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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  April 11, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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♪ ♪. arthel: president biden under pressure to respond to a record number of arrest at the southern border u.s. custom and border protection reporting is 71% increase of apprehensions from february to march this year, hello and welcome to fox news live i am arthel neville. eric: hello everyone thank you for joining us on the sunday i am eric shawn we have two other major stories we are following at this hour president biden trying to set up a commission as you heard to study changing the number of justices on the supreme court including not just adding justices but giving them
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term limited not lifetime appointment, that is raising hackles in washington today. will have the latest on the california mother who was arrested in the stabbing death of her three children, all the young kids under the age of four. we will have more on the breaking news stories in a moment but let's go to rich hudson live in the southern border in texas. were right over your shoulder the border patrol has just nabbed a family of migrants who just crossed over the border. >> that is right, this is a very busy corridor, this road throughout the day, right behind the border patrol taking families into custody putting them into the truck over my shoulder right here. if you go a mile beyond the border patrol trucks you of the rio grande river in the mexican border and you border control cars van and buses going up and down this road throughout the morning taking migrants to be processed through different facilities throughout this
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region, you have a 20 year high that encounters on the southwest border but you have an all-time high and unaccompanied children crossing the border, that is for the month of march, the governor of texas said he has claimed and heard reports of being abused in their shelters, he spoke with chris wallace a couple of hours ago. >> don't fall prey to the democrats and others saying they didn't complain about this in the past, what they need to focus on his attention to last month in dallas, texas where i pointed out that there's going to be instances of child sex abuse taking place. today the biden administration has done nothing to address the situation. >> the federal government of health and human services runs the shelter and says hhs has a zero-tolerance policy for all forms of inappropriate sexual behavior in all care provider facilities, we will continue
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investigating any incident affecting children's health, well-being and safety and take the proper measures. the activity continues at the border, you also the number of congressional delegations, they have been coming into the past week through the weekend and there's more scheduled today through tomorrow, republicans have been hitting the biden administration very hard for all of this, the biden administration says is trying to address the drivers of migration calling for additional 4 billion-dollar allocation to try to help the northern triangle that is el salvador, guatemala and honduras to try to improve conditions to prevent them from taking very dangerous journey through mexico across the rio grande and many end up in custody and some certainly do not. back to you. arthel: speaking about the family behind you and border patrol custody, can you describe the family, did you see them in the administration has been criticized for releasing families into the country
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because they don't have enough facilities giving them the catch and release in the court date and any information about what will happen to that family that is sitting in those vehicles behind you. >> that's a very good question, luckily for that family it appears it was a family unit together we did not have an opportunity to speak with them nor have we got to the border patrol agents who apprehended them so were not sure specifically what that condition is, they have taken the journey through and were expecting 90 degrees today and we had 90 degrees yesterday and 100 degrees the day before it's a dangerous journey that they've undertaken and attended here. as to where they go from here, the biden administration is using emergency authority to expel a number of migrants before they go in a claim silent but they're still coming into the united states and if they have family certainly children
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there be in place of families within the united states and unaccompanied minors, those of the children going hhs facilities and staying within the united states. you have a system that is really being put together here especially when you consider you have a 20 year high and people last month alone in the southwest border an all-time high with children alone crossing the border. eric: a record number last month of the children, rich hudson, thank you so much from the border. arthel: right now we have more reaction president biden commission to study potential changes to the supreme court, the washington post editorial board now calling for set term limits to give the president from both parties more opportunities to put better nominees lowering the stake for each vacancy, let's go to david spunt live in the white house with more on this. >> good afternoon, this should not come as a surprise this
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commission as it was canada joe biden when running for president about six months ago the city wanted to study the issue and is going to be a bipartisan commission, 36 people republican and democrats 180 days of report back in six months. what is interesting specifically, when you look at the history of the court in the early days of the supreme court, there were six justices on the supreme court, three and three, it was hard to break a tie, their benign justices sitting on the high court since 1869 consecutively, that is four years after the civil war ended. in 2019 justice ruth bader ginsburg said nine seems to be a good number when talking to be about the number of justices on the bench. other justices have said in the past week alone nine seems to work, just a stephen breyer you don't really hear from these justices speaking publicly but he spoke to harvard last week
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and said this about adding justices to the court. listen. >> motored by the perception of political policing, further eroding the trust. >> he is a fan, the washington post and with an op-ed replacing instituted in 1788 at a time of a shorter life expectancy with an 18 year term, that is a proposal that would drain the intensity from the supreme court politics by providing both policies to nominate justices thus lowering the stakes of each vacancy. in addition to the supreme court is time sensitive impressing on the president's agenda with the white house is calling an urgent infrastructure plan, the president's plan is to make sure american companies are paying taxes to help with infrastructure, the white house looking into and half trillion dollars over 15 years to help finance roads and bridges, even
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airports. >> if you go to a u.s. airport and compare them to you airports and other countries and developed countries you know the u.s. is not at a high standard, we don't have a lot of work to do to persuade the american people but infrastructure needs major improvement. >> the president is looking to increase the corporate tax rate from 21% to 20% moderates like joe manchin say let's meet in the middle of 25% the supreme court commission says it will take six months president biden said to meet with democrats and republicans tomorrow to talk about the infrastructure deal. arthel: david spunt live at the white house. eric: a heartbreaking and inexplicable tragedy in los angeles, mother arrested after police discovered the bodies of her three young children inside the apartment. authorities say that they apparently according to reports have been stabbed to death.
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detectives arrested the mother, more than 200 miles away in central california and the victims in this horrible incident all under five years old. live in los angeles with more. christina. >> this is so tragic, two of the young victims are three and two years old in the third victim is a 6-month-old baby, police say their grandmother found them inside of their san fernando valley apartment saturday morning about 25 miles from downtown los angeles, the cause of death is undetermined but according to early reports the children were stabbed, this whole ordeal has left neighbors baffled in several saying that they never known anything unusual at the apartment and according to one neighbor no one saw the father around. officers also say there hadn't been any prior calls for police at the residence. >> 's unfortunate situation and unfortunate for the family and the community overall in my message to you well if you're
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expressing something don't take it out on family and friends, try to seek out whatever help is needed. >> the mom of the children liliana carrillo was arrested 200 miles north of los angeles after leading authorities on a massive manhunt during that chase she carjacked a pickup truck and bakersfield, police say the sole suspect in this case and the big question here is why, why did this happen, what led up to this tragedy. police are investigating a motive. eric: thank you. arthel: so tragic. marilyn making history after democrats in the state legislature overrode vetoes from governor larry hogan and their landmark police reform package is a loss, this makes maryland the first state to do away with the law enforcement officers bill of rights, senior
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correspondent lori ingle is live with more on this. >> of course there are opposing views on how the new laws will shake out, as those who are for the police reform say the type of changes needed 2021 overwriting three of his vetoes on the measures. the new laws were designed to change a disciplinary process for officers in addition to giving the public greater access to complaint internal affairs files and put a cap on no knock warrant and nighttime rains. it would treat police unfairly, the sheriff's counties said the legislation you support standard is also too vague. >> they've changed the necessary
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proportion which no one knows what that means, it's not defined and what it means police officers will be monday morning quarterback, people are going to look at after the fact is it was that necessary and proportional. >> in addition the packaging for the civil liability limit involving police from $400,000 to 890,000, an officer convicted of serious injury or death through excessive force would have ten years in prison, democratic lawmakers like joe carter of baltimore has said the erosion of public confidence happens when nothing is done when residents file complaint against police adding it's an important step in the direction. some of the laws will go into effect early june some late next july. arthel: lori ingle, thank you. eric: six person has died after the mass shooting in rock hill
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south carolina named on the seahawks player, the victim survived the attack and underwent multiple surgeries but died of his wounds yesterday he was one of the two air conditioning technicians who allegedly was shot by former nfl player philip adams outside of the home last wednesday, police say adams went inside the home killing the doctor and his wife barbara and their two young grandchildren before he killed himself, his family says the former player suffered concussions and had other issues stemming from his and a full career. arthel: another tragic story, the biden of initiation struggling to keep up with overflow on a copy children arriving at our southern border, a texas official who has seen the crisis unfold firsthand plus expanding the supreme court democrats applauded and republicans against it.
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♪ ♪. arthel: nevada is taking steps to become the first primary
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election date leaping ahead of iowa and new hampshire of the voting calendar. the democrat backed bill would replace the states caucuses with state run elections. the legislation faces potential pushback from the democratic and republican national committees which set the nominating agenda. >> president roosevelt clearly had a right to send to the united states senate and congress to proposal to pack the court, was totally within his right to do that, he violated no law, he was legalistic we absolutely correct but it was a bonehead idea. it was a terrible terrible mistake to make. eric: a bonehead idea, that of course was senator joe biden back in 1983 giving his advice about expanding the united states supreme court referring to president franklin roosevelt court packing plan to try to do that back in 1937. now president biden has created a commission to weigh in on this
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question, that commission will study the nation's highest court scrapping the lifetime tenure and limiting the jobs to 18 years. the progressive democrats are calling for, with the president listen to his party's liberal course or take his own advice from nearly 40 years ago. let's bring in the ceo of real clear politics tom bevins. his expanding the supreme court, adding more justices based on what the republic has done in the past few years, is at base for the country democrats on principle, politics or both? >> pretty much all politics, the democrats were not in favor of this. that is what really matters here. you played it in david spunt's earlier package, ruth bader ginsburg in 2019, stephen breyer at harvard and harry reid say this is a bad idea, joe biden
9:20 am
not only 1983 but 2005 characterizes as a power grab, democrats have not been in favor of this until donald trump has one threes conservative supreme court justices and suddenly we need to have not court packing when democrats are calling judicial reform, that is what they're pushing. ultimately this just gives biden and allows him to kick the issue down the road about six months and it allows him to buy time so he doesn't have to deal with this because it's a thorn in his side politically. eric: you know what the progressive say the look at the fact they say the republican presidents who were not elected by the majority of americans and represented a minority of red states, they are getting the supreme court picks through and as you said mitch mcconnell blocked eric garland and they say the rush through amy coney barrett and now the progressive say it's our chance, we should
9:21 am
have abolished just like fdr did when the supreme court knocked on the supreme court legislation. to 15. >> it was his own party that shot him down. i suspect, you look at the composition of the senate, they would have to weigh in on this, joe manchin, kyrsten sinema from arizona, there is not an appetite to do it it's terrible in terms of public polling, the moderates don't, independent don't and certainly republicans don't. it is a lose politically and it would be a high-stakes scandal and i don't think this is something joe biden wants to take on in the next six months or the midterms or reelection, it is a political loser and i understand the democrats are upset but the answer to this is to win elections, not to break norms for tickly one that's been in place since 1869. eric: the old football player politics is critic admission their way to an agency a group
9:22 am
of intellectuals and experts to study something, come back and i'll do with the report says and deep-sixed the report or whatever they're going to do, what do you think the president is going to do and do you think he is doing this to cover himself to say it is not me, it's whatever it is with this commission. >> again i don't think it's hard to miss he's been on record multiple times saying it's a bad idea. he was unwilling to say that publicly before the election and it shows he was not willing to anger the progressive wing of his party, he needed them for that election. this is the same situation i do think his heart isn't it advise them six months and he can continue to kick the can down the road this is fulfilling a campaign promise but at the end of the day i don't think it goes anywhere. eventually it'll anger the progressives when they realize this but that's ultimately what happens. eric: basically six month from
9:23 am
now they put that on his desk, does he say think you are physical and the vertical file. >> i think both, it's not clear from the executive order that they will provide recommendation they may support the pros and cons of the proposals of expanding the court in doing the term limits but ultimately they may not provide recommendation so he may not have anything to follow or act on. eric: good to see you, tom bevan the founder and ceo of real clear politics you what happens get back here in six months. arthel: new concerns of the border as more migrant children pack over flows facilities greg abbott is calling for one facility to be shut down. export and investigation will be launched. ♪
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>> we have the highest number of people coming illegally across the border that we've seen in 15 years, they can fix this, they gotta fix that it is gonna take willingness on the administration and say all the abrupt changes from the existing policies were wrong but we have a major crisis down there in its worsening by the day. arthel: that was south dakota
9:29 am
senator john thune this comes as texas is investigating allegations that some on a copy migrant children are being sexually abused at the overflow facility in san antonio. here is how the white house responded to those reports. >> we take safety and the well-being of children in our care very seriously hence our earlier conversation about the fundies bent to keep them safe during the pandemic. it is being looked into and investigated by the department of health and human services. arthel: this comes out there are more than 20000 on a copy migrant children in u.s. custody, let's bring in christopher at the texas department of public safety, first of all can you briefly explain how the texas department of public safety is involved in monitoring the border. >> thank you for having me, with
9:30 am
the current border situation under the direction and leadership government abbott we have operation lodestar which took place march 4, directed safety to ensure border security, to ensure the safety of the communities by disrupting criminal activity along the texas mexico border. arthel: have you been to any of the facilities where the children are being held, tell us what they're like on the allegations of sexual assault, needless to say very disturbing have you been told about this, how can something like this happen at a government run shelter. >> are state resources have not been at those facilities. but to hear of the allegations is very appalling and disturbing and upsetting because of the father those allegations should not be taking place this is something that can prevent it with the federal government but
9:31 am
at this time right now the federal government is not acting that's why texas leadership and legislatures are stepping forward and were not gonna stand by to allow it to continue to happen under current texas at these facilities. now governor habit has directed to the allocations and investigate the allegations thoroughly. arthel: they are very serious and there's reports that these children are being held in wide open spaces solo possibility of such heinous activity taking place is very unlikely but something that needs to get looked into and be discovered if it's true or not. according to health and human services they're releasing a statement in response to the allegations saying hhs had a zero-tolerance policy for all forms of sexual harassment and inappropriate sexual behavior at all facilities.
9:32 am
so what is the main cry for help that you are hearing from border patrol, gps or any other law enforcement agencies working on site down there. >> are partners are overwhelmed with the surge because her tied up, pulled away from the river off the mime to process the surge of the migrants and because of the surge is allowed the border for the cartel and the in going back about overcrowding with the surge entering the u.s. illegally. because they do not have support from the federal government and that the state of texas that will step in and will do our best to assist her criminal partners as best as we can. arthel: i'm glad texas is
9:33 am
jumping in with the federal government has had some success releasing these children unfortunately more writing then released to parents and sponsors. i want to talk about that, are you able to give us any insight how these children are released into the custody of relatives already living in the u.s.? >> we do not have information that is seen by cbp, whether we do our role to state agency and state police and we come into contact with the migrants we refer them to u.s. border patrol and just during operation lodestar on march 4 until april 8 we have come into contact with 21000 migrants that have entered the u.s. illegally. arthel: finally based on your discovery what is the most immediate answer, i know it's a
9:34 am
complicated answer that would be needed, what could happen in the most immediate curtail some of this. >> right now the situation is out of control, the u.s. border patrol needs more support they need more agents in facilities to adjudicate these cases. they need the support from the federal government in right now are doing the best we can with the state agency to assist to deteriorate and disrupt the common activity taking place with the current situation. arthel: lieutenant christopher, thank you for joining us and good luck with everything you're trained to do down there. eric: former president trump reported tearing into senator mcconnell, the former president also said he thinks the gop can retake the house and the senate and the midterms and he says the
9:35 am
republicans can capture the white house in 2024. jacqui heinrich in washington with more on what the former president said. >> the remarks are not scripted in a 50 minute speech to gop donors which focused on positioning republicans to win back the majority in 2022. former president trump spent several minutes tearing into minority leader mitch mcconnell vice president mike pence for accepting the results in the electoral college and certifying president biden's win, according to reports trumped grief or to mcconnell calling him a stone cold loser say the real leader would not of accepted the resultantly mama, for not defending him during impeachment grade mcconnell who did not vote to convict trump gave a review on the senate forcing the former president was morally responsible for the january 6 insurrection to which trump applied to a statement calling mcconnell a political hack and
9:36 am
mcconnell's reelection and mcconnell sarcastically answered with this. >> i want to thank him for the 15-point margin i had in 201401s well. >> the bad blood between the former president most powerful republicans to hold elected office comes a number of incumbents fighting for their reelection, so far their priorities are mostly aligned. >> it is part of the style and tone that comes with the former president but i think human mitch mcconnell have a common goal which is getting the majority back in 2022 and in the end hopefully that will unite us because if we want to defeat and succeed against the democrats and get the majority back, that's about three digit. >> president trump speech real against woe corporation singling out major league baseball for instance for his decision to pull the all-star game from atlanta because the new voting rights laws. they try to focus the topics on party, unity things that would align them like tech censorship. eric: thank you so much.
9:37 am
arthel: georgia the third state to temporarily shut down the johnson & johnson vaccination site after several people had a bad reaction to the shot the pharmaceutical giant facing a severe supply shortage after millions of doses were contaminated in a mixup at one of its manufacturing plants. charles watson is live in atlanta with more details. >> johnson & johnson certainly had a lot on their hands, the georgia department of health having to temporarily shut down vaccination site after eight people experience adverse side effects after receiving their johnson & johnson shot in the same situation in north carolina and colorado officials there put a pause on vaccine sites administering j&j shots after 30 people between the two states had side effects like nausea, dizziness and fainting, despite those cases north carolina department of health says the
9:38 am
cdc analysis is no safety issue with the j&j vaccine and recommended continuing to administer doses with as j&j set to dramatically decrease shipments. the company will ship out 86% fewer doses as this was a production issue at the same baltimore production site where 15 million doses of the vaccine were mistakenly ruined earlier this month and according to cdc data, 700,000 shots will be available to states this week, a huge decline from the 4.9 million j&j shot that were shipped out to state a week ago. >> we've been speaking with the administration of washington, d.c. regularly over the last few days. we will continue to do so, anybody that looks at a covid map knows that michigan is an
9:39 am
national hotspot right now my team and i have been in regular conversation with the national covid response team and we've asked for more vaccines. >> michigan governor gretchen whitmer calling on the biden ministry to get more vaccines to her state as cases rise in the upper midwest michigan is among the hardest hit states in the country thousands of new cases daily. critically among teenagers, the state also has a second highest number of cases involving the highly contagious be 117 variant which public health experts say is the most dominant variant in the country in ohio and minnesota dealing with the same issue, the increase in cases in icu visits and governors in those states are urging people to keep up the social distancing efforts, wash hands and get the vaccine as soon as possible. arthel: the pandemic is not over, thank you.
9:40 am
eric: new fears this week that china could eventually be prepared to attack taiwan. in europe new worries that russia could invade ukraine again, vladimir putin see more troops on the border there. our american rivals testing president biden in the tennessee senator marsha blackburn is here on the threats and our answers next. ♪ new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed
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[sizzling] i may not be able to tell time, but i know what time it is. [whispering] it's grilled cheese o'clock. horizon beijing into taiwanese airspace reason concerns that beijing could be practicing a possible attack on taiwan. secretary of state anthony blinken says that would be a rough time for the biden administration and issue this morning to beijing this morning. >> what we've seen is a real concern to us is increasingly aggressive actions by the government in beijing directed
9:45 am
at taiwan, raising tensions and we have a commitment to taiwan under the taiwan relations act a bipartisan commitment that existed for many years to make sure taiwan has the ability to dependent self and that we are sustaining peace and we stand behind those commitments. it would be a serious mistake for anyone to change existing status quo by force. eric: tennessee republican senator marsha blackboard who has been a critic of the actions of beijing, china is eyeing in solid dating avenue taiwan, what you see happening and what can we do about it. >> what we know china, russia, iran and north korea are that new axis of evil, china is very aggressive in testing the biden
9:46 am
administration and when it comes to what we should do about it we need to remember generations of americans have promised to protect taiwan. when we protect taiwan we send the signal that we are going to stand for and protect democracy, that signal was understood by our allies, not only our allies in the indo pacific but our allies globally, it is also understood by your enemy that we are going to stand solid and resolute for democracy. arthel: it is a democracy free unlike beijing and at the same time, right after president trump left office secretary of state mike pompeo in the last week sent a message, you loosen u.s. officials rules and engaging with taiwan, a lot of people don't realize we don't have diplomatic relations with
9:47 am
taiwan, officials haven't been able to always meet together but now they can be in government buildings, would you call on the biden administration, they are continuing that, to continue that policy and say beijing were messages of support of taiwan. >> the biden administration should send more messages of support for taiwan and for our allies who are going to stand with us against china and their aggression. when you look at what is happening with china, how they are pushing into the south china sea and they were to take taiwan, if they take away the freedom from hong kong, if you look at what they're doing to the uighurs, if you look at how they are trying to practice that diplomacy all around the globe, what are they trying to do, they are trying to build a chinese
9:48 am
empire, much like what you have with the old soviet union. china, russia, iran, north korea gives you new access of evil, this is where we have to keep her focus. eric: do you fear, you just mentioned in the soviet union there were entering a new cold war in their power and growth and ability to expand economically and militarily around the globe outstrips russia and rivals what we face during the cold war during the soviet union and that may be a greater threat than the soviet union was when we were growing up. >> you have to remember that china looks like this as a hundred year marathon and a look at the 21st century as a chinese century and they are going after things economically and was civil military fusion and with great power competition
9:49 am
with their debt diplomacy and road initiative. what china is doing is fighting on all fronts. we would be wise to remember that and to push back. one of the things it does concern me is the biden administration and their budget, they are not budgeting enough to continue current force structure about what are they doing, they are saying $2 trillion in a domestic infrastructure bill, that is a way for us to fight against beijing and that is just not correct, what we need to do is make certain that we are going to be prepared with a strong military that we can achieve peace through strength and were focused on great power competition and looking at technology and the utilization of that and 5g as we look at
9:50 am
21st century protection for our nation and for our military, what we need to do is be smart economically and return u.s. shores, some of the manufacturing that is gone to china in years past such as with our semi conductor trips with her active pharmaceutical ingredients with their pharmaceuticals and vaccines. those things need to come back to strengthen our workforce. eric: there's a problem with the supply line in detroit they're shutting down the supply lines because they had semiconductor problems, senator marsha blackburn, china, the greatest threat. >> thank you. eric: okay, that can be a yes, were out of time, i apologize. arthel: the uk in the entire globe saying goodbye to queen
9:51 am
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over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. arthel: prince philip will be laid to rest at a private ceremony as the world continues to mourn the longtime husband of queen elizabeth, many churches in britain held services to
9:55 am
remember and offer prayers to the late duke of edinburg. >> the end of the day outside of windsor castle, that is where prince philip passed on friday and work queen elizabeth is right now we have flowers being brought in honor of the prince after church service earlier today here is what one of philip's sons prince andrew had to say. >> it is a great loss. i think the other way i would put it we've lost almost a grandfather as a nation. and they go very sorry and supportive of my mother who was feeling it more than everybody else. >> 's funeral will be held at a chapel and due to covid and the prince's prior wishes it will be
9:56 am
a low-key affair, no public, here's what a few members of the public told us today. >> i think he was the queens rock, an enormous amount of society. >> what he did for the queen and what he did for this country was outstanding. just a normal normal man. >> president prince harry is said to be flying in from california also to attend the funeral and everyone paying their respects. arthel: greg live in london. it's so sad everybody has to go but i wish i didn't have to happen. were back at 4:00 p.m. eastern. please join us next. thank you! hey, hey, no, no limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein.
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♪ ♪ >> a live look at the southern border of the united states coming in from our drone camp, apprehensions hitting historic levels with more than 172,000 migrants counted in the month of march, welcome to fox news live i am mike emanuel present abiding facing growing calls to visit the southern border himself as these numbers continue to rise, meanwhile his border says she will leave her post at the end of the month. rich edson is tracking it all from texas, good afternoon. >> good afternoon were about a mile north of the rio grande river, that is the border with


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