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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 12, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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thank you. that's a huge point, harris, and we should legislate it. >> harris: well, i want to brag on you a little bit, if you haven't subscribes to fox nation yet, now is the time to do it, starting today you could see a fascinating five-part series, "the unauthorized history of taxes." larry kudlow joins bret baier taking us through the long and complicated relationship between american taxpayers and their government and the surprising way decisions about taxes have affected so much of our american lives. log onto to check it out. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus." now, "outnumbered." we began with this fox news alert, we are actually awaiting a news conference right now the sour from the police department of brooklyn center minnesota. it follows the violence that broke out last night during protesting over the police
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officer-involved shooting of 20-year-old daunte wright. you can hear one of the people there saying, that it felt like a war zone in that suburb of minneapolis. we have looters breaking into local businesses at some 20 stores and a mall. the state ascending in the national guard to help deal with the chaos and more troops are heading there. and with tensions already so high in the area, minnesota governor tim whilst we did this. "i am closely monitoring the situation of brooklyn center, praying for daunte wright's family as our state once the life of another black man taken by law enforcement."
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his goal. you are watching "outnumbered," my cohost, emily compagno and kayleigh mcenany. host of "kennedy" on fox business, kennedy herself and joining us on the virtual couch in the center seat, pete hegseth. great to see you, everybody. pete, i am going to talk to you, we have the tweet up from a governor, what is helpful and what is not, always best to wait the facts. >> file that one under not helpful, the idea that your tweet said "another life of a black man taken by law enforcement," he doesn't know what happened, neither do we. we are told there's body cam footage which means we will probably, presumably, eventually get a firsthand look of what occurred. what we believe we know and we will learn more at this press conference is there was a traffic violation where they identified there was a warrant out for this man's arrest, there was some form of resisting that arrest and unfortunately there was an officer-involved shooting. we don't know anything other
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than that. the irresponsible ways that leaders in minnesota, jacob frey of minneapolis who have, the way they've approach this, they demeaned their local police department, derek chauvin's trial is ongoing now with george floyd, already a heightened set of a fragile civilization there in minneapolis. i've spent a lot of time in that area as well, this is not what brooklyn center looks like and it's because leadership there is not responsible. >> harris: look, i was just talking to larry kudlow a couple minutes ago and we were talking about how the business is need to survive right now so we can go forward, post pandemic like
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that. 20 stores destroyed, those are the words of local reports, you know this area well, too paid one last thought from pete and i'm going to go around. >> pete: you know who loses in this? law-abiding citizens who rely on the police department. you want warrants in forest and police empowered and mistakes will happen, and if that happened just a should be served, otherwise when you remove that, citizens, this liquor store and communities are under threat because criminals feel empowered and the epicenter of that is minneapolis and it's a scary place, i've been there recently. it is not an okay environment and with that trial going on it's a tinderbox. >> harris: kennedy, i'm curious about how we keep getting back to this reflexive nature. it's one thing to march into protest and again, dr. king did not march at night, he was on in the daytime so people could join
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in, so on and so forth to get your message out. what message does this get out? >> kennedy: that we do not have respect for other people's property. if you're outraged, act on that outraged, to change a system. this is not changing the system, this is reinforcing the old system. making sure their old police because when things fall apart and get more dangerous, people are worried that a cop is not going to be there when they call 911. what happens? people vote in different city council makers and different lawmakers to make sure their streets feel safer. they are going to defund the police and they have in various cities but to pete's point, there are obviously problems here. there is obviously still a lot of active anger and a sense of unfinished business in terms of the criminal justice system
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there. i will obviously defer to you and pete because you both have lived there, pete obviously born and raised there but this is not how you achieve reform. this is not it, this is not what it looks like and stop trying to make looting and an acceptable form of protest, looting and protest are to go completely different things. >> harris: you know, kayleigh, as i come to you, it can be minneapolis, it can be seattle, it can be anywhere, there is a crowd in america that says, you've got to sit down and do all of that, usually that's on the left, he can come from anywhere. this might be an opportunity for republicans. because there's nobody in the streets trying to help organize this and i'm wondering, do you go there and do you do what they preach a crowd always says they're going to do and make it better? >> kayleigh: look, this should be called out, i've been to a
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damaged area of our country after a riot, kenosha, i went there with president trump and saw a business to the ground, a family business. i've also seen a media that ignores it when it happens and sometimes even enables it when you have individuals like chris cuomo, where does it say that protest have to be peaceful? the first amendment of the constitution where it says you have a right to assemble, i've heard don lemon say that riots are a mechanism for changing the country, that's irresponsible rhetoric that just feels this, not just ignores it but fuels it, the families who lost loved ones have called this out themselves, katie wright, the mother of this young man says this helps no one, we've heard george floyd's family saying, you know, rioting is not going to bring my brother back, i'm paraphrasing but that's what they say, the family called it out. one last point, this comes in the context, in new mexico we lost a police officer and we are
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waiting for all facts to come out in every situation but in that instance is a video of this police officer being gunned down and i want to take a moment to say his name, because we never, ever recognize the names of police officers who have fallen, he was 28 years old, a family man, father of three and had a little on the way. darian jarrett is a hero and that's most of our police officers in this country. >> harris: i do want to pa's for a second, we looked at this last hour but there were two other incidents, in long island, new york, an officer is fighting for his life today after being stabbed by a drunk driver during a traffic stop on saturday night and just today in georgia, multiple police officers were shot during a police chase, it's unclear how serious those injuries are at this time but as i promised the viewers last hour we will continue to update everybody on this. there is a flip side to what we see in law enforcement throughout all this and that is they continue to do their jobs and what they do has become complicated and more dangerous along the way.
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emily, we know from our own town house on fox news one of which i hosted that police officers are facing a whole lot, their suicide rate is up and in addition to that, calls for social justice, pete pointed out in those situations where they don't go the way that they should. >> emily: wright, police officers are dying by suicide, they are being mocked, taunted, stabbed and gunned down in public. meanwhile, the state is removing their protections, this is not police reform, we are watching a war being waged upon them. to what end? is this community division or is because to me it's the former, i'd like to make a point on our first topic there because i am from the area, i lived in seattle and i have family in portland, we have been watching as urban destruction has been downplayed and ignored and justified by the mainstream media, by social media performance activists and now by
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politicians, small businesses being burned and downtowns destroyed is normalized, it is accepted, it is expected when incidents like this happen. and meanwhile the only distraction that continues to be condemned to remain condemned by the left is the interaction and that tweet by the governor there in minnesota is escalation, that is incitement and if part of police reform is de-escalation training shouldn't these elected leaders be leading by example? shouldn't they be putting out the fire, not stoking it? >> pete: hear, hear. >> harris: if you can't be neutral, be silent. i mean, we don't have to tweet everything. if you can't de-escalate, don't jump in.
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the biden administration is considering cash payments to try to stem the flow of migrants heading our way. who would get that money, exactly? where is it coming from? plus, a black lives matter cofounder is being called a fraud after going on a luxury home buying binge. ♪ ♪
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>> emily: welcome back on the biden administration is coming up with controversial plans that struggle with the border crisis. from the southern border from guatemala, honduras and el salvador but it's unclear how these money transfers would work as "the new york times" reports that the department of health and human services just sent out a memo asking some federal workers including those from the department of homeland security and nasa to consider a paid a
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four month leave to help care for migrant children. i'd like to start with you on this, this administration's other border coordinator said in explaining about this that they are pursuing "all productive options," what is productive about sending more cash to corrupt governments and corrupt countries from which migrants are fleeing? >> pete: we have a southern border coordinator? i had no idea, she hasn't been doing anything. it is the height of naivety and hubris, what this administration is doing, the same hubris that was involved in believing we can remake afghanistan, remember when we spent $10 billion there on counter drugs and $24 billion on economic development or $30 billion on reconstruction programs in afghanistan? we are going to get to the root causes of the countries and solve all this? the root cause of the crisis on the border is the biden administration and the 14 policy reversals they immediately implement and that said our
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border is wide open, this is a waste of taxpayer dollars, it will not address root causes and it's a talking point and in the meantime they are building more facilities that if it was donald trump they will call cages. >> emily: and the addition to the audacity of the administration calling for babysitters from agencies like nasa is that it cosines, having people come from other agencies to care for those migrant children stacked upon each other at 2000% capacity means that we will be cosigning to this abhorrent decision and this continued disgusting care for these kids that the administration is engaging in, is it not? >> kennedy: it's deplorable, you're absolutely right about that, a couple things here. if you have this many federal workers that you are taking out of agencies to volunteer says to go things, you have a crisis on the southern border if you have the implore people to take four months off, they'll be paid in
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order to help with day care, that's a real problem. number two, if you can go to a bunch of federal agencies and take people away for four months at a time those entire agencies are probably superfluous so you can get rid of those. and if you want to deal with the root causes and the drug war, legalize drugs in this country and more capitalism, more capitalism means more freedom, capitalism, not socialism, not payments, that is what lifts people out of extreme poverty. where people come to this country? because they are in extreme poverty and being held hostage by narco terrorists who run their country. >> emily: to kennedys points there, the diversions between the comments of the administration, the lip service being paid and the placating by those in leadership positions to the administration and the reality, the outrageous reality at the border that we are looking at and in addition what's happening in those northern triangle countries, is widening by the day. at what point will be either get
9:19 am
some accountability is covered by the mainstream media or hear actual truth from this administration's beakers? >> kayleigh: i don't think we will hear actual truth on this matter, it goes to what pete was saying, hubris here, they came in, undid all of president trump's policies, which were working on now it's really easy if you pieced together some new stories coming out, almost a tacit admission that they know what they were doing was wrong, when you have one report saying that the secretary of homeland security is talking about maybe closing some gaps in the border wall, that sounds like border wall construction to me. also report just came out that apparently they secured a deal with mexico to put it, guess what, troops on the border which is exactly what president trump did and it was a novel idea and it worked so now they are reinventing the trump playbook but trying to do it ever so quietly because they know aoc and others will be the very first to call them out. so that's incredible, i don't
9:20 am
think we are going to get truth, the aide to central america won't work, we've given to billion dollars already over the last few years and look where we are. >> emily: harris, such a excellent conversation last hour on "the faulkner focus" from a former ice director, we will play a clip from that interview and get your thought on the other side. >> it's always important for leadership to go see these problems first hand so i would encourage the white house and the vice president to go down there and talk to career employees. having that leadership awareness, seeing firsthand what the challenges are, maybe that gets them to better solution faster, obviously they are not of a mind to change the policies that they reversed but they've got a look at what the aftermath is and the consequences are. >> harris: you know, emily, what's interesting from with the former director was telling me is not only do we need to snap back and rather immediately to
9:21 am
some of the trump policies that kayleigh was talking about but in terms of going forward, we have to look at what happened on january 21st and deal with the aftermath of that, too, you can change things today or tomorrow but there's already been damage in the gap between january 21st and wiping away the agreements that we had with countries to our south for keeping migrants in those countries throughout the process, right? so now you want to try to not do agreements with those countries in a way that you can utilize your vice president to get down there to the border and beyond what you want pay them to do what those countries were doing in concert with our former resident. i don't even know how one makes the other, it's just nonsensical. >> emily: it's nonsensical and keep in mind that vice president harris was just asked if she was going down to the border anytime soon and i mean she's been asked repeatedly in her latest answer was "i haven't been briefed on what's going down there today."
9:22 am
i think it's pretty obvious what's happening today is simply more of what happened yesterday and the day before. b5 did she laugh? >> harris: i didn't see. >> emily: basically. up next, a black lives matter official is calling for an investigation into this cofounders home buying spree. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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making life's journey just better. ♪♪♪ >> harris: one of the leaders of the black lives matter organization who calls herself a trained marxist is now being called a fraud after property records showed she shelled out millions of dollars on four luxury homes, one of them in los angeles' exclusive 88% white topanga canyon. as the associated press reports black lives matter took in some $90 million in donations last year. this is a organization, the movement with people in the streets are not getting rained
9:27 am
down on by cash. other people in the organization want an investigation into the group's finances, the head of the new york chapter also wants a close look at her personal finances saying a self-professed socialist should ask how much of their own money is going to charitable causes. this is interesting. pete hegseth? >> pete: she's actually a very well trained marxist, she controls the means of production. it's the proletariat, the masses that gets to enjoy the fruits of marxism like the local chapters of black lives matter that are having to do gofundme pages because they've never seen any of the money from a central machine which has raised up to $90 million and growing. so this doesn't surprise me at all, she got the ability to have access to cash and wealth through a movement which has metamorphic sized ever since and she's being called out for it and hopefully there is an
9:28 am
investigation, we don't know where she got the money and how she earned it, maybe she turned into a capitalist but those marxists have a way of enriching themselves when they are at the top. >> harris: you know, kennedy, i make such a point of saying the movement versus the organization because we know the organization's fund-raising and doing all sorts of things and we don't have eyes on that money and maybe it's a good idea not just because of the house buying but just in general since there's so many promises made to the people in the streets. but it's not like they are members, they are just in the street because they want social justice to what you think they need to know about the situation? >> kennedy: obviously it's important to make that differentiation and i'm glad you did because there are people for whom the phrase ogle black lives matter" resonates and means something to them and it is a cause worth fighting for and there are other people who are really, really good at marketing and it's funny that they call themselves socialists because they are really hyper capitalists.
9:29 am
again, i love capitalism and i will go ahead and give her the benefit of the doubt, i have no idea how much they paid in taxes, if they paid any money in taxes, if she made her money in game stop and bitcoin and if that's the case and she participated in the thriving aspect of the free market economy that has not been tamped down by the federal government then good for her, real estate is always a great investment. in that respect i'm very, very proud of her. >> harris: i just want to dip my toe in the water really gently here, in the river of hypocrisy. just for a moment, i will put my flip-flop back on in the second. kayleigh, you're talking about social justice, particularly for people of color, why not take those funds that you've earned, maybe, dogecoin, wherever she got rich and paid her taxes as candy pointed out, why not take that back to a neighborhood of color or a neighborhood where you can be among the people.
9:30 am
i'm simply asking the question, live wherever you want but you are preaching some indifferent. >> kayleigh: one would think a self-proclaimed trained marxist would do exactly what you described but she didn't. to kennedy's point, if she got these funds through a legitimate way, not through blm fund-raising mechanism, good for her, she came from public housing, she writes about it in her book, her mom was a mama for who work 16 hour days and the only grocery store was a 7-eleven, she came from very humble beginnings and now has risen to great heights so good for her except this, that is the american dream, what we are describing but she professes an ideology directly opposing the american dream. bernie sanders, a self-proclaimed democrat socialist makes millions and has three houses, elizabeth warren has a worth of almost 3 million.
9:31 am
they often don't practice what they preach. >> harris: i guess i just see it as an opportunity, she could be lifting others i've been teaching them to do exactly what she did, pulling them out of poverty so that when things happen they don't have to loot and break things, they actually have a future that they can participate in and lift themselves up and then challenge the justice system to treat them better. >> emily: right, there's nothing wrong with using your hard-earned money to purchase large homes and whatever you want to. is difficult to stomach is either, if that money was obtained fraudulently or if as you pointed out, you are not in line with what you profess, what your ideology is. if her whole purpose is amplifying those of color and her whole purpose is lifting up those communities then what does this say? i'd like to make two quick points, those investigations that are being called for by
9:32 am
other black lives matter leaders it, if something is uncovered there in the way of fraud or corruption or any type of money mismanagement, i bet you will hear nothing about it by the mainstream media or it will be pinned on one scapegoat and secondly that for those who really care about that movement and who want to donate money to it and i suggest they find local, transparent organizations that they know their dollars are actually going toward achieving equality and equity there because i don't think this organization is. >> harris: all right, we will move on. the california teacher caught on zoom daring parents to complain about her remote teaching style. >> if your parent wants to come talk to me about how i'm not doing a good enough job in distance learning, based on what you need as an individual, just dare them to come at me. ♪ ♪
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>> emily: welcome back to "outnumbered," a california teacher caught on camera operating students over their parents push for a full-time in-person learning. she launched into a tirade over a virtual lesson of resume. >> if your parent wants to talk to me about their profession and their opinion on their profession i would love to hear that. however, if your parent wants to
9:38 am
come talk to me about how i'm not doing a good enough job in distance learning based on what you needed an individual, just dare them to come at me. because am so sick to my stomach of parents trying to tell educators to do their job. b2 she equated parents talking to her to her telling her doctor what to do. >> kennedy: parents are really frustrated and they are the drivers of school choice right now, the one pushing legislation and a vast number of states so money follows the child and not schools and teachers like that because parents are such a huge force in the conversation and they are not being acknowledged and their frustration has long since boiled over with this pandemic. and if that teacher is so mad because she's getting so many
9:39 am
calls from parents about failing their children which is the greatest investment that you have as a human being, if she's getting so many calls that she's mad about that, she's doing something wrong so i hope she's one of the people who is left on the side of the road on the path to school choice for more and more individuals and families across this country. >> emily: ph, this is against the backdrop of the 56,000 students truant, 22,000 students that missed multiple days each week and 66% of middle and high school students with below grade level math and reading skills so to kennedy's point, clearly what they are doing right now, these teachers over zoom is not not working. >> pete: is not but don't worry, the unions will defend allison and probably put her in for teacher of the year. i love this because her defensiveness reveals how vulnerable she knows she is to this criticism because she comes off and says "i'm so sick to my
9:40 am
stomach of parents telling educators how to do their jobs." it's not how come it's just do your job. it's just show up. they've proven how nonessential they really are and parents need to step up into your .. whether it's homeschooling, whatever, find an alternative, school choice has to be a number one for conservatives and patriots who recognize the indoctrination camps they've become, not just colleges but k-12. >> emily: kayleigh, of course we are talking about bad apples, not the amazing educators doing all they can to show off her student so let's take it up the leadership chain here, the principal upon the outcry of the parents there said, we will get back to you on this and that person principles is never dead. the 30 accountability, you're right. there are many good teachers who want to go back into the classroom and i praise them for wanting to do that but the haughtiness and the arrogance of this woman in the way she responded to a question which is
9:41 am
apparently about why they are still not doing in person learning is amazing, i'll never forget when dr. scott atlas walked into my office in the white house and said "what nation sacrifices their children? every other country is putting their kids back in school because it's devastating to have them out of school but here we are in some of these counties sacrificing our children when we know it's perfectly safe to be in the classroom even amid the pandemic. >> emily: harris, this also comes after we saw that explosive zoom group call out of the school board in california which led to every single one of them resigning when we saw them walking, the expletives into the hubris everyone is mentioning. if this is what we are seeing on video that gets published, what isn't being caught on video? >> harris: yeah, this falls in the category, when i see somebody leave the bathroom and they didn't wash their hands, i always wonder, what is your house look like? it does have in you factor handymen it, this is our
9:42 am
children, these are our future and if they act this way in person on zoom i have to go things to say come along, they have too much power because they obviously think that no matter what anybody sees or hears from them they are untouchable. they are not and you know, little jake's name gets set on the zoom by the teacher and i know fox news has confirmed her name is alyssa, we will wait for more reporting on that but we also know that the principal's name according to reporting that we've seen and our own, adam dawson. i say we say their names and asked them what they're going to do next and hold them accountable because that is important, let's teach our kids that you can't just be a bad actor and get away with it because you happen to get caught on zoom. think about all the things we've seen caught on zoom during the pandemic. you are not untouchable. >> emily: thank you all so much for your perspectives because you are all parents and i want you to know how grateful i am to hear all of these
9:43 am
because your voices matter even if that teacher doesn't think so. i don't think you want me to babysit. all right, we are expecting to hear from president biden on the police officer-involved shooting and riot in the minneapolis area last night so as we take a look at what the nation's officers sacrifice well on the job we will bring you to it. ♪ ♪ ize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ saturdays happen. pain happens. aleve it. aleve is proven stronger and longer on pain than tylenol. when pain happens, aleve it. all day strong. ♪ the things, you say ♪ ♪ your purple prose just gives you away ♪
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>> a job killing slush fund is what republicans are calling joe biden's massive spending spree. making their pitch to a bipartisan bicameral set of lawmakers on american jobs, we will watch for that. plus, fresh off of his border that visit on friday with brand-new pictures of the cast at the border and by his calling on the white house to act now. and brian kilmeade will be here on set to react to the growing crisis with america's children as "the wall street journal" writes about the education tragedy in los angeles. come join john and me, top of the brand-new hour as we can begin a brand-new week as what america reports." >> harris: let's get to this fox news alert come expecting to
9:48 am
hear from president biden about the police officer-involved shooting of a black man and the violent riots and protesting and looting last night near minneapolis, that violent night comes as we get dramatic and disturbing evidence of the ways officers put their lives on the line each day. just released a dash cam video now shows new mexico state police officer darian jarrett, just five years on the force, gunned down in cold blood during the february traffic stop. and in new york city over the weekend, officers at a patrol car surrounded and mocked by men throwing profanities at them. >> i like the fact that you got a partner! [bleep]! [bleep]! when we catch the [bleep]!
9:49 am
get the batch number! >> harris: kayleigh, i come to you first, topline thoughts? >> kayleigh: it's incredible, that new mexico officer, there will be no riots for him, no law change for him and are likely will not be a question at the white house press briefing. i certainly hope there will be a mention of this 28-year-old officer from president biden, he had three children and one on the way. likely won't hear a mention of the long island officer who right now is in the hospital fighting for his life after he got a 3-inch stab wound to his leg and a heroic marine land rar with a belt to tie up that wound. their names need to be mentioned alongside the names of horrific instances like george floyd that we saw. there are two sides here, we need to look at the facts of every situation but we cannot ignore our heroic police officers, most of whom are good who put their lives on the line every day and in some cases are
9:50 am
tragically killed like a new mexico. >> harris: kennedy, i know you have law enforcement and your family, we can keep two thoughts and our heads and do two things simultaneously, democrats talk about walking and chewing gum at the same time, we can do all of that when it comes to this, you can hold accountable the people on forces that need to be end by the way, these groups are microcosms of greater society, you're never going to find a perfect group anywhere so you deal with the ones that are not working or doing badly but you can also love those who protect and serve. >> kennedy: and you have to figure out what it is within the system that allows bad cops to stay employed and maybe it is some of these police unions that don't allow for reform. practical, reasonable reform. but what's happening in new york city is very obvious that mayor de blasio hates cops and it's really hard to find a cop in york city right now and he's letting them down
9:51 am
because it's people who taunt and hurt and kill police officers, you know, there isn't enough justice. so you're also inviting good cops to leave the forest when you have mayors across the country, including in minneapolis, they are the ones who are in charge of the police force, ultimately and when you don't back them up, why would they stay if this is what they are facing? >> harris: it's so true. i want to point to maryland, which over the weekend became the first state to end its police bill of rights. it stripped its officers of protection. >> pete: that's right, not harris. defined the police has created defenseless police officers that are on the streets without protection, simple protection, the same thing happened with qualified immunity in new york city, this is extremely, extremely dangerous and we will see what joe biden says, my expectations are low but he can't do worse than governor walz and what he said about what happened in
9:52 am
minneapolis, "another life of a black man taken by law enforcement," leadership cannot throw gasoline on fires, you made that point earlier, it's so true. these officers are risking their lives, they are in impossible situations and making split second because like i would've had to do as a platoon leader in the military. the reality is it's an impossible job where mistakes happen, hold people accountable and that's not what's happening right now, you are making the profession untenable. >> harris: well, look, pete, you and i have both lived in minnesota, you're from there, i worked there for many years. when you raise these issues from the local media and to governor, why did you say that? that's what you need. you need somebody who can hold those accountable and say look, understandably, i have you heard that they really don't want the protesters out there, they just want peace right now, why would you say something like that, why would you tweet, emily.
9:53 am
>> emily: i echo my colleague's statements, against the backdrop of all this happening in front of us, 42 officers just this year have died by suicide and 96 have died in the line of duty including 15 by gunfire, 51, by the way, by covid. they are facing, seven died by vehicular assault, but she does so long of it just takes that these officers face and those are the ones that died, there's plenty fighting for their lives including the one the kayleigh mention right now in critical care. i think it is important for all of us to acknowledge not only that they put their lives on the line, that qualifiable tool we are seeing and take on them, let alone recruitment where these police officers are feeling they are now lacking support on the street and now by the states they are supposed to represent. i for one i'm someone that supports them, and i hope they feel that support and hear those voices louder than the others.
9:54 am
>> harris: any moment, minnesota officials will give an update on the shooting death of daunte wright. and as we've been talking about it's prompted violent protesting last night. national guard moving in and escalation. they may even bring in more national guardsmen, we will keep an eye on all of it and bring you that. ♪ ♪ us from newday usa. with mortgage rates low and home values high refiplus can help you lower your rate plus turn your home equity into an average of $50,000. money for security today. money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus from newday usa. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible
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if you printed out directions to get here today, you're in the right place. my seminars are a great tool
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to help young homeowners who are turning into their parents. now, remember, they're not programs. they're tv shows. you woke up early. no one cares. yes. so, i was using something called homequote explorer from progressive to easily compare home insurance rates. was i hashtagging? progressive can't help you from becoming your parents, but we can help you compare rates on home insurance with homequote explorer. guess what. the waiter doesn't need to know your name. >> a night of violent protesting and now the mayor of center of minneapolis is hosting a news conference. let's watch. >> one individual. the chief is going to get into the details of the events, but i will say that one officer discharge the other weapon and they struck the driver of the vehicle, and following that the
9:59 am
vehicle traveled several blocks before striking another vehicle. the brooklyn center police officers who were present at the scene and who were attending to apprehend the driver did respond with an attempt at saving the young man's life. however, the young man died at the scene. our brooklyn center officers do wear body cameras and so there is body camera footage of the event. and we do plan on releasing the body camera footage today. in fact, we plan to do so here. but i want to say that our hearts are aching right now.
10:00 am
we are in pain right now. and we recognize that this couldn't have happened at a worse time. we recognize that this is happening at a time where our community, all of america, all of the world is watching our community. that we are all collectively devastated and we have been for over a year now by the killing of george floyd and we continue to be distressed as we go through the derek chauvin trial. so having a police shooting happen in our community and killing a young man is heartbreaking and just unfathomable. and so our entire community is filled with grief with yesterday's police involved shooting that led to


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