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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  April 11, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. thanks for joining me. i'm maria bartiromo, welcome to "sunday morning futures." who voted for any of this? packing the supreme court, wide open borders, trillions of dollars in the new taxes and so many other radical ideas now actual policy without passing through congress. coming up, ohio congressman jim jordan on his trip to the southern border where biden's handlers barred him from taking pictures. how he's pushing back against the radical agenda. plus, the man who set the record straight on hunter biden's laptop right here with me after
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john brennan among others bmisinformed the public by calling it russian disinformation before the election. >> let me be clear, the intelligence community doesn't believe that because there's no intelligence that supports that, and we have shared no intelligence with chairman schiff or any other member of congress that hunter biden's laptop is part of some russian disinformation campaign. it's simply not true. maria: former director of national intelligence john ratcliffe is back with me weighing in on hunter biden's book tour as lewd images of the president's son flood the internet. that and foreign policy coming up. plus, will president biden apologize for misleading the country about georgia's new voting laws? why is does he continue to mislead voters by calling it jim crow 2.0? georgia's favorite son, herschel walker, is here on what's really in the law and why major league baseball and some companies are striking out with the american public if by moving the all-star game from atlanta.
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plus, herschel's theory that the democrats are trying to muddy up georgia ahead of next year's important senate races. then the list of state attorneys generals challenging biden's radical agenda continues to grow with new lawsuits this week against the administration. arizona attorney general mark baron slip is here -- brnovich is here on his fight against h.r. 1 and a whole lot more. all all that right here, right now on "sunday morning futures." ♪ maria: and first up this morning, president biden's unprecedented power grab as new lies surface about the infamous laptop purportedly belonging to his embattled son, hunter. in a series of interviews this week, hunter revives the now- now-debundt narrative that it could be part of a disinformation campaign.
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the former director of intelligence, john ratcliffe, is here once again, once again to set the record straight. good morning to you, john ratcliffe. thanks for joining us. >> morning, maria. good to be with you. maria: well, you know, it was pretty extraordinary that after you came out and told us the truth about this laptop not being part off any russian disinformation, 50 intelligence officials signed their name to a note to say it was russia disinformation. so much so that actually joe biden used that as part of the campaign, and he discussed it in the primary during the election. watch joe biden before the election. here he is. >> there are 50 former national intelligence folks who said that what he's accusing me of is a russian plant. they have said that this has all the -- four, five former heads
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of the cia, both parties say what he's saying is a bunch of garbage. nobody believes it except his and his good friend rudy giuliani. >> you mean the laptop is now another russia, russia, russia hehoax? you gotta -- >> that's exactly what, that's exactly -- >> this is where he's going. >> gentlemen, i want to stay on the issue of. >> you have to be kidding. maria:a: john ratcliffe, how dos that happen? how do 50 officials say such a thing when you came here, you told us the truth? >> right, maria. it's not about being right, it's about being truthful, and that'g why i came out at that time adam schiff came out with a false political narrative about this being russian disinformation when there was absolutely no intelligence to support that. and it shouldn't surprise us, that's what adam schiff does as a politician. but to your point, to have 50 former obama, clinton, biden
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national security officials comi out after the director of national intelligence says that this isen not true and promote a false narrative to protect joe biden and try and influence the outcome of the election, you know, that is the definition of politicizing as well as. and people ask me all the time about election interference and election influence, and, yeah, we need to be concerned about russia, china and iran, but there's no greater expression of that than what you just saw hathere. a completely false narrative. the intelligence community knew that this was not russian disinformation, and law enforcement knew that it was hunter biden's laptop. there was an open investigation into that. and yet those officials supported by, you know, a corporate media ran a false narrative and misinformed the american people. the problem, maria, is that with the exception of folks like you, very few people out in the media
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have accurately reported hunter biden, joe biden and those issues that were important that would have framed the outcome of the election. maria: yeah. and so much information, really misinformation being spewn around across the country for political reasons. i mean, we've seen that in georgia with this georgia voting law. they've completely changed the facts. and as a result, have caused real damage to businesses with mlb, delta airlines, these corporate ceos coming out and following joe biden's lead. it's all misinformation. the same can be said about china. you've got all of these conspiracy theories happening, coming from the communist party, ththe ccp-run global times comig out with crazy ideas about the coronavirus. joe biden has made the coronavirus his number one priority, and yet he still has
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not asked xi jinping about the origins of the coronavirus. john, do you find it odd that we had an entire meeting in alaska with u.s. officials for the first time meeting with ccp -- biden officials, and the subject doesn't even come up about coronavirus and how this happened? >>hi right, absolutely. i mean, you know, the world health organization came out with a report and, you know, as the director of national intelligence for the past year i didn't see a single intelligence product from the best intelligence enterprise in the world that was consistent with what the world health organization said about the tlikely origins of covid-19. and, in fact, we put our intmtion out, i -- intelligence out, iou helped mike pompeo do that through the state department talking about how coronavirus is 96.2% identical to covid-19 were being experimented on at the wuhan institute of virology and how
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scientists working on that became sick with can covid-like so, you know, all of those things are real clear about, you know, china's role with respect to a virus that was a direct and proximate cause of a half a million american deaths. caand, you know, the big winnern the 2020 election was joe biden, was also china. and the fact that joe biden is not -- or i his diplomats are nt addressing this issue directly with china, i think, really reflects that everything that they've said about china about being tough is just that, it's rhetoric. and the policies are really an attempt now to whitewash over this issue because they don't want the political narrative of china beingon the bad guy. and let me be real clear about this, maria. regard lets of the origins, whether it was naturally occurring or an accident, china lied to the world. once they became aware of the transmissibility of this from human to human transmissibility,
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china misrepresented and lied, they suppressed scientists and doctors and journalists and world with health organization officials because they didn't want toy be blamed for this. and as a result, they are a direct and proximate cause of more than half a million americans who died in the past year. and the american people deserve accountability and answers for that. maria: that is exactly right. and the reason that i bring up the hunter biden story and the conspiracy theories that the ccp has been spewing out is because there are real ram my occasionses for this. -- ram my occasions for this. china won in the 2020 election, that's, in w my view, who is winning here. we till have not seen a cohesive policy against the bad behavior of the ccp from this administration. we're waiting for that. but if you were to see some of the business deals that joe biden's son hunter had with
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chinese companies, there would be real ramifications. what should have happened to hunter biden now that those e-mails were public that said 10% for the big guy? is there a conflict of interest? don't the american people need to understand more the relationship between the biden family and the chinese communist party? i mean, these have real eaimplications. so that's why we bring up the hunter biden story. nobody wants to see anybody's troubles out in full view. but if there are ramifications for the american people, we need to understand it better. >> well, i agree with that completely. and, again, to your point earlier with about, you know, his book tour and the things on, that he doesn't remember over the last four years, again, there was an fbi investigation ongoing at the time before the election. it was hunter biden's laptop. the things on those, on that laptop that the fbi and the department of justice have,
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thosee are real. but now the question is will joe biden's department of justice exercise prosecutorial discretion against joe biden's son. you know, i don't know the answer to that. i know what -- maria: right. >> -- the answer should be, but some of the same people involved here are the same folks that look at dozens of classified e-mails on hillary clinton's server, highly classified, top secret e-mails on a private server in her basement in new york and gave her a pass. maria: yeah. >> so, you know, don't hold your breath. maria: it's the reason that we are forced to raise the question, is this t why he's not bringing up the coronavirus? is there so many conflicts of interest that he doesn't want xi jinping to be the bad guy because that would mean donalduy trump may not be the bad guy? can't make xi jinping the bad guy. i mean,n, look, we just heard fm the former cdc director that the coronavirus likely came from the wuhan lab.
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and for months we've been hearing theav media tell us lisn to everything the cdc says. the cdc said wear a mask. no, the cdc says wear two masks. the cdc says don't go out. but as soon as the cdc says the virus came from the lab, maybe we won't listen to the cdc. >> right. that's an inconvenient truth. that's a great point, maria. it's not just the opinion of the intelligent community about things -- intelligence community about things that happened, but the cdc, the knower of everything when it relates to covid-19 and when its director comes out and says, look, i think the most likely origin of this was the wuhan institute of virology, we hear crickets from the media. they don't want to cover that because, again, that's not a political narrative that's helping to this -- helpful to this administration, the folks who have gotten rich off china and want to continue doing business with china in a way that ignores the simple truth which is that half a million
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americans, more americans died in the past year from covid-19 than died in all of world war i and world war ii. so, you know, again, we deserve answers to that. this administration should be probing those issues. hobut, again, they seem to be going the opposite direction. maria: real quick, john, before you go, i've got to get breaking news out, and that breaking news is thiss new policy institute that you are going to be part of,, the america first policy institute. nsyou're going to be officially announcing this on tuesday of this week. and i know that you are going to be focused on national security. what can you tell us about that, and is there anything you want to say about the iran deal which, it appears that joe biden would like to get the united states back into. meanwhile, there were talks this past week, china, russia meeting to talk about the iran deal. the united states wasn't even invited.t >> well, maria, you know, the america first policy institute really reflects what i told people before the pandemic last
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year. politicians talk about peace and prosperityty all the time. we were living it. a roaring economy, record hoe unemployment for everyone -- low unfor everyone, blacks, hispanics, domestic successes like criminal justice reform, border security, no immigration crisis, the decimation of isis, the neutralization of al-qaeda and holding countries like iran accountable and making them less ennine, and able to create mayhem in the middle east, in fact, bringing peace to the middle east. those were america first policies. theyke all worked. what i didn't really expect, maria, was that in three short months we'd be able to draw such a contrast between the bidennd administration policies. look at the dumpster fire of the biden administration policies and what's happening at our southern border. you mentioned iran. you know, iran weaker, poorer and less influentialing and, you know, as a result, you know, the biden policy, they want to go
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back to an iranian nuclear deal where iran was able to create mayhem. so you'll see a lot of familiar faces from the trump administration involved in the america first policy institute, and it's about american greatness for the next 40d the next -- 40, the next 400 years. maria: thank you, john. john ratcliffe. we'll be right back. uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ michael: more than 100 years ago. simi: two branches of our family split apart. david: but now, ancestry helped connect us to our ancestors and each other. michael: find their stories. gigi: at ancestry.
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which may worsen kidney problems. wake up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. >> president biden, stacey abrams, you know, all these other, you know, ceo's of these companies that are in new york and new jersey and former ceo's that are pressuring people like delta and major league baseball, coca-cola and others, they should be truthful with people. they should look at their own damn laws in their own states. they are more restricted than ours are. this is so condescending. look, this is all power play, maria. look at the long game that democrats and joe biden that are playing, this is all about hr1 and sr1. they want a federal takeover of
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elections in our country. maria: that was georgia governor brian kemp with me on mornings with maria on fox business earlier this week on politicians and corporate america over state's new election laws which he says actually makes it easier to vote. few people understand impact than herschel walker, former nfl legend who has now owned successful companies. herschel joins me now. good morning to you. great to have you this morning. you heard governor kemp. i want to get your take on what's going on in georgia and this law. i've got a wall street journal story here on exactly what's in the georgia voting law and i don't see anything negative. in fact, the one thing that they're complaining about is people having an id to vote? >> well, i totally greet with governor kemp right there because having an idea is basic things you have to have.
12:20 pm
my grandfather today would be 117 year's old and he had a driver's license. everyone born in america got a birth certificate. that's an id and i think for people to continue to talk about this id is appalling. statement why are they not helping people get an id and that's basic things to survive, you need to cash a check, you need to get tickets from a ball game and get on an airplane and to do any basic thing in america to do anything you need an id. i agree with governor kemp there. i think it's a shame and i also challenge these corporations, these ceo's, guys, why don't we help the people to get an id, those that don't have an id. i think that's what we want to do instead of sitting and talking about it. we were talking about id's months ago and why don't we help people get an id right now? maria: you made a great point
12:21 pm
and we talked on the phone, herschel, one of the reasons that the democrats want to muddy up russia and the republicans, you have a pretty big election coming up next year. >> you do. in 2022 you have a big election coming up. you have a senate race. things going on they can be -- they can change america. so right now they want to mud everything up. i know we will talk about it later with baseball moving out, wait a minute. what are you doing? you are mudding it up. atlanta is a great city but also the city in a year that can be -- can help put this country back in order and i think that's one thing that they are trying to do right now is muddy it up and talk about id's when yet the ceo's know good and well that they are doing anything, to get a meeting in their offices, you need an id to do that. maria: exactly. i want to take a short break.
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when we come back i want to ask you a question on everybody's mind, will you run in upcoming senate race in georgia in 2022. i'm talking with out here, you're more than just a landowner. you're a gardener. a landscaper. a hunter. because you didn't settle for ordinary. same goes for your equipment. versatile, powerful,
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durable kubota equipment. more goes into it. so you get more out of it.
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maria: i am back with football legend herschel walker, herschel, before we went to the break we were talking about major league baseball moving the all-star game out of atlanta because of a voting rule, voting law in georgia which actually was pretty tame and did not restrict voting at all. did rob manfdred, did mlb read
12:26 pm
the law? >> nobody says anything to them. by them moving it out, it's funny, because i don't think anyone read it. atlanta is a city that's more open than denver and you look at how it's going to hurt a lot of african-americans. they are going to hurt a lot of brown people there and hurt a lot of small businesses and they're moving out. they are moving to the a city that's predominantly black when you leave a city that's predominantly black. i'm confused. they never read the law. we have the hold the ceo's accountable for what they do. nobody seems to want to do that and i said, i will. i challenge them, guys, let's quit just going along with whatever someone said and make yourself think you've done your little duties for the day, that's what's sad. maria: candace owens was with me a couple of weeks ago on the program and she was really unnerved by the democrats now using the black and brown
12:27 pm
community as weapons saying that the hr1 is a civil rights bill. here is candace owens on this program a few weeks ago. candace: i'm so tired of black americans, hispanic americans being used to further the democrat -- democrat power and everything that the democrats want to do and we have seen this time and time again and it's always a game of linguistics. they tell you it's going to help you. it's to combat vote -- suppression. votes are not being suppressed. this is what the left always says. when i hear them saying they are trying to combat voter suppression, i almost know, i always know that what they're actually after is suppressing votes themselves and making sure that they stay in power. maria: herschel, your reaction? >> she's 100% correct. do you hear about them trying to empower anyone or using
12:28 pm
suppression as a reason to do certain things? well, you know, if you're doing that, why are you not helping people get an id? why are you not talking about school choice? why are you not putting kids in the same school? why are you not doing those things? all we have been doing is talk about it and not doing anything. using color. they always talk about jim crow. everybody want to mention jim crow because what they do now is they get you quiet. they don't want people to say anything because when you mention jim crow that means that you're racist. they don't want you to speak i'm saying no, no, speak out. we get america back because this administration is supposed to be healing the country, remember, they seem to be dividing it. maria: yeah, herschel. i would love to see corporate ceo's come out where you are and actually speak some truth here. look, i really find it
12:29 pm
incredibly hypocritical that these companies and the mlb can attack georgia and yet feel perfectly fine to do business in china where xi jinping has a million, you know, ethnic minorities in camps right now, human rights abuses, intellectual property theft, bullying its neighbors. now we have beijing olympics next year and you were actually on the u.s. olympic team and went with team usa to the olympics back. what do you say about going to the olympics in 2022 in beijing as all of these companies are attacking the united states? >> you know, as i said, you have to hold the companies accountable. one of the best things that ever happened to be is to be in winter olympics in 1992 which is predominantly white and what was fun is when america, all my
12:30 pm
brother white brothers and sisters, i've never been more proud of any life to be brothers and sisters in america. we were in france and to see america come in, you know, that was the biggest smile i can ever have. i believe in america, i believe in the constitution and i think it's sad that we have these ceo's that letting the cancel culture destroy who they are. i think that's sad. maria: and some of those people on the olympic teams have attacked the united states which, i mean, why are you on an american -- yeah. >> well, i think you're correct by that. and so why are you representing america when you're attacking the united states of america. i feel that if you're going to be on america, you don't need to be on america's team. how do i know that you're going to fight hard for america when you say america is the worst place in the world to be. maria: all right, herschel, we
12:31 pm
know that former president trump wants you to run for senate. what is the answer? are you considering running for the senate seat in georgia in the 2022 race? >> well, i'm very honored that they would consider me running for the senate and, you know, my family, we are still going through the process of praying and really considering it and at the same time i take it very serious and people want me to decide like right now and i said, guys, i'm going to take my time because this is a very serious, serious thing. but i will tell you this, herschel walker believes in this god, i believe in the country and i believe in the people and i will fight for the people of georgia if i run. so yourself stay tune and i will tell you what, it's going to be exciting. maria: if you were to run, what would be your priorities? >> my priority would be america. getting people to be -- getting people to find out the truth so they can be educated and quit
12:32 pm
dividing. i want to bring people altogether. there's no doubt, they said herschel, did you really mean that, guys, i believe in -- i believe in togetherness. i believe in america. maria: okay. >> i believe in the constitution that is something special. maria: and you made the point to me you can't change things overnight. herschel walker, it's great to see you this morning. thanks very much for being here. herschel walker joining us there. stay with us, jim jordan on the so you want to make the best burger ever? then make it! that means cooking day and night until... [ ding ] success! that means... best burger ever. intuit quickbooks helps small businesses be more successful with payments, payroll, and banking.
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♪ ♪ ♪ maria: welcome back. now danger at the u.s. border as we've told you previously one-third of migrant women and children have reported sexual abuse on their dangerous track to america. now according to texas governor greg abbott, these individuals are still not safe in u.s. custody. earlier this week he launched full investigation into allegations of abuse including sexual assault in san antonio. it can be happening elsewhere but child protective services hat nonbe allowed to check. barrasso with me on the public health crisis he witnessed in donna, texas. >> i watched them be tested for coronavirus. they had them in a courtyard. all of these young people, they are only allowed to be there for 3 days by law, you wouldn't want your kids to be there for 3 minutes but many are staying there up to ten days and being
12:37 pm
tested the day that they leave and put them in the courtyard and do the instant test and then those that have been tested positive have move today one side of the courtroom and those negative to the courtyard but i will tell you, maria, they've all been exposed and then they are sent all across the country. maria: ohio congressman jim jordan and other six other house members visited the same facility earlier this week. congressman jordan joins me now with his findings, great to see you this morning. the senators were able to take some pictures but then they were told to delete the pictures. your group was barred, period, from taking any pictures, right? when your team asked written permission to filmed, they were told by biden's handlers it's a moot point. jim: the press wasn't allowed in. even when secretary mayorkas
12:38 pm
went the press weren't allowed in. the reason that the press aren't allowed in is because they don't want the american people to know what's going on. the senator was right, the conditions are not appropriate at all. one pod that we look at in the donna facility, there were supposed to be 33 kids in the area, there were 527. that's what the conditions are like and the other thing and i think this is key. if the press were allowed in, the border patrol agents would tell them exactly what they told us namely that the reason for this is because of the policy that joe biden has now adopted which is we are not going the keep people in mexico for policy president trump had. we are not going the keep people in mexico while we evaluate if they can come to the country. that's driving the huge volume. the huge volume is driving the terrible conditions and harm that has been done to kids as governor abbott talked about. maria: yeah, we are showing
12:39 pm
video and pictures that you were able to capture. we are showing them while you're speaking. the biden administration is spending $60 million a week to shelter minors, congressman, i think it's extraordinary that the administration rather than trying to stop the flow, they are actually expanding the capacity in this country to hold them but nothing to do to stop the flow of migrants coming. they overturned trump policies, changed, i mean, you know, remain in mexico, stop construction of the wall, catch and release. unless they go back to those policies, it's hard to believe that this stops. jim: it almost makes you reach the conclusion that this is what they want. you're exactly right. the remain in mexico policy they undid. they announced to the world that we will not finish the wall and not deport anyone. when you did that, everyone start coming. 16,000 kids are being housed
12:40 pm
right now. they expect that number to go from 16,000 to 60,000. the hundreds of thousands of children coming in and moving across the country at cost of $60 million a week right now. of course, the cost will go higher. why don't they use the money to complete the wall, finish the wall. that would be better, 40% of border patrol agents time have been processing the folks versus patrolling the border as we expect as american taxpayer. this is a huge, this is a huge problem and something that just frankly has to change but the only way it can change to get to some kind of control of the border is to go back to president trump's policies and something that the biden administration is willing to do. i wish they would, though. maria: it's extraordinary how much misinformation they are spewing out as well. nancy pelosi continues to blame the trump administration as extraordinary as that sounds. here she is this past week,
12:41 pm
watch this. >> the fact is that we are on a good path at the border under leadership of joe biden -- president biden. it's about 3 things. it's about restructuring how we do what is happening there because we are in a very bad situation under the trump administration. maria: i mean, we have seen the numbers congressman. jim: she needs to go herself and talk to border patrol agents because they would tell her that we are on anything than a good path. in fact, this is so overwhelming, such chaos on the border that 3 days into the biden administration, they set up a special facility to process families faster and now when families -- we saw these families. when we were out at night, we saw them walking, coming out of the brush, walking into this facility. they know where to go. the facility in texas where they process them in 8 hours, they are put on buses and put on
12:42 pm
planes and sent north in the united states. for her to say that it's absolutely 100% wrong, not consistent with the facts, not consistent with what every single border agent told us and these border agents, by the way, maria, they are busting their tail trying to do their work as best they can under extreme circumstances, under chaos and crisis at the border. they're doing a great job but it's just overwhelming right now because of the policies unfortunately that the biden administration has adopted. maria: congressman, this is just one policy out of an incredibly radical agenda. i have to get your take on everything else. he has an infrastructure plan that he's calling -- infrastructure plan but more green new deal, what about the commission to study packing the supreme court, you have more spending, $4 trillion in taxes are coming and perhaps the potential of a change in the supreme court, congressman. jim: yeah, i mean, what do we
12:43 pm
need a commission for? where we know where they are at. they are trying to pack the courts and i guess they are going to put together a commission but we already know where democrats want to go. it's all about political power. think in the last six weeks, democrats in the house, thank goodness in the filibuster. they would pass legislation that would radically change police law. they passed legislation that would radically change police law and 3 weeks ago they passed legislation that would radically change immigration law at the same time there's a crisis on our southern border. they passed two bills that would give amnesty between 2 and 3 million illegal immigrants. this is all political power and radical policies that are coming from the democrats. we better hope that senator manchin and senator sinema keep their word and we don't get filibuster change because if we do, all of this will become law. maria: the reasons that the ag's
12:44 pm
are suing the administration. congressman, many hope that you can do something about it. congressman, great to see you this morning. thank you, sir. jim jordan joining us in ohio. coming up arizona attorney general mark brnovich on why he general mark brnovich on why he invited hhs chief xavier bike shop please hold. bike sales are booming. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a shortlist of quality candidates
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♪ ♪ ♪ maria: welcome back. state attorneys generals across the country fighting president biden's radical agenda. 14 of them are suing the biden administration over his executive order to halt the xl pipeline stopping all oil and gas leasing of which states derive half of the revenue from that drilling on federal land in their state. 13 ag's including one democrat are suing over stimulus plan which make it illegal for them to cut taxes after getting stimulus money and others led by
12:48 pm
ag ken paxton are suing over open borders. my next guest taking issue with hr voting bill and biden's new executive orders on gun control. arizona attorney general mark brnovich joins me now. ag, good morning to you. thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. maria: what can you do to stop the radical agenda? mark: well, i am doing everything i can using every tool in our tool box in order to stop it and so we literally have filed lawsuits, two lawsuits related to immigration and border tours for vice president and secretary becerra and lawsuits as you indicated the keystone pipeline and against secretary yellen and the ability of states to cut taxes, so there's a slew and plethora of lawsuits that have been filed and me and my colleagues are
12:49 pm
working now on comments to the proposed rules that the biden administration is making on guns. maria: so, so the gun executive orders and the gun commentary is just the latest on what many ag's are saying is just breaking the law. president biden came in and just blew off law that was debated and put into process by congress. now you've invited xavier becerra to the border, what are you trying to accomplish? mark: well, i think it's important for federal officials to actually come to the states to hear and feel what's happening on the ground. don't believe my words. those are similar words that kamala harris said when she was running about the need to get out and so i -- i'm encouraging whether it's the vice president or secretary becerra to come here and talk to border patrol agents and find out what's going on. your press guest noted that when you talk to agents as we have, they will tell you this is the worst they've seen in two decades, talk to local sheriffs
12:50 pm
and they will tell you how the system is being overwhelmed and how the cartels are using crisis in order to smuggle drugs into the country and make money believable profits which we will pay for for generations and so the biden administration has a fundamental misunderstanding of what the role of the federal government is. whether it's the new rules regarding to cut taxes or stop pipelines or increasing by decriminalizing or incentivizing immigration, they are radically changing the country and they know that when people become dependent on the federal government that they can control it. maria: yeah. i think it makes really important points and we have pictures to show what we've seen to be drugs on the floor. we will take a short break. when we come back, i want to ask more about what you are doing and whether or not you can be successful in stopping the tax increases, hr1, we are talking with the ag of arizona and we
12:51 pm
with the ag of arizona and we will be right [tv announcer] come on down to our appliance superstore where we've got the best deals on refrigerators, microwaves, gas ranges and grills. and if you're looking for... priceline works with top hotels, to save you up to 60%. these are all great. and when you get a big deal... you feel like a big deal. ♪♪ priceline. every trip is a big deal. ♪ ♪i've got the brains you've got the looks♪ ♪let's make lots of money♪ ♪you've got the brawn♪ ♪i've got the brains♪ ♪let's make lots of♪ ♪uh uh uh♪ ♪oohhh there's a lot of opportunities♪ with allstate, drivers who switched saved over $700. saving is easy when you're in good hands. allstate click or call to switch today.
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maria: welcome back, and i'm back with arizona attorney general mark brnovich. mark, i'd love to understand better our audience needs to understand better the process with which the ag's are moving forward and -- and how you can be successful in stopping this radical agenda. you just mentioned drugs at the border. final questions on this issue because we know the head of the border is now resigning, roberta jackson. roberta jacobson rather resign from the crisis that she initially denied. the pictures from representative jim jordan show what we think are drugs on the floor, meth and cocaine and plastic bags on the floor at the border.
12:55 pm
how do you feel that the lawsuits can actually move forward and what is the process for you to stop this agenda? >> so, for example, two of our lawsuit that is we are leading on one is we want the biden administration to reinstitute deportations because they have i cent vised and decriminalized and we have sued the administration over rescinding and the biden administration are nearly giving medical benefits and other benefits that are public tax dollars that people that broke the law in the country and regardless of what you think of the issue, it's fundamentally unfair that someone that came in here that broke the law to get all of the government benefits. my goodness, maria, we have homeless vets in this country yet the biden administration wants to spends hundreds of dollars per migrant family to
12:56 pm
house them. maria: unbelievable. mark: border has to take them, arrest them and then process them and while they're doing that the drug cartels are literally driving trucks across the border with drugs, so this is not just in arizona. it's going to affect the entire country for generations to come. maria: and real quick before we go, talk to us about taxes because you are also suing over 1.9 trillion stimulus package which says if you get any money, you can't cut taxes? >> it's absolutely ridiculous. think about this, maria, we beg the federal government for $1,400 stimulus checks, that's our hard-earned dollars and the state can't cut taxes by a similar amount? why is that? this is about the centralization of power in washington, d.c. we will do everything that we can on our side to fight it to make sure that we respect
12:57 pm
federalism and the federal government doesn't come here to stay and uphold the tenth amendment. maria: yeah. and that's exactly what they are trying to do with hr1 as well. arizona attorney genera so you want to make the best burger ever? then make it! that means cooking day and night until... [ ding ] success! that means... best burger ever. intuit quickbooks helps small businesses be more successful with payments, payroll, and banking. [♪♪] when you have diabetes, managing your blood sugar is crucial. try boost glucose control. the patented blend is clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels. boost glucose control products contain high quality protein and key nutrients to support immune health. try boost.
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eric: the southern border showing no signs of letting up. the biden administration is considering what it calls a conditional cash transfer program. it hopes to address the economic hardships that has led so many to make it the dangerous track to our border. that tragedy has been tried before and we had allocated billions but the migrants, they still have their sights set on the usa. hello everyone and welcome to fox news live, i'm eric shawn. arthel: i'm arthel neville and were publicans are complaining that there is no


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