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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  April 11, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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eric: the southern border showing no signs of letting up. the biden administration is considering what it calls a conditional cash transfer program. it hopes to address the economic hardships that has led so many to make it the dangerous track to our border. that tragedy has been tried before and we had allocated billions but the migrants, they still have their sights set on the usa. hello everyone and welcome to fox news live, i'm eric shawn. arthel: i'm arthel neville and were publicans are complaining that there is no funding and
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president biden's proposed budget to complete the former presidents of border wall meanwhile, president biden and vice president harris have yet to announce any immediate plans to visit the border, despite mounting pressure from critics. arizona's attorney general says he has made several requests to the white house for the president to come see the crisis forced hand. >> i think it's important for federal officials to actually come to the states, to see and hear and feel what is on the ground and talking to local sheriffs and they will tell you how the system is being overwhelmed and how the cartels are using this crisis in order to smuggle drugs into our country and make unbelievable profits which we will pay for for generations and so, the biden ministration i think has a fundamental misunderstanding of what the role of the federal government is. arthel: rich edson is live at the border city of la jolla, texas is there now with a report for us. rich. >> good afternoon, arthel.
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this is the rio grande valley and really is a surge within a surge in the southwest border according to customs and border protection you compare this point in the fiscal year to last fiscal year it's up 187% and here in the rio grande valley you are looking at more than 240% points and that is something that you are seen certainly on a daily basis here. the road we got behind this year is about 1 mile away from the rio grande river, the border with mexico and we, throughout the day, have seen a number of border patrol buses and vans and migrants have been walking up to border patrol as they are processing the folks who come into border patrol custody. there are also a number of congressional delegations that have come down to the border region and now it has really become a political fight. >> the biden administration, through the stroke of a pen, reversed the asylum agreements at the president trump negotiated and the remaining in
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mexico policy that i listen to border patrol and not politicians and they tell me there's a direct cause-and-effect between that reversal and the crisis that we are seeing today. >> our country is focused only on enforcement and not thinking about what is happening outside of our nation's front door and we are now living the consequences of that failed domestic policy and failed foreign policy as well. >> with that the biden demonstration is proposing $4 billion of additional funding to the northern triangle and that's el salvador, guatemala and honduras to try to improve conditions there and that basically is an attempt to try to remove the drivers of migration that compels people to come up through mexico and to the southern border. republicans are saying that you need to do more on the security side and do more to deter migration from here and there are calling on senior and menstruation officials like the vice president and like the president to come down to the border region and see for themselves.
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local reports say there will be a high-level delegation here at least in the first of the homeland secure a secretary mayorkas that will be down here thursday to two border towns in texas representing his third trip to the border. arthel. arthel: rick edson in la joya, texas. eric. eric: back in washington congress on the hill this coming week will start working on president biden's massive 2.2 or $2.5 trillion spending bill and that's a mouthful. the president says he would like to get bipartisan support for this measure but you know democratic leadership is saying is willing to sidestep publicans and the push the sledges nation through. live at the north lawn at the white house of what they have planned. >> hello eric, the president is looking to increase the corporate tax rate from 21% to 20% and then you moderates senators, deborah bradley joe manchin who said listen, let's meet in the middle and call it a day at 25% and the white house
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certainly willing to negotiate according to a white house spokesperson but what i can say is the president is set to meet with members of congress from both sides of the aisle at the white house here tomorrow to specifically speak about what the white house is calling an infra- structure package but what republicans are calling a massive spending bill. his plan, the president's plan, to make sure that american corporations are paying taxes to help with infrastructure and the white house looking at two and half trillion dollars over the next 15 years to help finance roads, bridges, airports, but republicans won't call it that infrastructure but is the only plan arguing there are so many extra big ticket items that don't deal with what you think of when you think of the traditional sense of infrastructure. >> overwhelmingly this bill is about infrastructure in the traditional sense of the word. we also think that in the
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structure there's a need for workforce development in order to have the workforce fully participate in how we go forward and childcare so that women can be involved in that as well. >> another big issue here in washington onto the supreme court. the president announced on friday and exec in order that creates a six-month bipartisan commission to look at potentially changing the high court with putting in term limits or changing the amount of justices on the bench and nine justices have sat on the bench of the supreme court since 1869 in the washington post editorial board out with an op-ed over the weekend suggesting 18 years saying in part, replacing life tenure instituted in 1788 at a time of much shorter life expectancy with an 18 year term that would drain some of the intensity from supreme court politics by providing both parties with foreseeable regular opportunities to nominate
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justices thus lowering the stakes of each vacancy. eric, i mentioned nine justices in the famous liberal justice ruth bader ginsburg said in 2019 the nine seem to be a great number and ultimately this commission could come to the president and say we want to do this and the president could want to be on board but it's up to congress to make the final decision and, as you know, nothing happens quick in congress. eric. eric: yet, that report is six months off and remembered what happened with fdr back in 1937. did not work. david spent at the white house, thank you good arthel. arthel: david and eric, former president trump standing by the gop in a closed-door speech with donors last night telling supporters he thinks republicans can win back the house of the senate and the white house but also report of the profanity to attack to fellow republicans, including his former vice president jackie heinrich has more from washington.
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>> the remarks focus on positioning or publicans to win back the majority in 2022 but former president trump reportedly spent several minutes tearing into senate minority lich mcconnell and former vice president mike pence for accepting the results of the electoral college and certified president biden's win. according to reports trump referred to mcconnell with an expletive calling him a stone cold loser saying a real leader would not have accepted the results and also blaming mcconnell for not supporting him in impeachment. the bad blood comes has a number of incumbents are fighting for reelection seeking endorsements but so far their priorities are mostly aligned. >> i think the one thing that should unite president trump, mitch mcconnell, myself and others running for election is getting candidates on the field who are electable in a general election prayed that should unite us because the best thing we can do to save his country is to get the majority back. >> the three door three day event drew contenders and planners who voted much of the discussion to topic the line
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with the party including big censorship. trop singled out what he called woke corporations and railed against major league baseball for its decision to pull the all-star game from atlanta over the states new voting rights law. arthel. arthel: jackie heinrich, thank you. breaking news on the heartbreaking and tragic story in california peered eric, do you want to take this? eric: there really is a shocking story police arresting a mother after her three young children all under the age of four were found stabbed to death at her los angeles apartment. two of the victims police they were toddlers, one in infants but christina coleman following this tragic story from marlys angel spiro. christina. >> we are learning new details about the mother and her kids. apparently she was involved in the child custody dispute with their father. family court documents show he sought custody of the children on march 1 and also petitioned for a mental health evaluation of their mother on march 4 and
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police however, have not confirmed a motive in the death of the children. authorities say their grandmother found them dead inside their san fernando valley apartment saturday morning. the victims are young, two and three years old and a six -month-old baby. police did not confirm the cause of death but according to early reports the children were stabbed. the community now coming to terms with this tragedy. >> its unfortunate situation that took place and unfortunate for the family and the community overall. my message to you all is this, when you are experiencing something don't take it out on family or friends but try to seek out whatever help is available. >> the mother of the children was arrested about 200 miles north of los angeles after leading authorities on a massive manhunt also during the chase, she allegedly carjacked a pickup truck in bakersfield.
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>> she did a horrific crime here and she followed up by by another crime north of here and it's those behaviors that ultimately got her caught. >> detectives will be questioning family and friends to try to get to the bottom of all of this and at this point she is the sole suspect in this case. eric. eric: christina, thank you. arthel. arthel: there is one utah sheriffs deputy remains in critical condition after being shot yesterday. another deputy is expected to be released from the hospital before the weekend is out. police say that you were patrolling the perimeter of the salt lake county sheriff's building when they found an armed man. as the deputies approached the man opened fire hitting each officer in the face. the shooter was killed after one of the deputies returned fire. police are still searching for a motive. in new york a police officer in eastern long island is fighting for his life after being
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attacked late last night. sources telling fox news that the officer was stabbed will trying to arrest the suspect and that quick thinking by a former marine likely say that officers life peerless go to laura ingalls who is live on long island with this developing story. laura. >> hello, arthel. that uniformed police officer happened upon an accident last night and it really unfolds in a very nomadic sense and it is thanks to the help of a couple of americans, one who is been identified as a former marine that has helped him make it through the night and we have more to show you on the scene and we have video of what happened last night and it happened as an officer with the suffolk county department here on long island observed the mercedes driving erratically with no headlights on. the officer turned on his overhead patrol lights and tried to give the driver to pull over but the driver instead crashed into another car at an intersection. according to the pd, the driver
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who is been identified as jonathan nunez got out of the car, got into an altercation with that officer and then stabbed him in the leg, hitting an artery. the man who locals are identified as a former marine who lived in the neighborhood said that is when he and arriving officers went into action. listen. >> i said what does it matter with you and he said it was stabbed in the leg and i said do you need a tourniquet so i went upstairs and grabbed a belt and after that after the tourniquet was applied one of the guys took him in the car to the hospital so i put his light on my shoulder and two other cops grabbed the back and we put them in there in the police suv. >> now, we reached out to the suffolk county pd for an update on that officer and they told fox the officer was transported to long island community hospital in transfer to stony brook university hospital where he underwent emergency surgery
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for a ruptured artery and is listed in critical condition. i just got on the phone with the suffolk county pd and they say that has not changed. as far as driver, nunez, was charged, taken into custody last night if it was charged with aggravated assault, driving while the text gated and resisting arrest but he was taken to a local hospital and will face arraignment at a later date. arthel. arthel: laura ingle in new york, thank you. eric: we think that good samaritan hannah wishes are with that suffolk county at the half spittle. give an update now and something else that broke overnight. police say an armed standoff occurred at a hawaiian resort and that is not over. the resort in honolulu was evacuated last night after police say shots were fired inside the guest room. the suspect shot through the door when hotel security responded. the standoff continued for about ten hours until the gunmen, police say, took his own life. no other injuries have been reported thankfully but the
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media says they had a military background was possibly stationed in hawaii. meanwhile back in your state, the race for governor of new york state now officially has started. the state's current leader andrew cuomo faces sexual misconduct scandal and a federal investigation of those nursing home deaths. first republican to throw his hat into the ring is new york congressman lee zeldin who is here and he will join us in a few moments to discuss his campaign with the state house. plus, after a year of isolation and separation our next guest doctor mcbride says it's time to start or it is now time to start treating the mental symptoms of the panamax and what we can do about our mental health, more on that fox news live continues for this sunday afternoon. ♪♪ e so you only pay for what you need? just get a quote at really? i'll check that out.
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♪♪ eric: are you planning to get your coronavirus shot this week? we will likely see a shortage of the johnson & johnson one shot vaccine across the country. that after officials say there was a mixup at a baltimore manufacturing plant that ruined
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15 million doses. three states have also to a rarely shut down their j&j vaccination sites because of this. several people also had gotten their shots say they suffered some adverse reactions. charles watson live in the home of the cdc on the j&j situation. hello, charles. >> hello, eric. j and j is trying to smooth out production issues after the same baltimore plant, where as you mentioned, 50 million doses of the j&j vaccine were received earlier this month and to those production issues her skirt away states can expect much smaller shipments of the j&j vaccine according to cdc data about 700,000 shots will be available to states this week, a huge decline from the 4.9 million doses that were shipped out a week ago. on top of that issues in georgia, north carolina and colorado put the paws on several vaccine sites giving out j&j shots more than two dozen people
1:21 pm
between the three states experienced adverse side effects, including dizziness, nausea and fainting after receiving the vaccine. the north carolina debarment of health said the cdc performed an analysis and found no safety issues with the j&j vaccine and recommended continuing to administer doses. >> there have been reactions across the board with all three of the vaccines because any time anyone has fatigue or headache and depending on how the injection or the setting of the injection if it was a hot day or outside, you know, those could complicate and compound why someone may have had some of those adverse side effects. >> this, of course, unfolding as the uk variant continues to spread across the country contributing to a 20% spike in average weekly cases nationwide compared to the same time, a month ago, according to cdc data michigan is among the hardest hit in the country in the state
1:22 pm
has the second-highest number of covid cases involving the highly contagious variant and is reporting thousands of new cases every day, particularly among those in the 18 and 64 -year-old democratic who are increasingly making more trips to the emergency rooms and others in the upper midwest are reporting similar circumstances. >> we know what works. we must mask up, socially distant, wash our hands, stay home when we're sick and most importantly, vaccinated as soon as possible. >> eric, michigan governor gretchen wichman says she has been in contact with the house, white house rather, to talk about getting more vaccines into that state as they grapple with the new surge and not clear yet if the johnson & johnson production issue will slow the process down per derek. eric: back, there is a surge. charles, good to see you, thank you. arthel. arthel: our next guest says the
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challenges of living with covid in the past year have taken a huge toll on our overall health and not just for those who got sick. she lays out the hidden symptoms of this pandemic this way quote, the social, economic and political upheaval of the last year combined with the uncertainty and fear of covid-19 is nothing short of trauma. pile on postponed doctor visits and unhealthy coping mechanisms and the fed problem is made worse. doctor lucy mcbride is a internist pc and also a healthcare educator and mental health advocate and is joining us now. doctor mcbride, we can see or feel physical effects of the pandemic but how would you know if this has taken a mental toll on you? >> well, i think, arthel, first of all thank you for having me. i would say this, all of us have experienced some sort of loss during the pandemic and whether you have lost a loved one, you
1:24 pm
lost a job, you lost your freshman year of high school, we have all experienced some sort of distress, despair and what i would call trauma during the pandemic. those experiences affect the way we think, the way we feel and affect the way we behave and the choices we make from, you know, turning towards coping mechanisms that may not be healthy to getting vaccinated which is healthy and they also affect our medical outcomes. i, as a primary care doctor are trying to help people normalize common name and navigate the mental health just like they would any other organ system because it is relevant to your whole health. how you feel everyday. arthel: what are some of the signs the maybe someone doesn't realize it has affected their mental health? arthel: >> will, in the short-term when people are in fear mode they can feel jittery and jumpy and have heart palpitations and sleeplessness and there's the
1:25 pm
emotional symptoms of anxiety and fear like overestimating risk and being fearful even when a threat is gone. for exam, many of my vaccinated patients, even though they understand the very clear evidence that the vaccine kate takes death and severe disease off the table and turns it into a milder version if you get it at all are still very afraid too, for exam, visit with her grandchildren because they can't quite get out of that fear -based thinking. there is substance abuse and depression in real mental illness that stems from mental health not being addressed. arthel: yes, many people have been in the mental malay for more than a year now. how do you begin to shake it off? that is probably easier for some than others, i realize. >> right, for some people in my office it's just naming it and explaining the it is normal and have a normal experience of trauma and disruption. for some people they need to practice mindfulness techniques. they need to exercise again and
1:26 pm
now they can go back to the gym and social connections. we need to be connected to other people and it is part of our mental health. i'm a big believer and asking people for help. if you're struggling, if you are struggling you need to seek help with the therapist or clergy or trusted guides in your community and if i had one message for today it's been mental health matters. it matters to our whole health. arthel: it does. it really quickly, excuse me, some people don't even know how to get back into society that they had been so locked up and so isolated for so long. what is the first step if you're just feeling like i don't even know what to do anymore? what would you say? >> i wrote an opinion piece for the washington post a couple of weeks go right termed the term fear of normal because it's hard to pick pivot but take small baby steps. if you have been vaccinated and
1:27 pm
have this wonderful ticket back to normalcy practice seeing loved ones and connecting with people and recognizing that you are okay and take small steps to reenter life is one way to gradually ease into normal life. arthel: doctor lucy mcbride, thank you very much for joining us. eric. eric: jurors and derek show vents murder trial hearing a barrage of testimony about what led to hit george lloyd's death. our legal panel on how the defense will respond this week. still ahead on fox news live this afternoon the first candidate to chaffin challenge governor, will be here. new york congressman leaves eldon has thrown his hat in the ring. why? what he hopes, leaves eldon on the campaign ahead. ♪♪
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including tuberculosis. serious infections and blood clots, sometimes fatal, have occurred as have certain cancers, including lymphoma, and tears in the stomach or intestines, and changes in lab results. your doctor should monitor your bloodwork. tell your doctor about any infections... and if you are or may become pregnant while taking rinvoq. take on ra. talk to your rheumatologist about rinvoq relief. rinvoq. make it your mission. if you can't afford your medicine, abbvie may be able to help. ♪ ♪. arthel: medical examiner performed an autopsy of mr. george floyd among the medical and scientific experts who gave riveting testimony in the derek chauvin murder trial last week. doctor andrew baker saying pressure from the former officers knee cut off mr. floyd's oxygen which was quote, the direct cause of death but
1:33 pm
added that other significant conditions played a role like fentanyl fountain mr. floyd's body and his enlarged heart. let's talk with our legal panel, defense attorney and member of the republican lawyers association, merge mercedes is a fox news legal analyst. mercedes, several forensic pathologist took the stand last week so how did their testimony helped the prosecution's case? >> well, it's amazing because a prosecutor is dissipated the fact that the defense was going to focus very heavily on the heart disease and the drugs that were found in mr. floyd's body at the time. they did say or have great testimony from several or i took some notes because i wanted to share them with you. he had several pathologists peered one pathologist in particular definitely targeted this issue directly and said that the sentinel in mr. floyd's body was 19 nanograms per
1:34 pm
milliliter which is about the same as one dose of prescription medication and also testified that there were 11 nanograms of non- sentinel which meant that his body was already processing the sentinel in his body and frankly i thought one of most riveting testimony came from doctor tobin who is a cardiologist at her pulmonologist who testified and is an expert of breathing and has a jury go through these breathing exercises as he is going through it another brilliant tactic by the prosecution is to have doctor tobin go back to the video, look at the video which we all know is extraordinarily disturbing and say to the jurors what the moment when life escapes mr. floyd's body. it was so riveting and frankly, richard and i are both senior defense attorneys. we have experts all the time and that's never been —- frankly,
1:35 pm
this amazing to see these expert there would have the empathy and it. arthel: so they certainly did. richard, what was defense able to use that testimony in his favor? >> oh yeah, absolutely. again, you only have to convince one juror that's a reasonable doubt that the cause of george floyd's death was something other than derek chauvin's knee in george floyd's neck and back area. in fact, the reason why the prosecution had to bring on other doctors with forensic pathologists, pulmonary doctor is because they cannot rely solely on the medical examiner. the medical examiner was report was too neutral. a medical examiner said george floyd died because his heart and his lungs and stopped. that is true for everyone who dies. the prosecution had to bolster their case but what is interesting is the defense said to the doctor baker with the medical examiner that the knee cut off george floyd's oxygen in
1:36 pm
the medical examiner said no and in addition. arthel: i want to play some of that but we all watched this trial and i want to move ahead richard, to this third week coming up. how much defense against or how might defense try to beef up their case? what will they hope to get out of witnesses this week? >> the meter of the case has happened so were moving to the spark of life and who was george floyd in the pot constitution is winding down in the defense has gotten what they needed peered for example, with the police trained officer they showed a picture of officer and they showed the angle of his knee across george floyd and they said is this the proper technique and is this the technique you are taught and they said yes, from that angle yet his knee is across the back but not necessarily. arthel: but from that angle. i know what you are saying. go ahead quickly —-
1:37 pm
>> i was just going to say richard, i'm sorry. arthel: no, no, mercedes but just one second. i'm sorry because it's a lot to talk about so let me bring in andrew baker who is the medical examiner. >> the other significant conditions are things that played a role in the death but did not directly caused the death. for example, you know, mr. floyd's use of fentanyl to not cause the neck restraint but his heart is disease do not cause the neck restraint. >> so these are items that may have contributed to direct cause spirit correct. eric: . arthel: mercedes, let me get one thing from you in about 30 seconds and you can close out. the prosecution has had the stronger case of how do they keep juries on their side and will testimony from a member of mr. floyd's family seal the case for prosecution? >> without doubt, doctor tobin
1:38 pm
testified that if someone who had none of these issues, no drugs in their body did not have heart disease, did not have the arterial problems, they still would have died from the way that they were restrained by officer chauvin which is critical testimony coming in and that is one of the prosecutors witnesses. finally, if the family member does come back it will come back to what we have that first week, the agonizing testimony from individuals who saw the life be snuffed out of mr. floyd's. frankly, ending it with their family member is a key piece for the prosecutor and brings back and humanizes what happens to mr. floyd. arthel: how will that affect the defense's case? >> obviously it's emotional but i believe the jury knows that this is a case we have to examine all the evidence. mercedes but the nail and had what she talked about doctor tobin's testimony because of member doctor baker said i don't treat anybody is alive. in that video he's alive and
1:39 pm
then he dies. so you need somebody to talk about breathing and that is key, the defense has to bring an expert on to say that the causes of death were the fentanyl and not the restrained by officer chauvin. arthel: we will see if that happens. richard, mercedes, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you, arthel. arthel: eric. eric: arthel, new york governor andrew cuomo under investigation for his handling of the nursing home covid deaths and calls from top state democrats to resign. the campaign at the ballot fox has already started. the first candidate to throw his hand in the ring is congressman lee zeldin and he is here to tell us of his plan to be the first republican governor in nearly two decades and says it's not just about comeau. ♪♪ neither are resilient people. there's strength in every family story.
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ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, or an allergic reaction. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. tell your provider about vision problems or changes. taking rybelsus® with a sulfonylurea or insulin increases low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration which may worsen kidney problems. wake up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. after talking to new yorkers, they
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feel that this is the last way to save new york that andrew cuomo has to go i'm announcing here on your show that i am running for governor of new york in 2022 and we will win this race and i am all in it we are all in. losing is not an option we have to turn things around. eric: that was new york republican congressman lee zeldin announcing his bid for governor of new york state. you know he's looking to unseat the three term democratic governor andrew cuomo. as you know he's been facing growing allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct charges as well as reported federal investigation amid accusations of his ministration covering up coronavirus deaths at the state's nursing homes but he has denied that. the other 1994 little-known state senator named george pataki took on cuomo's father the legendary governor mario cuomo and beat him going to serve as three republican —- three terms of a publican governor. good history repeat itself? good to see you, congressman is
1:45 pm
old impaired how does it feel to be the first gate out of —- >> 's apartment to get an early start here. we need the next year and half to talk to new yorkers and it's a big state. not only should we be traveling the state to areas where publicans do the best but we also should be traveling to parts of the state where it is more of an uphill battle. to build the relationships and raise the funds to get the message out. i think the election-year runs that have been done here in new york state in the past few times out the statewide candidates would be running in the election-year and it's just not enough time. that is why we need to get an early start. eric: you talk about your message that is about governor cuomo and you been hammering him but it's also about other issues, taxes and the economy, corona, public safety, crime, do you think it new yorkers, of course it's all been focused on the governor but what about
1:46 pm
those issues? >> those are hugely important for new yorkers. the failed liberal policies that we are seeing right now in albany is the first time in my lifetime that we are going into a midterm election where it's one party democrat rule at every level. new york city, albany and dc and the democrats at every level are destroying that level of government with those failed policies. just this last week up in albany they created a new income tax rate that is now the highest income tax rate in the entire country. why? to pay for a multibillion-dollar fund for people who aren't even legally in the country. the top priority for new yorkers is to tackle the attacks on our wallets, or safety and our freedom. you're talking about taxes and public safety, not supporting law enforcement, defund the police in new york city caches bail up in albany and the list goes on. people want to say the state and they feel like they're hitting their own breaking points and then if we don't do this now that they will have to leave so yes, all the tax from governor
1:47 pm
cuomo is embarrassing the state and disgracing him but that is not the end of it. eric: you know, new york state is a heavily democratic state, 30 million voters, 50% are democratic, 22% republican and jay jacobs the chairman of the democratic party says that you are a quote, radical right-wing member of the republican party who has just know broad-based appeal in new york. why do you think your message will resonate with what you're heavily democratic states? >> we were just talking about the issues that matter the most to new yorkers. i'm not talking about mattering the most to republican new yorkers but all new yorkers. republicans, independents, democrats, conservatives, moderates, liberals, they are concerned about the economy, the loss of jobs, the higher cost of living, the eroded public safety and rising crime, quality of education. their kids not yet fully back in school in many parts of this
1:48 pm
state or the local businesses that are now out of business because of the way the lockdowns were handled by this governor. of course, all of the scandals, the abuse, deadly nursing home cover-up, abuse allegations after that really write to the end we got recently the news of the covid testing priority given a private residence to his family members, front of line access for the samples at the state labs so on so many levels we are talking about the issues that matter most to new yorkers and again, i'm not just talking about republican new yorkers. eric: you have been very strong supporter of president trump. are you afraid that will boomerang in her to you? you are one of the hundred 47 members of congress in the senate who voted to overturn the election and that after the insurrection in congress. that will be used by opponents against you so how would you respond? >> when it is the fall of 2022
1:49 pm
and i am talking to an undecided new yorker about the issues that matter most to them, their families, the community and when i am the one talking about the economy and public safety and education and corruption and on the other side they are still obsessing over those types of the shiny objects from the past, we will be winning over those undecided voters. it will be a missed opportunity for them, not us. i will spend my time, listen, if you go knock on the door and say what are your top three, five, ten, 20 issues in deciding who should be representing you at these different levels of government and as your governor in albany they will talk about the issues that i'm discussing here so that is why we went all in and now to this announced the race and listen, fundraising is important but an even more precious commodity is time and taking nothing for granted and earning the vote. eric: your opponents will take issue with what happened as the shiny object i'm a quote unquote. they would say it's an
1:50 pm
undermining of democracy but that will be part of the debate, new york congressman leaves alden who is the first candidate to challenge governor colombo for the state house here in new york. congressman is alden, good to see you. congressman is alden, good to see you. we'll be right back. >> you as well, eric. licy perks, like a home and auto-bundle discount. (man) i'm phoning it in and just saved twenty percent. (burke) get your policy perks by calling 1-800-farmers. go ahead, phone it in. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed
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will lie in rest at windsor castle to seek after prison he died friday at age 99. his role is scheduled for saturday but that ceremony will be scaled back to two pandemic protocols paid we are live in london with more. greg. >> hello, arthel. we are literally just down the street right now from windsor castle and that is where prince philip passed away on friday and that is where the queen is right now. all day, arthel, we're watching people come here and bring flowers and messages in honor of the prince. as we speak, we are told at least some of them are being taking inside the castle so the queen could have a chance to see them. the royal family members attended a church service near here today. here's what one of phillip's sons sons, prince andrew had to say.
1:55 pm
>> great loss. i think the way i would put it is we've lost the grandfather of the nation. i feel very sorry and supportive of my mother who will feel it more than anybody else. >> yes, prince philip's funeral will be held in a chapel inside the walls here on saturday due to covid regulations and the princes prior wishes. it will be a low-key affair and expected to just about 30 people will be attending, no members of the public but take a listen to what some members of the public told us today. >> i think he was the queens rock. >> the queens rock. >> what he did for the queen and what he did for this country is outstanding. >> a great sense of humor, a normal, normal man.
1:56 pm
>> the reports we are getting, arthel, is that prince harry is set to attend the funeral and that he is reportedly flown and already from california today without megan but the attention really, arthel, is on prince philip as the uk and the world paid their respects. we have one more comment from prince andrew, his words he left a huge void. arthel: that he did. greg, thank you in london. that will do it for us. okay, eric, our time is up. we will do this again next week and, what do you think? yes or no. eric: the big sunday show coming up next. thank you for joining us. so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently. hey, i'll take one, please! wait, this isn't a hot-dog stand? no, can't you see the sign?
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♪♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone, i'm griff jenkins along with carley shimkus, rachel compos duffy and ben domenech, and welcome to "the big sunday show." carly are. >> president trump held an event at mar-a-lago this weekend pledging a republican will win the white house in 2024. so is he speaking about himself? >> rachel. >> and we'll take a look at the new twist with the ongoing crisis at the border. president biden is reportedly considering sending money to central america, a cash payment program to ease the flow of migrants heading across the bord


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