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tv   Watters World  FOX News  April 11, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> joey joe. michael and his jacket. kat, and our wonderful studio audience. shannon bream "life, liberty & levin." [♪♪♪] dan: welcome to "watters' world." number for jesse tonight. here is point one. you have to adopt the walensky rules. he wasn't one of the good guys i think we know that. but this rules for organizing worked. if we don't adopt them we'll be overrun by them. he can take back narrative on
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the georgia election law. it's not just about georgia, it's about cleaning up elections all over the country. and they are trying to intimidate other states to not do the same thing. look what's happening. we are going to boycott. let, win the day back and adopts walinski's rules. make the left live up to their own set of rules. marco rubio sent a letter to the commissioner of baseball who removed the all-star game from the largely black city of larnlt to the largely white city of denver because he's fighting racism. rubio asked him if major league baseball will now end its engagement with nations who don't hold elections like china and cuba. and if he intends to resign as a
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member of the augusta national golf club located in georgia. make them live up to their own rules every time. look coca-cola. to get into their annual shareholder meeting, you need quote, a valid photo i.d. aned a in mission ticket. and delta sent out a weak statement about how much they objected to the georgia law. but they require travel documents to travel within the united states including a valid u.s. government issued photo i.d. or a passport from your country much origin to travel through security. so to fly to attend the
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coca-cola shire holder meeting you need a photo i.d. but to engage in the most sacred public activity you don't need a photo i.d. because it's totally racist? okay. tactic number 2. you don't have to outrun all the bears. you just -- have to outrun one. we don't have to make an example out of he single one. but we can outrun one of them, and i have one of them. let's go to alinsky's rules again. rule 13. pick the target. personalize it. polarize it. the left uses this on us all the time. commissioner man fred had no
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problem targeting your state and the millions of dollars of economic activity that come with it that's now lost and gone. you could be potentially out of a job and your wallet shrinks because of manfred's decision. take the target, freeze it. isolate it. folks, we are the renegade now. no one is coming to save us. the conservatives, we are the counter revolution now. we may not have all the power, money and cultural power in academia, hollywood, we don't have the power of professional sports. we don't even have the power in the d.c. swamp. but we have people. we have a whole lot of people. about 75 million by my last
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count. that's an astonishing big number. that goes back to alinsky's rule number one. power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have. and power is derived from two main sources, money and people. the have nots. that's us, must bill power from flesh and blood. you have got to show up. bring your flesh. you have to show up. what better way to send a message to the destructive anti-american month learn liberal left. you need a trump rally down in atlanta. we have to hone these tactics to win. we have to win. start take back so ideological ground. we are on the right side of history. freedom and liberty is never a losing mission. action matters.
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not the talk. talk is cheap. you have to do it. remember that. joining me now to react is former bide be campaign surrogate kevin walling. thank you for joining me. i would like to get into this georgia law. the accusations of racism and jim crow are utterly absurd. i would like to get an answer. isn't it racist to claim falsely that blacks and hispanics can't figure out how to get a driver's license or can't figure out what their social security number is as would be demanded by the georgia law and the i.d. provision? >> i think that's a good question. i think what's been lost in this is conversation. let's have a dialogue about what this law actually does.
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i don't have necessarily with a photo i am d. requirements. my big concern with this legislation senate bill 202 is it takes away powers from the local election bodies and gifts to the legislature. i think it's a conservative argument to empower the local officials. it's the hen being guard by the foxes. let's have a debate about photo i.d. but my main concern is about taking over of power by the republican legislature. dan: but kevin that's not the argument prominent people on the left are making. center few are bringing that up. i know you are talking about that. i disagree with you on that point, but i want to stick to the voter i.d. because that's sucking the air out of the room.
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if voter i.d. is racist, why is it in the 2018 elections black voter turnout was up 27% and hispanic turn out was up 50%. if they are trying to suppress the vote, they are doing a crap job. >> if you want to vote you will find out a way to do kit even with new restrictions in place. republicans -- and i any democrats will put up a fight after the fact. we are seeing some other states moving far in that direction. but we have two years to rally behind whatever these new laws are to get our vote out. if it does require i i.d.s with regard to and step tee voting. you better believe stacey abrams
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and others will do a god job educating voters about the new requirements. dan: why the need for some on the left to lie about the bill. biden said it demands that the polls close at 5:00 p.m. that is inaccurate. he's either lying or he hasn't read the bill. that's inexcusable because it understandably girks ns up anger. but that's not what the vote says. the bill keeps the polls up to 7:00 p.m. why lie about it? >> i think he was likely reefing to previous versions. you saw president trump going after governor kemp for time lines with early voting. we know that's not the case. it's from 7 to 7. so those statements were
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inaccurate by president biden. you are right to call him out on that and the "washington post" did as well. so my original point, the fact that -- it usurps local control our elections. that's my main concern. dan: i wish more people on the left would have substantial policy debates about this garbage about jim crow. >> we need it. this is the most fundamental american right as you said. let's have this debate out in the open. let's not have bills signed by one party or the other. that's the problem with hr1. i can't just be one side against the other and single party control over the most fundamental right in the country which is voting. dan: kevin, thanks a lot.
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i appreciate you coming on. president biden is more than willing to speak out against georgia than china. when it comes to holding china accountable for all their lies or the pandemic, we hear nothing from joe biden. >> the best way to deal with this is for georgia and other states to garden up. stop it. -- to smarten up, stop it. stop it. >> any comment that china may have misled the country from the beginning? >> i have not had that conversation with president xi. dan: the number of companies coming out against the georgia election laws is growing.
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coca-cola is even an olympic partner. delta calls itself the most china friendly u.s. airline. steven mosher joins us now to discuss. thanks for joining us. one of the things that always ied me about this blatant -- that always irked me. with china, discrimination is built into the system. the treatment of the muslim uighurs is disgusting. but coca-cola is silent on that. >> it's sickening. the world is not paying enough attention to what's going on in
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china. the human rights situation is the worst it has been in 4 some years. i was in the operating room when they were forcibly aboargt and sterilizing women under the one-child policy. now they are forcibly sterilizing uighur women. we have churches being turned into brainwashing centers. they call them civilization centers. thing wears are being arrested and harvested for their organs. it's like human ay nice. but you actually sell it on the open market for $125,000. we have the destruction of
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culture in tibetan the destruction of hong kong democracy. there is no freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of movement. it's a high-tech digital dictatorship. now we have the unleashing of the pandemic on the world. how the leader of the free world could spend 2 hours on the phone with xi jinping and not bring up the virus is beyond me. dan: china is the world's largest surveillance state. but the tactics are emulated by some liberals in the united states. i read an article in the "wall street journal." china figured out they can attack american businesses. change your movies or we won't
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let you into your business markets. some american liberals are emulating the same tactics as china. they are attacking liberty at home for them. >> it's astonishing to seat parallels with what's happening in china and here with high-tech. what it has is a racket. it's controlled about it terrorist group known as the chinese communist party. if you want a piece of the action of the chinese communist party, you have to do their bidding which means trashing your own country and attack your own country as racist. as far as i'm concerned it's a price far too high to pay. we shouldn't be paying that price. dan: it's disturbing.
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dan: crisis at the southern border getting worse. it's so bad joe biden is quieting considering restarting the construction of the border wall. it's easier to come into the united states at the southern border than it is to begin the to a yankees game in new york. recently it was revealed two weneni entered the u.s. he's one of 172,000 people who tried to cross into the u.s. alone. the largest number ever record. border patrol is lucky enough to catch the terrorists and the
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gang member. by minority leader kevin mccarthy makes a good point. >> it makes me more concerned necessity were not together. that's two separate times coming from yemen and they got in. what did they have planned? who were they going to meet up with? were they going to meet up with other people inside here? that's a real concern. dan: joining me is former cia agent brett velicovich. one of the things i learned in my prior line of work as a federal agent. terrorists aren't stupid. they are evil. but they are not dumb. they figure out quickly holes in the system and take advantage of those systems. we have the terrorist hamptons? south america.
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how long do you think it is before they figure out they can secret themselves into the caravans of people of and walk into the country no problem at all. all it takes is one of these terrorists to infiltrate our border to wreak havoc across the united states. the biden administration loves to deny the border crisis. they love to downplay the terrorism threat along the southern border. here we have instances of yemeni terrorists and the biden administration whistles past it. how many are coming across the border that we don't know. when we think about it, it's an issue the administration needs to look at further. dan: if we know 172,000 are
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coming across. how many could be entering? 100,000? 200,000? 50,000? but as you said all we need is one. once one of these people enters the united states, it's incredibly hard to find them again. after 9/11 we had the secret service most wanted sheet. we had a guy on the sheet for 10 years. they are really difficult to find once they get in. >> exactly. it's a well-known fact that these transactional organized crime groups, the terrorist elements, form fighters, they are look -- foreign fighters, they are look to for weak points in our infrastructure. look at the unsecured borders.
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you think they aren't look at weak immigration policies of the biden administration and saying what is opportunity and use it to their advantage? they sit there and plot constantly. they are constantly plotting to conduct attacks and harm americans. pandemic, no pandemic, they don't care. it's natural for them to think of ways to infiltrate the border. when they see the weak policies against the biden administration. we caught a couple of them in just the last few months? it scares me to think more have come in and at what point are they going to use that border to their advantage? dan: thanks for coming on. new details on the uber
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[♪♪♪] dan: outrage or reports that two teenaged girls charged in the deadly carjacking of the uber eats driver could get a cushy
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plea deal. the girls are 13 and 15. he clung to the driver's side as the car sped off. one of the teen girls only interested in one thing. not mohammad anwar, but her cell phone. that's what she cared about as anwar's body laid on the sidewalk. this happening as the murder rate in virtually every u.s. city is at its highist level in a decade. joining me, judge alex ferrer. judge, as a police officer, i lived through the rudy giuliani broken windows policing in new york where they changed the mentality on policing. they said we are not going to let the little things go
2:31 am
anymore. because the little things lead to the big things. we are not only dismissing the little things, but we are dismissing the big things, too. >> i was a police officer myself, and i totally agree with you. when it comes to the plea deal with these girls, you have to wait and see to see what is being considered a cushy plea deal. one of the toughest decisions as a judge and the prosecutor, is what do you do with juveniles who commit a serious crime. a 30-year-old, that's an easy one. but when you are dealing with a 13 or 15-year-old. their mind is not fully developed. that's why we don't let them vote or buy guns. if you take them and put them in a juvenile facility they are
2:32 am
released at 21. if you treat hem as an adult, you are sending them to an adult prison and if they ever get out, their life is done. making that decision you have to look at factors like ways their prior record? are they kids who are trouble makers constantly committing crimes who are getting slowly more violent in which case they are likely to victimize more people. or is this out of character. juveniles make side decisions that sometimes have tragic circumstances. once we see the plea we'll know if we are not taking care of serious items or whether this is a tough call to make when you are dealing with juveniles. should we treat them as an adult. dan: i understand. i have note been in your shoes.
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it's got to be a tough job. i can't imagine. but i think people look -- watch this video and see it went on for minutes on end. it wasn't just we tried to take this guy. joke gone bad. that's not what happened. they say to themselves, well if they are going to act like adults and do these brutal things maybe she -- maybe they should be treated as adults. >> i don't disagree with you. it is a spectrum. there is a difference between a person who steals a car and somebody who uses force or threat of force to carjack a car. i'm not downplaying the crime. we have a dead man whose family is of course suffering from this. to the point you are making.
2:34 am
crime is skyrocketing across the country. you look at release of people from prison because of covid. and then you look at the denegration of police officers across the country where police in new york getting water dumped on them and attacked he where. there are murder rates in the country that cities have never seen ever. dan: i got to run. but people talk, criminals talk, too. i live in martin county, florida. we have a sheriff who enforces the law. you are going to go to jail if you commit a crime here. criminals talk. they turn around and go somewhere else. i appreciate your insight. >> there have to be consequences
2:35 am
or else criminals get empowered. i agree. and they all talk. dan: cbs standing by its hit piece on ron desantis.
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dan: cbs is still standing by its ridiculous hit piece on florida governor ron desantis. it cited the governor for giving preferential treatment to publix. ron desantis slammed them for deceptively editing their exchange. this is the clip the show aired. >> publix donated $100,000 to
2:40 am
your campaign and you rewarded them with the exclusive rights to distribute the rights in palm beach. how is that not pay-to-play. >> that's a deceptive narrative. i met with the leaders of palm beach county. we can do the hospitals and do the publix. they said we think that would be the easiest thing more our residents. >> but the commissioner said the governor never met with her about the publix deal. >> the criticism is it's pay-to-play. >> it's a fake narrative. i just disabused you of the narrative and you don't care about the facts. i laid it out in a way that's irrefutable. dan: check out what they cut out. >> as we gone it to january we wanted to expand the distribution points. so you had the counties, drive-thru sites, hospitals
2:41 am
doing a lot. but we wanted to get into community more. so we reached out to other retail pharmacies, publix, walmart. cvs and walgreens mad to finish their mission. publix was the first one to raise their hand and say we are ready to go. i actually showed up that weekend and talked to seniors across owl form publix, how was the experience? do you think this was the way to go? it was 100% positive. dan: cbs news has ridiculously i might add sticking by their report. the statements keep getting longer each and every time. while demands have grown for a retraction and apology. joining us now to discuss, my friend joe concha. joe, i hate this story but i
2:42 am
love this story because it's so indicative of our modern media environment it reminds me of the expression with the kids. just lake the "l." take the loss. it's over. please stop. give us your media reporting expertise. >> okay. "60 minutes" will not apologize or retract for this piece. they see their friends -- they are supposed to be competitors in nbc, abc, cnn on their air has not mentioned this example of media malfeasance even once. they look at the paper of times. not one word dedicated to this controversy. check out this quote from "axios." florida governor and is * is dialing up a dispute with "60
2:43 am
minutes" to ingratiate himself with the gop base by bashing the media as if the media is the victim here. they talk about pay-to-play. and publix donated to and is * o -- toron desantis so they gote contract. then we look at the numbers here. you know, dan, you live in florida, florida is everywhere. 90% of seniors live within 2 miles of a publix. if you want to get a vaccine out to the community, that's the company you turn to. compared to the beginning of the year and end of march, cases in florida for people over 65, while nearly 70% of those over 65 have been vaccinated.
2:44 am
it's a success story and cbs doesn't want you to know that. dan: i love the "axios" example. this is what the media does when they get called out. it's over, you lost. it's a fake story. instead of making the story about the cbs false story, they make the story about the republican response. it's always republicans pounce, republicans seize. "60 minutes," you just security up. that was the perfect example. >> where is the story on andrew cuomo? i believe he's a governor that lives in new york. where "60 minutes" is located. he's under investigation on a federal and state level. we talk about multiple women accusing him of sexual harassment.
2:45 am
cuomo reportedly got covid tests early on in the pandemic to his family members including a cnn anchor. i think that sounds like 60 minutessish. dan rrp joe, thanks a lot for joining us. >> i think i'm announce that bongino should be nominated to webster's dictionary as adjective. '. i think we got a chance with this. bongino'ed. >> i don't mind. reach out to
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dan: the hunter biden book tour to promote his new book tour. it seems the he doesn't know that -- much at all. >> was that your laptop? >> i really don't know. i spent more time on my hands and knees picking through rugs smoking anything that even remotely resembled crack cocaine. i probably smoked more parmesan cheese. >> is that laptop yours? >> i don't know. >> you don't? >> the serious answer is i truly don't know the answer to that. >> did you leave a laptop with a remayor pan? >> not that i remember. whether somebody has my laptop, whether i was hacked. whether there existed a laptop
2:51 am
at all, i truly don't know. >> are you missing a laptop? >> i don't know. it's a red herring. it's my right to question anything that comes from the desk of rudy giuliani. sow i don't know is the answer. dan: this guys totally full of crap. but it's hard to get past the smoking parmesan cheese in the carpet. he was asked about his laptop, but no one asked him about it or asked if the photos and text messages were actually his. joining us "new york post" columnist miranda devine. this is one of the most frustrating stories in my 10 years doing media and running for office that i have ever seen. >> you are so right. it begs belief that he had no
2:52 am
idea if it's his laptop. we have all the receipts to prove it. we broke the story about the laptop last october. his father's friends in big tech and the rest of the media decided to suppress and censor that story. but it's amazing how much effort hunter biden is going to in promoting his book in pretending the laptop is unimportant. you don't need the laptop, you have got the book. he admits the bikes an effort to launder his image and eradicate the need for anyone to look into the laptop. but in the book there is little about the laptop. he only fesses up to a portion of his crack cocaine addiction. but the idea that he doesn't know about his laptop, he knows
2:53 am
the fbi has the laptop, they have had it for a long time, and they have been looking at it, and he knows he's under criminal investigation. he admitted that for things like tax evasion and foreign agents problems, and dealing with foreign nationals. there is quite a lot of problems he has. so i can't tell me he hasn't gone through that laptop with a fine toothed comb, or at least his lawyers have, to see what the fbi has on him to neutralize it. it's quite brave and chutzpah what he's coming out with now. but he will try to discredit and downplay. and he's getting a lot of help from the media. dan: that's my problem with this story. he wouldn't be so brave if they
2:54 am
handled hunter biden like they handled nixon in deep throat in watergate. they didn't stop until they got answered. what the media does when it's a democrat like hunter biden and his father obviously are. they get him in a lie and they just move on. if it was donald trump they would never stop until someone resigned. that's the difference. >> can you imagine if this was one of the trump sons? they would have been crucified for what's on the laptop. there is only one way of making sure this remains on the public record for posterity, and not allow the bidens to whitewash it with the help of the compliant media. there is a lot of wrongdoing that has an impact on america's
2:55 am
national security. particularly to do with china. we need that. >> miranda, you are absolutely right. thanks a lot. >> up next, last call. incomparable design makes it beautiful. state of the art technology, makes it brilliant. the visionary lexus nx. lease the 2021 nx 300 for $349 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. when it comes to autism, lease the 2021 nx 300 for $349 a month for 36 months. finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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[♪♪♪] dan: i found this on social media. catching a fish nearly as big as the kid himself. the little guy reeling in a big bass that puts up a big fight. >> oh, my goodness! dan: he's a natural.
3:00 am
he's the roy hobbs of fishing. "justice with judge jeanine" is up next. [♪♪♪] ♪. will: straight to a fox news alert. breaking overnight rioters setting fire to an i.c.e. building in portland forcing federal agents to come in and control the chaos. jedediah: quickly turns into a standoff between the rioters and agents with the agents unloading pepper balls to disperse the violent crowd. will: we continue to cover all aspects of that story. we go to maryland where a controversial police reform package is passed into the law. they actually overrode the governor es veto. it includes a repeal after officers bill of rights. the first state to do so.


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