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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  April 12, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> dana: growing up in denver there was ash on our windows from the explosion in mount st. helen. that's how far it went. that's not an island. glad you are here with me, trace. he will be here with us this week. "the faulkner focus" is up next. a war zone that person said. minnesota's governor has deployed the national guard after black lives matter protestors hit the streets in his state following the death of a black man in an officer-involved shooting. tensions are already sky high with the derek chauvin murder trial entering its third week in minneapolis. i'm harris paulkner and you are in the "the faulkner focus".
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the governor deployed the national guard to brooklyn center. hundreds of people ended up clashing with police, looting and more over the death of 20-year-old daunte wright. police say they tried to arrest him. during a traffic stop over an outstanding warrant. an officer shot him as he tried to drive away. wright drove several blocks, hit a vehicle and then died at the scene. this all happened about 10 miles from where the trial of derek chauvin in taking place. chauvin, the former police officer on trial charged with murdering george floyd. some 20 businesses damaged in the protesting. there are reports of someone firing on a police station. now more national guard troops could be on the way as daunte wright's family is asking for peace. >> he is only 20 years old. he shouldn't have died. i don't want all of this. i don't want all of this.
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i just want my baby home. that's all i want. i want him to be home. i don't want everybody out here chanting and screaming and yelling. i just want him home, that's it. >> harris: matt finn is live from brooklyn center. matt. >> we've been able to survey some of the damage across town here and this is just one of many businesses that were smashed in, looted or destroyed. this is a game stop and just next door is a ups store that was also heavily looted. and we a short while ago spoke to the sister of the owner of that smashed in ups store. >> they destroyed everything. they pulled it out. it is not about stealing. i think it is just they wanted to break in and just destroy it, you know. nothing to steal here in ups. what do you do? they purposely want to destroy it. that's sad, you know?
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>> and we also not long ago saw national guard and police officers in tactical gear protecting the police precinct targeted last night. bullets went through that building. the minnesota public safety commissioner said the national guard has moved into phase three here increasing their deployment in minneapolis and town the brooklyn center and been stationed outside of the courthouse in downtown minneapolis where the derek chauvin murder trial is ongoing right now. the state is expected to wrap its case today or tomorrow and regarding this deadly shooting overnight the governor tweeted out i am closely monitoring the situation in brooklyn center. we're praying for daunte wright's family as our state warms another life of a black man taken by law enforcement. some of the lighting and rioting spilled into the city of minneapolis where there are hundreds of millions in damage from last summer's riots. we talked to many business owners there that have boarded up. this area has been on edge waiting for that chauvin murder
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trial verdict now adding to the tension is this other incident now where a young man was shot and killed by police. we'll keep you updated throughout the day. we saw people volunteering cleaning up some of the glass here at these stores. >> harris: matt finn, thank you very much. power panel slides in now. rachel campos-duffy fox news contributor. jason nichols. university of maryland professor of african-american studies. great to see you both. rachel, i will come to you first. we have seen this over and over again this response and i want to start with some of the video that we're seeing from last night and just get your response. >> harris, just so you know i can't see the video right now but i did see video earlier today. and also last night of what was going on. clearly, you know, this city is on pins and needles and the police officers who made that stop had to know that this was only 10 miles away from where
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george floyd had tragically died and with the trial on the whole city is just really nervous. probably expected that this would happen following that shooting. i will say also that daunte, it is tragic that he died and important to note some of the few facts we have. it had a warrant out for his arrest and he re-entered the vehicle. we don't know why he did that. whether the police officers asked him to do that or did it against their wishes. if that led to his killing. we have seen so many tragic deaths even just in recent days of how a traffic stop can lead to something so deadly and so volatile. and i think police officers are nervous. so the message that i would say as a minority speaking to other minorities is follow the directions of law enforcement and don't go into your vehicle if you are not supposed to. these situations especially with the warrant out for your
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arrest means that the tension is high. everything is heightened. >> harris: you know, jason, as rachel has put it there listen to law enforcement. things can escalate. part of the problem is that there is escalation all around and you heard from our report with matt finn, jason, they have rapidly moved into phase 3 with the national guard as the situation is escalating. the governor is watching over it. i don't know if you caught that tweet from the governor. i wonder if it helped or incited things. can we pop it up? the governor said i'm closely monitoring the situation in brooklyn center. we're praying for his family as we mourn another black man taken by law enforcement. was that helpful? >> i don't think it actually had any effect one way or the other. people in that area are
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fatigued. unfortunately after all these repeated incidents in minnesota like castille, george floyd and damon, people are less likely to give law enforcement the benefit of the doubt. i agree with rachel that more evidence and facts need to come out before we can state what occurred to daunte wright. it sounds like shooting blindly into the vehicle is not the best practice. we can't blame anyone. we don't know the facts yet. >> harris: we don't know. >> when you see other situations that is usually not going to end well for anyone. but i think the people of that area are fatigued. they are tired of seeing this over and over and over again. >> harris: jason i'm curious. if that's the case and we can hear what sounds to be a young woman's voice. i don't want to lead in on that. i can't see people's faces with
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the masks. but when you describe something as a war zone and lean in with cameras and everything else. why do we keep ending up in the same spot in the middle of the night? is this really how you are going to solve the justice that people think that they are seeking? and you made a good point. a good question. rachel i will come to you on this. police are not getting the benefit of the doubt in any of these situations anymore. on the other side of the coin, for example, some high profile incidents where police were hurt or killed. we're just now seeing video of a police officer in new mexico who was shot to death during a traffic stop in february. the suspect fired and ar-15 style rifle. officer jarret. in long island, new york and officer is fighting for his life today after being stabbed by a drunk driver during a traffic stop on saturday night. and just today -- it's only 11 a.m. on the east coast. in georgia this morning
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multiple officers were shot during a police chase. it is unclear how serious those injuries are at the time. your reaction? >> i'm glad you brought up the incident in new mexico. everyone should see that video. it is very difficult to watch and very painful to watch but it really gives you a really good idea of just how volatile and how quickly things escalate. people need to see this. this is why police officers get nervous and shoot when somebody goes into a vehicle. you talked about is this the way we are going to respond every time there is an incident and don't give the police officers the benefit of the doubt? there are people who benefit from raising the temperature and getting other communities to hate the police officers, the distrust them and riot like this. many of those people are getting rich off of it. we saw stories this week of one of the main leaders of blm just
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bought multiple million dollar homes, some of them in all-white neighborhood as she is calling for racial animosity not just as police officers but in general causing racial tension across our country. there are people who are making money, they are racial huck steers and not giving good advice. when you distrust the cops you will have these kind of heightened situations where people will get hurt. >> harris: jason, last word from you. of course we have seen things that don't go the way that they are supposed to in our history and most people of color, all of us minorities on this panel have incidents that we could talk about. but in response to those is what we're speaking of and how you go forward. real quick your thoughts. >> well, i think there are many ways to respond. i think there are many people who can respond particularly people in positions of power
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like the governor, >> harris: but not rioting and looting. >> pass the george floyd policing act. many things can be done by the communities themselves. i understand that their frustration and lack of trust. this lack of trust has been earned over decades, it is not a new thing. not something that happened recently. every african-american i know has some experience with the police and being mistreated. we saw it in virginia >> harris: not everyafrican-american is rioting in the streets. >> harris: dr. fauci says booster shots to be needed in the future to keep covid-19 at bay? will that be the new normal? then there is this. >> i haven't been -- >> do you plan to visit the border? >> not today? >> you and the president be
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going to the border any time soon? >> absolutely. >> harris: still no plans for the vice president to go to the border since she took on her new role tackling the root causes of migration. top republicans say president biden should reinstate trump immigration policies or the border crisis will get much worse. former acting ice director joins me next.
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>> this is a bipartisan response to the biden administration because you have democrat members of the united states congress, you have democrat members of the state legislature, as well as democrat local officials who are pushing back against the biden administration as much as conservatives in the state of texas.
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>> harris: texas governor greg abbott is warning the border crisis will only get worse unless the president reinstates president trump's immigration policies immediately. he also accused the administration of ignoring reports of child sex abuse at a migrant facility in san antonio and republicans are calling out president biden not allowing media access to a facility over the weekend. axios is reporting there is zero social distancing at that facility. with pods intended to house 30 to 50 migrants holding 10 times those numbers. here is congressman jim jordan. >> press wasn't allowed in even when secretary mayorkas went down this past week. the reason the press aren't allowed in is because they don't want the american people to know what's going on. >> harris: ron vitiello is a former acting immigration and customs enforcement director
8:19 am
and former acting deputy commissioner of customs and border protection. you've seen this, ron, from a couple different perspectives. why is this worsening suddenly and will a snap back to former policies fix it? >> the policies that were in place before january 21st was that children who came alone were sent back to their home country in conjunction with those governments. it wasn't something that immigration and customs enforcement did unilaterally. we had a relationship. they would take their youth back. everybody wants kids to stay home with their families. we reversed that policy on january 22nd -- 21st and that is encouraging children to come to the border. it is encouraging families to send their kids to the border. so the facilities are overwhelmed. knowing that this was going to happen, right, once they reversed the policies and not having sufficient shelter space, not having sufficient augmentation at the stations is
8:20 am
an oversight that i really question the leadership on this. they knew this was going to happen but they did it anyway. now we're in the thick of it and all we can do is add shelter space. the border patrol and cbp are stuck to pick up the pieces. those employees can't say no to this group of people. they have to be brought into custody and not having shelter space to send them to is bad for everybody. a lot of misery going oun on down there. >> harris: misery and health risk. you have a covid pandemic going on, you have a test, you have the treat those you find positive. higher numbers than anybody had anticipated. they need medical care and we'll give it to them. president trump told me personally in recent days it helps to go to the border. you learn about the situation when you couldn't see even being briefed by the very best.
8:21 am
vice president kamala harris has gone 18 days without a news conference since being tapped to a new leadership role in the border crisis. during that time she has mostly been in d.c. but visited new haven, los angeles, oakland, chicago. here is arizona's attorney general. >> i think it's important for federal officials to actually come to the states to see and hear and feel what's happening on the ground. talk to local sheriffs and they'll tell you how the system is being overwhelmeding a cartels using the crisis to smuggle drugs into our country panned make unbelievable profits which we'll pay for for generations. the biden administration has a fundamental misunderstanding of what the role of the federal government is. >> harris: i knew you said vice president kamala harris's response to the migrant crisis borders on the absurd. ron, your response. >> it is always important for leadership to go and see these
8:22 am
problems firsthand. so i would encourage the white house, i would encourage the vice president to go down there and talk to career employees who in cdp are left to pick up the pieces here. having that leadership awareness, seeing firsthand what the challenges are, maybe that gets to a better solution faster. obviously they are not of a mind to change the policies that they reversed but they have to look at what the aftermath is and what the consequences are. if people continue to get released into the united states whether they're children or families or a mix of that they'll encourage others to come. that's the situation that they're in right now. going to see it firsthand would make a big difference especially to support the workforce and their families. >> harris: everybody has a cell phone, right? no matter what the configuration is among all the misery, people are still able to communicate and you are right. what they figure out what they can do when they get here you bet that information is being
8:23 am
communicated. ron vitiello, thank you for your expertise and your time. >> thank you. >> harris: new concerns about the covid-19 vaccine. how well one of them may protect us against certain variants? and now long immunity, well, does it exist? plus a california teacher caught on tape berating students and their parents for pushing to reopen schools in person. oh, she is a peach. wait until you see her. reaction to the online rant that's gone viral. >> your parent wants the talk to me about their profession and their opinion on their profession? i would love to hear that.
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8:29 am
demands that schools reopen in person. the teacher appears to be referencing a lawsuit by a group of parents aiming to get their kids back in school. >> if your parent wants to come talk to me about how i'm not doing a good enough job in distance learning based on what you need as an individual, just dare them to come at me. because i am so sick to my stomach of parents trying to tell educators how to do their job. >> harris: a new study shows the impact school closures have had on students in los angeles. researchers found more than 13,000 middle and high school students were consistently disengaged in the fall of 2020. and an additional 56,000 did not actively participate on a daily basis. wow. children from low income homes saw the worst effects getting more ds and failing grades than
8:30 am
their more well-off peers. dr. marty makary is a professor at the johns hopkins school of public health. fox news medical contributor his new book is entitled the price we pay. i'm glad you're with me. i see this as a scientific issue. we can meet this where the facts, right? that's what leadership said it was going to do. follow the science. what is your response to that video and what do you take from all thisa lot of pent-up anger out there. teachers are essential workers. they have a duty to show up just like police and utility workers and supply chain workers and those of us who are doctors and nurses. in a civil society you show up to work. so a lot of people are upset right now. there is a tremendous of arm for students being shut out of school and i don't hear our medical leaders talking about it. let me know if you hear our cdc
8:31 am
director or dr. fauci talk about suicide or the damage from profound isolation, or the different effects on kids at lower sosh owe economic status. i'm concerned we haven't had good medical leadership on these issues. >> harris: we'll have to let each other know. neither one of us is hearing it. a new study shows the pfizer vaccine may be less effective against the south african variant of covid-19 while infectious disease expert dr. anthony fauci says those who are fully vaccinated might eventually need a booster shot. >> so we know for sure it's effective for six months but highly likely it will be effective for a longer time. if it is a year and year and a half we may need to get booster shots to keep up the level of protection. >> harris: six months? dr. makary. >> we have only had the vaccine
8:32 am
in the population for six months. it is not only six months, six months of observational data. i talk to a lot of infectious disease doctors who believe the protection is probably life long and may be life long from natural immunity. it is being misinterpreted out there. i now don't think we'll need boosters or see a chain of boosters coming out every year or three to five years like i thought. i could be wrong but that's the general trend as we're watching this vaccine play out more and more with time. >> harris: what about the variants? with the flu shot they have to change it every year, right? >> the flu is much more fragile. what we're losing in the israeli study that's being misinterpreted is that the vaccines are still 100% effective are preventing death and hospitalization. asymptomatic and mild cases. it wasn't clear the eight people in a country of 7 million who got an infection
8:33 am
after vaccination were even sick. they got it before they were full the optimal immunity you get two weeks after the second dose. >> harris: what we're saying it was all missing the facts. >> i think it was massively misinterpreted. people are making conclusions not derived from the actual paper. >> harris: dr. fauci is speaking out on texas not seeing a spike in cases since lifting its mask mandate. >> i'm not quite sure. could be they're doing things outdoors. it is very difficult to one-on-one compare that. you have to see in the long range. i hope they continue to tick down. >> harris: dr. makary. >> i was hoping the governor didn't use such strong anti-masking language when he announced it. first of all people listen to their local doctors more than they listen to politicians. the reason i can tell you texas has low numbers of cases right now is that it's largely an outdoor society. there is a seasonal variation
8:34 am
to the virus. natural immunity ripped through young people. that's the group that's getting infected in the north now and in michigan. last year it ripped through a lot of different communities. >> harris: dr. makary, always a pleasure to have you on the program. thank you. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: changes at the u.s. security from the president's commission that could pave the way to court packing? remember when he was asked about that and he didn't have an answer to share before the election? the pushback and then this. >> it's a new jim crow, just that simple. so i would say to everybody, come on, just look at the history and it is there. >> harris: the highest ranking african-american member of congress says georgia's new voting law is a return to the south's jim crow past. hum. reaction from rnc chair ronna mcdaniel.
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>> harris: back when he was a senator president biden attacked the idea of expanding the u.s. supreme court. now critics are going after him because the court could actually expand thanks to the executive order he signed last
8:40 am
week. it establishes a bipartisan commission to study possible reforms like adding justices beyond the number of nine and setting term limits for justices who currently can serve a lifetime tenure. david spunt with the news at the white house. >> as a u.s. senator joe biden spent years on the judiciary committee, supreme court was his wheel house after all. this is what he said about president franklin roosevelt's plan in 1937 to add justices or pack the supreme court. >> he violated no law, he was legalistically correct, but it was a bone head idea. it was a terrible, terrible mistake to make. >> the president announced a 36 person six-month study looking at potentially changing the number or adding term limits in the early years of the supreme court there were only six justices, difficult if you had a 3-3 decision.
8:41 am
in 1869 four years after the end of the civil war that's when the supreme court added to make nine justices where it has been ever since. ruth bader ginsburg said nine seems to be a good number. other justices liberal and conservative have said in the past leave the court alone. nine works. "washington post" editorial board over the weekend wants term limits 18 year term limits writing it would allow presidents to nominate the most qualified justices rather than looking for the youngest plausible nominees. hopes of changing the supreme court may be political fodder at this point. the reason these two senators on your screen appear to have no appetite to get rid of or to change the filibuster. >> we better hope that senator manchin and sinema keep their word and don't get the filibuster change in the senate. if we do all this stuff will become law. >> the president will receive a
8:42 am
commission report in october when he is expected to. it doesn't matter what the commission says or even if the president wants to do this. ultimately it is up to congress. you know how that goes in 2021, harris. >> harris: yeah. david spunt. thank you very much. >> it is not what they intend. it is what the result is. so they can say anything they want to say about it. just look through it. look throughout history and you will know that what is taking place today is a new jim crow just that simple. >> harris: we're watching the highest ranking african-american member of the house, house majority whip jim clyburn about georgia's new voting law. former newt gingrich who represented an atlanta area district for two decades say the president and democrats are lying about that law. >> this is a totally rational
8:43 am
position which has been deliberately lied about by the democrats because they know it sounds so horrifying and so hostile. but it is explicitly totally not true and tells you about the collapse of honesty in the democratic party that they have to rely on this kind of a false charge to even be in the argument. >> harris: the new georgia law that has triggered national debate adds an identification requirement to absentee ballots, shortens runoffs and limits the secretary of state powers. supporters say it is similar to voting laws in blue states. rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel is with me now. i want to get your reaction to representative clyburn a's remarks. >> newt gingrich is right. the president, joe biden and congressman clyburn are lying. they are lying but more than that, harris, they are using racism to try and push their
8:44 am
point and divide our country even further. that is really wrong. i think it's racist for them to say that african-americans and hispanic voters can't use voter i.d. what prevents them from using voter i.d. it is absolutely false. it is disgusting. it is divisive and it is not true. and this law if you look at every aspect of it expands voting hours, it adds a saturday day of voting. but what it does do it strengthens things like drop boxes having people watching them to make sure that counties have to say how many votes came in and how many absentee ballots were given out and how many came back in. i says you have to have an i.d. to vote. so many common sense measures that protect our elections that the majority of americans agree with. >> harris: it's interesting got awfully quiet with the companies boycotting and the mlb all-star game moved to
8:45 am
denver and everybody found out colorado has voter i.d. laws and fewer early voting days than georgia? crickets. i do want to move on to this. the senate republican conference memo first obtained by fox news says biden's partisan job crushing slush fund spends 5% of the total 2.7 trillion on roads and bridges and the rest is just a wish list of failed obama policies, expensive green mandates and tax height that would ultimately cost the u.s. a million dollars. talking all about infrastructure now. just get your response on some of the policies the president is wanting to put through without republican support. >> the power grab you are seeing. you talked about it in the first segment. to expand the supreme court and get rid of the filibuster. absolute power. the opposite of what our founders intended. this is why they wanted checks and balances. the infrastructure is a debacle.
8:46 am
they want to ram it through without any discussion or compromise. it will decimate our country, nothing to do with infrastructure. it is a grab bag for democrats. everyone is watching our deficit grow and grow and grow. they are recognizing gas prices are going up because of joe biden's failing energy policy. they just saw this covid boondoggle and now ramp something else through. it is why republicans will take back the majority in the house in 2022 and democrats are so worried about that they're trying to rush everything through before we get there. >> harris: right now it is needing money in the coffers of republicans cashing in during the fundraising quarter of the year. i understand they say they have democrats to thank for all of it. house minority leader kevin mccarthy raised a record $27 million in the first three
8:47 am
months of 2021. steve scalise says he raised a record 7.1 million during that time. and the house republican fundraising arm brought in well over $30 million, ronna. some gop lawmakers say it's a reaction to the democratic agenda on issues like immigration, gun laws, voting laws and some of the things we were talking about. here is texas republican michael mccaul. >> are president biden's policies driving republican fundraising? >> 100%. i'm seeing it on the ground. i predict we will retake the house. fire nancy pelosi. get the majority back. remember, 20 of these democrats are in trump carried districts. i don't somehow they can have this kind of voting record and survive the mid-term elections. >> i agree. a lot of people i hear all the time saying i knew biden was going to be bad but it is way worse than i ever thought with the border, with this covid boondoggle bill that did
8:48 am
nothing to help covid. with our kids still not in school. i'm in that boat as well. so many of the things we're seeing from this administration are worse than we could have imagined. it is driving our fundraising. i defended an event this weekend and the unity we're seeing among investors from high level dollar to small dollar investors want to make sure we win this next election. they are scared of what this administration and absolute power that democrats have a massed not just in congress but with the corporate, with the cancel culture and with the media is truly frightening for americans and they want republicans to be that check. >> harris: rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel on the program today. thank you. we'll talk more about the showdown over president biden's tax and spending plan as he gets ready to meet with a bipartisan group of lawmakers about it. republicans are demanding answers from him on it and they say they want the truth.
8:49 am
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nope, just the coffee shop. announcer: no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. voiceover: 'cause she's a biker... please don't follow me in. >> this is the care economy, this is care infrastructure, if donald trump had come out and called a dog or cat which is joe biden is doing, we would be outraged by the fact that he is lying. >> what is infrastructure? historically it's been, what is it that we all need to ensure that we as citizens are productive? we need roads, bridges, transmission, homes and offices and we need to make sure that
8:55 am
people can actually go to work if they have an aging parent or a child. >> harris: the fight over president biden's massive spending plan is boiling over with chris christie following calling the president a liar. energy secretary jennifer granholm tries to redesign infrastructure as chris wallace held transportation secretary's beak to the fire over jobs creation, watch. >> there are a lot of different analyses of adjuster how many different jobs this is going to create? you are the one that sided athletics is 19 million and it's actually 2.7 million witches a bunch but it's not what you said. >> it's part of a scenario that moody says will create 19 million jobs so yeah, you are right, i should be very precise. >> harris: larry kudlow joined me now, larry, always good to see you.
8:56 am
we just want the facts, we just want to dig for them. do we really need to redefine infrastructure? >> no, by the way, we can take the whole package, spending plus taxing, you are going to lose jobs, these estimates are always off, estimates from the pen wharton model, the tax foundation, estimates from the national association manufacturers, rice university economist, you're going to lose jobs. we are going to lose capital investment and we are going to lose wages. it's a terrible idea. >> harris: talk to me about why some things, we are on with the rnc chairwoman, why those things are happening and is this type of big spending help or not? >> well, look, you can't
8:57 am
redefine infrastructure so the spending totals are vastly, vastly too large. may be slightly more, slightly less and that's less than 20% of the total package. you don't need social welfare programs, you do not need unionization programs, you do not need a green new deal programs. one thing they don't even have in their areas permitting reformed to get through projects in one eye three years which would be the most efficient thing they could have done and they left that out, remarkably. and on the other side, harris, you are going to kill the economy with tax increases, we are not going to be competitive anymore, individual taxes are going to go up, capital gains taxes. what you are doing is deterring or penalizing investment and i've always said this, you can't have a good paying job on one side without a healthy business. and to get a healthy business,
8:58 am
yeah, at some point you're going to need investment, capital, there is no class war as democrats say, they are not paying their fair share, the reality is the investment side needs to work the workforce side, they should be together, not a part, these kinds of decisions are unhealthy in political terms and very negative in economic terms. >> harris: so fascinating, president biden is meeting with some republican lawmakers today, senate minority with john thune thinks there could be a deal to be had, let's watch. >> i think when we ought to be looking at this in terms of his having, let's do an infrastructure bill, the president wants to do an infrastructure bill, the sort of big, bold, utopian europeans style socialism proposal they've laid out there is something they can try to do another time but if they are sincere about doing something for infrastructure i think there are republicans who would vote for it. >> harris: do you think that's
8:59 am
true? >> yeah, i do, look. i think john doing is right, you don't want some big socialist utopian dream here, let's narrow it down to bread and butter infrastructure which i think could be done by, again, 650 billion is a decent, round number and that could be done without gigantic tax hikes that will damage the economy, you could have user fees, toll roads, bonding, public-private partnerships, traditional ways to finance real, what i would call real infrastructure without renaming it and without giving it the largest welfare state. >> harris: i always listen to you so closely and i learned about the permitting process you are talking about, what good is it if you get all these things going on the burner but your permits don't allow you to do it for three or four years because you've got so much red tape, that makes so much sense for a larry kudlow, thank you so much for being with me.
9:00 am
thank you. that's a huge point, harris, and we should legislate it. >> harris: well, i want to brag on you a little bit, if you haven't subscribes to fox nation yet, now is the time to do it, starting today you could see a fascinating five-part series, "the unauthorized history of taxes." larry kudlow joins bret baier taking us through the long and complicated relationship between american taxpayers and their government and the surprising way decisions about taxes have affected so much of our american lives. log onto to check it out. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus." now, "outnumbered." we began with this fox news alert, we are actually awaiting a news conference right now the sour from the police department of brooklyn center minnesota. it follows the violence that broke out last night during protesting over the police


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