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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 12, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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we are in pain right now. and we recognize that this couldn't have happened at a worse time. we recognize that this is happening at a time where our community, all of america, all of the world is watching our community. that we are all collectively devastated and we have been for over a year now by the killing of george floyd and we continue to be distressed as we go through the derek chauvin trial. so having a police shooting happen in our community and killing a young man is heartbreaking and just unfathomable. and so our entire community is filled with grief with yesterday's police involved shooting that led to the killing
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of daunte wright, a 20-year-old, young african-american man. my hearts go out to his family and to all those who are impacted by this tragedy in our community. and while we await additional information from the vca which is leading the investigation, we continue to support members of our community as they gather peacefully admits our calls for transparency and accountability. let me be clear. we will get to the bottom up's. we will do all that is within our power to make sure that justice is done for daunte wright. we are going to continue to meet with community leaders to hear their voices.
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in fact, we did that this morning. the chief and city council members, and other elected officials from the state and city staff, city manager, we had a meeting earlier with to hear their voices in this time. we are also going to continue to conduct press conferences and share information with the public. as i stated, we plan to show the body camera footage. we are going to conduct a community press conference following this as well so we can talk directly with leaders of our community, organizations, and share this information. we are going to be providing crisis counseling and mental health resources to all of our members who may need and desire
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such services. and our collective communities grieving every single life, every member of our community is important to us and so the events, like yesterday are tragic. and they take each and every one of us, they take a part of us as we experience these dramatic events. just being exposed to it, i'm sure you are all feeling your mouth of the weightiness of what were feeling collectively. i'm going to invite the chief to come up and he's going to provide you a briefing about the details of what transpired yesterday and then we will get
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questions. you and everyone. i am the chief of brooklyn center. i been achieved for five years and i've been a police officer in this city for 27. today i will be releasing the footage worn by the officer in the shooting. it happened up. the video myself and there's nothing i can say to lessen the pain of his family. friends, loved ones, the feeling of have. that pain is shared by the community and all of those involved in the incident. what i can do is convey my deepest sympathies and be transparent with the information at this time. that will include showing the video portion of the deadly force used by the officer as
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well as the immediate reaction. i caution everybody as you watch this that this will be graphic and unedited. have the video start please. it should be on both screens. >> you are just warrant about what you are about to see is
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graphic, we have not been made aware of what will play out in that body camera video, but we will momentarily. something we can't play on the screen until we know what is on it. this is a press conference following the fatal shooting of daunte wright, a black man following the traffic stop. what they're about to show, protests overnight in brooklyn center minnesota, looting, the burning of businesses in brooklyn center minnesota. the national guard has been deployed. this is the scene that played out overnight. >> terrible situation, you heard him saying, we recognize this couldn't come at a worse time. minneapolis and the entire area, still reeling from the death of george floyd. the derek chauvin trial going on. and just again, we want to tell you the reason we jumped out of that video is because we have
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not seen it before, we didn't want to expose you to something that might be very graphic because we don't know. until we get a chance to look at it ourselves. >> during this encounter they drew the handgun and stead of their taser for informational purposes we train with our handguns on our dominant side and are taser on her weak side. if you are right-handed you carry your firearm on the right side and your taser on the left. this is done purposefully and ranked. at the watch the video and listen to the officer's command, it's my belief he had the intention to deploy their taser, but instead shot him with a single bullet. this appears to me from what i view the officer's reaction immediately after this was an accidental discharge that resulted in a tragic death. i have asked the vca to conduct an independent investigation of
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the shooting and death. once they are completed they will submit their findings independent of me to the appropriate authorities, attorneys that will review this case. i'm stressing for the community to be patient and allow this investigation, criminal investigation to be completed as thoroughly as possible. i believe he deserves this as to all involved. the officer is currently on on administrative leave. a short comment about what happened last night to our community, a community i've been a part of for 27 years. i've seen the worst damage i've ever seen in those years. again, peaceful protesting, expressing yourself, we fully support that. the ravaging of businesses, looting of stores, destruction to pharmacies, we cannot tolerate that. i'm hoping the community will have this level of transparency
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and no this is being investigated by the authorities, but unfortunately they are not here today, but there handling the investigation and i very little information because there handling that investigation. mr. mayor, any comments? we are going to open it up for questions, but i want to reiterate, obviously this is deeply tragic and we are going to do everything we can to ensure justice is done, to ensure that our communities are made hole. with respect to the events last night, obviously there were folks who were grieving, who
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showed up initially at the location where where daunte wright was killed and where they were gathering. obviously later on, as it unfolded. there were a series of events that led to an escalation in the protest later on into the evening. later on i did issue a curfew which was in place until 6:00 a.m. this morning. to make sure we are having steps to keep the community safe. we believe strongly in people's rights to gather and to express their grievance and to protest as a fundamental american right
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and we are going to protect that right and at the same time we are going to work to protect the safety of our community. we will not open it up for questions. >> is a going to be sent over to the hennepin county office? >> it's far too early to know which authority will be prosecuting, if there is a prosecution so i don't know how that's going to play out. unfortunately the vca is normally present here during these, but what i've understood is releasing a video this early is not something they condone. they leave it up to me to do that and as i decided to do that, they're not a part of this conversation. i felt like the community needed to know what happened. they needed to see it. i needed to be transparent and i want to be forthright with
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respect to duante as well. >> can you talk about what led to the traffic stop? >> from what i've understood, from the public safety briefing there was a expired registration the vehicle. there were expired tabs. i think when he walked up to the car he discovered there was a hanging item from the mirror. so there was a context that he went up there initially for, obtained his i.d., walked back to his car and at that time he ran his name and found out there was a warrant. that is why they made the arrest. i have very little information on the warrant other than it was a gross misdemeanor warrant. >> his brother didn't know he had a warrant for his arrest and
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he had a meeting with his probation officer. >> that i don't know. >> had daunte wright been not of color this wouldn't have happened. a young black man. >> i don't have an answer to that question. >> was there a gun found in the car? >> i have not been made aware there was a gun in the vehicle. >> has there been an evaluation? >> has been social chatter on the media which i don't usually comment on, there's comments that they committed suicide and that's not true.
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that's not true. to the best of my knowledge. they are being taken care of. at this point in time i don't have that. that should be released very shortly. they will be releasing everyone involved and their training records and all that information will be up early shortly. >> do you plan to step down? >> at this point i do not. >> you describe the taser. >> i'm not in the mind of the officer. i can only see what you are seeing. i can couple that with the training that i received and that is why i'm leaving it's an accidental discharge.
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>> they were trying to take him into custody? >> it appeared to me he was trying to get back into his car to leave. >> how often do officers go through training to prevent something like this happening? is it an annual training? >> we have numerous trainings throughout the year. there are numerous trainings where we do tactical training, firearm, pretty thorough taser re-qualifications on a yearly basis, but then we do a number of scenarios and role-playing exercise. i could take one more question please. >> to pull someone over for expired tabs. >> i don't know if that was the priority, but it was what the officer observed and initiated the traffic stop. >> are you aware there is a significant delay in getting
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tabs, there is a 2-3 month backlog. is your staff aware of that? have you made any type of recommendations to your staff to be mindful that we are in a pandemic, there is a significant delay with getting tabs from the department of motor vehicles. are you aware of that? is your staff aware of that? >> i am aware of that and my staff is aware of that. that's the last question. sorry. >> mr. mayor, the officer clearly made a fatal mistake. should she lose her job? she killed someone. >> let me be very clear. my position is that it's we cannot afford to make mistakes
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that lead to the loss of life of other people in our profession. and so i do fully support releasing the officer of her duties. i do. >> why warrant police forces looking at what they were doing? do you have an answer for that? >> i don't have an answer. i have not spoken with the officers involved. at this point the vca is the one that's in contact with those officers. in fact, the only one allowed. >> you've given some thought to this idea?
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what is the process? how does that work? >> under our form of government the city manager, you can come up, he ultimately has control over the police department and not to the mayor and over the chief. you can comment on that. the city council has ultimate authority over what happens to the city collectively. the city council can take action in this regard as well. go ahead. >> my name is kurt i didn't response to the question about termination, all of the employees working for the brooklyn center are entitled to due process with respect to discipline. this employee will receive due process and that's all i can say today.
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>> do you support the termination of the officer like this who has made the type of mistake that is cost a resident of yours life? do you support the termination of this officer? what message are we sending to the rest of the world about the value of black life? do you support the termination of this officer? >> i understand the comment you made, but if i would be answering that question i would be contradicting what i said a moment ago. all employees are entitled to due process and after that due process this will be determined. if i would say anything else i would be contradictory to the idea of due process. >> what is your expectation for how a significantly white police
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force treats the black and brown members of this community? what expectation have you communicated to the officers under him with the vast majority? the vast majority is black and brown. how have you communicated to them with people who look like me? >> absolutely i have communicated that to the chief and i think the chief concurs with the notion that every resident must be treated fairly. the city council has been very clear in its expectations about equity. we are implementing that this year. we are hiring an equity officer. the council has provided accountability for the police department and transparency for the police department.
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we been providing that. we are providing reports to the city council about officer discipline. of black and brown people and people in brooklyn center. we have forced us if any of our policies, any of our practices lead to disproportionate results and our objective for doing that analysis is to eliminate any inequity that occurs as a result communicated to the chief and to the police officers. >> was there profiling in this situation? you have talked about her having due process, although some did not get due process in that situation. she needs to get fired
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immediately, this behavior will not be condoned. >> i appreciate those comments. it would be appropriate for me to respond to that. i can't make that judgment. >> you made a decision last night, there were rubber bullets. >> this is the city manager. can i ask that question about the firing of the police officer. what is that an indication of, are they dealing with something more important? is that a silent protest because he left the meeting. >> i can't speculate. >> mr. mayor?
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>> does that bother you? >> i do not know why the chief left. i can only speculate as to why he left at the time that he did. >> what would your speculation be? >> i don't have any speculation. it's possible he takes a position similar to the city manager, that there needs to be some kind of a process. i don't know. >> what was the conversation between you and the chief? you shared that you would like to see this officer terminated. he didn't tell us anything about the officer. these are questions the public
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deserves to know. >> certainly. those conversations, they are privileged conversation so i can't reveal that right now, but we should be able to provide the details around the officer and the training, those types of details. if you will give me a second i will check to see -- is the chief engaged currently at the moment and addressing policy? is there a reason why we can't have him answer more questions. folks are asking about the officers training and whatnot. okay. >> the chief can't walk out in the midst of a crisis. >> just to be clear, we are checking right now to see if he will come back and stand for
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more questions. >> what is the call for when there are protesters at the brooklyn center? what is the normal protocol for who decides and how does that decision happen and what is the process evolve? >> i will have the city manager any chief speak on that. my role becomes active the moment that i declare a state of emergency. and if the city council packs to give the mayor authority over the police or under circumstances declaration of martial law. my role is one of influence in those situations. i cannot give demands to the
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department. i cannot instruct the police chief to take certain actions or not to take certain actions. the person who can do that is the city manager. in terms of what the protocol, for handling protest, i imagine the chief will be coming back to join us. if you have any comments on that? >> can you release the name of the officer involved in the shooting? >> it's my understanding that name will be released very shortly. it's my understanding that the vca who is doing the investigation -- is not. >> does he have ultimate authority over what happens? tell the chief, released up body
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camera footage. they have no control over that what's up. that desire with it would be inappropriate. >> what would be inappropriate would be killing him. you are working to protect killing cops and a victim of police murder. >> i'm back. i'm sorry. i left. i'm used to doing a handoff. i apologize.
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normally they step in and they do the talk. that is what i'm used to. i apologize for that. i'm back here now. i can answer more questions, please realize and an officer-involved shooting, i have no contact with that investigation. people can say they stop at that, i look at this video which is unprecedented. i don't know what chief has done that. sometimes you can't unwatch a video. let me finish please. what i'm saying, i have limited information, i'm not trying to be disingenuous, i wish they were here, but they would say the same thing. there's not much we can do. please, one question at a time. >> may i ask you directly, do you believe the officer fired this fatal shot?
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shot and killed a 20-year-old man. the mayor indicated she should be terminated. what is your position? >> my position as the officer is due process. she has the right to be heard. she has the right to tell what she thought and felt. not what i thought, but what she thought. that may have an impact. timeout. she will not be returning to duty until this investigation was done. she for all intents and purposes. we can ascertain whether she will be returning. one question at a time. >> this is not the first time this has happened. two years we had an officer-involved shooting. you understand the public does not trust you and your department right now.
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we demand to know the information. >> we do have a process and that's leading on the bca to do their investigation. every shooting i have witnessed has been different. every circumstance is different. it's tragic every time, the loss of life is obviously tragic. it was important to me to get that video out and that's what i did. >> can you tell us a little bit about how long the officer was on the force here? was she around? >> the information on the officer, she's a senior officer. that's the extent that i can do. a very senior officer and i do believe the bca will be
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releasing all the information. they will be releasing that, that's public data. that will be coming out shortly. >> what is the normal protocol and process and how does that follow? >> there was strict adherence to the policy. when it turns into a riot. last night there were numerous to disperse because it was unlawfully assembly. it was declared five times when i was there. >> was it your decision to release teargas and to shoot rubber bullets at the young protesters? >> i'm a police chief in this city. police action is made by me. the action is made by me. does that answer your question? >> upon myself and other organizers coming to
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station, we were surprised to see utter darkness. all the lights internally, making the street virtually dark. we were shocked and surprised to see that. from my experience, law enforcement would want to have as much light as possible to see whatever's going on. i was told the moment the lights went down they created the certain agitation within the crowd. what was your thinking? i was told you made the ultimate call to turn all the lights off, even the street lights, to turn all of them off. what was your thinking when people were coming and attempting at the police station? what was your decision? >> they created a backlighting
10:33 am
for the officers on the front line. frozen cans that i personally saw. that is why i turn to those lights off. they weren't backlit. the people who were in front, they couldn't see. if you have lights in front, that is what we would like to have. >> the lights i'm talking about were all around -- the lights were all around. it created an entire darkness. it was very unusual for a station to have all the lights, all in the streets, a lot of confusion. i would say it's unusual. i've been to a lot of protests, a lot of these events and i've never seen the police department utterly shut down all the lights. what was the thinking behind not
10:34 am
the backlit lights, but the front part of the police station to create utter darkness? and my final question, what was your decision to disperse the order while they were protesting in front of the police station. what led you giving that order and then to issue out canisters and gas to the crowd? >> so everyone is clear, i was front and center at the protest. >> there was no riot. >> there was. officers were putting themselves in harm's way, we are being pelted with frozen cans, concrete blocks, and we had our helmets on and we had protection gear, but an officer was injured, hit in the head with a
10:35 am
brick. he was transported to the hospital. we had to make decisions because we can't allow our officers to be harmed. i answered the question about your lighting. i know that's a big deal with you, but i explained. that's my decision and that's why i made that decision. is there another question? >> what is on your heart? speak to us for real. >> this is what i'm here for. i'm the leader of this department, they expect me to lead. create a safe city. that's what i'm trying to do. that's it. i'm emotional. i'm just trying to be honest. >> i have a question for you.
10:36 am
when you asked the protesters to step back, what is the reasoning? you shot a tear gas grenade. >> the only time, and every situation we returned fire. when we got pelted with bricks or frozen cans, we photographed of the evidence, we have the evidence. once we got pelted, we responded. there was a -- >> that's the danger of turning off lights and firing tear gas and rubber bullets, firing grenades at people who were exercising their first amendment rights. that's the problem. >> would i do thinks differently
10:37 am
last night, absolutely night. we had a situation where we are bringing in a team. we were worried. how many people are we going to arrest? when we started to move the people, hours into the situation, do you know how many people we arrested that stated, to people. if we hadn't moved people, i don't know what would've happened and i don't know where they would have reformed. the people that left were allowed to leave. we didn't trap them. we didn't make mass arrests. we arrested two people. if it's a peaceful protest, if it's a first amendment processed, go to it. we will allow it. not being pelted with bricks, blocks and being targeted. >> they were being teargas.
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that's what i want to ask you about. >> we are going to have our officers lined up to protect to this building and protect the city as best we can. that is what we are doing today and every day. >> when officers are getting teargas, there were families behind and that's where the flash bangs were going. they put a lot of people at risk. why? >> i didn't see any flash bang. i was there. i didn't see anybody. 6740. >> we saw that last night. >> i didn't see that myself. i'm not discounting you.
10:39 am
>> why was daunte wright's body left in the street for hours? >> it was my order, keep the respect of his body, whether it was covered, we needed to have it maintained because we needed the investigation to be complete and thorough. the documentation is not done by us, it's the bca. they came out as quickly as they could. we did not -- people have mentioned. once the officers left, the disturbance went away. we were trying to get our officers out there as soon as possible. that was a priority of my assignment to get him removed from that as soon as possible without disturbing the crime scene so we wouldn't be accused of tampering with evidence. >> are there any other questions
10:40 am
from the media folks? no? >> thank you for your time. >> final question. you have committed to protecting this building and city, will you commit to protecting protesters and the people of the city? >> i am committed to protecting the protesters of the city every day. peaceful protesters. thank you. thank you, everybody. just to reiterate. our commitment as a city and in many ways we need to recommit to that. that's making sure we are protecting peaceful protesters, people to gather and grieve and to give their grievances to the
10:41 am
government. we are going to work to protect those rights, protect peaceful protesters and make sure we are getting the safety of our community. thank you. >> absolutely. >> we have it outside the building. >> reconfigure downstairs and were about to do a community press conference. >> you been watching a news conference following the police shooting of a black man, daunte wright who was sitting in his vehicle, released body camp video which we have had a chance to watch off-camera.
10:42 am
it was graphic as the police chief warrant. you hear the female officer described as a senior officer, not named in that news conference yelling "taser, taser." the police chief described what they thought as an accidental shooting. this is the video that was shown. we've edited out the actual shooting when he sits down in the car. let's see if you can hear it. >> okay and that's where the audio cuts out. she was yelling taser. the police chief said it appears to be accidental. she meant to grab her taser and
10:43 am
instead grabbed her gun. we stopped the video. he drove off, crashed and died. that news conference john at times was confrontational. it was emotional as you heard the police chief actually crying as he delivered a very emotional answer to the reporters in the room. >> it's the worst of the world. you have the tragedy as the derek chauvin trial goes on. the nation is still reeling. as the chief, he outlined, the officers have tasers on one side of their belt. the most unfortunate tragedy you could ever imagine, it appears this officer and instead of reaching for the taser reached for the gun. you didn't hear her reaction, but if you watch the video you hear her reaction after her
10:44 am
firearm was discharged. she says an expletive, "i shot him." like she did not expect that to happen. how she grabbed the wrong weapon to deal with the situation. the tragic reality, a young man died on the streets there of brooklyn center through a terrible accident. >> we are told the governor will hold a news conference the top of the 3:00 p.m. hour. just over an hour from now. we will be watching for that. as far as the officer who shot that man is concerned, we are told she is on administrative leave. matt finn is live on the scene and brooklyn center minnesota. a news conference raps about 40 minutes in length. >> this is the police department
10:45 am
and for hours now there have been police, the national guard protecting this facility because it has become a target for protesters and demonstrators. some cold and heavy rain, people are starting to leave, but we have seen people taunting police, scream and curse words. people have been driving by. people have been giving police the middle finger as they drive by. an intense scene here. the commissioner says the national guard has rapidly moved into stage three, increasing numbers and brooklyn center and also downtown minneapolis. we are only a couple of miles from downtown minneapolis where the derek chauvin murder trial is happening and the courthouse has been heavily guarded. now all of the national guard presence is going to be beefed
10:46 am
up. the state is expected to rest its case, perhaps as early as today. this entire region as we have been reporting has been on edge waiting for that verdict and now we have another shooting. >> this body camp video which we just played out what we could for our viewers, obviously very graphic. the police deciding to show that video. it's a very big deal and the police chief said he felt the community needed to see this with his words. have you had any reaction yet to that? obviously it's out there and many people have been able to see it now. >> i have not personally, but we see a lot of people with their cell phones. you wonder what type of impact. we have seen plans for
10:47 am
demonstrations tonight, two separate plans. the weather isn't being too cooperative right now, but typically as the sun starts to set, thanks ken turned sour. he mentioned they had a good response last night as far as crowd control and hopefully everything will stay peaceful. >> we will check back with you. >> ted williams, defense attorney andy fox news contributor. you listen to that press conference and you think, how do something like that happen? the officer pulls her firearm as opposed to pulling her taser. obviously when you are in the heat of making an arrest things get confusing, but my god, what a mistake. >> things can get confusing, but this is a tragedy of epic
10:48 am
proportion. this is the last thing that minnesota needs, derek chauvin going on in minneapolis. i got to tell you. what stood out to me listening to the press conference, this was a senior police officer. this wasn't a rookie. this is someone who had training. you expect someone with training, even in the cause of a situation like this to take the appropriate action. she called, she pulled out her taser, she thought. what she actually pulled out was her gun. what they need to understand. the officer is wearing the sam brown belt. on one side they have the taser. on the other side they have their gun. what she did was to pull the gun
10:49 am
and this 20-year-old kid, this 20-year-old kid is dead. this is a tragedy. what they will have to do is they will have to do a thorough investigation. the fbi will have to get involved. the bureau, minnesota bureau of investigation is going to have to get involved and conduct a thorough investigation. >> the mayor did not hesitate. he said he would support the removal of that officer. tim gannon of the police force said my position is that officer has due process. she will not be returning to duty until it is completed. the criminal bureau investigation. i think we can ascertain whether or not she will be returning. the mayor on one side saying, yes, she should be fired, but
10:50 am
the police chief says, no. >> i come down on the fact that due process, she is desert event of due process. if they find that she negligently use that gun when she thought she was using a taser. she should be given that mb terminated from the police force. what is going to happen is they are going to look at this from a criminal perspective to see if she should be indicted as a result of this. there is a lot of movement parts that are going on. they're going to be going on for days. the sad tragedy, i'm hoping these had citizens will not burn that city down tonight. that's very troubling.
10:51 am
>> as the police chief said, they will have the officers out there. sandra's here. >> just looking, trying to gauge reaction because we just learned so much, obviously the city, anybody who is out there has had a chance to watch this video, to hear that officer yelling taser before she pulled her gun and fire this man sitting in the vehicle. i just wonder. obviously in anticipation of another night of unrest, possible violence. what we're hearing, the precautions. we got an update from the mayor. how now having this body camp video will change things and how people will respond to it. >> i wish they would have responded in a affirmative
10:52 am
manner, realizing the city administrators, giving them as much information as possible. looking at the eyes of the demonstrators what they see is another black kid that's been killed at the hands of law enforcement officers. they are going to protest. i would hope it would be peacefully, but i don't think it will be. the sad commentary, the people who will be out there are not going to give about this kid. people will be burglarizing places, looting. that is not what should take place. i hope the citizens of that community will honor this young man and his unfortunate death. but not try to burn the city down and not loot and robin steele in the name of what happened here. that is just wrong.
10:53 am
>> just to follow-up on that, when we go back inside that news conference, the questions we heard, i believe it was mostly reporters, there could have been members of the community. we don't have a way of knowing that. we believe it was a room of reporters, but it got confrontational at times with the police chief, the mayor and holding them to their own opinions of what they know about this. >> it's a very emotional time, for community, individuals, other people who were there. the chief of police walked out of the press conference. that made it more emotional. he answered as many questions as he possibly could. it's a very emotional, tragic time for that entire community.
10:54 am
they will have to go through this and the sad commentary, a young 20-year-old kid is dead, is dead. and the other tragedy, an officer, a senior officer may have very well made a mistake. you said it right. when she popped off that taser she was hollering, "taser!" she said, i shot him! >> as we watch the video again, there's something i noticed that you can see quite clearly in the video. as she draws her weapon, you see the officer to her right, the left side of his belt of the yellow taser he's got. there is the handle of it. she's obviously right-handed. so in training, are they taught
10:55 am
in high pressure situations to reach across their body? i'm trying to figure out why she would go for the right side? >> she will have to answer that question, but in training they are taught. it's not just once in a blue moon. on a yearly basis officers are trained on using this, using their taser. they should definitely, even in high stress situations know the difference. this is not the first incident of this nature. other incidences when an officer believes they were pulling their taser and in fact they wound up shooting and killing somebody with their gun.
10:56 am
>> sandra: ted williams, thank you. after a lengthy news conference in minnesota we expect to hear from the governor and an hour. >> there will be more information. we will take a quick break and we will be right back. stay with us. great news for veterans who need money for their family. that's me. refiplus from newday usa lets you refinance at near record lows plus get an average of $50,000. that's me. that's money for security today or retirement tomorrow. that's me. refiplus. your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some, rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue.
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he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends. can you help me out here? no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. well, we're new friends. to be fair. eh, still. >> we begin a brand-new hour with some very big developments, after a night of violence in the minneapolis area. good afternoon, welcome to our second hour. >> good afternoon. a night of riots and looting after a police officer killed a black man during a traffic stop. the police chief said the officer meant to fire a taser and not her handgun. he also released body camera video.
11:01 am
[indistinct] >> taser! tase him! >> sandra: that was the moment the chief called it "accidental discharge." confirming the officer is on administrative leave. >> john: the national guard already on edge, the mayor of brooklyn center mike elliott calling the shooting deeply tragic. he said officials will do anything they can to make sure their communities are made hole. >> sandra: mike tobin has more of. just of minneapolis. we just learned a whole lot more. >> we certainly did let me show you this scene.
11:02 am
you have rows of state troopers who are in place, more state troopers over there. we have a unit that's preventing anyone from getting there. all of this involved a shooting of a black man, 20-year-old daunte wright. reviewing what you just went over, the body camp video, we know this started with a traffic stop. during the course of the traffic stop police determined he had a warrant for his arrest for a handgun without a permit. our sources say it was a 45. he attempted to get back into his vehicle. during the struggle a police officer mistook her sidearm for a taser. >> the officer drew the handgun and stead their taser. >> what followed was riding. we saw the confrontation with demonstrators throwing things,
11:03 am
we watch them break up a rock and throw them. police responded with gas, while they were getting control of the situation here, looting spread around. the walmart, cvs, beauty supply, liquor stores, more than 20 stores were hit. the level with operation safety net has been raised to the highest level, level three. that was intended to provide security at the end of the trial as we got closer to a verdict. now according to john harrington, what we are going to see and what we do see is a robust police presence. this is one of the projectiles that police were using to control the crowd last night. >> sandra: quite a scene. obviously with a curfew in place
11:04 am
last night, there is a lot of anticipation that things could build. what we learned last hour and seeing that video, has this change the reaction and the build up to tonight? >> the reaction i've seen here on the street, there are still a great deal of anger. you get different people like ben crump putting things out on social media. things are not any less angry. when you have something like an accidental discharge people aren't going to say it's justified and they are still going to default to the belief that black lives matter. black people are treated otherwise. what you do have here is bad weather. when it's cold and wet and miserable, it does have a tendency to tamp down the crowd.
11:05 am
>> the police chief was very quick to put this body camera video out. it was almost unprecedented the speed that he came with. he wanted to show the world exactly what happened. in a pressure situation, grabbing a sidearm opposed to a taser. i expect that will only deepen the mistrust of the police. so many questions will be raised about the training. >> without question. you have so much emotion and so much -- frankly everything goes on. you walk down the street you see the boards that are up in anticipation. the discussions people have here in minneapolis, mostly will gravitate towards this, much as the rest of the country, everything gravitating towards the pandemic. the source of the conversation and the emotion runs deep,
11:06 am
particularly when you get into areas like 38th and chicago. you get into areas and things are tense and emotional. you have a situation and people are going through more of. >> sandra: mike tobin for us, we will check back in with you. thank you. >> john: following the situation out of georgia where three police officers were shot and injured in a chase. officials say one of the suspects is dead and another is in custody. charles watson and georgia. update us on what happened here? >> you can see police presence out here in carroll county has scaled down quite a bit, but this was a rolling gunfight with suspects shooting at police. authorities tell us the state patrol spotted that car.
11:07 am
moving at speeds of more than 100 miles an hour. the patrol picked it up for here. >> people did stop and approach through the car. the passenger fled the scene. >> this passenger used a rifle and shot at the patrol car. therefore he was out of the chase. >> local police continues to pursue the suspect. another suspect was shot, gun battle took place. it was during that battle where an officer was shot twice and transported to an atlanta hospital. one of the suspects is believed to have been killed and the other is in custody. the georgia bureau of investigation is taking the lead. expecting a statement later today as well as the photo of
11:08 am
the suspect who is in police custody, also reaching out to atlanta hospitals to see if there is an update the condition. john? >> thank you. >> sandra: here in new york and officer is fighting for his life after a stabbing. police say the cop was responding to a drunk driver who crashed his car. he reportedly became confrontational and fought back with police. the officer was stabbed in the leg, other officers and a couple of people were able to subdue the driver. >> john: there is more disturbing video, virginia state police say there watching a criminal investigation after video showed two officers drawing their guns and pepper spraying and african-american army officer during a traffic stop. >> get out of the car! get out of the car!
11:09 am
obey it. >> get out! >> john: the army officer you see is suing and one of the officers has been relieved of duty. mike emanuel has more. this is probably among the most bizarre videos i have ever seen. >> that incident has led to one police officer losing his job and now a call, saying ," it's disturbing and it angered me and i'm directing the police to conduct an independent investigation. the police officers claimed they pulled them over in december for having no rear license plate, accusing the soldier of leading police and calling it a high-risk traffic stop.
11:10 am
>> this is not how you treat a veteran. i'm actively serving this country. i didn't do anything. hold on. what's going on? >> the soldier's attorney saying, "gratified by the support this weekend for the lawsuit he filed last week. he's encouraged his story resonates with people who are willing to speak out." the other officer is still employed by the police. >> mike emanuel, thank you. i don't know if you saw that full video that goes on for a number of minutes because he was running his own video on his dashboard. you wonder how it came to where it did. kind of like the situation in minnesota. >> sandra: very difficult to watch and many people the first time seeing it there and we hope
11:11 am
to know more about that situation as it continues. what a couple of hours. as we move on to the white house, divided administration claiming and front structure is more than roads and bridges. now they say they don't need a republican lawmaker to make it a bipartisan plan. someone will try to make sense of it when he joins us live next. ♪ ♪ tes near rlowsd refiplus lets you refinance to save money every month. plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus, it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa. joint pain, swelling, tenderness. my psoriasis. cosentyx works on all of this. cosentyx can help you look and feel better by treating
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11:15 am
>> sandra: the white house as they can be bipartisan even if no republicans voted for it. telling "the washington post" "if you look up bipartisan in the dictionary, i think it's support from from democrats and
11:16 am
republicans. it doesn't say republicans have to be in congress!" that stands out to me and this week from chris stewart, first in front structure doesn't include roads and bridges, now bipartisan and doesn't include lawmakers. what is going on here! >> i think they better get a new dictionary. it's ridiculous, isn't it? this i the definition of goofy. i can't imagine how they're doing this. >> sandra: i'm going to look that one up in the dictionary. >> look up democrat. >> sandra: perfect. this is pete buttigieg over the weekend and he was pressed on the jobs forecast and the reality of it. >> what do you agree that the president and the economic advisor on this program last
11:17 am
week, you exaggerated the jobs impact? >> there are a lot of different analyses with how many jobs this will create. i saw a georgetown study. there was an investment. >> you're the one who decided! >> sandra: the bottom line, the economy will have over 16 million jobs without the infrastructure bill. pass it and you add 2.7 million more, $850,000. >> this is something that's funny but it's not a joke. it's very serious, spending money with little results and it doesn't seem to be funny to me. i guess he put it correctly saying, the washington, d.c., is the only place on earth where the deficit of horses heads. i think in this case, it's
11:18 am
gamesmanship. why? why shouldn't we all be out trying to make america better. bipartisan, not there bipartisan, we all have the same objectives. there doing everything without the vote and it's wrong and wrong. >> sandra: bipartisan can be good. we want our economy. i will let you react to that as i put this up on the screen. this is a business roundtable and what it concluded about its corporate tax hike to 28%. 98% of ceos said an increase in the corporate tax rate from 28% which biden is pitching would have a moderately to significant adverse effect on their competitiveness. >> it's so true. a couple of things if i may.
11:19 am
historically tax rates with corporations were much higher and when he dropped it to 21%, it was still the lowest for the u.s. 21%, 28% may look small and historical context, but when you look at it relative to any other country, 28% tax rate would put us in the highest. the highest! it's really what your competition is versus other countries. when trump cut the tax rate from 35 to 21, federal government revenues two years after grew faster than they did the two years prior to that! it pays for itself and creates the greatest job market, especially among the poor, the disenfranchised, the undereducated. all the places!
11:20 am
real wages went up by $6.5000, during the whole eight years of obama it was over $1,000. this is what happened. now they're trying to trash it and explain their silly policies by trashing what really works. >> sandra: it's going to be a huge debate and businesses and ceos are weighing in, maybe it won't go to 28. he talked about 25 being the sweet spot. >> why would you do that? why would you change something that's working. if it ain't broke don't fix it! come on! is working really well. >> sandra: larry kudlow. i think every single time. >> he's one of my best friends i've ever had. isn't he wonderful?
11:21 am
thank you. i would love that! >> john: 18 months since november and it's never too early to talk about elections. our next guest met with president trump last week to talk about politics. he said he has not made a decision about running in 2024. bill haggerty joins us now, member of former relations. good to talk to you. because i am sitting in front of the white house as a backdrop and not the capitol building, let's skip over to 2024. what was your conversation with the former president? >> he is energized and engaged. he's focused on the elections. we talked about 2024, but we really pivoted back. what we need to do to regain the senate and position ourselves
11:22 am
for a strong 2024. >> what is your sense about him? does he want to give it another shot? some people say he's toying with the idea, but in the end he won't end up running. >> i think he's taking it very seriously. certainly i am and i think most republican leadership is taking it seriously. we want to make sure we take that. the policies did so much to put our economy there. the blue-collar boom that president trump put in place has been an enormously successful effort. to see the biden administration and go through the process of undoing policies, it will underscore the fact that the leadership is present now more than ever. you look at what is happening in our border, our position relative to china. everything that's happening is making it less competitive,
11:23 am
weaker as a nation. i think president trump's policies are coming fully into focus to realize he had us on the path after putting operation warp speed and place. he's put us on a path. >> john: the subject of china if you look at the recent meeting, china is letting the u.s. know it's an equal playing field. they are on the same footing after giving deference. in terms of 2022, will play the short game. how involved you expect the president is going to get with choosing the candidates? >> i think the president can be very involved and unified. to make sure were putting the best candidates on the field and were energizing them to vote. that's where it can make a huge difference. he did so much to build our party. he got 74 million votes. he has the ability to energize
11:24 am
our party and turn it out to where it needs to be. i hope the house as well. here's a short list that he's backing. marco rubio, he announced that one last week. tim scott of south carolina, rob johnson, mo brooks, he's weighing in including backings from press secretary sarah huckabee sanders. he's also backing primary challengers as well. did you get the sense when you talk to him people who crossed him or didn't give him the support he needed, he's going to take down? >> what we were focused on is how to win. having the president engaged is critical. i am the only person, official that served in the trump administration that's an office right now. we've stayed in close contact. he's very strongly favors
11:25 am
election integrity. legislation that would require an audit. something that would -- no more unconstitutional actions take place and that we would clean up the process. >> john: i have a question to close this out. the president is angry at mitch mcconnell and mike pence. you decided not to challenge the electoral college results and certified joe biden to be president. how is it that he's angry at mitch mcconnell but not you? >> president trump knows i stepped up and i tried to put a commission in place to take a hard look at what happened. really putting it back to the states to fix the problem once and for all. i never attended for the congress to do that. that needs to be led to state legislators. that is what it does. that is why president trump
11:26 am
likes it. it would uncover those places where it was violated and ensure no federal funding goes to those states to violate the constitution. you see you were in good stead with them. >> bill haggerty of tennessee, thank you. we are going to be hearing a lot about former president trump between now and november 2022 and we will hear after that. >> sandra: i was going to say, he wins the masters! it's a big day for japan as well. >> john: i wonder if they ever played golf together. >> sandra: it's a good question. >> john: i know president trump played with him once. speed to the celebration continues on that front, the call growing for kamala harris to make her way to the southern border. they just paid a visit, one of the lawmakers making his point loud and clear as to what needs to happen. next he will joining us live
11:27 am
after the break. ♪ ♪
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11:31 am
>> john: police searching for a louisiana state university freshman who has been missing for a week. her car was found abandoned. her father says he's barely gotten any sleep. casey stegall live from dallas. this was a real mystery. >> five days now since anyone has heard from that 18-year-old college coed. she's a freshman at louisiana state university. that's in baton rouge. her car was found abandoned on the mississippi river bridge. her purse, cell phone still inside. no signs of a struggle. hundreds of volunteers spent the last few days searching that day or any clues they can find. officials say a cadaver dog did
11:32 am
hit on a spot in the river, but the water was too deep they are and conditions too dangerous to send divers. lsu say in a statement, "at this time based on evidence collected during the investigation thus far law enforcement officials suspect no criminal activity or foul play took place." corey's family and friends say however something about the whole thing just doesn't feel right and that she would not just take off like this. they continue to hold out hope that she will be found alive. right now anyone with information is asked to call police. >> thank you. >> sandra: president biden and harris pitching that to a trillion dollar plan to lawmakers today. republicans calling it a slush fund, they would be interested in passing without support from the g.o.p. let's bring in brad.
11:33 am
welcome. i will put on the screen the numbers we are talking about here to put this in perspective. his plan to spend hundred $15 on bridges and roads, traditional infrastructure. everything, 2 trillion, 1.8, why is that spending spree needed? they are already saying this economy is on pace to add 16 million jobs already. why do we need to spend this money? >> it seems to me to be a situation like we've already seen with the 1.9 trillion to get a lot of things off the liberal wish list. they push this forward. he sang what i believe to be true. if we let the economy reopen it will do just fine. you don't have to change
11:34 am
anything. that is the truth. think about this. one of the things we have learned from covid is that we have a need for a domestic supply chain, national security, all of those things, raising corporate tax rate is not the answer right now. that's going to have the opposite effect. what we did with tax cuts is actually lead to a situation where revenue increased. this will not do that. this will not do that. if you really want to complete an infrastructure project then you should complete the wall. there is portions of the wall i just saw down in texas that's part of controlling the flood. and there it is just sitting there dangerously. >> sandra: you transition to that so i will put up the pictures you are sharing. you were at the border on a
11:35 am
friday, what did you see and experience? >> we went down as doctors and a couple from intelligence and we came away with the president of the united states, bogdan and harris need to get down there, but also dr. fauci needs to go, this is a crisis that was predictable, the border patrol predicted it. once joe biden won his election, they knew problems were on the way. day care, workers, actually try to provide health care workers, best they can with medical professionals. their job is to stop crime and protect america and to facilitate legal travel and trade. right now they're overwhelmed and overcrowded. this is an inhumane process, women and children are being
11:36 am
traffic. no one comes through, everyone says that, no one comes through without the permission, the permission of the cartels and smugglers. they're very calculated and capable and the children are being used as pawns. some pay to send their children and others are being paid so their children. >> sandra: where is the white house? what are you hearing? why are we not seeing and hearing from kamala harris, why is she not paying a visit? joe biden made her the point person on this 19 days ago. she hasn't visited. how far are you willing to say, this has to happen? >> i don't know why they're bearing their heads in the sand. anything that donald trump did that was working, they're afraid to say it was working and they will go the opposite. they said we must take children.
11:37 am
they ended migration protection protocol, where they are processed. at the same time, what we are seeing is kids are coming with chicken pox, flu, madge enjoyede getting close and fed, but hhs is not stepping up. the president put forth his initiative, they weren't ready. >> sandra: it's unbelievable the numbers we continue to get. one of the reporter said, 450 boys and 700 girls, facility for 250 kids has 3500 individuals. it's a growing crisis. thank you for visiting us. >> absolutely accurate. thank you. >> john: teachers ranting about reopening schools going viral. >> i'm sick to my stomach of
11:38 am
parents trying to tell educators how to do their job. >> john: we will have reaction from that to get kids back in class. that's coming up next. ♪ ♪ us from newday usa. with mortgage rates low and home values high refiplus can help you lower your rate plus turn your home equity into an average of $50,000. money for security today. money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus from newday usa. incomparable design makes it beautiful. state of the art technology, makes it brilliant. the visionary lexus nx. lease the 2021 nx 300 for $349 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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♪ you've got the brawn ♪ ♪ i've got the brains... ♪ with allstate, drivers who switched saved over $700 click or call to switch >> john: a california teacher telling students that parents complaining make her sick to her stomach. it happened over zoom. watch this. >> if your parent wants to come talk to me about how i'm not doing a good enough job and distance learning based on what you need as an individual, dare them to come at me. because i'm so sick to my stomach of parents trying to tell educators how to do their job. >> john: the lesson obtained by fox news shows the high school teacher ranting over parents to restart in person
11:43 am
learning. founder of reopen california schools. we should point out this video was taken weeks ago and only recently became public. perhaps the attitude has changed. it certainly seems as though it's challenging anyone who wants to challenge remote learning. >> nothing is shocking these days. there are plenty of teachers out there who are doing a great job, but the parents were very upset. not only because of these comments, but because they haven't stopped. go ahead. >> john: finish your thought. >> plenty of students are afraid to speak up and distance learning, is not good for students. they've been digging their heels for proper terms for quite some time.
11:44 am
>> john: the comments were brought to the principal who apparently told the parent who shared it with him that it was inexcusable and something would be done about it, but apparently nothing's been done. >> not to my knowledge. like i said. these comments have continued to happen and basically make students afraid to speak out. it's quite disturbing and it's not something that we should accept in our education for kids or even teachers to be involved in something like this. >> john: apparently the context for all of this was the lawsuit that was in the federal courts, a temporary injunction was issued by the judge who sided with parents in north county schools who said they wanted to get their kids back in school. this is the way the teachers are responding to that push.
11:45 am
as you pointed out there are some teachers who are really happy to work as hard as they can for students and some others who want to make the status quo. >> the high school opened march 23rd for a pathetic hybrid model where they get six hours. like you said, they granted a temporary restraining order that offered a pathway for all schools to open. at that time the district committed they would expand, but they haven't. even when the attorney was arguing on thursday they agree to keep the status quo and using this outdated distancing. the next day the teachers union posted a picture of their members celebrating at 0 feet distance, some didn't have masks. it shows the hypocrisy that kids can get back in the classroom. >> john: we should point out that many schools did celebrate
11:46 am
a return to a learning, but only a hybrid basis. maybe four days a week on half days, so there is a long way from getting kids back in school, but it looks like it's not going to happen. jonathan, good to see you as always. thank you for your perspective. because thank you. >> sandra: a covid locked down against wanda that critics say goes way too far. joe piscopo is here to weigh in! ♪ ♪ 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months, after just 2 doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment, your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms such as fevers, sweats, chills, muscle aches, or coughs, or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine. ♪ nothing is everything ♪ now is the time to ask your dermatologist about skyrizi.
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♪ ♪ >> john: president biden speaking to members of congress about his new job's plan and he spoke about the situation in minnesota calling for a piece saying there is no justification for violence or looting. the president saying there are federal assets to assist local authorities and trying to keep the peace. president biden said he spoke with leaders and the community about the situation calling for peace and calm. we will see where this goes as nighttime approaches. sandra? >> sandra: it looks like burbank, california, is doing all it can to keep a one restaurant closed. putting a fence around the
11:51 am
restaurant. >> john: the owner has been fighting covid restrictions racking up $50,000 in fines. critics are wondering if this is necessary. let's bring in joe. they put a fence around it. the electricity was shut off, sandbags around it. they're trying to do everything they can keep this guy from opening it. >> i don't know how these politicians do it. you know ed fox was nice enough to cover, 50% now in new jerseye struggling. we lost so much money and the politicians, how about if they didn't get paid? doesn't go out to fancy restaurants, people put fences around! this is a egregious, it's wrong, and the connotations are not business.
11:52 am
it hurts us. >> sandra: when the story was brought to my attention i was digging through and i thought, $50,000 in fines, they racked this up in the pandemic. i thought, they must've been doing really bad stuff. it went on to detail that they allowed outdoor dining when it had been abandoned. >> it's inexcusable. it's like gangster mode. gavin newsom will get recalled like that, even governor cuomo. it's got to stop. again, the politicians should make a salary if they will shut down businesses like that. >> john: this restaurant is owned by this fellow and his son is taking care of it while he's out of the country. apparently he got arrested for taking down those barricades that were put around it, but his father said "show me one shred
11:53 am
of evidence how i'm endangering the public. this is never been about safety or the public. this whole thing is about fear and control." >> you have to fight back. he's in thailand. that laser surgery? this is what you have to do. where are the glasses give you when you do surgery. that will make you look powerful. i look like to nero. >> sandra: you always look good. no fence around my business. they come in handy. i think that's good. i have had it with the politicians! >> sandra: you come in handy any time goes political. we will get your reaction. >> california governor gavin newsom who asks his barber for the american psycho.
11:54 am
[laughter] he's announced a complete reopening plan and critics are saying it's a reaction. that has them asking, does it work? >> no! you are confused! i thought it was great. they took a shot at joe biden. i thought that was right on the money. >> john: they said he looks like clint eastwood. >> i thought that was funny! hunter biden material. his life is material. they don't do anything. not going to do that? >> sandra: joe, you have people. put a phone call in! >> i will call them right now. do you know who i am? >> sandra: you know what they say in new york, right?
11:55 am
"i got a guy." good to see you. >> i love you both, beautiful people. one families brutally honest adoption, what they have to say about this chihuahua named prancer. ♪ ♪ ♪ you come and go ♪ ♪ you come and go-o-o ♪ ♪ loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams ♪ ♪ red, gold -- ♪ [ tires screech ] [ crickets chirping ] for those who were born to ride there's progressive. with 24/7 roadside assistance. ♪ karma-karma-karma-karma-karma chameleon... ♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! ( sighs wearily ) here, i'll take that! ( excited yell ) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one-gram of sugar,
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>> john: a dog's foster parent were you an honest bid to help this chihuahua find a home. the foster parent says he's a terror calling him a haunted victorian child in the body of a small dog that hates men and children. but in a loving way, of course. perspective owners warn he's 2 years old and will live to be 21 through pure spite. take that into account if interested, this is not her only demonic dog.
12:00 pm
she had another dog that ate its owner. the owner died and the dog ate them to stay alive. >> sandra: that was a great ending to the show. thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" can martha starts right now. >> martha: it's going to take awhile before i shake those images. thanks, john and sandra. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. we're live in new york. we have breaking news in two big stories that are intersecting in minnesota. we're waiting for a news conference in minnesota on the safety concerns there. they called out the national guard last night. we'll bring you that live. also in the derek chauvin case, these things are happening on two parallel tracks right now and raising a lot of tensions. the prosecution about ready to rest in the chauvin trial and the new shooting that raises a number of issues for the jury in


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