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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  April 11, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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u.s. once again. catch it right here in fox news channel 10:00 p.m. eastern time. and that's how fox are sports this sunday april 11, 2021. thanks for washing we will see you again next time. ♪ ♪. judge jeanine: hello and welcome to justice i am judge jeanine pirro was the right to my (there to think citizens everywhere in the world know to be alarmed about. one is freedom of speech. and the second is the right to bear arms. joe biden's official position on the second amendment, the right to bear arms what's us directly in peril of becoming a fascist state. in his latest efforts calling for more gun control, he says firearms purchased at gun
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shows are exempt from background checks. that is a lie. his claim that gun manufacturers have immunity from lawsuits is also a lie. but have no worries, according to joe nothing impinges upon your right to bear arms. >> nothing, nothing i am about to recommend in any way impinges on the second amendment.s but no amendment, no amendment to the constitution is absolute. judge jeanine: really? really? no constitutional amendment is absolute? where did you hear that one? for better question, who made you king? what other amendments are not absolute in your mind? how about the 19th that gives women the power to vote? if you think that is nots absolute, or would you start chipping away? maybe conservative women
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should not have the right too vote. have at the fourth amendment. you must have probable cause before someone is searched or property is siege to. should you eliminate probable cause? is the minorities properties being seized? and the sixth amendment, the right to a fair trial. maybe that is not absolute to? after all hawaii senator says all women need to be believed. and if that is the case, we may never have a fair trial again. how about the fifth amendment, t joe, double jeopardy. maybe after a not guilty verdict they should be able tobl go for a second time go for the guilty verdict. and how about the first amendment? maybe that is not absolute in your mind either. but then again we already know big tech is canceling free speech of conservatives. in the many parts of the country freedom of religion is not as protected as casinos
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and other secular institutions. mr. president, with altar respect do you realize that this is the united states of america? we are a nation founded on the constitution. and we are so tired of what is going on in this country. you're gonna grab is the latest in this rich environment for the hollywood elite second amendment is absolute since they have all of the protection they want by simply hiring men with guns. and as for people in congressbs it appears there second amendment is absolute they are a protected by fences, sensors and a shoulder to shoulder national guard. but every day americans like us are supposed to sit back and say i understand, a crazy man may get a gun and therefore i and all other legal gun owners should suffer a loss of our second amendmentig
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rights. you know, seven years ago i said we cannot blame peaceful lesbians for what radical muslims could do it any more than we can blame peaceful gun owners whatnot draws with guns do. further you have memory issues, joe, but the second amendment has been confirmed by the united states supreme court over and over again. you see mass shootings and use the as political to take away the every man day gun for you do not have a clue, or maybe you do. you overhaul how guns are bought and sold in the united states doesn't affect the criminals one bit. criminals and nut jobs are not going through normal channels to buy guns. the criminal gets his guns through illegal channels. he does not show up waiting for fbi background check. chicago's my the strictest gun laws in the nation. and some of the highest gun crime rates in the nation.
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what is that taiyo, joe? that tells you gun control is k an illusion. america's criminals have guns. and at a time when police are being defined in, told to stand down, cops are being demoralized, or free to even make arrests, do you really expect us to back off our god-given right to defend ourselves? and just last month, i know you do not consider it a crisis, but 170,000 people came through our southern border and we do not have a clue as to who they are or what they are about too. we have identified terrorists from yemen and gang members and immigrants from 141 countries. and according to border patrol, and i actually visited the border, that number of 170,000 is not half the number of people coming through.
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and believe me they are not all coming with just cell phones. we are talking cartels, drugs, heroin, fentanyl, and you want to chip away at my gun rights now? the way to combat gun crime is to prosecute the criminal and make sure he learns not to commit the crime again. it is to find out where he got the gun. was there a purchaser involved was the gun trafficked illegally? get an informant, get a warrant, squeeze people who have information until you move up the chain. until you stop the gun trafficking. this is not rocket science it is a fundamental law enforcement. so stop with the nonsense of putting law-abiding people, gun owners through hoops like dogs at a dog show. your bill even allows the fbi to indefinitely delay a firearms sale for simply failing to complete instant checks. mentally ill individual should not have access to guns.
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unstable individuals or those with drug abuse problems like hunter should not be able to get a gun. so why don't you start working on those problems? criminals are not afraid of you, joe. in fact there laughing at you and the rest of us. mentally ill individual should not have access to guns. how are you going to stop that from happening? hippo prevents you from getting their medical records. so how were you r going to find out if they are telling the truth? and by the way, joe, maybe you ought to look into the individuals like your son hunter who not only lied on his gun application to get a gun but pass it fbi background check, actually got a gun which everyone knew he was abusing drugs. and then when hunter's girlfriend, bows a widow through the gun in a garbage can across the street from a high school because he left it in his truck, i did not hear anybody getting into trouble
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for that. you got to prosecute crime, joe commonly law-abiding gun owners alone. i do not need your permission to own a gun. and i do not need the permission of anyone inan washington to own a gun for you cannot me from owning a gun. i have the right to have a gun parts not only enshrined in the constitution it is affirmed by the supreme court repeatedly. so get off your left his high horse and stop telling people the second amendment is s not absolute and we need your permission because we don't. it is a god-given right a natural right we've got to d defend ourselves and you've got nothing to do with it. so you can keep yapping about gun control. but until you actually take gun crime seriously as far as gun owners are concerned, it's nothing more than white noise coming from the white house. and that is my open. let me know which you think on my facebook and twitter #
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judge jeanine. if you like my open you're going to love my closing statement at the end of the show, especially tonight. but first, radio host danette joins me now. good evening dana. >> good evening judge good to see you. judge jeanine: good to see you as well. one of the things joe biden talks about he says gun violence is an epidemic. is it? >> what i think is an epidemic and i loved your opening statement by the way, just to say amen to that. the epidemic we have in this country is judicial rot. the epidemic we have is the inability to not only fully enforce the law but to back those and carry out and enforce the law of the politicians rights. that is what we have an epidemic of in this country. here we had so many people across the nation that were watching all last summer cities it burned up or they watch as democrats told themol
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the going to defund the police. and i had the new nominee for atf director is one of those guys who thought gun storesd were not essential businesses and they should have beenth closed for the epidemic we have is crime and the reduced deterrent for all of these repeat offenders. judge, in chicago the former superintendent of the chicago pd said over 86% of the crime is committed by the same 1400 repeat offenders. that is pretty much on trend for every single high crime city in the country. that is the epidemic. judge jeanine: the epidemic suggest the numbers are increasing and that they are increasing at an incredible speed. joe biden also takes credit for it he said when there's theap assault weapons and the large magazine band that crime went down. that is not true. crime did not gon. down. >> that is absently not true. judge jeanine: alright let's talk about something for you
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are a gun expert your history is legend in terms of your knowledge of gods and your ability. where the time of these ghost guns they do not have serial numbers on them so people are going to be committing crimes with them. what is a ghost gun? to make a ghost and on the cult ghost because it saves untraceable appraisals whether or not you're getting just a y block of aluminum that you drill out in your home using your own equipment we know gang bangers do not have drill presses they're not fabricating guns in their garages and sending them out. but it's about the un-t traceability is what they are referring to her what they think they are untraceable. either the aluminum or if you do 3d printing gun. here's the thing though, you are a hobbyist if i wanted to make a firearm at home as ao cop hobbies by myself i can do that. i can mill it outan i can turn that block of aluminum on turn it into a firearm. if eyes when gisela have to serialize it.
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a plastic 3d printing t gun the firearms act determines how much federal you actually have to have in that plastic gun in order for it to be traceable or detective going through a metal detector. all the discussion about ghost gun ised existence of existing law. hobbyist have a right to deal with a celt have to serialize it that's already regulated. judge jeanine: and finally before we go, 5% at least of american households have guns. how do you think americans reacting to this last gun grab effort by the president? >> well, i think joe biden may turn out to be the biggest firearms seller more sort than his predecessor on the democrat side barack obama. joe biden should win an award for selling so many firearms. we keep seeing a record number people going out and purchasing firearms. the first half of this year so far looming party be the record that we set last year.
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millions of new firearm owners for that's a good thing. people obviously want to be able to protect themselves and they have a right to protect themselves. i don't think this is going to down very well. democrats played this game in the 90's at cost them dearly could politically happen again i think. judge jeanine: all right, dana loesch always. great to have you on the show thank you so much. and, joining me now to continue the conversation the former governor of missouri and current senate candidate eric. alright good evening governor thank you so much for joining us on justice. you heard the conversation i had with dana. the big concern we have is that joe biden, by saying it's a second amendment is not absolute. it's making a gun grab that he's apparently trying to justify when he will not go through congress. what say you? >> you have put your finger on exactly, judge. thisth is a big gun grab for this is just the opening. look, joe biden said this
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during the he said he was coming after the nra. he's going after people with guns. as a navy seal i am a proud supporter of the second amendment. and everyone who is watching your show who believes in the second amendment needs to recognize this is just the opening. biden and this leftist administration are coming after people's guns. it is why we have to stand strong. and the ridiculousness of this, which you pointed out judge, they are pushing to defund the police. we are seeing arising a murder across the country and at the same time they're looking to take away their ability to protect themselves and their families and their businesses. it is just another example of the leftist lunacy were seen from joe biden. judge jeanine: the amazing part of all this is americans are now buying more guns than they ever have. we went through a terrible summer of the destruction of streets and businesses and
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looting all over the country, no one is being prosecuted. they had guns we don't know where they got the guns. but all the sudden it's law-abiding citizen they're coming t after. you agree that people have an absolute right to have a gun do you not? >> absolutely people have an absolute right to have a gun. i can tell you i was in a gun shop in missouri last thursday, judge and people were coming in and out the door. there were so many people in that shop because they recognize this is part of what joe biden is doing. like i said it is just the opening. people across missouri, people across the country are now recognizing that they have to stand up for the second amendment. we have seen and you pointed out how irrational the biden administration is. we look at what they've done throwing the border open to mexican drug cartel in an effort to defund the police. all of this completely
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irrational part of many to stand up and fight for thend second amendment. judge jeanine: all right governor eric greitens is so good to have your justice.go we look forward to having you back thanks so much respect absolutely judge. judge jeanine: thank you priscilla had leo to rail, plus a pro golfer john daly weighs in on the mlb decision to pull the all-star game out of georgia while the masters remains. but next the present has refused to contain the micro surge. another taking matters into their own pan texas attorney general and can practice an arizona sheriff and join me to it explain. don't go away. we made usaa insurance for busy veterans like kate. so when her car got hit, she didn't waste any time. she filed a claim on her usaa app and said, “that was easy.” usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa.
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judge jeanine: another horrifying week judge jeanine: another horror we can biden's escorting border crisis as we watch as young migrant boy who broke all of our hearts.
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[speaking spanish]. abandon at the border alone and vulnerable this is reaching an unprecedented level for the numbers just staggering. this will be also saw dbp delete a press release outline the arrest of the border crosses on the tour watchlist parade they then release this ridiculous statement. the news release in question was not properly reviewed and had certain disclosure and policy information related to national security that required to remove it from our website. my next guest on the frontline of this crisis and each of their states texas attorney general ken paxton joins meoi along with arizona sheriff mark dannels. all right good eveningk gentlemen thank you so much. i must tell you that boy it breaks my heart. all americans should recognize these children are not being treated the way they deserve to be treated.
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they are not even being counted. his group left him there alone, children are being thrown over a 14-foot fence and a non- residential area, sheriff mark dannels finish my sentence i should not be saying this go-ahead. >> yes you should be saying it because it's true but the factt that this is the largest humanitarian crisis in this country's honor southwest border. it starts with president biden. he can change thatt with a stroke of the pin for he has chosen not to change that him and vice president harris have chose to ignore this. it is sad to see people die on this border. last year alone judge, just o the region of my county and might region of the state we had 181 john and jane does die on this border for the way were going this year that we three times john and jane does of children who die on this order because lack of intervention by this president. thanks much for being on the
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show. h you know last month 170,000. and they tell me that the fraction of the real number how we going to take care of these people how can they medicate them educatedu them how are they going to do this. >> that's a great question i don't know for these are unprecedented numbers. that kid you showed on tv, there are thousands of stories just like that they're not seen on tv we have drug cartels we have the cartel generally of human trafficking with other crimes going on. we have to cover the cost of law enforcement education healthcare. we are not given money by the federal government to cover all that protect you not know how are going to handle it il would love for the ministration to answer relatively soon given the crisis on her border and the fact this is not seem to be slowing down. >> you know i understand there's a number i have that says we are spending $60 million a week on the
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migrant spread none of it is for border patrol, ice, for increased protection, for screening for pandemics for any of that, sheriff. have you seen any increase in funds for the work you are doing? >> we have not, judge. what's happening our governor, our local government we are picking up that tab because we are going have to do our part because the federal government is not doing theirs. it's going to come back to local taxpayers are state taxpayers are going to pick up this bill because once again this administration is ignoring the crisis on this border. judge jeanine: that's amazing ken paxton you are the attorney general you going to sue the federal government one of the ages doing? spinning we have sued the federal government we sued them on the third day of the biden admits racially sued them last week. we sued them last week because they're releasing criminals back into the state is
4:25 pm
supposed to be deported shocking i don't understand why any administration would release a convicted felon someone is sitting in a prison either in arizona, texas, or somewhere else for this was to be deported when they leave that prison and in this case they're not doing that for no explanation we have been given anyway. you know what guys, this is they are trying to take our guns away and letting people in and say your cronies attorney general ken paxton and sheriff mark dannels thanks for being with us tonight we look forward to having a backward strict thank you. >> next, cancel culture comes to georgia but the masters golf tournament stays put. even after the mlb surrenders to the last demand. golflf legend john daly joins me to it break it down. don't go anywhere.
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a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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that welcome to fox news live. reinforcing america's support for israel today. often tilling defense and mr. the u.s. commitment to israeli's enduring and ironclad. the meeting came at a time of
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increased tension and the reason. austin arrived in israel just as iran said the nuclear facility experienced a blackout which iran calls an active nuclear terrorism. sit -- continued to fall on the caribbean island of st. vincent after friday's volcanic eruption with potentially even more on the way. agl's of the university of the west indies seismic research centers warning of continuing volcanic explosions in the coming days. fridays are wrapped in a face to millions of cubic feet of debris into the atmosphere. ask to seen from jamaica to parts of south america. i am jon scott now back to justice with judge jeanine. mick golf term is removed out of georgia.s >> i think that's up to the masters. it's reassuring to see that for-profit operations and businesses are speaking up how
4:31 pm
these new jim crow laws are just who we are.le judge jeanine: first major league baseball pulled its all-star game out of georgia in response to the states new boating laws. and now incredibly present biden is opening the door to pushing the masters golf tournament out of iconic augusta golf course. are there no limits to cancel culture in america today? he respond is legendary john daly. good evening john. >> how are you doing judge jeanine. judge jeanine: we are thrilled for everyone i told were on the show everybody loves you yourself at iconic figure and a lot of people are just thrilled you are going to be on the show. let me start by asking you, with this alleged jim crow
4:32 pm
law, they move out of atlanta and the atlanta braves >> to go to denver which is a stricter voter id law or you have to have an id to vote. what you think of all of this someone is in a major sport? >> take baseball, you've got two teams. unfortunately the astros cheated. two teams doing everything to be fair. it is a privilege to vote. let something as a u.s. citizen it is a privilege tose vote. all of those laws of gone out the door. it saddens me. use show an id to get alcohol pretty show id to get on an airplane, what's wrong with showing an id to vote? it is something we should always have to do. it is just really sad this culture that's come around. i don't understand why baseball would do that it saddens me more than anything. judge jeanine: when you look
4:33 pm
at people in professional sports there almost >> to you guys are really >> to all of these rules. how do you feel about that personally? >> they went to move the masters? the masters is where the most prestigious place in the world to play golf. they raised a town, a ton of money for charity. they help the community they, help the city of augusta with the restaurants, the hotels. it makes money for the community it creates jobs. i don't understand it. i love what jay monahan said about it the east lake tournament. the young guys championship it's been there for a while. that places a beautiful golf course for they have done wonders to that community for the community. coca-cola's been behind it for years. and like i said i just sat in that, people want to take away things that are working for
4:34 pm
positives. not anything negative about augusta or eastlake. i agree with what jay monahan said. sometimes it got to stand up a for what is right. judge jeanine: you know, right now they're playing the masters right now at augusta. is in the lead. but there isn't one person that's missing and that is tiger woods. when you see in the future for him? >> i know tiger he's reallyer tough is mentally tough. i've talked about ben hogan on a greyhound hit him and he was really banged up really, really bad did not of the ever play golf he came back to win the u.s. (tiger i think will be back and we'll come back stronger. i really feel is going to be niclas major record. judge jeanine: wow, wow, all right john daly were thrilled to have you on the show with
4:35 pm
forward to talking to you again, thank you so much. thank you so much judge we love your show our whole family does god bless you. still ahead my closing statement on hunter biden and his illegal excavators. but first, one airline does not seem to be prioritizing experience anymore for new pilots. what is next? soon doctors will not need to know medicine? leo terrell and tomi lahren are fired up and join me next. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good
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judge judge jeanine: united airlines this week announced they want 50% of the 5000 pilots they trade in the next decade to be women or people of color. should it experience and not quotas be the leading criteria customer fox news contributor
4:40 pm
eric greitens and tomi lahren joined me to it react. all right, i think leo you go first this time. what you think? >> thanks judge, i am so upset by this. i am against racial quotas spreading of judge, in november last year california the bluest state try to pass an affirmative action bill. i opposed it and it was defeated. democrats, republicans, independents are against anyone getting special treatment because of skin color. we want the most qualified person for it if i am in a plane out the most qualified person not a person based on their color giving them an extra advantage but it's ridiculous it's illegal is discriminatory and it is wrong. judge jeanine: okay tommy hit it. >> of course i agree. when he replaced merritt with woken us what can go wrong especially your operating aircraft. thus i boarded a plane i did not worry about what color, gender how might pilate
4:41 pm
identify to karen about the fact he or she could land that plane safely. and moreover going back to it leo said in a point he made, now identify as a woman i'll put out the brief symptom is getting a job or is getting an experience common opportunity because i was fulfill your quota i would be incredibly insulted by that. why does the left want to turn everything into a social experiment? the military is not a social experiment. buying a place on a social expend less to merits, let's get back to best people for a job and send a message to these companies that want to choose that over merit the american people and get a buy that anymore specially when it comes to the airline industry that's arty struggling.. i think that he to prioritize making sure they feel safe the flag in the airline's militants and aggressive let's prioritize that ever woken us just one time maybe in 2021 let's get over this. judge jeanine: the concern about it obviously is safety and competence and qualifications. i don't care, it should be a blinded tested like lady
4:42 pm
justice is blind i don't care what you say leo go ahead? >> i will tell you it's insulting to women and minorities part i am a black eye i passed the california state bar. i passed the first time. i don't what any help or i want to be qualified like everyone else regardless of color, regardless of gender. it's insulting to my own voice into women person that is it. judge jeanine: unit with the truth is, the first woman county judge and all that jazz the first woman to prosecute a murder case for doing what they said to me go on in and do it because you are a female, i wouldn't do it. i honestlywo wouldn't. so what's next, tomi question mike what build an extra quotas? as you said that's incredibly insulting. you and i deal that is women happy the first woman to do that. you have to have an accolade because you are a woman. the first thing they say is you are a female for i haveer how identify let's go with
4:43 pm
experiences go with you knowledge. united wants to do something about for scholarship program it's incredibly expensive to become of pilot. need a lot of flying hours and people struggle to meet that because it is expensive but e have a scholarship program. open up to everybody. open up the people want to be pilots not quotas for women and minorities is incredibly condescending, insulting notr what's best for the airlines, not with spencer safety let's move on. i think merits needs to be prioritized once again in all things. when it comes are private corporations, our public corporations let's get back to what matters which is experience and skill. judge jeanine: yes and less take care of the american people. they count on us for their safety and their security. anyway, leo and tomi so good to see you. >> good to see you judge. judge jeanine: next, new york is now taxing residents and giving them money to illegal immigrants. couldmm other states follow
4:44 pm
their lead? charlie kirk joins me next to discuss, don't go away.
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and with fast, nationwide 5g included - at no extra cost? we've got you covered. so join the carrier rated #1 in customer satisfaction... ...and learn how much you can save at judge jeanine: new york
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lawmakers struck a deal judge jeanine pirro new york lawmaker struck a deal to dump $2.1 billion into a covid relief fund which will benefit illegals who lost their jobs during the pandemic. the so-called workers fund offers one-time payments of up to $15600 in the bill is footed by you guessed it, the taxpayers. no wonder over wondered 70000 persons attempted entry along the southern border in march alone. the dems are handing out cash for your three action author of the founder of turning point usa charlie kirk. okay charlie, welcome. what you think of this? >> when you subsidize something you get more of it. what's happening in new york is a trend we have seen in our country of the democratic party that's giving preference to illegals of our fellow countrymen. this is exactly what the democratic party knew position is. which is financially through fiscal policy tried to put
4:49 pm
money toward people that have broken the laws and are illegally harboring themselves into our country. how are they going to justify thisho to the people who are out of work in new york while illegals are getting up to $15000. it is a violation of the constitutional compact that looks after our fellow citizens. and judge, this is a nether peace of evidence over the democrat party is headed. this would have been unthinkable a decade ago pernod democrat would've been able to mention this. now it is public policy. judge jeanine: and the amazing part of it is me you talk about new york, first of all federal government has bailed new york out. the blue states have been bailed out. now they're going to raise taxes by 4 billion, i live in new york. and now they want to paybo illegals 15000. what about people who lost their businesses and everything? how about senior citizens? how about veterans?
4:50 pm
>> totally prudent judgment going to tell you where this is headed next resume they will say at the illegals are working and getting money from the state budget why should they be able to vote? your arty seeing that on a local level in california where illegals are able to vote in local elections for this is the moving of the overton window which is a way of the ideas on a political spectrum move ever so slightly put all this and you go where illegals are possibly entertained to influence our elections. judge this has to stop and i'm not surprised at the ever progressive trend in new york. guess who is benefiting? ron desantis in florida is benefiting from these insane policies in new york. judge jeanine: will there is no question ron desantis is doing really well. charlie kirk's or you thank you so much for being with us. andd next, mike can't miss the closing statement on the one and only biden, you will not want to miss it.
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>> everyone is a victim. i am sick of it, they need to get over themselves, hunter biden, case in point, victim of the day, seeking acceptance, in woke mark -- woke america that is what we got. where but in woke america. yet we receive like a celebrity on a late night show. >> i feel like i learned about crack. i know it sounds weird, but i learned how to get, i really think i could get it now thanks to your book. >> i hope that was not the message from the book. >> this is not how to? >> i believe people can be addicted to drugs, be
4:56 pm
rehabilitated, come back to society and contribute. i a applaud them. district attorney, supported drug courts, giving second fell felony offenders a chance to to ajail, as long as they proved they were motivated it was well worth it. but this? this is different. where other than in woke america can a drugy with long history of drug abuse apply for, lie and get a pistol permit and not be prosecuted, even though everyone, including military and department of defense knew he was a strung out meth addict, thrown out of the military because of cocaine use. and blackers are sentenced to --and rappers are sentenced to
4:57 pm
prison. and in 2018, when he lied to get a pistol permit. hunter was required to disclose his dangerous abuse, guns should not be owned by unstable drug addicted individuals, where other than in biden's america can that same person lie to get a gun have his girlfriend, his decease's brothers wife throw that gun in a trash can across from a high school, then get to fbiand delaware police to look r the gun and pull the gun application which by law is required to be kept on file for 20 years. no one is arrested? where other than in biden's america can a strung outsidic -- fly on air force 2 to bring back
4:58 pm
money from a bank linked to the communist government. hunter, i guess you were not stoned then. there is very little in your book about your drug dealings. tens of thousands of african-american in jail cells tonight, who did half of what you did, they are not on the jimmy kimmel show. where other than in woke america would you come out of this a celebrity with -- to promote
4:59 pm
yourself as a victim. to me it is biden privilege. as prosecutor, i want to know, who did you buy your drugs from? did anyone overdose? how old were the girls you had sex with? did anyone cross state lines? where is the gun, hunter? when pulled your pistol permit application? and by the way, hunter. what did you mean whenay you sa, the big guy would get 10% of the money? yep, you got a twofer, you got biden privilege. you are far from a victim, and far from a celebrity. that is my closing.
5:00 pm
you can catch more of me. thank you for watching, i am judge jeanine, advocating for truth, justice and the american way, i'll see you next saturday night. mark: hello i am mark levine, this is "life, liberty and levin." let's talk turkey. about the man in oval office, joe biden, joe biden has been saying many hateful things about many people. because they disagree with him, joe biden has been saying things that are flat out lies, he has been dishonest about the way he has approached his policies. this is par forhe


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