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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  April 12, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> birmingham, alabama. i love it there. it's so beautiful. fun to visit. thank you for watching us and we'll see you tomorrow. good luck with the radio show, brian. >> dana: violent protests in minnesota overnight after police shot and killed hundreds of protestors in brooklyn center and the national guard is heading to minneapolis. >> bill: i'm trace gallagher in for bill hemmer. this is "america's newsroom." that looting after police say an officer pulled a driver over for a traffic violation. they say they realized he had an outstanding warrant and tried to arrest him. >> dana: all this comes as the
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derek chauvin murder trial is getting started soon. we're reporting live from brooklyn center, minnesota. good morning. >> you can see right now poils and national guard are here in tactical gear protecting the brooklyn center police department. it was the target of rioting and demonstrations last night. 5 to 7 miles north of downtown minneapolis. this area has been on edge as the chauvin murder trial is happening. set to resume in 30 minutes. the state is getting close to wrapping up its case. this situation started around 2:00 yesterday afternoon when officers stopped a car for a traffic violation. during the stop police say they learned the driver, 20-year-old daunte wright, had an outstanding warrant. his girlfriend was also in the car. they tried to take write into custody but he got back into the car. unclear why officers ended up firing and shooting and killing that man. the car traveled a little bit and crashed. police say there is an
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independent investigation underway now. daunte wright's mother said her son called her during the traffic stop and said he was pulled over for air fresheners of his rearview mirror and asked about his insurance. he wanted to provide the police with insurance information for the car he was given weeks ago. she said she heard police say don't run. wright's girlfriend answers and the girlfriend showed her son's lifeless body. >> he is 20 years old. i don't want all of this. i don't want that. i want my baby home. i want my baby to be home. i don't want everybody out here chanting and screaming and yelling. i just want him home. that's all.
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>> minnesota governor -- our state mourns another life of a black man taken by law enforcement. some of the looting and riots spilled over into minneapolis. neighborhoods still recovering from last summer's riots talking hundreds of millions of dollars in damage in minneapolis now this event occurred where there was more damage and rioting and looting in brooklyn center 15 miles from where george floyd was arrested and derek chauvin placed his knee on floyd's neck. >> dana: there are new details in the shooting death of a cop in new mexico. dashboard video shows the cop approach the suspect's truck after pulling him over for overly tinted windows. they had a peaceful conversation before the man got out of his truck, pulled out what looked like an automatic rifle and shot the officer. the suspect died in a shoot-out with police after a 40 mile car chase.
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a cop in new york stabs during a traffic stop over the weekend on long island. the officer had emergency surgery and is in critical condition. trace, a lot of grief and i'm sure a lot of questions for both the families and the communities. >> you talk to law enforcement officers across the country and they tell the same stories. they feel there is immense pressure on them to do their jobs. they don't have the political backing they used to have and don't believe in a lot of cases they have the respect they used to have. then you have what happened in minnesota and it all kind of comes -- >> dana: come flex indeed. we'll go on to this now. >> fox news getting a look at chaotic conditions on the southern border overnight. setting new records as the number of migrants crossing the border reaches its highest level in 15 years. texas governor greg abbott saying the dire situation is getting even worse. >> the government now projects
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more than 35,000 unaccompanied minors in federal custody by june. one, could it get that bad? >> candidly i expect that number to be far higher. >> let's get to rich edson in mission, texas with more. good morning. >> good morning. this is the rio grande river. the land behind me is mexico. crossing points throughout this area for migrants. we were walking with border patrol agents last night. they were showing us what they say they're seeing on a nightly basis. they say they see cartels and smugglers dropping mostly families and children across the river. they say there is really a surge they've not seen like this before and they're seeing the family part of this much more than they have in years past. there was a congressional delegation last evening. there will be another today.
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what's happening here is playing out in washington >> i can tell you our law enforcement is strapped. they're being outspent and technology,, cartels are using more technology than we have and using it to their advantage. the cartels are winning this war. >> we're being very clear. we have said please do not take this journey. it is too dangerous. it is too treacherous and we're also putting in place programs where people could stay home and move forward and apply in a legal way. >> last evening just really a few hours ago we drove past a handful of families, some waved to us, others looked exhausted and shaken. the kind of look that you don't forget. agents spoke with them, moved them to a processing facility. we also spoke to a group from honduras, a couple of small families, two teenagers traveling alone. it took them more than three weeks to a month to get here by
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train, by car, on foot. two of the men said they had no work back home and that they encountered pretty bad people on their trip up to the united states. they didn't get into details from that. agents say the type of activity they're seeing here many of whom who have worked here from five years to a decade have never seen it this bad here at this spot. trace, back to you. >> rich edson live on the border. thank you. >> dana: republican congresswoman nicole malliotakis saw the crisis at the border firsthand this weekend and she joins us now. congresswoman, what did you see? you were our eyes and ears for the weekend. what did you see? >> we went down to the border. we visited a processing facility and visited the donna facility where they're housing migrant children and some families. completely overcrowded, 250 capacity and they had 4,000 individuals at this particular site. you saw children sleeping on top of each other practically
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and it was very unsafe i think conditions simply because they're not providing covid tests and they don't know who is infected and many said they did have fevers. but i have to tell you that the real issue here is that the president has turned over the borders to the cartels. the smugglers and cartels are making billions of dollars profiting off smuggling individuals. the president has made it an incentive and reversed the policies put in place by president trump that were working. there was an agreement with guatemala, mexico, honduras and they were stemming the flow of the illegal migration. but now it is completely out of control. at the current rate we're talking about 175,000 individuals a month. by mid-july in this year alone there will be more people crossing our border illegally than reside in joe biden's home state of delaware or the vice president's home city of san francisco. >> you talk about 175,000.
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they say 19,000 unaccompanied minors, it could be as high as 30,000 by some accounts. when you say the president saying things he wants to revamp these border crossing areas and he wants to put more technology along the border, is he missing the big picture when you think the border wall is the center piece of all of that enforcement and when you stop building the border wall and watch these migrants come through, that's a significant problem? >> that's part of it. certainly the infrastructure but also he needs to untie the hands of customs and border protection. they don't have the resources right now to do their job. it's a plan by the cartels. as they are sending hundreds of thousands of individuals they are distracting the cbp now processing asylum applications which less than 10% are actually legitimate claims. they are babysitting the children at the migrant facilities and meanwhile the porous parts of our border are
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wide open where the nefarious stuff is happening. gun trafficking, drug smuggling. individuals convicted of crimes and deported are entering. you saw the news reports about even people on the f.b.i. terror watch list are crossing our border. sex offenders are crossing the border. that's just who they were able to find, right? we imagine the number is much bigger of individuals, drugs and the sex trafficking that's taking place. these women and children are being abused along the journey. this is all coming at an enormous price to the american taxpayer. it is not fair for anybody involved. the only winners here are the cartels and smugglers profiting off these individuals. >> dana: could i ask you about that? there is a report the white house is considering making direct payments to people in those countries to help prevent them from making the decision to leave. any thoughts on that? >> typical democrat response to throw more money at a problem. there was already a solution
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here and it was the stay in mexico policy, the agreements than president trump made with the central american countries. he undid all this. it is not just those central american countries. the facility we visited had individuals from over 60 countries represented. so this is a much larger criminal operation by the cartels that president biden has incentivized and he can simply fix it today by undoing those executive orders and we can work toward common sense policies for immigration streamline and modernize the system. it has to have entry exit visa, e-verify and they need to do their job. >> dana: thank you so much for joining us this morning. appreciate it. >> president biden's border coordinator roberta jacobson stepping down at the end of april. she planned to stay through biden's first 100 days in office. it has been three weeks since
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vice president harris was tapped to see the migrant crisis. she remains mia in a crisis and a lot of statements she made when running for president a year ago are now coming back saying listen, we don't need the border wall. waste of time. we don't need these kids in these detention centers. i would get rid of all of them. now they wonder where the put the kids. >> dana: mainstream media is also picking up on this. vice president harris hasn't said anything, gone to the border. also on roberta jacobson, i'm not buying she was only going to stay for the first 100 days. if you look at the original statement there was never any indication of that and personnel is policy. maybe they are recognizing they have a problem there. remains to be seen. >> bill: president biden is setting up a commission to study reforming the supreme court but republicans call it another democratic power grab.
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progressives are pushing to expand the court since the conservative majority took over under president trump and calling for liberal justice steven breyer to require while democrats control the white house and congress let's bring in fox news contributor and former white house speech writer marc thiessen. great to see you. this commission that joe biden is coming up with, what do you make of it? do you see concrete reforms coming out of this commission or one of those things to play indicate the far left? >> i think it's the latter. the reality is look, you cannot make any changes to the supreme court unless you get 60 votes in the senate to break the filibuster. joe manchin doubled down saying there is no circumstance under which i will eliminate or weaken the filibuster. not true just for packing the supreme court but any structural changes to the security including putting term limits on and getting lifetime deployments or other people on
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the left suggested. as long as joe manchin sticks with his word this is going nowhere, thank god. >> listen to harry reid on cnn. former senate majority and minority leader. here is what he had to say about it. >> the commission is going to come back. at this point a lot of people will come back and say we should just leave it alone. i think it would be inappropriate at this time after that long history we've had in the country of term limits for judges. >> dana: even though somebody like harry reid is saying tap the brakes on this and to your point joe manchin said i'm not going there, stop asking. will that be enough? is it ever going to be enough for the left? >> first of all listening to harry reid is like listening to an arsonist advice on fire control. he started filibustering judges for the first time and got rid
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of the judicial filibuster for everything but supreme court justice is. he created the mess they're complaining about right now. ask yourself a simple question. if hillary clinton won the 2016 election made the last three supreme court appointments and had -- we had a liberal majority do you think any democrats would think the supreme court needs structural reform? of course not. it is situational ethics regarding their will to power. and so they -- they will regret it if they get rid of the filibuster. five minutes ago they were spending their time filibustering everything donald trump wanted to do. what do they think happens if they lose control? they have an eight vote majority in the house. they could lose the senate in less than two years and house as well. what will they do when republicans come back into power and republicans in a
6:16 am
filibuster -- >> interesting breyer said at harvard the court is guided by legal principles. not politics. politicians don't believe that according to your conversation. >> no, they don't because that's because the truth is on the left they have activist judges who don't follow the law. they know what the outcome will be. when is the last time you saw when there was a narrow 5-4 majority the liberal judge defebt on a major issue on abortion or anything like that? they never do. they bat .1,000, we bat less than .500. >> dana: have a good week. fox news alert. iran vowing revenge after blaming israel on an attack on a nuclear facility plus this. >> dare them to come out. i am so sick to my stomach of
6:17 am
parents trying to tell educators how to do their jobs. >> a teacher caught on zoom berating her students over returning to their classrooms. details on her online rant is coming up. >> dana: separating fact from fiction. is the white house misleading americans on the jobs it is hoping to create? maria bartiromo is here with a reality check. >> will create or save 10 million. >> you are the cited moody's analytics at 19 million and it's 2.7 million. a bunch but not what you said. retirement is an opportunity to fill each tomorrow with moments that matter. and a steady stream of protected income can help you secure the life you've planned. for more than 150 years, generations have trusted
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>> why mislead folks? >> you're right, i should have been more precise. >> would you agree that you and
6:23 am
the president and brian deese, the economic advisor on this program last week, you all exaggerated the jobs impact? >> a lot of different analyses how many million jobs it will create. georgetown study that said an investment of this type -- >> trace: grilling transportation secretary pete buttigieg saying it would create 19 million jobs. add min traitions officials have been talking up that figure without clarifying the economy would add 16.3 million of those jobs without the biden plan. let's bring in maria bartiromo anchor of sunday morning futures. always great to see you. i had to laugh when pete buttigieg at the top of that sound bite said i should have been more precise. i only missed it by 16.3 million jobs. >> yeah, trace, it is extraordinary. the question is, is this actually going to kill jobs? because this spending plan, which many are calling the green new deal, is funding
6:24 am
subsidies for the green economy. that is going to cost jobs in many areas of the economy. it is going to force companies to make big changes in their own fossil fuel usage and that may very well put people out of work. not only do we overestimate the number of jobs created, they may very well have created numbers that do not exist. because we may actually see this cut jobs. this infrastructure plan or what is being called infrastructure is only 15% infrastructure related. largely it is a green new deal. larry lindsey from the lindsey group goes through all the subsidies being paid. it would fund initiatives. it includes $164 billion in electric vehicle incentives. in 2019 they were 327,000 plug-in vehicles sold. annual sale number gross 10 fold over the next eight years. by 2029 plugins on the road.
6:25 am
the subsidy in the bill amounts to $10,000 per car. one quarter of the average price of the car. the bill includes $200 billion to improve and build energy efficient affordable homes. this is more of a green deal than an infrastructure package. there are worries it will be a job cutter. >> i wonder if they exaggerate the number of jobs this bill will create. do you also think they may be down playing the fact that taxes, the raising of the taxes to pay for this thing would be more hurtful? >> oh yeah, the tax increases are coming and they will be hurtful to americans. another falsity coming out of the biden administration recently they were going to tax anybody making 400,000 or more. that is not true as jen psaki confirmed, it is $400,000 per
6:26 am
family. $200,000 for each spouse. that's what the cut-off will be in terms of higher taxes. you are talking about putting $4 trillion in new taxes in an economy just getting its sea legs and we're expecting growth in 2021. we'll see how it impacts things. it will probably be negative. >> trace: i want to play the sound bite from powell about the economy kicking into gear and i'll get your response. >> we're at a place where the economy is going to start growing quickly and job creation coming in much more quickly. the principle risk to our economy now is that the disease would spread again. >> trace: do we need $2 trillion thrown at this is the question very quickly? >> we really don't. most expectations call for an economy to grow in 2021 of up to 9%. as i always say, though, trace, money is mobile and it will move where it is treated best. if you have higher taxes, you
6:27 am
will see moves to get around the tax increases and that could mean moving your money out of the united states. >> trace: maria bartiromo. always good to see you. she made a good point. listening to fox business this morning. she is saying the inflation thing to worry about. you throw $2 trillion at the thing and don't know the ramifications it will have until -- >> dana: chairman powell on 60 minutes last night i wanted to learn more about that. inflation they've kept under wraps for a while but right now is more dicey. always good to have maria bartiromo on the show. president biden set to meet with republican and democratic lawmakers today to push his more than $2 trillion plan. we'll talk to representative shelley capito and we know how those earlier talks went. states taking on voting laws. ceos and what they're saying ahead.
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>> what is infrastructure? historically it's been what is it that we all need to insure we as citizens are productive? infrastructure evolves to meet the american people's aspirations and it is not static. we don't want to use past definitions of infrastructure when we're moving into the future. when other countries are investing significantly in their infrastructure to overcome us. >> dana: republicans in congress are accusing president biden of redefining infrastructure in his more than $2 trillion proposal calling it a job crushing slush fund. the president is set to meet with a bipartisan group of lawmakers today to sell the bill to them.
6:34 am
republican senator shelley capito joins us now. infrastructure is near and dear to your heart. let me get your take, anita dunn who is with the white house said if you looked up bipartisan in the dictionary i think it would say support from republicans and democrats. it doesn't say the republicans have to be in congress. what do you think of that? >> well, i think that if you are going to actually have a bipartisan infrastructure package as we've had numerous times in the past you have to have buy-in from legislative leaders. that goes without question. i think we had had a lot of conversations. i'm speaking all the time with senator carper, the leading democrat on epw. we have been to the white house together to talk about this. there are ongoing talks. i think the expansive definition of infrastructure that we see in this green new deal wish list is called to question. i don't think the american
6:35 am
people when they think of infrastructure are thinking of home health aides and other things included in this bill. >> dana: i was thinking if they want to redefine what bipartisan is, it could work both ways. right now you could say there is a strong bipartisan majority in america strongly disagrees or disapproves of the way biden is handling the border. so that could work both ways on them. take a listen to chris christie talking about this very thing. how do you define it but ask you if that will really matter to people in your constituents who might want to see some of this progress? watch. >> right. >> you cannot call a $400 billion plan to force unionization in states to say that taking care of increasing medicaid payments in states is infrastructure. this the is the care economy, this is care infrastructure? it's baloney. lying is not possible. it is not infrastructure, george. >> dana: with that messaging,
6:36 am
can that work with constituents in your state? >> well, i just spent two weeks at home. we toured a lot of road and bridge projects that are ongoing that need to give our governors the flexibility to be able to go with what works in urban america. we looked at waste water and clean drinking water project in the northern part of the state. those are the basic needs, along with broadband being a new basic need in my opinion that i think where we need to focus and where we have that bipartisan synergy where we have in the past gotten together and we can get together again. so i think we have to take some of this extraneous stuff out. it is really wrong and misleading to the american public for the president and others to say that we're not willing to look -- we as republicans are not willing to look forward to what the infrastructure of the future is. we passed a bill 21-0 a year
6:37 am
ago that electric charging stations and some of the things that will be important moving forward. but that is just a small part. 15% of the bill is in that. let's look at what -- >> dana: would you have advice for the republicans headed up to the white house today? you are not included in this particular meeting but you were in the one on february 1 where you and nine other republicans went to biden and tried to work with you. it didn't go anywhere. should these republicans approach it any differently in this meeting? >> what i would say you have to reemphasize what working together is. if you have two negotiating positions and the president doesn't move off of his position, which is what happened under the covid, we moved off of our original position as republicans, the 10 of us and came back with a counteroffer and it was dead silence. they moved on to reconciliation. i think my problem is i don't want to be used as a tool of
6:38 am
say bipartisanship only for the window dressing. i want to get in there and really work. the optics of it. they'll go ahead and do what they want anyway with this reconciliation. that is the danger. the american public don't want that. >> dana: we'll see how it turns out. thank you, senator. >> trace: there could be red faces in the white house communications office after an online gamer reportedly took part in daily briefings by pretending to be a reporter. according to "politico" they managed to ask press secretary jen psaki four questions. they created an online profile with the name casey lego montague. she wouldn't let go of her phony press credentials. >> dana: i remember when we were in the white house bloggers were just coming on the scene. you had to decide who gets to come into the white house? a white house communication associations try to work with them and figure it out.
6:39 am
they will try to be careful in the future. >> trace: prince harry is back in the u.k. to attend his grandfather's funeral. the first time he has been home in over a year. his wife meghan, expecting their second child will stay in california. prince william releasing a statement saying my grandfather was an extraordinary man and part of an extraordinary generation. i will miss my grandpa but i know he would want us to get on with the job. it will be interesting to have those siblings as they carry their grandfather -- >> dana: maybe they can smooth things over. we'll see. >> trace: we hope. >> there are no green jobs there. >> dana: former keystone pipeline workers looking for the jobs president biden promised them months after he signed the executive order.
6:40 am
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>> dana: iran is blame israel for an attack over the weekend. the islamic republic threatening revenge for the attack that comes amid high level talks to revive the iran nuclear deal. trey yengst is with us to sort it all out. >> i ran's foreign minister blamed israel for an attack on the nuclear facility. the latest in a series of actions against the nuclear deal continues to unravel. iran is calling an incident over the weekend at the uranium enrichment plant an act of sabotage. intelligence officials told "the new york times" a large explosion destroyed the internal independent power supply to thousands of underground centrifuges. hours prior to the event they started to enrich aour ainian using new technology for it to
6:46 am
be done faster. officials believe the attack may have set iran back nine months. if confirmed one of the most significant blows to their nuclear program in recent history. this comes as an iranian delegation will meet again on wednesday with parties to the 2015 nuclear deal. talks last week in vienna were described as constructive. in messages sent indirectly to the united states over the past several weeks, iran has made clear it will keep increasing uranium enrichment levels until american sanction rest lifted. the explosion is a major blow to ongoing negotiations. the alleged attack comes as lloyd austan met today with israeli prime minister netanyahu. in joint statements last hour you got a look into the minds of these two men when it comes to iran. austan mentioned the country not at all when netanyahu mentioned iran seven times.
6:47 am
>> dana: very interesting. appreciate it. >> does everything have to be a summary execution in america? what happened to just anticipating the apology? oh, okay, you made a mistake, as humans do. [applause] can we get on with our lives? this is american blood lust for grofsh elling. it is just gross. >> trace: bill >> trace: -- joe concha joins us now. media columnist nor the hill. good morning to you. what do you make of bill maher's about the apology not being accepted? they want your livelihood, career, reputation and your head in essence, joe
6:48 am
>> he has been consistent giving arguments against cancel culture and he called it real, insane and growing exponentially. he is right. apologies used to serve as a second chance. i know what i did was wrong. i apologize to everybody who may have been offended by this and it won't happen again. that used to be enough. now it's an execution notice to one's career. from a media perspective the best example recently is sharon osborne of the talk, formerly of the talk on cbs. all she did was defend her friend peers morgan's right to his opinion but agreed with the fact he should have the right to give it. suddenly cbs woke mob comes for them. before you know it they're on hiatus and osborne makes the big mistake to apologize. it is never enough. the execution needs to happen and thrown off the show and on
6:49 am
her way off we hear about allegations of racism that we don't know if it's true or not true. if i'm sharon osborne i sue. i sue cbs and say why was i terminated? this is wrongful termination. if there are allegations of racism have somebody prove it. what about the whole thing about me defending a right to an opinion? that's a reason to get rid of somebody on the show for the past 10 years? that should be the fighting back that should happen here, trace. >> trace: the apology, the theme seems to be do not give in. you have to keep fighting. james carville was talking to bill crystal about it. the thing i'm most worried about. always trying to get somebody fired. they're outraged at somebody all the time and it wears people down. is that your assessment, joe? are people exhausted by cancel culture quickly because i want to move on to a second topic. >> 62% in one poll recently said that cancel culture is a threat to u.s. freedom.
6:50 am
62%. it is a real pushback we're seeing on this. hopefully it becomes something tangible. until people point back it will continue to happen. >> trace: "wall street journal" reporting ceos held a zoom call what to do about the voting bills in various states. 12 states. 350 bills that are under consideration having to do with voting. the ceos will say what are we going to do now? what is your answer? >> the same thing, right? cancel culture in some sense. in these cases instead of saying we're going to join the boycott and we don't want any trouble from the woke mob or anything, if i'm one of these corporations i would say we hear both sides here. we won't take a position one way or another. look at all the charities we're involved in. most are. in terms of helping the community and end it there. don't say another word. don't boycott. in these situations the s.e.c. championship will be held in
6:51 am
atlanta in december. save this tape. as sure as you were born there will be loud calls for that game to be moved and pressure on advertisers to pull out of that particular game or ncaa final four in houston in 2023, texas, a bad state. we have to make sure that game doesn't happen there either. every big event held in what's deemed to be a red state with suppression there will be calls to move those games and those corporations have to say we aren't going to take a position, we're not getting involved in this. look how we're helping the community instead of calling for us to boycott. it will go away if corporations stand up to these mobs. >> trace: i was talking to a buddy involved. he said the same thing you were saying. it is going to happen. they'll come for you at one point or another. be careful where you schedule these things. joe concha. always good to see you. thank you, sir. >> great to see you. >> dana: high school teacher is caught berating students on camera. >> if your parent wants to come talk to me about how i'm not
6:52 am
doing a good enough job in distance learning, based on what you need as an individual, just dare them to come at me. >> dana: parents are demanding answers how the school is responding. another great lineup kicks off at the top of the hour. ♪♪♪
6:53 am
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>> dana: california mother is in custody after her three toddlers were found stabbed to death in a los angeles apartment. 30-year-old had reportedly been unwell for months prior to the incident. alicia acuna has more on this very disturbing story. >> good morning, dana. she was involved in a bitter custody battle over the very children she is now accused of murdering. the children included two girls and a boy ages 2, 3 and a 6-month-old baby seen with their father. court documents show the father sought cuss too dee march 1st. the kids' grandmother called police after finding them dead saturday morning inside the san fernando valley apartment where they were living with their mother. the mother was gone. early reports say the children had been stabbed. police did not confirm the
6:59 am
cause of death. >> it's an unfortunate situation that took place. unfortunate for the family, for the community overall and my message to you all is if you are experiencing something, don't take it out on family or friends. try and seek out whatever help is available. >> police say the mother fled the scene. carjacked a pickup truck in bakersfield and arrested 200 miles north of los angeles. dana, the "l. a. times" is reporting the father had told them that he had tried to get the police to intervene but to no avail. >> dana: it's devastating. fox news alert. we've just learned president biden selected tucson arizona police chief to run customs and border protection serving the city of tucson since 2016. testified before the obama administration task force on 21st century policing. it comes as the biden
7:00 am
administration faces growing pressure to expand capacity to house and care for unaccompanied minors as "the new york times" predicts the number of children in federal custody will be 35,000 by june. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher for bill hemmer. it comes as fox news is getting a look at the conditions at the u.s./mexico border where we're seeing more and more nicole malliotakis last hour. watch. >> the real issue here is that the president has turned over the borders to the cartels. the smugglers and cartels are making billions, billions of dollars profiting off smuggling individuals and the president has incentivized this. >> dana: let's bring in former acting ice director tom homan. let's ask you about the breaking news. personnel, policy.
7:01 am
the biden administration finally announcing who they would like to nominate to run customs and border protection, a police chief in tucson, arizona. i don't know if you're familiar with that. if you are get your thoughts and filling this position. >> i'm not familiar with him but if he is in law enforcement it's probably a good thing. if tucson is still a sanctuary and he supports that i have a huge problem with it. i would have to research him more to find out where he stands on immigration. you can't run cbp and believe in sanctuary cities. >> dana: governor abbott said 35,000 migrant children in federal custody by june is what he said. >> and there is a report in the "new york times," governor, that the government now projects more than 35,000 unaccompanied minors in federal custody by june. one, could it get that bad? and two, what's the biggest
7:02 am
single thing that president biden could do to stop the surge? >> first chris i will tell you that candidly i expect that number to be far higher. >> dana: he expects the number to be higher. let me put the numbers on the screen for you. the number of unaccompanied minors encountered in january was 5,852. these are all kids under the age of 18. in march up to 18,890. if you do the math perhaps governor abbott is correct it would be more than 35,000? >> i think it will be higher. the biden administration is doing, they're spending billions of dollars setting up more welcome centers so they can move these migrants through the process quicker because if they can prevent overcrowding then they will say it's not a crisis. even though thousands are coming every day and being released there is not a crisis according to them. them owe get good at releasing people. the numbers will climb
7:03 am
extraordinary high rates but they'll have billions of dollars in facilities they're building to get them through the process more efficiently. why aren't they stopping it? spend billions of dollars of taxpayer money to release these people quickly. get back to catch and release. how about actually enforcing the law? it would cost a lot less. enforcing the law is what the trump administration dropped illegal immigration 70%. reinstate the remain in mexico program. let the border agents secure the border a and let ice do their job and enforce immigration laws in the interior. people coming across that border know they'll be released and never be removed. ice can't remove them. it has been decapitated. still the biden administration starts taking law enforcement serious it's not going to stop. >> dana: listen the tyler moran, a special assistant to president biden on immigration and domestic policy council. i'll get your take. watch.
7:04 am
>> the borders aren't open but we're also following the law. the law says when these people come to our border and they ask for protection that we can process them. not everybody will qualify and not everybody is going to stay. but we're not a country that will turn kids back into the desert by themselves. >> dana: quick comment from you on that, tom. seemingly they aren't changing anything. >> first of all they aren't enforcing any laws. she is wrong. if these people are claiming asylum they're not conducting asylum interviews. they process and release them. no interviews are being conducted. she doesn't know what she is talking about. i'm tired of them saying men and women of the border patrol send people back to the desert to die. they are being treated humanely by border control agent. the only humanity on the southern border are the men and women wearing green the way they treat children and women. nobody is sending people back to the desert to die. unlike what president biden said during his spaoefrp no one
7:05 am
is watching children starve to death. >> dana: last question to you. there is a report the white house is considering the possibility of sending direct payments to people in central america to try to get them not to come. what do you think of that? >> are we held hostage now? we have to pay people not to violate our law? you will see the migrant numbers get higher than they are now. you give them money so they can pay a smuggler to get them here. it is ridiculous. you don't have to spend all this money. let border patrol and ice enforce the law. let border patrol secure the border. they did it under the trump administration and they can do it again. you send money to central americans, more people smuggled to the united states. they'll turn the money over to smugglers. >> dana: always good to be with you. i'm sure we'll see you again this week. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> trace: almost three weeks since vice president harris tapped to lead efforts to deal with the crisis at the southern
7:06 am
border. the v.p. has yet to visit the area, has not laid out a plan or had a press conference how to deal with the situation. our next guest is a columnist at the "new york post" and slams her for her lack of action. she responds on the absurd. miranda devine. great to see you as always. back in 2019 when she was on the campaign trail you had kamala harris saying things like i will release children from cages. i will get rid of private detention centers. the wall is a waste of taxpayer money. now they've got a problem. she had a plan back then and now that plan has kind of fallen apart and the next move is very unclear. your thoughts. >> good morning, trace. it was incredibly obvious this was going to happen. it was predicted, predictable and they were warned. so i don't know why now anyone would be surprised about the catastrophe unfolding at the
7:07 am
southern border. i didn't anticipate that children would be being sexually assaulted in these numbers and it is just horrific that this is an atrocity being done in our name and the government is just passing the buck between the president and the vice president. almost three weeks ago, as you said, president biden appointed kamala harris to be when his point woman for the border. and she should have been down there straightaway to see for herself what is unfolding and to actually realize that open borders do not work. they just hurt the very people that you are pretending you are trying to help. and this has happened all over the world. you open up the floodgates, smugglers exploit those very people that you are trying to help. they send them into -- it's people trafficking effectively.
7:08 am
they are inden toured servants to these criminals. >> trace: interesting point about passing the buck. nbc says the conclusion clouding harris's assignment. the challenges she has and raises questions why the white house did not do more at the outset to clearly establish and communicate the shape of her new policy role? it was never laid out. we still don't know exactly what she is in charge of. >> well, the border. that's what he has given her. that's her task. just as he did with president obama, he dutifully went ahead and did what he was asked to do. instead what has happened here is that kamala harris had her spokeswoman a couple days after the announcement by the president laugh and say no, she is not doing the border. and then we get this clarification that actually she is not going to fix the -- stem
7:09 am
the numbers coming through the border. in fact it is more of a diplomatic role to address root causes. how long is a piece of string. she has had two phone calls to leaders down there. there are some envoys being sent there this week. on their agenda is climate crisis. america -- democratic cities can't even fix the homelessness problem in their own backyard. there is no way that they are going to somehow wave a imagine magic wand and fix the problems of countries who have corruption and cartel violence. it is not going to happen and certainly isn't going to happen in the time frame it needs to which is immediately. to reinstate the trump-era border policies which worked. i think kamala harris is just trying to protect her reputation because she doesn't want to have a disaster and failure on her hands in her first outing. >> trace: when you see
7:10 am
encampment of homeless in california and grows every day you wonder how in the world will they fix what's going on along the border? miranda devine. great to see you as always, thank you. >> dana: california teacher caught on a zoom video berating students and parents with the push for in person learning. >> if your parent wants to talk to me about how i'm not doing a good enough job in distance learning based on what you need as an individual, just dare them to come at me. because i am so sick to my stomach. >> dana: william, what has been the response to this? >> well, the parents are shocked and that's one of the reasons you are seeing the video right now on social media. this is the unfiltered version, if you will. teachers and unions not wanting to go back to school versus parents and students who do. it happened in the san marco
7:11 am
school district. high school teacher is caught going off on students daring parents to come at me if they have a problem with how she runs class. >> your parents wants to talk to me about their profession and their opinion on their profession? i would love to hear that. i know very little about anything else in the world other than education. >> she is referring to a lawsuit against governor gavin newsom and six school districts seeking an accelerated return to class which unions report despite a new report showing it's not working. using l.a. unified as an example. 56,000 students didn't actively participate in class on a daily basis. 22,000 missed three days or more of class a week and 66% of the high school and middle school students cannot read or do math at grade level. >> i have never once gone to a doctor's appointment and tried
7:12 am
to tell my medical health provider how to treat me. you know why? because i know nothing about that. i didn't get my degree in medicine. >> this video came from the family of a student who later alerted the school principal who promised to follow up but didn't. later she yells at a student for asking about race. >> the haters did. they are forced to bring awareness to the situation that they are in because other people put them in that situation. >> my question is in this case where is the white treatment? we need all -- >> we don't need the white student union, jake, you get everything. >> fox reached out to the school principal and superintendent but we did not receive a comment back. >> dana: i bet you didn't. thank you. trace, california -- zoom classes are happening in a lot of places but in california have the parents had it?
7:13 am
>> my 15-year-old is on a zoom class i walk by and you see some of these statements made by these teachers and you think do you not realize that people are listening in the background? a lot of teachers and students and par interests have complained. there you have it. >> dana: she needs to stop her uptalking because it is driving me nuts. >> trace: big business leaders pushing law makesers on voting. what it could mean for other states looking to revamp their voting rules? . >> dana: president biden forming a commission to see if major changes to the supreme court is necessary. is this another power grab by the left? >> they want activist federal judges who are basically politicians in robes. i hope president biden doesn't give in to them.
7:14 am
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>> trace: a high profile ceo coming together for greater voting access across the country after georgia passed a new election law and other states debate similar measures. edward lawrence live in washington edward, good morning to you. who are some of the leaders making this push exactly? >> good morning, trace. first of all fox business has confirmed the zoom call took place and we've also confirmed the current ceos from american airlines, delta, united, lincoln, starbucks and merck were on that call. the major airlines cannot afford a boycott that
7:20 am
grassroots have been calling for after being devastated by the shutdown joined by former ceos from consumer drive industries talking about what to do next over more states possibly changing voting laws as georgia today. the "wall street journal" saying that the executives on the call pushed for more action to speak out for greater voter access. also the "wall street journal" saying some of the ceos cautioned against people dropping the issue. asking for another statement to be signed as a way to call for less restrictive voting laws. i was in georgia last week and talked with a lot of voters there. some of them for the new law, some of them against the new law. some of them support parts of the new law. all of them said that the people in georgia need to work this out. not corporate ceos from somewhere else or people from outside the state. people -- voters in the state need to work out all of this, trace. >> trace: edward lawrence live in d.c. thank you. >> dana: let's bring in victor david hanson, a senior fellow. let me ask you about this move
7:21 am
with corporate america. they are facing a different market in a way and they are making very different decisions. how do you see this? >> they all require take voter i.d., they require i.d.s to go to their shareholder meeting. i.d. requirements to board a plane. what's driving it? in a cynical sense they feel 30%, the woke america and prominent people in social media, corporate boardroom, professionals have more clout or to fear from them than they do the 70% who support a voter i.d. law because they feel they won't boycott or protest. they are silent. that's one thing. the other thing i think that's really important they don't realize that their traditional support was traditional america. retired military, baseball, that's true of corporate
7:22 am
culture in particular. they are eroding that day-by-day. conservatives say let's take a look at ceo compensation. why did it explode so much greater than the average employee in the ratio between ceo and worker? why do we have retired military going in and out of defense contractor boards? new discussions and they are really alienating the conservative community. it is kind of strange, dana, to have the ceo of delta, who is $17 million a year in compensation, works out to over $60,000 a day for every working day of the year and he is lecturing america on their ill liberal tee. not a sustainable proposition. >> dana: the earning reports were eye opening. you have written a piece that i enjoy called 10 radical rules. we have it available on americans privately fear these
7:23 am
rules while publicly appearing to accept them. i read it over the weekend and then printed it out and gave it to my husband. the 10 are very interesting. wanted to get your take on a couple of them. you say that money is a construct. this is one of the new rules. what do you mean by that? >> i think it was everett dirkson said 60 years ago, billionaire and billion there and adds up. now it's a trillion. donald trump printed 2 trillion in the middle of the covid lockdown and a biden $2 trillion stimulus and another 6 trillion. everybody thinks we can spend this and infrastructure can be redefined to print money for it. the problem is when you print this money, it is predicated on zero interest. and that's not finite. interest does rise when people have more demand with easy money than they have supply
7:24 am
through production. if you cut energy production or you regulator you raise taxes you will get a fall in supply and an increase in demand and we know what happens in the 70s. a lot of these people have never lived through the hyper inflation of the late 1970s and 1980s. it would be a shock to them to see it again. they don't have any idea what it's about. it doesn't mean it's over. it can come back any minute. >> dana: i recommend the piece to everyone. another one that i loved was ignorance is preferable to knowledge. a quick final thought from you on that one. >> well, we have all of these arguments from authority that all these people with these alphabet letters after their name tell us wear masks, do not wear masks, herd immunity is 65%, no 90%. china is doing all they can. no they're not. i could go on and on about our so-called experts especially during covid. wait a minute.
7:25 am
they're wrong on everything because they're knowledgeable because of their perceived authorities. all these governors who say you have to go to a covid lockdown. don't dare share thanksgiving but we'll go out to a tony dinner at the french laundry here in california for gavin new some. what i was saying people are being talked down to by people who say they have authority and knowledge but when you look at them they are sort of the proverbial naked emperor without any clothes. it takes a few to say that otherwise we'll go along with this sham or illusion. i think professional, intellectual credential classes have really taken a hit. >> dana: thank you for coming on. i encourage everyone to go to and you can find it there. thank you. >> trace: protests and looting erupting outside of minneapolis. more outrage over a deadly
7:26 am
police shooting. details on that next. and president biden set up a new panel to look into historic changes to the supreme court, including packing the bench. our next guest says it is all theater as republicans warn the move is just another democratic power grab. >> i guess they will put together a commission. we already know where democrats want to go. all about raw political power. refiplus lets you refinance at near record lows plus get cash. with home values climbing, now is the smartest time ever to turn your home's increased value into an average of $50,000 cash. refiplus. it's new, it's only for veterans, and it's only from newday usa. my psoriatic arthritis pain? i had enough!
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>> dana: violent protests and looting breaking out overnight in minnesota after a deadly police shooting. it happened just outside minneapolis in brooklyn center. they pulled a man over yesterday in a traffic stop and realized he had an outstanding warrant. when they tried to arrest him he got back in his car and started driving away and when one of the officers shot him.
7:32 am
he drove a couple more blocks before crashing. the shooting comes as the trial of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin resumes in minneapolis today. >> trace: president biden unveiling a panel to look into changing the security including the possibility of adding more justices, progressives have been pushing for the president to pack the court since conservatives expanded their majority under president trump. let's bring in fox news contributor and former assistant u.s. attorney andy mccarthy. always good to see you. i want to play this sound bite from judicial watch and get your reaction on the other side. watch. >> let's be clear. if you add a commission saying let's blow up the constitution people will be nervous. when you talk about packing the supreme court you are talking about blowing up the constitution. >> trace: blowing up the constitution. is it a fair point or a little bit of hype? >> i think tom is right.
7:33 am
the supreme court and judiciary plays a vital role in the framework of our constitution and keeps the political branches honest. if you don't have an apolitical branch and if you blow up the supreme court you turn it into a super legislature and you don't have that apolitical insulated from politics branch in our government to push back on the overreach of the political branches, it's vital. >> trace: another says the supreme court is a danger to the health and well-being of the nation and democracy itself. the white house -- this white house, judicial reform commission has a historic opportunity to explain the gravity of the threat and help contain it. we don't have time to spend six months studying the issue especially without a promise of real conclusions at the end. the solution is already clear. your thoughts on that, andy.
7:34 am
>> well, the -- our system is not a pure democracy which is what the left always wants whenever they think they have enough votes to override individual liberty. our system is actually designed to protect minority rights. that's what the supreme court's basic role is in the government. it is to keep the political branches from overreaching the rights of the people and the states. the left doesn't like that arrangement so it is not surprising for them to engage in that kind of rhetoric. >> trace: i ask this question earlier and i think it is also important for you, this commission. do you think this will lead to some concrete results, andy, or is this one of those things you throw out 40 people and give me suggestions and we can do a lot to placate the far left? >> trace, it won't result in legislative results but that's not to say it won't have concrete results. the story we like to tell ourselves as conservatives is
7:35 am
when fdr tried to pack the court in the 30s, it was an a -- a failure. the part of the story people don't like to remember is it worked in the sense that the pressure that was put on the supreme court got them to do a 180, please reversal of their jurisprudence on the government's ability to regulate industry and regulate the economy. so in that sense, this commission will put pressure on the current court which is what they mainly want to do. they don't really -- they know the republicans are not going to roll over and let them change the supreme court and add a zillion federal seats to the lower courts. but they will put pressure on the supreme court and they will try to get them to at least narrow their opinions, if not roll back a number of the things that the conservatives would like to see the court do. >> trace: we first heard about the green new deal and talked about these things get rid of
7:36 am
cows, cars, airplanes and nobody thought it was real but it was chipping away. the whole thing is about chipping away at it. andy mccarthy, always good to see you. thank you, sir. >> thanks, trace. >> dana: a manhunt is underway after a shooting in seattle injured several people including a toddler. what police are saying about their search for the suspect. president biden meeting today with a bipartisan group of lawmakers about his multi-trillion dollar spending bill. can they find common ground or is it just too pricey? >> some fellow democrats in the house saying this isn't big enough. you have to do more.
7:37 am
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>> trace: here is a quick look. iran calling the attack on its uranium enrichment facility an act of terrorism. it knocked out power as new centrifuges started spinning. i ran is blaming israel. >> dana: a shooting in seattle injured three people including the toddler now in critical condition. >> trace: powerful storms sweeping through florida and killing at least three people among them a teenage girl. highway patrol said she was electrocuted when her car hit a downed power line. for more on these and other stories download the fox news app. scan the qr code on your screen or go to >> i certainly don't think we have to go back to the drawing board given that the american people want this to happen. of course there are different
7:43 am
ideas about exactly how to target the programming or exactly how to fund it. that's the conversation underway right now. it is what a negotiation is. >> dana: treasury secretary pete buttigieg trying to make the case for biden's spending bill totaling 2.2 trillion. the president is meeting with law makesers from both parties today trying to get republicans on board with his proposal. charlie hurt is opinion editor for the washington times and fox news contributor and harold ford junior a former democratic congressman from den see. good to have you. one of the things that pete buttigieg was staying on "fox news sunday" is that there is bipartisan support, a lot of republican support in the country for this infrastructure bill, charlie. they just haven't caught up to washington yet. members of congress, the representatives that are the problem. >> that's always the problem. you know, the one thing that you can always be assured of and you know this in washington when it comes to spending other
7:44 am
people's money the true bipartisan thing. spending money we don't have and somebody else has to wind up paying for. no doubt that they can come up with a bill for spending $2 trillion that everybody gets a piece of and is very happy with. the problem is washington doesn't have a very good track record and joe biden in particular doesn't have a very good track record of spending this kind of money wisely. one thing that's very important. you think about the entire iraq war spent -- we spent a little bit over $1 trillion for that. already this year we've seen two trillion dollar spending packages. joe biden is talking about tacking on four iraq wars in one year that we simply don't have the money to pay for. if you start printing money, you wind up punishing the poorest people in america. when you do that. because you decrease -- you diminish their ability to buy
7:45 am
what they want to buy. >> dana: capito was there february 1 to talk about the relief bill. it wasn't a bipartisan effort. look at what she said about today's meeting. >> i think my problem is i don't want to be used as a tool of say bipartisanship only for the window dressing. i want to get in there and really work it. the optics of it and then they'll go ahead and do what they want anyway with this reconciliation. that is the danger. the american public don't want that. >> dana: harold, that's what the republicans think will happen here. a patina of bipartisanship. one of the things that seems to be decent messaging for the democrats this bill will position america to be more in a position to compete and win against some of our geopolitical adversaries like china. >> so good morning. thanks for having me on. i would say to my friend
7:46 am
charlie i think we spent a little more than a trillion. i think maybe two to three times that. we can have another discussion about that. your larger point is not lost, charlie, we are spending a lot of money. dana nailed it. this is about competing against china and winning against china. the 20th century we spent massively in the cold war. democrats that quarreled and opposed that, a small minority of republicans that opposed the spending. we spent in a way that helped us to build out additional platforms of innovation that eventually led to job creation and wealth creation in the country. whatever you want to call it against china in the 21st century. i haven't settled on a name yet. we'll have to spend smartly and strategically and massive on energy infrastructure and healthcare and physical infrastructure. shipping supply chains, advance manufacturing, innovation centers across the country in
7:47 am
15 of our great american cities that can help not only talk about bringing supply chains from asia and china but actually doing it. i think the american people with all due respect to the fine senator from west virginia who is an old friend, i think some of politics is optics, no doubt about it. i hope that's not what president biden is doing. i hope there is a genuine attempt to bring republicans to the fold and sincere effort on the republicans' part to want to be part of a bipartisan bill. >> dana: we'll see. it's monday. everybody is seeing how it goes. we'll see by the end of the day what people think. hurt and harold on a monday. love seeing you guys. have a great week. >> great to see you guys. >> trace: nearly three months after president biden canceled the keystone pipeline laid off workers are still unemployed. >> the middle class is standsing right here looking at him telling him we're hurting and we need jobs. >> what these workers are up against and what they're saying now. but first here is harris
7:48 am
faulkner with a preview of what's coming up on "the faulkner focus". hi, harris >> harris: good morning. shock and anger after a viral video shows a california teacher berating her students for wanting to come back to school in person. it follows a new report which lays out the devastating consequences of remote learning. dr. marty makary will explain it all. larry kudlow will be with me on the battle over president biden's tax and spending plan. one former governor is calling the president a straight up liar. "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. meowners. introducing refiplus from newday usa. with interest rates near record lows refiplus lets you refinance to save money every month. plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow.
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7:54 am
sending the tree tumbling to the ground in pieces. this happened last thursday while students were getting ready to take a test. school's principal said the lightning strike was a distraction but pretty exciting event for the students. check that out. i've never seen it happen like that. i bet it had to be very loud with the thunder after that, right? >> trace: it had to be it was so close. one mile per second. the thunder had to be right on top of it. >> dana: a little too loud for me. glad everybody is all right. >> trace: yeah. >> without working we lose insurance, income. >> whole family is unemployed. >> your whole family? >> my whole family. >> what is everybody going to do? >> we don't know. we'll lose everything we have. that we've worked our entire lives for. >> trace: thousands of workers laid off after president biden canceled the keystone pipeline projects in one of his first executive orders after taking office in january. many tell us they have not been
7:55 am
able to find another job and are struggling to make ends meet. carley shimkus just got back from arkansas where she talked to the former pipeline workers and joins us now. great to see you. i'm curious when you talked to these people what's the consensus? are they angry, baffled, a little bit of both? what's the emotion? >> that sums it up. both. right after president biden signed the executive order canceling the keystone xl pipeline i was there and talked to laid off workers. everybody was scared. two months later they're living out those fears. their unemployment fears. these people can't find jobs. i was just in a town called bald knob arkansas, the pipeline capital of the world. just about everybody in the town works in the industry. i spoke to a big group of people, 60 to 80 people who all gathered at a church. a lot of them said if the president hadn't canceled the pipeline, they wouldn't be there right now. they would be in nebraska or
7:56 am
somewhere else working on the pipeline. instead they're sitting at home collecting an unemployment check if they're lucky. some of them don't actually don't qualify for unemployment. i think it's really important to remember these people when the president bushs his infrastructure plan that is this american jobs plan. these people, these union workers don't feel like they fit in with the biden administration's vision for america. >> dana: secretary of energy was on the show last week and i asked her about how long are these people supposed to wait until all of a sudden the magic solar energy jobs appear? they want to position america for the future but we also have a present. >> that's so true. the important thing to remember the reality of life and politics, there will be winners and losers with every policy plan, right? there will be a group of people that win and say this is great. there will be other people who will lose out a bit.
7:57 am
but the reason this story is so important is because these people don't have to be the losers because the country still relies on oil and gas. now that this keystone xl pipeline isn't happening the oil and gas is still coming into the country through train or truck which increases carbon emissions. a lot of these people they support green energy and think it's great and understand that. but you can't just flip a switch and turn off green energy everyovernight. they feel that's what the biden administration tried to do. they feel they lost their jobs over nothing so president biden could score a political win with environmental groups. >> let's play another sound bite. >> i lost probably 60 to 80 grand not going on that job. that's my livelihood. if i'm not off working i'm barely scraping by. i got two kids i'm having to support.
7:58 am
what am i supposed to do there? >> what's the solution, they retrain, move their families? what do these people do? >> i think i found interesting they took what president biden and john kerry said seriously and they went out and they looked for green jobs. i cannot tell you how many people said we looked for those jobs. they either aren't there or they don't pay well. so if you are a welder working on a pipeline that's a really highly skilled job. there is very little room for error. you have to be perfect. you train your whole life to do that. these are high-paying jobs. it doesn't transfer over when you think somebody that is 50 years old, 45 years old will start with an entry-level job making a solar panel? it does not work like that. i don't think anybody would appreciate that. it is not based in reality. >> dana: i'm so glad you went back to follow up on that story. it was impressive when you went there the first time. admirable that you went again and important for us to keep them in mind and keep the
7:59 am
pressure on. >> couldn't agree with you more there. >> dana: you think about the ripple effect on the economy in the local places as well. if you don't have the money to go shopping, go to the fast food restaurant or whatever everything starts to be affected. >> trace: you talk about union job. he wanted to give union people to give them a piece of the action. switch them to green jobs. not that easy. >> dana: did you see this this weekend, the volcano in st. vincent? this is the ash covering now this place. thankfully we have no injuries or deaths reported. but this volcano is erupting. thousands of people are under evacuation orders, cruise ships came and picked them up and the ash is blanketing the area. there could be more explosions to come. >> trace: you learn from hawaii and other islands with volcanoes, they're bad places to have volcanoes. no place to run. run in the water or get out of it. treacherous times for the
8:00 am
people in these areas. >> dana: growing up in denver there was ash on our windows from the explosion in mount st. helen. that's how far it went. that's not an island. glad you are here with me, trace. he will be here with us this week. "the faulkner focus" is up next. a war zone that person said. minnesota's governor has deployed the national guard after black lives matter protestors hit the streets in his state following the death of a black man in an officer-involved shooting. tensions are already sky high with the derek chauvin murder trial entering its third week in minneapolis. i'm harris paulkner and you are in the


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