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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  April 11, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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"justice with judge jeanine" is up next. [♪♪♪] [♪♪♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. let's get right to my open. there are two things citizens everywhere in the world know to be alarmed about if taken away. one is freedom of speech, and the second is the wright to bear arms. joe biden's official position on the right to bear arms puts us in peril of become a fascist state. in his latest effort calling for more gun control he says
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firearms purchased at gun shows are exempt from background checks. that's a lie. his claim gun manufacturers have immunity from lawsuits is also a lie. but according to joe, nothing impinges upon your right to bear arms. >> nothing, nothing i am about to recommend in any way impinges on the second amendment. but no amendment, no amendment to the constitution is absolute. judge jeanine: really? really? nothing congressional amendment is absolute? where did you hear that one. or better question, who made you king? what other amendments are not absolute in your mind? how about the 19th that gives women the power to vote? if you think that's not absolute. where would you start chipping away. maybe conservative women
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shouldn't have the right to vote. how about the 4th amendment. you must have probable cause boulevard your property is searched and seeds. should you eliminate probable cause if minority property its being seeds. the 6th amendment. the right to a fair trial. lay senator mazy hirono says all women need to be believed. if that's the case, we may never have a fair trial again. how about the fifth amendment. double jeopardy. maybe after a not guilty verdict you should be able to go for a second time. go for the guilty verdict. how about the first amendment? maybe that's not absolute in your mind either. but then again we already know big tech is canceling the free speech of conservatives and in many parts of the country freedom of religion is not as
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koa protected as casinos and other secular institutions. do you realize this is the united states of america? we are a nation found on the constitution, and we are so fired of what's going on in this country. your gun grab is the latest in this rich environment with the hollywood elite second amendment is absolute since they have all the protection they want by simply hiring men with guns. as for people in congress, it appears their second amendment is absolute. since they are protected by fences and shoulder to shoulder national guards. but everyday americans like us are supposed to sit back and say i understand, a creepy man may get a gun, and therefore i, and all other legal gun owners should suffer a loss of our second amendment rights. you know, 7 years ago said we
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can't blame peaceful muslims for what radical muslims do any more than we can blame peaceful gun owners for what nut jobs do. the second amendment has been confirmed by the united states supreme court over and over again. you have seen mass shootings and you use them as political subterfuge to take away the everyman's guns. your joe haul of how guns are bought and sold in the united states doesn't affect criminals one exit. the criminal gets his guns through illegal channels. he doesn't show up waiting for an fbi background check. this one of the strictist gun laws in the nation and some of the highest gun crime rates in
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the nation. what does that tell you, joe? it tells you gun kroils an illusion. america's criminals have guns. at a time when police are being defunded, told to stand down. cops are demoralized, afraid to even make arrests. do you expect us to back off our god-given right to defend ourselves? i know you don't consider it a crisis. but 170,000 people came through our southern border, and we don't have a clue as to who they are or what they are about. we identified terrorists from yemen, ms-13 gang members and immigrants from 141 countries. according to border patrol, and i actually visited the border, that number of 170,000 isn't half the number of people coming through, and believe me they are
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not all coming with just cell phones. we are talking cartels. drugs. heroin, fentanyl. and you want to chip away at my gun right now? the way 20 to combat gun crime is to prosecute the criminal and make sure he learns not to commit the crime again. it's to find out where he got gun. was there a smaw purchaser involved. get an informant. get a warrant. squeeze people who have information until you move up the chain. this is not rocket science. it's fundamental law enforcement. so stop with the nonsense of putting law-abiding people, gun owners through hoops like dogs in a dog show. your bill allows the fbi to indefinitely delay arms sales for mental checks.
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criminals and unstable individuals or those with drug abuse problems like your son hunter should not be able to get a gun. why don't you start working on those problems. criminals are not afraid of you. in fact they are laughing at you and the rest of us. mentally ill people shouldn't have access to guns. hippa prevents you from getting their medical records. how are you going the finds out if they are telling the truth? by the way, joe, maybe you better look into the individuals like your son hunter who not only lied on this gun application to get a gun, but passed the fbi background asking check and got a gun when everybody my was after he biewsing gun. and when his girlfriend through the gun in a garbage can across the street from a high school because he left it in his truck,
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i didn't hear about anybody getting into trouble for that. i don't need your permission to own a gun, and i don't need the permission of anyone in washington to own a gun. you can't prevent me from owning a gun. i have the right to have a gun it's enshrined in the constitution, and it's affirmed by the supreme court, so get off your leftist high horse and stop telling people the second amendment is not absolute and we need your permission because we don't. it's a god-given right, a natural right and you have got nothing to do with it. so you can keep yapping about gun control. buff until you take gun crime seriously. as far as gun owners are concerned it's nothing but white noise coming from the white house. that's my open. let me know what you have think on facebook page and twitter,
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#judgejeanine. if you liked my open, you will love my closing statement at the end of the show. especially tonight. first, radio host dana loesch joins me now. >> good evening, judge, good to see you. judge jeanine: one of the things joe biden talks about, he says gun violence is an epidemic. is it? >> what i think is an epidemic -- i love your opening statement, i say amen to that -- the epidemic we have is judicious rot and the inability to not only fully enforce the law and back those who actually implement and carry out and enforce the law that politicians write. that's what we have an epidemic of in this country. we had so many people across the nation. cities burned. democrats told them they were
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going to defund the police. now you have the nominee for atf director thought gun stores were not essential businesses and they should have again closed. the epidemic we have is crime and the reduced deterrent for repeat offenders. in chicago alone, the former superintendent of the chicago p.d. said over 86% of the crime is committed about it same 1,400 repeat offenders. that's the epidemic. judge jeanine: the epidemic suggests the numbers are increasing and they are increasing at an incredible speed. joe biden also takes credit. he says when there waltz assault weapons ban that crime went down. that's not true. crime did not go down. >> no, it's not true. judge jeanine: you are a gun
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expert. your history is legend in terms of our ability and knowledge about guns. what are they talking about when they talk about the ghost guns. they don't have serial numbers on them so people will be committing crimes with them. what is a ghost gun? >> a ghost gun, they call it ghost because they say it's untraceable. if you are getting a block of aluminum you drill out in your home using your own equipment. gang bangers don't have expensive equipment. it's about the untraceability they are referring to or what they think they are untraceable, either the aluminum or 3d printed gun. if you are a happyist, if i wanted to make a firearm at home, i can do that. i can turn that block of aluminum into a firearm. if i was going to sell it i
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would have to serialize it. if it was a 3d plastic gun. all of the cushion about ghost guns is just ignorance of existing federal law. hobbyists have the freedom to do it. but if they sell it, they have to serialize it. that's already regulated. judge jeanine: 40% of americans household have guns. how do you think they are reacting to this last gun grab effort by the president? >> i think joe biden may turn out to be the biggest firearms seller. he should win an aour for selling so many firearms. we see record numbers of people going out and purchasing fire arms. we beat the record that we set last year. millions of new firearm owners.
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so that's a good thing. people wouldn't be able to protect themselves. and they have a right to protect themselves. democrats played this game in the 90s and that cost them dearly. and that could politically happen again, i think. judge jeanine: dana loesch, thanks so much. joining me now to continue the conversation. the former governor of missouri eric greitens. the big concern that we have is joe biden by saying the second amendment is not absolute is making a gun grab that he's apparently trying to justify when he won't go through congress. >> you put your finger on it exactly, judge. this is a big gun grab. this is just the opening salvo. joe biden said this during the
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campaign. he said he was coming after the nra. going aftereople's guns. as a navy seal i'm a crowd supporter of the second amendment. everyone who is watching your show who believes in the second amendment needs to understand this is just the opening salvo. bide and the leftist administration, they are coming after people's guns. the ridiculousness of this. they are pushing to defund the police. we are seeing rising murder and violent crime across the country. at the same time they are looking to take away people's ability to protect themselves and their families and businesses. it's just another example of this leftist lunacy we are seeing from joe biden. >> the amazing part of this is that americans are now buying more guns than they ever have. we went through a terrible summer of the destruction of streets and businesses and
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looting all over the country. no one is being prosecuted. they had guns, we don't know where they got guns. the law-biding citizens they are coming after. you agree people have an absolute right to have a gun, do you not? >> absolutely people have an absolute right to have a gun. i was in a gun shop in missouri last thursday and people were coming in and out the door. there were so many people in that shop because they recognize this is part of what joe biden is doing. it's just the opening salvo. people across missouri, people across the country are now recognizing that they have to stand up for the second amendment. because we have seen -- and you pointed out how irrational the biden administration is. if you look at what they have done throwing the border open to mexican drug cartels. the effort to defund the police.
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we need to stand up and fight for the second amendment. judge jeanine: governor eric greitens, thanks so much. we look forward to having you back. pro golfer john daly weighs in on the mlb's outrageous decision to pull the all-star game out of georgia while the masters remains. the president has refused to maintain the migrant surge. so states are taking matters into their own hands. texas attorney general ken paxton and arizona sheriff mark lives of six million jews
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god tells us to take care of them, to feed the hungry. and i pray holocaust survivors will be given the basic needs that they so desperately pray for to survive.
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judge jeanine: another horrifying week in biden's escalating border crisis as we watch this young migrant boy who broke all of our hearts.
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judge jeanine: abandoned at the border, alone and vulnerable. the numbers just staggering. this while we saw cbp delete a press release outlining the arrest of yemeni terrorists. the news release in question was not proper live reviewed and concerned certain disclosure related to national security that's required cbp to remove it from our website. texas attorney general ken paxton joins me along with cochise county sheriff mark dannels. that boy breaks my heart. i think all americans should recognize that these children are not being treated the way they deserve to be treated. they are not even being counted.
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left in there alone. children being thrown over a 14-foot fence in a non-residential area. shaffer dannels, i shouldn't be saying this. >> you should be saying it because it's true. it's the largest humanitarian crisis in our country on the southwest border and it starts with president biden. he could change it with the stroke of a pen and has chosen not to change that. last year alone just in my county and my region of the state we a had 181 john and --john and jane does die on the border. >> you know, you have got last
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month 170,000. they tell me that's a fraction of the real number. how are you going to take care of these people in your state. how are you going to educate them and medicate them? >> i don't know. that kid you showed on tv. there are thousands of stories like that that are not seen on tv. we have drug cartels, human trafficking, other crimes going on. we have to cover the cost of law enforcement, education, healthcare. we aren't given money by the federal government to cover all that. that's a question i would like the administration to answer relatively soon. it doesn't seem to be slowing down. judge jeanine: there is a number i have that says we are spending $60 million a week on the
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migrants. but none of it is for border patrol, for i.c.e., for increased protection, pandemics or screening. have you seen any increase in fund for the work you are doing? >> we haven't, judge. what's happening is our governor, governor ducey, our local government, we are picking up the tab because we'll have to do our part because the federal government isn't doing its job. this administration is is her ting the crisis on this border. judge jeanine: ken paxton, you are the attorney general. are you going to sue the federal government? what are the ags doing? >> we sued them on the third day of the biden administration and we sued them last week because they are releasing criminals back into our society that's supposed to be deported. i don't understand why any
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administration would release a convicted felon sitting in a prison in arizona or texas is supposed to be deported when they leave the prison, and in this case the biden administration is not doing that for any explanation we have been given. judge jeanine: this is frightening. they are trying to take our guns away and letting people in who are criminals. thank you for joining us tonight. next, cancel culture comes to georgia. but the masters golf tournament stays put, even after the mlb surrendered to the left's demand. golf ledge
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now back to "justice with judge jeanine." >> the masters golf tournament be moved out of georgia? >> i think that's up to the masters. it was reassuring to see that for-profit operations and businesses are speaking up about
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how these new jim crow laws are just antithetical to who we are. judge jeanine: first major league baseball pulled its all-star game out of georgia in response to the voting laws. now president biden is opening the door to pushing the masters out of georgia. here to react is pro golfer john daly. >> how you doing, judge jeanine. judge jeanine: everybody i told you would be on the show today just loves you. let me start by asking you about -- with this alleged jim crow law, they move out of
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atlanta and they go to denver where you have a stricter i.d. law where you have to have an i.d. to vote. >> i just think take baseball. you have got two teams. unfortunately the astros cheated. you want two teams. you want everybody to be fair it's aprivilege to vote. it's something as a u.s. citizen, it's a privilege to vote. and all those laws have gone out the door. you show an i.d. to get on an airplane. what is wrong with showing an i.d. to vote? it's something that we should always have to do. it's just really sad, this culture that's come around. i don't understand why baseball would do that. i just can't figure it out. it saddens me more than anything. judge jeanine: when you look at people in professional sports,
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they are almost subject to the last minute changes by major league or by football, and you guys are subject to all those rules. how do you feel about that personally? >> they want to move the masters? the masters is one of the most prestigious places in the world to play golf. they raise a ton of money for charity. they help the community, they help the -- the -- they help the city of augustt with hotels and jobs. the pro champ chapel has beenth. i'm just saddened that people want to take away things working
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for positives. it's not anything negative about augusta or eastlake. i agree with what jay monahan said and i agree with what he said. sometimes we have to stand up for what's right. judge jeanine: they are playing the masters in augusta. but there is one person who is missing, and that's tiger woods. what do you see in the future for him. >> i know tiger. he's very tough. he's mentally tough. hogan was banged up really bad and came back to win the u.s. open. tiger will come back strong. i feel he will [inaudible] is --his major record.
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judge jeanine: thank you so much. >> we love your show. our whole family does. god bless you. judge jeanine: one airline doesn't seem to be prioritizing persons anymore for new pilots. what's next? doctors won't need to know medicine?
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judge jeanine: united airlines announced they want 50% of the 5,000 pilots they train in the next decade to be women or people of color. shouldn't experience not quotas be the leading criteria?
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i think we -- you go first this time. leo? >> i'm so upset by this. i'm against racial quotas and affirmative action. in november california tried to pass an affirmative action bill. i opposed it, and it was defeated. republicans, democrats, independents are against anyone getting special treatment because of skin color or gender. we want the most qualified person. if i'm in a plane i want the most qualified person. it's ridiculous. it's illegal, it's discriminatory and it's wrong. judge jeanine: tomi. >> when you replace merit with wokeness, what could go wrong. last time i board a plane i
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didn't care about skin color or gender. i identify as a woman. if someone told me i was getting experience or funnel because i was filling a quota, i would be insulted by that. the military is not a social experiment. flying a plane is not a social experiment. let's look for the message for these companies that want to choose wokeness over merit. when it comes to the airline industry that's already struggling. they want to make sure people want to fly again. let's prioritize that over wokeness maybe one time in 2021. let, get over this disease. toot concern about it obviously is safety and confidence and qualification. it should be a blind test. it's like lady justice is blind.
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i don't care. what do you say, leo? >> it's insulting to women and minorities. i'm a black lawyer. i passed the bart first time. i don't want any help. i want to be qualified like everyone else. it's insulting to minorities and women. the most qualified person. that's it. >> and you know what the truth is? judge jeanine: i am the first woman d.a., the first woman to prosecute a murder case. if they said go on and do it because purchase female, i wouldn't do it. so what is next, tomi. what do you think they will do next? >> i think that's incredibly insulting. you have to have an acollate within the first thing they say is you are a female. let's go into experience and
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knowledge. if united wants to do something. i'm all for a scholarship program. it's incredibly expensive to become a pilot. have a scholarship program. but open it up to everybody. open it up to people who want to be pilots. it's incredibly condescending and not what's best for the airlines or not what's best for safety. merit needs to be prioritized in all things when it comes to immigration, when it comes to the private storm raitions, public corporations, let's get back to what matters, experience, and skill. judge jeanine: let's take care of the american people. they count on us for their safety and security. leo and tomi, so good to see you. next ... new york is giving money to illegal immigrants and
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taxing residents. could other states soon follow their lead?
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judge jeanine: new york lawmakers struck a deal to dump
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$2.1 billion to benefit illegals who lost their jobs during pandemic. it offers one-time payments up to $15,600 and the bill is footed by the taxpayers. no wonder 170,000 persons attempted entry at the southern border. the dems are handing out wash. here is founder of turning points u.s.a. charlie cook. >> when you subjects died something you get more of it. what's happening in new york is a trend of the democrat party giving preference to illegals over our fellow countrymen. this is what the democrat party's new position is which is through financial and fiscal policy is put money toward
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people who have broken the laws and illegally harboring themselves into our country. how are they going to justify this to people who are out of work in new york while illegals are getting up to $15,000. it's a violation of the compact that looks after our fellow citizens. this would have been unthinkable a decade ago. now it's public policy. judge jeanine: the amazing part of it, when you talk about new york. first of all, the federal government bailed new york out. the with blue states have been bailed out. now they are going to raise taxes by $4 billion, and i live in new york. now they want to pay illegals $15,000. what about people who lost their businesses. what about senior citizens? how about veterans?
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>> totally. i'll tell you where this is headed next. they will say if illegals are working and getting money from the state budget, why aren't they able to vote. you have seen that in california where illegals are able to vote in local elections. all of a sudden you go from where illegals are her taken to influence our reactions. ron desantis and florida is benefiting from these insane policies in new york. judge jeanine: next. my can't miss closing statement on the one and only hunter biden. you won't want to miss it.
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everyone is a victim. i'm sick of it. they need to get over themselves hunter biden case, victim of the day seeking acceptance, exoneration, applause and woke america? where other than in woke america can a drug addict take a victory lap, bookstore, highlight debauchery, commit acts which would put anyone else in jail yet received celebrity on a late-night show? >> i feel like i learned a lot about crack and i know that sounds weird but i learned -- i really think i can get it now, thanks to your book. [laughter] >> i hope that was not the message. [laughter] >> it was not a how-to manual? >> no. [laughter]
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judge jeanine: i believe people can be addicted to drugs, rehabilitated, and back to society and contribute. i applaud them district attorney i support and drug courts giving second felony offenders a chance to avoid jail for long periods of time. i took a risk, society took a risk but as long as they prove they were motivated did not reoffend, it was well worth it but this is different. where other than in woke america can a druggie with long history of drug abuse apply for, lie and get a pistol permit and not be prosecuted even though everyone, including the military and department of defense new he was strung out meth addict, a person actually thrown out of the military, because of cocaine use while robbers like no caps blocker sentenced to prison for 46 months for making a false
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statement on the very same pistol application, a sentence by the way community by president trump. in 2018, when he lied to get a pistol permit, hunter was required to disclose his drug abuse because guns should not be owned by unstable drug addicted individuals but where other than guidance america can the same person who lied to get a gun have his girlfriend, deceased brother's wife through the gun in the garbage can across from a high school and then get the fbi and delaware police to look for the gun then actually pulled the gun application, which by law is required to be kept on file for 20 years yet no one is arrested? where all the men guidance america can a strung out addict line on air force to the china to work on deals to bring back to the state $1.5 billion from a
12:58 am
bank linked to communist government? hey, hunter, i guess you want stoned then. by the way, there is very little in your book about your financial dealings including a report on $2 million from the widow of an oligarch and where other than woke america can a president's son take his deceased brother's wife as his mistress and engaged in what appeared to be drug fueled sex rob's? but then again, hunter, you say you are so stoned, you can keep your pants on. there are tens of thousands of african-americans in jail cells, hunter. tonight across this country, who did half of what you did and they are not on the jimmy kimmel show. where other than woke america will you come out of this a celebrity with the audacity to promote yourself as a victim? more of america would say it
12:59 am
white privilege but to me it's more a case of biden privilege but as a prosecutor, i want to know, who did you buy your drugs from? how much at a time did you possess? did anyone overdose how old were the girls you had sex with? you say you had sex with prostitutes, how many prostitution rings did anyone cross state lines? by the way, where is the gun, hunter? who pulled your picture pistol permit application? by the way, hunter, what did you mean when you said the big guy would get 10% of the money? yes, you got it, not just white privilege but biden privilege but you are far from a victim and far from a celebrity. that's my closing.
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you can catch more of me online. thank you for watching. i am jeanine pirro advocating for truth, justice and see you hours on fox and friends. enjoy gutfeld. >> been free to follow your heart. ♪ live free ♪ ♪ beat surrounds you ♪ ♪ the world astounds you each time you look at a star ♪ [bad singing] i can't sing very well but i'm furry and sexy as he will.


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