does the law say? >> right.
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so, for accidental shootings, usually they are two investigations. an outside agency investigation to determine whether charges should be filed and an internal one to determine whether any internal policies were violated. and if so, to recommend punishment. now here in minnesota, it's the bureau of criminal apprehension to investigating the police officer shooting which happens in that state. they have been 17 accidental shootings that resulted in criminal charges being filed at about 28 that resulted in civil lawsuits that then had settlements from 200,000 to up to several million. and of course, we are in the same state, minnesota, where former officer, derek chauvin is on trial. one of his charges is that unintentional manslaughter, that second degree manslaughter that requires a certain degree of negligence here. so the answer to your question is that there is a whole range of both up to criminal civil charges and also the rates and the reservation to not press any charges at all.
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>> lawrence: emily, we always appreciate the expertise that you have. thank you so much for joining the program. >> my pleasure. >> lawrence: we'll continue to cover this all night as well as all week. we will not pour gasoline on a fire that is already lit in this country. we will only present you with the facts. next, is he on track to become the next donald trump? the president's daughter-in-law, lara trump joins me next. ♪ ♪ 's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ ♪ you one welcome back. as covid cases continues to surge in michigan, he is facing a growing amount of threats. this has nothing to do with how she is handling the pandemic.
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no, it simply because she's a woman. >> i can tell you this that sadly in this moment, there have been a lot of death threats. we know that there was a plot to kill me. it is different than what some of my male counterparts are. yes, i do think there is a layer of misogyny here that every woman in leadership has been confronting and dealing with to some extent. >> lawrence: yeah, it has nothing to do with how she is handling it. joining me now is fox news contributor, lara trump. thanks so much for joining the program. >> you got it. thanks for having me. >> lawrence: so, let's talk about this. you are a woman, a strong woman. have taken a lot of criticism for supporting your father-in-law, being a conservative woman. is this the easy way to go when you fail at being a leader? >> well, i think it's a little bit ridiculous. and as a woman, i hate whenever
4:23 pm
the identity politics are immediately brought into something like this. i mean, i'm sure lawrence, it has nothing to do with the fact that when she locked down the entire state of michigan last memorial day, her husband threatened the marina owner to get a boat in the water. i'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that she tried to stop trump rallies from happening but was happy to have the blm protests. i'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that she, just like our governor here, governor cuomo in new york, had positive covid patients sent to nursing homes or maybe the fact that michigan happens to have the worst infection rate of any state in the entire country for covid. look, i hate when people differ immediately to their gender. this has to do with the fact that she has been a terrible governor of her state. >> lawrence: yeah, and i'm so glad that you brought up ron desantis. because you have a governor right here.
4:24 pm
she is locking everything down, right? rules for the, but not me. it's not a great state to be out right now. things are still closed. but then you have governor ron desantis that is crushing this. i mean, things are open. people love him. not just normal republicans. you've got minorities that are cheering them on. you've even got democrats that are defending him. what you think about that? >> well, rhonda santos is exactly what gretchen might want to try and emulate. because instead of caving to the woke politics and saying shut everything down, he's saying let's take a common sense approach to covid and you will see that the state of florida is flourishing. it's thriving. i can't tell you the number of people who have moved out of the northeast, jersey, connecticut. they are now permanent
4:25 pm
residence. he doesn't put up with the nonsense from the media. he pushes back whenever he sees them doing something ridiculous and wrong. and people really like that. they like the no-nonsense approach. it's very reminiscent of someone else we have all come to know and love, my father-in-law, the 45th president of the united states. i think he has a lot of features that kind of remind people of president donald trump. >> lawrence: we are going to be watching. they call him america's governor. thanks so much for joining. >> you got it. >> lawrence: i wish more people would be like ron desantis. maybe people should take note and then they will be losing so much. anyway, coming up, a new plan for our brilliant president to pay migrants to go home? peter has some thoughts on that. ♪ ♪
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the biden administration is reportedly considering cash payments to stop the surge of migrants to the u.s. the money would go to honduras and el salvador. meanwhile, vice president kamala harris is nowhere to be found. last month, a record number of migrants were picked up at the mexico border. former advisor to president trump and founder of america first legal. stephen, you can't make this up. but will it work? >> no. we have reached the bottomless depths of absurdity and it will not work. i will tell you why. an illegal immigrant family thinking of coming to the united states, they are very well of the financial benefits for them of doing so if they are able to get here and maintain a long-term residence here. you are talking about free health care. you are talking about free education.
4:32 pm
free american education. you are talking about massively higher wages relative to what you were making in your home country, even if you are getting paid less than americans would get paid for the same job. you are talking about tax credits. you are talking about handouts, like we are seen in the state of new york. collectively, these add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. and that is one of the biggest magnets, one of the biggest factors we call it in terms of driving this large-scale migration illegally across our borders. >> lawrence: so stephen, i'm not used to being in the studio. i'm used to traveling around the country, talking to average americans, talking about issues that are impacting the country. and one of the things they always bring up is president trump was able to do a lot of executive orders, change the money around to the executive branch. but they feel let down by the republican leadership. you are no longer in the white house anymore so you are not going to hurt any feelings.
4:33 pm
what happened behind closed doors and who stopped the legislation from you guys being able to secure the border? >> yeah, so here's the good news. here's what we found out. congress already passed all of the laws that we needed to secure the border. the most powerful things that president trump did, and they were amazing and historic and got the job done. we are all familiar with the remaining mexico policy. that was a law passed by congress in 1996. it had never been used. >> lawrence: they know about this. we want to know who stopped legislation for the funding of the wall. because he did that through executive order. why wasn't congress able to, and they have control of all branches, get that done. obviously the republicans were obstructed. >> obviously, during the first
4:34 pm
two years, it's a well-known fact and no one disputes it, that then speaker paul ryan, his priority was not immigration. his priority was not border security. this is a known fact. it has been understood for a long time. and yes, we absolutely should pass the reconciliation bill, just like the democrats did to fully fund the border wall back in 2017. i know this in your audience knows this. but my point is that why it matters today for your family is that using tools that already exist, the funding that donald trump got for the border wall, yes. but also remain in mexico, a federal law. also, agreements, a federal law. also, title 42, health exclusions. a federal law. joe biden has the tools to protect your family. he is not using them. >> lawrence: we are going to be following your new group. we appreciate your commentary. we hope republicans get in line and stick with the commitments
4:35 pm
they promised. speaker you want to pass an infrastructure bill, passed a border security bill. that is what we should be focused on. >> lawrence: thank you. got a problem with virtual learning? what your students to be back in the classroom? well, this teacher has a message. come at me, bro. figure if your parent wants to come talk to me about how i'm not giving a good enough job in distanced learning based on what you need as an individual, just dare them to ce at me. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> lawrence: welcome back to "prime time." american school children have tremendously from covid lockdowns. yet teachers are still fighting to stay remote. in san diego, a group of five parents from 5 districts over the reopening of public schools demanding state restriction be eased and allowed for more in person instruction. but one high school teacher from san marcus isn't happy about it. watch. speak with your parent wants to
4:41 pm
come talk to me about how i'm not doing a good enough job in distanced learning basedt you need as an individual, just dare them to come at me. because i am so sick to my stomach at parents trying to tell educators how to do their job. >> lawrence: joining me now is kimberly, a parent of two. kimberly, i've got to ask you, my mom is a sweet lady. but if you want to see mama get really upset, talk to her kids like that. what was your reaction when you saw the video? >> right, thanks for having me. it was upsetting and actually pretty shocking. whether our kids are in the classroom or they are on a zoom call with a teacher, we are putting our kids in the care of our teachers and we are expecting that they are going to be treated with respect and
4:42 pm
courtesy. that is clearly not what was going on during that particular zumba class. >> lawrence: what you think the big issue is across the country? why don't some of these teachers want to go back into the classroom? the signs have been very clear. you are a parent. i'm sure you have seen it. it's safe for kids to be back in school and it's safer teachers to be back in school even without all of the combinations they have asked for. so why don't they want to return customer >> you know, interestingly enough, i think that's a minority. i think the majority of teachers do want to return. but we are seeing here is the school unions that are very powerful who have other agendas. speaking, i think possibly out of turn for the teachers. the teachers we know, the classes that my kids or income of those teachers know that the best possible place for the kids to be learning right now is inside the classroom. so, i think there are some outliers like possibly the video we just saw. but i think the majority of them to want to come back here we have all seen the harmful repercussions that are happening
4:43 pm
with our kids by not being in the classroom. teachers get into this profession for that reason, right? they love and care for kids. i think the majority of them do want to be back. it is the lack of leadership at a district level with the school boards and this battle with the unions. that is what is keeping our kids from being back in the classroom. >> lawrence: it's pretty disgusting the people who are supposed to look out for the kids really aren't doing that. so, i got to ask you, because right now, if i know correctly from our producers, your kids are doing like a hybrid program? like a couple days in the classroom customer >> correct. so my kids -- sorry. stay one go ahead. the girl just going to say my kids are in secondary education. we waited a year and a week to see those 21 days before the end of the school year. that's a shame, right? that's not education, to the
4:44 pm
greatest extent possible. we are asking our district to step up and get our kids back to the classroom full time, asap. >> lawrence: yeah, enough is enough. the kids have paid enough. be consistent. kimberly, thanks for being such a strong parent and letting your voice be heard. thank you. >> thank you. i appreciate the time. >> lawrence: be safe. up next, calls for due process at your own peril. the manager at brooklyn center minnesota is now out of a job. we are going live in minutes and the curfew, 15 minutes away being implement it. we'll talk about that, next. ♪ ♪ you may think you're doing all you can benchmark but could your medication do more to lower your heart risk? jardiance can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease. so, it could help save your life from a heart attack or stroke. and jardiance lowers a1c. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration,
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4:50 pm
duties. >> lawrence: that was a fox news alert. this afternoon, the mayor of brooklyn center made his position clear. he wants to fire the female officer for accidentally shooting and killing a young black man over the weekend. but the city manager disagrees. he advocated for his investigation and due process. watch. >> and in response to the question about termination, all employees working for the city of brooklyn center are entitled to due process with respect to discipline. this employee will receive due process. due process, discipline will be determined. if i were to say anything else, i would actually be contradictory, the idea of due process. >> lawrence: they do realize due process as part of the law. and for demanding due process, it appears that he has just been
4:51 pm
fired. the mayor said a short time ago, "effective immediately, our city manager has been relieved of his duties. i will continue to work my hardest to deliver good leadership at all levels of our government." mike tobin is on the ground in brooklyn center minnesota with the latest. mike, we just got this breaking news. what are you hearing from your sources? >> well, there's also word out of the mayor's office. the mayor out here, of course, mike elliott very upset about what happen. you heard him say very clearly that he thinks this officer needs to be fired. and the police chief among those is another one who said that you need to have some due process. as far as what is happening out here on the ground, you have people who are very angry. you hear the noise that they are making right now. the curfew is about to go into effect in less than 10 minutes. walking around, what surprised me is walking around and talking to people in this crowd.
4:52 pm
of everyone that i spoke with, they are not intent on defying the curfew. they are making their voices heard. but as this curfew goes into effect, it will go into effect for hennepin county and all the counties surrounding minneapolis. the people here anyway, with whom i spoke say they intend to respect it. you do know that they have the manpower that is in effect because of operation safety nets. and you saw the leaders out here make mistakes last time around. they didn't stand up to the curfew and the protesters who came out last time, and you saw the disaster that ultimately unfolded following the death of george floyd. but if you look at the people out here right now, i can tell you the numbers in the last 10-15 minutes had dwindled to some extent. you see the fortifications outside of the police headquarters and you see the numbers of police. the bright yellow, those of the state troopers. you have a number of agencies who are out here in front of the police headquarters in brooklyn center. that is what we are seeing right now. the people say they largely will
4:53 pm
obey the curfew, but they are out here right now making their voices heard and we will see if we get any kind of a repeat of what we saw last night. lawrence. >> lawrence: so, mike, i've got to ask you this. what are they calling for on the ground? do they want the officer arrested? because the investigation has is taking place. it seems like the city is already saying they want to move on this. they are just waiting for the process to take place. so what are the people on the ground one? >> well, unfortunately i have been to so many of these and what you get with the people on the ground is immediately they want a conviction and they want a sentence. the talk about justice, but they want to rush right to a conclusion and get justice based on the conclusion they have arrived based on a preliminary set of facts. we have word from the hennepin county medical center that they have determined the
4:54 pm
death and they are calling it a homicide. you can't be alarmed when you hear them say homicide because of this context, homicide simply means a death that was unnatural that was caused by someone else. >> lawrence: real quickly, you are 100% right about the classification of the homicide. any word from the officer? has she gotten console? is there a gag order, protective custody? what do we know about her? >> well, the earpiece broke up a little bit but i think you are asking about the mother of mr. wright in this case. we know that ben has now signed on with that family. he has become very prominent. very well-known. in fact, in the george floyd case, because they were able to arrive at this record. $27 million settlement with the city. he is now representing the
4:55 pm
wright family. lawrence. >> lawrence: thank you. and that's 5 minutes until they have to be out there. we will be covering that and tucker will be as well after this. he is a civil rights attorney. that means that they are already moving to build a case to sue them in civil court. not the criminal process. that is two different processes taking place. joining me right now is reverend gregory livingston. "new york post" columnist and fox news contributor, and reverent i want to go to you first. what is your reaction to that video as well as this case of due process where we see these videos, he breaks her heart. they become very personal. but then there is a legal process. where do you stand on this, sir? >> well, first of all, thank you for having me on. it's a very tragic time.
4:56 pm
first of all, i was very involved when i was in chicago with the jason van dyck the police officer shot him 14 times. even when you look at cases like with george floyd and derek chauvin, he was on his neck for 8:29. whatever possesses them to do what they did, it was not their training. with this particular situation with daunte wright, it's very tragic that the officer confused her taser with a gun. that is a very dangerous situation. i mean, how much training do you have that you can't differentiate the two coaches by feel? because you have police officers that work at night as well. so if you have to have a visual and something else in a nonlethal situation, that's a
4:57 pm
very dangerous thing, which leads me to the next point, sir. and again, my condolences go out to the family. as a human being, as a black man, and as a pastor as well. but with the due process piece, i think the mayor is showing leadership. he probably could still be the mayor of chicago instead of head he instead tried to fire jason van dyck and instead of being afraid to fight the union come acted like a chief executive and fire him. the mayor has done the right thing. city manager, no. >> lawrence: forgive me, reverend. you are correct when it comes to -- but in that case, the mayor actively conceals information, evidence, and video. in this case right now, there has been complete transparency so far. that is due process. so, why the firing?
4:58 pm
>> that whole situation is -- >> lawrence: i'm sorry. let me get miranda in here quick. >> yeah, high matt, lawrence. >> excuse me, miranda. [laughs] >> people have said that before. but look, it's a horrible situation, obviously. it seems there is some problem with training. but you cannot go and surrender to the mob. minneapolis, because of the derek chauvin trial, that entire area is just on -- the police have been under siege for over a year. now, you have a situation where the people of minneapolis and their suburbs need police, because there are bad people with guns. there are criminals, as there are everywhere. they need to be kept safe from them. but what has happened is that an
4:59 pm
absolutely incompetent to city government has decided to defund police and demoralize police. the activists have been at it. you've got wild mobs out there. so, tensions are high and mistakes happen. and that is not to excuse this mistake at all. but the city manager was absolutely right. he was standing up for the rule of law for due process. these are basic things that stop our society from descending into outer barbarism and chaos. and you need to be able to do that. and for him to be fired for standing up for due process is terrifying. >> lawrence: we have to do the right thing here. and we are going to be following. miranda reverend, thank you all so much for joining us. >> thanks, lawrence. >> lawrence: guys, we are going to be following this case. it is tragic. is nuance. it is something we have to
5:00 pm
follow the facts on. i have been fighting for criminal justice my entire career starting in june delve, juvenile court. it is important to get the facts in. they matter. thank you so much for watching "fox news primetime." i'm lawrence jones. i will be here tomorrow at all week. tucker starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy monday. last week we said something on television. now pretending it is somehow highly controversial. we are going to ignore all of this. none of it is real. it's all a form of social control. honestly, who cares what they think. but in this one case, we thought it might be worth pausing to restate the original point, both because it was true. also b


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