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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 12, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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american federation of teachers, meanwhile they're not opening schools and they're just giving free passes. it's disgusting [sound of gunfire] >> it is monday april 12th fox news alert shots fired a the a minnesota police station. stores looted cop car damaged vinyl protest after an officer shoots and kills a man pleaing a traffic stop. we will have a lye report. j there are a lot of different analysis about just how many million jobs this is going to create. >> secretary you're the one -- you're the one who cited athletics 19 million and tweal 2.7 million. >> fox news growing pete
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buttigieg over job promises as white house tries to sell a massive infrastructure bill to lawmakers today. we're live in washington. and this morning, we salute american hero ray lambert a special tribute the d-day survivor who died at the age of 100. fox and friends starts right now. good morning you're waving fox and friends first i'm carly in for todd piro we have a lot to get to so let's get to the fox news alert a minnesota suburban turning into war zone after black lives matter protest turn violent overnight. the national guard now on the growngsd and a curfew is in effect. >> jackie ibanez has the latest. >> all started with a traffic stop yesterday afternoon officers in brooklyn center minnesota said they try to bring a man into custody after learning he had outstangsding warrant. suspect tried to get back in his vehicle and was shot by the officer doing the stop.
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the man was still a toibl drive off but soon crashed into another car. he was declared dead at the scene. it wasn't long before crowds started to form, people claiming to be the suspect's relatives identified him as 20-year-old dante wright and confronted police demanding answers before throwing breaks at cars and jumping on police cruisers tensions still high after sunset. [chanting] hundreds of protesters filling the streets and clashing with police. officers started using flash banging to clear the crowd. rntion and demonstrators crowded around the police station launching fireworks and throwing a trash can right at officers police say shots were fired at the station luckily no one was hurt. officers used more tear gas
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after declaring an unlawful assembly and demanding protesters disperse soon after people were seen looting several stores throughout the town. it is unclear if fib has been arrested. and minnesota governor tom tweeting he closely is monooring to the situation and, quote, praying for donte wright's family as our state mourns another life of a black man taken by law enforcement. the town's curfew in effect until 6:00 central time. that's this morning all of this chaos happening justmens away from the minneapolis courthouse where derek chauvin is tried for george floyd's death. back to you guys. >> volatile situation there. jackie, thank you. >> uh-huh. average man hunt is underway for gunman responsible for shooting four people including toddler at a strip mall two-year-old girl is in critical condition and seattle police say one shooter walking by and fired into the parking lot in broad daitle a witness heard 12 to 20 gunshots and three injured men said to be
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in satisfaction condition. >> footage of a large group of my graduates detained in texas, as migrants surge overwhelms the border, arizona's attorney general is calling for the biden administration to check it out firsthand. >> i am encouraging whether it is the vice president or secretary bah say are a to talk to border patrol agents they will tell yows this is the worst they've seen in two decades talk to local sheriffs they will tell you how system is being overwhelmed. vice president has gotten nearly three weeks without a news conference on border since being to handle the crisis. today harris expected to join president biden to sell massive american jobs plan to bipartisan lawmakers. mark meredith joins us live from washington on what senate republicans call a job crushing slush fund. good morning, mark. >> good morning to you guys
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president biden says he wants to negotiate on massive spending plan those talks are going to kick off today when the president is welcoming a handful of lawmakers into the oval office. overnight the white house releasing list of those lawmakers meeting with the president today, they include some republicans like gop senators roger roger wicker andb fisher and dave price of new -- but given the push to spend billions of dollars on noninfrastructure items. it is an issue republicans are expected to focus on later today. >> we're willing to negotiate on much smaller package. but this is a massive, social welfare spending program combined with a massive tax increase. >> republicans are also expected to stand prm against efforts to raise corporate taxes at gop memo on spending bill just that tax hikes could force companies to cut out one million jobs, and hurt almost fragile economy over the weekend biden administration
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had to clarify how much job it hopes to produce the president cabinet says overall biden spending plan could create close to 3 million more jobs but not the near 20 million some democrats first tried to promote. >> there are a lot of different analyze about how many million jobs this will create. i should be very precise the difference in jobs that that particular analysis suggest is 2.7 million more. he's got an expectation of major progress in congress by memorial day. >> now, cram cameras allowed in oval office meeting and we expect to hear from the president about this and see if devils are in details as any compromise we'll have to wait to see what the regs of the day brings. >> mark meredith live for us. thank you. fox business charles payne says democrats pretend big spending bills are one thing when they are willing a disguise for their lecial agenda. >> now that you're armed with notion that you can just spend as much as possible --
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knowing the american public is still not ready for something that outrageous you have to, you have to sort of dress it up. you have it give it a name so covid relief now mask the reintroduction of the great welfare society. infrastructure will now mask the green new deal, and so on. the one that's in the cue right now that i find interesting next one after two trillion for quote unquote infrastructure, will be human capital i'm not sure how they're going frame that because they're telling us taking care of elderly folks is same as building a bridge. >> paine went ton criticize president prpgzed 28% corporate tax rate calling him disingenuous in his push for it. police in los angeles are trying to find motive after a woman is suspected of killing her three young children. liliana arrested 200 miles north of the scene. the children's father was
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reportedly battling for custody. he said she had been, quote, unwell for months. he repeatedly reached tout the department of children and family services for help. he told l.a. times he was supposed to get custody of the children yesterday. overnight injured in a house explosion in southern california officials believe it was possibly caused by a gas leak. firefighters detected gas in the air, and were able to secure the leak. 7 people were inside the home at the time. one man is suffering from severe burns, a second victim was putted from the debris and taken to the hospital. >> making history at the masters. watch this. right that by one -- is japan's first masters champion. >> you heard it becoming the first japanese golfer to win any major tournament. he finished just one stroke
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ahead of the ten around par. five time champ tiger woods leading making japan crowd congratulations on such a huge accomplishment for you and your country this historical masters win will impact the entire world. great there. well if you love baseball and have a bottomless appetite there's now a perfect job for you. a casino review hiring one lucky person who will relish the idea of reviewing hot dogs at every single baseball stadium. the official mlb food taster gets a $500 paycheck plus a food and travel budget i feel like this story was hand picked for me. >> i was about to say i feel like, you know, because dream job. >> you love hot dogs not for cholesterol but everything else that's great. >> nine minutes after the hour a california teacher is caught on camera berating students. >> if your parent wants to come
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talk to me about how i'm the not doing as good enough job in distance learning -- based on what you need as an individual, just dare them to come at us. virtual classroom threat as parents across the state sue to reopen schools. plus migrants to michigan, one state lawmaker says this state is being forced to clean up the president's mess. he's next. did you know prilosec otc can stop frequent heartburn before it begins?
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good morning welcome back exclusive fox news video showing dire situation at the border as a large grouch my graduates detained in texas this weekend. this as a number of unaccompany minors in custody soared past 20,000. forcing the government to sending hundreds of children north to michigan, here to weigh in is michigan state representative steve johnson sir thank you for being here. appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me this
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morning. >> i'm curious about what you think about this situation because children across border is supposed to be held no more than three days while they're processed, obviously, this is now a much different situation dire situation where, you know, you're flying children. hundreds of thousands of miles north to another state -- >> yeah. you know first and foremost we want to make sure kids get reunited with their family and michiganfully way we can, but this is a open borders have caused, and the longer that he refuses to secure our borders, the more this problem is going to be exasperated. so we really need to make sure we're focusing on securing border, michigan is going help any way we can, but really president biden needs to step up. >> here's what star commonwealth says on this housing migrant children and this reads, quote, our expertise in healing trauma and building resilience with benefit children many of us have all watched heartbreaking pictures on nightly news of children who have been abandoned in desert and wondered how we
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can help. look i don't think anybody says that what is happening to the kids is fair. it is not their fault they're the innocent victims in all of this. but people do make the argument that there are children who are, you know, american born in this country who still need help and aren't necessarily getting help they deserve. so at some point when you have such an influx of numbers, how do you help everyone? >> well that's just it, and the longer that you refuse to secure the border, the more you're going see this problem happen, and i'm glad that there's nonprofits here in michigan capable on helping these children we want to go everything we can do help them but we have a lot of people in michigan that need help too and they're overlooked at the same time. so as long as these boartds are unsecure as long as cartels freely walk across border, this problem is going to continue. it is time for president biden to step up, secure the border make sure this problem is
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prevented from happening again. >> michigan governor aid post on facebook photos from a florida beach for spring break despite the governor's travel warning there. let's take a listen to what governor had to say on rise in covid case on friday. >> i'm calling on high schools to voluntarily go remote for two weeks past spring break. calling on youth sports voluntary suspend games and practices for two weeks and then i'm strongly encouraging all michiganders to avoid dining indoors. >> okay now whitmer press secretary said trisha is fully recovered from covid and fully vaccinated also noted cdc gave updated guidance of fully vaccinated people can travel within the u.s., however, when you have your governor, saying you know we're concerned about the rise in case, we need people to, you know, buckle down again. it's just kind of the optics of it right? >> well for weeks governor
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whitmer has been trying to shame the people of michigan against traveling for spring break two places leak florida. and now we pieptiond out that her own staff wasn't listening to her. and we're going down there, i think we see a pattern of hypocrisy within this administration. it is to remember it was a year ago now when the governor was telling people stay home her own governor -- own husband tried to use her position to get their boat in the waters up at their lake house. and if you were this past january when she said stay home she had no problem gong to d.c. with inauguration. it does appear that there's one set of rules for people in michigan. and another set of rules for governor and her team. >> okay. and just to note we reached out from a staimght from the governor whitmer office and have not heard back steve johnson thank you for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> carly. >> still ahead out of work and fearing the worst.
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>> our whole family. >> so what is everybody going to do? >> we don't know. we'll lose everything we have. that we've worked our entire lives for. >> i went back to arkansas months after president biden shut down keystone peep line the stories of hardship and resilience coming up next.
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♪ ♪ >> secretary you're the one who is pointed -- you're one who cited politics at 19 million and it is actually 2.7 million which is a bunch but it's not what you said. the bottom line is, it is going to add jobs. and this is a direct reputation of people who were saying otherwise. pete buttigieg walking back
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clams that biden infrastructure plan will create 19 million jobs. this dealing a major blow to thousands of blue collar workers, looking for release after the president killed the keystone excel pipeline project in january. i spoke with pipeliners in arkansas after the project was killed, and now months later many say they are still struggling. here's what they told me. >> i mean it is hard to make plan when is you've got an administration that's trying to crush your future. >> so poopline was killed in january, it is now april -- give us an update have you been able to find a job? >> not with pipeline or any other thing right now. especially with the green energy project talked about. >> i've looked for green jobs they are not there and that's why i started a trucking company is because there are no green jobs there. >> list probably 60 to 80 grand not able to go on that job.
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that's my livelihood if i'm not off working i'm barely -- i've got two kids i have to support. what do i do there? >> without working we lose insurance, and income -- >> whole family is unemployed. >> whole family -- >> my whole family. >> so what is everybody going to do? >> we don't know. we'll lose everything we have. that we've worked our entire lives for. >> tell me about arkansas they call it the pipeliner capitol of the world so what is the mood in this town right now? >> terrible. it is terrible you can usually drive around you don't see any welding rigs around -- rarely now. >> all of these people should be -- >> all unemployment. >> released a 2.5 billion infrastructure plan. >> those work not just rewards
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wealth. union guy i support unions, unions built the middle class it is about time they start to get piece of the action. >> do you feel included in that plan? >> no. of course not used to be blue collar joe green collar joe now. middle class is stand here luges at him telling him we're hurting. and we need jobs. and he has not even he hasn't came on news and said one thing about it. i'm not saying do away with green energy but dropping what we have now -- and going to something different is -- not a very good idea. he's not helping us and i don't know of unions in others -- i don't know if he's going to or not but i know that's what he says and i'll believe it when i see it and he's not for union. >> you and 20 other state have a lawsuit you're seeing the biden administration to try to overturn that pipeline decision. you say killing it is
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unconstitutional. >> this is a decision of congress making it is not the president's decision making so when he's used that and eliminated the pipeline permit he did so without proper authority. we're simply asking the court to revoke that cancelation, and to allow pipeline to move forward until congress makes decision. >> are you confident you are going to win? >> we are confident because we're on the rightside of the law. unfortunately for these hardworking teams, it can be months for perhaps before we can get injunction. >> you haven't given up on keystone pipeline? >> no there's solar wind they have to have gas and royaling to run those things. >> they just flipped script. they turned crude oil off. >> i know when we canceled i know that was the beginning of tax on oil and gas to force us in a greener direction we need to stand up let administration know there are americans that depending on oil and gas, an whether -- the administration wants to
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admit it or not they depend on it too. only are you gong to give up on pipeline? >> if the gas company sells pipe and gives up then ilk gi up but until then, if that pipe is still up there, there's stells a chance. >> so first time i went to arkansas it was -- right when everybody just lost their jobs. so it felt like everybody was sort of in shock. emotion was raw. now it was really interesting timing for me to be there last week because this is when the major construction of the keystone pipeline would have begun so all of the people i spoke to the men, women that also work on pipeline they shouldn't have been in the town or nebraska -- >> working somewhere instead they're collecting unemployment but only if they're lucky because something else that i learned -- is because so many pipeline construction jobs were canceled because of the pandemic last year, a lot of these people don't qualify for unemployment. >> and one of the things that you hear them say over and over again is we're more than happy to work with you to be as green
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as we can. to make improvements, to meet you half way. but it just feels like a lot of them say we're not even given the opportunity to do that. >> that is so, so true other thing i thought that was interesting that a lot of these people said, we looked for green jobs leak they took what president biden and john kerry said really seriously and they went out and looked for them an couldn't piengtd them or they were just so -- they would be so underpaid compared to what they were making on the pipeline it would be such a financial loss to them so still a lot of people struggling out there. >> sure they're grateful that you're telling their story because sometimes you know when you're in that situation you feel like you don't have a voice. >> thanks carly. 27 minutes after the hour a fox news alert national guard is deployed after night of unrest near minneapolis. protesters confronting police after a black man was shot and killed fleeing a traffic stop. our law enforcement panel weighs in. next.
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>> a fox news alert mayhem in minnesota, riots and looting erupting in the city of brooklyn center overnight after 20-year-old man shot and killed by officers during a traffic stop. the the national guard rushing in as shots shot by police department and patrol cars damaged here to react is maryland order of police clyde, and former nypd detective doctor oscar thank you both for being here appreciate it. >> thank you, good morning, thank you. >> doctor o'dem we spent time talking to you in the last year with all of the rioting and looting and protest that we've seen happening in states across our country. and you know, we're in a situation this morning where we're talking about a black man a 20-year-old who was stopped in a routine traffic stop, and according to the police statement anyway, police say that drive had an outstanding warrant attempting to take him into custody reentered vehicle
1:32 am
when an officer discharge their weapon your thoughts about that situation this morning. >> first of all, i saw a way -- to the family of the person who lost their lives because police officers we don't go to work every day saying that we're going to shoot somebody because that's not on our job our job to protect lives and property and i'm sure there will be a thorough investigation from what i've heard so far and seen on news coverage there's video cameras from the footage from officer. also witnesses that were there. so we don't want people to jump to conclusions about what happened. we want the investigation to play out. but, of course, i understand this sensitivity of the nature dealing with the trial taking place now with inside minnesota and this highlight it is dangers of police work in a split second decision that officers must make while they're working there day-to-day job. and what they have to do when they go out there to protect the responsible we must keep our mind open and let the
1:33 am
investigation play out. >> i may to doctor's point there let it play out and see details of this, and what transpires especially later today this did happen yesterday afternoon. but -- i guess my question is you know are officer it is trained that when a suspect goes to reenter a vehicle after traffic stop with outstanding warrant that you shoot? >> well officers have to take into account every factor from the back drop to the potential what they know about this suspect. these types of situations happen so fast, and our officers have to make split second decision on whether or not to engage a suspect who could possibly be armed and you have no knowledge of what the suspect is going back to the car to get. so if you know, we avoid some of these situations with cleans and i think right now with a full understanding of all of the facts we will be jumping to conclusion to tell why the gentlemen tried to go back to the car unfortunately sadly it
1:34 am
cost him his life and like doctor said we're praying for his family an we're also praying for the police officers involved in this situation. >> all right we'll continue to follow that story as it develops in mean team, i want to stick with you here clyde for a sending because yanked becomes first state in the nation to repeal its law enforcement officers bill of rights. gobbing ahead pull up here some information on the screen the measures enacted by maryland legislature this includes as i mention repealing the bill of rights. it implements statewide use of force standard creates new disciplinary process and limits use of no knock warrants. what do you make of this? >> well, we view some of these radical reforms as an attempt by some of our legislators to legislate outcomes. view situations that are happening nationally as the beck and call for them to come and enact these radical reforms. we feel that, you know, wn wefn given suspects wanted for crimes
1:35 am
in a 20-second in this case a 20-second head start. we must now as police officers when attempting to serve a warrant nong on the door and wait 20 seconds for this suspect to either, you know, grb a weapon or just destroy evidence. so we think these reforms go too far. we as police officers, we understand sensible reform but some of these reforms go too far. >> yeah doctor, i want to get your sentiment on that as well because i'm just curious what you think future of policing looks leak and think other states own states might adopt it. >> it is possible. i agree with when my colleague said when we say public safety not only it includes the police officer but it includes public safety of the public. so therefore, we want to make sure that you are okay so if you put certain measures in place, without actually speaking to us, you get a chance to impede us which in return hurts you or slowed down response of the
1:36 am
police. to what they're going to do also this may cause police officers to second guess themselves that third time can cause hesitation can jeopardize their life or public leaf at hand then we need to realize we need to sit down at the table and begin to analyze this and not monday morning quarterback certain situations that take place this is where we're having problem recruiting police officers across the country and police officers are retiring at record numbers an we lose people with experience. that's also talk about the good side of police and also about the arrest made murders that are solved, robberies that are solved. we forget that part. we also think about the other part but let's look at the good part also. because the good does outweigh the bad. >> thank you both for joining thus morning. appreciate your time. >> thanks for having us. >> carly. >> thank you. we're learning new details about two utah deputies shot in the face. salt lake city county sheriff
1:37 am
deputy leland hurt had a officer opened fire on them and one remains in the hospital suspect joshua johnson was killed in the shootout. the family of a missing california mom pleads for information on her whereabouts during a prayer vigil. mia says the mother of three went missing after an argument with her husband over three months ago. a new audio recording from the day she vanished reportedly captures several loud bangs near their home. police are looking into that recording. now to the u.k. where prince harry was -- has arrived home without his wife meghan markle to mourn death of prince phillip. benjamin hall joins us live from london with funeral this weekend. benjamin, good morning. >> good morning, yes prince harry arrives back in the u.k. yesterday he came in on a commercial plane from l.a. we know he's met on tarmac and whisks away to kensington palace
1:38 am
and u.k. really is mourning at the moment for loss of prince philip and memorials continue across the country yesterday. we know that the queen spent her first sunday in 73 years without him. attending private church service and then walking her corgi with a huge void in her life. >> we've lost grandfather of the nation. and i feel very sorry and supportive of my mother who is -- feeling it i think probably more than everybody else. >> phillip funeral will take place next saturday at 10 eastern in windsor palace asked people not toth gaer because of koad and only 30 family members will attend they have planned on having 800 but it will be televised member was royal family walk behind kowfn and that may be first team that we see harry with his family since that oprah interview which he allege racism felt letdown by father charles that his father and brother william trapped by
1:39 am
royal life certainly a very difficult time for the family here in the u.k. but there's some hope make they can use this opportunity to mend repair that rift. carly jillian. >> all right, thank you. appreciate it benjamin. >> this morning, new world war ii veteran ray lambert d-day survivor honored by president trump as 75th anniversary dies at the age of 100. ♪ ♪ >> with his fourth purple heart and his third silver star, from al ray free world salutes you. >> in a previous interview, the army medic shared with me his heroing stories of survival. >> i love to see if i can find any place that we can take them. >> yes -- this looked like a rock. and in the water we've got many patients behind that rock. and saved don from being killed.
1:40 am
spot where his men took shelter on omaha beach named ray rock and didn't want his name on it unless all of those men families were on it and they did get put on that rock and died from cancer and -- congestive heart failure and texted me on saturday morning, i've kept in touch with them since that interview she's -- such a sweet lady, and ray was such a wonderful man. one of the interesting things from that interview that i did with him like many others didn't talk about that day for a long time spent their lives holding those stories in because they didn't want to talk about it. and then as they got older they realizedded there's so tough them left to tell stories so he wanted to share his story at 99 years old shared a story with me and he also wrote this book a memoir of d-day first wave at omaha beach a man a hero so i wanted to bring it to show it today if you can pick up a copy it is a way to pass on stories from greatest generation.
1:41 am
>> absolutely keep his memory alive that is so amazing what an amazing man awesome that you got to meet him. very cool stuff. >> ashes will be at the arlington wanted them at arlging ton and normandy. but they can only go to one place and they'll be at arlington. enings good spot there. still ahead fox news girl transportation secretary pete buttigieg for misleading americans about jobs. >> why not be straight about conditions in the u.s. to american people? >> well american people already know that our infrastructure needs a lot of work. >> how damaging is this for the democrats sales pitch? gop strategist harvey says everyone in the administration keeps getting caught in a lie. he sounds off, next.
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>> look there are a lot of different analysis how many million jobs this will create. >> you're one who cited as 19
1:45 am
million and it is actually 2.7 million. >> transportation secretary pete buttigieg grilled on fox news after claiming infrastructure bill would create 19 million jobs. studies show the plan would actually create 2.7 million republicans strategist and former colorado stated senator ted harvey is here to react. so 16.3 million jobs will be created just naturally by the economy opening up after the pandemic. but pete buttigieg saying jobs will be created through the infrastructure plan he was called out on fox news what's your reaction? >> well i think it is tim call of this administration to say this is not the first time they've been cut misleading american people this week if you remember earlier secretary himself was loud for writing his vice into work and then hysterically a video come out showing that he was dropped off by his security detail who drove up in a very large gas guzzling
1:46 am
suburban with his bike and -- to his destination he gets out and rides with his security detail in. that is purposely amateurishly misleading american people and this is another example of that and goes back to what president said about with gun control press conference where he was with a bunch of liberal talking points but it was still misleading american people about what facts are. >> i want to get to gun control in a little bit with you but first one was big concerns with republicans and some democrats is that raising the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28% will be a jobs killer so while some people will get a job through this infrastructure plan, others are going to lose theirs. >> you bet. the prior to trump coming into office and tax cut, the united states has one of the largest income tax rates of any western
1:47 am
country is in the world. and like cutting those corporate tax rates it brought millions of jobs to america brought tons of companies back to american stores and by administration pushing to increase those taxes only gong to lose more job and reason why the -- why the senator from west virginia and other senators are not moving forward with this democrat plan because they don't want to be responsible for cutting these jobs. >> yeah. >> well you wrote op-ed for fox called biden attack second amendment here's what the gun grab is really all about. so what is the president's gun grab really all about? >> well i think it is just a bunch of talking points for the democrats to be able to say to their base that they're trying to pass gun control measure when is what he's proposing wouldn't do anything. i'm former state senator from colorado, i lived on the frontlines as democrats were pushing through colorado those
1:48 am
radical ideas and what we saw with the -- horrific shooting couple of weeks ago in colorado is all of the bills that were passed when i was in the legislature did nothing to stop the killer who, you know, he was hell bent on killing bunch of people, and he had mentally he mentally ill, and none of the bills that were on books in colorado toed him whether a red flag bill whether it was large magazine, and those bills are for nothing more than just you and me law-abiding citizens from being a toibl protect ourselves against these, you know, murderous people that fire department to kill large normings of people. it was in a gun free zone -- yet he went in there -- rng important yeah it is important point of impact to make if you want to hear more from ted harvey go to fox read op-ed a very good article. thank you for joining us we appreciate it. >> thank you god bless have a great day. >> god bless. enings still ahead a california
1:49 am
teacher lecture students and blast their parents on zoom. >> dare them to come out because i -- i'm so sick to my stomach of parents trying to tell educators how to do their job. >> more parents sue to reopen schools across los angeles. a mother and attorney says that teachers union is spreading fear she joins us, next.
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if your parent wants to talk to me about how i'm not doing a good enough job in distance learning, based on what you need as an individual, dare them to come at me because i'm so sick to my stomach of parents trying to tell educators how to do their job. >> disturbing new video shows a
1:53 am
california teacher seeming to yell at her students at zoom over parents push for in person learning and rant comes as more parents across state feel suit other continue reopening delays mom of three los angeles students attorney, and member of california students united an joins us live with her own story. good morning first, i want to get your reaction to this lawsuit, so los angeles is moving to reopen school finally after 13 months of being totally virtual but only on hybrid basis and group of parents are now suing to fully reopen is that right? >> yeah. that's right. thank you for having me on today. >> so tell us a little bit more about that lawsuit. >> sure. so what we are starting is that the district plan is just not good enough. it actually violates students 'rights. this school district over the past year has repeatedly repeatedly violated the state law, the state constitution, and
1:54 am
their own labor agreement, and we've said enough is you have in and need to hold them accountable and get our district become on track so kids get the education that they deserve. >> let me ask you something about teacher specifically because we are seeing it seems like a lot of teachers a lot more anyway, getting more frustrated as of late look we've all been going through this you as a mother of three students, 6, 9, ten years old have gone through more than a year now where you're trying to give your kids best education as possible while doing it remotley while doing something a lot of people have never done. but a lot teachers do want to get back in the classroom. it is not necessarily up to them you know it is teacherring unions that are putting forward these rules so -- do you think that it is fair to come down so hard on all of the teachers necessarily? where do you think that the fault lies here? >> oh, our teachers are amazing my kids are so lucky to have such amazing teachers and think 100% pawlgt lies with union eve
1:55 am
this a political agenda that really has nothing to do with teachers and nothing to do with education and they've used this -- pandemic as a barren gaing chip to enhance their own power and advance their own agenda. it is really not about teacher and i think a lot of teachers twal are unaware of what they are doing and their agenda. >> yeah, you have three kids ages 6, 9, 10 what has virtual learning been like for your family? >> it -- it's been a frustration our virtual learning platform here has been only two three hours day interaction with the teacher and a lot of homework that they've relabeled, it is, you know, been anxiety for the kids, emotional toll on them and screen and not moving as much during the day so falling behind academic because teachers can't connect with them and
1:56 am
information to them in the same way so you're looking at one issue after another with distance learning. i know that it is harder on teacher too. >> devastating real quick before we have to go but as an attorney, do you think any of these lawsuits are successful? >> i think we have a very good chance of success because law is very clear they are violating law that requires them to provide insufficient education to the highest, and it was possible in february, we're in prel now and they're just now talking about hybrid. >> 13 months later still talking virtual we appreciate it. thank you so much. still to come on "fox & friends" big hour ahead joe, tom and joey jones all live. up at 2:00am again? tonight, try pure zzzs all night. unlike other sleep aids, our extended release melatonin helps you sleep longer.
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each is monday, april 12 shots fired at a minnesota police did station with violent protests erupted after officer shoots and kills a black man fleeing a traffic stop. >> house explosion sends two people to the hospital, one in critical condition and what we are learning about the blast rattled aal


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