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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  April 11, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> it started out as a baseball brawl and is now a full-blown media slug fest over base business voting rights and the republican party. the pundits with standing ovation after president biden back booting the all-star game i should say from at will nota to punish georgia from what he says an awful voting law prompting donald trump urging fans to boycott baseball. what is actually moving accomplish other than hurting small businesses and biden admits that's a problem. if the all-star can't play there and what about augusta, a reporter asked biden the very question. >> i think that's up to the
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masters, businesses are speaking up about how these new jim crow laws are just anathetical of who we are. howie: firms like coke and delta and trump wants to boycott against those companies as well. this is estrangement, not quite a divorce and mcconnell warning of serious consequences. some hypocrisy on both sides for the media to exif they weren't so busy cheering each swing against the republicans. i'm howard kurtz and this is media buzz. ♪ ♪
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♪ howie: as you can see we are in the brand-new studio in more than year of doing show in basement. i have a desk. we will talk with greg gutfeld who has strong views pretty much on everything. >> republicans are in coca-cola too. and we fly and we like baseball. i'm talking about taking a position on a highly issue like that and punishing a community or a state. >> liberal activist don't want to defame the state the land of jim crow. jim crow 2.0. they want to devastate its economy as well. >> the gop is railing at cancel culture at every turn and mcconnell telling businesses what to do. >> every person should be
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furious with biden, adams and major league baseball and frankly 200 spineless corporations for amplifying these lies. >> the hypocrisy is for mcconnell, he has spent years raising money for political causes. howie: joining us to analyze ben domenech and harold ford, the former democratic congressman. ben, the media are acting shock that key republicans are slamming big business because some companies are ripping this new georgia law and similar state proposals. is the split as severe as the president is suggesting? ben: i think it is and the priorities of corporations historically have always been the profit motive first, something that certainly led them to align with conservative politicians when it came to deregulation, to lower taxes and frankly to a lot of policies
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that you can question whether they really are justified to, you know, help the economy or whether they are actually corporate welfare. basically what's going on here is that these corporations are now waiting into increasingly partisan political battles and using the authority that they have to try to affect policy in response to the request that they receive both from the left mob that you mentioned but also from members of the media themselves. one of the most interesting things that happened in response to that was the thread that was from cnn's jake tapper when he was basically was saying what baseball was doing is getting ahead of this before we and the media had the chance to go after them and to -- and to attack them for continuing to have the all-star game. it wasn't coming from the players. it wasn't coming from the fans. it was coming from people that want to use congreso to achieve culture war victories that they can't do via government or the courts. >> harold, mcconnell walked it back a little bit. basically the gop always, always
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wanted corporations involved in politics, what's good for general motors and all of that. now you have the likes of delta, coke, j.p. morgan chase, viacom, cbs, breaking and the media are all over the story. >> well, happy sunday, thanks for having me. i think we should put all of this in some perspective. in fact, in 2014 it was justice alito that wrote that corporations are entitled to the protection of religious liberties as human beings because human beings control those companies. in the past, corporations have largely sided to ben's point, someone argue narrow set of objectives, they thought about economic, societal inclusion, last 2 years, last year, we have seen the business round table, we have seen large big ceo's and big company including the last week jp morgan and amazon, the ceo's come out and suggest that they are open to the idea of
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paying more taxes. they're open to ideas of climate change. howie: you see this as a long-term revolution. let me jump in and we will come back to you, harold. when president biden deflected reporter of moving masters out of augusta, did it highlight inconsistency of espn of yanking the all-star game on moral grounds? ben: absolutely. i think that this is an increasingly hypocritical situation not just for the president or politicians who are demanding these extracted reactions from government, from government figures and from various corporate entities. i also think it's hypocritical just because of the relationships that these various corporations have around the world. so often we see organizations that do an enormous amount of business in china that are also, you know, completely silent on various human rights abuses,
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hong kong, et cetera, this is what we saw last year with the nba and everything related to that. and i think that this is going to continue to be an element where use and are hypocritical when it comes to hurting certain states and going after the economy and going after the businesses there and then turning a blind eye when it comes to other areas where they might have other interests. howie: harold, is the press making too much of donald trump's call to boycott and influential as he is in republicans, he is, of course, a former president? >> look, the president -- the former president has the right to call for what he wants to. he's giving them an opportunity to read those things now. at the end of the day, we evolved, the politics evolved. to ben's point it takes politicians reacting. the same politician that is accepted contributions from those companies that may have
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some -- a little bit of ambiguity in how they look at human rights, just not total consistency. it goes both ways. we are in unique moment in politics. we saw president biden have to back -- backtrack some of those comments as you said, howie, but at the end of the day, this is a moment where corporate, political politicians in america are having to reconcile and grapple with who we are and what voters want and what their consumers want going forward. howie: did the press rush to judgment on the georgia voting law which has been portrayed as evil, biden uses the phrase jim crow because later reports say that, sure, it makes it more difficult or more difficult to cast mail ballots needing identification and there are ways in which the law, for example, by expanding early voting opportunities to another saturday, so did the press blow
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it here? ben: i think it was a complete, you know, push and this is something that depresses because i think we need to have confidence in our election going forward and the georgia law was too moderate in some respects, making the drop boxes permanent, expanding as you said some of the early-voting opportunity. you can't redefine jim crow as being having to put your last four of your social security number on -- on an envelope and just to one more point. the baseball aspect of this. i talked to bill james on my podcast which is out at tomorrow. the great baseball writer and -- and clearly leading voice on this and he makes the point that when we lose baseball as a unifying institution of american life, that it really cuts at the core. this is the one way, the one space that people red and blue divide can come together, cheer on a team regardless of race, regardless of class and i think
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that this really is a dangerous road to go down for one of the few remaining unified institutions of american life. howie: i will point out that the washington post gave president biden four pinochos and that all polling place wills have to shut down at 5:00 p.m. and hurts working people. the white house doesn't change stance on that nor have the media. let me get you to reports, new york times and elsewhere about donald trump at mar-a-lago with rnc gathering, he called the aformation mcconnell a dumb sob and stone-cold loser and the media, the media are not that far off saying the split within the republican party has become a casm. >> look, there's a lot of reconciliation in the republican party. i'm a believer that instead of fighting and narrowing the right the people to vote, republicans ought to do what newt gringrich
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who i didn't vote and late ronald reagan who i didn't vote for, they won by towering ideas and vision. if republicans get back to that as opposed to name-calling and the gutter kind of politics they have a better chance of attracting and for that matter connecting to the majority of voters. he should try to be that person. i didn't agree with him. howie: reconciliation, that's such a congressional word. former president also chiding mitch mcconnell, i hired his wife elaine chao and you never thanked me. it seems to me that trump is bringing the press for portraying as a gop civil war, ben. ben: we have to keep in mind, mitch mcconnell isn't the leader anymore. he may be top official in washington but clearly the party that was redefined by donald trump, redefined in many ways in terms of the electorate there
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and i think mcconnell himself was frustrated in the wake of january 6th with everything that happened and his own inability to shepherd through a real break with the president. instead i think he's speaking as the most powerful still within the party's coalition within the time being and he does, i think, have a lot of gripes, a lot of personal gripes with mitch mcconnell. howie: you may or may not be right, mcconnell is the most influential republican in washington. ahead greg gutfeld weighs in and when we come back how 60 minutes botched the story on ron desantis and how media is actually helping florida's governor. ♪ ♪ ♪ [tv announcer] come on down to our appliance superstore where we've got the best deals on refrigerators, microwaves,
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howie: 60 minutes isn't backing down from a rather one-sided
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story on florida governor ron desantis, drawing harsh criticism. the piece suggest that is the republican governor favored public super markets with vaccine contracts weeks after 100,000-dollar donation to his pack. when desantis wouldn't talk to the program cbs confronted him. >> the criticism it's pay to play. >> it's wrong, it's a fake narrative. i just disabused you of the narrative and you don't care about the facts because obviously i layed it out for you in a way that's irrefutable. it clearly not. howie: and later he hammered the program. >> they don't believe in facts, it was a political narrative. it was done with malicious intent and reckless disregard for the truth. obviously they were in florida for 3 months, 60 minutes, trying to drudge any dirt to smearma.
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howie: ben, federalist was out with a piece. let me share with the folks at home on what he said that department make air. >> pharmacies that had it were vcvs and walgreens, we reached out for wal-mart, they were the first ones to raise their hand and say they were ready to go. howie: ben, how does the new show not show that and you don't have half a minute out of 10 minutes at least summarize what the governor said? ben: i mean, i think it was totally irresponsible but i think it was intentional. this was not as they claimed something that was meant to provide clarity. it was something used to disguise clarity in this situation and just keep in mind, too, that that this would be equivalent of saying that in new york city you weren't going to have duane reed offering vaccines. that's ludicrous. according to palm beach county,
8:18 am
90% of seniors living within mile and a half of a publics and in fact, i have to say my own grandmother, she got her vaccine at wal-mart. my aunt got her vaccine at a windixie and the reason because the line at the public was too long. you want to lean into obviously providing the vaccines and when you're reporting about them and you leave out all of the information that he was sharing, it was clearly something intended to deliver a narrative as opposed to delivering facts. howie: and said the idea we ignored the perspective is untrue. at the same time the really devastating critique here came from a guy dave who is the democratic mayor of palm beach county who sought out 60 minutes and spoke to the program and said comments weren't used. take a look. >> did not have the perspective
8:19 am
included and sort of experience. i left this experience really disheartened with 60 minutes and still don't have an explanation as to why my -- >> yeah. >> my comments were never inclu. >> i would say 60 minutes is one if not the most successful news shows in the history of american news. did it get right all of the time, of course not. this is one of those times. the notion that people give big donations and preferential treatment. it doesn't sound like this was the case with this matter here. howie: the press has been hammering ron desantis over response to individual -- to covid and is this media animosity, even new york times saying he's a strong 2024 presidential contender and citing in the wake of the 60
8:20 am
minutes backlash. ben: well, i think it was going to be a strong 2024 presidential contender regardless based on his own policy performance as governor which has frankly surprised me, has impressed me in a lot of ways and was going to put him on the map there but the media attention only furthers this and the fact that desantis is not someone who seems to be a shrinking violet when it comes to confronting the media. we have seen politicians who benefited from getting into scraps with the media and doing successfully and boldly, most recently donald trump. and i think that's something that would certainly help desantis in future contest. howie: you anticipated question for harold, does have the trumpian flair for sticking it to the press which makes the press unhappy, harold, that could absolutely help him in the gop primary? >> tradition in this country, a politician standing up and being confrontation with the press,
8:21 am
the most recent obviously and successful president trump. looks like governor desantis is taking a page from the book, however, if you want to win the race, just attacking the press won't do it and you have to lay out a vision. attacking alone doesn't win. a vision, a laying how you will make america's lives better, that's what gets people elect today any office. howie: scrapping with the media also gets attention. harold, ben, thank you very much. if you haven't gotten enough ben domenech, 5:00 o'clock eastern, 5:00 o'clock eastern for the big sunday show. we have greg gutfeld standing by on donald trump's latest attacks last night but up next striking admission by samantha bee as to why she's not making jokes about joe biden.
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>> if you secretly suspected that tv comics are far less interested in mocking joe biden than skewing donald trump oneover them admits them. >> there's a nasty comedy bid i can allude of bide by saying i approve that i will pull the punch. can you find that happening? >> okay, we could be making jokes about -- we could be making jokes about the infrastructure plan but in general, this is great. howie: joining us from dallas, steve kraukauer. why would i want to make funovef him? >> you compare the obama years of comedy to the bush years. there's a little bit of a change there.
8:26 am
i don't think we have seen the pendulum shift to pronounced. the whiplash after trump years where comedians by the brave truth-tellers and biden years it's obvious that's not the case anymore but i think this speaks to a bigger point here because it's not just an editorial sort of political incentive here, i think there's also a financial one. look, if samantha bee does a hard, you know, segment about joe biden and alienates 20% of her audience, her show gets congress'ed. bill mahr, those are the places that you will go to see hard jokes about joe biden or criticism of joe biden because they actually don't operate with those same antiquated models for losing audience. howie: i give her points for candid but you're right, they built an anti-trump in the last 4 years and that's who they are playing to. let's talk about the white house.
8:27 am
we have a situation that's frustrating to journalists that the president has a long time loyal aides who don't leak on each other or against him. it's obviously star contrast to all the trump senior aides who constantly spent 4 years dumping on each other and dumping on their boss. so is anything lost? i mean, it's good message discipline for the white house. anything lost in terms of noting behind the scene glimpses in the sausage making? >> absolutely. i do think as you mentioned that the loyal aides that surround joe biden, that's a nice cushion here. you compare that to the trump years, the reality tv president sort of operated like the survivor in the white house with people getting -- losing their jobs and -- and terra told me that it was easy to cover the old white house which is a talking about on how challenging it was. it leaked and that made it easier to reporters. what incentive do reporters have
8:28 am
that cultivate countermessage within among aides that may be discontent inside the white house. there's not really -- they are just going to get destroyed on twitter if they do that. the disincentive is wrong also. howie: finally, long-time cnn anchor brook leaving network after decade in anchor chair, here is what she said in the podcast. >> the most influential anchors in our network, highest paid are men. my bosses, my executives are men. the person who oversees cnn day side is a man and my executive producer for ten years is a man. howie: what do you make of her parting shot? >> yeah, look, it's an honest observation. whether it's a critique or observation, that's the reality. look, cnn for the last ten years has not had a woman in prime time sin parker when she hosted a show with elliot, the
8:29 am
competitors, msnbc and fox news have had host in prime time. on one level there's a little bit of performative diversity that comes on here. okay, if you had one versus zero, it's one more. at the same time, i think that this is the ship that we are seeing and jim is out at the end of the year, i would be shocked if it's white male take his seat. howie: nice to see you. next on media buzz, greg gutfeld on media bias and donald trump unloading on everyone to mitch mcconnell to anthony fauci. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪
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howie: greg gutfeld kicked off late night show by beating up on cable news rivals. >> that's from the don lemon hour. [laughter] >> reports the news with the same look your mother gave you when she found weed in your sock drawer. i like bashing creeps in power, the stupid talking piñatas in politics, entertainment and especially the news media because they are all the same people or in zuckerberg's case, things that look like people. the only way they make money is by making people hate each other. howie: joining us now from new york greg gutfeld, new star of late night, cohost of the 5. greg, why would you come on and immediately trash your rivals and the late iconics, who does
8:34 am
that? greg: because i don't see them as my rivals. i, howie, am my own rival, right? i'm trying to beat my numbers on saturday. i'm trying to beat the numbers on the 5 and then i want to rub that in dana's face when i get back to work. that's my only goal. i am not even thinking about the other people. the only reason why i brought up don lemon because it's funny and the other guys is to establish a point of difference that there are greater threats to our daily discourse and our speech because we've seen social media and media come together creating almost like a -- a group sourcing of character assassination and none of those people are present. they're not doing anything with the exception of bill mahr who in the last few weeks or whatever has been really, really brilliant on this topic. but everybody else, they are so worried and to the point of the previous segment, everybody -- they are scared of being fire.
8:35 am
i don't care anymore. i have lived a full life, howie. i've had so many successes, i've lost count. so right now i'm doing this for the people. i'm doing this for you, howie. howie: very noble. [laughter] howie: some pundits are making people hate each other, how do you respond to fox's critics that say this network is polarizing? >> because they only say that because they were happy when there was only one poll, right? they never encountered any opposition pointing them out, so that's why there's a myth about polarization as in fox versus this. no, it's countering the animosity of the other networks and this is a very important and subtle point that i've been pushing for a while. when you look at the other networks and i call cnn the shame network, they target groups, right? trump voters, republicans, country clubbers, rich people, successful people. they never go after the person,
8:36 am
right? well, they went after trump and now tucker as a replacement but, in fact, when you look at fox, no one ever says those damn biden voters. i don't sit there and do complete screen of idiocy of voting for joe biden. i will talk about joe biden, i will talk about nancy pelosi, all the great characters but i never go after the group or i try not to. i can't say never because -- >> howie: what do you think of the early coverage of the new president and given that he took office in the middle of the pandemic, does he deserve a little bit of time to try to enact his policies before being declared a failure by the media? greg: everybody deserves a chance. i am more disgusted about how he had lied to the american public as a unifier. the big lie was that show was centrist and bring us all together meanwhile basically branding half of the country as
8:37 am
neantherdals and used the drinking bleach hoax and protecting and suppressing stories about joe's slowness or cognitive disabilities, i would say disabilities but cognitive decline. they can't do that meanwhile and i wouldn't bring that up except for 4 years they talked abtrump's cognitive issues. howie: mental health. >> the fact that he was a sociopath. that's open game. howie: biden's neantehrdal reference was two republicans that were out of character. last night at mar-a-lago at the rnc meeting trump called anthony fauci full of crap and mike pence lacked courage and he called mitch mcconnell a dumb sob, doesn't that feed the
8:38 am
media's trump obsession when he makes these kind of acidic attacks? greg: did you notice they are about people, individuals? he's not talking about groups. he's not saying biden voters. it's an entirely different thing and within his own tent which is kind of brave but you're right, trump is a drug for the media. it's a drug in that they loathe using it. they talk about how they are going to quit. they wake up in the morning with trump hangover. i can't believer i did all of the trump last night, oh, my god. they have the extra dose of trump to get over the trump hangover. i actually admit, i mean, i covered trump a lot but i don't deny that i enjoy it. i actually think he's the most interesting political phenomena of my lifetime so i actually look at -- i never deny that i'm doing it which is why we are more honest than they are. they pretend, they pretend it's suffering and stressful but they
8:39 am
are getting clicks off the conflict that they create. howie: all right. you've talked about -- you've been critical of major league baseball for moving the all-star game out of atlanta and also of the business community. you said screw all corporations. is it your view that a lot of the companies are totally completely obsessed in interesting in making money? greg: well, actually it's cowards. i think corporate america, a lot of corporate america has made a deliberate decision to protect themselves from a tinny, tinny woke collective. we are talking like a thousand people. maybe ten thousand and sent two signals at least to me and people that have been paying attention. some corporations are now an enforcement arm of woke politics and number 2, it will not support you the employee when the woke come from you. if somebody targets coca-cola -- >> howie: but greg, why say that
8:40 am
it's cowardly? maybe they are taking stances that you and others on the right don't agree with. [laughter] greg: that's how i answer in 30 seconds. yes. i -- i defended corporations as part of the free market, but it's an example where i have been wrong. they only look out for bottom line and that means agreeing with anybody who will not embarrass them on twitter. they are more scared of twitter than they are of terrorists. howie: got to go. we will see you on twitter, we will see you on late night. greg: not on twitter. howie: joe biden taking action on gun control and running into a whole lot of media skepticism. ♪ ♪
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no matter how you choose to feed him. dignity is not effortless nor easy. at abbott, we fight for it every day, developing life-changing technologies. because dignity demands it. ♪ howie: even the media aren't pretending the president biden took major action on gun control, minor executive orders signs because he can't get any legislation through congress. >> we have a long way to go. seems like we always have a long way to go but also today we are taking steps to confront not just the gun crisis but what is actually a public health crisis. howie: joining us to analyze the coverage from new york alexander wilkes and jessica tarlov, fox news contributor. alex, the media know, the president knows that he's doing things like going after ghost guns, the kinds that are assembled from a kit because he
8:45 am
can't even get expanded background checks through capitol hill. alex: sure, i think that was notable on what he announced this past week on thursday because none of the measures would have prevented the action that is we've seen unfortunate in the last couple of weeks, so i think that there was a little bit of a disparity there, but i think that something that was also missing from the conversation and, of course, this is part of a larger conversation about this topic is the fact that joe biden's own son violated some of the very measures he's talking about in illegally disposing of a gun in his name and lying on the application. so that seemed to be a missing component from a lot of the stories that i think is a legitimate point to raise. howie: jessica, by waiting several weeks after mass shootings in boarder and atlanta, even speech on guns got half a day of coverage as most
8:46 am
of the press moved on from this difficult issue? jessica: i'm not sure he missed the moment and talked about the systematic issues that are the root cause of this in terms of obviously knowledge in what's going on in the rash of violence against asian americans like in the atlanta shooting, but i don't think that he missed the moment. joe biden has been a long-time friend to the gun reform movement. he's been supportive of organizations like every town and moms demand and when i did see the reaction from those organizations, they were positive. obviously tempered because this wasn't move toward assault weapons ban or federal gun registry. it was encouraging red flag laws, for instance, making sure we do more research, more community policing. but i want to push back on alex a little bit. obviously hunter biden has nothing to do with any of this and the idea that he comes up constantly, i don't understand. the answer for something that joe biden is not, oh, well, hunter did crack, or hunter disposed of a gun illegally.
8:47 am
and then also -- >> on this specific points the. jessica: put a ban, alex, pistol modifications which would have helped to stop what happened in boarder, that was one of the reforms that would have stopped one of the more recent shootings. howie: let me go broader, alex, because what the president said in speech what he's doing doesn't infringe on the second amendment. a lot of gun activists that it could or it does or the next step could and fleeting and always flairs up after horrible shootings and moves on, is it because we all know that this debate always seems to end in gridlock? >> i think so and i think that there wasn't enough coverage given to the fact that he was basically talking about amendments to the constitution, the bill of rights as if they're disposable. he was talking about the fact that we have some of the amendments that are malleable in his opinions and closely guarded right to a lot of americans out
8:48 am
there. and so i think that that, you know, the press coverage didn't really zero in on that, at least from the mainstream media, i know a lot of conservative sources did. howie: jessica, what the press also knows even with nra in bankruptcy joe biden doesn't have 50 democratic votes of serious gun control because you have people like joe manchin and possibly other that is would object to the proposals? jessica: absolutely, the secret is a lot can be accomplished in increment. we have seen in florida and connecticut which are the sites of two huge mass shootings that targeted children at marjorie stoneman douglas and sandy hook. but to point out that there are exceptions like yelling fire in a crowded movie theater and justice scalia even agreed in a landmark decision that the second amendment wasn't just as
8:49 am
you read it in the constitution but you have to take into account current circumstances. we will see where it goes from now but gun control activists are hartened to see that we are moving forward and joe biden is taking on the issue especially considering what has happened in the last few months. howie: it's been difficult for every recent president. the media still unraveling matt gaetz probe and he's denouncing the press. ♪ ♪ ♪
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howie: new york times has dug up new information on the sex trafficking probe of matt gaetz, the house ethics committee launched a probe and almost no republicans or media conservatives are publicly defending him but the florida congressman remains defiant. >> i won't be intimidated by the lying media and i won't be extorted by a former doj
8:53 am
officials and the crooks he's working with. the truth will prevail. howie: alex, is it too much media speculation about gaetz friend, former florida official charged with sex trafficking, likely to plea guilty and pleaded not guilty on pride in a way that presumes that matt gaetz's career is over? alex: i will start off by saying that the story of matt gaetz is a legitimate. it's something that should be talked about out there. that being said, i do think that there has been a lot of media coverage on this one single congressman particularly when you compare it to the very serious allegations against someone like eric swawell, for example, when axios broke the story of involvement in foreign agent in december, there was very little mainstream media pickup of the story and, in fact, just a few weeks ago when
8:54 am
the republicans tried to get him off of the intel committee which is a serious issue, it was very much branded by the media as partisan witch hunt rather than it being a legitimate action to take in response to serious allegations. howie: jessica, why are not only other republican leaders and most prominent media conservatives defending matt gaetz, we don't have a clip to play from fox? jessica: i think for two reasons, allegations are serious and we have friends that go wrong path but not all of them end up being sex traffickers and we didn't vnmo all of them $900 and matt gaetz isn't particularly liked. he's brash, he's insensitive, he's crude in a lot of ways. i think that a lot of people, even republicans look at stunts like what he pulled in the skit with the chick-fil-a or wearing the gas mask on the floor
8:55 am
mocking democrats who cared about their personality safety when covid-19 pandemic was breaking out which obviously has claimed well over half a million american lives at this point. matt gaetz has done his best to not do many friends. president trump is still his friend but even statement that he issued, two sentences, he didn't ask me for a pardon and didn't do it is not that great. howie: let me jump on that so viewers can follow it. reported that matt gaetz asked for preemptive pardon for himself and other republicans. trump said gaetz said never asked for a pardon. he totally denied the accusations against him which is true. alex, first, is the pardon changing the tone of the coverage? alex: i think so. number 1 because you have a media that just has an appetite for any story that has to do with donald trump still. it does change the -- it does change, i think, the story a little bit here because it
8:56 am
involved the former administration, it does involve a serious allegation and i think that the president's -- the former president's response wasn't particularly lengthy, it wasn't what we normally see from him. howie: what i would call tepid. jessica: tepid is very polite. i'm feeling polite and we are going with that. president trump going to the max with people who are his allies, he treats his friends in a particular way until they betray him or they are going to jail for being sex trafficking or whatever it might be. so we will have to see how it plays out. howie: matt gaetz retains the presumption of innocence. jessica tarlov and alex wilkes, thank you very much. that's it for this edition of media buzz. i'm howard kurtz. i hope you like my facebook page. you can come on twitter, you
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