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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 12, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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each is monday, april 12 shots fired at a minnesota police did station with violent protests erupted after officer shoots and kills a black man fleeing a traffic stop. >> house explosion sends two people to the hospital, one in critical condition and what we are learning about the blast rattled a california
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neighborhood. >> there are different analyses about how many million jobs this will create-- >> you are the one deciding as 19 million and it's actually 2.7 million. >> fox news transportation secretary, pete buttigieg, over misleading. "fox & friends" of first continues right now. >> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first". on julian. >> i'm in for todd pyro and we start with based fox news alert with a minnesota city turning into a work zone after black lies matter protest turned violent. national guard on the ground and the curfew is in effect. jackie joins us live. >> good morning. last night this minneapolis suburb looked a lot like the city did a few months ago.
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police in brooklyn city-- brooklyn center that is using flash bang grenades and tiered cost to clear crowds. a black man was allegedly shot by police during a traffic stop and demonstrators crowded around the police station watching fireworks and throwing things at riot officers. shots were fired at the station, but no one was hurt. people were seen looting. unclear if anyone's been arrested. it started yesterday afternoon when officers try to bring the man into custody after learning he had an outstanding warrant. he try to get back into his vehicle and was a shot by a police officer. of the men was still able to drive off in the ensuing crash to another car and was declared dead at the scene, but long before the crowd formed or
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people claiming to be the suspects relatives identified him. demonstrators threw bricks at cars and jumped on police cruisers as this is happening minutes away from the courthouse where ex- officer derek chauvin is being tried for georgia floyd's drat-- death. >> of course i understand the sensitivity of the nature dealing with the trial where once again this also highlights the dangers of police work in a split does-- second decision. we don't go to work every day saying we will shoot someone. our job is to protect lives and property. >> minnesota governor tweeted: he's closely monitoring the situation" praying for dante writes family as their state mourns another life of a black man taken by law enforcement. curfew is in effect until 6:00 a.m. central time and the schools will be closed today. back to you.
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>> keep us updated. today buys-- president biden and vice president harris hoped to sell their jobs plan to a bipartisan group of lawmakers. >> mark meredith joins us live from washington with more and what republicans call a job crushing slush fund. >> good morning. president biden studies willing to negotiate with congress on his spending plan. talks will kick off later today when the president welcomes lawmakers into the oval office. overnight they give us a list of who will be at the meeting including republicans like roger wicker. the white house is trying to sell this as an infrastructure package and republican say that's not accurate, given the push to spend billions of dollars on on if a structure items, this is an issue lawmakers are expected to focus on heavily later today. >> we are willing to negotiate a smaller package, but this is a
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massive social welfare spending program combined with a massive tax increase. >> republicans are expected to stand firm against any efforts to raise corporate taxes and a gop memo on the spending bill suggest tax hikes could force cavities to cut 1 million jobs and already in a fragile economy over the weekend biden administration had to clarify how many jobs it hopes to reduce. the announces overall the spending plan could have 3 million more jobs, but not the near 20 million that some democrats first tried to promote >> there are different analyses about just having millions of jobs this will create and i should be precise, the difference in jobs of that particular analysis suggests it's 2.7 million more with an expectation of major progress in congress by memorial day. >> memorial day is the new timeline, but will congress stick to it cracks we will have
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a better idea after the meeting. cameras will be allowed into the oval office meeting briefly so it's possible we could hear with the president thinks of some of the lawmakers. we will see with the rest of the afternoon brings. >> thank you. republican congresswoman nancy mayne says when it comes down to the of the structure built is too expensive. take a listen the last round of the covid stimulus package they said would be par partisan and there wasn't any, it was up budget reconciliation progress and we hear that could happen with this package. we have to do everything we can to what fight wasteful spending. this is not and if the structure bipartisan and so far they are talking about $7 trillion in new spending and add this up and the infrastructure package-- i don't know how you do this and in the meantime to afford this package they want to present the largest tax hike in american history in
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the middle of the pandemic. i don't see how we can afford this. >> some republicans could support a smaller of the structure built, he says only 6% of the current proposal deals with infrastructure. >> overnight people were injured in a house that exploded in southern california are kaput officials believe it was caused by catholic and firefighters detected gas in the air and to secure the week. seven people were in the home at the time. when man is suffering from severe burns in the second victim was full-- both from the debris and taken to the hospital >> manhunt is underway for the government responsible for shooting for people including a toddler at a strip mall. of the 2-year old is in critical condition. police say at least one shooter was walking by with a fired into the parking lot. in witness or 12 to the 20 gunshots. that the reinjury men are said to be in satisfactory condition.
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>> turning to the border crisis fox news obtaining footage of a large group of migrants detained in texas, as the migrant surge overwhelms the border arizona's attorney general's car for the biden administration to check it out first hand. >> i'm encouraging whether it's the vice president or the secretary to come and talk to the border patrol agents and find out what is going on. they will take you it's the worst they have seen in two decades. sheriffs will tell you about the system is being overwhelmed the vice president has gone nearly three weeks without a conference on the border since she was tasked to handle the crisis. >> in a doubleheader martin truex junior becomes nascar's first two-time winner this year by passing teammate denny hamlin for the win at that race at martinsville speedway. josh barry court-- scored his first victory after the race there was a heated altercation
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as they were eventually separated. good to see those people in the stands enjoying the race. eight minutes after the hour in the "new york times" cheering on the biden administration court packing push. joe conscious as if the last 60s a hike-- the high court would be weapon iced forever and if you love baseball we have the job for you unless of course carly applied for it first how much you can earn traveling to stadiums to taste test hotdogs. we will tell you about it next. ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ [sfx: revving trucks] pilot over radio: here we go, let's do this. ♪♪ pilot over radio: right there, right there. [sfx: revving trucks] pilot over radio: g complete. how do you introduce the larger-than-life gmc yukon? with the world's biggest tweet. the next generation gmc yukon. premium that's made to be used. >> fox contributor and opinion columnist joe concha slamming the "new york times" for its unbiased article on president biden's plan to pack the supreme
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court and in the new ihop added he writes "new york times" because itself by normalizing court packing to balance the conservative majority and joe concha joins me now. good morning. i went to star by reading this tweet back your attention, they write breaking news president biden will create a panel to study expanding the supreme court in an effort to balance the conservative majority created by donald trump. you saw that tree and decided to write a whole op-ed about it. >> yes more .-dot the person who wrote the tweet and the end-user at a pre-big on out because i believe they probably may-- need a good chiropractor, not show show---- you know one is sparse taking the whole concept that completely normalizes a partisan weaponization of one of our most sacred and revered institutions in the supreme court by saying yeah, president biden wants to create a panel to study
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expanding the supreme court to balance the majority-- conservative majority balance by donald trump. what if donald trump came into office and it was in the liberal direction and decided i want to expand as a print core to look like a baseball roster, what do you think the "new york times" would say about that, a dictator in action, we've never expanded the supreme court in hundreds of years, so why now. the bottom line is "new york times" has not endorsed a republican president of candidate in a 65 years and the fact that we have now president who ran on unity, yet is talking about expanding this a sacred institution, it's a something many do not want, like 58 oppose and 30% support, but looks like they will go ahead with studying this, anything but bipartisan. >> when the president ran he was very hesitant to give his opinion on court packing, but in
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1983, he had a very solid opinion on the subject. listen. >> it was a bonehead idea. it was a terrible terrible mistake to make and it put in question for an entire decade the independence of the most significant body in this country, the supreme court in the united states of america. >> fast-forward to today and he's created a bipartisan commission to look into this idea, it is bipartisan, so what do you think they will conclude? >> i'm not sure it is bipartisan because the two cochairs a served on the obama biden either white house counsel or in that particular administration's justice department, guys like lawrence tribe on this counsel and he's compared trump to hitler and also said pretty nasty things about the president as well so not sure is bipartisan, but what we see as
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joe biden as a senator-- as candidates work and actually much different. remember he would talk about how we strongly supported never abolishing the filibuster and now it appears he wants to do that, talked about if you ran as a government where you are tagamet executive orders are going through congress that makes you a dictator and he signed a record number of executive orders and so, positions he had as and a candidate and as president he's acting of the opposite. >> funny how that happens in politics appear i went your reaction to the biden administration getting pushback for redefining the word of the structure and it looks like some folks in the administration are redefining a different word. anita dunn a senior biden adviser says if you look up bipartisan in the dictionary i think it would say support from republicans and the democrats. doesn't say the republicans have to be in congress, so a
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different definition of the word bipartisanship. >> yeah, boy that's interesting because i looked at gallup and at last check job biden-- pulling about 10% approval among republican so what is he talking about, you could say he supports the structure built. if you asked republicans if they support strengthening infrastructure in this country in terms of fixing roads and bridges and our power grid, almost everyone would say of course, but when you see in the separate structure built only 6% go to actual fixing things like reservations, that's when people have a disconnect so we are redefining this definition of infrastructure and chris wallace challenged pete buttigieg yesterday, no question. >> i think there is bipartisan support the 6%, but that pesky nine to 4%-- 94% will get you every time. >> i love that top, by the way.
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oranges good. we don't wear orange enough. >> appreciate. >> of course. >> still to come dozens of migrants apprehended at the border, fitted you will only see on fox, unrelenting surge forcing i.c.e. to house more families. branded judd says this is thanks to the presence open border policy and he joins us next
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this is rebecca from michigan.
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>> exclusive the fox news video showing the situation of the border as a large group of migrants are detained in la jolla texas at the us scrambles to house a migrant families crossing illegally into the us by dishing out millions on hotels enjoyed amy to discuss is president of the national border
2:22 am
patrol council brandon judd. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> for those at home watching, what do we know about what's going on at the border? >> this is another example of a list of examples of where president biden's words don't match his actions. he says he has a closed border and people can't enter illegally yet they are entering in numbers we've never seen before and not only that, he's brought back the magnet drawing these people to enter and that's the catch and release program. so much as so now that i.c.e. asked to house people in hotel rooms and the cost is astronomical. it is wrong what he's doing on the border. he has the authority and the ability to secure the border without releasing people into the us, but he's choosing not to do so. >> to that point to housing migrants and hotels let's listen
2:23 am
to atf from arizona. >> i think it's fundamentally unfair for someone that came in and broke the law to get these government benefits. we have homeless veterans in this country but yet that biden administration wants to spend hundreds of dollars per migrant family to house them in a hotel. >> he makes the point a lot of people have been arguing, how do you come back from this you know how do you get a handle on this was the situation has become this extreme? >> i don't think you can, and that's why in 22 is looking dyer as far as this issue alone. when you make promises and don't keep those promises, the american public will remember in the american public wants border security, they want legal immigration. they don't want illegal immigration and that's what we are talking about. when we release people into the country after they violate our laws, that's a clear message that's a sent throughout the world that our laws don't mean anything, you can enter
2:24 am
illegally and you are never going to have to leave. >> a lot of people have been asking why the president or vice president for that matter had been visited the southern border in the white house is defending vice president harris considering 19 days without a news conference since she was tasked to lead the border crisis role. the white house says, it's a priority for her mother but it's a priority to get the jobs plan passed and it's a priority for her to talk to people about getting vaccinated. you can do many things at once. what's your response to that end are you guys and the rest of border patrol getting transparency on the plan going forward and what needs to be done? >> if transparency is no plan, then there's plenty of transparency. there is an implant. if you look at what's going on at the border, we will continue to face these same issues until someone steps to the plate does what they need to do.
2:25 am
when vice president harris says she's not going to visit the border, it's obvious, they don't have a plan in place. she visited the border and a week later we still have numbers , she would be blamed for that and again, there is no win for her to come to the border because they don't have a plan place that will help us solve the problem. >> brandon judd, i know you have had a lot of sleepless nights working around the clock, so we appreciate you taking the time. >> ahead, the idea back in the supreme court even given some democrats pause in our next guest says there's a divide between moderates and the far left. president tom fenton is on deck next
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jillian: the national guard is deployed to minnesota city amended five approach as peer police in oakland center using teargas. a black man was allegedly shot by police when he tried to leave a traffic stop. carley: fireworks in a trashcan were launched at riot officers. the civil unrest is happening minutes away from the courthouse
2:30 am
where ex- officer derek chauvin is being tried for george floyd's death carley: president biden creating a commission to study reform to the supreme court including expanding it. jillian: some democrats are warning against altering the high court. here it is with his take is judicial watch tom fitton, thank you for being here. >> good morning. jillian: and want to play the sound bite from former-- from harry reid. >> i think the commission will come back and say you should just kind of leave it alone. you have to be very careful in saying we need to expand the supreme court. jillian: what does that say to you? >> well, harry reid is a longtime washington hand , he's far to the left to me, but moderately, you know
2:31 am
he's a liberal and you have these liberals in the democratic party versus extremists in the democratic party and extremist want to upend the supreme court by attacking its independence, by politicizing it, by adding the lord knows how many individuals to the court to get the case outcomes they desire and so with joe biden is trying to do is walk this fine line between the harry reid's of this party and the extremists, so he has a commission in place that probably will satisfy neither side, but the pressure is extreme from the left to blow up the supreme court and he's playing with fire by even discussing or allowing the commission to go forward i would upend our constitutional structure, supreme court is supposed to be objective and apply the law neutrally as opposed to a radically politicized court, that if the court packing plan succeeds the numbers will change each
2:32 am
time we get a new president because one side will come in and say we won our justices there are now also. jillian: that's the big concern that it could spiral out of control, but president biden could support packing all he wants, but it really takes an act of congress to add supreme court justices, said that would really be an uphill battle, don't you think? >> it might. it's where the extremists and the democratic party versus liberals like joe mansion in arizona come into play, but the danger is democrats have caved to extremists in the past on a lot of big issues, so who knows how it will turn out. our constitution is under attack with this commission. if you have a commission saying let's walked the constitution people would be nervous. when you talk about packing the supreme
2:33 am
court you're talking about blowing up the constitution. carley: let's talk about hunter biden. i want your take on what he said april 4, about the laptop controversy. >> the creepiest thing is-- look, the only thing i know is if the intelligence community came out with a report said that the entire thing is disinformation -- just it's in my book, it's all right there. carley: are we going to get to the bottom this or never get the truth you think? >> not if the current justice department keeps preceding the way they have, which is to protect hunter biden and also joe biden. we need a special counsel out of the justice department to investigate these allegations. hunter biden essentially admitting the laptop could be his and then falsely say in the intelligence community said the laptop scandal and all the hunter biden scandals is
2:34 am
disinformation, that's not the case and hunter biden needs to answer questions about his russia connection and the american people cannot trust the currently compromised justice department meaning attorney general merrick garland reports to joe biden. literally we know what it happened when it was donald trump, he had a special counsel appointed within a few minutes of his taking on the credit-- presidency and here we have an active investigation supposedly against hunter biden and there's been no special counsel cracks that investigation is inherently compromised. carley: john radcliffe to yesterday said the intelligence community knew this was not russian disinformation law enforcement new it was hunter biden laptop and there was an open investigation into that. tom fitton, we will see what happens. thank you. jillian: thank you. overnight a use of track
2:35 am
-- a use of force during a traffic stop. accused of pepper spraying and pointing their guns at second lieutenant karen to serial in december in an internal investigation determined policy was not followed her to the governor called for an independent investigation. she is suing the officers. carley: 17-year old florida teenager is killed after stepping on a downed power line while trying to escape his burning car. jillian: it happened during a powerful storms sweeping through the state over the weekend dropping golfball sized tail. >> this hail is so big, look at it, unbelievable jillian: senior meteorologist janice dean joins us live with more unfortunately we had plenty of severe weather over the weekend.
2:36 am
a calm her day across much of florida but we will see scattered showers and thunderstorms for south florida and also the potential for measurable snow across portions of the rockies, northern plains and upper midwest over the next couple of days so much colder than average. you can see the area of low pressure out the great lakes, some of that spinning in snow. through wednesday and thursday a foot or more of starcrossed portions of the rockies and in the northeast we could get a taste of that as well. stick around. stay tuned. forecast today, warm across the south and gulf coast. cooler than average across portions of the northern plains and the rockies. on friday over portions of the northeast, interior sections, that could be heavy snow over upstate new york in towards new england, so something to watch. winter might not be over yet, ladies.
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jillian: carly's like did she say snow? carley: there should be a lot against snow in april. reporter: i agree. don't arrest me. carley: ahead a california teacher lectures students and blast their parents on zoom. .-dot story next. >> how dare them to come at me because i'm so sick to my stomach of the parents trying to tell educators how to do their job. lowering my a1c with once-weekly ozempic® helped me get back in it. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic® ♪ my zone? lowering my a1c and losing some weight. now, back to the show. ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight. adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. ozempic® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. don't share needles or pens, or reuse needles.
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[ race light countdown ] ♪♪ ♪♪ when you save money with allstate you feel like you're winning. safe drivers save 40% saving is easy when you're in good hands. allstate. click or call for a quote today. jillian: welcome back, maryland is the first date the nation to repeal its police bill of rights , lawmakers overriding the republican gun make-- republican governor veto. the fraternal order of police say changes will make streets more dangerous. ♪♪ the new law will require officers to use force if
2:41 am
necessary and proportional. carley: a california teachers caught on camera berating students for their parents push to end remote learning. take a listen. >> if your parent wants to talk to me about how i'm not doing a good enough job in distance learning based on what you need as an individual, just dare them to come out me. carley: this teacher alyssa pirro lectured seniors during a virtual lesson. appearance that she took the video to the principle and he agreed her behavior is inexcusable and vowed to address it, but reportedly failed to follow up. still ahead, president biden's decision to cancel the keystone pipeline still hurting americans month later. >> my whole family is unemployed. >> your whole family?
2:42 am
>> my whole family, we will lose everything we had. carley: where those high-paying union jobs cracks i went back down to arkansas to check in with the pipeline workers still out of work. ally? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote. not again! aah, come on rice. do your thing. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ [sfx: psst psst] allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good
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>> 15 minutes from now on the channel you are watching "fox & friends" at starts with three hours of stuff it's been nearly three weeks since kamala harris was test with her role on migration and border numbers have shot up to record highs, but even after a personal invitation for a border tour, nothing from the vice president and the arizona ag will extend that invitation as she joins us with an exclusive announcement
2:46 am
coming out. plus, i have long island officer left four dead until a hero marine came to their rescue. you will meet the marine when he joins us live with the harrowing story plus senator john kennedy, brett baer, mike pompeo and dan by geno and you, of course, so put down that remote and we will be with you in 15 minutes. carley: transportation secretary pete buttigieg walking back planning-- cleanse the's infrastructure plan will create 19 million jobs, this a major blow to thousands of blue-collar workers working-- looking for relief after the president killed the keystone x pipeline. i spoke with employees after the project was killed and month later many tell me they are still struggling. >> i mean, it's hard to make plans when you have an administration that's
2:47 am
trying to crush your future. carley: the pipeline was killed in january and it's now april, give us an update. have you been able to find a job claimant not with the pipeline or any other thing right now especially with the green energy project. >> i have looked for the green jobs and that's the reason i started the trucking company because there are no green jobs there, i mean, i will look him dead his eyes and tell him i lost probably 60 to 80 grand not being able to get the job. that's my livelihood. i'm barely scraping biden had two to support what am i supposed to do their? >> we'll lose insurance, and,. >> my whole family is unemployed. carley: your whole family? >> my whole family. carley: what is everyone going to do? >> we don't know. we will lose everything we have, everything we have worked our entire lives for. carley: tell us about the pipeline capital of the world,
2:48 am
there's a lot of out of work pipe liners, what's the mood in the town? >> terrible usually this time of year you drive away round and you don't see any welders and they are everywhere. carley: all of these people should be another state working on the pipeline and they are here seen that on unemployment if you are lucky enough. carley: president biden unveiled his $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan. >> it rewards work, not just rewards well. i'm a union guy. they built the middle class and it's about time they started to get a piece of the action. carley: do you feel included in that plan? >> of course not, it used to be blue-collar joe and now it's green collar joe. >> we are hurting and we need jobs and he hasn't even came on and said one thing about it. i'm not saying do away with green energy, but just dropping what we
2:49 am
have now and going with something different is not a very good idea. >> he's not helping us and i don't know of any union he has helped so far in other trades. i know that's what he says, i will believe it when i see it. he's not for union pipeline. carley: un 20 other state ag's have a lawsuit, suing the biden administration to try to overturn the pipeline administration nisei killing it is unconstitutional. >> this is not the president's decision to make so when he used that penn and eliminated the pipeline permit he did so without proper authority and we are asking the courts to revoke the cancellation and to allow the pipeline to move forward and tell congress makes the decision. carley: are you confident you will when? >> we are confident because we are on the right side of the law. unfortunately it could be mount-- months before
2:50 am
we can get an injunction. carley: you have not given up on the keystone pipeline? >> no. they still have gas and oil. >> you can't flip a switch and turn crude oil off. >> i knew that was the beginning of the attack on oil and gas. we need to stand up and let the administration know there are americans that depend on oil and gas and whether the administration wants to admit it or not, they depend on it also. carley: are you going to give up on the keystone xl pipeline? >> if that gas company sell the pipe and gives up then i will, but until then the pipe is still up there and there's a chance. carley: 's interesting, a lot of folks i talked to say the same thing, the first of that they don't want a government handout. they wanted to work and the other thing is a lot of these people really support green energy and say solar and wind is great, but you can just flip a switch and turn
2:51 am
off oil and gas, which the united states still heavily relies on so they feel like they lost their jobs as a president biden can get a political wind from environmental groups and they are struggling. jillian: everyone's a situation is different, but on average with the people you talked to like how long can they go without a job? carley: that's the thing and they have tried to look for work in other places, restaurants making less money or working on a farm, one guy started a trucking company and others are working on smaller pipeline projects but they are shorter jobs and they won't make as much money and they are hoping for their union to call and say another project is coming up, so it's a tough situation for a lot of americans. jillian: still ahead, protests against the masters in georgia after the mlb pulled the all-star game from the peach state. carley: georgia native joey jones joins us on that coming up next.
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still hard to find a spot. just easier to park. still the gangs all here. just less “are we there yet?” the chevy family of suvs. making life's journey just better. ♪♪♪ will ♪ gunshots ] >> a fox news alert. chaos erupting in minnesota overnight after police shoot and kill a 20-year-old man during a traffic stop. terrifying video showing shots fired at the police department and businesses looted. the national guard now stepping
2:56 am
in to help. carley: veterans and fox news contributor joey jones joins you now with reaction. joey, good morning. you are so good at putting these situations in perspective right now people are waking up to news of another police-involved shooting of a black man riots that get really destruct tia. >> it's sad for one thing. sad for our country that we're still dealing for these kind of things that we have police-involved shootings that we need more information on and peel that would rile up an entire community to burn it down because they don't have that information yet. jillian: yeah. something we will continue to follow. that's for sure. joey, we want to get your reaction to this. because, obvious, we spent a lot of time talking about the mlb pulling the all-star game out of georgia. then there were protests at the masters that were held at augusta. there were about two dozen protesters turning out near augusta national on saturday
2:57 am
objecting. they held signs let us vote protect georgia rights, et. what do you think about this? i mean, look, people have the right to protest, right to their opinions. let's take a listen to what john daly has to say on this. he is a former pga chopper i don't know. listen. >> i mean the masters is one of the most prestigious place to the play in the world. they raise a ton of charity and it help the city of aaugusta with the restaurants and hotels. makes money for the community and create jobs. i don't understand it. jillian: as a georgia native what's your reaction to what's going on and what you are seeing? >> yeah there were what a couple dozen people protesting the masters. meanwhile 70,000 people in northwest georgia alone stayed home on january -- the runoff in january because they didn't believe that their election in november was secure. now, whether or not that's true is a completely different debate. but the politicians in the state of georgia, the state
2:58 am
legislature has a responsibility to prove to its residents and voters that our election is secure. and so the majority of this will is incredibly weak sauce when it comes to overall securing an election. but it does show those 70,000 people in one little corner of the state that their voices were heard and their concerns were heard. if you actually read this law and look at it, what you will see is that the biggest probably change is one that isn't being talked about because you have to explain it and when you explain it makes sense. the biggest change is when you can apply for a ballot and when you need to turn it in. and both of those dates were moved because we had so much trouble counting ballots. and if you live in an area or if you have a county that is so inept at counting ballots more than an hour. this bill puts an emphasis on that county basically having to fix itself before the next election. so the majority of this bill was
2:59 am
focused towards the problems we had that had nothing to do with fraud and everything to do with jerry's of georgia, especially the densely populated areas not doing their job correctly for an election. carley: it says you have got to use voter i.d. to get that absentee ballot and a lot of people support that joey, thank you for supporting the. >> thank you. jillian: one final note this morning we salute world war ii vernerey lambert. the d-day survivor honored by president trump at the 75th anniversary died at the age of 100. >> with his third purple heart and third silver star from omaha, ray, the free world salutes you. jillian: in a previous interview the army medic shared with me his harrowing stories of survival. >> and i locked to see if i could find any place that we could protect. >> saw the rock?
3:00 am
>> saw the rock in the water. we got many patients behind that rock and saved them from being killed. jillian: ray, thank you for everything you have done for us, for your service. may you rest in piece. if you want to buy his book every day a hero. pass those stories on. ♪ >> protests erupting in brooklyn center, minnesota, after police officer shot and killed a black man during a traffic stop sunday afternoon. >> prepares to tackle president biden's massive infrastructure bill. >> it's not infrastructure. if donald trump had come out and called a dog a cat, which is what joe biden is doing, we would be outraged. >> a california teacher is caught on camera berating students. >> if your parent wants to come talk to me about how i am not doing a good enough job, dare them to come out. >> who


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