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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 12, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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moment for those kids. thank you very much, and that will do it for us here. neil will be back tomorrow. but you can catch me on fox business "making money." the big inflation out tomorrow. right now though -- ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello, i am dana perino along with jessica tarlov, jesse watters, i got felled, and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ minnesota on edge preparing for more violent protest tonight, the governor said he made 7:00 p.m. curfew for counties around minneapolis after police released a dramatic body camera footage in the police shooting and shooting of dante right, at a traffic stop in the suburb outside of minneapolis, police say he was pulled over because of expired registration tags with officers on the scene and
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then discovering a warrant out for his arrest. and daunte wright resisting. it was accidental and the officer appeared to had grabbed her gun instead of her. taser. here's how it happened. >> dana: officials from across the state telling protesters to be peaceful after a night of chaos that saw 20 businesses damaged. >> peaceful protesting, expressing yourself, we fully support that. by the ravaging of the businesses, the looting of the stores, the destruction to our pharmacies, we cannot tolerate that. >> dana: thank you for that
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update today we got from the police officer. this has been a very tough story to manage and jesse, i wanted to start with you. first of all, welcome back and congratulations to you and emma on baby jesse. we can't wait to hear more. we will see a little bit more of that in "one more thing" if we can hang on for that treat. as you return here is another one of the stories and this one seems like possibly a tragic accident in terms of wanting the taser, but getting the gun, but now he has died. >> jesse: the office stir totally choked and pulled the wrong weapon and daunte wright is dead and did not deserve to die like that. it's a horrible tragedy. i think that everybody needs to know the facts of this case first. the officer was female, white, her partner was a black male, and daunte wright half white half black. he was pulled over for expired tags and had warrants. he had warrants for misdemeanor
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selling drugs, disorderly conduct. he had another case in the summer involving fleeing and carrying a pistol without a permanent and had just caught a charge about six weeks ago for an aggravated robbery which he was let out with no bail just on his own reconnaissance. so when he was pulled over you have to bring someone like that in, obviously. he resisted and you never should resist at all. and a scuffle ensued and it despite good training, she pulled the wrong weapon and horrible tragedy, and she should pay the price for that. but the facts are very important in this case and also all of these police officer-involved shooting cases. police officers killed twice as many whites as they killed blacks. 400 whites by police each year, 200 black americans. and those are mostly armed. more whites killed that are unarmed than blacks unarmed. in terms of interracial violence, very, very small.
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at 16% of white victims of, homicide -- it is mostly their racist killing their own. and in that case, 7,000 black homicides each year. 90 percent of those, other blacks are the assailants. and 50 percent of those cases the assailant knows the victim. it's a big issue here. so when you see a story like this, you have to think, what is the media selling? they are selling racism. you don't have to buy that story that they are selling, and that's why it's important for everybody to know these facts, because the media hides these facts from you so that you are not as good of a customer for their racism sales. and that's what this is about. so i hope that people arm themselves with the facts before they go out and potentially riot, because that is not what you want to do here. >> dana: katie, this is happening i believe 50 or so
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miles from the area where the derek chauvin trial is happening. and he is being -- in trial right now, accused of killing george floyd. so it is already a combustible situation. >> katie: it is a tense situation in minneapolis, but as the police chief said today, these are two very different situations and every time there is a fatal encounter with police, each situation has a very specific unique fact. it is a situation that started poorly with bad tags and a warrant out for an arrest and ended with a police officer pulling the wrong weapon to stop the suspect from resisting arrest. and unfortunately, the rioting and the stealing of the sneakers from the nike store and the destruction of all of the personal property and businesses will only lead to more violence in communities that actually say that they want more good policing inside of those communities. crime is up as a result of back
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lives matters riots across the country. and that's police stepping back and saying i'm not going to go into those neighborhoods and do my job, because the outcome of that has been rioting and a number of disturbances inside of these communities. and so i think it is really important as jesse pointed out to follow the facts in every situation and not complete the two. this is not a result of the george floyd situation, it is a result of an incident that occurred in a very specific set of circumstances. >> dana: jessica, this is happening while many state legislatures and even the congress is considering some reforms on policing and holding police to account, what -- how do you think that might affect those conversations if at all? >> jessica: i hope it is in a more positive direction, and tim scott in the senate had his own bill on policing reform and i hope that we can find common ground on things like no-knock warrants and banning choke
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holds, qualified immunity, et cetera. to discuss the issue at hand and what happened yesterday which is undoubtedly a tragedy and did not expect that it was going to be an accident that she would reach for a taser and shoot her gun, which obviously ended the ultimate sacrifice, at the other end of this. but there was another video that came out over the weekend of black and latino officer who back in december was pulled over again for bad tax, and made the smart decision to pull into a well-lit gas station, and signaled he was going to pull over, was pepper sprayed in the face and pushed down to the ground, repeatedly asking why this was happening to him? someone in uniform in our nation's uniform and the officer had been fired already, but when this happens in something like this happens in minneapolis as derek chauvin is on trial and every member of law enforcement repeats that this was not a protocol, he was violating george floyd's rights and what
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they teach people, the american citizenry is going to rise up and they are going to say we cannot have officers like this, in the time in which officers will protect one another has to end when there are cops out there on the street like that. >> dana: greg, also this week and one officer was killed in new mexico, he was shot in the situation that the cops picked up on there. and in new york a police officer was stabbed. so you have a lot of this all coming to a head in one place even though they are individual stories with different sets of facts. >> greg: by just mentioning that now, you might be the only person that has mentioned it in the news. in terms of proportion, police officers getting shot and killed, police officers being attacked, they don't merit the amount of attention, something as explosive as a racially hinged video might. and now violence is now expected well before the fog clears, and i want to go back to just --
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there are three stories in media that will never go away for one reason, right? there is the middle east, there is border security, there are these police videos, they are intractable, unsolvable when each story gets hijacked by one variable, when in fact we know that there are four, five, six variables involved in every story, right? especially with the middle east, with immigration, with police. the media somehow focuses on only one variable to the suffering of others, which is always going to be race even when race is not a problem. so to jesse's point, there are tens of millions of traffic stops a year and we are looking at possibly 25 really tragic events that involve unarmed black men which comes down to may be two a month. are we going to be okay as a society of her twice a month to
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experience weeks or days of rioting because the media can't do its math and see how tiny their percentage of contentious tragedies are, how minuscule that is among the tens of millions of traffic stops? should we show all of these stops around the clock to get the correct context so that people understand? we are not going to do that and that will allow an explosive narrative to always take place in which small businesses get destroyed, but large businesses, large media companies will make money off of this. that is all -- this is about discontent of getting clicks. i am all for a solution on this, but you have no alternative, except totally dismantling police. because you are talking about a tiny percentage that is close tn stops. we must try to get it down to 0, but we may never get it down to 0. it might be 30 or 40. we have no -- we have no way to react when it
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happens when you have a media that makes these things seem like they are happening all the time. and so we have looting or what some people might call material liberation and we have police defunding which allows people to be no bail and out on the streets for them to commit more crime. we are in a mess. it's a complete mask because we allow the media to dictate the narrative. >> jesse: can i add one thing to greg's point, dana? we had live tv on, it was on four days a week and then canceled live tv because it showed regular traffic stops unedited and live and showed police in a positive light for the most part. that's what they did not want you to see. they want you to see the small minuscule incidents and then inflame them. >> dana: some of these do result in the death of someone. we will switch gears, you might have heard that everything is
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♪ ♪ >> greg: democrats continue to twist the meaning of infrastructure to sell president biden's massive spending bill. >> it's going to get down to what we call infrastructure. i think broadband is infrastructure. it's not just roads, bridges, highways, et cetera. >> getting into the semantic
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debate. i very much believe that all of these things are infrastructure, because infrastructure is a foundation that allows us to go about our lives. >> it is also human infrastructure involve. >> we have to look at what infrastructure means. ordinary people. >> we don't want to use past definitions of infrastructure when we are moving to the future. >> greg: i am infrastructure. democrats also coming up with a new definition for bipartisanship. the top adviser saying if people dubbed bipartisan in the dictionary i think that it would say reports from democrats and republicans, not the republicans have to be in congress. i don't know, dana, i don't know if you were here when i identified, i decided that i would self identify as infrastructure? >> dana: yes, i was. >> greg: because it is fluid and gender. so i probably as a 56-year-old tunnel or bridge deserve some money. what do you say that? >> dana: do you sign it i am
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infrastructure? >> greg: yes. a >> dana: good to know. there are a couple of things here, if they want to redefine the way that you talk about bipartisanship and how you define that, okay, fine. but if you look at something like immigration, you would have to admit that i think it is something like only 76%, 76% of people think that joe biden is doing a terrible job on the border. so we could try to play that game. i also love it that all of these people in washington like secretary buttigieg who is now living in washington talks about washington as if he is not there. only in washington, he is like, well, that's where you are. the only thing is that democrats are painting the opposition to the big infrastructure spending bill as coming from republicans, but that's not true. even senator coons who is a good ally of senator biden said that we should try to look at something smaller and just focus specifically on infrastructure. joe manchin from west virginia who has a lot of power says that
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it's not a good idea to raise taxes during a pandemic. and i don't think that that's the way to go, because that constituents don't want that. so this bill has a long way to go. i've a feeling it will get broken up into a lot of pieces. and maybe some bipartisanship along the way, but i'm not going to hold my breath. although you are probably like me to. >> greg: i would like you to hold your breath. this is disturbing, because i would like to insult you since you have been away for a week, but i also want to make a good point, i will say that your hair might qualify as infrastructure as it needs a lot of work and it's crumbling, but the other thing, aren't you kind of like, isn't it amazing that we are in our third week of infrastructure? that just shows you how much we miss trump. >> jesse: i told emma that i booked a massage on saturday and she said you did, i had a baby. and i said, babe, i'm investing
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in infrastructure, my infrastructure, the human infrastructure. he could probably send everybody to the spot and that would be an investment. but i have to give the democrats a little bit of credit. this is brilliant. they just found an excuse to spend $3 trillion in the word. how did they do that? if you get zero republican votes in the senate but a few republicans, will it agree with you? it's bipartisanship, so you call your friends at politico, they do the pole, are you republican? yes. did you support infrastructure spending? yes. the next day, politico headline, republican support biden infrastructure bill putting republican senators in a tough spot. it's genius and the democrats have taken unpopular policies, changed a word, helped the media cover it up for them, and that's how they can change the country. i'm actually in all of it, they
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should call tax cuts for your money? are you for free money? throw the wall and there too. >> greg: jessica, as you know, my number one priority and everything is the children. and you hear me in the green room weeping saying, what about the children? what about the children? and in this case i have to say what about the children, because the dems are going to bankrupt their future. it's like they care about the kids when it comes to climate change, but when it comes to money they are like screw those kids. >> jessica: yes, thank you for the clarification and first and foremost, i love that that is probably actually how jesse thinks polling is done and we will talk after the show about that. what about the kids, they are going to have a brighter future with the american jobs plan which is what this is called. not the super infrastructure bill, and there is a lot for the kids today. the kids that need to be taken care of and the kids that are stuck at home, because schools increasingly won't open, even
2:22 pm
though we know it is safe and we will talk about that later. the kids whose parents take care of their parents. it's so elder parents, the kids will have an easier time going to college and succeeding after that. they are so much here that his poll tested. and that's what joe biden had been doing all along. he is getting support from democrats, republicans, and independence because he is doing popular things. and fixing popular, and making sure that parents can work and take care of their kids is also popular. >> greg: so how is this different than just a budget? it sounds like a parallel budget, we have a budget and now we will do another -- this is the stimulus package that is actually an entire self-contained new budget for a parallel america. >> katie: you are correct and things are usually popular unlike with a budget you have to figure out how to pay for it and biden has change the threshold
2:23 pm
for tax increase due to $2,000 a year when he promised individuals making $4,000 a year would not see their taxes go up, but i remember when global warming became unpopular because science was showing that things were getting colder in some places so they changed it to climate change and to the left knows if you own the language, you and make the argument and then ultimately win the policy position which is what they are doing on infrastructure, so i also think it's pretty brilliant to tag everything and justify all these things, and the infrastructure constantly working on myself to be better. >> greg: you are right, politics is downstream from thesaurus. up next president biden if that is his real name considering cash payments to stop the flow of migrants heading for the southern border. ♪ ♪
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usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: the biden white house is considering a new plan to stop the surge at the border sending migrants cash not to come. the administration weighing and handing out taxpayer dollars to central america countries to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. the program with economic issues and guatemala, honduras, and el salvador. but it's unclear how that money transfers would work. and we have video from steve scalise that shows the jam-packed migrant filled society. don't we send hundreds of millions of dollars to central american countries and on the politicians down there
2:29 pm
pocket it? would these be direct payments to the bank accounts of people that, i don't know, what do they have come a bank of america coming you just wire it straight there? >> dana: i think that this policy is going to grow through, they are going to have to give us more detail as to how this will work. so in terms of foreign aid, yes, i can't remind her the details, but i remember that president trump threatened to take it away if the country did not cooperate and stop the migrant flow, and again, remember how all of that works. and and some governments are very corrupt also the reason that they want to leave, because there is no law and order, sending them direct payments, and the director of ice under obama and trump said this morning that if you do that, they will just use that money to pay the smugglers and the coyotes to get that across the border.
2:30 pm
that will not to deter from coming. >> jesse: and you get a cash payment here if you are an illegal immigrant. why don't we just pay criminals not to commit crime in the united states? >> greg: they are trying that somewhere. to joe biden with the wall with paypal. he decided to dismantle all of the incentives that they put there from the concrete wall to the policy remaining in mexico to the actual rhetoric which was enough to dissuade people from coming, then you see this crisis to implode, they are literally paying the problem to go away i'm wondering because we talked about language changes, we are no longer saying cages or crates, and care that they are now shelters where we are having them in shelters, next week it will be luxury boxes.
2:31 pm
>> jesse: i wonder if the infrastructure spending accounts for the kids in cages. but like was said, this is the perfect democrat philosophy, throw money at the problem and hope that it goes away. >> katie: i knew when roberto jenkinson who was a leading senator got in front of the press corps and essentially said that the problem was crime in the triangle was that they did not have enough streetlights and that they did not have infrastructure in those countries that today were in big trouble, the reason why that they are able to stop the flow from central america is because he throws 350 did million dollars -- billion dollars, i believe, and what is the bottom line, and if you look at the record of the people who are running the show down there, it came into the united states just in march, there was a former congressman who was sentenced to life in prison for trafficking
2:32 pm
185 million tons, 185 tons of cocaine and also got arrested on firearms charges, last fall 700 people were arrested and all of the countries outside of el salvador, honduras, all for similar crimes. so imagine being a taxpayer who is sending all of the money into the federal government coming in to ask for the $1400 stimulus check coming you don't get it, and all of a sudden you are paying money to the pockets of corrupt regimes. nothing in return. bad deal. >> jesse: sold jessica, they have no idea what to do with the crisis, what would president tarr love do to stop the flow? >> jessica: i do like the sound and i am over 35 which i hate to admit, but i would be the most powerful woman in the world. but i do not think that the game about the semantics of the crisis that it is not, we are seeing a record surge of the
2:33 pm
migrant detention facilities that is a disaster opening up new -- nine new ones. and i want to be clear, this is the legal right to do this. can be well taken care of and have their day in court to see if they should be left in here. but what is going on is the travel about the cash payment and the broader policy as it goes to the northern triangle in mexico is court by vice president harris in communication with all of the countries and has gotten quite a positive response including an extra 10,000 troops from mexico on the border and increased policing. there is corruption. we need to know how this money would reach the people who need it. but americans would be happy than to let them in the country when we are seeing a surge like this. >> jesse: i did not hear about kamala harris getting things under control. >> jessica: while i am here to tell you, greg. >> jesse: we have a fox news alert though.
2:34 pm
multiple people including a police officer shot at a high school in knoxville, tennessee, and local police are saying one person has died. authorities say the building is now secure, but are urging people to avoid the area. let's go to anita vogel with the latest. >> hi, jesse, still gathering information and details are coming into the newsroom. but here's what we know so far. did the shooting happened at about 3:15 knoxville time. and the shooting taking place at austin east magnum high school in knoxville. here is what we know so far. a male suspect who was possibly armed in the school, that's what prompted police to respond. when police arrived, shots were fired. there was a police officer shot. he was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injury. one male was pronounced dead at the scene while another was detained for further investigation. there were no other known gunshot victims at this time.
2:35 pm
again, we are still gathering details about exactly what happened, whether was some sort of fight at a school or whether it was a student who brought the gun to school. we don't yet no, but we do know is that one person has been pronounced dead at the scene, a male fatality, and we have one police officer, one knoxville, police officer taken to the hospital. we are going to be looking into this throughout the day and we will bring you more details as we get them. jesse, back to you. >> jesse: thanks, anita. more of "the five" coming right up.
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demanding that schools reopen. a group of parents trying to get children back into the classroom. >> if your parent wants to come talk to me about how i am not doing a good enough job in distance learning based on what you need as an individual, just dare them to come at me. because i am so sick to my stomach of parents trying to tell educators how to do their jobs. >> jessica: i will first go to proud papa jesse on the panel, congratulations on the many jesse, and i'm curious to get your take on this as you have two kids who are in school right now, 11-year-olds, what is your -- >> jesse: they are nine, but that's close. >> jessica: they are very mature. and lovely. so part of what is contention right now is whether there should be any remote learning at
2:41 pm
this point, and we know that the vaccines and even without them, the schools are not the super-spreader events. what is the right balance? is there any room for remote learning or is it just everybody has to get back in the classroom at this point situation? >> jesse: if the kid has the sniffles, they can learn remotely, that might be an advantage to the whole pandemic remote to learning situation, but i think that kids need to be back in school. one thing is clear, jessica, teachers do not like being evaluated. they like evaluating other people. they like judging and scrutinizing, and if you turn that scrutinizing on them and question their motives, their motivation, their curriculum, their schedule, any of that, how much money they are getting, no, no, no. they panic and they don't like that. also, another thing, we need to get back to complaining about students, they can have parents complaining about teachers and teachers complaining about parents, let's go back to the good old days where students where the issue, all right?
2:42 pm
that's where we belong. >> jessica: happy to do that. we'll be seeing increased numbers in the rubber rooms of the public school system? >> greg: not as fun as they sound, but i think we have learned, we have learned from zoom that teachers hate teaching and they hate their students and the students parents. i guess that everybody complains about their customers, everybody complains about to their clients, but it seems like that's what we have learned, and california it seems like it's always carol flint and california that the people are the most pissed off at the process of it. it's time to bail on the system we are seeing a really promising movement of states wanting to fund the student and not the system, you can follow cory deangelis on twitter. he covers this very well. but it might be time for some real actual -- i mean, take this as an opportunity to create a new kind
2:43 pm
of education, because it is clear that this is not working. it's kind of depressing when you think about it and there is no solution. it's just people complaining. >> jessica: katie, what do you think about greg's idea of a total overhaul? >> katie: i think that overall the education system is long overdue and the unions were refusing to go back to school no matter how many accommodations they received as a perfect example of why school choices important. but i would say that i do know if you teachers who have been doing the distance-learning thing. for them it is far more frustrating than being in the classroom. so while there have been a lot of bad teachers and in bad faith voting to note go back to school to the classroom, many are held hostage by their unions and want to be back in school in distance learning that has been very difficult for everyone involved. so she is accountable to parents who paid property taxes at the public school, but i do
2:44 pm
understand the frustration with the distance-learning that continues. >> jessica: the last word to you. >> dana: she compares it to people going into the doctor's office and telling the doctor how to do their job. that's not what is happening here. the parents are saying we want you to teach shakespeare in this particular way or saying that you need to teach the oxford, or not. i don't want to get into that debate. but they are saying that we would like you to do whatever you are doing to do it in person, so that's not exactly the right thing. and everything will be okay, i talk about this very annoying trait that i think will hold the young women back if they keep doing it. i am talking, this woman participates as if she is teaching her kids, the students to talk like that. don't anybody talk like that. it will hurt you and your. >> jessica: i'm a little scared to open my mouth, because i have to read it -- ahead, jesse is now a proud papa, he will tell us how he is adjusting next on "the five."
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>> katie: welcome to dad life again, jesse, mr. waters and his wife welcoming a new baby into the world. i'm sure he is a perfect person to weigh into the study that says manly men make better dads and link masculine traits to stronger parenting skills. this is why you are a great father, because you are so manly. >> jesse: yes, i wear make up for a living, but so masculine. i think it is safe to say that i am the only one on the show that has been peed on twice today. while maybe not got felled, the night is young for greg. my dad said, you better get back on "the five" soon, your replacements have been really good. i was like, thanks, dad. but now i am pro-paternity, i used to mock people for taking
2:50 pm
paternity, i used to think it was a big ruse, but now i wish i could take six weeks, and i have people nipping at my heels, so i have to do that. >> greg: one thing i noticed, jesse, one thing i noticed, jesse, your baby is really lazy, all it is doing is lying there. i mean, does it walk or anything, has it said anything? >> jesse: emma is doing a great job as a mom, and looks terrific, and i am not that tired, the makeup helps, but we are doing pretty good in the water's household. i was just surprised that people were surprised that i named him jesse jr. -- i thought it was so obvious. >> dana: no one was surprised.
2:51 pm
>> jesse: my sister said, does emma approve of you naming him jesse jr., typical liberal? >> katie: where is bailey from? >> jesse: my mom's side of the family, we had morten bailey the third, and we have another bailey in the family, and he will carry on the watters name now and must name his son jesse, because we have to have the third. >> dana: in that picture where he has his hand on his forehead, he just can't take it. >> jesse: i made him watch greg show, he is exhausted.
2:52 pm
we have the long form birth certificate. that's right. thank you, guys. thank you. very cute, dad jokes to come. "one more thing" up next. ♪ ♪ you need a financial plan that can help grow and protect your money. an annuity can help cover essential expenses in retirement. have the right financial professional show you how... this is what an annuity can do. stay restless with the icon that does the same. the rx crafted by lexus. lease the 2021 rx 350 for $439 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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2:57 pm
good. yeah! i could watch that all day. and you know what, i will. >> dana: i think you probably did. some material for tonight with the exclamation point. all right, jesse. >> jesse: no more baby pictures for jesse jr., already getting a big head and i mean literally, his head circumference is measuring at a very high percentile. so we don't want that. we will talk about the independence fun. i'm very supportive of the organization that does a lot of work for veterans who have suffered catastrophic injuries. they have now given away track chair number 2,500. now jordan maynard received a track chair. he is a retired marine sergeant from arizona who was murdered in afghanistan, stepped on an iud and lost both legs. so now he can get out and do things. he can hunt and go to the beach. the chairs are all-terrain. they are just phenomenal. they are little expensive and that's why people need our
2:58 pm
support. so go to the independents fund and contribute. >> dana: love it. that's great. here's something that happened to read my book sold out, but then i ordered more and took forever to get them, the good news is, everything will be okay, back in stores. if you are waiting, now you can find them. i also wanted to show you this video. this is a cafeteria worker in oklahoma, check out what the students did. all lined up because she just passed her u.s. citizenship test. she originally is from cuba and move to the united states in 2016 and was seeking a better life for her and her family. studied very hard to pass that test and to those kids giving her a big round of applause which is pretty awesome. also some pretty good art on the walls they are, the crowd and clouds of the rainbows. loving it. congratulations to you. next, katie. >> katie: very cool. so a miniature wonderland in hamburg, germany and which is
2:59 pm
home to the largest model train set in the world has just set a another "guinness book of world records." the flight was closed during the pandemic but had some time on their hands. of the model train performed a constellation of 20 classical pieces over the 211-meter track and a total of 2840 glasses that were placed strategically along the railway and failed to create a tone when the train went along. if you want to listen to classical music played by a train in hamburg, germany, that's exactly where you have to go to listen to that. >> dana: you can't go due to covid. drink a lot though, it's a nightmare. jessica. >> jessica: awesome, great stuff, everyone. and for all of you know it was next week or's, i did not like the outcome of that. and i'm no golf experts, but thrilled to see that there was the first japanese man to win the major golf championship let alone the masters. joining two women who have
3:00 pm
joined this feat. making japan so very proud paired asking if he was the greatest golfer in japan, he said i cannot say i am the greatest. we have to go. congratulations from every one here at fox. >> dana: congratulations to you, jessica. i just found out that you got engaged. >> jessica: yes, thank you! >> dana: hey, bret. >> bret: congratulations, jessica. and i think i have something for jesse. he should get a copy of the show and give it to him to have a whole block of "the five" about you. pretty good. >> jesse: he will like things all about him, because he will be walking in his father's footsteps. >> bret: all right, see you guys. welcome to washington, i am bret baier, breaking tonight minneapolis and st. paul under state of emergency. curfews have been


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