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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  April 11, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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the unauthorized history of g taxes on fox nation. there you can also stream other programs i've done including my first unauthorized history documentary series, and authorized history of socialism. from fox nation and fox news, i'm bret bear. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ . mark: hello i am mark levine, this is "life, liberty and levin." let's talk turkey. about the man in oval office, joe biden, joe biden has been saying many hateful things about many people. because they disagree with him, joe biden has been saying things that are flat out lies, he has been dishonest about the way he has approached his policies. this is par for the course for
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joe biden, he served in senate almost a half century, anyone that served with him who is honest, knows that joe biden does not have a principle in his body, he is a chameleon. if you look at early part of his life. he was a cheat, he wanted to be president of united states, first and second time, he stole word for word from a speech of neil, the labor party head, and from late robert kennedy. it not because he is a smart man, he is quite a dumb man. all about power and joe biden. for joe biden. all about promoting joe biden. the other week he met with a bunch of historians, he wanted to know, how could he be bigger than roosevelt, and barack obama, he leaned hard left, he
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will do what of he has to do. whatever it takes, to promote joe biden and his legacy, joe biden is hooked on this frayed, jim crow, i got to thinking about it nobody better who is alive in washington d.c. to talk about jim crow, than joe biden. why? joe biden of the part of jim crow, listen to this short audio from national public radio in 1975. i will take the point you to joe biden is most racist president in the oval office since woodrow wilson. >> there are those of we social planners who think somehow if we just man's individual characteristics and trades by making sure that a society is a
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totalo homo jean society we'll solve our social littles, quite the contrary. a rejection of the movement of black pride, of the entire black awareness concept. where black is beautiful, and black should be studied. i think that is a health solid proposal. mark: a lot of people opposed back then who were not racist, including certain supreme court justices and others, democrats, republicans, black people, and white people, given long
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distances that buses had to travel, but argument that joe biden made was a typical argument of the racist at the time. he is not smart enough to come up with his own argument. embracing the black separatist movement. as an excuse an excuse. but this in and of itself is not enough, 1975, he is praising george wallace, the democratic party could stand a liberal george wallace, someone not afraid to stand up and offend people, would say when the american people know in their gut is right. a strange statement. to be talking about george wallace. praising george wallace, 1977, a congressional record during a hearing, stunning.
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he says, unless we do something about this, talking about busing and racial issues, my children will grow up in a jungle. the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having built so high it will explode at some point. we have to make some move on this. that is in the congressional record. from 1977. joe biden. there is more. in a letter, an old letter found, joe biden wrote to james eastman, a mississippi plantation owner biden worked closer with him. and they became friends, friends, you are friends with a segregationist? in the letter he never thought would be made public, i want you to know i very much appreciate your help during this week's committee meeting in attempting
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to bring my anti-busing legislation to a vote. what else? during a campaign trip to alabama. to alabama. 1987, he bragged about getting an award from george wallace, first, he is such a liar. no one can remember him getting an award from george wallace, if i wall wallace was repenting, meeting with black leaders in alabama, and making statements all these things in his career, he did to black people, the things he said, so forth, he began repenting, yet while in alabama, campaigning, joe biden is preferring to pre1987 george call wallace, bragging about
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getting an award, and jobe job called 100,000 juveniles who were arrested for violent crimes in united states, predator, he was talking about black predators who were not -- that is what he said. at national association of attorney general conference in march. 1998. there is more. the democrat party has been party of slavery, been party of segregation. party of jim crow. the democrat party has used minorities in particular black people from its very inception in horrific ways, joe biden in his career has been one of the leading demagogues on propaganda with race. he praised robert byrd. he was minority leader than
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majority leader of senate by democrats, he was in west virginia, west virginia broke away from virginia during around the civil war, most of the west virginia -- were supporting the union. robert byrd was founding a movement went west virginia. for the klan. the republicans don't do this. joe biden of the one of his biggest supporters, he took a liking to joe biden. joe biden said. cure his -- during his momental service, he said we lost dean of u.s. senate and state of west virginia lost its most fierce
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advocate. z i said, i lost dear friend. now joe biden as president of united states is ruing race again. republican legislators are trying to take back the electoral systems that democrat lawyers, democrat judges, democrat governors and democrat secretaries of state, seized during the course of the last election. they do not want all of the same measures in place that were in place, they said due to the virus. so trying to reassert their authority. it has nothing to do with jim crow, everything to to with a voting system that has integrity forever all voters regardless of race, democrats push hr1. now s1. that would eliminate all voter i.d., which 80% of american people including black people
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support. that signature vir -- verification requirements, and allow people to vote in other presinks, they would require registration of 16 and 17-year-olds and same day registration. they talk about in their law, about individuals vote, not citizens, which is a huge gap to allow illegal aliens to vote, they will not allow states to go over their voting list to correct them. to remove deceased people who might be registered, they are forbidden from doing it other things that democrats are trying to push to cease control for themselves. that is another thing you need to understand what is going with on joe biden, in my view, joe
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biden does not given a damn about this country, joe biden cares about joe biden. same with schumer and same with pelosi, they never talk about what is great for the country or consequences of their policies for the nation, look at southern border. if you had an ounce of human compassion. an ounce, you would not pretend what is going on in southern border is not a crisis, you would not ignore it, little girls are raped, people housed like sardines, and disease passed from child to child, people released into country, we don't know who they are, we don't know their records. you want not do this, and encouraging and creating this chaos, and all this suffering among people you claim to care bsouth of the border. if you cared about your country. it is all about party. because they know that latinos
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have been voting two third they know that once people come into the country, they will get amnesty, and they and through chain migration, untold numbers more will become u.s. citizens is vote, they don't care about the country, they don't care about the people south of the border, we know the man in oval office, we know who he is, we know the faster propaganda -- the nasty propaganda he used, that is what he has been doing for 50 years, when we come back, i want to discuss this with my friend, shelby steele. stay restless with the icon that does the same. the rx crafted by lexus. get 0.9% apr financing on the 2021 rx 350
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mark: welcome back, america. we're with the great shelby steele. senior fellow, author of a great book. white guilt. joe biden gave an inauguration address, he said he would unite the country. you are an observer of the race racial issues and written about
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them for decades is diswroab jon heading in right direction or wrong. >> absolutely in the wrong direction, his whole point of view is to take us father left -- farther left to deindividualize us. he is everything he says is larger philosophical orientation is against the development of individualism -- to the far left. certainly with regard to black america, we need at-this-point, a focus that is on what the potential of the individual. i think we need policies, public policy that reflect that. that enhance the individual, we have way too much focus on group
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identity and collective identity. those are identities to take people away from their lives. so i think he has, listening to your quotes earlier, i think biden does not understand the importance. part of the america dream is that the individual has a chance, people don't come here saying, i want my group to have my, i want all black people to have it. people say, this is a place that i can develop myself. and that is what makes us a great nation. ralph ellison said, the group is the gift of its individuals. i don't think mr. biden
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understands that. that is too bad. mark: you know shelby steele, he has also embraced this notion of critical race theory, not racial equality but racial equity, he talked the talk of radical marxist left, he is surrounded by these people, and signing executive orders and issuing fiats, that are instituting the most radical forms of discrimination. >> i think this goes to the '60s. america for first time really. the focus was so much on civil rights and transforming americans to a racial equality. that that that era for the first time america felt an obligation
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to social morality. you had to have a sense that god's hand was involved in social relations, in fighting racism and so forth. in many ways, the '60s added this idea of social morality to our culture. and it transformed the whole racial issue in america. into something of a morality play. a play of guilt and against innocence. we are still in that. in that format guilt is what america is supposed to -- specifically, white america feel toward as past, what happened in america over last 60 years, we
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made innocence of racism, confuse it is racial form, we, s on proving your innocence, we end up with political correctness, and virtual signaling. that is what mr. biden and the left is expert at, they are always signaling their virtue, critical race theory is simply a signal of innocence. we're so innocent of racism. we are -- we practice this political, this form of political correctness. i think this whole confusion of social reform with morality is what has created the power that the left has. so left says to everybody, you are i'm moral, you are a --
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immoral, you are a racist, you are a sexist. you are evil. you are associated with america's evil past. we on the other hand, are innocent. we want to redeem america. we want to put it back together again, supersede all of these things. so we create a vocabulary. diversity, so forth that is stands for the good, that stands for innocence of america's racial sins in the past. we impose that on every institution in american life, long ago education was taken over by that language. today corporations are taken over by this language. this pursuit of innocence. of displaying innocence, claiming innocence.
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and it brings power, it is the power of the american left. the central bearing. people with be on the left, and feel they are more decent than people who are on the right. conservatives on the other hand are see seen as -- seen as alied with old american evil, they just want to go back to the days of the klan, that sort of thing. you see that democratic leadership, always referring to right in reference to the clarnn and so forth. democratic party, american left, has fashioned this tremendous source of power this moral capacity for moral judgment. conservatism does not have much
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welcome to fox news live. a rare admission by the
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chinese government where unofficial admitted the vaccine has a particularly low effectiveness. organizations accused china of covering up the severity and origin of covid 19. beijing plans to booster vaccine to increase its strength. virginia governor is calling for an independent investigation following the viral and controversial traffic stop with the black army officer. the officer filed a lawsuit against two windsor police officers after he was pulled over and pepper sprayed as you can see on the video. they called the 2020 encounter disturbing and has directed state police to investigate. now back to life, liberty and levin print for all your headlines log on to ." mark: welcome back shelby steele, you have helped us
8:29 pm
understand what is taking place. if are a target of joe biden i onthey attack you at white supremacist or people who i believe in jim crow, how should you respond. >> probably not easy. it is possible. i think that what the democrats are doing now needs to be picked apartment relentlessly. one thing that fascinating their focus on collective identity and so forth and racism and this, that and the other. is the fact they don't have any, they have no positive way to address the real problems that minorities, particularly face. a few years ago, there were 752
8:30 pm
black kids shot and killed on the south side of chicago in one year. i think 2016. what do they have to say about that? nothing. no one followed up on that, that as we know goes on year in, year out, thousands and thousands of black kids shooting and killing each other. yet the world stops over george floyd. in paris, they demonstrate past the eiffel tower, george floyd, george floyd offers liberals innocence. i can say tone to pieces about what happened to george floyd because i am innocent of america's racist past. that is real. the problem that blacks feel or
8:31 pm
suffer from is under development. 4 centuries of oppression, you are not coming out completely developed it the take a long time, a great effort to overcome that, that is what nobody in america wants to face. i became a conservative it seems to me that conservatism made room for that. for what was the problem that were real. rather than the problems today racism and so forth. and systemic racism. they of fictional problems that give all of the innocence to the democrats and give the evil to e republican. that is what which was have -- conservatives have to be relent less in fighting that, we have to not pick up language of the
8:32 pm
left, not talk about systematic racism, do not fall for that. in the workplace, do not fall for unconscious bias. you know this is all every time you do, the left gains more power. even though it has no serious argument, no answer to black under development, they can't even talk about real black under development, they succeed by using this language that will grant you innocence. you know so delta airlines now is backing out of the all-star baseball game to say in effect ewe're so innocent of racism we are not supporting this year's all-star game, when you buy a ticket to fly on delta, you buy some innocence. that is how insidious the left's
8:33 pm
strategy is. they control morality. conservatives tend to focus on the bill of rights. on the constitution. on the law. on the rights to the individual, they are magnificent but they don't have the moral appeal of innocence, that can kind of the achille's heely on the right. mark: shelby steele, thank you. i wish you all well, god bless. >> thank you very much for having 3450e. me. mark: we'll be right back. (judith) at fisher investments, we do things differently and other money managers don't understand why. (money manager) because our way works great for us!
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mark: welcome back, i have a great guest, charles payne. he is a host on fbn, nobody better than you to help us sort through what looks to be trillions of dollars that are spent on things that are called infrastructure that have nothing to to do with infrastructure, what is happening. >> they are mark, remaking america with unlimited checkbook. you know, a few i would say maybe couple years ago, you started to hear about new thing called modern monitor theory. the government prints money so why should there be limits to how much they can print. especially for the greater good. then someone would say, if you print a lot of money that
8:39 pm
creates inflation. on that end of the bargain that is where taxes come in, they are not about economics. even though they are ter prayed as you -- portrayed as up in the new world. they are punishment. now that you are armed with notion you can spend as much as possible. you have to sort of dress it up. you have to give it a name. covid relief now masks the reinstruction of great welfare society, and infrastructure will mask the green new deal. one that is in the cue right now, that is interesting, after 2 trillion for quote, unquote infrastructure is human capital. not sure how they frame that, they sell us that taking care of elderly folks is the same at
8:40 pm
building a bridge. we're asking to suspend disbelief, as if we're seeing a sci-fi movie, but this is our livelihood, country, nation and wealth. it is amazing they have stepped up they are pushing this narrative. mark: you know, charles, they did it this a way that undermines representative government. the massive bills are passed, first written, in cover of dark, then pushed through with smallest of minorities, we don't have a opportunity, pedestrians like me to know what is going on. they have capitol building surrounded by military and police, i can't get to my congressman or senator. this stuff pushed through at record speed using reconciliation, they pressure parliament and senate to agree they can do it 4 times a year, it is supposed to be once a year, the whole system is
8:41 pm
collapsing in terms of checks and balances on spending. >> it is frightening. maybe it is early to say so, we could be looking at future history books with a chapter on the man who saved the republic. joe mansion. he will no circumstance remove the filibuster. forcing of ideological changes on us. and policy, they are changes on what america should look like.
8:42 pm
they of those who keep machine going it has been a fantasy for a long time, they smell a chance to take their shot, they take it, i say one thing that is embowling them, they have -- embolden them is we have been printing money as a nation for a long time our debt piled up sky-high, folks have been warning, we'll go out of cliff. but what happens is when you wake up next morning we have not gone off the cliff, more people say, maybe we won't go off the cliff. folks who don't pay attention to this every day, majority of americans, they plant the seeds in books, and movies and commercials, they have been working on this, this is not overnight this has been orchestrated the hijacking of america has been oh, straighted
8:43 pm
for -- orchestrated for a long time. >> are right. maybe people did not live through the '70s with massive inflation, or not familiar with black and white films afternoon world war i. or maybe they do happen. nobody knows better than you, that laws of economics are just as certain as the laws of physics, i'll be right back.
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mark: welcome back, welcome back charles payne. democrat use this marxist modest class warfare, rich get rich, poorer get poor. to the poor get richer under socialism and marxism and taxation of successful people. >> the answer is no. absolutely not. what is intriguing about that is you don't have the look outside this country or that far to 4eu69 -- the history books, in most progressive states in america, look at new york state, look at new york city. the greatest income inequality in the world, in the world, look at california. look at exodus from these places. try to start a business as someone who is not already wealthy. it is really amazing, we see first hand that the notion of
8:49 pm
high taxes is somehow equalizer it makes all things right, unfortunately people go with their emotions over common sense and over historical facts, let's go grab the pitch forks and let's go door-to-door to these rich fat cats who don't may taxes, after amazon, the second largest employer in america last year, hundreds of thousands of people were losing retail jobs, guess what they found work? amazon. but no let's tear can down, let's rip it down, they are not paying their fair share. no one -- has determined what fair share circumstance we know top 1% say more than wonders of taxes. no one has articulated what it is, other than for that emotional button, and so dangerous. and it is backfired every time.
8:50 pm
it really has. mark: what amazes me, we know it works. the world didn't start today. we know massive taxation and redistribution of wealth kill economies and jobs and makes people poor and nations poor, it creates poverty. we look overseas at communist china, i'm concerned we're reaching a points, communist china, k4 which is on the move aggressively, i am concerned they rely on capitalism now than we are. it is amazing to watch, you increase taxes, redistribute the wealth, and have these regulations and so forth, how are we to compete with the other countrys? >> we can't. we could not compete. and it is amazing when someone says look at our tax rates in 1950s, in 1950s, the rest of the world of the digging out of rubble, europe was a rubble,
8:51 pm
japan was rubble, china was undeveloped. we had zero competition in the 1950s, you could have highest late at 90% if you want. few people only paid it. right now, we're in a global fight, you remember, under the obama administration. inversions came into the lexicon. american companies domiciling overseas they could not be held hostage to the huge tax rates of this country, when other country said come here, we will treat you great, make you feel at home, company after company said yes. we'll take that deal. right now with president biden talking about 28% taxes compare to 1950s and the past, suggesting it was okay. he is very disingenuous.
8:52 pm
and you have treasury secretary janet yellen wooing the rest of the world to lower their tax rate. , she knows if we go to 28%, and the rest of the world does not. more companies will leave, and faster than they did urge the obama/biden administration. mark: they want the rest of the world to adopt our tax policies under biden, where they over tack their industries so our industries don't leave, this is remarkable. this spending. this government centric activity, what does that do to the currency. >> it loses its value, only thing that has happened the currency is everyone doing it. we have federal reserve, and england has bank of japan, and
8:53 pm
european central bank, they are printing and printing and printing. only reason we still have will have with you so-called fiat currency, the others have gone down equally, you can look at bitcoin, and others, that tell you something is wrong empeople understand that and currencies, they are losing their way, they may go all the way out if governments cannot stop the rise of cryptocurrency. mark: you are terrific, thank you, god bless you. >> i appreciate it. mark: thank you very much. we'll be right back. - [announcer] welcome to intelligent indoor grilling with the ninja foodi smart xl grill.
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mark: top of program, i talked about jim crow joe, now tax loophole joe, he has multiple homes, a largess state in delaware, how did he do it with a senate payroll? last three years bidens brought in money on speaking fees and writing fees. i don't understand. but that is what they got, millions. during that 3 year period, they set up an s-corporation. why? because joe and dr. jill didn't want to pay, payroll taxes to medicare and obamacare. , what? you say, 13.5 million worth, rather than paid a salary, a set
8:59 pm
up two front company, ran vast majority of money earned in osaid paying their fair share on obamacare, mr. lunch bucket joe is a fraud on all fronts, running around with his marxist clap trap about equality wear fair. -- warfare, he represents seniors, but he avoids paying half a million toward medicare and obamacare, that is our man, joe, you know. media could care less, i brought this up way back in the summer. of 2020 before the election. he continues to get media protection. but not here. i'll see you next time, on
9:00 pm
"life, liberty and levin." ♪ steve: welcome to next revolution, i am steve hilton. last week, we laid out origins of wokeism. hateful ideology, captured america with cruel culture cancer it is more dangerous. not a fad that exploded after death of george floyd, wokeism is a campaign that began at frank


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