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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  April 11, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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than political conversation. that does it for us. "the fox report" with jon scott starts right now. ♪ ♪ let it rock ♪♪ jon: congress is set to return to work this week as it prepares to tackle president biden's massive $2.3 trillion infrastructure bill. good evening, i'm jon scott, and this is "the fox report." ♪ ♪ jon: president biden is expected to meet with lawmakers from both parties as he tries to get republicans onboard with his proposals. but democratic leaders have made it clear they would be willing to move forward with or without gop support. meanwhile, the president's newly-created commission to study the possible expansion of the supreme court is drawing a lot of reaction in washington. david spunt live at the white house with the latest on all of this.
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david. >> reporter: hi, jon, good evening. the president is telling this commission take six months, study the supreme court in detail. should we add justices, should we take justices away or possibly enact term limits. all options are possible, all options are on the table. but ultimately, it's not up to the commission, it's not even up to the president of the united states. congress would have to sign off on such a deal. since 1869, jon, four years after the end of the civil war, there have been nine justices sitting on the supreme court. making a change would be significant, but it could happen if the senate filibuster dies which is something many democrats are hoping for. >> we already know where democrats want to go. it's all about raw political power. we'd better hope that senator manchin and senator sinema keep their word. if we do, all this stuff actually going to become law. >> reporter: the editorial board at "the washington post" said replacing life tenure at a
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time of much shorter life expectancy with an 18-year term, that would drain some of the intensity from supreme court politics by providing both parties with foreseeable, regular opportunities to nominate justices, thus lowering the stake of each vacancy. tomorrow president biden meeting with republicans and democrats to talk about what the white house said is an infrastructure package, but republicans say it's just a spending bill. the white house plan is to make sure americans are paying taxes to help with infrastructure, the white house looking at $2.5 trillion over the next 5 years to help finance roads -- 15 years to help finance roads, bridges,' even airports. >> overwhelmingly this bill is about infrastructure in the traditional sense of the word. we also think that infrastructure, there's a need for work force development in order to have the work force fully participate in how we go forward and women can be
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involved in that as well. >> reporter: the president wants to increase the corporate tax rate to 28% from from 21%, but some moderate democrats including senator joe manchin says, listen, we can just meet in the middle, 25%. again, president biden set to meet with both parties tomorrow. going to be a busy week. jon? jon: david spunt at the white house, thank you. >> reporter: you bet. jon: former president trump telling gop donors that he thinks republicans can win back the house, senate and white house in 2024. but he also reportedly used some really rough language while taking aim at two well known republicans including his former vice president. jacqui heinrich has more from washington. >> reporter: the remarks focused on positioning republicans to win back the majority in 2022, but former president trump reportedly spent several minutes tearing into senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and former vice president mike pence for accepting the results of the electoral college and certifying president bidenen's win.
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according to reports, trump referred to mcconnell with an exme ty, calling him a stone cold loser saying a real leader would not have accepted the results. he also mocked mcconnell's wife for resigning her cabinet post after the insurrection. the bad blood comes as a number of incumbents are seeking endorsements. but so far their priorities are mostly aligned. >> i think the one thing that should unite president trump, mitch mcconnell, myself, others running for re-election this year is getting candidates on the field who are electable in a general election. that should unite us because the best thing we can do to save this country is to get the majority back. >> reporter: the event drew a number of potential 2024 contenders, and the discussion included big tech censorship. trump singled out what he called woke corporations, railing against major league baseball for its decision to pull the all-star game from atlanta.
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jon? jon: jacqui heinrich, thank you. >> i'm encouraging whether it's the vice president or secretary becerra to come here, talk to the border patrol agents, talk to the local sheriff, and they will tell you how the system is being overwhelmed and how the cartels are using this crisis in order to smuggle drugs into our country and make unbelievable profits which we will pay for for generations. jon: republicans are urging members of the biden administration to get a firsthand look at the situation at the southern border. neither president biden nor vice president harris has announced any immediate plans to visit, but the administration is now considering sending money to central americans in hopes of addressing the economic hardship that has led many to make the dangerous journey north. rich edson is live in la joya, texas, for us now. rich. >> reporter: good evening, jon. this road behind me is traveled very often by border patrol. you've got buses, vans and
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border patrol vehicles that have been going up and down thissed road throughout the day. and in much of the last several weeks, the rio grande is just a mile behind us here. they're intercepting migrants at numbers that have not been seen in some time and in some specific cases have never been seen. you've got a 20-year high in apprehensions in march, that's a 20-year high. unaccompanied minors, children who are coming alone, that is an all-time high, 19,000 in last month alone, and republicans are blaming much of this on the administration. >> the biden administration was simply unprepared to deal with the massive inflows that were coming in which is why they have so haphazardly responded to it, and that's why we've seen the dire consequences for these kids, for the adults and especially for the state of texas. and it will only get worse. >> our country has focused only on enforcement and not thinking
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about what's happening outside of our nation's front door. and we are now living the consequences of that failed domestic policy and failed foreign policy as well. >> reporter: the white house argument, they need to solve the issues down in the northern triangle, el salvador, guatemala and hondurans. they say that the -- honduras. they say by spending an additional $4 billion, it will help alleviate some of the drivers of migration that force people to take the dangerous and sometimes deadly journey up through mexico and to the southern border of the united states. there has been much criticism against the administration for the lack of visits by the president and the vice president to the border during this latest surge. though there are reports that there will be a visit this week by the secretary of homeland security, alejandro mayorkas. local reports say he'll be in two border towns in texas on
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thursday, but there remain questions about how the administration is going to address this or continue to address this beyond the long-term plans of trying to spend in that northern triangle region. you've got the vice president, kamala harris, she has been appointed sort of the diplomatic director of all this and will negotiate the issues when it comes to those northern triangle countries and mexico. the administration had appointed roberta jacobson to lead efforts, a former ambassador, though the white house has also announced that she will be leaving that position at the end of this month, explaining it as just the end of a first 100 days' type appointment before she moved on. jon, back to you. jon: rich edson, thank you. well, u.s. customs and border patrol says a record number of unaccompanied migrant children crossed the southern border last month, nearly 19,000. they've reported those numbers on thursday, the same day iowa congresswoman ashley hinson joined several other republican
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lawmakers on a trip to the border to get a firsthand look at the situation there. she went on to tweet that house speaker nancy pelosi should come to the boarder and have a look herself. the congresswoman joins us now. congresswoman, thanks for being with us on this sunday evening. i want to read that tweet, first of all, that you sent out. you write: yesterday speaker pelosi said things at the border were moving in the right direction. i'm at the border today hearing from law enforcement who are saying otherwise. if she believes things are going well, the speaker should come here and see the crisis that i am seeing firsthand today. any response from the speaker's office? >> nothing yet, jon. and i think that really speaks volumes about the problems we have at the border. they just don't want to acknowledge it even exists. that's true for the biden administration, that's true for speaker pelosi. instead, they're building false narratives about other issues in our country, and they need to address this very important humanitarian crisis. and unfortunately, because of a
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lack of action, inflammatory rhetoric, this problem is magnifying by the day. our customs and border patrol agents are putting their lives on the line, and what they're telling us is that it's getting more dangerous. they're making about $11 billion a week just on smuggling people in the del rio sector where we are, so the speaker needs to see that and hear that directly from law enforcement agents herself. jon: you might have heard our rich edson said that alejandro mayorkas, the homeland security secretary, is expected to visit the border on thursday. is that sufficient for you? >> no. i think vice president harris needs to come. president biden needs to come. he needs to do what we did which was sit down with republican sheriffs, democrat sheriffs. this is a nonpartisan issue, and i can tell you that our law enforcement is strapped. they're being outspent, they're being outtechnology -- the cartels are using way more technology than what we have, and they're using it to their advantage. the cartels are the ones that
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are winning this war, and until they hear that and see that firsthand from the people actually experiencing it, i think for them it's truly out of sight, out of mind. jon: what is it that has head to this sudden surge in the number of migrants trying to make it into this country? >> jon, it's pretty simple, it's rhetoric. it's saying that the border was practically open. the border wall construction stopped the day biden took office as president this year. so i think, to me, when i look at the numbers and you' that surge january, february, march, it's compounding. it's getting worse. it's getting worse before it's going to get better. and i think we have a real opportunity here to actually solve the challenges we have at our border, secure our border which makes our country more safe, because every state is a border state. i'm, obviously, represent iowa where you have the intersection of interstates 35 and 80. those cartels are sending people straight up north and into our state. so the drugs, the human smuggling, that's all coming straight here. so it's a very important issue that we have to address because
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every state, again, is a border state. jon: well, the border patrol has been told told not even to, you know, schedule some of these people that are coming across the border for hearings. they're just, essentially -- >> right. jon: -- releasing them into the country because they're so overwhelmed. how can we possibly continue that kind of an approach? >> yeah, no, it's the catch and release approach, and it's absolutely wrong for our country. as i mentioned, this is a safety and security issue. the border patrol agents are telling us right now they can utilize title 42 which means they can process a lot of the single men coming over, possible gang recruits in many cases, and send them back to mexico pretty quickly, within 45 minutes to an hour, but if they take away title 42 and return things to normal, our customs and border patrol are already overwhelmed, and we're looking at a major disaster at our border only getting worse. jon: let's talk a little bit about infrastructure.
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i know you're on the house appropriations committee. what's the appetite in the house for this rather large bill that the administration is putting forward? >> yeah. well, at this point, jon, it's not an infrastructure bill, it's a spending bill. only about 6% of that bill actually goes to roads and bridges. only 2% goes to things like locks and dams which are absolutely crucial for states like iowa, right on the mississippi river. and only about 5% of that bill actually goes to broadband. the rest of that bill is just a trojan horse for green new deal policies which would absolutely hurt iowa. there's been a lot of false narratives, actually, about the number of jobs that this plan would create, and i think the biden administration needs to spend less time building up false narratives and more time building bipartisan policies that will actually bring us to the table, work together and build our roads, bridges and infrastructure in this country. jon: pete buttigieg, the transportation secretary, last week was saying 19 million jobs as a result of this. today he had to admit to chris wallace it's less than 3
3:14 pm
million. so there is something like a 16 million job swing over what they were talking about last week versus this week. do you think they're trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the american people? >> absolutely. this is about the spending spigot being turned on. this bill's over $2 trillion. we already had a $3.9 trillion -- 1.9 trillion package on the floor. if democrats get their way, we'll have spent $10 trillion in ten months. that's competely unacceptable, and it is hoodwinking the american taxpayers. it's going to be my kids and grandkids around the country which are paying for this which i think is unacceptable. again, i wish they would focus on a plan that would respect taxpayers so we can actually build roads and bridges in this country. jon: there are some democrats in the senate who seem a little bit reluctant to go along with a package of this size. >> yeah. and i hope they stay that way. i hope they come to the table and voice their concerns about, as i said, a lot of the green new deal policies that are
3:15 pm
included in this package, major subsidies for electric vehicles which would harm iowa's biofuels industry. we have to stand up for good, solid bipartisan policy that's going to make sure we actually get the end goal accomplished which is making sure our roads and bridges are safe, our locks and dams are safe so we can transport our goods and services all over the world. that's baa what iowa taxpayers sent me to washington to do, so you can count on me to do that as we're coming together table on this package. jon: congresswoman ashley hinson from iowa, thank you. >> thanks, jon. ♪ jon: a long island, new york, police officer is in critical condition after a late night traffic stop. it happened last night in suffolk county. police say the uniformed officer tried to pull over a car driving with no lights on when it hit another car. the driver then got out and stabbed him in the leg, hitting an artery in the process. the former marine living nearby joined officers to help the
3:16 pm
injured officer. >> i said what's the matter with you. he said i was stabbed in the leg. i said, do you need a tourniquet? yes. i went upstairses, grabbed a belt. after the tourniquet was applied, one of the cops said let's get him to the car, so i grabbed the legs. i put his leg on my shoulders and two other cops grabbed the back of the officer, and we put him in a police suh. jon: the suspect is now charged with aggravated assault, driving while intoxicated and resisting arrest. we're learning some of the details on the funeral of prince philip as the united kingdom continues to mourn the loss of the longest serving consort in british history. the latest from london, next. s h liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently. hey, i'll take one, please!
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jon: here are some stories making news from around the globe. the united kingdom and commonwealth are remembering prince philip as the royals plan a scaled-back funeral. greg palkot reports from london. >> reporter: jon, we are just outside windsor castle where prince philip passed away last friday where the queen is right now. all day we watched as flowers and messages were brought here in honor of the prince. we're told at least some of them
3:21 pm
will be taken inside the castle so the queen can have a chance to see them. royal family members attended a church service near here today. here's what one of his sons, prince andrew, had to say. >> it's a great loss. i think the way ill put it is we've -- i would put it is we've lost almost the grandfather of the nation. and i feel very sorry and supportive of my mother who's feeling it probably more than everybody else. >> reporter: prince philip's funeral will be held in a chapel here next saturday. due to covid regulations and the prince's prior wishes, it will be a low-key affair. it's expected just around 30 people will be attending, no public. but here is what the public had to say to us today. >> i just think he was the queen's rock. >> the queen's rock. >> yes. >> he was enormous for society. >> what he did for the queen and what he did for this country is just outstanding. >> a great sense of humor.
3:22 pm
such, just a normal, normal man. >> reporter: prince harry is set to attend the funeral, and he's reportedly flown in already from california today without meghan as folks here and around the world pay their respects to the man. another comment from prince andrew, he said today he left a huge void. jon. jon: greg palkot from london, thank you. in israel defense secretary lloyd austin has declared the u.s. has an enduring and ironclad commitment to our key middle east ally, reinforcing support and questions about the biden administration's efforts to provide nuclear talks with iran. austin met with israel's defense minister today in tel aviv. the u.s. is looking to leverage progress made by the trump administration which brokered deals to normalize relations between israel and several arab states. tehran's natanz underground nuclear facility lost power today with iranian officials
3:23 pm
calling it a terrorist cyber attack. it's just the latest incident to strike the site amid ongoing nuclear a power talks with world leaders. trey yingst has more from our jerusalem bureau. >> reporter: iran says an electrical issue overnight at the nuclear facility was actually an act of terrorism, expect country reserving the right to respond. just hours prior to the incident, natanz started to enrich uranium using new advanced centrifuges that allow the process to be done faster. this led media here in jerusalem to speculate that israel was behind the blackout though no country has taken responsibility. speaking on state television, iranian officials made clear no casualty it is or contamination problems happened. over the weekend iran celebrated what they call nuclear day as president rouhani addressed the nation saying the islamic republic has no intention of
3:24 pm
obtain thing a nuclear weapon. western intelligence disagrees with that declaration. last week the parties to the nuclear deal met multiple times in vienna. iran and the united states have yet to meet directly over disagreements regarding american sanctions, though indirect talks are scheduled to continue on wednesday. one country not participating in those conversations is israel. israeli political leadership poses the current framework of the nuclear deal. this is a point they reportedly made clear in meetings today with u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin when he arrived in israel. >> during our meeting reaffirmed to minister ganz our commitment to israel is enduring, and it is ironclad. >> reporter: despite a strong relationship with the united states, israel is preparing for the possibility possibility of conflict with iran. the jewish state will hold its first security cabinet meeting in two months next week amid
3:25 pm
rising tensions with the islamic republic. jon? jon: trey yingst in jerusalem, thank you. and that's a look at some stories from around the globe. president biden looking to bring stricter gun laws to the united states, but he faces an uphill battle on capitol hill. constitutional scholar jonathan turley on the legal implications of biden's gun control push, next. ♪ ♪ [sfx: psst psst] allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good
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♪ jon: i'm jon scott, and this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. if you're just joining us, here is a look at our top stories. two utah deputies hospitalized after they were shot on saturday. one is in critical condition, the other stable. the suspect was shot and killed. a u.s. immigration and customs building is set on fire overnight during a protest in portland, oregon. federal agents protected the
3:30 pm
area so fire crews could come in and put out the flames. no arrests have been made. and an armed man who barricaded himself inside a luxury hotel in hawaii is dead now of a self-inflicted gunshot wound after a 10-hour standoff. hundreds of staff and guests were evacuated. for more on these and other stories, download the fox news app. you can scan the qr code on your screen or go to three young children were found stabbed to death in reseda, california. investigators searched for their mother for hours, finally arresting her in another part of the state. christina coleman is live from los angeles with the latest on that. >> reporter: jon, the mother was in a tense custody battle over her kids with their father. the dad reportedly was concerned about her mental health. his family says he's devastated by the loss of his children.
3:31 pm
their six month old baby, a 2-year-old and a 3-year-old were found dead by their grandmother early saturday morning at their san fernando valley apartment. police have not confirmed a cause of death, though early reports indicate the children were stabbed. this brutal crime taking a toll on the entire community. here is what responding officers say they are going through right now. >> these are the incidents that we carry throughout our careers when we see, you know, a deceased children, an incident like this where it truly -- you have innocent lives that are lost, and it's really hard to process that as a police officer. but luckily, we have the support of each other, we have the support of the community members. >> reporter: the mother of the children was arrested about 200 miles north of los angeles after allegedly carjacking a pickup truck in bakersfield and leading police on a long distance chase.
3:32 pm
>> she did a horrific crime here. then she followed it up by another crime north of here, and it's those behaviors that ultimately got her caught. >> reporter: our local fox affiliate with reports that the father of the children, eric denton, obtained an emergency order giving him custody of the kids. his family said he still needed help getting his children back safely. he reach ared out to the department of children and family services repeatedly for help and the system failed them. we reached out to dcf for a comment but have not heard back yet. the dad petitioned for a mental health evaluation of their mother on march 4th. police have not confirmed a motive in the death of the children. at this point their mom is the only person of interest in this case. jon? jon: christina coleman in los angeles, thank you. well, president biden forming a bipartisan commission
3:33 pm
to study supreme court reform. changes could include adding more seats and establishing term limits for justices. my next guest calls it an ominous sign. jonathan turley is a fox news legal analyst and constitutional law professor at george washington university. it's interesting, the president has suggested that this commission that he he has appoid to study the consistency, the makeup of the court and its future, he calls it a bipartisan commission. but of its 36 members, how many are conservatives? >> well, actually, it's technically bipartisan, but it is not particularly balanced. about 7 or so of the members would be placed in the category of moderate to conservative by most people. the remainder of the 36 really range from the far left to the left. but that opportunity mean that they're not going to do an honest and thorough job. these are respected and thoughtful people, many of them.
3:34 pm
but the interesting thing about the commission is it wasn't created or its memberships, its members were not selected to convince conservatives. this is not the type of commission that's going to appeal to many conservatives if they recommended packing the court or expanding the court. it seems to some of us as an effort by president biden to send the court-packing scheme off sort of death by commission which is a favorite technique in washington. you know, 1983 president biden called court backing a boneheaded idea. he added it was a terrible, terrible idea when it it was put forward by fdr, and many of us were disappointed that he did not say that during the campaign. instead, he promised this commission. jon: so you think he's trying to yield to the pressure from his left that says you've got to appoint more justices to the
3:35 pm
supreme court, he's yielding to that pressure by studying the issue to death? >> yes. and various liberals have come out against court packing, which was the primary reason the commission was created. there's also some truly loony ideas that have been put forward including creating an entirely different court to handle constitutional questions. all of those are defended as a way to negate the conservative majority. most of these proponents were not concerned before the court developed a conservative majority. but when a liberal justice, justice breyer, came out a couple days ago and warned against this plan, he was attacked, and ill beboards -- billboards appeared in washington calling for him to retire or his legacy would be at risk. it's really just an outrageous attack on a justice who has served with great distinction on the court. jon: but you yourself have
3:36 pm
suggested that you would like to see a larger supreme court. >> that's right. about 20 years ago -- actually, more now -- i suggested that the court could be expanded. the difference is that the advocates behind these proposals want an expansion to get a liberal majority in the short term. my proposal was extend the it over almost 20 years so that no president would be able to secure an instant majority. that's to not what's being suggested here. most of these proposals are trying to immediately negate the conservative majority on the court. jon: because democrats are angry about the appointment of amy coney barrett. >> yes. and, in fact, the reporter who did a lot of the preparation of the report, signed a letter opposing the confirmation of kavanaugh. other members of the commission opposed kavanaugh, gorsuch and barrett. and so some of these individuals
3:37 pm
are rather outspoken about, about the current members of the court. even though, by the way, they were wrong. many of the democratic senators, many of these advocates said things about those three justices which are fundamentally wrong. i mean, they suggested barrett would gut the aca, the obamacare. she didn't. they suggested kavanaugh would be a raving lunatic on the court. he's not. and, in fact, gorsuch and kavanaugh have voted with the left of the court in very significant cases when they felt it was warranted. jon: republican and democrat congressman michael mccaul and david cicilline were on "fox news sunday" today sharing their opposing views about this. listen. >> i think the president should listen to the former senator joe biden who was against this. you know, fdr tried to pack the court. his own democrat-run judiciary committee in the '30s said it was a dangerous precedent, it was blatantly unconstitutional.
3:38 pm
>> i have to chuckle a little about packing the court. the only one who's packed the court have been the republicans when they abolished the filibuster, jammed through nominees, and they refused to take up the nomination of merrick garland. jon: so in the democrats' mind, the fact that merrick garland didn't receive a hearing is tantamount to packing the court. how do you see it? >> well, i supported garland getting a vote in the senate, but that doesn't mean that they were packing the court. it's ridiculousment this is the reinvention of terms like infrastructure to mean something that they're not. i mean, it is not packing the court for the senate to refuse to vote or to vote in a way that you don't like. that is within their power. nobody suggested the senate was acting unconstitutionally. this is court packing, where you have a professor saying that we needle control of the court. one harvard professor said if we
3:39 pm
can get control of the court, we can push through a lot of legislation that the court will essentially approve, and the republicans will never win another election. i mean, these are people who are saying the quiet part out loud. jon:al real quickly on gun control, the president also wants more gun control, he wants red flag laws written for states to consider. what do you think are his chances? >> well, i think that there is a lot of overselling here and overstatement. i don't think anyone seriously believes that the proposed changes would have a significant impact on gun violence. they won't. stabilizers and ghost guns are not driving these large scale gun massacres or gun violence generally. and the fact is there's only so much you can do unless you control the supreme court and get rid of the second amendment's individual right to bear arms. otherwise you can't just take guns away. to there's a lot of overselling -- so there's a lot
3:40 pm
of overselling by the white house and by a lot of politicians as to what they really can do. jon: fox news legal analyst jonathan turley, thank you. >> thank you. jon, you know, well, millions of finish. jon: well, millions of americans are getting the coronavirus vaccine, but one shot is in short supply thanks to a production setback. details on that straight ahead.
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♪ jon: a u.s. army lieutenant is suing two virginia police officers after they pointed their guns at him and used pepper spray during a traffic stop back in december. second lieutenant nas row who is plaque and latino -- black and latino was in uniform at the time. a warning, some viewers might find this video disturbing. >> get out of the car now! get out of the car now! get out of the car -- >> sir -- >> get out of the car. >> you receive an order e obey it. >> [inaudible] >> yeah. who should be? get out! jon: body camry owe shows the army lieutenant holding his hands outside the driver side
3:46 pm
window as he tells the police officers he was afraid to get out. he was later handcuffed before eventually being released without charge. he says his constitutional rights were violated, no public response yet from the windsor police department. as of now. well, as covid-19 variants spread across the nation, states are calling on the federal government to expand vaccine access. but johnson & johnson is facing a major production setback. charles watson live in atlanta with the latest updates on the pan pandemic. charles. >> reporter: that's right. johnson & johnson is dealing with a production issue after the baltimore plant where 15 million j&j vaccine doses were ruined earlier this month. that means for the foreseeable future at least states can expect less, much smaller shipments from j&j, about 700,000 doses will be shipped out to states this week according to cdc data. that's about 86% fewer vaccines
3:47 pm
than the 4.9 million that were shipped out to states just a week ago. and this couldn't be happening at a more vulnerable time for upper midwest states like michigan which has seen covid cases and hospitalizations nearly double in the last two weeks as the u.k. varian grant continue -- variant continues to dominate across the country. nationally, michigan has the second highest number of covid cases associated with the highly contagious variant. governor whitmer urging the public to not let their guard down even as she declines to roll back loosened efforts to reopen the state. >> because anyone who looks at a covid map knows michigan is unquestionably a national hot spot right now. my team and i have been in regular conversation with the national covid response team, and we have asked for more vaccines. we know what works. we must mask up, socially distance, wash our hands, stay home when we're sick, and most importantly, get vaccinated as
3:48 pm
soon as possible. >> reporter: meanwhile, health officials in four states including georgia, colorado and north carolina have temporarily closed vaccination sites where j&j doses were being administered after more than two dozen people experience add verse effects like nausea and fainting after serving the vaccine. state officials in north carolina say the cdc analyzed the j&j vaccines and found no cause for concern. and, jon, just today a couple of spikes in north carolina were expected to begin resuming giving those j&j vaccines out. so, hopefully, this is a smooth operation as it goes forward. jon? jon: charles watson in atlanta. charles, thanks. and as more americans get the covid vaccine, restaurants are finally starting to get busier across the country. that's great news for small business owners, but now they face a new issue, a shortage of
3:49 pm
workers. >> more napkins? let us know if you need anything, okay? >> reporter: a downtown restaurant in philadelphia is getting back to pre-pandemic crowds. >> i'm going to go check on his order. >> reporter: their staff is down 25% from where it needs to be. >> we're extremely short staffed. we have to take table away or say, unfortunately, we're not seating at this time. >> reporter: the owner owns eight other restaurants. >> well, this has definitely been a year of extreme challenges, one after the other. and our latest challenge is hiring and recruiting. >> reporter: she says it's a sign of people leaving the industry. >> it's pretty understandable. our employees, when we did the layoffs, had to decide what are we going to do next, and they had to look at industries that weren't shut down during the pandemic. >> reporter: in delaware, gina is a 13-year veteran server. >> i am a single mom with two kids x this job allows me to put my kids through catholicking
3:50 pm
school and able to pay their tuition. >> reporter: she does the schedule every week, but lately -- >> anywhere from a busker up to a server -- busser up to a server, it's quite difficult to staff the needs for the demands of the restaurants. >> reporter: across the u.s. the number of restaurant jobs has gone up every month this year, but staffing still 20% lower than a year ago. >> there just aren't people to fill the spots. we just don't get that many applicants. >> you don't want to overwork your staff, and sometimes you just have to, you have to just to get through the week. >> reporter: some restaurant owners are even offering incentives just to get people in the door. a café here in philly is offering a $250 signing bonus for hourly workers. in philadelphia, katie byrne, fox news. jon: nice to see hiring coming back. and we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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jon: nevada is taking a gamble to tro become the first in the nation primary election state, hoping to leap ahead of iowa and new hampshire on the presidential voting calendar. the democrat-backed bill in nevada would also replace the state's caucuses with state-run elections. the legislation faces potential
3:55 pm
pushback from both the democratic and republican national committees which set the nominating agenda. after a grueling 10-year recovery from a brutal attack, a san francisco giants fan makes a trithe um pant -- triumphant return to the ballpark. [applause] jon: that's brian stowe throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at the giants' home opener yesterday. he nearly lost his life on march 31, 2011, when he was savagely beaten by two dodgers fans after attend thing a game in los angeles. he suffered a severe brain injury and was in a coma for known months. since then he has set up a foundation to fight bullying in schools. and we'll be right back. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? just get a quote at
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proposals could transform the u.s. once again. catch it right here in fox news channel 10:00 p.m. eastern time. and that's how fox are sports this sunday april 11, 2021. thanks for washing we will see you again next time. ♪ ♪. judge jeanine: hello and welcome to justice i am judge jeanine pirro was the right to my (there to think citizens everywhere in the world know to be alarmed about. one is freedom of speech. and the second is the right to bear arms. joe biden's official position on the second amendment, the right to bear arms what's us directly in peril of becoming a fascist state. in his latest efforts calling for more gun control, he says firearms purchased at gun


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